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CMLL’s Review & Results: Homenaje a dos Leyenda 3/15/2019

Joe brings us the rundown on all the CMLL action for the past week!



CMLL Coverage

Joe brings us the rundown on all the CMLL action for the past week!

Arena Puebla Monday

So there is an issue with this show on YouTube and it is categorized as unavailable so I doubt they’ll fix it by the time the Friday show airs so I’ll just post the direct results.

Astro and Meyer vs Ares and Sombra Diabolika

First Fall: Astro and Meyer

Second Fall: Ares and Sombra Diabolika

Third Fall: Astro and Meyer

Winners: Astro and Meyer

Oro Jr, Halcon Suriano Jr, and Arkalis vs Espiritu Maligno, Black Tiger, and Police Man

First Fall: Oro, Halcon, and Arkalis

Second Fall: Maligno, Black Tiger, and Police Man

Third Fall: Oro, Halcon, and Arkalis

Oro Jr was injured during the match.

Winners: Oro Jr, Halcon Suriano Jr, and Arkalis

Fuego, Pegasso, and King Jaguar vs Virus, Disturbio, and El Perverso

First Fall: Fuego, Pegasso, and Jaguar

Second Fall: Virus, Disturbio, and El Perverso

Third Fall: Fuego, Pegasso, and King Jaguar

Winners: Fuego, Pegasso, and King Jaguar

Atlantis, Niebla Roja, and Angel de Oro vs El Terrible, Templario, and La Bestia del Ring

First Fall: Terrible, Templario, and Bestia

Second Fall: Atlantis, Niebla Roja, and Angel de Oro

Third Fall: Terrible, Templario, and Bestia

Technicos team won the second fall by DQ.

Winners: El Terrible, Templario, and La Bestia del Ring 

Dragon Lee, Cavernario, and Mistico vs Volador Jr, Mephisto, and Ephesto

First Fall: Volador, Mephisto, and Ephesto

Second Fall: Dragon Lee, Cavernario, and Mistico

Third Fall: Volador, Mephisto, and Ephesto

Volador worked as a rudo and won both falls clean.

Winners: Volador Jr, Mephisto, and Ephesto

Arena Mexico Tuesday

Leono and Bengala vs El Cholo and Apocalpsis

Apocalpisis and Bengala start the match off with some grappling. Cholo comes in next with Leono and they battle for position as well. Bengala hurricanrana’s Apocalpsis to the outside then Cholo shoulder blocks him to the outside. Cholo slams Leono and Apocalpsis hits a swanton bomb for the pin. Cholo hits a jumping elbow drop on Bengala for the fall. First Fall: Cholo pins Bengala with an elbow drop.

Cholo and Apocalpsis team on Leono to start the round. Then they work over Bengala and back to Leono. Typical rudos stuff. Bengala hits a back breaker on Apocalpsis then gets him in a stretch submission. Leono hurricanrana’s Cholo for a pin. Second Fall: Leono pins Cholo with a hurricanrana.

Leono went back and forth with Apocalpsis to start and arm drags him out and poses. Bengala comes in against Cholo and gets the advantage on him. They go back and forth and Bengala gets Cholo in a neck bridge pin for the win. Third Fall: Bengala pins Cholo with a neck bridge.

Winners: Leono and Bengala

Magnus, Star Jr, and Retro vs Nitro, Akuma, and Espanto Jr

Akuma and Retro start the match off with some grappling. Espanto and Magnus come in and then they start grappling quick as well. Star comes in with Nitro and they go back and forth, Star hits a hurricanrana. Akuma hits a big spear on Retro then Nitro hit a drop kick to Magnus’ butt for the pin. First Fall: Espanto pins Magnus after Nitro hit a drop kick to the butt.

Star gets teamed on to start this round. Retro then gets double teamed. It’s again, the typical rudos team up formula. Magnus makes a come back hitting strikes in the corner. He does poetry in motion with Star Jr. Magnus hits a back stabber on Nitro and Star hits a splash on Nitro. Second Fall: Star pins Nitro with a springboard splash on Nitro.

Retro and Espanto start this round and go back and forth. Retro gets the better of that. Magnus and Akuma then go back and forth. Magnus hits a hurricanrana off the apron on Akuma. Star gets in with Nitro and hits a back breaker on him. He hits another one on the outside. Retro gets a drop kick to the thigh by Espanto. Akuma hits a code breaker on Star and then Espanto slams him. Akuma hits a muscle buster on Retro for the win. Third Fall: Akuma pins Retro with a muscle buster.

Winners: Nitro, Akuma, and Espanto Jr

Rey Cometa, Pegasso, and Guerrero Maya vs El Sagrado, Misterioso, and Tiger

Maya and Misterioso start the match with some grappling. Pegasso and Sagrado come in and work fast going back and forth. Cometa comes in with Tiger and they work super fast too. Cometa gets trapped in the corner and stomped on. Tiger then gets in the technico corner and he gets stomped out. Maya rolls up Misterioso and Pegasso rolls up Sagrado for the fall. First Fall: Maya pins Misterioso with a roll up.

Cometa hits a splash on Tiger off the stage in the middle of the rounds. There’s some posturing to begin this round. Maya avoids a double team attack. Maya hits back breakers on everyone. Pegasso and Rometa hit dives over the top rope on Misterioso and Tiger. Sagrado hits a power bomb on Maya in the ring however, for the fall. Second Fall: Sagrado pins Maya with a power bomb.

Misterioso slams Pegasso and then Mije hits a slam on him. Midget interference doesn’t count. Maya gets teamed on for a bit. Cometa then gets teamed on as well. Maya drop kicked Sagrado to the outside and hit a dive through the middle rope. Misterioso hits a neck breaker on Pegasso for the pin. Tiger hits a power bomb on Cometa for the win. Third Fall: Tiger pins Cometa with a power bomb.

Winners: El Sagrado, Misterioso, and Tiger

(Match Relampago) Black Panther vs Universo 2000 Jr

They fight for position in the ring for about a minute until Universo throws Panther outside the ring and then hits a dive through the middle rope. They get back in the ring and Universo plays with his mask. Panther fights back and hits a hurricanrana. Panther hurricanrana’s Universo to the outside. He then feigns a dive then hits a plauncha. Panther hits a power slam and then hits a lionsault for a two count. They go back and forth trading moves. Universo hits a small package and holds it despite being in the ropes. Panther tricks Universo to fall to the outside. Panther then hits a dive through the middle rope, then proceeds to hit another. Back in the ring, Universo hip tosses Panther into the corner then hits a vertical suplex for a two count. Panther hits an inverse 619 then a drop kick off the middle rope for a close two count. Panther then hits another middle rope shot gun drop kick for the win. Black Panther pins Universo with a middle rope drop kick.

Winner: Black Panther

Atlantis, Kraneo (El Audaz), and Stuka vs Hechicero, Kawato San, and El Felino

Kawato and Audaz start the match out with some grappling. Everyone comes in the ring to stare down. Stuka and Hechicero go to the outside the fight. Hechicero crotches him on the barricade. Kawato hits a big drop kick on Audaz. Hechicero gets Audaz in some contrived neck crank for the submission. Kawato vertical suplexes Stuka. Hechicero spine busters him and double stomps him off of the top. Felino submits him with an arm bar. First Fall: Felino submits Stuka with an arm bar.

Felino and Atlantis fight on the outside. Hechicero hits a corner drop kick on a hanging Stuka. Now they are triple teaming Atlantis. Atlantis ducks an attack and strikes everyone. Audaz hits a hurricanrana on Hechicero. Atlantis back breakers everyone. Stuka and Atlantis go for dives but Hechicero clotheslines them. Audaz then does a front flip from the top and lands on Hechicero for a hurricanrana pin for the fall. Second Fall: Audaz pins Hechicero with a flipping hurricanrana off the top.

There was some posturing to start the round. Audaz and Kawato go back and forth and Hechicero comes in and attacks Audaz. Audaz fights back and gets him to the outside. Stuka and Kawato then come in and trade offense. Stuka shoulder blocks him to the outside and then hurricanrana’s Felino to the outside. Atlantis counters Hechicero’s monkey flip with one of his own to the outside. Audaz then hurricanrana’s Hechicero. Atlantis holds down Felino and Kawato and Stuka hits a top rope splash for the win. Third Fall: Stuka pins Kawato with a top rope splash.

Winners: Atlantis,Audaz, and Stuka

Mistico, Dragon Lee, and Diamante Azul vs Mr. Niebla, Mephisto, and Rey Bucanero

CMLL’s sound just goes out during the entrances. I’m sure they won’t fix that like their Monday show. Story for this match and future shows is, Shocker has disappeared off of CMLL’s future bookings so there’s another issue with him. This happened sometime last year as well. If you remember with Mr. Niebla he was drunk during a match and they went to the finish. It pissed off the participants. Anyway to start the match, Azul and Bucanero lock up and fight for take downs until they both get one and then trade moves. Niebla comes in the ring quick to knock Mistico off the apron to crotch him on the barricade. Mephisto fights Lee on the ramp way. Mephisto throws him into the walk way stairs. Mephisto gets Lee on the turnbuckle and grabs at his mask. Mephisto then throws Lee into the announcers table. Zakarias then midget goes for a 619 on Mistico, but Azul knocks him over. A whole lot of brawling in this match. The ref finally had it with all the brawling so he DQ’s Mephisto for crotching Mistico. Or just because the rudos wouldn’t listen. Let’s go with that. First Fall: Mistico wins the fall because the rudos won’t listen to the ref.

There’s more brawling to start this round as well as you could suspect. Dragon Lee drop kicks Mephisto the hits a dive over the top rope. Azul hits a sunset flip on Bucanero for a two count. Niebla gets thrown to the outside and then Mistico hurricanrana’s Bucanero to the outside then hits a dive. Azul then hits a dive through the middle rope on Niebla. Mephisto hits a power bomb then a face buster on Lee but he kicks out. Lee then hits a standing spanish fly out of nowhere for the win. Second Fall: Dragon Lee pins Mephisto with a standing Spanish Fly.

Dragon Lee challenges Mephisto for his welterwieght championship. They feign like they’re gonna restart the match but Mephisto just pulls Lee’s mask off immediately. Heat.

Winners: Mistico, Dragon Lee, and Diamante Azul

Arena Mexico Friday Homenaje A Dos Leyenda

Triton, Esfinge, and El Audaz vs Vangellys, Hijo Del Villano III, and Polvora

These might have been the quickest entrances in the history of CMLL. Vangellys starts the match out with Esfinge and boy do we have a packed house. All the talk of CMLL being lazy with the booking, well I guess you can’t argue. They go at it briefly and Villano and Audaz get in next. Triton comes in and arm drags Villano. Polvora comes in to combat him but Triton gets him to the outside and Triton hits a dive over the top on to Polvora. Esfinge then gets Villano in a pinning combination and then Audaz pins Vangellys with a hurricanrana. First Fall: Audaz pins Vangellys with a hurricanrana.

Audaz goes back and forth with Polvora and hits a flip into the ring hurricanrana on Polvora. Esfinge comes in to work with Villano and we are working 100 miles per hour. Triton comes in to work on Vangellys and he hits a hurricanrana to the outside then him and his team pose. They get attacked from behind now. Vangellys slams Audaz and then Villano hits a top rope splash for a pin. Vangellys hits a northern lights suplex on Esfinge for the fall. Second Fall: Vangellys pins Esfinge with a northern lights suplex.

Villano hits a back drop and senton on Audaz to start. Audaz then gets worked over by the opposing team. Polvora works over Triton and his mask. Esfinge gets held up and drop kicked in the butt by Polvora. Esfinge hits a big kick on Villano and Triton hits a springboard splash. Audaz then hits hurricanrana’s on Vangellys and Polvora. Triton hits a run up the ropes moonsault onto Vangellys.  Villano hits a hip toss on Audaz to the outside and then dives over the top rope. In the ring Vangellys catches Esfinge with a spear for the pin. Polvora then gets Triton on the top and hits a face buster for the win. Third Fall: Polvora pins Triton with a top rope face buster.

Winners: Vangellys, Hijo Del Villano III, and Polvora

Microman, El Gallito, and Atomo vs Chamuel, Mije, and Perico Zakarias

Atomo and Zakarias start the match out with a tie up and take down. They then start exchanging transitions. Gallito then comes in with Mije and they get to the ground and grapple. Chamuel then gets in with Microman and Micro uses his agility to get the early advantage. Chamuel has the advantage when they roll around but Micro gets him in a head scissors. The rest of the rudos come in to team on him. Chamuel goes for a power bomb on Micro but Micro hits a hurricanrana for a pin. At the same time Gallito gets Zakarias with a school boy and Atomo gets Mije with a school boy. They all pin at the same time. First Fall: Microman pins Chamuel with a hurricanrana pin.

Atomo starts out with Chamuel and they get back and forth on each other. Atomo goes to the top but Chamuel arm drags him off the top rope. Atomo gets taken out then Chamuel hits a leg drop on Micro. Gallito then gets drop kicked to the butt. Microman gets Chamuel down in the corner and goes for the Vader bomb but Chamuel gets his feet up and Mije goes for the pin. Second Fall: Chamuel gets his feet up on a Vader bomb by Microman and Mije pins him.

Gallito gets teamed on to start this round. Chamuel goes to chase Gallito on the outside but Microman hits him with a hurricanrana. In the ring Gallito and Mije exchange strikes. Microman then comes in with Zakarias. Zakarias points out how much smaller Micro is then him. Micro hits knees to the corner on Zakarias. He goes for it again but gets caught this time. Micro fights back and gets all three of the opposition down so Atomo can hit a top rope frog splash. They all kick out. Atomo hits a dive off the apron on Mije leaving Micro and Chamuel in the ring. Chamuel misses a middle rope swanton on Micro and then Micro puts him in position and hits a stalling Vader bomb for the win. Third Fall: Microman pins Chamuel with a vader bomb.

Winners: Microman, El Gallito, and Atomo

Diamante Azul, Soberano, and Titan vs Mephisto, Templario, and Ephesto

Soberano starts the match grappling with Ephesto. Soberano hits a hurricanrana and then Templario greets him with a shot gun drop kick. Titan then hurricanrana’s Templario from the apron to the outside. Azul Irish whips Mephisto but Mephisto slides to the outside but he’s followed by a middle rope dive by Azul. Soberano hits a tornado dive off the top rope on to Ephesto and Titan gets Templario in a pinning combo for the fall. First Fall: Titan pins Templario with a pinning combo.

Templario and Soberano start this round out moving super fast. They do some acrobatic spots including Templario flipping Soberano in the air and Soberano hitting a hurricanrana. Titan comes in with Ephesto and lands a jumping kick. Azul enters the ring hitting a cross body on Templario then he double arm drags Mephisto and Ephesto. Azul then hits two monkey flips on Templario and Mephisto, then all three technicos hit dives through the middle rope. Back in the ring Templario hits a power bomb on Soberano but Titan stops the pin. Templario catches Titan on the top rope and goes for a gut wrench suplex but Titan reverses it into a hurricanrana. Ephesto hits a shoulder breaker on Titan but Azul breaks it up and hits a swinging slam on him that Mephisto breaks up. Mephisto hits a face buster on Azul. Soberano and Titan then hit hurricanrana’s on Templario and Ephesto and Azul runs back in the ring from the ramp and hits a leaping clothesline. Soberano then hits a back flip dive on Ephesto and Titan hits an asai moonsault on Templario . In the ring Azul hits a high angle hip toss on Mephisto for the win. Second Fall: Diamante Azul pins Mephisto with a high angle hip toss.

Winners: Diamante Azul, Soberano, and Titan 

Sanson, Cuatrero, and Forastero vs Gilbet El Bourica, Negro Casas, and Cavernario

Cuatrero starts the match with the returning Negro Casas and they start to grapple. Crowd is very excited for Negro Casas. Gilbert comes in next with Sanson. Interesting dynamic because these would be called two rudos teams. Cavernario and Forastero are in next and they fight back and forth and then bump chests and that causes a whole brawl. Cuatrero gets slammed and Cavernario hits a slingshot splash for the pin. Cavernario holds up Forastero and Gilbert hits a code breaker. First Fall: Gilbert pins Forastero with a code breaker.

Gilbert unties Sanson’s mask to start this round so I suspect that Los Dinamitas are working technico this match. They continue to get worked over to start this round. The rudos pose after minutes of beating on Dinamitas. Cuatrero and Forastero hit dives on Gilbert and Cavernario leaving Sanson in the ring with Casas. A funny spot happens here, Sanson hits a power bomb and in the middle of it his mask gets dragged off due to the untying from earlier. He covers his face and still makes the pin. Second Fall: Sanson pins Negro Casas with a power bomb.

Cavernario gets worked on some to start this round. When Casas comes in all three Dinamitas come in to stomp him out. Sanson takes down Gilbert and again the others come in to stomp him out. Forastero rolls to the outside and Cavernario hits a dive through the middle rope but through the corner near the turnbuckle. A much tighter window to fit through. Gilbert hits a power slam on Cuatrero who rolls out and then Gilbert hits a dive through the middle rope. Negro Casas goes for a pin but then plays up to his recently injured knee. The others come in to work on him. Cuatrero then launches Forastero into a downed Gilbert in the corner and Sanson pins him. Cuatrero launches Cavernario into Sanson who hits a power bomb, then they hold him in place while Forastero leaps from the ramp onto the ropes and hits a shotgun drop kick. Third Fall: Forastero pins Cavernario with a shotgun drop kick.

Winners: Sanson, Cuatrero, and Forastero

(Trios Championship) Ultimo Guerrero, Euforia, and Gran Guerrero (Champions) vs Caristico, Volador Jr, and Dragon Lee

Dragon Lee starts out this match with Gran Guerrero and there’s some posturing mixed with grappling. Volador comes in with Euforia and they do some acrobatic things but not much happens. Caristico is in now with Ultimo Guerrero and Caristico is trying to get the crowd pumped. Ultimo hits a sunset flip but Volador cross bodies him. Los Guerrero’s then get Lee, Caristico, and Volador in Gory specials for the submission. First Fall: Los Guerrero’s submit Lee, Caristico, and Volador with a gory special.

There’s brawling outside of the ring to start this round. Los Guerrero’s continues to work them over. A double press slam by Euforia and Gran is hit on Dragon Lee from the top rope. Caristico gets launched into the ring and Caristico hits a hurricanrana on Ultimo. Caristico then hits a cross body to the outside on Ultimo. Volador hits a hurricanrana off the top rope on Euforia and Lee gets a single leg boston crab on Gran for the fall. Second Fall: Dragon Lee submits Gran Guerrero with a single leg boston crab.

Dragon Lee and Gran start the final round exchanging strikes. Gran catches him for a buckle bomb, Lee kicks him then hits a rolling drop kick. Chaos breaks out a bit and Caristico hits a hurricanrana on Ultimo and Volador hits one on Euforia. Lee, Volador, and Caristico then all hit dives through the middle rope. Back in the ring a tower of doom spot gets done. Euforia and Gran get taken out and Caristico hits a hurricanrana on Ultimo. Volador and Lee hit dives over the top on Euforia and Gran and Caristico hits one on Ultimo Guerrero. Back in the ring Gran and Lee go at it. Lee hits a standing spanish fly for a close two. Gran gets Lee on the top rope and kind of lawn darts him off for a two count. They go back to the corner and Lee hits the double foot stomp spot. Euforia is in next with Volador and they trade big moves as well. Euforia hits a stalling suplex from the apron for a two count. Volador gets dumped to the outside and Caristico catches Euforia with the Fujiwara arm bar but Ultimo quickly breaks it up. Ultimo hits a top rope gord buster on Caristico for a close two count. Caristico goes for a hurricanrana off the top but Ultimo reverses it into a power bomb for a two count. Back on the top rope Caristico gets on Ultimo’s shoulders but hits a hurricanrana for a two count. Volador hits a big head scissors on Euforia and then Dragon Lee hops over the ropes and hits a hurricanrana to the outside on Gran. Volador leaps to the top and then jumps and hits a hurricanrana on Euforia. Back in the ring Caristico goes for the head scissors into the Fujiwara arm bar but Ultimo reverses it into a pinning combo for the win. Third Fall: Ultimo Guerrero rolls up Caristico for the win.

Winners: Ultimo Guerrero, Euforia, and Gran Guerrero

Cabelleras vs Cabelleras: Niebla Roja and Angel de Oro vs El Terrible and La Bestia del Ring

Bestia and Terrible jump Roja and Oro during the in ring introductions. What a bunch of rudos. Roja is laid out on the floor and Oro gets beat on in the crowd. Terrible and Bestia continue to beat up on Oro and Roja. Bestia and Terrible whip Oro and Roja with belts and get DQ’d for the first fall. First Fall: Bestia and Terrible get DQ’d by whipping Oro and Roja with belts.

As the second round starts Terrible and Bestia continue to work over Roja and Oro. After minutes of beating on them Bestia hits Oro with a cradle tombstone piledriver and Terrible pins Roja with a power bomb. Second Fall: Terrible pins Roja with a power bomb.

As the third round starts as you can suspect Terrible and Bestia continue to beat on them. Bestia power bombs Roja off the top and only gets a two count. Finally after like 15 minutes Oro hits a splash and moves from Terrible’s elbow and he hits Bestia, then Roja comes and hits a springboard splash. Oro launches Roja into both and Roja hits a double drop kick, then they both hit dives through the middle rope. They get back in the ring and Roja hits a dive over the top and Oro hits a golden moonsault. Finally Oro and Roja get some double team offense on them. Terrible and Roja trade running corner strikes. Bestia hits an olympic slam on Roja for a two count. Roja gets Bestia in a pinning combo for a two count. Roja goes for the rock the boat submission but Terrible punches him. Oro holds Bestia and Bestia dodges the attack so Oro gets super kicked by Roja. Bestia then gets Roja and hits a cradle tombstone for the pin. Now it’s Oro vs both on his own. Bestia power bombs Oro then Terrible helps him up for another and turns his back assuming he’s gonna hit it but Oro hits a hurricanrana into a pin. Now it’s down to Oro and Terrible. Oro hurricanrana’s Terrible to the outside and then hits a dive through the middle rope. On that dive however it looks like Terrible actually dislocated his shoulder. The ref went to the outside and helped put it back in place. Wow. The doctor is still checking on him. He’s definitely trying to tough it out during the finishing sequence. Oro gets him down and puts him in a sharpshooter for the win. Third Fall: Angel de Oro submits Terrible with a sharpshooter.

Bestia tries to brawl afterwards but to no avail. His partner isn’t able to help. Finally they are shaving their heads. Bestia at least. They’ll probably do Terrible back stage. As I say that Terrible comes out like a man with his arm up to get his just due.

Winners: Angel de Oro and Niebla Roja


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Mitchell’s WWE Raw Results & Report! (6/17/19)

Who faces Samoa Joe for the United States Championship?!



WWE Raw Cover image

It’s the last Raw before Stomping Grounds!

Raw stops in Los Angeles before heading to Tacoma, and has a HUGE match to determine a #1 Contender to the United States Championship! Who wins a Fatal 5 Way to then take on Samoa Joe for the title?



  • WWE United States Championship #1 Contender’s Fatal 5 Way Elimination Match: The Miz VS Braun Strowman VS Ricochet VS Bobby Lashley VS Cesaro; Ricochet wins and will challenge Samoa Joe for the title at WWE Stomping Grounds.
  • The Viking Raiders VS ???; the Viking Raiders win.
  • 2 out of 3 Falls Six Man Tag: The New Day VS Baron Corbin, Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn; The New Day wins.
  • The Usos VS The Good Brothers; The Usos win.
  • WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships: The IIconics VS Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross; The IIconics win and retain the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships.
  • Seth Rollins VS Daniel Bryan w/ Rowan; wins.


Ladies and Gentlemen, Elias.

The Drifter opens Raw in LA, and says he was talking to Anthony Davis. “Why? Why would you want to move to Los Angeles?” Davis said it’s because he’s garbage, and should be with other pieces of garbage. So he moved to a city where the people are more toxic than the air. Elias would rather be anywhere else, but he was invited here by Baron Corbin. And Elias is wearing referee stripes, because HE is the special guest referee for Stomping Grounds! Corbin’s trust- doesn’t matter because Seth Rollins SMACKS Elias from behind! And again! And again! Over and over and over, Rollins unleashes his fury on Corbin’s pick for special guest ref! Rollins then demands a mic so he can speak.

“After every thing I’ve been through with Brock Lesnar, I am done playing games!” Corbin still needs a special guest referee, but Rollins has a message for those who want that position. It is the first and last warning. It doesn’t matter what Corbin promises, but the chair is what awaits them. “So choose wisely!” The Architect opens Raw with a Universal title ultimatum! Will Corbin get anyone to line up for the job now that Rollins is ready to burn them down?


The Miz is here!

The Hollywood A-Lister has his shot at a Stomping Grounds match, but he wants to “check” on Elias real quick. Skull-Crushing Finale for the Drifter! Bobby Lashley comes out next, to SPEAR Elias! The Rocky Mountain Machine isn’t going to be shown up by Miz, it seems. Then Cesaro appears to take Elias for a swing! He goes around and around and around, for just under 10! After Cesaro is the One and Only, Ricochet! Elias sits up, only to get Ricochet’s Code Breaker! But then BRAUN appears! And yes, he finishes Elias off with a MONSTER SLAM! And with that, their massive match is up next!


WWE United States Championship #1 Contender’s Fatal 5 Way ELIMINATION Match: The Miz VS Braun Strowman VS Ricochet VS Bobby Lashley VS Cesaro!

After Miz TV became an open forum on last week’s Raw, it is clear Samoa Joe has a long and star-studded list to contend with. They all got to show what they can do to Elias, but what will they do to each other in order to meet the Samoan Submission Machine at Stomping Grounds?

Raw returns with the bell, and Strowman SHOTGUN dropkicks Lashley and Cesaro! Miz and Ricochet go after Strowman but get shoved away. Strowman grabs Cesaro and Lashley to shove them out! Miz hops on for a sleeper hold then Ricochet runs in, only to get run over! Strowman throws Miz off to then throw him across the ring! Lashley returns but gets blasted back out. Cesaro throws a European Uppercut, and manages a torture rack lift! Cesaro slams Strowman to the mat! But he won’t stop there, the Swiss Cyborg wants the Neutralizer! But Strowman back drops out of it! Cesaro lands on his feet to springboard, but gets caught! MONSTER SLAM! But Strowman can’t cover, and Lashley runs in, only to get a MONSTER SLAM onto Cesaro! Cover, Strowman ELIMINATES Cesaro!

Samoa Joe watches from ringside and is impressed, slightly. Ricochet springboards in and Strowman catches him! To ram him into a corner! Then throw him across the way! Miz returns but gets a BOOT! Lashley slips back in, and catches Strowman to a complete shot. Now Lashley tries his strength in snap suplexing Strowman! Lashley hits Miz out of the ring then does the same to Ricochet. But Strowman is up and ready, scoops and SLAMS Lashley! Cover, Strowman ELIMINATES Lashley!! That’s two men who #GotTheseHands! But then Strowman sees the other two on the outside, and he runs Miz over! Strowman keeps going and BLASTS Ricochet off his feet! He keeps going, to blast Miz again! The Monster roars, then puts Miz in the ring.

Miz makes it to a corner, and Strowman runs in for a monster splash. Strowman keeps going, for a second! He scoops Miz but Lashley returns to SPEAR Strowman! There are no disqualifications, so he AND Cesaro return! Cesaro lifts Strowman for a Neutralizer!! Ricochet doesn’t complain as he gives Strowman the 630 senton! Cover, and it’s a TRIPLE cover! They ELIMINATE Strowman!! The Swiss Cyborg and the All Mighty get even with the Monster Among Men, and Joe just laughs. Strowman glares as he grabs Ricochet to THROW at Lashley! Strowman then drags Lashley up to throw him into barriers! The Monster turns his attention to Cesaro and BLASTS him on stage! Cesaro hits LED walls! But Miz and Ricochet are still in this match. Who makes it back up while we go to break?

Raw returns as Ricochet gets Miz with running headscissors! Miz ends up in a corner and Ricochet runs in, but is put on the apron. Miz slides out and trips Ricochet up! Then Miz goes back in, builds speed but misses the wrecking ball dropkick as Ricochet gets in. Ricochet runs and FLIES, wiping himself and Miz out! Joe is mildly impressed as Ricochet gets Miz back inside. Ricochet climbs a corner but has to land on his feet when Miz moves. Miz runs into boots, and Ricochet slips to the outside. Ricochet bumps Miz off buckles then kicks him away. Ricochet springboards, but into a full nelson! Miz wants but is denied the Finale with a wheelbarrow roll-up! TWO, and Miz kicks low to DDT Ricochet down hard! Cover, TWO!

Miz keeps his cool as he goes after Ricochet with It Kicks! He kicks and kicks and kicks, then powers up the buzzsaw. Ricochet ducks but gets another kick. Miz runs into Ricochet’s dropkick-flip, but still ducks the enziguri! Miz knees Ricochet in the leg, but Ricochet rolls him up out of the Figure Four! TWO, and Ricochet hobbles away. Ricochet still enziguris Miz away in the corner. He somersaults, but into the takedown, Figure Four Leglock is on!! Fans rally both ways as Miz puts on the leverage. Ricochet avoids a cover, and works to turn this over. Miz fights him back, keeping the hold from reversing. Ricochet keeps trying, and gets the full turn! Miz endures now, and powers through to put it back on Ricochet! Ricochet gets the ropebreak!

Miz lets go while Joe watches intensely. Miz slowly stands and hobbles over to Ricochet. He drags Ricochet but Ricochet holds ropes. Miz stomps the legs, tries again, but cradle counter! TWO, and Ricochet dumps Miz to the apron. Ricochet can barely run, and Miz springboards, into a CODE BREAKER! Ricochet wills himself to climb up top on one leg! He aims, 630 hits!! Cover, Ricochet wins!!

Winner: Ricochet, by pinfall; NEW #1 Contender to the WWE United States Championship

Samoa Joe keeps a poker face on, but then attacks Ricochet! The Destroyer shows Ricochet no mercy as he shoves him to the ropes. Joe runs but Ricochet dumps him out! And Ricochet manages to FLY again! The King of Flight shows the crusher of dreams what he’s capable of! Will he get to show Joe even more at Stomping Grounds?


The Raw Women’s Champion, Becky Lynch, is here!

Stomping Grounds is Sunday, but The Man doesn’t want to wait until then to call out her contender. LA is happy to see Becky as she speaks. “The Man has come around, but now, Lacey Evans, get out here right now.” Week after week, Becky has to see that “dopey head drone on,” but for once, she has to agree with Lacey. The next time they’re within striking distance, Becky will give Lacey what she deserves. Lacey talks about doing whatever it takes to get ahead. Well how about Becky do everyone a favor and kick Lacey’s but all over LA? The Sassy Southern Belle finally appears!

“Lord, would you look at that.” Nobody cares about Becky’s opinion. Becky is mad because she doesn’t understand Lacey. Well Becky understands Lacey likes to talk as slow as humanly possible compared to getting whooped again. Lacey is a tall drink of water and a classy hat, but deep down she’s tough as nails and has been through things that not even The Man could comprehend. Or is this where Lacey tries to pluck on our heartstrings? Well this is Hollywood, so give us an act. Lacey would love a movie about herself. Lacey is not just a lady, she is a real United States Marine. Boot camp by morning and cotillian by night, all with dignity and grace. It’s what the Women’s Division deserves.

Becky knows the story, which is why it’s so hard to see why Lacey does this. Why does Lacey attack cowardly? Becky respects who Lacey was, but who Lacey is now is just trash. Well it’s what all of WWE needs. They need a legitimate, confident and classy lady to set an example. Not a “nasty” like Becky. Becky can be beat. She’s down to one belt, but- Becky grabs Lacey for a Becksloder! Becky holds her belt high, but will she be able to knock Lacey off her high horse once and for all?


The Revival visit Shane’s VIP Lounge!

The Best in the World and Scottish Terminator welcome the Raw Tag Team Champions and offer them a drink. They’re all still celebrating their recent triumphs, but will the party last past Stomping Grounds?


Backstage interview with Baron Corbin.

The Lone Wolf knows Elias is now out as guest ref after what Rollins, and all those other superstars, did to him. How much is Corbin scrambling to find a replacement? He’s not scrambling at all. What happened happened, but Corbin has a lot of great choices left. He has someone in mind, and he’ll reveal them on a special edition of the Kevin & Sami Show. But then Rollins finds and SMACKS Corbin! Rollins would offer Corbin a seat, but he has work to do. Will the Lone Wolf lose his confidence with Rollins and that steel chair still roaming the halls?


The Planet’s Tag Team Champions appear on Raw!

The Wild Card Rule brings the SmackDown Tag Team Champions, Daniel Bryan and Rowan, over, and Bryan knows why. “Because this place sucks.” Bryan means both Raw and Los Angeles.  Everyone knows that LA is the smog capital of America, and is filled with ignorant and impotent people! But Rowan & Bryan will lift you up out of the smog and educate you, as well as excite you! Tonight, Bryan will do that by destroying Universal Champion, Seth Rollins. He will prove that even one half of the Planet’s Tag Team Champions is better than all of Raw, showing the Raw Tag Team Division that SmackDown has the best team in history! Prepare to be excited! But wait! Here’s something truly exciting: the return of the Viking Raiders!


The Viking Raiders VS ???

Erik and Ivar are back and ready to continue where they left off! Will they continue on their warpath at the expense of Russ and Randy Taylor?

The bell rings and Erik gives shotgun knees to Russ! Then he drags Randy in to throw him overhead! Tag to Ivar and the Raiders give Randy the springboard lariat German Suplex combo! Then they feed Russ to THOR’S HAMMER! Cover, the Viking Raiders win!

Winners: The Viking Raiders, Ivar pinning

Russ and Randy just went through a #VikingExperience they’ll never forget! But will the war spread from Raw to SmackDown thanks to the Wild Card Rule?


Who is that in the crowd?

It’s R-Truth and Carmella in disguise!! Well they have to keep the WWE 24/7 Champion safe. But too late! Everyone from Robert Roode to No Way Jose to Cedric Alexander are after him! They go under the ring, but they LED boards prevent anyone from getting through. So the only side left to them is opposite hard camera! The horde of contenders drags someone out from under the ring! It’s… Titus O’Neil!? Was he waiting for Truth under there? Carmella and Truth run out the other side! The chase is on, #RunTruthRun!


Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn go over things with Baron Corbin.

The music hits, and it’s time for their talk show! What will these two have to ask Corbin after the break?


Heath Slater visits Shane in the VIP section.

He was hoping to talk with the Best in the World about something, but they’re in the middle of having a meal. Slater didn’t mean to interrupt, but he just figured, since #IGotKids is real, and the kids are getting older, money is tight. Can he get a raise or something? That takes a lot of balls to come in here and ask for stuff. Shane has kids, too. But he also has a lot of money. The answer is no. But, Slater can walk out on his won. This is a private party. McIntyre will take care of things.

Slater gets on the phone with the family, but McIntyre comes by to talk with Slater. He apologizes. It hurts to see Slater like this. McIntyre will do something for his old pal. Slater doesn’t want a handout, but McIntyre insists. He brings out his wallet, but drops it on the ground. Slater bends down to get it for him, but McIntyre attacks! The Scottish Terminator doesn’t care about 3MB as he slams Slater into the cases over and over! The Revival get McIntyre off him, because McIntyre needs to save his aggression for Roman Reigns on Sunday. Also Scott Dawson pockets some of McIntyre’s cash. McIntyre calms down, the Revival pick up the rest of McIntyre’s money, and they leave Slater down and out in the hall. What will become of the One Man Band now?


Raw returns to the Kevin & Sami Show!

This is a special night because the show returns at all! Kevin apologizes Sami for the lack of new graphics. “Thanks a lot, Bob!!” Bob’s incompetence aside, they introduce the former acting GM of Raw, the multiple time Golden Gloves boxing champion, the former WWE United States Champion, former Mr. MITB, and the man who retired Kurt Angle at Wrestlemania, “LA’s Favorite’s Son,” Baron Corbin! LA boos Corbin as he joins Kevin and Sami in the ring. The first thing Sami says to Corbin is that this is a safe space. This is a safe work environment, which is more than Sami can say about the WWE as a whole!

Just look at what Rollins did to Elias, and then to Sami when Sami was a referee! There have been zero repercussions, so sadly, Sami must step down as a possible referee candidate. Kevin does so, too, in solidarity with Sami. But these two felt there are still plenty of great choices, so please, Corbin, who did you choose? Corbin had a line outside the locker room! But here is a man who can certainly count 1 2 3. Drum roll please, for… EC3! The Top One Percent is now the Top One Official! But then Rollins SMACKS EC3, too! The Architect shows no mercy as he keeps his promise to the roster! Corbin can’t believe this! Is Rollins going to keep doing this? He’s taking an opportunity for an up-and-coming superstar? Well, back to square one.

Awwwww~ LA~! Don’t you dare be sour, clap for your WWE Champion, and FEEL~, the POWER~! Kevin tries to figure out the math on Wild Cards, but the New Day just help lay EC3 to rest. Sami has the music stop to confront them. They aren’t guests on the Kevin & Sami Show. And they’re not supposed to be here per Wild Card Rule rules! Please go away. Well first, the WWE Champion gets to go where he wants, when he wants! And then he’ll bring his boys because that’s what fans want! Kofi Kingston shouldn’t worry about all that stuff! He should worry about losing his title! If it isn’t Ziggler at Stomping Grounds, it’ll be Kevin the next time! Oh like at Money in the Bank? Wait, nope. He did not do it!

And when it comes to Ziggler, Kofi has him where he wants him: inside a steel cage! No more running, no more sneak attacks, it’ll be a war! And then Kofi will still be our W, W, E, World, Heavy, Weight, CHAMPION~! Corbin figures that referee issues aside, Kevin and Sami can still help Corbin beat the New Day back to SmackDown where they belong! Well is that a challenge? If only they had an official out here to sanction this match. But who? Who who who? Oh, EC3 is still wearing the stripes. The New Day help EC3 up so that he can still fulfill his duties! In a very Weekend at Bernie’s way… So would he mind being an official for this match? “Sure I’d love to! This match is officially a Six Man Tag team match! And that match is gonna be happening… riiiight now~!”

Well then, will the New Day keep rolling now that they’re back at 100%? Or will the Lone Wolf gain some last minute momentum with the help of Sami & Kevin?


AJ Styles is in the trainer’s area.

The Phenomenal One is good to go! But wait, Doctors Anderson and Gallows visit their old buddy real quick. No, wait, no! Guys, c’mon, Styles is fine! He doesn’t need you guys to check up on him. But he was wondering where they’ve been. They all debuted three years ago in Staples Center. They dominated the Usos, and have been cool ever since. Well, they were cool in Japan, too. But they’ve had great matches with all the big names. And arguably the best team on the planet, the Usos. But seriously? Did these two get comfortable? They made money and have great stuff at home, but how about winning? How about being on TV? How about being anywhere?! Time to get serious again. Styles misses the old Gallows & Anderson.

Styles wants serious? Speaking of the Usos, they’re having another match with them. Let’s see who is serious when they beat the best team on the planet, again.


2 out of 3 Falls Six Man Tag: The New Day VS Baron Corbin, Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn!

Raw returns as these teams sort out, and yes, this match has been upgraded! What will it take for a trio not to win once but twice in the same match?!

Woods starts with Sami and they tie up. Sami gets the arm and pulls the fingers. Woods endures as Sami grinds his shoulder. LA rallies for New Day as Woods spins through to wrench Sami back. Sami slips around and wrenches Woods, but Woods spins and rolls and wrenches Sami! But Sami puts Woods in a corner and throws a big forearm. Sami whips Woods corner to corner but Woods goes up and over. Woods speeds things up and slides to hit a roaring elbow! Cover, ONE! Woods keeps on Sami but Sami pushes him to their corner. Tag to Kevin and the frenemies beat Woods down. Kevin stomps away then says, “This is MY show!” Fans boo as he tags in Corbin, and Corbin stomps Woods now.

Big E runs in but the ref keeps him back. Corbin taunts Big E then drags Woods up for a knee. Corbin mocks the New Day clap then punches Woods back down! He drags Woods up and elbows Woods in the head. He has Woods in a half nelson and grinds him to the mat. Fans rally up and Woods powers up. Corbin back suplexes, Woods lands on his feet and enziguris Corbin down! Both men are down but Kevin tags in. Kevin stomps Woods down and taunts the New Day. Kevin drops a senton, but onto knees! He tags Sami, and Sami drags Woods away. Woods punches Sami but Sami whips Woods away. Woods rolls Sami up, The new Day win the first fall!

New Day – 1; Corbin-Kevin-Sami: 0

A huge advantage for #Kofimania and his team, but will they pull off the sweep after the break?

Raw returns with the second fall, and Corbin stomps away on Big E in the corner. Fans boo and jeer but Corbin soaks it up. Corbin tags Kevin and Kevin stomps Big E now. Kevin rains down rights then drops more stomps. Sami gets cheap shots in behind the ref’s back. Kevin mocks Kofi as he returns, then goes after Big E with a back senton! Cover, TWO! Kevin tags Sami in and they mug Big E. Sami throws down hands fast and furious! LA boos while Sami boasts “That’s how you do it!” Sami goes back to Big E with haymakers, but Big E fights back! Big E throws hands on everyone but Sami punches him back. Sami mule kicks Big E, then runs, but Big E throws him out!

Big E hurries but gets a SUPERKICK from Kevin! Kevin waves mockingly at Kofi before covering, TWO! Kevin grows annoyed and tags in Corbin. Corbin goes to Big E in the corner to whip corner to corner and hard! Corbin grins at The New Day as he drags Big E up. He throws big hands on Big E, then tags to Sami. Corbin holds Big E in the corner for Sami to stomp and punch. Sami tags Kevin and Kevin bumps Big E off buckles. Kevin throws haymakers of his own, then hits Woods just because! Kevin runs at Big E but Big E dodges, sending Kevin into post! The fans rally up but Kevin returns, only to get a belly2belly! Hot tags to Kofi and Corbin! Kofi rallies on Corbin and dropkicks him, to then hit a leap- Corbin throws Kofi into a corner! But gets a swing kick!

Kofi climbs up and leaps, BIG crossbody! Cover, TWO!! But Kofi knocks Corbin down with a Penalty Kick! And then adds on the NEW~ DAY~ Boom Drop! LA fires up with Kofi as he goes to the corner. Kofi takes aim at Corbin, but has to swipe at Sami. Kofi runs into DEEP SIX! Cover, but Woods breaks it up! Big E gets kicks from Sami and Woods gets punches from Kevin. Corbin drags Kofi up, whips him in, but misses in the corner. Corbin slides out, in, but misses Kofi to hit Sami! Kevin gets upset with Corbin, and the two argue. Kevin SUPERKICKS Corbin! Sami and Kevin leave Corbin behind! Kofi gives Corbin some Trouble in Paradise! Cover, the New Day wins!

Winners: The New Day, 2-0

And there’s the sweep! The Lone Wolf can’t get anyone to stick by his side, how is he supposed to have a special guest referee? As for Kofi, will the dream come true continue past Stomping Grounds?


Alexa Bliss finds Nikki Cross backstage.

The Goddess has a gift for her! A new mug! No, not the mug, the thing in the mug. Oh a scroll! “The Goddess invites you to join her tonight in the ring for a Women’s Tag Team title match versus the IIconics.” OMG really? Nikki’s first title match in the WWE! Alexa knew Nikki would be upset that they didn’t just win their way, so Alexa worked her magic to get them this. Plus, with Stomping Grounds, Alexa becomes a SmackDown Women’s Champion that treats the fans right. What does that mean? Just more Bayley drama, no need to worry about that. Tonight is about them becoming tag champions together. Nikki is so excited! Try decaf. But energy levels aside, will the Goddess and the Twisted Sister take those titles off Peyton & Billie?


Paul Heyman returns to Raw!

The Advocate to the Beast introduces himself as he always does, representing Mr. MITB 2019, BROCK, LESNAR. Now forgive Heyman, he’s not that comfortable being on Raw with Rollins smashing people with that steel chair. But again, Heyman is not the threat to Rollins. He makes it very clear to Rollins and the WWE Universe: Heyman is NOT going to be Corbin’s guest referee at Stomping Grounds, nor does he want to be. If Corbin were to offer that position, Heyman would respectfully decline! You’d have to be an idiot to take that job because of the beating from Rollins in your future!

Which is why Heyman thought of something. What do the LA Lakers and Seth Rollins have in common? “They both traded away their balls!” The Lakers gave up Ball so LeBron could have a playmate. Rollins gave up his balls for a steel chair because that’s the only way he’s man enough to fight Brock Lesnar! And to be clear, Brock Lesnar knows how to swing a steel chair, too. So if Rollins is still here, and if Rollins has a match, and against someone like Daniel Bryan, then Rollins is vulnerable. So maybe, just maybe, Lesnar shows up to Raw, too. But then again, maybe not? Heyman wants Rollins to keep guessing that it’s Sunday, or next Monday. Heyamn doesn’t know, the fans don’t know, but most importantly, the future former reigning, defending, undisputed Universal Heavyweight Champion, Seth Freakin’ Rollins doesn’t know.


Baron Corbin talks with Eric Young.

This would be a great opportunity for him to be the referee. EY will consider it, and he wont’ forget Corbin reaching out to him. But then as he turns the corner, he sees Rollins. EY refuses the offer! He did, he really did! He doesn’t look good in stripes, he’s not good at being a ref. Relax, they go back a long way. Rollins knows EY wouldn’t turn on his old pal. But Rollins still SMACKS him down! And again, and again, and again! The Beastslayer has become a mad man, all because of Corbin and Lesnar.


The Usos speak.

“It feels like the Good Brothers, they trying to turn up tonight, Uce!” Those two have something to prove? Well then this is a warning to everyone! Run up, get done up! Raw becomes the Uso Penitentiary up next!


The Usos VS The Good Brothers!

AJ Styles got Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows fired up, wanting his pals to return to old form. Will this be the resurrection of The Club? Or will they fall short as Jimmy & Jey look to #LockDown the whole Raw Tag Team Division?

Raw returns as both teams make their entrance in turn. The teams sort out, and Gallows starts with Jey. They circle and tie up, and Gallows shoves Jey down. Jey gets to a corner but Gallows kicks Jimmy down! Jey uppercuts Gallows then ducks to throw more. Anderson tags in as Gallows uppercuts Jey down! Gallows fireman’s carries and Anderson runs, BOOT O’ DOOM! Cover, TWO!! The Club almost had it, but Anderson keeps on Jey with a rain of rights. Styles watches backstage, cheering his boys on. Anderson clobbers Jimmy on the outside before going back to Jey with a grinding chinlock.

Jey endures and fans build to a rally. Jey gets up and fights out with body shots. Anderson blocks the kick and ducks the dragon whip enziguri, to clobber Jey with a clothesline! Anderson grins as he soaks up the heat. He throws up the Too Sweet and fans join in. Tag to Gallows via Too Sweet, and they drag Jey up again. Gallows suplexes, but Jimmy SUPERKICKS Anderson down! Gallows throws Jimmy out but misses Jey! Jey tags Jimmy then SUPERKICKS! Double SUPERKICKS take Gallows down! Cover, the Usos win!!

Winners: The Usos, Jimmy pinning

Styles is frustrated, but so are Gallows & Anderson. Did their egos cost them against the best team in the WWE today? Can they make their comeback next time?


The Best Posse in the World continues their celebration.

Shane makes sure his boys are okay, and yes, they’re definitely having a good time. But with Roman Reigns waiting at Stomping Grounds, will the good times come to an end?


Roman Reigns returns to Raw!

The Big Dog is again a Wild Card as he walks out to the ring. Stomping Grounds will be the battleground for Roman and Drew McIntyre, and naturally Roman is still in a bad mood from that “loss” to Shane McMahon at Super Showdown. Roman picks up the mic as LA cheers. “What’s going on, LA?” Super Showdown was not a good look for Roman, but he won’t make excuses. Excuses aren’t entertaining. But you know what is entertaining? Roman whooping some ass tonight! So Roman will give Shane the opportunity to prove he is a man by actually going 1v1 with him tonight.

But Shane talks via titantron. There is some business that needs to be taken care of. Mike Rome introduces “The BEST, in the WOOOOOOOOOORLD~,” despite Shane not being ringside. Shane knows Roman is frustrated, but he shouldn’t be. He lost to the Best in the World. There’s no shame in that. The #TopGuys said that was so hot, it was 102 but felt 150. Roman can’t take the heat, Shane’s Mr. Fahrenheit. But when it comes to this open challenge of sorts, it’s gonna be a no. Shane is chilling. Be more concerned with your Stomping Grounds opponent. McIntyre tells Roman to listen. The only reason McIntyre isn’t tearing Roman apart now is because of Shane. But at Stomping Grounds. McIntyre will kick Roman’s ass, take his name, and beat Roman down until it is uncomfortable to watch. And then McIntyre might pin him.

But the night doesn’t end there. It ends when McIntyre disfigures Roman to the point of Roman’s own children screaming in horror when they see him. Roman has had enough of all this talk, he heads to the backstage area! Shane hears word of this, and the posse moves into action! Roman finds and beats down The Revival first! Dawson ends up in the bathroom and Dash gets thrown into a garage door! Roman finds the VIP lounge, where Shane is still standing! Roman uppercuts McIntyre, then throws him into walls! He SPINEBUSTERS McIntyre through the buffet table! Shane crawls away but The Big Dog hunts him down! They end up at ringside again! Shane leaps the barrier in a single bound, but Roman does, too!

Roman rains down rights then throws Shane into barriers! And then rains down more hands! Roman puts Shane in the ring and takes aim from the corner. He locks ‘n’ loads, for a SUPERMAN PUNCH! Down goes Shane! But Roman won’t stop there, he lets out the battle cry! Shane stands, to get a SPEAR!! The Big Dog finally takes a bite out of the Best in the World! Roman takes the mic back to say, “Crawl to the back and tell Drew I’ma whoop his ass Sunday.” Will Roman crush the Celtic Colossus and make Stomping Grounds his Yard?


SmackDown Women’s Champion, Bayley, hangs out with Raw superstars, Naomi and Natalya!

These three share memories of good times from their days together, but then Charly Caruso comes by to interview Bayley. What does she have to say to Alexa’s wild accusations of Bayley being a social media bully? Wait, what? There’s even a post saying Bayley wouldn’t take pictures with fans just because they wore Nikki Cross merchandise. Well that’s obviously Alexa posting it! Bayley will sort this out soon enough.


WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships: The IIconics VS Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross!

Finally, the so-called fighting champions will defend their titles! Peyton Royce & Billie Kay return to Raw to defend the cross-brand belts against the Goddess of Raw and her crazy new compatriot. But will Alexa’s true colors be shown before going for SmackDown gold on Sunday? Or can she keep the wool over Nikki’s eyes long enough to become a Women’s Triple Crown winner?

Raw returns as Billie & Peyton make their entrance. They made it to the city of angels! Tinsel Town! Stars and A-Listers! Which is perfect for them to defend their Women’s Tag Team Championships in! Against…? Alexa & Nikki! Seriously? Were there no other teams available? Well Alexa was a champ, and she’s tagging with Nikki. That’s like LeBron’s career. He was champion with other teams, and then came to LA and lost. Aw, poor LeBron. The only ones here with bright futures are the two with titles. They are the future, and the future is IICONIC! Strike the pose! But then Nikki and Alexa make their entrance, and we begin this long-awaited tag title match!

The introductions are made, the belts are raised, and teams sort out. But wait! Bayley makes her own appearance! She wants to make sure Alexa remembers their match is Sunday. Will Alexa be able to focus? Find out, after the break.

Raw returns again, and Alexa starts with Billie. Billie talks trash to tiny, tiny Alexa, but Alexa SLAPS her! Billie gets mad and throws Alexa down by her hair! But then Alexa yanks her into buckles and stomps away! Alexa shouts at the ref for counting, then SLAPS Billie again! Alexa scares Peyton off but Billie gets a sneak attack in. Tag to Peyton, and the IIconics wring, kick and kick Alexa down. IICONIC pose. Bayley looks aggravated by them. Alexa rolls Peyton, TWO! Tag to Nikki, and she throws Peyton around with arm-drags! She Oklahoma Rolls Peyton, TWO! Jawbreaker! Peyton staggers and Nikki dropkicks her down! Nikki climbs up top and leaps, but her crossbody flops! Tag to Billie, and she covers Nikki fast, TWO!

Billie argues with the ref then goes after Nikki at the ropes. She stomps Nikki then clubs her to the IIconic corner. Tag to Peyton and they mug Nikki. Peyton knocks Nikki down then hooks on a half nelson and chinbar. Fans rally for Nikki, which Bayley is all for. Nikki fights up but Peyton throws her down. Cover, TWO! Peyton is furious now, and she drags Nikki over to tag Billie. The IIconics mug Nikki more, and Billie grinds her boot into Nikki. The IIconics say Nikki is nothing, but she fights out! Nikki clubs away on Billie, then headbutts and whips. Billie holds ropes and kicks back, then clobbers Nikki with a forearm. Billie pushes Alexa off the apron, and Bayley confronts Alexa on the social media lies. Alexa shoves Bayley down!

Meanwhile, Nikki clobbers Billie down! Nikki hits Peyton but Billie rolls Nikki! Bayley goes after Alexa! The IIconics win!!

Winners: The IIconics, by pinfall; still WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions

Bayley just cost Alexa and her “friend,” which only helps Alexa’s narrative seem more believable to Nikki. But lies aside, will Alexa truly be the first Raw superstar to hold the SmackDown Women’s Championship?


Alexa and Nikki regroup backstage.

Alexa apologizes, and asks if Nikki’s okay. If only Bayley didn’t interfere, there’d be new women’s tag team champions tonight. Nikki sees Bayley’s true colors! Bayely crushed Nikki’s dreams. But Nikki wants Alexa to do that to Bayley. Nikki will be in Alexa’s corner! Is this all according to plan?


Raw presents a new episode of Firefly Fun House!

Well hey, there! Bray Wyatt is just gardening. Our minds are a lot like gardens. All anyone needs is some water, some sun, and then your ideas will grow! But some ideas are full of worms. Those are no good! There will be people who lie to you. Like people saying the Earth is round. Or that dinosaurs are extinct! What do any of them know? But Brya knows what it’s like to be different. That’s why he built this place! So that we could all be together forever! Him, Mercy, Abby, the again repaired Ramblin’ Rabbit, Ham, Devil Vince. Join them where the fun never has to end. Yes, join us. JOIN US!! “People worship what they fear. Fear is power. Follow the leader.” And do the muscle man dance! REMIX!

The Fiend?! He’s back!? “FOLLOW THE LEADER!!” And let him in.


Backstage interview with Daniel Bryan.

He vowed to destroy Seth Rollins, but Rollins has been destroying a lot of other superstars. What will he do about the super aggressive Architect/ Bryan has a question for them: why has no one taken that chair from Rollins? Is it because management likes seeing Rollins on a rampage? But in the end, Rollins is NOT a better wrestler than Bryan! The Beastslayer has been a badass with the chair, but he has never done and never will do is beat Daniel Bryan! Will the SmackDown Tag Team Champion defeat Raw’s top champion here tonight?



Let us know what you think on social media @theCHAIRSHOTcom and always remember to use the hashtag #UseYourHead!
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AAA’s Review & Results 6/16/2019

Joe brings us AAA updates! Big matches! The Young Bucks defend the Tag Titles!



Joe brings us AAA updates! Big matches! The Young Bucks defend the Tag Titles!

Live on Twitch 6/15

Keyra and Hijo Del Tirantes vs Mamba and Maximo

This match wasn’t even remotely advertised. Well a cookie sheet gets introduced really quickly by Tirantes. After getting beat on some Maximo hits a dive through the middle rope. Nothing really happens for a few minutes. This is a really slow paced match. Mamba hits a power bomb on Keyra, reversing her hurricanrana. Tirantes tries to pretend he was fouled. Ref ain’t having it. Tirantes argues with the ref, Maximo kisses him and then rolls him up for the win. Maximo pins Tirantes with a roll up

Winners: Mamba and Maximo

Dr. Wagner comes out for a promo talking about Silver King. Rey Escorpion comes out saying he doesn’t care. Wagner pushes Rey and folks come out to beat him up but Pagano helps Wagner out.

Taya Valkyrie, Lady Shani, and Scarlett Bordeaux vs La Hiedra, Chik Tormenta, and Tessa Blanchard

Match starts out much quicker than the first thankfully. An array of trading moves. We get some normal back and forth action before it becomes a brawl again. Taya gets hit with a super kick, stunner, then a german suplex. Scarlett does a canadian destroyer on Tessa. Boy has that move been bastardized. Scarlett power bombs Tormenta but the pin gets broken up. Shani has a flurry on Hiedra and Tormenta and Scarlett hits a dive off of the top to the outside. Daga comes down and super kicks Taya and Tessa hook DDTs her for the win. Tessa pins Taya with a hook DDT

Winners: La Hiedra, Chik Tormenta, and Tessa Blanchard

Myzteziz Jr vs Puma King vs Sammy Guevara

A make shift triple threat match. Puma and Myzteziz tried to work on Sammy to start. This match is going at a crazy pace. Myzteziz hits a tornillo splash. Guevara hits one of his own. Myzteziz messes up a hurricanrana spot with Puma. There’s some double team offense with Sammy and Puma. Puma hits an over the top rope dive. Puma counters Myzteziz on the top rope for a power bomb. Sammy comes and hits a shooting star press during the pin to break it up and pin Myzteziz. Sammy Guevara pins Myzteziz Jr with a shooting star press.

Killer Kross comes out. Kross kills Puma King with a kick. He hits a modified F5 on Myzteziz

Winner: Sammy Guevera

Daga vs Laredo Kid

There is a feel out process and then each postures to the crowd. They have some back and forth pinning exchanges and then Daga starts to work him over. Laredo Kid hits a middle rope dive but it hurts him more. Daga takes advantage. It’s really a long casual back and forth. Tessa interferes when Laredo Kid has Daga beat. Laredo Kid goes for a top rope move and Daga low blows him and then double stomps the back of his head for the victory. There was a lot of posturing in this match. They try to remove Laredo Kid’s mask and Taya comes to make the save. Daga pins Laredo Kid with a double stomp to the back of the head.

Winner: Daga

La Parka, Aerostar, and Hijo del Vikingo vs Chessman, Australian Suicide, and Monster Clown

The rudos quickly beat up on the tecnicos. This is pretty much a hardcore match. A trashcan gets introduced fairly early. Chessman brings a chair in. Vikingo uses his agility to gain the advantage on Chessman. Aerostar hits a tornillo splash and then makes Chessman miss an attack and hit Monster Clown. Aerostar climbs a structure which is legit like 25 feet off of the ground. Aerostar cannon balls off of it. What the hell. Suicide hits a piledriver on Vikingo for a close count. They go to the top rope and over rotate on a spanish fly. Vikingo gets crotched and dropped by Suicide. Suicide goes for a sideways shooting star but Vikingo gets the knees up. Vikingo hits an imploder 450 for the win. Hijo del Vikingo pins Australian Suicide with an imploder 450.

Winners: La Parka, Aerostar, and Hijo del Vikingo

Dr. Wagner Jr, Psycho Clown, and Pagano vs Rey Escorpion, Taurus, and Killer Kross

Scarlett was a baby face earlier in the night and now she’s heel because she’s with Kevin Kross. They all start brawling on the outside. Dr. Wagner clearly has hair extensions in. It’s hilarious. This is really like 5 on 3 with Scarlett and Hiedra out there. We got cookie sheets and other weapons. Psycho Clown gets his trusty broomstick. Kross is selling on the outside and Scarlett is shielding him. Clown gets his strap and hits everyone with it. Wagner and Escorpion go at it. Kross goes to the top and hits a sloppy frog splash. He goes up to the top again but Puma King comes out and head scissors him. He drops kicks a chair into him then hits a plauncha. Pagano then hits a dive through the middle rope. Wagner hits a flip dive off of the apron on Taurus. Clown gets Rey in a pinning combo and Hiedra stops it. Clown makes Rey attack Hiedra and then Rey takes his mask off for the DQ. Escorpion attacks the ref with a cookie sheet. The rudos stand tall at the end. Which is usual for AAA. Psycho Clown wins via mask removal

Winners: Dr. Wagner Jr, Psycho Clown, and Pagano

Live on Twitch 6/16 Verano de Escandalo

(Reina de Reinas) Keyra vs Lady Shani (Champ) vs Chik Tormenta

Just as the match was gonna start AAA has technical difficulties. Never change AAA. We finally come back to Keyra having Shani in a pinning combo. They apologize for the technical difficulties. Hey don’t apologize to us, you guys probably have a lot of casual viewers for this show. Lol. Keyra hits a nice hurricanrana and split leg moonsault on Shani. She hits a face buster on Tormenta but Shani breaks up the pin. Tormenta does a running death valley on Keyra into Shani. We are a little sloppy in this match but it’s okay, they’re working hard. Shani does a back stabber on Keyra on the apron. I think that hurts Shani more. Tormenta kicks her and does a knee dive off of the apron. Back in the room they do a tower of doom spot. Keyra kicks out of the power bomb by Shani. Shani hits a northern lights suplex on Keyra but she kicks out. Keyra rolls out of a victory roll and stomps on Shani and then pins her. Interesting finish. Keyra pins Shani with a double stomp into a pinning combo.

Winner: Keyra

The Young Bucks come out for a promo. Fenix comes out with that belt he’ll never defend. Pentagon alerts us Los Lucha Bros have 0 fear. Konnan comes out in a D Wade Jersey and a chair. Looking in the best shape he’s looked in years probably. So basically Lucha Bros turned on Konnan so he brings the Bucks in. Konnan slaps Pentagon and the Bucks come running out. The beat down is on. Definitely got better heat this time than last time they were here. Now the crowd knows to boo them later.

Faby Apache vs Hijo del Tirantes

Time to follow up that segment with this match. Tirantes beats up on Faby to start. Tormenta is at ring side with Tirantes so it’s basically a handicap match. Tirantes smashes Faby with a cookie sheet. Faby dodges the attacks finally and gets the cookie sheet and hits Tirantes and Tormenta. They keep starting up someone’s theme by accident I presume. Sounds like Scarlett’s. Faby is now beating down Tirantes. Crowd’s going crazy for this. I imagine the casual viewers on twitch aren’t. Faby gets a conveniently placed trash can and lid. She goes to put Tirantes in a surfboard stretch but Tormenta comes from behind. Faby hits a face buster on her. Tirantes hits one on her and nearly kills her but she kicks out. Tormenta throws a trash can to Tirantes. Faby drop kicks it and pins him. Faby Apache pins Tirantes with a top rope drop kick into a trash can.

Post match he goes to shake her hand but he beats her down with Tormenta.

Winner: Faby Apache

Maximo and Mamba vs Sammy Guevara and Australian Suicide

Sammy gets on commentary during the Exoticos entrance to tell everyone to check out his youtube page. There’s a ridiculous amount of posturing to start this match. Mamba slaps Sammy and drop kicks him out. And that’s like all that’s happened for 5 minutes. Maximo knocks them out of the ring, and then Mamba comes in to go for dives but Suicide and Guevara enter and super kick them. Sammy and Suicide pretty much just beat them down. They miss spots and Maximo and Mamba kiss them then make them kiss each other. Then they hit middle rope dives. Back in the ring they both hit swanton bombs that get kicked out of. Suicide and Guevara get Maximo and Mamba to the outside. Suicide hits a back flip dive and Guevara hits a tornillo. Guevara hits a swanton bomb. Suicide hits a 450 then hits a middle rope dive on Maximo. Guevara then hits a shooting star press for the win. Sammy Guevara pins Mamba with a shooting star press

Winners: Sammy Guevara and Australian Suicide

Laredo Kid and Taya Valkyrie vs Daga and Tessa Blanchard

Taya and Tessa start fighting to start. Laredo Kid hits a hurricanrana on Daga and Taya kicks Tessa to the outside. They go for dives but Tessa and Daga get back in. Tessa is clearly jawing at someone in the crowd. Tessa spent time working on Taya. Taya gets the hot tag to Laredo and he hits a michinoku driver on Laredo followed by two moonsaults. Daga catches him and hits a neck breaker. Tessa hits a cutter on Laredo. Taya attacks her. She hits her of of the apron and Daga catches her. Taya hits a dive onto them, then Laredo Kid hits a moonsault to the outside. Back in the ring Daga hits a kicking combo on Taya. Daga hits a back stabber but Laredo breaks up the pin. Laredo hits a 450 on Daga but Tessa breaks it up. Daga pulls out brass knuckles and goes to punch Laredo but he ducks and Daga hits Tessa. They go to the top and fight and Laredo Kid hits a Laredo Fly on Daga for the win. Laredo Kid pins Daga with a Laredo Fly

Winners: Laredo Kid and Taya

Pagano, Aerostar, and Puma King vs Chessman, Monster Clown, and Killer Kross

Kross coming out with Scarlett. Monster Clown grabs a kid out of the crowd because why not. We are wasting no time and it’s time for some brawling. They’re beating down the tecnicos with weapons. Scarlett is getting involved so it’s like a 4 on 3. Pagano tries a handspring attack and it goes very bad. Kross choke slams him. Scarlett seduces Aerostar then hits a Canadian Destroyer. Aerostar gets launched and hits a hurricanrana on Monster Clown. Scarlett hits Kross by accident. Aerostar hits a fast paced dive on Monster. Pagano hits a middle rope dive on Chessman. Puma hits one on Kross. Dives everywhere. Pagano completely misses a leg drop on Chessman. Pagano completely fucks up a middle rope dive by bouncing off the ropes. Aerostar climbs the structure and dives off of it. And he bounces off the floor. What’s wrong him. A ladder gets set up and Puma power bombs Chessman through it for the win. Puma King power bombs Chessman through a ladder for the pin.

Kross beats up Puma post match. He hits an F5 and a power bomb and takes Puma’s mask.

Winners: Pagano, Aerostar, and Puma King

La Parka, Myzteziz Jr, and Hijo del Vikingo vs Texano Jr, Rey Escorpion, and La Hiedra

Match starts with a beat down. Naturally. Rudos beating down tecnicos. They throw Vikingo with a rope by the balls and then Hiedra drop kicks him. Hugo asks if that’s a foul as La Parka comes in with a chair. Myzteziz almost breaks him neck on a failed shooting star attempt. Vikingo shows him how to do it. Back in the ring Myzteziz does a few spots redeeming himself. Vikingo gets offense in on Escorpion. Tries a springboard dragonranna but messes up. Eventually he hits a hurricanrana to the outside. La Parka does a plethora of goofy spots. Myzteziz goes for a dragonranna on Escorpion but he counters with a power bomb through chairs. Vikingo slams Hiedra and hits an imploder 450 for the win. Hijo del Vikingo pins Hiedra with an imploder 450.

They beat down Vikingo post match.

Winners: La Parka, Myzteziz Jr, and Hijo del Vikingo

(AAA Tag team titles) Pentagon Jr and Fenix vs Nick Jackson and Matt Jackson (Champs)

Lucha Bros jump the Bucks. Matt Jackson does 3 northern lights suplexes to Fenix then does one to Fenix and Pentagon at the same time. Matt does a baseball slide and then Nick does a dive over him. Matt unties Pentagon’s mask and then beats him up in the crowd. Back in the ring they hit double super kicks. Pentagon hits sling blades on both Bucks. Fenix does a double cutter. They roll out and Fenix hits a huge dive and goes flying into the crowd while Pentagon hits Matt with the Pentagon driver. Matt hits a Canadian destroyer then a spear and Fenix breaks it up. Lucha bros go for super kicks but the Bucks reverse it into sharptshooters. Lucha bros break out and a ton of super kicks get hit. Nick hits a frog splash on Fenix and Penta runs up his back and hits a Canadian destroyer on Matt. Fenix then hits a stomp on the apron on Nick. Pentagon hits the package piledriver on Matt. He kicks out. Then Fenix and Pentagon do the combo package piledriver. Nick pulls the ref out. Nick does an asai moonsault to the ref and Fenix. Matt pulls off Pentagon’s mask and kicks him in the groin and then they hit a Meltzer driver. Fenix pulls the ref out now. Fenix kicks Matt in the groin and then hits a cutter for a two. A new ref is out here now. They do the combo package piledriver again and Fenix hits a middle rope splash on Nick. Penta pins Matt. Pentagon pins Matt Jackson with a package piledriver combo.

Winners: Pentagon and Fenix

Dr. Wagner Jr and Psycho Clown vs Blue Demon Jr and Taurus

There’s some posturing and now the match is on. Wagner and Demon quickly brawl into the crowd. Actually all 4 of them are brawling. Wagner is bleeding already. Finally after a long beat down Wagner and Psycho make a come back. Wagner back drops Taurus to the outside and Clown hits a dive through the middle turnbuckle. Wagner hits a senton splash on Demon. Wagner rips Demon’s mask and bites him. Clown breaks a broom over Taurus’ back. Blue Demon is bleeding badly now. Taurus sets up a table. Clown hits the double stomp in the corner for a two count. Taurus misses a corner attack and then Clown hits a dive through the middle rope. Wagner back drops Demon onto a table. Wagner then hits a michinoku driver for the win. Dr. Wagner pins Blue Demon with a Michinoku driver

Winners: Pscyho Clown and Dr. Wagner Jr

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