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Mitchell’s ROH Results & Report! (3/2/19)

The ROH World Television Championship is on the line!



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Ring of Honor Wrestling Television, Episode 389

The ROH World Television Championship is on the line as Silas Young challenges Jeff Cobb! Will the Last Real Man take the title or a Tour of the Islands?



  • ROH World Television Championship: Jeff Cobb VS Silas Young; Cobb wins and retains the ROH World Television Championship.
  • Rush VS Vinnie Marseglia; Rush wins.
  • The “REAL” ROH World Championship Open Challenge: Matt Taven w/ The Kingdom VS ???; Jonathan Gresham wins, by disqualification, Taven “retains” the “REAL” ROH World Championship.


Jeff Cobb speaks.

He “congratulates” Silas Young. The Last Real Man went through worthy competitors to get at the ROH World Television Championship. But if Silas thinks he’ll become a three-time champ off of Cobb, that’s not going to happen. Cobb promises Silas will get a “first-class” Tour of the Islands.


ROH World Television Championship: Jeff Cobb VS Silas Young!

The Hawaiian Juggernaut said his piece, but the Last Real Man is looking to prove him and everyone else wrong. Will Silas become the first-ever three-time World Television Champion? Or will the undefeated Olympian stay undefeated?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we begin! Silas trash talks that he’ll beat Cobb easy and go on to Las Vegas, aka the Anniversary Show. Cobb shrugs that off and ties up with Silas. Cobb pushes Silas to a corner but backs off. He waits for Silas to come back, and they circle. Silas and Cobb tie up and Cobb gets a waistlock. Cobb rolls Silas back and shifts to a facelock. Silas scoots back to get the ropebreak with a foot. Cobb lets go at 3 and he grins as they circle again. They tie up, and Cobb gets a takedown. He goes for the mount but Silas keeps his guard up. Silas pushes away with his legs, but runs into another takedown. Fans applaud while Silas scrambles. Silas gets a ropebreak then bails out of the ring, and we go to break.

ROH returns as Silas offers a handshake? Cobb takes it, because Silas seems genuine. But then Silas throat chops! Silas is genuine in being a cheater! Silas clubs and chops Cobb, but Cobb blocks the whip. Cobb blocks then reverses to run Silas over! Cobb throws forearms and European Uppercuts. He whips Silas and dropkicks him! Cobb even standing moonsaults! Cover, TWO! Silas survives but Cobb keeps his cool. Cobb whips Silas but Silas holds the ropes. Silas uses the ropes as a defense, then kicks Cobb’s bad leg! Cobb runs in but into a stungun, the flapjack hotshot! Silas pursues Cobb on the outside and throws him into the barriers. Silas throws hands as the ring count climbs, and he bounces Cobb off the chair. The count passes 5 but Silas puts Cobb into the post!

Silas finally puts Cobb in, then slingshot stomps him! He stands on Cobb but backs off at 3. Cobb slowly sits up but Silas kicks him in the face. Silas puts Cobb in a corner to ram his shoulder in. Silas taunts Cobb as he gasps for air. Fans rally up as Silas jams Cobb off his knee. Cobb hits back and they start brawling with haymakers. Cobb gets the edge then whips, but Silas fakes out the dropkick! Silas drags Cobb back into a chinlock, and he fish hooks the mouth. The ref counts but Silas stops, to fish hook the other side. Fans rally but Silas clobbers Cobb with a crossface forearm. Silas taunts the fans while he toys with Cobb. Cobb punches back but Silas eggs him on.

Silas ducks to rake the back! But Cobb is just angry! Cobb runs but Silas puts him on the apron. Silas triangle jump clotheslines! Silas dusts off his hands before going back to Cobb. He stomps and punches Cobb to a corner but Cobb grits his teeth. Silas eggs Cobb on then rams in his shoulder again. Silas CHOPS Cobb, then bumps him off buckles. Cobb is literally on the ropes while we go to break.

ROH returns again as Cobb endures a sleeper hold and body scissors. Fans rally up and Cobb fights his way up and out. Cobb throws big forearms but Silas kicks back. Silas whips Cobb to a corner but Cobb dodges. Cobb runs in but misses, and Silas manages a fireman’s carry! Rolling Death Valley to double stomps! Fans have to applaud that showing of strength. Silas covers, TWO! Cobb still lives but Silas keeps his cool. Silas taunts Cobb as fans rally up. Silas brings Cobb up by his ear, but Cobb breaks free to forearm. The brawl is on again with big forearms, and Cobb gets the edge. Cobb backs Silas to a corner then rams his shoulder in. Cobb runs in for a corner clothesline, then runs corner to corner for a big back elbow!

Fans fire up as Cobb scoops and suplexes Silas, but Silas slips out. Silas gives Cobb the backbreaker to clothesline! Cover, TWO! Cobb survives again but his ribs are bothering him. Silas stalks Cobb and drags him up for a full nelson. Cobb breaks free and arm-drags out. Silas kicks the leg then knees stiffly, and manages to lift Cobb for the Anarchist Suplex! Cover, TWO!! Cobb survives again and gets to a corner. Silas keeps his cool, and tells Cobb to just give it up. Silas toys with Cobb in the corner, “You’re supposed to be a champ?!” He tells Cobb to get up, and Cobb does by carrying Silas corner to corner! Cobb rams his shoulder in again and again! Silas tries to escape but Cobb just puts him back in for more shoulders! Cobb pushes and overhead suplexes Silas!

Fans fire up with Cobb as he stalks Silas. The ribs bother Cobb but he keeps going. Cobb scoops Silas, but Silas slips out. Silas goes to kick, but gets reeled into the Athletic Plex! Cobb drags Silas up again, reels him in, but Silas grabs ropes! Silas elbows out but Cobb’s on him again, German Suplex! Cobb holds on and drags Silas up again, for a second German! Cobb brings Silas up again, for the hat trick! But Cobb’s not done there, he gives Silas a fourth! And then a shove, for a Tour of the Islands! Cover, Cobb wins!

Winner: Jeff Cobb, by pinfall; still ROH World Television Champion

This was perhaps his toughest challenge yet, but Jeff Cobb rises to the challenge to win! Who will step up to challenge him in Las Vegas?


ROH shares the results of Tag Wars 2019!

Villain Enterprises’ Brody King and PCO defeated LifeBlood’s FinJuice in the finals, and now they move on to face the ROH World Tag Team Champions, the Briscoes! A brawl broke out right after that match, and #DemBoyz did their best to wreck their future challengers with tables and chairs! But PCO’s not human, he survives a chair shot to give a chair shot! It’ll go down at the 17th Anniversary Show, who will hit the jackpot in Vegas?


Matt Taven speaks.

“For too long, this company has put a poser on its pedestal.” ROH wants everyone to praise Jay Lethal for how long he’s held a title that does not belong to him. There is only ONE ROH World Champion, and that’s Taven! Taven is going to do what Lethal has never had the guts to do: issue an Open Challenge! Anyone will have a chance at this title, except that “Melvin”, Jay Lethal. Why? Because he’s Matt Taven, and this is his Kingdom. Taven puts his month where his mouth is, but will he put his foot in his mouth, too?


It’s official for the 17th Annivesary Show!

The Hawaiian Juggernaut got through the Last Real Man, but he’ll have an even bigger challenge in the Notorious Hitman, Shane Taylor! Taylor already gave Cobb Greetings from the 216 in his sneak attack, but will he get to show Cobb the One Hitter Quitter?

Likewise, it will be an epic rematch from Bound by Honor! Mayu Iwatani of Stardom brought The Gatekeeper, Kelly Klein, way past her limit! It took two moonsaults but Mayu is now the NEW Women of Honor World Champion! Kelly won’t let this loss go, she wants her rematch! Will Mayu beat Kelly again? Or will she bust against the Pretty Badass?


Rush VS Vinnie Marseglia!

The White Bull returns after The Kingdom ruined his debut by trying to end his career! He wants revenge against all of them, but he’ll start with the Horror King. Will La Venganza del Toro Blanco (The Revenge of the White Bull) begin tonight?

The bell rings and these to go right at each other with furious fists! Fans fire up as Rush and Vinnie start trading CHOPS! Rush knees low but runs into a boot. Vinnie runs but into a knee! Rush runs and things speed up. Vinnie swings but into a whip. Rush hits a corner clothesline, but Vinnie comes back with his own. Vinnie runs but into the tilt-o-whirl. Vinnie lands on his feet to hit the Russian Leg Sweep! He rains rights down then drags Rush up to put him on the ropes. Rush whiplashes back and bails out of the ring. Vinnie pursues and CHOPS him to barriers. Vinnie throws Rush into other barriers, and grins maniacally while we go to break.

ROH returns as Vinnie throws Rush into more barriers! And even more barriers! Vinnie pulls mats up and shouts, “I’m gonna destroy him!” Fans duel as Vinnie drags Rush to the exposed area. Vinnie suplexes but Rush resists. Rush fights back with body shots, but Vinnie knees low and hard! Vinnie drags Rush up and into the ring. Vinnie stomps Rush and rains down more rights. Cover, TWO! Vinnie keeps his cool as he drags Rush up. Vinnie suplexes hard, then covers, TWO! Fans rally for Rush while Vinnie mocks Tranquilo. Vinnie taunts the fans while Rush gets to a corner. Vinnie whips Rush corner to corner but RUsh comes back with a forearm smash! Fans fire up with Rush as he rallies on Vinnie. Rush puts Vinnie on the outside to throw body shots and whip him into barriers! And he bounces Vinnie off the timekeeper’s desk!

Rush grabs a chair but the referee tells him not to use it. Rush tells the ref to back off, but he does put the chair down. He kicks Vinnie stiff in the leg, then whips Vinnie into barriers! Rush takes the other chair, but the referee takes that one away this time. Rush turns on the ref but the ref backs off. Fans wanna see Rush hit the ref but Rush puts Vinnie in the ring instead. Rush goes to Vinnie in a corner for big forearms. Vinnie turns it around to give back those forearms. Rush turns it around to CHOP, sweep and stomp away. Rush goes corner to corner, for a fake-out boot. And the true Tranquilo! Fans rally behind Rush as he drags Vinnie up. Rush suplexes and floats over, TWO!

Rush grows frustrated but Vinnie springs up for a ghost pin! TWO, and Rush dodges Vinnie for a rebound German Suplex! Vinnie’s up fast to hit a Side Effect! But Rush is up quick, only to get a boot. Vinnie hits a twisting butterfly backbreaker! Cover, TWO! Rush lives but Vinnie roars. Fans rally up as Vinnie puts Rush into the corner. Rush boots back then overhead suplexes Vinnie into buckles! Both men slowly stand as fans rally up. Rush runs in for a big splash, he sweeps the legs and stomps away. Rush goes corner to corner and hits La Lanza! Cover, Rush wins!

Winner: Rush, by pinfall

El Ingobernables Original, the Original Ungovernable, gets his revenge on the Horror King! But he still has TK O’Ryan and Matt Taven to go after. When and where will his revenge be complete?


ROH shares the results of Bound by Honor’s Four Corner Survival!

Kenny King made sure to distract the referee by bringing in a chair, just so Marty Scurll’s Chicken Wing would be ignored. The Villain would’ve won if the ref saw Silas Young tapping out. But the moment Scurll let Silas go, Kenny kicked Scurll in the balls! The K I N G again proves to be more villainous than even The Villain, and wins big over Mr. Survival of the Fittest. But now, they’ll settle things in a grudge match at the 17th Anniversary Show! Will the K I N G be victorious in Vegas once again? Or will he regret getting on The Villain’s bad side?


The “REAL” ROH World Championship Open Challenge: Matt Taven w/ The Kingdom VS ???

As Taven said earlier, the only man he doesn’t want to see answer this championship challenge is Jay Lethal. In fact, Taven picks up the mic to call out “a man in this company who thinks he’s me.” There’s a guy running around claiming to be ROH WHC. “But everyone who gets it knows there’s only one world champion in this building, and you’re looking at him.” Taven doesn’t bother with Lethal because Lethal looks foolish. Taven’s problem is with ROH pumping up a poser and encouraging fans to tweet congratulations at Lethal for “cosplaying” as Taven.

But as Taven told us earlier, he’s about to do something Lethal would never do! Taven’s a fighting champion, the REAL ROH WHC! And he will defend his title right here and right now, against any “doofus” that isn’t Lethal. That Melvin doesn’t deserve a shot at this gold! That Melvin hasn’t earned being ROH WHC! But Taven has, because he runs the show! And he runs the show because “IIIII’M Matt Taven!” So whoever thinks they’re worthy of the King’s Throne, “come out, come out, whoever you are~!” And the one to answer the call is… The Octopus, Jonathan Gresham! Gresham has taken the real real world champion to the limit, but Taven’s wanted nothing to do with him before. Now he’ll have no choice, can Taven overcome the Octopus?

ROH returns after one last break, and the referee EJECTS TK and Vinnie! A very smart move from the referee, because you can’t trust the Sassy Wild Horse or Horror King. The Kingdom protests the entire time other referees escort them out. Taven will have to do this alone now, and fans taunt him. The bell rings, and Taven goes right at Gresham! Taven stomps Gresham to a corner but backs off at 4. Gresham keeps his dukes up but Taven grabs a leg. Taven rains down rights even as Gresham guards. Taven backs off at 4 but comes back to drop ax handles. He even chokes Gresham! Taven stops at 4, but barely. The referee reprimands Taven but Taven keeps on Gresham.

Gresham tweaks Taven’s arm! Gresham gets to a corner and Taven runs in, but into a boot and a roll up! Taven rolls through but Gresham dodges Just the Tip to sunset flip! Taven rolls through again but falls for Gresham’s bait. Gresham waistlocks but Taven standing switches. Gresham gets a leg, rolls Taven and kicks the arm! He wrenches the arm to a hammerlock, hooks a leg, and puts on the Octopus Stretch! But The Kingdom revolt against the referees and rush the ring! The ref rings the bell immediately before TK and Vinnie attack!

Winner: Jonathan Gresham, by disqualification; Taven “retains” his “real” ROH World Championship

The Kingdom beat down Gresham, and jam Gresham with TK’s bat! TK chokes Gresham with the bat while Vinnie talks trash. But here comes Jay Lethal! Lethal fights off TK and Vinnie, then stares down with Taven. And they fire off fists! But TK helps out, as does Vinnie. The Kingdom stomp and choke Lethal while Taven fetches a table. Taven even admits this was the plan all along as he puts the table in the ring. Taven simply sets the table in the ring, and The Kingdom drags Lethal onto it. But here comes Juice and LifeBlood! The Kingdom get away, and simply laugh at Juice and crew. Taven, TK and Vinnie simply talk trash and walk away, but Taven’s belt was left behind!

Mark Haskins picks it up and dares The Kingdom to come back for it. Bandido has TK’s bat! Haskins hands Lethal Taven’s belt, and Tenille Dashwood speaks up. “As long as this thing exists, it’s like a slap in the face to all of us!” Tenille says it’s time to destroy the purple belt! Lethal puts the belt on the table and takes up TK’s bat. The Kingdom shout and protest as Lethal spits on then SMASHES the belt! And again, and again, and again! But that’s not all, Tenille hands Lethal Vinnie’s ax! Lethal chops away on the belt from plate to strap! Taven is almost in tears as Lethal rips pieces from the belt! Will Lethal get a chance to do roughly the same to Taven?



My Thoughts:

A pretty good episode for ROH this week. The ROH World Television Championship was a great match, Jeff Cobb and Silas Young did great, but naturally Cobb wins. Cobb VS Taylor is coming up, that is going to be great. It was quite the surprise to hear Kelly Klein lost the title, and that it was to a Stardom star. The rematch at the anniversary show will be great, and I’m thinking Kelly wins the title back in a dirty way to become the first-ever two-time WOH World Champion. I say this because again, I’m thinking if Tenille Dashwood circles back to the story about someone attacking her, it has to be Kelly Klein. Klein VS Dashwood at the Madison Square Garden G1 Supercard would be a great match for the women, assuming a women’s match makes it on that card.

Rush VS Marseglia was great, and it made sense by the end of the night why The Kingdom didn’t try to interfere. Rush wins, but obviously a lot of his Rudo (Heel) tendencies showed. I’m still hoping for an eventual Six Man Tag blow-off where Rush brings CMLL allies to take on The Kingdom, possibly for those ROH World Six Man titles. The Briscoes VS PCO & Brody King for the ROH World Tag Team Championships is going to be a great match, but I’m pretty sure The Briscoes win. First, it might be too soon for Villain Enterprises to have titles. Second, The Briscoes might just cheat. Third, there are bigger plans at work, as NJPW and ROH are putting together The Guerrillas of Destiny VS The Briscoes, winner takes both tag titles. So sorry, Villain Enterprises, it’s not time yet.

Things are really heating up in this story with Taven, Lethal, and the state of the ROH World Championship. Taven setting a trap should’ve been obvious, but it was delivered well, I didn’t expect things to escalate like that. I also didn’t expect Lethal to get the upper hand thanks to LifeBlood and then for him to smash Taven’s belt. I still want an Undisputed ROH World Championship match, and Taven either keeps the beaten belt or just makes a new one. Taven can claim it’s all about principle, and that the belt is just a symbol or something. So in the end, we still get Taven VS Lethal, winner is THE world champion. I would like to think that with everything Taven’s done, Lethal wins for The Kingdom’s biggest comeuppance.

My Score: 8.3/10

Let us know what you think on social media @theCHAIRSHOTcom and always remember to use the hashtag #UseYourHead!


Mitchell’s ROH Results & Report! (5/18/19)

Episode 400 will be GOLDEN!



ROH cover image

ROH Wrestling Television, Episode 400

And to celebrate, both the ROH World Championship and World Six Man Tag Team Championships will be on the line!



  • ROH World Six Man Tag Team Championships: Villain Enterprises VS Jay Lethal, Jeff Cobb & Rush; Villain Enterprises wins and retains the ROH World Six Man Tag Team Championships.
  • ROH World Championship: Matt Taven w/ TK O’Ryan VS Flip Gordon; Taven wins and retains the ROH World Championship.


ROH World Six Man Tag Team Championships: Villain Enterprises VS Jay Lethal, Jeff Cobb & Rush!

No need to waste any time, we open this historic 400th episode with action! The Franchise Player is a former world champion, will he become an ROH Grand Slam Champion with the help of El Toro Blanco and the current World Television Champion? Or will Marty Scurll, Brody King and PCO clutch on tight to the last bit of gold they still have?

ROH returns from break as teams sort out. Fans chant for PCO as he starts against Lethal. The bell rings and we begin this golden opener!

Lethal circles with PCO for the first time in history, and PCO is fired up! Fans fire up with PCO but Scurll tells PCO to calm down and focus. Lethal turns PCO around but PCO headlocks. Lethal powers out and things speed up. He CHOPS PCO, but PCO doesn’t feel it! PCO is still fired up with the fans as they chant for him. Lethalt urns PCO around again but gets uppercuts. Lethal headlocks now but PCO powers out. PCO drops but Lethal fakes him out to basement dropkick him. But PCO pops right back up! Lethal hip tosses, cartwheels and dropkicks PCO again, but PCO is again right back up! So Lethal just does it all again. PCO still gets up and baits Lethal to a corner. Lethal triangle dropkicks PCO down, but PCO is still on his feet.

PCO dares Lethal to dive at him. Lethal is confused by this, but he’ll happily do it. He turns to run but Scurll clobbers him! Scurll scurries back to his corner and PCO clubs away on Lethal. PCO brings Lethal over to tag Scurll. Scurll throws European Uppercuts and back suplexes but Lethal lands on his feet. Lethal staggers back to his corner to tag, but wait, where’s Amy Rose going? She’s helping the “blind” Kenny King out from backstage! Amy helps Kenny over to commentary. Rush tags in and Scurll backs off. The Villain and El Toro Blanco meet for the first time, but Rush wants Brody King. Scurll doesn’t oblige so Rush trips him and speeds things up. Scurll hurdles but so does Rush. Rush hurdles and Scurll grabs ropes.

Rush whips Scurll to a corner and splashes, then rolls Scurll. Scurll ducks the kick to roll Rush but Rush dodges the stomps! Fans cheer that exchange and Scurll tags out to Brody. Brody wants Cobb so Rush obliges! The two men collide shoulder to shoulder again and again and again! Cobb gets an edge but Brody dodges as things speed up. Cobb can leap! And he can dropkick! Fans fire up for Cobb and Kenny gets the wrong move, he thought Cobb just did a huricanrana. Cobb tags Lethal and they double whip Brody. Brody breaks through the line to crossbody them both! Brody keeps moving and he huricanranas Cobb!

Lethal stands and Brody runs but is dumped out. Lethal triangle dropkicks him down, then builds up speed. Scurll kicks Lethal from behind, but gets a dropkick for it! Lethal runs again, to DIVE onto Scurll! Then Lethal gets back in, runs, and DIVES on Brody, but is caught! Scurll hits Rush, then hurries to the apron, SUPERKICK to suplex! Kenny couldn’t tell that’s what happened, but he does like that Lethal took the damage. Villain Enterprises are fired up while we go to break.

ROH returns as Lethal throws body shots to deny a suplex. Lethal tries to suplex, but Brody is just too big. Fans rally behind Lethal but he can’t get Brody up. Brody suplexes Lethal up but Lethal slips out, cutter! Brody flounders and crawls as fans rally up. Lethal also crawls, hot tags to Scurll and Rush! Rush rallies on Villain Enterprises! He whips Brody but Brody reverses and corner clotheslines! Brody runs corner to corner but Rush follows for a splash! And then furious stomps! Rush goes corner to corner, but fakes Brody out to kick him! And then Tranquilo! But Scurll goes after Rush and his fingers!

Rush forearms free and then keeps hitting. He runs but falls for 52 Fake Out! Scurll also enzugiris Rush then hits Cobb away. Scurll wants it and fans fire up behind him. Spin and “CHICKEN-” HEADBUTT! Rush tags to Cobb! Cobb rallies on Scurll and then German Suplexes Brody! PCO runs in but Cobb sends him into buckles, for a German Suplex of his own! Scurll hops up, shows dirty birds and flies, but into Cobb’s arms! Cobb tosses Scurll overhead! Scurll ends up in a corner, and Cobb runs in to hit a big back elbow! Cobb fireman’s carries to a Samoan Drop, and kip up, to moonsault! Cover, but Brody breaks it! Brody brings Cobb up to CHOP him against ropes! Scurll gets up and whips Cobb with Brody. But Cobb reverses by crisscrossing and ramming them into each other.

Cobb pump handles each of them, for DOUBLE single leg suplexes! Fans are thunderous, but Cobb encounters PCO! PCO choke grips but Cobb breaks free to grip PCO! PCO breaks free and powers Cobb out of the ring! Villain Enterprises regroups and Brody FLIES onto Team Lethal!! Brody sets them back up as PCO FLIES out! PCO bowls Team Lethal over, and then stands! Because he’s not human! Brody feeds Cobb to the ring and Scurll runs corner to corner, only to be put on the apron. But Brody adds on for the clothesline kick combo! Brody brings Cobb up but Cobb holds ropes. Scurll slingshots for a Sunset Flip German Suplex! Brody keeps moving, and cannonballs on Lethal and Rush! Scurll covers Cobb, TWO! “This is Awesome!” but far from over.

Cobb throws body shots and shoves Scurll. Scurll drop toeholds Cobb onto the ropes, then holds him for Brody. Brody and Scurll both run, 619 Cannonball sandwich! Cover, TWO!! The Hawaiian Hulk survives and Scurll is shocked. Fans rally as Scurll tags PCO. PCO stalks Cobb and drags him up, but Cobb SUPERKICKS! Rush blasts the corner and Lethal tags in. Lethal climbs up, Hail to the King! But PCO sits up!? Rush shotgun dropkicks but PCO stands up! PCO runs into an overhead suplex into buckles! Lethal climbs again, another Hail to the King! Cover, but Scurll breaks it in time! Scurll mule kicks and powerbombs Rush, catapult into Brody’s forearm! Then Brody drops the senton over the knees! Brody hits Cobb, but Lethal Injection for Scurll! Lethal Injection caught by Brody, Tower Hacker Bomb! PCO climbs, MOONSAULT! Cover, Villain Enterprises wins!!

Winners: Villain Enterprises, PCO pinning; still ROH World Six Man Tag Team Champions

Kenny King says “I told you so” about Lethal not being some kind of Superman of Honor. Lethal is the one that takes the loss, will Kenny King be further vindicated when he faces off with Lethal? As for Villain Enterprises, is there any trio that can take those titles from them?


Flip Gordon speaks on his leg injury.

It was at ROH Honor Reigns Supreme, in a match with Hot Sauce Tracy Williams. All seemed same as always, but as Flip dropkick’d Tracy in the corner, his knee gave out. Flip feared the worst, and wanted to finish the match, but his springboard spear only made it worse. He could only take another step, so he had to call it there. Flip feared the worst, but the MRI gave him a time frame. What did he have to do to beat this? Physical therapy. Flip stuck to the schedule, and trusted his doctors. Now his knee is ready, and he is ready! The other ROH World Championship contenders fell to Lethal, but then Taven rose up to win. But tonight is the night! The Captain challenges the throne, will Flip’s return be one of the greatest in ROH history?


ROH shares what happened during break.

Jay Lethal was making his way up the steps to the stage at the same time Amy Rose was helping Kenny King to the back. Lethal didn’t make anything of it, but then Kenny attacked! Kenny used his walking stick, because obviously he wasn’t blind! ROH security pried Kenny off Lethal, and Lethal was gasping for air. Will Lethal get payback for the K I N G’s cowardly attack?


ROH World Championship: Matt Taven w/ TK O’Ryan VS Flip Gordon!

Finally, after weeks of waiting, we will see this match! The Kingdom’s ring leader finally got to be #GrandSlamTaven after a G1 Supercard Triple Threat ladder match, but it is also finally the Captain of Flip Army’s turn to challenge for this title. Will Flip show Taven just how he earned this match when he earns the win?

Though, once again conspicuous by his absence, Vinnie Marseglia isn’t following Taven to the ring. That’s mostly because only TK has his corner man license, as is required now in Pennsylvania. Even so, will the Horror King again appear to help Taven retain?

The introductions are made, and we begin this golden main event, after the break!

ROH returns as the referee raises the belt. Taven offers the Code of Honor, surprisingly, and Flip takes it. The fans duel as the two back off and the bell rings. Flip and Taven circle and Flip avoids Taven getting his bad leg. Taven smirks but gets a shotgun dropkick! Flip throws forearms on Taven then whips corner to corner. Flip runs in but is put on the apron. He still kicks Taven back, then slingshots for a monkey flip! Taven crawls to a corner and Flip runs, but Taven puts him on the top rope, to shove him off! TK lurks but Flip stares him down. Flip shoulders into Taven then slingshot sunset flips. Taven rolls through but Flip ducks Just the Tip to schoolboy Taven out of the ring!

Fans rally up both ways while TK coaches Taven up. Flip builds speed and DIVES! Direct hit sends Taven into railing! But Flip is checking his leg. He may not be 100% like he thought. TK runs at him with the bat! Flip jumps over the swing, then mule kicks the Sassy Wild Horse down! But Taven blasts Flip off the apron and into barriers! Flip hits so hard, the cover comes off! Taven doesn’t care that fans boo, he fetches Flip from the wreckage. Taven scoops and slams Flip on the cover! The Kingdom fans cheer but Flip’s fans boo as Taven throws Flip into a post! Taven mockingly says, “He can fly!” and mockingly applauds while refreshing the count. He puts Flip back in the ring and Flip flounders to a corner.

Taven takes a moment to trash talk the Flip fans, then runs corner to corner to hit Flip with a forearm smash. Taven whips Flip but Flip reverses. Flip runs in but Taven goes up and over. Things speed up, Flip leaps then ducks to mule kick and snapmare. Flip runs to Penalty Kick and standing moonsault! Cover, TWO! Taven gets out but Flip keeps focus. Flip slingshots but Taven gets back in the ring. The bad knee stops Flip and Taven kicks him off the apron! Flip crashes down and fans rally as Taven builds speed. Taven misses the dropkick to get a SUPERKICK! Flip fires up and runs in, but gets hip tossed into barriers and a chair! Flip writhes and clutches his back while we go to break.

ROH returns again as Taven stalks Flip in the ring. Taven slams the knee into the mat while fans rally both ways. Taven brings Flip around to elbow the knee. He puts Flip’s leg in a toehold and punches the knee, then stands to drop another elbow. Taven returns to the hold but Flip elbows him away. Flip stands and CHOPS Taven at the ropes. Flip forearms Taven, too, then enziguris! Taven flounders to the corner and Flip fires himself up. Flip stands but walks into a kick from Taven. Taven looms over Flip before he drags him up by the bad leg. He gives the bad leg a dragon screw! Then a leg yank! Flip slumps out of the ring and Taven distracts the ref so that TK can stomp Flip out!

TK puts Flip back in and Taven drags Flip up by his hair. Taven bumps Flip off buckles then puts the bad leg around the ropes. He pulls but stops at 4, and fans duel again. Taven puts the leg back on the rope to kick it. Flip chops back, so Taven kicks the leg again. Taven punches Flip then whips corner to corner. Flip reverses but Taven rolls under to enziguri and back suplex to bomb! Cover, TWO! Right to a Half Crab! Flip endures and fans duel. Flip crawls and gets the ropebreak! But Taven doesn’t let go, he just drags Flip away! The referee reprimands him so Taven lets up on the Crab. Flip kicks Taven with his good leg! Taven comes back but gets another kick. Flip stands but gets a BOOT from Taven!

Taven drags Flip up but Flip slips out of Moonlight Drive! Flip runs, springboards to SPEAR! But Flip can’t make a cover, he’s too tired. Fans rally up both ways as the standing count begins. The count hits 5 before either man sits up. Taven is up first at 7 but Flip follows as he feeds off fan energy. Flip forearms but Taven responds, and they go back and forth. Flip gets an edge but Taven kicks the bad leg. Taven adds forearms and another kick, but Flip responds with a knee! Flip brings Taven in but Taven pushes him off. Taven runs in but Flip goes up and over and blocks the boot! Flip pries Taven off the ropes, to inverted Alabama Slam him into buckles! Taven flounders up into Flip’s modified neckbreaker! Cover, TWO!! Flip’s shocked while we go to one last break.

ROH returns once more as fans declare “This is Awesome!” Flip climbs up top but Taven stops him with a haymaker! Taven climbs up to join Flip but Flip hits back. They brawl and Taven falls. Taven’s back up with another big right. Taven climbs again but Flip still fights back. Flip headbutts and Taven staggers, only to kick Flip back! Taven climbs a third time and fans duel as he gets a SUPERPLEX! Cradle but from who!? TWO, Flip goes Matrix then mule kicks to PELE! Flip fires up but Taven mule kicks the bad leg! Taven runs, springboards, but Flip catches him for a Russian Leg Sweep! SUPERKICK to spinning Falcon Arrow! Cover, TWO!! Flip can’t believe Taven escaped that!

Fans duel again as Flip catches his breath. Taven crawls and Flip is on him with a fireman’s carry. Spin but Taven lands and SPITS at Flip! Flip runs into a Pop-Up Powerbomb! Just the Tip of the knee! Cover, TWO!! Now Taven can’t believe Flip survives! Taven tells Flip’s fans to shut up, then drags Flip up again. He headlocks but Flip slips out to fireman’s carry again, swinging cutter! Flip hurries up top, but the BALLOONS! Taven springs up to kick out the legs! SUPER CLIMAX!! Cover, Taven wins!!

Winner: Matt Taven, by pinfall; still ROH World Champion

Vinnie didn’t even need to appear, his balloons of doom were distraction enough! But Vinnie still appears to celebrate with his king. Will #GrandSlamTaven ever be stopped with his Kingdom always around?



My Thoughts:

A pretty great 400th episode for ROH. We only had two matches and that’s all we really needed given how great the matches were. Lethal-Cobb-Rush was definitely an odd team going into this, though star-studded as it is, but it was pretty clear they weren’t going to win. Villain Enterprises is a great trio because each member is great. It really will take a big name trio to take those titles from them. I’m still thinking The Kingdom comes back around to challenge for those belts, and can tie into another world title shot for Scurll. Kenny King did his blind act great on commentary, because for one, he obviously was never blind so it’s just him being a naturally funny guy. And it was a good move for him to “reveal” he wasn’t blind and then attack Lethal. This gets some great heat for their second time around.

Clearly Flip Gordon is a star in ROH now, but sadly not big enough of a star to overcome the odds. Commentary did a good job selling how Taven didn’t need to do this given how his win at G1 Supercard was all him. But this does heap Heel heat back on him, even with Philly weirdly having fans who like The Kingdom. This could be another way for Scurll and Villain Enterprises to be the team that takes that belt off Taven, as PCO and Brody King will be there to counter TK and Vinnie. Flip himself will surely be a champion one day, he just has to wait a little bit longer.

My Score: 8.3/10

Let us know what you think on social media @theCHAIRSHOTcom and always remember to use the hashtag #UseYourHead!
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Stardom Cinderella Tournament 2019 Result & Review: Final Part (4/29/2019)

Now we get to find out who wears the pretty dress! Stardom Cinderella tournament time! 



Now we get to find out who wears the pretty dress! Stardom Cinderella tournament time!

I know I’m a little late to the party for the second part of the tournament but we’re here now and I wanna get to it.

So far, we have Arisa advancing to the semi-finals due to Kagetsu and Tam ending in a tie, meaning we have about six matches to cover on this part. But don’t worry, I’ll be adding a surprise match at the end of this show to cover to get the ball rolling.

Who will win the tournament?

Let’s find out as we…dive right in.

Rating System:

  • 0 Stars: Dave Meltzer
  • 1 Star: Vince Russo
  • 2 Stars: Tony Schiavone
  • 3 Stars: Eric Bischoff
  • 4 Stars: Bruce Prichard
  • 5 Stars: Jim Cornette


Cinderella Tournament 2019 Quarter Final Match
Hazuki vs. Starlight Kid

Review: It’s time to start the second round of the tournament as we have Hazuki taking on Starlight Kid. Hazuki was able to advance by defeating Bea Priestley and Starlight advanced by defeating Natsu Sumire. The winner of this match will fight the winner of the next match. These two are no strangers to each other and Starlight is going to make sure she wins this time around. Who will advance?

Starlight wasted no time as she would deliver a Dropkick to Hazuki soon as the bell rang and would hit a couple more on her, she’s getting fierce with this. Starlight got her off the corner to hit a Moonsault as Hazuki kicked out at two. Starlight picked her up as Hazuki hits a Codebreaker to stop her full-out assault. Hazuki ran to the top rope as Starlight was able to Dropkick her off onto the apron. Starlight tried to finish her off as Hazuki punched her in the face and went for a springboard as Starlight pushed her off to eliminate her in less than two minutes! Wow, talk about an upset. Not a terrible match but it’s really short and everything was executed really well too, so I liked it for what it was actually. Good job, ladies.

Rating: Eric Bischoff

Cinderella Tournament 2019 Quarter Final Match
Konami vs. AZM

Review: Our next match is AZM taking on Konami. Konami had an upset victory when she eliminated Momo Watanabe in the first round and AZM won by eliminating Rebel Kel. AZM is going to have a tough opponent ahead of her if she’s going to want to advance and fight her rival, Starlight. Will Konami keep the ball rolling by beating another Queen’s Quest member or will AZM get the upset win?

AZM really is proving that she can hang with some of the best here in Stardom away from the lower division. My only takeaway here for this match is not that it was short since it’s expected for this tournament but there were some sloppy spots for a good amount of it, unfortunately. Aside from the sloppy sequences here and there, they did still have some good performances. Konami looked like she was gonna go for a Leglock but AZM would hold onto her leg to make her fall back for a pinfall but Konami would kick out at two. Konami would eventually apply the Triangle Lancer as she did prove it is in fact 100% as AZM tapped out, leaving Konami to advance against Starlight Kid.

Rating: Tony Schiavone and three quarters


Cinderella Tournament 2019 Quarter Final Match
Hana Kimura vs. Natsuko Tora

Review: Our final quarterfinal match is up next as we have Hana Kimura taking on Natsuko Tora. Natsuko was able to defeat her former JAN partner, Jungly Kyona to advance with a brand new look and attitude. Hana defeated Andras Miyagi to advance and is looking to bring more momentum to the Tokyo Cyber Squad. Which one of these two will advance to fight Arisa Hoshiki?

There wasn’t a whole lot to see with Natsuko here since it looked like we saw most of that with her match against Jungle rather than her match with Hana right here. We had the match outside of the arena for a little bit but they didn’t go over the top rope, so they were able to do as much as Hana threw her around for a little bit before taking her back into the ring. Natsuko does have a really nice Spear, so I’ll give her points for that but she failed to put Hana away with something like that. The match was exactly seven minutes and Hana would have Natsuko over by the ropes so she can go for a kick as Hana’s leg was over the rope, leaving Natsuko an opening to flip her over and hits her with the Oedo Tai sign to eliminate her as Natsuko advances to the semi-finals!

Rating: Eric Bischoff


Cinderella Tournament 2019 Semi-Final Match
Arisa Hoshiki vs. Natsuko Tora

Review: It’s now time for the semi-finals as Natsuko Tora is now going to fight Arisa Hoshiki. Natsuko going back to back could be a little bit of trouble for her if she’s not too worn out with Arisa being fresh due to advancing further after the first round. The winner will advance to the finals but which one of them will go forward?

Wow, the crowd was actually split even for this one except for that annoying cunt in the audience, I forgot all about him. Natsuko had most of the control in this match and even worked on Arisa’s leg a bit to make sure she would be too weak to even attempt the Brazilian Kick in the match. This one was a much better match compared to anything in the quarterfinals so that at least gave me something. Arisa had a little bit of momentum when she hits a Springboard Diving Knee for a two count and went to pick her up as Natsuko would hit a Spear. Natsuko went to the top rope to hit a Splash as Arisa kicked out at two and would get her down again to hit a Diving Leg Drop as Arisa moved out of the way this time. Arisa would lift her up for a Powerslam and would go to the ropes to hit a Rounding Splash for the win as Arisa is now set for the finals!

Rating: Eric Bischoff and a quarter


Cinderella Tournament 2019 Semi-Final Match
Konami vs. Starlight Kid

Review: Our next match in the semi-finals is between Konami and Starlight Kid. Starlight was able to get two big wins under her belt in the tournament when she defeated both Natsu Sumire and Hazuki. Konami has one more win to go before she can advance to fight Arisa. Who will meet Arisa in the finals?

Instead of attacking Konami head on as she did with Hazuki, Starlight would try a different approach when she would try to get that quick pin in to throw Konami off guard and it looked like she had her during the crucifix pin but Konami barely kicked out at two. Konami knows she would need to finish hero ff quick as she attempted the Triangle Lancer but Starlight would roll her up for another two count. Starlight hits a Swinging Neckbreaker for a two count and would position Konami to hit a Moonsault but Konami rolled out of the way and applied the Triangle Lancer to make Starlight tap out in less than three minutes. Konami is officially in the final round as she now has to fight Arisa Hoshiki.

Rating: Eric Bischoff


Cinderella Tournament 2019 Final Match
Konami vs. Arisa Hoshiki

Review: It’s now time for the final round as we have Konami from Tokyo Cyber Squad taking on Arisa Hoshiki from STARS. These two women made it this far in the tournament when most people probably didn’t expect them to win, but here we are. The winner of this match will get a dress to wear and able to request any match they want. Which one will win? Who wears a pretty dress?

I’m now convinced that Konami was officially held back and was able to shine a lot more as a Tokyo Cyber Squad member than she has at Queen’s Quest. Konami’s personality would flesh out more as she just wanted to make Arisa suffer when she would be going after her leg in the match since it was still weak from Arisa’s previous matches. Both of them meshed really well together in the ring and gave us a really good match. Also to that annoying fan again, please shut up and don’t come back. A lot of close calls in the match when Arisa would do her Powerslam combo with a Rounding Splash and the two times that she did hit it, Konami actually kicked out of it, leaving Arisa a little bit speechless. Konami was able to attempt the Triangle Lancer to try and make her tap out before Arisa grabbed the ropes to make her break the hold. Arisa was finally able to hit her Brazillian Kick despite her bad leg and pinned Konami for the victory to win the Cinderella Tournament. Can’t believe my dark horse won the whole thing.

Arisa was able to win the Cinderella Tournament as she now gets to wear the dress they had prepared for her. I’m sure glad they know their sizes before making them. Anyway, this is a big win for Arisa as she now calls out Momo Watanabe to the ring. Arisa declared that she will be fighting Momo for the Wonder of Stardom Championship so she could finally get her one-on-one match that Momo has been denying her for quite a while. The match is made official as it will take place on the May 16th show. I’m excited to see this match finally happen and it’s one you don’t wanna miss.

Rating: Bruce Prichard


World of Stardom Title Match
Kagetsu (c) vs. Bea Priestley

Review: Now that the Cinderella Tournament is over, let’s fast forward just a little bit to the May 4th show so we can get a little bit caught up. Plus, this was the only match that caught my interest and is pretty important as it’s for the World of Stardom Championship. The match took place at the Queen’s Quest Produced show as Kagetsu defends her title against a member of Queen’s Quest, Bea Priestley. Bea went from losing in the first round of the tournament to getting a match for the big red belt, but I’m game to see what happens and it looks like Kagetsu needs another defense under her belt. Good because her last one left little to the imagination and Bea has improved recently. Will Kagetsu retain or does Bea somehow win?

One, Bea looks great in her new attire and two, this might be the best match that I’ve seen our of her along with Kagetsu’s best match in months. This match was nicely paced from beginning to end here with the two of them executing everything they did in the ring almost flawlessly and had nice sequences during the match. I loved when Bea jumped to the top rope and Kagetsu followed right after when she jumped to the second rope to Dropkick her on the way down, nicely done. Kagetsu shows how good of a worker she is if Stardom wasn’t too busy giving her scraps most of the time and Bea needed this match more to show what she actually can do in a high caliber match like this one and the progression she made in the past year as you can see for yourself.

Bea hits a beautiful Regalplex for a two count and wouldn’t stop there as she hits a Curb-Stomp as our Prime Minister kicked out again, but Bea quickly applied for the Rings of Saturn before Kagetsu had the ropes. Our Prime Minister is up to her old tricks as she pushed Bea into the referee to spray green mist into her eyes before she would hit the Michinoku Driver and the Oedo Coaster as it looks like this could be it, but Bea would somehow kick out at two, leaving the fans shocked along with Kagetsu. Kagetsu would get back to the top rope to try and hit another one but Bea would stop her this time and hits a kick to her tucked head, shades of her boyfriend, Will Ospreay and had her up on her shoulders to hit the Japanese Ocean Cyclone Suplex and Bea pins Kagetsu to win the championship!

Well…if you’re surprised, then don’t feel bad because I am just as surprised as you are right now. This was something I didn’t expect to see and I’m not too sure how I feel about it right now. Sure, Bea has improved a lot and she delivered a great match against Kagetsu but I’m just not sure if she’s considered red belt material. The World of Stardom Championship has taken a bit of a back burner ever since Toni Storm won it when Mayu Iwatani was injured but Kagetsu did try her best to help elevate it despite Momo taking most of the spotlight due to beating Io Shirai last year. Despite my feelings on the matter, congratulations to Bea on winning and I hope she actually does well with the title. If Bea can perform like how she did more often, she’ll be okay. Congratulations, Bea and I wish you luck.

Rating: Bruce Prichard and a half


Overall: I thought the second half of the tournament was well done and the finals were much better than last year, but we still had plenty of good matches along with the surprise title match I added for after the tournament. May 16th show is shaping up to be a good one.

Favorite Match: Kagetsu vs. Bea Priestley

Least Favorite Match: Konami vs. AZM

Score: 8/10

Let us know what you think on social media @theCHAIRSHOTcom and always remember to use the hashtag #UseYourHead!
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