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MItchell’s WWE 205 Live Results & Report! (3/12/19)

The Cruiserweight Championship Contenders Tournament reaches the semifinals!



205 Live = Cruiserweight Division

The Cruiserweight Championship Contender’s Tournament reaches the semifinals! Alexander VS Lorcan, Nese VS Gulak, who will be the finalists!?



  • Cruiserweight Championship Contenders Tournament: Cedric Alexander VS Oney Lorcan; Alexander wins and advances to the finals.
  • Cruiserweight Championship Contenders Tournament: Tony Nese VS Drew Gulak; Nese wins and advances to the finals.


The semifinalists address the WWE Universe.

“Good evening. This is Drew Gulak and welcome to 205 Live. Who doesn’t love the semifinals of a tournament?” Everyone loves a good Final Four, because this separates men from the boys, contenders from pretenders, and victors from victims. In other words, this is where Tony Nese will collapse under the pressure. Nese thinks things will be different from last year, but Gulak tells Nese that he’s still facing Gulak. Gulak recaps the pattern: “I own Tony Nese.” So to reinforce the lesson from last year, “when you step to me, you will tap out.”

But Tony Nese has a response. It won’t take speed or strength to defeat Gulak, because he’s different from every other Cruiserweight. Nese cannot make mistakes, because Gulak will dissect it. Gulak did it before, he can do it again. So Nese’s focus will be his biggest asset. Gulak thinks he knows Nese, he thinks he owns Nese? But he doesn’t know how far Nese will go to get to Wrestlemania. Try to tap him out, because Nese will not give up.

Oney Lorcan says this isn’t personal. Lorcan had no ill will towards Humberto Carrillo, but everyone knew what they signed up for when the let Lorcan in. Cedric Alexander has been to Wrestlemania, but he can be broken. Lorcan vows to snuff out the Soul of 205 Live, but nothing personal.

Cedric Alexander knows Lorcan is a “bad, bad man”. Lorcan is championship material, and he will run this Cruiserweight Division one day. But it’s still Alexander’s Division. Lorcan can stare Alexander down with lariats and chops, make sure they all count. Alexander vows to get back to Wrestlemania and take back what belongs to him. Who in the final four goes to the tournament finals?


Buddy Murphy has a message for everyone.

The Cruiserweight Champion is back home in Melbourne, Australia as he congratulates the final four. One man is just two matches away from taking on him, the greatest of all time. But everyone wants to know who Murphy thinks will win? Will it be Drew Gulak, one of the best technicians in the world? Will it be Oney Lorcan, the gritty brawler who hasn’t quite adjusted to the Cruiserweight style? Murphy knows that’s a tough task. Will it be Tony Nese, the Premier Athlete who is a blueprint for what a Cruiserweight should be? Murphy has no doubt Nese will reach the top one day. Or will it be Cedric Alexander? That wouldn’t be a big surprise, but it doesn’t really matter, because no one can stop the unstoppable. Will Murphy’s confidence be his downfall once this tournament reaches the finish?


Cruiserweight Championship Contenders Tournament: Cedric Alexander VS Oney Lorcan!

The Soul of 205 Live vows to resurrect the Age of Wrestlemania as he goes to back-to-back Wrestlemania matches, but will the Boston Brawler break that promise with his fists?

The bell rings and fans are strongly behind Alexander. Alexander and Lorcan tie up and Alexander puts Lorcan in a corner. He backs off at 4 and circles with Lorcan again. They tie up and Lorcan gets a wristlock. Lorcan wrenches but Alexander rolls and handsprings through. Lorcan and Alexander break and fans cheer. Alexander and Lorcan circle while taking glances at the Wrestlemania sign. Lorcan gets a headlock and grinds Alexander to the mat. He turns Alexander for a cover, ONE. Lorcan keeps on Alexander and tries another cover, ONE. Alexander makes it a cover on Lorcan, ONE! Lorcan wrenches but Alexander headscissors. Lorcan pops out and gets the headlock again! Alexander keeps his shoulders up and gets another headscissor. Lorcan pops out, headlock, headscissors, repeat! Alexander takes a swing but Lorcan gets clear of the kick.

The two circle again and Lorcan CHOPS! Alexander is reeling so Lorcan CHOPS him again! Lorcan whips but Alexander rolls off his back, only to get an uppercut. Lorcan runs but gets a dropkick! Cover, ONE! Lorcan sits up and Alexander is still stinging. Alexander chops Lorcan back, then throws an uppercut of his own. Alexander snapmares Lorcan for a dropkick! Cover, TWO! Alexander keeps his cool as he stalks Lorcan. He brings Lorcan up, but Lorcan blocks the lift. Alexander lifts but Lorcan fights out. Lorcan elbows and clotheslines Alexander down! Cover, TWO! Lorcan covers again, ONE, so Lorcan gets a rear bearhug. Alexander endures the squeeze as fans rally up. Alexander fights up and pries out of the hold to rock Lorcan with a forearm. Lorcan kicks back then whips, to throw in the Kitchen Sink! Cover, TWO!

Lorcan drags Alexander up for another CHOP, then whips. Alexander catches the knee, but Lorcan reels him into the abdominal stretch! Fans rally again as Alexander endures. Alexander fights out with haymakers and headbutts, then runs, only for Lorcan to get the stretch right back on! Alexander powers out and headbutts again. He chops Lorcan again and again, then whips. Lrocan reverses but Alexander rolls him up! TWO, and Alexander rallies with lariats and elbows. Alexander gives Lorcan the stiff back elbow, then handsprings, Neuralizer! Fans fire up with Alexander as he runs in. Alexander rams his shoulder in, hits an enziguri, and then the step-in complete shot! Cover, TWO! Lorcan still lives and Alexander grows frustrated.

Alexander gets up as Lorcan gets to a corner. Alexander chops Lorcan again, then hoists him up top. Fans fire up as Alexander wants a superplex but Lorcan fights back. Lorcan shoves Alexander down then adjusts, but Alexander gets under the blockbuster. Lorcan comes back around to get the blockbuster on the run! Cover, TWO! Lorcan is livid but fans rally up for Alexander. Lorcan grits his teeth and looks to the Wrestlemania sign again. He glares down at Alexander as he half nelsons. Alexander resists the Half ‘n’ Half, and throws more elbows. Alexander standing switches but his back and ribs hold him back! Lorcan CHOPS Alexander off his feet! Lorcan grabs Alexander but Alexander back kicks! And knee lifts and forearms! Alexander runs, but into the Half ‘n’ Half! Cover, TWO! Lorcan can’t believe Alexander survives!

Fans fire up for Alexander while Lorcan thinks of what he can do. Lorcan grits his teeth and glances at the Mania sign. Lorcan drags Alexander up for heavy European Uppercuts. He runs, but Alexander dumps him out! Alexander goes to the apron but Lorcan meets him there, Alexander SPEARS him! Alexander puts Lorcan in, Michinoku Driver! Cover, TWO!! Alexander is the one in shock now, but he also glares down at Lorcan. Fans rally up as Lorcan glares up at Alexander. Alexander stomps and kicks Lorcan up and down, and fans fire up with him as he goes to the corner. Alexander tosses off the elbow pads, springboards, but into an uppercut! Lorcan positions Alexander on the top rope, and he wants the half nelson?! They stand up, SUPER HALF ‘N’ HALF!! Cover, TWO?! The Soul survives and the Boston Brawler is beside himself!

Lorcan stands up and looms over Alexander. Lorcan drags Alexander up by his ear, but Alexander SLAPS him! So Lorcan slaps, slaps, SLAPS Alexander back. Alexander is wobbling, Lorcan brings Alexander up again, but Alexander reels him into a LUMBAR CHECK! Cover, Alexander wins!!

Winners: Cedric Alexander, by pinfall; advances to the tournament finals

The Soul survives the semifinals, and now he waits for his fellow finalist! Will the Age of Alexander rise again on the Road to Wrestlemania’s home stretch?


Mr. & Mrs. Kanellis meet with Drake Maverick again.

Maria starts to tell Maverick off but Mike speaks up. Mike has been in the business for 16 years. Yes, Maverick is aware. Well then let Mike tell him again! Mike has been all over the world, he has paid his dues, and he has earned the respect of everyone he’s worked alongside. Mike doesn’t need anyone’s pity, yet Maverick apparently pities Mike. Maverick gave Mike a rookie, but why? Did Maverick think Mike would beat Colby Corino and then just come back to shake hands and say he’s happy to be here? Well Mike isn’t happy, he’s hungry and deserves better.

Maverick accepts that, and will give Mike something better. Next week, Mike will face “one of the top Cruiserweights in the world, befitting of your experience and your stature.” Oh but before they leave, Maverick says there’s no room for losers here. Soon enough, looking good in defeat won’t cut it. Take next week’s opportunity very seriously, because there might not be another one. Who will Maverick match up to Mike? And will Mike make the most of what could be his last chance?


Ariya Daivari speaks.

“It’s Wrestlemania season, and I’m not in the Cruiserweight tournament.” But he realizes his biggest asset is also his biggest obstacle: and that’s making ordinary guys look like superstars. Daivari’s always handcuffed to lesser men. But the leash is coming off, and when it does, we’ll see what frustration really looks like. Who will suffer the wrath of a pent-up Persian Lion?


Cruiserweight Championship Contenders Tournament: Tony Nese VS Drew Gulak!

We all know the Soul of 205 Live awaits the winner of this match. This is a rematch of the gritty, bloody battle from last year’s tournament, and the Philly Fury vows history will repeat itself. But the Premier Athlete says things are very, very different from last year. Who moves on to take on the Age of Alexander?

The bell rings and Gulak circles with Nese. Nese points to the Wrestlemania sign but fans are actually behind Gulak. But Gulak tells them to stop chanting because it’s still against his #Drewtopia rules. Gulak headlocks and holds on as Nese tries to power out. Nese tries again but Gulak puts him in a corner. Gulak wrenches and whips but Nese reverses. Gulak goes up and over and even arm-drags Nese, but Nese arm-drags right back! Nese has the armlock but Gulak works his way up as fans rally. Gulak pushes Nese to a corner to whip again. Nese stops himself and back elbows Gulak away. Nese leaps up but Gulak dodges. Gulak grabs hair to go for the dragon sleeper, but Nese drops down and bails out. Nese knows Gulak well, and takes a moment to catch his breath. The ref counts but Nese returns at 5.

Gulak grins as he and Nese circle. They approach and tie up, and Nese gets a wristlock. Nese puts Gulak on the mat and twists the arm. Gulak keeps his shoulders up and headscissors Nese back. Nese moves around and headstands out to get a headlock. Gulak keeps his shoulders up again, but also pulls hair. They stand up and Nese wrenches. Gulak breaks free but Nese dropkicks him out of the ring! Nese slingshots but Gulak gets clear. Nese cartwheels and SUPERKICKS Gulak down! Fans boo Nese as he CHOPS Gulak against the apron. Gulak runs around the corner but Nese puts him back in the ring. Nese covers, ONE, but he stays on Gulak with a cravat. Nese brings Gulak up for a suplex! Cover, ONE! Nese keeps on Gulak as fans rally for Gulak.

Nese CHOPS Gulak then whips, but Gulak reverses to reel him in for a knee. Gulak powerbomb lifts to hotshot Nese! Gulak drops springboard stomps while Alexander watches backstage. Alexander is familiar with both men, so he doesn’t seem bothered by Gulak wrenching Nese’s neck. Fans cheer but Nese powers his way up. Nese throws body shots and forearms, rocking Gulak against the ropes. Nese suplexes but Gulak slips out for an inverted suplex! Cover, TWO! Nese gasps for air while Gulak shakes out the cobwebs. Gulak grabs a leg and stomps away. He drops an elbow then grimaces as he wrenches the knee with a standing toehold. Nese endures but it’s also a cover, TWO!

Gulak ties up the legs and turns Nese over for a Queen Angelito. Gulak grabs hair then goes after the arms. He clubs Nese then pulls hair again, but lets up to smash the knee! Cover, TWO! Gulak is right on Nese with a chinlock. Nese endures and fights his way up. Nese back suplexes Gulak down! They’re both down but Nese rolls his way to a corner. Fans rally as Gulak drops more springboard stomps. Gulak grinds his boots into Nese’s chin but lets up at 4. Gulak drags Nese up by his bear and rakes the face! Cover, TWO! Nese crawls away but Gulak is on him again. Nese shoves Gulak away but Gulak comes back to CHOP him in the corner.

Gulak pushes Nese into the buckles as he shouts, “I own you!” Fans cheer but Nese reverses the whip! Gulak hits buckles hard but Nese can’t capitalize. Nese drags himself up on the ropes, and throws haymakers on Gulak! Nese back kicks then whips, but Gulak reverses, and they collide! Gulak throws in knees then snap suplexes to a cover! TWO, but Gulak keeps his cool. Gulak wraps Nese up in a half straitjacket, then gets the full straitjacket. Gulak squeezes tight and grinds a knee into Nese’s back. Nese refuses to quit and manages to power up and out! Gulak comes back but into Nese’s elbow. Nese boots Gulak from a corner then cravats Gulak into his knee! Nese runs for a kitchen sink to a heel kick! Gulak staggers but Nese runs in for a back elbow! Nese keeps moving, leaping lariat! Cover, TWO!

Nese drags Gulak up to a fireman’s carry. Gulak rakes eyes to escape, but Nese gets a Northern Lights! Bridging cover, TWO! Gulak escapes but Nese keeps his focus. Nese stomps Gulak but Gulak stays up. Nese shouts, “You think you own me, Drew?!” Gulak chops and haymakers but Nese fires body shots back. Nese goes Matrix to dodge the chop, then fires off strikes! Nese hotshot bulldogs Gulak! Gulak is down, Nese triangle moonsaults! Gulak evades but Nese lands on his feet. Nese runs in but is put on the apron. Nese roundhouses Gulak down, then split-leg moonsaults! Cover, TWO!! Gulak survives again but Nese keeps his cool. Nese drags Gulak up for more forearms. Nese runs, but Gulak dropkicks him down! Gulak grits his teeth and fires up.

Gulak goes to Nese on the apron to stomp away! He drops an ax handle then drags Nese back in for the dragon sleeper! Nese resists so Gulak POWERBOMBS him! TWO, to another POWERBOMB! Cover, TWO!! Nese lives and Gulak can’t believe it! Gulak drags Nese up again but Nese powers him to the top rope. Nese CHOPS then climbs up to join Gulak. Gulak shoves him down, but Nese somersaults for SHORYUKEN! SUPER STEINER! Nese climbs back up top, 450 FLOPS!! Both men are down but fans rally up for Gulak. Gulak and Nese slowly stir. Gulak is on Nese first, dragon sleeper but Nese slips out! Pumphandle but Gulak escapes. Nese standing switches but Gulak elbows out. Gulak runs but he rolls to fake Nese out, sunset flip, TWO!!

Gulak scoops, dragon sleeper, GuLOCK! But Nese turns over, and the two roll to the ropes. Gulak lets Nese go but he fish hooks Nese’s face. He drags Nese up but Nese SLAPS and German Suplexes Gulak into buckles! Nese brings the knee pad down, runs side to side, but Gulak gets out of the way! Gulak clotheslines Nese down! Cover, TWO!! Dragon sleeper! Gulak drags Nese in but Nese resists the lock. Nese crawls and reaches but Gulak rolls him away, GuLOCK! Nese flails and reaches, ropebreak, but then Nese uses it to roll through! Cover, Nese wins!!

Winner: Tony Nese, by pinfall; advances to the tournament finals

The Premier Athlete leaves Gulak shocked! Alexander applauds backstage as now two familiar foes will face off in the finals. Will Nese stop the Soul’s Wrestlemania resurrection? Or will Alexander add Nese to his legacy?



My Thoughts:

A great episode of 205 Live here, but that should be expected with two big semifinal matches. The opening promos were great from the final four and Murphy, and I really appreciate Alexander and Murphy both hyping Lorcan up as a future star. I wonder if Mike Kanellis’ match next week is going to be a debut for another new Cruiserweight star. With others gone, like TJP and Hideo Itami, I can’t really see what it is. Maybe it’s Humberto Carrillo but it also sounds like this is a must-win situation for Mike, and Mike winning over Carrillo might hurt Carrillo’s story. Daivari himself looks ready to snap, but it might be on a jobber. For that matter, where are Lucha House Party? There was such promise when it felt like there’d be Cruiserweight tag titles…

I was really surprised that Alexander VS Lorcan went first. It was a great match, but I was right to think that Lorcan wasn’t going to break the bracket that much. Alexander wins and is one match closer to teasing his back-to-back Wrestlemania moments. Nese VS Gulak was great, but clearly the fans were hoping for Alexander VS Gulak next week. It kinda killed some of the mood for the match because Nese was doing so great. Nese wins because it really feels like he’s on his own redemption story from what he had to go through last year. Either man would’ve been a good choice, and Dayton would’ve clearly popped if Gulak won. But Alexander VS Nese sounds great, and we still get our tease of a possible Body Guys match, Nese VS Murphy at Mania.

My Score: 8.4/10

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