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Mitchell’s ROH Results & Report! (3/23/19)

It’s the historic ROH debut of the NWA National Championship!



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Ring of Honor Wrestling Television, Episode 392

ROH TV sees the return of Team Coast2Coast! Can Shaheem Ali & Leon St. Giovanni continue where they left off against Jay Lethal & Jonathon Gresham?



  • Six Man Tag: Dalton Castle & The Boys VS LifeBlood; LifeBlood wins.
  • NWA National Heavyweight Championship: Willie Mack VS Rhett Titus; Mack wins and retains the NWA National Heavyweight Championship.
  • Jay Lethal & Jonathon Gresham VS Team Coast2Coast; Lethal & Gresham win.


Six Man Tag: Dalton Castle & The Boys VS LifeBlood!

The Peacock and his literal fan boys look to climb back up in the ROH Six Man Tag Division, and they’ll start against the Bandit, Hot Sauce and the Juice Man himself! Which trio gains a step closer to challenging for those ROH World Six Man Tag titles?

The teams sort out and we begin with Castle and Juice. Castle gets a headlock but Juice powers out. Things speed up and Castle pushes Juice out of the ring. Castle builds up speed, but it’s just to strut. Juice knows it and throws Castle out for it! Juice builds speed but now Juice struts! Castle throws Juice out and builds speed, but Juice returns to throw Castle out. Juice builds speed but Castle throws Juice out. Juice returns and tries to throw Castle out but Castle reverses, only for Juice to reverse back. Castle reverses, Juice reverses, and repeat! Juice finally gets Castle out, but Castle returns, and they both strut! Castle and Juice shake hands but then Castle goes for the roll up! TWO and Juice gets up mad, but Castle backs off to a corner. The Peacock’s just having a little fun, Juice.

But Tracy Williams wants in, so Juice tags out to Sauce. Castle and Tracy circle, but the Boys hoop and holler. The Boys want this, the fans want this, so Castle gives it to us! Tag to Boy 2! Boy 2 runs in and chops Tracy, but it has little effect! Tracy swings but Boy 2 dodges and tags his brother! Boy 1 runs in and chops Tracy, but it’s the same as Boy 2. Tracy swings but Boy 1 dodges to tag Boy 2. Both Boys grab Tracy by an arm each, but Tracy pulls them into each other! Tracy CHOPS the Boys off their feet, but forgets which Boy is legal. LifeBlood sorts this out with the ref while we go to break.

ROH returns and Boy 1 brings Bandido over to the corner. Castle tags in and throws Bandido with a Half Hatch suplex. Castle puts Bandido in an armlock but Bandido endures as fans rally up. Bandido fights his way up but Castle clotheslines him down. Castle gator rolls Bandido then tags Boy 2 in. Boy 2 stomps Bandido before he grabs ropes, then tags Boy 1. The Boys coordinate, flying stomps to the arm! Boy 1 tags Castle and Castle climbs, only to hop down and ax handle the arm. Castle waistlocks Bandido but Bandido holds onto rope. Castle puts him in the corner for body shots and a tag to Boy 2. Boy 2 tags his brother in, and Castle throws Boy 2 onto Bandido, then helps Boy 1 leap frog stomp. Boy 1 covers, TWO! LifeBlood cheers Bandido on as Boy 1 gets him in a facelock.

Boy 1 puts Bandido in a corner then tags in Boy 2. Bandido boots each Boy away, then both Boys at the same time. Bandido leaps for a tornillo crossbody! He gets both Boys for the price of one! Hot tag to Juice! “Alright, Boys!” Juice gives them clotheslines and cannonballs! Fans fire up with Juice as he pumps it up. The Boys stand and he gives them Juice Jabs! Juice hits Boy 1 then Boy 2 and back again over and over. He hoists Boy 1 up for an airplane spin! Juice goes around and around and around, and around and around, and Castle asks for mercy, “He’s just a Boy!” The spin slows down and Juice gives Boy 1 the Juice Box gutbuster! Fans fire up again as Juice drags Boy 1 up. Juice chicken wings for Pulp Friction! Cover, but Castle drags Juice off!

Castle and Juice argue but Tenille Dashwood comes over to back Juice up. Bandido decides to end the argument as he FLIES onto Castle! Bandido gets Juice back in the match and Juice goes to Boy 1, but it’s actually Boy 2! Twin Magic cradle, TWO!! Juice realizes the trick but Boy 2 throws forearms! Boy 2 chops, ducks the punch but Juice denies Sliced Bread. Boy 2 enziguris! Juice staggers and Boy 2 runs, dodges, and springboards! The crossbody bounces off of Juice… Juice points to Bandido and fans cheer him on! Tag to Bandido and Boy 2 sees he’s all alone. Bandido runs but Castle catches him! Boy 2 runs over but Bandido dodges, sending the knee into Castle!

Bandido puts Boy 2 on the apron and knees low, then builds speed. He sunset flips but Castle catches him, only to get a huricanrana! Bandido goes back to Boy 2 and drags him in, draping kick to triangle moonsault! Cover, but Castle breaks it in time! Juice runs in and dumps Castle out. Tracy and Juice keep on Castle but Castle fights them off. Castle goes back to the ring as Bandido gut wrenches Boy 2. Bandido bombs Boy 2 at Castle, Castle catches Boy 2, and gets him out of the way to spin Bandido around for a back elbow and clothesline! Juice returns but Castle boots him away. Bandido gets up and tosses Boy 2 at Castle! Spinning back heel kick for Boy 2! Boy 2’s on the ropes, Bandido runs, 21 Plex, the rebound German! Bridging cover, LifeBlood wins!

Winners: LifeBlood, Bandido pinning

The electrifying luchador gets the win for the hottest new team in ROH! Will LifeBlood revitalize the honor in Ring of Honor by also becoming champions in Ring of Honor?


Jay Lethal speaks on the G1 Supercard.

“The fact that we sold out Madison Square Garden, I get goosebumps just even thinking about it.” Lethal and wrestlers in this generation dream of such a chance, and now dream is reality. Every company has its doubters, but that’s fine. The fact is, ROH sold out MSG. That is undeniable. “The little kid inside of me is smiling ear to ear” over how Lethal will be competing at MSG. “The only thing that could make it even more… sweeter, is if when we arrive”, Lethal is still THE ROH World Champion. With that said, Lethal promises that come April, this title will still be on the shoulder of the greatest wrestler in the world: Jay Lethal. Will ROH’s Franchise Player keep that promise all the way to April 6th?


The Briscoes speak.

“April 6th, 2019, it’s the night that the most famous arena in the world becomes the stage for the baddest tag team on the planet.” And on that night, MSG, the Briscoes will prove they’re not just the best team in the world, but the best team “of this whole damn century.” Will #DemBoyz bring down whoever stands against them in New York?


NWA National Heavyweight Championship: Willie Mack VS Rhett Titus!

ROH makes history again thanks to its partnership with NWA! The inaugural National Heavyweight Champion vows to defend his title all over the nation, and even in other promotions if need be. But will Mack’s mission be stopped already when going against The Fittest?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and the Code of Honor is upheld. The bell rings and Mack ties up with Titus. Mack powers Titus to a corner but Titus shouts for the ref. The ref come sover and Mack lets up. Mack doesn’t like the baby oil rubbing off from Titus, though. Titus comes out and circles with Mack. Titus gets a waistlock, but Mack pries his way out. Mack wristlocks but Titus spins through to his own wristlock. Titus shifts to an armlock but Mack rolls and wrenches to a hammerlock. Titus gets a headlock and takeover, but either pops out or slips out of Mack’s headscissors. Mack gets headlock and takeover but Titus headscissors. Titus holds on tight while showing off his buns and thighs.

Fans rally and Mack works his way up and around. Mack rolls Titus to a cloverleaf, but shifts to a headlock. Titus rolls Mack to a cover, TWO! Mack holds on as Titus stands. Titus powers out but Mack runs him over with a shoulder! Mack keeps moving but things speed up, and Mack hits a spinning arm-drag! Things speed up again, Mack hits Titus with a flying kick! Mack goes after Titus in the corner with a CHOP! Titus puts Mack in the corner to give him a CHOP! And another CHOP! But Mack grows stronger for them. Titus kicks low then suplexes, but Mack blocks. Titus keeps trying, but he powers Mack back instead. He rams a shoulder in, but Mack catches it to hit a running suplex! Fans cheer Mack on as he aims at Titus.

Titus stands and Mack hoists him up. Titus grabs ropes so Mack dumps him out. The ref reprimands Mack, but Mack blocks and counters Titus’ punch. Mack throws an open palm strike, then winds up, only for Titus to kick out the leg! Mack also hits the ropes, and then Titus runs in for a boot! Cover, TWO!! Titus argues with the ref, but he does have Mack on the defensive while we go to break.

ROH returns and Titus has Mack in a seated abdominal stretch. Fans rally and Mack stands up, but Titus throws a big body shot. Titus turns Mack but Mack resists the backslide. Mack turns it around, TWO! Mack shifts to keep the backslide hooked, TWO! Titus swings but Mack dodges to hit a leaping leg lariat! Both men are down but stirring as a ten count begins. Titus drags himself up on the ropes but he still staggers about. The fans rally up as both men slowly stand. Titus is on Mack first but Mack breaks free and speeds up to clobber Titus with a clothesline! And a big back elbow! Mack fires up as he scoops Titus for a slam! Mack has wild eyes as fans sing for him. Titus gets to a corner but Mack runs in corner to corner for a hell of a kick!

Titus sits down and Mack goes corner to corner again, CANNONBALL! Mack is fired up while Titus slumps out of the ring. Mack takes aim and builds speed, despite what the ref says, and Mack FLIES! He wipes Titus out with the senton! Mack holds his own hip as that move might’ve been double-edged. Mack puts Titus back in the ring then climbs up top. Titus moves to avoid the dive, but Mack keeps on him. Mack drags Titus up but Titus hotshots Mack away! But Titus walks into Mack’s Samoan Drop! Mack nips up, and hits a standing moonsault! But he won’t cover here, he aims at Titus while giving a shout out to the Rattlesnake. MACK STUNNER! Then to the corner, shout out to Eddie with the Frog Splash! Cover, Mack wins!

Winner: Willie Mack, by pinfall; still NWA National Heavyweight Champion

Victory for The Mack! He rolls on, still the inaugural champion, but will he be able to complete his mission of all 50 states?


Bully Ray speaks.

“Do you know who I am? Of course you do.” But when it comes to the G1 Supercard, what does everyone in both ROH and NJPW have in common with him and MSG? “Absolutely nothing.” Bully is the only man who has ever performed in the “Arena of All Arenas.” At (WWE) Royal Rumble 2000, Bully put his name on the map in MSG. Bully has main-evented in MSG. He has wrestled at Wrestlemania in MSG! “I’m a god in Madison Square Garden.” And at G1 Supercard, he’ll steal the show at MSG. It’s just a question of who he’ll make famous. “Consider this the official open challenge!” The G1 Supercard New York Street Fight Open Challenge! Bully Ray VS anybody in ROH, in NJPW, and the entire pro-wrestling business. Who will stand up to Bully in Madison Square Garden?


Jay Lethal & Jonathon Gresham VS Team Coast2Coast!

The Franchise Player and the Octopus are strong friends and formidable foes, but both Shaheem Ali & Leon St. Giovanni welcome the challenge! Will Lethal & Gresham ruin the return of Ali & LSG? Or will the Chocolate Man and Human Rocket fly higher than ever before?

The Code of Honor is upheld, and this match truly begins after the break.

ROH returns as the teams sort out. Ali starts against Lethal, who is sporting rib tape after his huge match with Matt Taven in Vegas. Fans are on Lethal’s side but Ali doesn’t mind. Lethal and Ali tie up and Lethal gets the arm. Ali spins through and reverses, but Lethal rolls and handsprings to reverse back. Ali spins and reverses back then wrenches to a waistlock. Lethal resists the lift to shift around and headlock. Ali powers out but Lethal runs him over with a shoulder. Lethal takes a moment then speeds things up, but Ali keeps up only to get run over again. Ali’s neck bothers him, but he still stays with Lethal. Lethal blocks a hip toss to give a hip toss, but Ali sees the handspring coming. Ali nips up, but Lethal chops him back.

Lethal chops Ali more, but LSG tags in before Lethal whips. Lethal still fights both C2C off, but gets caught with the back elbow and uppercut to LSG’s running neckbreaker! Cover, ONE, but LSG stays on Lethal with a snap suplex. Cover, ONE, but LSG still keeps on Lethal. LSG goes to suplex but Lethal blocks. Gresham and the fans rally as Lethal keeps blocking. Lethal suplexes but LSG slips out. LSG waistlocks but Gresham tags in as Lethal bucks LSG off. LSG dodges Lethal but Gresham catches him! Dropkick to German combo! Gresham stomps LSG down but LSG punches back. They trade forearms now, but LSG powers Gresham to the C2C corner. Tag to Ali and C2C wrench and roll for double mule kicks! Cover, TWO!

Ali keeps on Gresham with a scoop slam. Ali builds up energy to hit a big splash, TWO! Fans cheer Gresham on while Ali stalks him to the ropes. Ali whips but Gresham holds the ropes. Ali keeps trying but Gresham keeps resisting, so Ali throws forearms. He whips Gresham but Gresham reverses to a stunner! Tag to Lethal, and they double whip. Ali reverses, but Gresham blocks his boot. Lethal enziguris Ali and Gresham dragon screws the leg! Ali falls and Lethal covers, ONE! Lethal stomps Ali’s leg and works on the Figure Four, but Ali cradle counters! TWO and Lethal dropkicks the leg out. Lethal drags Ali over and tags Gresham. Gresham stomps and keeps on the leg with a grounded screw. Gresham steps through for a toehold, and turns it into an Indian Deathlock. Ali endures while we go to break.

ROH returns once more as Gresham keeps on Ali’s leg with a toehold. Ali gets the ropebreak but Gresham pulls him away. Ali swings but can’t reach Gresham, but he breaks free to headbutt! He brings Gresham around for a hammerlock to right-angle slam! Gresham and Ali crawl, hot tags to LSG and Lethal! The Human Rocket rallies on Lethal & Gresham, and pushes both men into the corner. LSG rolls back and somersaults forward to leap and lariat Lethal down! Gresham kicks LSG and whips, but LSG reverses to a back elbow. LSG runs and dodges to springboard forearm! SUPERKICK from Lethal! Lethal calls for it but LSG keeps him from running. Lethal CHOPS LSG off him, then handsprings, but into LSG’s arms! LSG swings and slams Lethal down! Then hits a somersault neckbreaker! Cover, TWO!

LSG keeps focus and fire as he brings Lethal back up. LSG underhooks and lifts but Lethal back drops out! Ali tags in and throws forearms on Lethal. Lethal throws them back, and they brawl. Ali eggs Lethal on and Lethal gives it to him with one big right! Ali gives it back, so Lethal CHOPS! But Ali gives that back, too! They keep trading shots, Lethal enziguris Ali down! Tag to Gresham! Gresham climbs and leaps, missile dropkick to the leg! LSG runs in but Gresham sees him coming. Gresham spins LSG but LSG still scoops and hits Gresham with a facebuster! But Lethal returns to give LSG the Lethal Combination! All four men are down but fans are fired up! The ref counts the legal men, but Ali and Gresham stand at 4.

Ali and Gresham start throwing forearms now. Ali eggs Gresham on and Gresham comes back with a kick to the leg. But Ali stays standing to still throw hands. Gresham kicks Ali again and Ali staggers away. Lethal runs and triangle dropkicks LSG down! Ali throws a big right on Gresham but Gresham kicks the leg again. Lethal grabs Ali, Gresham runs to kick the leg before Lethal drops the bomb! Gresham grabs Ali’s legs for the Figure Four! Ali endures and fans rally both ways! Lethal sees LSG return but LSG gets clear. LSG runs but Lethal keeps him away from Ali! LSG shoves Lethal away and hits Gresham to save Ali! Ali gets out of the ring and LSG runs at Gresham. Gresham tosses LSG out and Lethal returns. Lethal and Gresham build speed to double DIVE! They hit C2C into barriers, and then put Ali back in.

Fans fire up as Lethal and Gresham coordinate. Gresham wheelbarrows with Lethal, catapult cutter! Cover, Gresham & Lethal win!

Winners: Jonathon Gresham & Jay Lethal, Gresham pinning

The Franchise & The Octopus rain on C2C’s parade with a victory of their own tonight. Lethal & Gresham grow stronger in the ROH Tag Team Division, but will they soon challenge for the World Tag Team Championships? As for Coast2Coast, they may have lost, but can they make a true comeback after the G1 Supercard?



My Thoughts:

A pretty great episode overall from ROH. The opening Six Man Tag was good, Castle & The Boys really are a great team, but it makes a lot of sense for LifeBlood to come out the winners. LifeBlood needs to look strong if they’re to succeed in revitalizing ROH, especially since I’m still hoping to see them eventually take on Bully Ray and his unofficial crew. And speaking of Bully, I can’t wait to see who accepts his open challenge. It’d be great if it was someone from NJPW, like Tomohiro Ishii or Minoru Suzuki. Especially Suzuki, he might be the only man who can out-bully Bully. Regardless, I would think the challenger defeats Bully to shut him up with comeuppance.

Once again, ROH TV being badly behind their PPV’s bites the company in the butt. The Briscoes can’t brag about being the baddest team, while holding the World Tag Titles, when they lost them at 17th Anniversary. There might be time for them to win those belts back and give us back the ROH VS NJPW tag titles for tag titles story, but only if the Briscoes beat Villain Enterprises at the Road to G1 Supercard event on March 31st. No offense to PCO and Brody King, but I would hope Jay & Mark get those belts back, we need to see Briscoes VS Guerrillas of Destiny happen. Plus, Villain Enterprises also has the ROH World Six Man titles, so they can make that their central story against teams like The Kingdom and LifBlood.

Mack VS Titus was a good match, but naturally Mack wins. Mack’s such a great wrestler and a great guy, as many saw on Lucha Underground. I hope this isn’t the last we’ve seen of him on ROH TV, and I really wanna see where his mission as National Heavyweight Champion goes. In some cases, literally. What if he goes to Hawaii and defends against Jeff Cobb? That’d be an amazing match for both men, but I don’t know if I’d make it the 25th defense as a great halfway point, or for the 50th as a great finale to Mack’s story. The tag team main event was great, and Coast2Coast was strong even in defeat. This team of Lethal & Gresham is really something, and it’d be great for both if they found their way to tag titles one day.

My Score: 8.3/10

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