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Mitchell’s ROH Results & Report! (2/23/19)

Who joins Jay Lethal in facing Lifeblood with honor?



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Ring of Honor Wrestling Television, Episode 388

LifeBlood wants to restore the honor in Ring of Honor! Who will join Jay Lethal in representing ROH against Juice Robinson and his eclectic crew?



  • Triple Threat: Jenny Rose VS Sumie Sakai VS Madison Rayne; Rayne wins.
  • 10-Man Tag: LifeBlood VS Team Lethal; LifeBlood wins.


Triple Threat: Jenny Rose VS Sumie Sakai VS Madison Rayne!

The American Joshi, the Ray of Sunshine and the Queen Bee clash, all wanting a shot at the Gatekeeper and her Women of Honor World Championship! Who takes a big step towards Kelly Klein and the title?

The Code of Honor is upheld between all three women and the match begins! The three approach, and Sumie kicks Jenny first! Madison blocks Sumie’s kick but not the right hand. Jenny kicks Sumie and whips, but Sumie dodges. Sumie mule kicks Madison then whips Jenny at her, and Jenny runs Madison over with a shoulder. Sumie rushes Jenny and gets her with a back suplex! Madison runs at Sumie, crucifix to sunset flip, TWO! Madison whips again but Sumie reverses. Sumie goes to hip toss but Madison counters with takedown and cover! TWO, and Madison trades forearms with Sumie. Jenny runs in but they both kick her. Sumie and Madison double whip but Jenny breaks the line to double clothesline back!

Fans fire up as Jenny whips Sumie at Madison in the corner. Sumie and Madison end up stacked, and Jenny runs in to sandwich splash them! Jenny Perfect Plexes Sumie! Madison breaks the cover! Madison throws Sumie out and goes after Jenny. Jenny forearms back then forearms Madison against the ropes. Jenny whips Madison and gets her with a sidewalk slam! Cover, TWO! Jenny grows frustrated but she drags Madison up. Madison breaks free, dodges and enziguris Jenny down! Cover, TWO! Madison drags Jenny up in a facelock, but Sumie returns! Sumie dropkicks Madison and makes her DDT Jenny! Sumie covers Jenny, TWO!

The former champ keeps her cool and drags Jenny around. Sumie turns Jenny over for a Boston Crab! But Madison gets Sumie in a sleeper! Sumie lets go of one leg but Jenny’s still in the Half Crab. Jenny endures while Sumie starts to fade. Sumie lets Jenny go so she can arm-drag Madison into an armbar! Madison flails and reaches while the referee checks on Jenny’s leg. The ref misses Madison getting the ropebreak with her foot! Madison shouts, but Jenny comes over to stomp Sumie out. Madison is freed while Jenny drags Sumie up for clubbing forearms. Jenny whips but Sumie reverses to forearm Jenny back. Sumie runs but into Jenny’s German Suplex! But Sumie’s right back up! Jenny clotheslines Sumie down and covers, TWO! Jenny’s fired up but we go to break!

ROH returns as Sumie elbows her way out of Jenny’s hold. Sumie spins and elbows Jenny again, then manages to Fisherman Buster Jenny! Cover, TWO!! Sumie is surprised, but refocuses as she dropkicks Madison out of the ring. Fans fire up with Sumie as she climbs up top. Sumie moonsaults, but flops! She flounders to her feet, Jenny gives her a Code Breaker, to SPEAR! Cover, but Madison returns to break it! Madison goes after Jenny with a wrench to Northern Lights Suplex! Bridging cover, TWO! Madison clutches her own shoulder, but she keeps on Jenny. Ripcord cutter, the Rayne Check! Jenny rolls out but Madison sees Sumie coming, another Rayne Check! Cover, TWO!! Sumie survives and shocks Madison!

Madison takes aim at Sumie and runs in, but into TJ Neckbreaker! All three women are down but fans build to a rally. Madison and Sumie slowly sit up, Sumie dropkicks Madison out of the ring! Fans fire up with Sumie as she aims from the apron. Sumie leaps and missile dropkicks both Madison and Jenny! Sumie fires up more and puts Madison back in. Cover, TWO!! Madison lives and Sumie is surprised. Fans rally as Sumie drags Madison up. Sumie dragon sleepers but Madison drops down. Madison tries to victory roll but Sumie sits on it! TWO, but Sumie spins a back hand, only to end up in Madison’s dragon sleeper! Inverted DDT! Cover, Madison wins!!

Winner: Madison Rayne, by pinfall

The Queen Bee might have a new finisher on her hands after this! Will Madison make an even bigger impact should she face Kelly Klein?


Lifeblood presses the reset button on ROH!

Juice Robinson, David Finlay, Tracy Williams, Mark Haskins, Bandido and Tenille Dashwood look to restore the honor to Ring of Honor together, and Jay Lethal loves to hear that. The ROH World Heavyweight Champion knows each and every member of this new stable is incredible, and feels it’s what this company needs to get back on track. But Juice knows there are more like-minded wrestlers on the roster, so “it’s time to stop singing it. It’s time to start bringing it.” Juice issued the challenge to Lethal to find four others that agree with their mission of restoring honor, and they can have a 10-Man Tag. Lethal accepted the challenge, but who will step up to join him in tonight’s huge main event?


Tenille Dashwood joins commentary!

The leading lady of Lifeblood wants to show her support by joining Ian Riccaboni, Colt Cabana and Caprice Coleman on watching and calling her new team’s in-ring debut as a team.

10-Man Tag: LifeBlood VS Team Lethal!

FinJuice, Hot Sauce, The Outlaw from Oxford and The Mexican Bandit have joined forces in the fight to bring honor back to this company! Joining the Franchise Player and ROH World Heavyweight Champion are: The Octopus, Johnathon Gresham; the high-flying Flip Gordon; The Peacock, Dalton Castle, complete with The Boys; and the Hawaiian Hulk and ROH World Television Champion, Jeff Cobb! This match is stacked with stars, and begins after the break!

ROH returns as teams sort out, and it is the team leaders of Lethal and Juice starting us off. Juice and Lethal circle and approach as fans cheer for “Honor! Honor!” Lethal and Juice tie up but are evenly matched. Lethal gets a headlock, and holds on as Juice tries to pry his way out. Juice powers out instead, and collides shoulders with Lethal. Neither man falls, so Juice dares Lethal to go again. Lethal does and they collide, but both men stay up. Juice headlocks but Lethal powers out, Juice runs Lethal over! Lethal backs off and composes himself. Lethal shows respect with a quick handshake with Juice. Castle shouts, “I like what I see, and I wanna show you some of MY honor, baby!” Fans want to see that, too! Lethal and Juice seem intrigued, so Lethal tags in Castle.

Castle and Juice circle, but fans call for Bandido. Juice says, “Uno momento”, because he still wants to face Castle. But Castle says he has a thirst. The only thing that can quench that thirst- Juice rolls Castle up! TWO, and Castle’s up quick. Juice and Castle circle and go again, showing their collegiate wrestling skills. Castle gets a leg but Juice gets a waistlock. Juice puts Castle in a corner but backs off at 4. Juice swings on Castle but Castle ducks. Castle clotheslines back, only for Juice to duck. Juice clotheslines, Castle ducks, Castle clotheslines, Juice ducks, repeat! Fans fire up as they keep going, but Castle gets clear to ax handle. Juice dodges and leg lariats, but Castle dodges, to POSE! Fans fire up for the Peacock, but Juice copies. Juice leans back even farther, and that helps him dodge Castle again. Juice throws jabs on Castle!

Fans chant along, “Juice! Juice!” with each jab. Juice goes for the Left Hand of God, but Castle covers up. Castle then slips away, and the Boys fan him off. Castle comes back, and Juice tags out to Tracy Williams! The Octopus wants the Hot Sauce, so Castle tags in Gresham! These two meet again as they circle and tie up. Williams gets a waistlock and then cobra clutch, and swings Gresham out to wrench and snapmare. Williams laces the arms around for a stretch, but Gresham slips out and rolls. Gresham wrenches and headlocks to a takedown. Williams headscissors but Gresham pops out, and the two stand off. Fans applaud the exchange, even as they go around again. Gresham gets a headlock, spins Williams around, and fakes Williams out with both hands to get the takedown.

Things speed up and Williams catches Gresham’s hurdle to a roll-up! TWO, but Williams turns Gresham over to a headlock. Gresham slips out the back to another headlock takedown, but Williams again headscissors. Gresham pops out again, and then another headlock takeover to headscissors! Williams turns it around but Gresham also headscissors. Williams pops out but Gresham has an arm to reel him back in! Fans applaud as The Octopus traps Williams. Williams works up and around to a headstand, and claps along with his feet before he pops out. Williams offers Gresham a hand, and Gresham takes it. These two titans of technique stare down but still show respect while we go to break.

ROH returns again and now Finlay and Lethal are in. Finlay has Lethal in a headlock, but Lethal endures the grind. Lethal powers out but Finlay goes up and over. Finlay blocks the hip toss but Lethal ducks the clothesline. Things speed up, Lethal gets the hip toss and cartwheels. Finlay’s up fast, and ducks the enziguri! Lethal dodges the elbow drop but so does Finlay. Finlay dropkicks Lethal down! Fans fire up as Finlay waits for Lethal. Lethal nods, he gives that one to Finlay. Fans fire up as Mark Haskins tags in! Haskins and Lethal meet again as they circle around. But fans call for Cobb, and Haskins wants Cobb, too! Lethal figures why not, and tags in Cobb! Cobb and Haskins circle now, and fans sing “Cobb is gonna kill~ you!”

Haskins and Cobb tie up, and Cobb barely budges back. Cobb shoves Haskins but Haskins is back. Cobb shoves him again, and Haskins fires up. Haskins and Cobb tie up again, and Haskins gets the headlock. But Cobb powers Haskins up and off to run him over. Haskins kips up and kicks at the leg. Haskins ducks the punch to kick more, but Cobb blocks a kick to pop Haskins up! Cobb wants a bomb but Haskins fights out to sunset flip. Cobb yanks Haskins right up! Haskins kicks Cobb in the chest again and again, but Cobb fires up! Cobb eggs Haskins on, so Haksins JABS! Haskins runs, wheelbarrows, but Cobb blocks with power! Cobb waistlocks and German Suplexes, but Haskins lands on his feet! Haskins runs but Cobb ducks the Penalty Kick! Cobb KIPS UP! Fans are thunderous for both men, but it’s time to finally see Bandido!

Haskins tags Bandido in, and Cobb lets the hair down. But fans want the other flyer as they chant for “Flip! Flip!” Fans get what they want, Cobb tags Flip in! Flip and Bandido circle as the fans duel. The other eight men hop down to drum on the apron, they’re as fired up as the fans to see this! Bandido and Flip shake hands and bow to show respect, and then things speed up! Flip and Bandido show off their agility with all sorts of handsprings and, well, flips. Bandido dodges a clothesline to headscissor, but Flip handsprings through! Flip runs again and returns the headscissors, but Bandido handsprings through! Fans reach a fever pitch as they go again!

Flip jumps over a sweep but Bandido rolls him up. Flip rolls through but double dropkicks cancel out! They double handspring and stare down, fans continue to cheer as loud as they can. Even their teammates applaud these two! Fans chant “ROH! ROH!” while Flip and Bandido again shake hands, and we take another break.

ROH returns once again, and now Lethal is in with Bandido. Lethal whips and runs Bandido over, covers, TWO! Lethal drags Bandido over and tags in Castle. Castle splashes onto Bandido, then waistlocks to roll Bandido around. Castle gut wrenches Bandido up and then around the other way for a slam! Bandido crawls but Castle grabs him for an armlock. Castle stretches and rolls Bandido from LifeBlood’s corner, then drags Bandido up into a corner. Bandido elbows out and runs, but Castle gets him with an overhead suplex! Tag to Flip and Flip brings Bandido up. Fans duel as Bandido powers Flip to an open corner. Bandido rams his shoulder in again and again, then rocks Flip with an enziguri!

Flip goes down but Bandido drags him over. Tag to Williams and Williams CHOPS Flip off his feet! Williams Half-Hatches Flip, float over to a cover, but Lethal breaks it! Williams is ready to fight Lethal, but he goes back to Flip for a CHOP! He snap suplexes Flip and tags in Haskins, who goes right for the cover. ONE, but Haskins keeps between Flip and the corner. Haskins thrashes Flip’s arm but Flip forearms back. Flip runs and counters the kitchen sink knee with a roll up, but Haskins gets a LaBell Lock! Flip reaches, but Haskins grabs the arm for Rings of Saturn! Gresham comes in to attack while Flip reaches for ropes! Team Lethal isn’t being very fair and the referee reprimands them for it. Haskins drags Flip over and tags in Juice.

Juice climbs and drops ax handles on Flip’s arm. Juice keeps on Flip with a big back suplex! He drops a big senton, then tags in Finlay. Finla drops his own back senton, and grins as he brings Flip up. Finlay scoop slams Flip hard then tags in Bandido. Bandido aims and hits a slingshot senton! Bandido shimmies with some Latino Heat, then tags in Finlay. Finlay drags Flip up but Flip forearms back. Finlay knees low then runs, but Flip follows to SpringBlade! Both men are down but fans and teams rally up. Flip and Finlay crawl, hot tags to Lethal and Haskins! Both Lethal and Haskins blow up the other’s corner! Then they go after each other, with Lethal rallying with lariats!

Lethal whips Haskins but Haskins goes up and over, only to run into Lethal’s hip toss! Lethal cartwheels and dropkicks! The Franchise Player has his team back in this while we take one last break.

ROH returns once more, and Lethal has Haskins down in the drop zone. Lethal climbs up top, Hail to the King! But Lethal sees Haskins’ boots in time and catches them! Lethal lets out a “WOO~!” before going for the Figure Four! Haskins pushes Lethal into ropes! Juice runs in for a big clothesline! Juice goes corner to corner for another, then runs corner to corner one more time for a cannonball! The Flamboyant One drags Lethal up and out of the corner for a full nelson slam! Flip springboards in for a missile dropkick on Juice! Finlay SPEARS Flip! Castle SlingDogs Finlay down, but Bandido sweeps to a gut wrench powerbomb! Bandido sees Gresham coming and kicks him low. He whips Gresham but Gresham reverses to a stunner and enziguri!

Williams blocks and clobbers Gresham! Cobb reels Williams in for an Athletic Plex! And standing moonsault! Haskins Penalty Kicks Cobb! Fans chant “This is Awesome!” as Cobb bails out and Haskins takes aim. Haskins builds speed to DIVE onto Cobb and Castle! Everyone gathers and brawls, but Flip builds speed. Flip climbs and FLIES! He takes out everyone! But wait, Bandido gets back in! Fans fire up with the luchador as he leaps up and CORKSCREWS! Bandido wipes out everyone, and he drags Lethal back in. Lethal triangle dropkicks Bandido down, but Haskins is on Lethal with a knee. Haskins whips but Lethal reverses, sending Haskins at Gresham. Gresham goes up and over Haskins to combine with Lethal for a victory roll catapult CUTTER! Lethal covers, but FinJuice breaks it!

Everyone is down but fans are loving this! Castle drags Juice out and tags in from Lethal! Castle goes after Haskins with forearms but Haskins hits back. They brawl and pick up speed, but Castle counters with a back elbow. Castle drags Haskins up into the Half Hatch, then runs corner to corner. Haskins boots Castle away then hops up, only to leap into Castle’s arms! Castle pops Haskins up, BANGA- victory roll, Sharpshooter! LifeBlood rushes to keep Team Lethal away! Castle taps, LifeBlood wins!!

Winners: LifeBlood, Mark Haskins by submission

Their first time out as a team, and Juice Robinson’s new stable is victorious! But because this is ROH, the two teams stand in the ring together, and LifeBlood calls for Team Lethal to keep the Code of Honor. Fans chant for “All These Guys!” because they all were amazing tonight. Team Lethal keep their cool, and keep their word. Everyone shakes hands and even celebrate together. Will the revival of honor continue this smoothly?



My Thoughts:

A great episode for nothing more and nothing less than two matches. The WOH Triple Threat was pretty good, and I am rather surprised Madison Rayne won. Not that this match was an actual #1 Contender’s match, but I’d imagine Madison wins to challenge Kelly next. Not that there needs to be a #1 contender when Kelly Klein currently defends her title against everyone she faces. Sumie and Jenny had their shots, now it’s Madison’s turn. But I’m pretty sure Kelly will retain against Madison, too. One, it strengthens Kelly’s reign the more wins she gets. Two, I’m still anticipating Kelly VS Tenille Dashwood to tie back to the “Who attacked Tenille?” story from before Tenille’s surgery and time off. Then and only then will Kelly even come close to losing the title, possibly giving LifeBlood their first championship.

LifeBlood VS Team Lethal was an incredible match. However, I wouldn’t have realized Tenille was on commentary without them saying it before, she barely said a thing. But to be fair, her being out there was secondary compared to the great action. Everyone got to shine, and we got so many great match-ups. I wasn’t sure if this match was going to go as long as it did, but I suppose it’d be too soon for Bully Ray and his crew to attack this many men. LifeBlood VS Bully, Briscoes, Silas and Taylor is still on the horizon, I’m sure of it. LifeBlood winning also feeds into that, so they’ll be a strong team to match Bully and his Heels.

Silas VS Cobb for the ROH World TV Championship is next episode, that should be really great, but I don’t see Silas winning without interference from Bully and the Heels. Perhaps such actions will prompt LifeBlood to confront them as opposed to Bully and them attacking first.

My Score: 8.5/10

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