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Mitchell’s Women of Wrestling Results & Report! (3/1/19)

The WOW World Champion starts feeling the pressure!



WOW Women of Wrestling coverage

Tessa Blanchard is the WOW World Champion, but now she’s feeling the walls closing in. Will she learn what it’s like to be the one everyone’s after?



  • Eye Candy VS Havoc; Havoc wins.
  • Jessie Jones VS Chantilly Chella; Jones wins.
  • Kobra Moon w/ Sophia Lopez VS Azteca; Kobra Moon wins.
  • The Temptress w/ Dagger VS Fire; The Temptress wins.
  • WOW World Championship #1 Contender’s Match: Jungle Grrrl VS Amber O’Neal w/ Lana Star; Jungle Grrrl wins by disqualification.


Previously on WOW…

The Queen of the Splash has been the one on the short end of the stick when it comes to the Women of Wrestling World Championship. From Tessa Blanchard interfering to controversy in the Triple Threat to The Beast making sure she lost to Tessa Blanchard, Jungle Grrrl has not gotten a fair shake at becoming a two-time champion. But Jungle Grrrl has one more chance! Can she best the Beverly Hills Babe and become the new #1 contender? Or will The Best Make Her Mark again?


Tessa Blanchard heads to the ring!

The Born Legend isn’t everyone’s favorite, if anyone’s, but she doesn’t really care either way. The third-generation star takes the mic from Shaul Guerrero while the fans chant “You Suck!” Tessa reminds us she is THE WOW Champion! No one has to like it or love it, but they will respect it! For that matter, the Women of Wrestling might as well become the Tessa Blanchard Show. “Let’s cut to the chase!” David McLane, Tessa is here for one reason and one reason only: to let him and the entire roster know, “you can line these b*tches up and I’m gonna knock them down!” Rude language aside, Tessa is a Born Legend. But wait, the Monster of Madness appears! It’s Havoc!

Havoc gets in Tessa’s face, and looks at the belt. She reaches for the gold but Tessa snatches it away. Tessa steps aside, because the Monster of Madness has someone else to play with next!

Eye Candy VS Havoc!

The sugary sweet star takes on a personality polar opposite in this first-ever encounter! Will victory be just as sweet? Or will the Monster of Madness wreak havoc?

The bell rings and Candy circles with Havoc. They tie up and Candy pushes, but Havoc pushes her back to a corner. Havoc bumps Candy off the buckles again and again! Havoc drags Candy out to thrash her around and then throw her across the way! She runs corner to corner but Candy gets out of the way. Havoc stops herself from running into buckles, and Candy speeds things up. Candy clotheslines but Havoc doesn’t flinch! Candy tries again but Havoc still doesn’t budge. Havoc choke grips Candy but Candy breaks free! Candy hops on for a sleeper hold! Havoc grits her teeth and throws Candy off! Havoc drags Candy up but Candy headscissors her back! Candy runs in for a hip attack in the corner!

Candy fires up and throws forearms and elbows. She roundhouses Havoc, then waistlocks. Havoc blocks and breaks free, to reel Candy in for a stiff elbow! Havoc gives Candy another elbow, then reels her in for a big clothesline! Candy is dazed as she flops over. Havoc stomps Candy but fans rally up. Havoc grabs the legs and grins as she turns Candy over! Candy screams as she endures Havoc’s monstrous Boston Crab! Havoc lets Candy go when she doesn’t give up, and stalks her to the ropes. Havoc chokes Candy on the ropes then pulls her back! She lets go at the ref’s count of 4, but comes back to loom over Candy. Havoc runs, for a stiff knee on the run! The Monster of Madness roars, because she’s not done.

Havoc drags Candy up and throws her into buckles. She whips corner to corner but Candy goes up! But Havoc trips her up, for kicks in the Tree of Woe. And an elbow drop DDT! Havoc bares her fangs as she runs side to side for the boot wash! She’s still not done with Candy and goes for another, but Candy dodges! Candy finds new life as she runs in for a forearm smash! And another hip attack! Havoc is down, Candy cannonballs! Candy is fired up and so are the fans. Candy kicks away but Havoc catches her, only for an enziguri! Havoc staggers while Candy climbs, big missile dropkick drops Havoc! Cover, TWO! Candy came so close but she can’t believe she’s still so far from winning.

Fans rally up and Candy climbs again. Candy moonsaults, but flops! Havoc roundhouses Candy, then fireman’s carry, Air Raid Crash! Cover, Havoc wins!

Winner: Havoc, by pinfall

The Monster of Madness mauls another Woman of Wrestling, and she’s after the world title! Does Tessa Blanchard have yet another hunter on her tail?


Jessie Jones VS Chantilly Chella!

One Woman of Wrestling wants to “Make Wrasslin’ Great Again” while the other just wants wrestling to be fun. Will Ms. Southern Pride have fun crashing Chantilly’s party? Or will Chantilly party on into the night?

The bell rings and Jessie circles with Chantilly. Chantilly dodges and kicks Jessie, and then says “Peace.” Jessie lunges at Chantilly but Chantilly dodges to hop on for a sleeper hold. Jessie fades as Chantilly becomes a backpack, but she powers up to bump Chantilly off buckles. Chantilly lets go and Jessie whips corner to corner. Chantilly goes up and over but Jessie blocks the arm-drag using the ropes! Jessie elbows away then rolls Chantilly. Chantilly turns around to sweep the legs! Cover, ONE, but Chantilly keeps on Jessie with forearms. Jessie shoves but Chantilly comes back to waistlock. Jessie standing switches and dumps Chantilly on her face! Cover, TWO! Jessie keeps on Chantilly with a hammerlock, and throws her into buckles. She grins as she runs back in, but Chantilly boots her back.

Chantilly elbows Jessie away, then runs at her, but for a drop toehold into ropes! Jessie wraps and pulls the bad arm in the ropes! The ref counts and Jessie lets go at 4, but with a sinister grin. Jessie drags Chantilly up and reels her in for shoulder-to-shoulder slams. She rams Chantilly over and over, then whips for a big shoulder tackle! Jessie stays on Chantilly with her Southern Pride Fujiwara! She also pulls on the fingers! Chantilly taps, Jessie wins!

Winner: Jessie Jones, by submission

But Jessie doesn’t let go until she feels it’s enough! Jessie gives another rotten grin then demands a mic. Fans boo but Jessie shouts back, “Shut your mouths, I’m talkin’!” Jessie says “Little Miss Chinchilla is just another prime example of the disrespect in the WOW locker room.” Wrasslin’ ain’t about parties, festivals or fun. It’s about hard work. One fan shouts, “No one cares!” Jessie says her hard work will make wrasslin’ great again. The fans don’t like how she’s doing it, but will Jessie take over WOW one armbar at a time?


Joyce Grable is in the crowd!

A legend in women’s wrestling, from being a four-time women’s tag team champion, a two-time Women’s United States Champion, and an NWA Hall of Famer, the Women of Wrestling owe her so much. Joyce says this is the best ladies’ wrestling show she’s seen in years! WOW is gonna be #1! WOW has the Joyce Grable seal of approval, will it soon take over the world of women’s wrestling?


Kobra Moon is now in WOW!

This major signing is thanks to “The World’s Greatest Attorney”, Sophia Lopez. The Queen of Serpents accomplished a lot in The Temple of Lucha Underground, but it’s still not enough. Nothing is enough for the voracious viper vixen, and WOW is just another kingdom to conquer. To satisfy this thirst for power and fame, she needs to conquer this new world. With Sophia backing her, anything is possible. Kobra Moon promises to show the WOW locker room and fans something they’ve never seen before: a real luchadora who fears no one! Kobra Moon promises to decimate any Woman of Wrestling put in her path. Who will be the first to feel this viper’s venom?


Sophia Lopez heads to the ring!

The World’s Greatest Attorney “thanks” Shaul for the introduction as she snatches the mic away. It’s refreshing to work with someone that understands greatness. Not like David McLane, at least. But thanks to Jeanie Buss letting Sophia do what she does, she now presents direct from The Temple, Kobra Moon! The fans are fired up to see the Queen of Serpents in person, and now they’ll get to see her WOW in-ring debut!

Kobra Moon w/ Sophia Lopez VS Azteca!

It’s luchadora VS luchadora! The Serpent Tribe’s fearless leader goes against the Sun Goddess! Will Kobra truly be unstoppable with Sophia’s support? Or will Azteca upset the newcomer already?

The bell rings and Kobra slithers towards Azteca. They circle and Kobra declares she’s the Real Queen of the Temple. But Azteca counters by saying she is the sun! Kobra waistlocks but Azteca breaks free. Azteca wrenches the arm but Kobra rolls and drop toeholds. Kobra gets a headlock, and almost into a crossface! Kobra shifts to a facelock as Azteca moves. Azteca slips out and wrenches the arm to a hammerlock. Kobra works to get up but Azteca hits the La Majistrol! ONE and Kobra goes for her own Majistrol! TWO, and the luchadoras stand off. Fans are fired up and chant “Lucha! Lucha!” Azteca and Kobra circle and tie up again.

Kobra knees low and clubs away. Kobra puts Azteca on the ropes with a choke, but lets up at 4, to CHOP Azteca! Fans boo as Kobra whips. Azteca dodges and acrobatically arm-drags! Azteca dares Kobra to come back for more, and things speed up again. Kobra flips through the hip toss for an arm-drag of her own. Kobra waistlocks and reels Azteca out, but Azteca CHOPS back! Now it’s a chop fight! Kobra chops and forearms Azteca then whips, but Azteca reverses. Azteca hits a big corner splash, then runs corner to corner but Kobra goes up and over. Kobra gets a draping Anaconda Vice! She lets go at 4, and Azteca gasps as she crawls away. Kobra is right on Azteca again with a neckbreaker to another, to a third! Azetca is down from the hat trick, Kobra covers, TWO!

Kobra is furious with the ref, as is Sophia. Kobra whips Azteca but Azteca elbows back. Azteca slingshots back for headscissors, into an Octopus Stretch! Kobra endures and rams Azteca into buckles! Azteca’s in the Tree of Woe and Kobra stomps a mudhole in! Kobra runs corner to corner for a basement dropkick! Azteca falls out of the Tree and Kobra covers, TWO!! Azteca survives and Kobra grows frustrated. Kobra slashes the throat, calling for the end. She stomps Azteca then drags her up. Kobra scoops but Azteca fights out. Azteca shoves and dodges the kick to hit a rolling roundhouse of her own! Both luchadoras are down and Sophia is worried. Azteca and Kobra stand at 5, and Kobra rushes in. Azteca gets her back with a strike fest, big roundhouse! Kobra is down and Azteca slingshots for a corkscrew splash! Cover, TWO!!

Now Azteca is in disbelief! Sophia is relieved but Kobra’s still in danger. Azteca powers up and brings Kobra up. Kobra resists the bomb and rams Azteca into buckles. Kobra goes corner to corner, big knee! She keeps going as Azteca staggers out, for another big knee! Kobra wants a third, but Azteca counters with a takedown, to a Half Crab! Kobra endures as Azteca pulls back hard. She crawls and gets the ropebreak! Azteca lets go but she will not be deterred. Sophia coaches Kobra up as Azteca runs in. Kobra avoids a kick to hook and sweep the legs! Kobra calls for the finish again, and drags Azteca up into a dragon sleeper. From there, Kobra has a modified gut wrench, for a driver! Cover, Kobra Moon wins!

Winner: Kobra Moon, by pinfall

Sophia Lopez celebrates her recruit’s victory. Will Kobra become the Queen of both Temple and WOW?


The Temptress w/ Dagger VS Fire!

The other half of this dastardly duo competes on WOW TV, looking for revenge on the young star who stepped up to help Keta Rush. Will Temptress be burned for playing with Fire? Or will Fire’s hot streak be put out?

The bell rings, and Temptress keeps her eyes locked with Fire’s. They tie up, and Temptress gets a headlock. She wrenches the arm but Fire spins and reverses to a wristlock. Temptress rolls through and kicks Fire away. Fire and Temptress stare down as they circle again. They tie up, Fire pops around to the waistlock. Temptress tries a standing switch but Fire counters to a headlock. Fire gets the takedown but Temptress headscissors. Fire pops out and the two stand off again. Temptress eggs Fire on and they go again. Fire rolls Temptress up, TWO, but she’s right on Temptress with La Majistrol, ONE! Temptress runs into a backslide, TWO, Fire dropkicks Temptress down! Fire arm-drags Temptress to an armlock, but Temptress fights up. Temptress pulls hair! The ref reprimands but Temptress whips. Fire sunset flips, TWO, dropkick again!

Temptress gets to the apron but Dagger swipes at Fire on the other end! Fire gets away but Temptress is on her with a waistlock. Temptress throws Fire down and stomps her out. Temptress drags Fire up by her hair to throw her face-first on the mat. Fire stands but Temptress bumps her off buckles. Temptress whips Fire corner to corner but Fire goes up and over. Fire fires forearms and a snapmare. Temptress ducks the mule kick and rolls Fire up, TWO! Fire wrenches Temptress’ wrist, but Temptress kicks low. Temptress goes acrobatic for a SLAP! Temptress runs in, but Fire counters the monkey flip to put Temptress on the top rope. Fire CHOPS Temptress, then yanks her off, to go corner to corner for a splash! She keeps moving, but Temptress bails out of the ring.

Fire stops herself from crashing, but Dagger distracts! Temptress slides in and fireman’s carry, Samoan Drop! Cover, TWO! Fire survives and fans fire up or her. Temptress grins as she stalks Fire. She drags Fire up into a backbreaker! Then she pushes Fire backwards across her knee. Temptress drops Fire down to cover, TWO! Temptress grins as she drags Fire up by her hair again. She puts Fire on the ropes for a choke. The ref backs Temptress off but Dagger chokes Fire into the ropes! Temptress returns while Dagger gets away with it. Snap suplex! Float over cover, TWO! Temptress keeps on Fire with a seated abdominal stretch. Fans rally up while Temptress grinds her forearm into Fire’s face. Fire fights back, body shots and forearms! She whips but Temptress reverses, but Fire kicks the legs out to hit a basement bulldog! Cover, TWO!

Fire grows frustrated, and she walks into Temptress’ SPINEBUSTER! High stack cover, TWO!! Temptress grows frustrated but she still grins as she drags Fire up gain. She throws Fire around and Dagger applauds. Temptress stands on Fire’s back to taunt the fans. Fans boo and jeer but Temptress just loves the heat. Temptress drags Fire up again for knees to the back. She wraps Fire up in a chinlock, but Fire endures. Fans continue to rally and Fire feeds off the energy. Fire fights out and runs, but Temptress dumps her out! Dagger goes after her but Fire hits first! Fire bumps Dagger off the apron, then slides in, double clotheslines take both women out! Fans reach a fever pitch for Fire while Dagger coaches Temptress up. Fire rises, but so does Temptress. They brawl on their knees, and up to their feet!

Fire forearms, but Temptress ax handles. Fire dodges and rallies with more forearms! She wrenches Temptress to a snapmare, then a mule kick! Fire runs in corner to corner, big corner clothesline! She keeps going for a hip attack! Then side to side, basement dropkick! Cover, TWO! Temptress survives and Fire is beside herself. But the fans keep cheering her own, so Fire drags Temptress up. Fire fisherman’s but Temptress fireman’s carry! Fire slips out, whips, dodges the boot to SUPERKICK! Temptress goes down and Fire climbs up. But Dagger shoves her down! Temptress hits an urenage backbreaker! Cover, Temptress wins!

Winner: The Temptress, by pinfall

The Dagger helps her partner out, and now they look to add insult to injury. They stomp away on Fire but Keta Rush runs in! Keta dropkicks and runs both Dagger and Temptress off! Keta has repaid the favor to Fire, and the fans are fired up for this new friendship! David McLane hurries to interview them while Dagger and Temptress retreat. Fire thanks Keta for the save, and Keta’s Bully Busters are so excited! Will Keta and Fire continue to work together to bust the bullies, Temptress and Dagger?


WOW World Championship #1 Contender’s Match: Jungle Grrrl VS Amber O’Neal w/ Lana Star!

The Queen of the Splash wants to be the Queen of the Jungle in WOW again, but Lana looks to use her protege as a proxy back to the top. Will Jungle Grrrl take all of her frustrations out on the Beverly Hills Babe? Or will Lana’s investment start to pay off?

The bell rings and this main event begins. Fans boo the bragging by the Babe, but JG is right on her with forearms! JG whips but Amber bails out! Amber and Lana regroup to calm down, but JG slides out with a dropkick! Lana and Amber get clear, but JG makes sure to kick the coach first. JG then throws haymakers on Amber, and then bumps both blondes off the apron! She puts Amber in but Amber plays up an injury so that Lana can trip JG up! Lana feeds JG to Amber for Amber to stomp away. Amber bounces JG off the mat again and again, then covers. TWO, but Amber’s on JG with a kick to the back!

Amber wraps on a seated full nelson, showing off with the splits. She makes it a full mounted nelson, then shifts the hold to double chicken wings. JG endures, but Amber bridges for Cattle Mutilation! JG endures and refuses to quit, so Amber shifts to an inverted armbar. Fans rally as JG powers up, and she deadlifts Amber to a buckle bomb! Amber lets go and JG unleashes point-blank clotheslines. JG goes to run but Amber yanks her down by her hair! Amber rakes JG’s face and rains down rights! Lana loves what she sees as Amber stomps JG to a corner. Amber rams her shoulder in then grinds a boot into JG’s throat. JG pushes the boot away but Amber whips. JG reverses, roars and runs in. Amber headscissors and turns it into a hanging triangle, the Queen City Stretch!

Amber lets go at 4 and JG coughs as she staggers back. She takes time to gloat alongside Lana, but JG gets tot he apron to kick. Amber sweeps the leg and JG crashes and burns! The Babe distracts the ref so that Lana can pound and stomp JG into the ground! Lana gets away with it while Amber taunts the fans. Amber fetches JG into the ring then takes her time getting the cover. ONE, because the former WOW World Champion is tougher than that! So Amber rakes the eyes! Amber drags JG up and whips to the corner. She runs in but JG goes to roll her up! Amber holds ropes but JG pries her away, but now Lana distracts the ref! JG has Amber down for at least 5, and is furious with Lana!

Amber attacks JG from behind! Amber whips but JG reverses, fireman’s carry and stunner! Cover, TWO!! Lana is relieved but JG is only angrier. JG stomps Amber then climbs up high. Lana goes after JG’s feet! The referee finally sees this, but then The Beast slides in! The Beast shoves Amber aside and dares JG to do something about it. JG leaps in, but is caught! CHOKE SLAM!

Winner: Jungle Grrrl, by disqualification

The biggest and the baddest robbed Jungle Grrrl again! But Jungle Grrrl knows she still won from the DQ, so she demands her rematch NOW! Jungle Grrrl tells both Tessa Blanchard and The Beast that they invaded her Jungle! “Baby it’s on!” This will be like a game of dominoes, with both of them going down! Will we get another WOW World Championship Triple Threat?! Will the Queen of the Splash get double the revenge?



My Thoughts:

Another crazy episode of WOW! Tessa Blanchard doesn’t do much but she does make good on upping her Heel arrogance. I find it interesting they threw Havoc out there, but I suppose it is to make the point that with only the one title right now, everyone is a potential contender. Havoc VS Candy was good, and Candy got to look a little stronger than I expected. But of course, Havoc wins because of the moment she just had with Tessa. Jessie Jones VS Chantilly Chella felt like filler, but it was needed to keep the “Make Wrasslin’ Great Again” gimmick fresh in our minds. Still no idea who is going to be Jessie’s main rival in this gimmick, unless they bring back the trainee she “crippled”.

Kobra Moon VS Azteca was good, but clearly it’s too soon to make Kobra Moon’s Lucha Underground kayfabe part of WOW’s kayfabe. I’m still curious to see how they handle having both Kobra Moon/Thunder Rosa and Holidead on the same roster without them being the Twisted Sisterz. The one gripe here is the arrangement of her debut. They gave us the interview segment before Sophia officially introduces her, when they should’ve given us the interview during her entrance. A minor thing, but also a big thing. Meanwhile, Temptress VS Fire was a really good match, and felt like the real main-event in terms of action. The story is building and I’m sensing this might be the match-up to bring back the WOW Women’s Tag Team Championships. The live audience seems to really love Keta and Fire, so making them the inaugural new tag champs might be the way to go.

And after saying that, I feel like WOW is relying too much on short main events that have shocking, brawling endings, but they’re still rather well done. Jungle Grrrl having to deal with Lana on top of Amber was a good story, as was The Beast running in to interfere. However, I just wish it got to be longer than 10 minutes. Perhaps this coming Triple Threat for the WOW world title will finally be that main event that feels like a main event. Tessa VS Jungle Grrrl VS Beast should be no less than 15 minutes, preferably 20 or more. Joyce Grable put WOW over, now it’s time for WOW to run with that.

My Score: 8.4/10

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