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Andrew’s IMPACT Ratings & Review 3/8/2019

Following up the largest Twitch audience so far; Andrew brings us his thoughts on IMPACT!



Following up the largest Twitch audience so far; Andrew brings us his thoughts on IMPACT!

I don’t have a cute play on words this week, but hey, we find out who Scarlett’s first opponent will be! So a guarantee of Scarlett is always nice.

Will Glenn find Don Callis? How stoned will the Rascalz get? Will Rich Swann join oVe?

Just remember, my writing is like a Scarecrow, outstanding in it’s field! No? Shuddup Santana!


Rich Swann vs ‘All Ego’ Ethan Page: Swann wins via Phoenix Splash – ** 3/4

Ace Austin vs Jake Atlas: Austin wins via The Fold – ** 1/2

DARK WAR: Allie, Su Yung & Undead Maid of Honor vs Kiera Hogan, Jordynne Grace & Rosemary: Rosemary wins via Spear – ***

Dez & Wentz vs Lucha Bros: Pentagon wins via Pentagon Driver/Superkick combo – *** 1/2



We start off with a match again! Odd to notice, there’s a giant Live watermark in the corner…I don’t know why. We all know it isn’t, not sure who’s bright idea it was to add that to production. But the match is good, Page definitely gloats and plays to the crowd too much, feeding into the All Ego moniker, so that’s good character work. Swann gets caught by a few heel short cuts, but after a strike exchange, Swann hits a Back Handspring Cutter and then a Phoenix Splash for the win.

oVe comes out, offers Swann the shirt again. Swann puts the shirt on, but attacks them and bails in DDP style fake out.

Callis and Melissa are back again! I think they’ve realized Melissa is a selling point to the Twitch crowd. Callis will be leaving soon since he’s in Japan for the New Japan Cup commentary. Now give us some Jimmy Jacobs!

LAX backstage segment, Konnan says his new favorite line of being like Scarecrows Outstanding in their field, and Santana just stares at the camera like “really?” – So I like the small 4th wall break and the casual style of segment LAX seem to always have.

Rolando Menendez investigative reporter segment trying to interview Cage after his beat down last week. He gets kicked out by referees before Cage can kill him.

This is a surprisingly competitive match with what seemed like local enhancement talent. Austin looks smooth in the ring, likes to use an Outside-In Disaster Kick and his finish is a Running Blockbuster after a Sweet Chin Music style “tuning up the band”. Not bad.

Menendez again with a satellite interview with Taya and Johnny. Johnny is in a neck brace, they say he’s looking at neck fusion but he’s still gonna honor the title shot he promised Cage. The bullshit can be smelled, not because it’s wrestling, but because Johnny is about as sincere as Jared Leto’s Joker (acting is about on par too…yes I mean awful). So I guess we’re setting up Cage to get screwed again. Just put the damn belt on The Machine!

Reno Scum accepts the Fallah and KM challenge in an old school style promo. It’s not bad.

Alisha Edwards comes out with an announcement. I forgot how much she sounds like a typical chick from Boston. Like the chick from the Ted Movie…but without charisma. She says a lot of nothing since her contract is coming to an end. She says maybe she’ll stay home and start a family, so the Desi Hit Squad come out and an support her comment on leaving and typical misogynistic woman bashing.  Can’t tell if it’s racist since they’re Indian or just for heat on International Women’s Day. But Gama gets slapped. Eddie Edwards comes out with the kendo stick and cleans house until he stalls on hitting Gama. Eli saunters out, hits the ring slowly, Desi Hit Squad thinks he’s on their side, but he clears them, Gravy Trains for everyone and walks off telling Eddie “it’s something to think about”.

Menendez AGAIN. Approaches Cage with his Johnny info and Cage shoves him and says “No one likes a shit stirrer Menendez”.

Technical difficulties always haunt Melissa. It’s funny how it happens every week. Embrace the gimmick Melissa.

Alisha, Eddie and Eli in the back, Eddie agrees to tagging next week against the Desi Hit Squad, 1 time. I do like this idea of Eli working back into things with a possible tag team run.

GWN Flashback is The Wolves vs The Hardys vs Team 3D from No Surrender 2014. Ladder match that brings back old TLC memories since two thirds of the originators are in this match.

Out of the flashback comes a Melissa Santos interview with Kross and Moose. Moose is a good goofy/smug heel and Kross is captivating. The way he speaks is great. He enunciates well, and has a presence that makes you care about what he says.

Rascalz with a great promo, watch:

James Mitchell looks like Geoff Tate…I can’t unsee it now, Operation: MIND CRIME! The match is held under sexy red and purple mood lighting. It’s a little odd to watch, but to begin with each person gets a shot in the match and Jim Mitchell’s team is up to usual tricks. A couple odd spots, but generally fun. Granted I don’t know how the Undead Maid of Honor became the legal wrestler, so even though Rosemary wins, it’s up for argument. But we see Rosemary put a collar and leash on Allie and drag her up the ramp.

Glenn bumps into Konnan, says Don Callis hired him to be a mascot, tells him he’s in his office. Glenn storms in, runs off at the mouth thinking it was Don, but it ended up being Killer Kross. Good comedy.

More Glenn after the break:

Scarlett comes out to declare her first opponent. A little playful banter with her and Josh in the ring talking about the people she was scouting before. She says Disco Inferno was the worst candidate. Glenn gets mad, cuts a misogynistic promo, Scarlett is all fired up and challenges Disco. Disco says if she feels the same way next week, she won’t have to look too hard to find him. Against All Odds in 3 weeks is the official match between Scarlett and Glenn.

Tessa being interviewed by Melissa in the back. Jordynne Grace and Tessa Blanchard confirmed for next week in a number 1 contender match.

Rascalz and Lucha Bros have a quick paced match with a good bit of personality back and forth. Rascalz hung in there for a while, pulling off some fun high risk moves. Rascalz get effectively outclassed in this match. Fenix and Pentagon hit a little harder with the tandem moves and pull off the win with the Pentagon Driver/Superkick combo which we haven’t seen in a while Usually they finish matches with the Spiked Fear Factor.


Overall Score: 6.5/10

Above average, but the show did feel a little flat. The Dark War was really the biggest thing in a show that furthered all of the stories, but didn’t seem to have a great flow. Still not bad at all with good comedy with Glenn, Dark War entertainment and the main event was solid…but things were odd. Like I pointed out with the Dark War, I don’t know why the pin counted when I’m fairly positive Allie was the legal wrestler (maybe I missed a tag, but that bothered me), plus the fact that Allie doesn’t seem to have her soul back so what could’ve been a big culmination feels more like a comma.

Twitch Views:

  • Week 1: High – 10,350 / Low – 8,500
  • Week 2: High – 8,000 / Low – 6,500 
  • Week 3: High – 8,500 / Low – 7,900  
  • Week 4: High – 7,100 / Low – 5,300
  • Week 5: High – 7,450 / Low – 5,650
  • Uncaged: High – 9,000/ Low – 8,000
  • Week 6: High – 8,025/ Low – 5,300
  • Week 7: High – 14,400/Low – 9,800
  • Week 8: High – 7,200/Low – 4,500

This show started off slow with the viewers (hence why the low is where it’s at), but once the show got moving, it held steady at around 6,000. Coming off the huge spike last week, this is a little disappointing, but honestly the show didn’t feel extremely important either. So this seems to happen if you look back at Week 4. It’s either the fact that Friday is a rough day for a product with no Video On Demand, or people just pick a week or two to tune out and then come back before or after (or during) named events.

Again, the show was above average and still a very solid product to continue to show some love to.




Let us know what you think on social media @theCHAIRSHOTcom and always remember to use the hashtag #UseYourHead!

Impact Coverage

Andrew’s Impact Wrestling Ratings & Analysis 6/14/2019

The first episode from the Melrose Ballroom in New York! Let’s see how the first step to Impact Wrestling Slammiversary goes!



The first episode from the Melrose Ballroom in New York! Let’s see how the first step to Impact Wrestling Slammiversary goes!

After some of the shenanigans from last week with Sandman bringing back Kenny, drunk Trey almost winning the tag titles for The Rascalz and Fulton and Sami Callihan trying to steal Melissa; this week has a lot of moving pieces.

Tessa also started a bit of an angle with oVe, which I’m curious about. It’s one thing to beat up on Disco, but a bunch of degenerates led by Sami Callihan could be dangerous.

If you’re still not sold on the Impact product, you need to learn respect like The Rascalz.


  • The North (Ethan Page & Josh Alexander) vs RVD & Sabu w/Super Genie: The North win via Tandem Inverted Mat Slam – ** 1/2
  • Jessica Havok vs Nasha Slammovich: Havok wins via Tombstone Piledriver – *
  • Raj Singh vs Cody Deaner: Raj wins via Step Over Arm Wringer Driver – * 3/4
  • Jordynne Grace vs Madison Rayne: Rayne wins via CrossRayne – ***
  • Killer Kross vs The Sandman: Kross wins via Kross Jacket Choke – N/A
  • Michael Elgin vs Willie Mack: Elgin wins via Elgin Bomb – *** 1/4



Kid Ref allowed a lot in this match. He takes a very Japanese referee mentality when it comes to these matches, like he expects chairs so he just allows them. Sabu and RVD had a lot of classic offense, but Moose interfering on behalf of the North, was too much. Alexander caught Sabu, threw him around a little and then used a Tandem Inverted Mat Slam to finish him off. Apparently this sets up The North for a title shot at Bash at the Brewery.

Moose and The North are no longer buddies after The North allowed the ECW Originals to get a little revenge on Moose.

This was just a job match of destruction. Masha, Nasha, Asha…why give the girl such a dumb name when she’s just jobbing. Sheesh. I do hope that was a bad name Impact just threw on her and it’s not her working name. Havok just demolished the poor girl. Afterwards James Mitchell hops on the stick and says Havok is going to be the next Knockouts Champion after she dismantles Rosemary. He also called her the Kaiju Queen…which I like as a nickname.

Gimmicky match. Raj broke his nose at some point, Cody did some Redneck Hulk Up thing, heel interference, Gama faked a heart attack…kind of paint by numbers gimmick match to get to what I’m assuming is a tag match between the two in a couple weeks.

Rosemary with a good promo, and she looked quite good as well. Just all Aces for Rosemary.

Impact Plus Flashback: Dixie Goes Through a Table, IMPACT, August 7,2014

Solid match. Scary moment when Madison looked like she was supposed to float over the top rope and land on the apron, but she over shot and just fell into the barricade. Luckily it didn’t look to hurt too much and could be argued that Jordynne is so powerful it was meant to happen. Aside from that and a small slip in the corner, the match was pretty good. Kiera Hogan coming out with her new bad girl Blue Flame persona on commentary was great. She looked fantastic in her dress with her new personality.  A subtle distraction from Kiera costs Jordynne the match, but she didn’t physically interfere.

Sandman tried to jump Kross mid entrance, bit Kross was keen to the tactic. Sandman did get in a few shots with the fists and the cane, but Kross locks in the choke and as Josh Matthews said, ” Exit light”. Eddie Edwards makes the save when Kross won’t let go of the hold, so it’s continuing the build for their blow off.

A little Smoke Show backstage moment with Fallah, Scarlett, Taya and John E. Bravo. More comedy driven than Scarlett being sexy, and it’s actually really awesome. Scarlett comes off more adorable/endearing, but Taya’s bitchiness is a little forced. Watch this for Scarlett and Fallah.

Solid match for what felt like an 8 minute match. Willie and Big Mike put in great work, and Willie getting distracted since Mike attacked Rich Swann protects him a little. Also Johnny Impact eating a German Suplex from Big Mike at least makes it obvious he’s not allied with Johnny.

Overall Score: 6.75/10

This was a good show, but some of the finer points didn’t seem as good as previous weeks. The fact it took Impact 1 hour to figure out the sound for the Twitch interaction was amusing yet dumb. Don Callis and Melissa were supposed to do it together, but Melissa loses against technology most weeks and this was such a big loss she just stopped trying to call in through Skype.

We had a few decent matches, but most of them felt like matches to get to the next story point. So a few short worthless matches, a few gimmicked matches, and we have an entertaining, yet a little flat episode. I’m just really amused by Scarlett being more charming and funny…hell Laredo Kid robbing the Rascalz after the bar fight was great too.

Twitch Views:

  • 5/3/2019 – LOW: 4,000/HIGH 6,550
  • 5/10/2019 – LOW: 3,800/HIGH: 7,130
  • 5/17/2019 – LOW: 6,900/HIGH: 12,220
  • 5/24/2019 – LOW: 5,200/HIGH: 10,070
  • 5/31/2019 – LOW: 4,550/HIGH: 8,075
  • 6/7/2019 – LOW: 7,100/HIGH: 13,606
  • 6/14/2019 – LOW: 3,400/HIGH: 8,250

Okay so after so really solid weeks, this was one of those slow burn episodes. The show gradually built the viewership as the show went on, but didn’t really hold like most weeks. Most weeks I say ” It started off low but never dropped below 6,000 once it got there”. This week was just a slow increase and never had one of those obvious benchmarks. A little weird, but the numbers remain within that 6-8,000 consistent viewers.


Let us know what you think on social media @theCHAIRSHOTcom and always remember to use the hashtag #UseYourHead!
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Impact Coverage

Andrew’s Impact Wrestling Ratings & Analysis 6/7/2019

The last show from the 2300 Arena! How do the ECW originals impact the show tonight?



The last show from the 2300 Arena! How do the ECW originals impact the show tonight?

Between Tessa Blanchard knocking out Disco Inferno and The Rascalz getting a tag match, we’ve got some interesting options tonight.

Do we get more ECW nostalgia like last week? Or do the newer generation take the spotlight?

Either way, reincarnate your interest in the Impact Wrestling product, just like Kenny! Or is it Kenny 2.0? Nah, it’s Kenny come back from the dead…right?


  • Ace Austin vs Cousin Jake: Austin wins via The Fold – ** 3/4
  • Rosemary w/Su Yung vs Taya Valkyrie: Rosemary wins via DQ – * 1/2
  • Madman Fulton vs Two Jabronis: Fulton murders them – N/A
  • Jake & Dave Crist vs Fallah Bahh & Scarlett Bordeaux: Dave Cris wins via Loaded Fist – ** 3/4
  • Kiera Hogan vs Jordynne Grace: Grace wins via Grace Driver – ***
  • Tag Team Championship Match: LAX (c) vs Dez & Wentz: LAX retain via Dusty Finish – ****




Nice contrast of styles to start the show with. Big Jake is considerably larger than Ace, so he used his speed and technical ability to keep Jake’s head spinning. Eventually Jake caught him with a big lariat and started his comeback. But the Desi Hit Squad attacked Cody Deaner on the outside, distracting Jake and allowing Ace to pick up the win. Solid match, with a story wrinkle. Good start.

Backstage interview to hype Taya’s non-title match with Rosemary.

Well I guess the only real excuse for this, is that Rosemary is still working her way back after injury. Cause all of her more traditional matches since her return, have been hard to watch. Jessica Havok returns to Impact as James Mitchell’s new weapon. She wipes out Rosemary and Taya, they get Su Yung back and celebrate.

IMPACT Plus Flashback Moment: Raven vs Shane Douglas, Hair vs Hair, NWA-TNA PPV #62, September 17,2003

Fulton has a Squash match, nice. And by nice I mean…a waste of time. But it feeds into the Crists vs Scarlett and Fallah, so, it’s something.

This tag match wasn’t bad at all. Fallah tried to keep Scarlett out of the match as long as possible. He fired up and showed a good amount of aggression. When Scarlett got in, she did pretty well. Fallah and Scarlett even hit a Doomsday Device. However, the roll of quarters did in the fan favorite Beauty and The Bahh. The Crists then try to beat on Scarlett more, but Tessa Blanchard makes the save to a nice reaction.

Sami and Fulton steal Melissa’s sandals and try to take her to a party during the Twitch live exclusive stuff. Watching on Twitch is great.

Kiera and Jordynne have a much more competitive match than one would expect. Kiera had a counter for nearly everything Jordynne threw and used her speed to get around Jordynne’s power. Solid match that also does a lot to fully confirm Kiera’s heel turn.

Okay the main event was great. Yes it was a bit of a spot fest, but Trey’s enjoyment of Ortiz’s moonshine was established last week and played a part in the match this week. So a high work rate match that saw a bunch of near falls, came down to a Dusty Finish. Ortiz was mad Trey was drinking his moonshine, so he took a swing, got hit in the stomach and blinded the referee. Feeling overzealous, a drunk Trey does his diving Meteora finisher and pins Santana. Kid Ref comes in, counts the fall and The Rascalz win! But when the assigned referee can see, he admonishes Kid Ref and reverses the decision since Trey wasn’t a legal competitor. Fun match, fun wrinkle.


Overall Score: 7.75/10

Twitch really adds a layer to the enjoyment factor. The story progression and matches were all pretty solid. Even Rosemary’s less than average match had good story ramifications. I’m also curious if Trey’s drinking problem will play into the future story of The Rascalz.

Plus on Twitch we learned about how crazy Eddie Edwards really is (Kotoge is proud) and that Fulton has a baby room in the basement where he likes flowers and The Little Mermaid VHS tapes. I’m not kidding, Twitch is an experience some weeks!

Twitch Views:

  • 5/3/2019 – LOW: 4,000/HIGH 6,550
  • 5/10/2019 – LOW: 3,800/HIGH: 7,130
  • 5/17/2019 – LOW: 6,900/HIGH: 12,220
  • 5/24/2019 – LOW: 5,200/HIGH: 10,070
  • 5/31/2019 – LOW: 4,550/HIGH: 8,075
  • 6/7/2019 – LOW: 7,100/HIGH: 13,606

Well now, we set a new second highest Twitch viewership for Impact this year! Still hasn’t quite eclipsed the 14k set closer to the beginning of the move, but still damn good. Three out of the last four weeks have had over 10k viewers. Not sure what’s driving the interest, but it’s a good sign for Impact.

Let us know what you think on social media @theCHAIRSHOTcom and always remember to use the hashtag #UseYourHead!
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