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Elisa Plays Devil’s Advocate: Why Brock Lesnar Should Win At WrestleMania 35

Can you make an argument for Seth to lose at WrestleMania? Check this out…

Elisa Maria decides to play Devil’s Advocate and see why Seth Rollins should being the losing end to Brock Lesnar at WWE WrestleMania 35!

First, before the WWE Universe shoots me for even considering this idea, hear me out. Now whether you like Brock Lesnar or not, him retaining the title at WM 35 might be good for business. I know fans are going to chime in about Lesnar being a part-time champion and how after recent footage revealed his lack of respect for the belt he currently holds, but overall you cannot deny the monumental benefits of having Lesnar as champion yields. Here are my reasons why it would be an ideal conclusion despite my personal feelings involved

I love Seth Rollins, however, Seth winning at WM 35 might not be believable. The fact that he can somehow overcome Brock’s bad guy figure and “slay the beast” could do more hurt to Lesnar than to help Rollins. If you see things from an outside perspective, some may argue Rollins is not the right size to make a win over Brock Lesnar to even remotely look believable. Yes, Brock has put on his best matches with smaller figured guys, however, the lack of interaction and weakness in writing between these two in the past weeks has shown that if Seth were to win, it may start off his reign in a bad way.

Next is ATTENTION, ATTENTION and more ATTENTION. As a part of the WWE Universe, whether you hate him or love him, Lesnar brings a certain kind of mainstream attention. It is impossible to deny that Lesnar’s wrestling background and UFC career, yields a certain level of attention from the media that helps WWE get its product out there. You can even argue and say that Lesnar is one of the only reasons why sports fans know about pro wrestling right now besides the women’s revolution. I know WWE right now might value the mainstream attention more than what the WWE Universe wants it to, but as Vince always said and said it best, you have to do what is best for business. With Lesnar probably going back to UFC, you can argue that Lesnar could open up a WWE and UFC crossover, which could be interesting and open a way to make more money.

Another point to make is Brock Lesnar’s contract is coming to end sometime this year and with the WWE growing concern over the rise of AEW, they are afraid they might lose him.

With this concern, this may mean WWE will do everything they can to keep him and most importantly, please him. And that might mean him retaining the title at WM 35. Keep in mind, WWE already caved to his demands at WrestleMania 32 when they were almost certain they could not get Roman Reigns over as a babyface. They gave Lesnar what he wanted and Vince just might do the same here especially with WWE’s deal with FOX Sports right around the corner, they will probably offer him anything at this point, which could be WWE to play it safe will have him retain the title.

Back to the FOX sports deal, there is a lot of money involved to air their content on a very popular sports network and WWE needs to bring it’s A game. A few reports earlier this deal had FOX sports warning WWE to make their content more edgier and it could mean involving Brock Lesnar into the mix. There are also rumors of Lesnar going to SmackDown. If this rumor were true, then having him lose the title so close to moving to SmackDown live does not make sense and could potentially diminish his star power heading into October. Unfortunately, for the WWE that is not something they can afford to do now, which may mean keeping Brock Lesnar’s momentum up and rolling for as long as they possible could.

Playing devil’s advocate is a hard thing to do as my personal feelings would want Seth Rollins to be champion. I believe the Universal Championship should be treated with more respect than what WWE has been giving it. I believe Seth can restore that and in turn, we can see a champion that is willing to defend the title every week. We can also see other superstars get their chance and develop new rivalries, new bookings, and potential for new creative writing. It is a fresh start, and I believe Seth can provide that. But business is business and on a business end, we must think about the aspects that gives the company appeal and most important, money. It seems that for the WWE Brock Lesnar is it.

Until then, farewell guys.

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