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Joe’s Lucha Libre Weekly: News & Analysis (3/31/19)

Get caught up on your Lucha Libre from this week!



Joe Lucha Libre Report

Joe takes a look back at the week that was in the crazy world of Lucha Libre!


Well CMLL certainly doesn’t have any fun or interesting news like AAA but they’re rolling along basically. It doesn’t seem like CMLL is sending a lot of people to wrestlemania weekend. They’re hardly even promoting Dragon Lee as being apart of the New Japan G1 Super Card. Naito will be at Arena Mexico this Friday.

CMLL Last Friday/Next Friday

Caristico, Volador, and Diamante Azul took on Los Guerrero’s in the main event of this show. It was a standard Friday main event which saw Caristico submitting Ultimo Guerrero with a Fujiwara arm bar. The co-main event is just the rematch of the Dos Leyenda match. Oro and Roja had Titan on their team as they took on Terrible and Bestia with Mr. Niebla. The latter team won this time around. Forastero defeated Cavernario in a lightning match. Which brings us to this Friday. Forastero will challenge Cavernario for his light weight championship. Caristico, Volador, and Valiente will take on Rush, Naito, and El Terrible in the main event. It’s probably a Los Ingobernables showcase.

Arena Puebla

So obviously we had our rematch with the Park family and Los Guerrero’s. Los Guerrero’s won by DQ but the matches that came out of this was setting up Gran Guerrero vs Volador. However, what really happened is the fans wanted to see LA Park and Ultimo Guerrero. They had a chop exchange on the apron that last almost two minutes and the crowd was into each one. We’ll see what CMLL does. They’re very stale as far as taking risks goes.

Arena Mexico Tuesday

This was a fun show according to lucha critics and the significance behind it is the Tuesday show is very dead and lazy. The main event of this show was Volador, Angel de Oro, and Niebla Roja facing Sanson, Cuatrero, and Euforia. This was a really fun match which saw Volador winning with a top rope hurricanrana. The co main event was Atlantis, Soberano, and Stuka facing Mephisto, Ephesto, and Hechicero. Atlantis won the match by hitting a hurricanrana on Mephisto. There was a lightning match between Titan and Flyer. It was a really fun match which saw Titan winning with a pinning combo.


So the big news out of AAA since there was no show last week is that former UFC Heavyweight Champion Cain Valesquez will be wrestling at Triple Mania. We do not know who but it seems like it’s down to Pentagon Jr, Texano, and Psycho Clown. I hope for Psycho Clown because I want to see the MMA community have to cover that. It also tells you that maybe the Bucks and Lucha Bros won’t wrestle at Triple Mania. Which would be fine. Fenix can defend his Mega Championship and maybe the Bucks and…Jericho? Can wrestle those young trios champs, Vikingo, Laredo Kid, and Myzteziz. Okay that’s fantasy booking.

To add on to the big news, AAA has a press conference set for Thursday April 4th at MSG, announcing that they’re going to run MSG in September likely. We have to assume AEW will be apart of this because if they’re looking to draw a big crowd they’ll need some help. New York is obviously a hot bed for their potential target audience being immigrants from Mexico or other Latin American countries. Seeing as I live in New York I should try to go to this press conference but it really depends what time it’ll be. At the risk of sounding unprofessional, I can’t really do anything before noon.

LA Park looks like he’s starting to work AAA house shows again according to this poster I saw online which Park retweeted, so hopefully he will be back soon. They’ll probably need him for AAA. Well, maybe. They have a show on April 5th, which sees, Psycho Clown and Dr. Wagner Jr facing Blue Demon and Rey Escorpion. Pagano and Joe Lider face Texano and Mascara. It’s not a major show.

Here & There

In MLW LA Park will take on Pentagon on Thursday and I might be there. On Friday Park will take on Jimmy Havoc which is an interesting match up. There are other lucha folks appearing in the battle riot but I’m not sure when they’ll all be announced. Rush is going to face Dalton Castle at the MSG show and Dragon Lee and Bandido will take on Taiji Ishimori as well. I might be at the Wrestle Con show on Thursday too. I’ll be at Stardom and MLW Friday, and New Japan Saturday. Unsure if i’ll go to a show earlier that day. But if there’s anything relating to Lucha i’ll have it. I might potentially be late on CMLL and AAA next week. If time is restricted I don’t know if I’ll have a weekly out.

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