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Chairshot Wrestling News Shuffle: Warrior, Rayne, Race and more! (3/4/2019)

News Here! Commentary on Dana Warrior, Madison Rayne, Harley Race and more!



WWE WWF NWA Harley Race

Jason shuffles in to your Chairshot Wrestling News Shuffle with commentary on Dana Warrior, Madison Rayne, Harley Race and more!

Dana Warrior Hired By WWE For A Writing Role

One of the biggest news updates over the weekend was the report from ProWrestlingSheet in regards to the WWE hiring Dana Warrior joining the WWE writing team. There seems to be discussion to what exactly her role is, as one report had her currently in a writing role, while another had her shadowing writers, providing perspective on the female division.

Jason’s Take

My take on this will be a long one, so bear with me. I am not against the hire, however it is a head scratcher to me. Warrior has 0 experience in television, and in wrestling. While I understand the idea of a fresh perspective, what other job in a million dollar company can you get with no prior knowledge to the daily tasks you will be performing? If we are taking the fresh perspective angle, why Dana? Why not a random person off the street? Was she hired because of her name? As I said on the Chairshot Facebook, I may be “too old” of a wrestling fan who yells at kids on the lawn, but most of the successful writers of my time as a wrestling fan have been “wrestling people.” Jim Ross, Bill Watts, Jim Cornette, Kevin Sullivan, Paul Heyman, Triple H; all wrestling people who have successfully written during productive periods of wrestling. I do not care if the company hires man, woman, child, or space alien to write, as long as writing improves. But I just don’t understand this one.

Madison Rayne Returns To Impact

In Friday’s news shuffle, I talked about Madison Rayne leaving Ring Of Honor. It now appears that Rayne will be returning to IMPACT according to the company’s Twitter.

Jason’s Take

I thought there was a possibility that Rayne could head to AEW. No, seriously, I did. However a return to IMPACT makes sense as she is a 5 time Knockouts champion. IMPACT has improved on their writing, so it will be interesting to see where Rayne will fit in on the roster.

Two More Names Rumored For WWE Hall Of Fame

Various outlets broke the rumor this weekend that Brutus Beefcake and Torrie Wilson will be inducted in to the WWE Hall Of Fame as part of the Class of 2019. One of these outlets was WrestleVotes, which also broke the news of the Honky Tonk man being inducted, and has a track record of being correct when it come to wrestling news.

Harley Race Diagnose With Lung Cancer

Ric Flair broke the news this weekend that all time great Harley Race has been diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. However, Chapionship Wrestling from Hollywood owner David Marquez, who says that he’s spoken with the Race family and that the diagnosis is not terminal according to his Facebook post:

“I’ve just spoke to Harley Race’s family and it’s true, he has been diagnosed with Lung Cancer, but it’s not terminal. He’s being treated and supervised by his doctors. He is still very active in the Harley Race Wrestling Academy and his promotion World League Wrestling. Also, next weekend’s NWA Worlds Championship match at WLW’s “Night of Champions” is still on and previously I’ve already made plans to attend. Harley and his family appreciates everyone’s concern and asks that the public to allow him his space to rest.”

Jason’s Take

Race is one of the greatest wrestlers of all time, so we send well wishes and prayers to him and his family.

Mustafa Ali Returns From Injury

A month ago, Mustafa Ali appeared to be headed for a World Championship match against Daniel Bryan at Fastlane, however, an injury derailed those potential plans. On the positive side, Ali returned from injury Saturday night at a house show in Minneapolis, MN.

Jason’s Take

It is good to see Ali back from injury. Even though he isn’t getting his title match yet, I wouldn’t be surprised to see it happen a few months from now. Regardless, with the rise of Kofi Kingston, the return of Kevin Owens, and now the return of Ali, SmackDown is quickly becoming the superior brand.


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Greg DeMarco’s WWE Smackdown Rating Analysis (5/21/19): #2 For Cable

Did Smackdown retain it’s footing in the ratings this week? (Spoiler: it did.)



WWE Smackdown Rating

Greg DeMarco chimes in with your May 21WWE Smackdown rating. What does it really tell us? Greg tells you!

We now have your May 21 edition of WWE Smackdown rating, and it’s good news for the show! Let’s start with the breakdown:

  • 1.983 million viewers
  • .61 rating in the all important 18-49 demographic
  • ranked #2 among all cable shows for the night

Here are last week’s results:

  • 1.87 million viewers
  • .56 rating in the all important 18-49 demographic
  • ranked #6 among all cable shows for the night

(Available via ShowbuzzDaily)

But what does the WWE Smackdown Rating really mean, Greg?

After sitting outside the Top 5 for two weeks, Smackdown made a triumphant return coming at #2 for the night, narrowly losing out to the NHL Conference Finals (won by the St. Louis Blues and apparently Patrick O’Dowd). Interesting of note is that Smackdown outdrew the NHL in terms of overall viewership (hockey drew 1.807 million viewers), but fell just short in the share (Smackdown’s .61 versus hockey’s .62). Once again, the only thing that tends to knock WWE out of the top spots is live sports (and Love & Hip Hop Atlanta 8).

This is good news for Smackdown and WWE in general, as Money In The Bank and the return of Brock Lesnar did in fact garner more eyeballs. Add in the WWE 24/7 Championship, which I am inclined to believe had at least a short term impact based on the fact that R-Truth and Robert Roode came in #1 in the 36 hour YouTube views for Raw, and things being thrown at walls are sticking right now. Let’s hope it continues! Also of note, Miz & Mrs came in at #5 with 1.037 million viewers and a .37 rating, strong for the show. Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills and The Last OG came in #3 adn #4, respectively.

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DeMarco’s WWE Raw YouTube Viewer Report (5/20/19)

Did R-Truth and Robert Roode really have the most viewed Raw YouTube video???



WWE Raw YouTube Robert Roode R-Truth
Image Credit: WWE/YouTube

Greg DeMarco’s look at the WWE Raw YouTube viewership for the May 20th broadcast!

As we all know, social media and other outlets have become a huge means of drawing in interaction and viewers for WWE. Most people will point to television ratings like they did during the Monday Night Wars in the late 1990’s, however that can be skewed with so many various means of watching today that do not include cable television. As such, YouTube has joined social media as a metric as important to WWE as television ratings (if not more). The weekly WWE Raw YouTube Performance Report is a look into that success metric.

As you’ve become accustomed to, here is this week’s WWE RAW YouTube Performance Report, compiled mid-day Wednesday (approximately 36 hours after Raw went off the air), for the 5/20/19 edition of WWE Raw:

  • R-Truth wins the WWE 24/7 Championship from Robert Roode – 1.764 million views
  • Brock Lesnar Money In The Bank briefcase celebration – 1.674 million views
  • Mick Foley introduces the WWE 24/7 Championship – 1.568 million views
  • Seth Rollins & Kofi Kingston vs. Baron Corbin & Bobby Lashley – 763k views
  • Lucha House Party attack Lars Sullivan – 700k views
  • Becky Lynch, Nikki Cross, & Alexa Bliss vs. The IIconics & Lacey Evans – 678k views
  • The Miz vs. Drew McIntyre – 467k views
  • Firefly Fun House promo video – 454k views
  • Braun Strowman vs. Sami Zayn – 398k views
  • The IIconics & Lacey Evans interrupt A Moment Of Bliss – 383k views
  • Shane McMahon promo on Roman Reigns – 365k views
  • WWE 24/7 Champion Robert Roode hides backstage – 364k views
  • AJ Styles slaps Baron Corbin backstage – 231k views
  • The Usos vs. The Revival – 202k views
  • Triple H informs Seth Rollins & Kofi Kingston that they’re teaming up – 184k views
  • Ricochet vs. Cesaro – 161k views
  • Nikki Cross gets herself a cohosting gig with Alexa Bliss – 142k views
  • Samoa Joe backstage promo – 102k views

Ratings analysis appears after the ad – buy a shirt!

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Greg DeMarco’s WWE Raw YouTube Ratings Analysis

Let’s take a look at the numerical analysis!

  • 5/20 edition of Raw: 10.600 million total views across 18 videos
  • 5/13 edition of Raw: 8.648 million total views across 17 videos
    • +1.952 million views, 22% increase for this week over last week
  • 5/20 Top 5: 6.469 million views
  • 5/13 Top 5: 6.197 million views
    • +272k views, 4% increase over last week
  • 5/20 average: 588k views
  • 5/13 average: 508k views
    • +80k views per video, 15% decrease over last week

Let’s start at the top: three videos above a million views, with the top spot going to R-TRUTH AND ROBERT ROODE! Man, that’s a win for R-Truth and the new WWE 24/7 Championship. The Top 5 videos for Raw approached 6.5 million views total, a 4% increase over last week. The make up of the Top 5 was very different this week, with the aforementioned Truth and Roode, plus Brock Lesnar, Mick Foley, Seth Rollins, Kofi Kingston, and The Lucha House Party?!?!

Last week we saw a tremendous drop after the Top 5, and this week the lower tiered videos more than doubled those from last week. Nothing dipped below 100k views, where 3 did last week (we also had one more video this week, for 18 total). This weeks #6 video (just outside the Top 5) was over 100k higher than last week’s. That’s telling, as last week’s interest was more at the top of the card.

Raw’s TV rating went up this week. But it still dipped down in the Top 5. That didn’t seem to impact the distribution of the YouTube views this time around.

Two big shockers to me:

  • The obvious…R-Truth and Robert Roode come in at #1!
  • Cesaro follows up his Top 5 performance from last week with a 161k video this week, against Ricochet.

My favorite video…The Usos and The Revival crushing it!

What did the YouTube results for this week tell you?

Let us know what you think on social media @theCHAIRSHOTcom and always remember to use the hashtag #UseYourHead!
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