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205 Live = Cruiserweight Division


Mitchell’s WWE 205 Live Results & Report! (3/19/19)

It’s the Cruiserweight Championship Contender’s Tournament FINALS!

It’s the Cruiserweight Championship Contender’s Tournament Finals! Will it be the Premier Athlete or the Soul of 205 Live going to Wrestlemania?



  • Mike Kanellis w/ Maria VS ???; Mike Kanellis wins.
  • WWE Cruiserweight Championship Contender’s Tournament Finals: Tony Nese VS Cedric Alexander; Nese wins and will challenge Buddy Murphy for the title at Wrestlemania 35.


Drake Maverick sets the scene for this epic tournament conclusion!

Three weeks ago, eight top level Cruiserweight superstars started on the Road to Wrestlemania, and now we’re down to the final two! The Premier Athlete conquered former champion, Kalisto, with strength to then settle a score with Drew Gulak. For all the times Gulak got the better of him, Tony Nese made up for it with a huge win. On the other side, the Soul of 205 Live got through the Stamina Monster and then delayed the dreams of NXT’s Oney Lorcan. Both Nese and Alexander went through so much and now meet in the ring once again. Nese says he is willing to do anything, and Alexander says nothing can stop him, but who moves on to face the Cruiserweight Juggernaut, Buddy Murphy, at Wrestlemania?


Mike Kanellis w/ Maria VS ???

While Mr. & Mrs. have wanted a shot at the title, the win-loss record of the Lover and Fighter just isn’t good enough yet. Drake Maverick has told them both that Mike needs to take these opportunities more seriously, or else he might not get any more. But before the “world class” opponent Maverick found is introduced, Maria takes to the mic.

“Indianapolis, Indiana! Welcome to 205 Live. Please give it up for my husband, the greatest wrestler in the world. He is better than the best, Mike Kanellis!” Fans don’t seem to agree with her statements. Indy really is lazy and disrespectful and rude, huh? Just like 205 Live GM Drake Maverick. He had the audacity to threaten Mike’s job. But Mike will prove all the idiots in the crowd, Maverick and this mystery opponent wrong. The opponent is Akira Tozawa! The Stamina Monster may have lost in the tournament, but can he use Mike as a step back in the right direction? Or will Mike back up Maria’s words and finally get THE win he needs?

The bell rings and fans chant “AH! AH!” for Tozawa. Mike and Tozawa circle and tie up. Tozawa gets a waistlock but Mike reverses with a wrench. Tozawa gets a drop toehold but Mike gets the ropes. Maria cheers for Mike while Tozawa lets him go. Tozawa and Mike circle and tie up again. Tozawa and Mike push each other around, and Tozawa puts Mike in a corner. Mike turns it around but the ref has to break them up. Mike taunts Tozawa but Tozawa keeps his cool. They circle again and Mike kicks low. Mike chops Tozawa, then throws forearms. Mike whips but Tozawa reverses, Mike sunset flips but Tozawa rolls through. Tozawa Penalty Kicks but Mike gets under to roll him up! TWO and Tozawa sits, TWO! Tozawa hits the Penalty Kick and drops the senton! Cover, TWO!

Mike gets to ropes but Tozawa clotheslines him out. Fans fire up with Tozawa as he builds speed, Mike intercepts with a SUPERKICK! Cover, ONE, but Mike tries again, ONE! Mike tries a third, TWO! Tozawa gets to a corner but Mike stomps a mudhole into him. Mike backs off at the ref’s count of 4, but he and Maria are both confident as he drags Tozawa up. Mike suplexes Tozawa up and drops him hard. Cover, TWO! Mike drives his elbow into Tozawa’s shoulders and chest, then clamps on a chinlock. Tozawa endures while Maria taunts him. Tozawa fights out and runs, but into Mike’s elbow! Mike blows a kiss to the fans before stomping Tozawa down. Cover, TWO, but Mike is on him with the chinlock again. Tozawa endures as fans rally up.

Tozawa works up and fights out of the hold, but Mike clubs him back down. Mike drags Tozawa up and back suplexes, but Tozawa slips out. Tozawa shoves and headscissors Mike, then hits a Shining Wizard! Mike flounders away while Tozawa climbs up, but Tozawa still hits the missile dropkick! Cover, TWO! Tozawa keeps his cool while Mike crawls towards Maria. Tozawa waistlocks but Mike elbows out. Mike runs but into Tozawa’s back kick. Tozawa kicks, swings, slides under and tilt-o-whirls into an Octopus Stretch! Mike endures the hold but drops to a knee. Maria panics while fans cheer Tozawa on. Mike powers out and sidewalk slams Tozawa down! Maria is relieved, then taunts Tozawa again.

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Mike and Tozawa stand up and trade chops. Fans “WOO~” with every one, and Tozawa fires up. But it’s a feint for the JAB! Tozawa runs but Mike pops him up for a SPINEBUSTER! Cover, TWO! Mike and Maria are both furious that Tozawa survives. But Tozawa is still dazed, so Mike hurries to bring him up. Mike fireman’s carries but Tozawa slips out. Tozawa shoves but runs into an elbow. Mike hops up but gets a boot! Tozawa springs up and roars, but Mike fights back. Mike adjusts, and gets Tozawa in the fireman’s carry. SUPER Michinoku Driver! Cover, TWO!! Tozawa lives and both Mr. & Mrs. Kanellis are furious! Mike loses his cool but Maria gets him to focus. “Put him in his place!”

Mike sits Tozawa up and elbows away on Tozawa’s chin! Tozawa is dazed but Mike isn’t done, dragon sleeper and spin, but Tozawa slips out! Rolling roundhouse rocks Mike! Mike falls into the drop zone and Tozawa climbs up. Maria gets up to intercept, smiling and waving at him. Tozawa tells her to move aside but she chooses not to. Mike gets away, but to a different drop zone! Tozawa climbs and leaps, but onto knees! Mike hits the swinging neckbreaker! Cover, Mike wins!!

Winner: Mike Kanellis, by pinfall

The Power of Love helps Mike win! Or rather, Maria being ringside does. A win is a win, but is this THE win the Kanellises needed?


Backstage interview with Cedric Alexander.

The finals are upon us, and with so much on the line, what is his mindset tonight? He’s confident. This same time last year, Alexander was basically in this same position and punched his ticket to Wrestlemania. And as tough as Tony Nese is, Alexander plans on doing the exact same thing. But the Body Guys walk in and Buddy Murphy asks if Alexander is sure about that. The champ dismisses Kayla before Nese speaks. Nese and Alexander have gone back and forth, but the difference now is that Nese has gotten better while Alexander has stayed the same. Maybe, but Alexander was good enough to be champion at that level. He never had to be anyone’s sidekick. Oh good jokes, Alexander. Alexander was good enough to become champion, but he couldn’t stay champion, now could he? And Nese is not a sidekick anymore.

Is Nese sure about that? Yes, he’s sure. Then Alexander is happy for Nese, because he’s way too good to be Buddy’s bag boy. Murphy sees the mind games. But remember how Murphy beat Alexander in Melbourne? And then again at TLC! At Wrestlemania, Murphy will beat him again, in front of friends and family. Alexander laughs, because Murphy forgot about Nese. Maybe Nese could win this! They’ve gone back and forth, after all. Alexander is pretty confident he’ll win, but it seems Murphy’s already assumed Nese won’t. Alexander wonders what happens to their friendship if the title got in the way. Seems he has his answer.

Alexander leaves and Murphy tries to make sure Nese isn’t letting Alexander in his head. Nese says it’s fine, because after all, Murphy did say Nese will be champ some day. That’s not as direct an answer as Murphy was hoping for. Will the Body Guys still be buddies if Buddy has to face Nese?

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The Lucha House Party will return next week!

Kalisto may have lost in the Cruiserweight Championship Contender’s Tournament, but he, Lince Dorado and Gran Metalik will be back in action in a Six Man Tag! They’ll take on familiar foes, Drew Gulak & Jack Gallagher, but with their unlikely protege, Humberto Carrillo. Will Carrillo’s lessons in grappling and grounded wrestling pay off against the high-flying fiesta?


WWE Cruiserweight Championship Contender’s Tournament Finals: Tony Nese VS Cedric Alexander!

It’s the moment of truth! Everyone said their piece, but will Wrestlemania see a battle of Body Guys? Or the Age of Alexander going for back-to-back victories?

The bell rings and Alexander has Indianapolis on his side as he circles with Nese. They tie up and push each other around. Nese gets the waistlock but Alexander gets the standing switch. Nese pries out to a wristlock, then brings Alexander to the mat. Alexander works to get up and around, but Nese wrenches again. Alexander rolls and handsprings to reverse the wrench onto Nese. He gives Nese a shoulder breaker, but Nese rolls and spins to tweak Alexander’s arm. Alexander staggers back but runs into an arm-drag. Nese has Alexander down again with a new armlock. Alexander headscissors but Nese pops out to arm-drag Alexander again. Alexander headscissors again and Nese pops out for another arm-drag. Nese denies the headscissor this time, but Alexander stands up.

Fans rally and even duel as Nese whips Alexander to a corner. Alexander reverses but Nese goes up and over to sunset flip! TWO, and things speed up. Nese blocks a hip toss but so does Alexander. Alexander rolls Nese to a cover, TWO, and Nese ghost pins! TWO, and fans applaud these two evenly matched rivals. Alexander and Nese catch their breath and circle again as fans duel. Nese and Alexander approach, feeling it out. Nese gets a leg and covers, ONE, but Nese has the arm again. Alexander stands but Nese wrenches. Alexander puts Nese in a corner and the ref calls for the break. They let go but Alexander whips Nese corner to corner. Nese elbows Alexander back, then hops up, but Alexander gets under. Alexander jumps up and crossbodies, but things speed up!

Alexander rolls off Nese’s back then handsprings, but Nese denies the headscissors to dropkick! Cover, ONE! Nese keeps on Alexander’s arm, and Alexander endures as Nese leans on him. Alexander gets up, Nese back suplexes but Alexander lands on his feet. Alexander rolls and handsprings to headscissor Nese, then dropkicks him down! Cover, ONE! Fans cheer and duel as Alexander stalks Nese to the ropes. Alexander brings Nese up for a chop, and then another. He knocks Nese off his feet and covers, TWO! Alexander keeps on Nese with a chinlock and squeezes tight. Fans rally as Alexander puts more weight on Nese. Nese endures and powers his way to his feet. Nese fights out with body shots but Alexander hits back with a big forearm. Alexander runs but Nese sweeps the legs! Nese triangle jumps but his moonsault flops!

Alexander aims at Nese and knees him hard against the ropes. He rolls Nese to dropkick him in the back! Cover, TWO! Alexander keeps his cool while fans duel. Alexander drags Nese up but Nese pushes Alexander away. Nese throws a heavy haymaker, then counters Alexander to a cravat knee strike. Nese runs and boots Alexander, then hits the spinning heel kick! Alexander gets to a corner but Nese runs in, only for Alexander to dropkick the legs out! Nese hits buckles and Alexander goes to the apron, but Nese catches the kick! Nese sweeps Alexander’s legs and now Alexander is stuck in a Tree of Woe! And Nese boots him out of it! The referee checks on Alexander but he’s okay to continue. Nese leaves Alexander behind for the ring count.

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The count passes 4 before Alexander sits up. Alexander stands up at 6 and gets in at 7, but Nese is right there to stomp Alexander out. Nese drags Alexander up for a chop. Alexander forearms back but Nese rocks him with a forearm of his own. Nese kicks Alexander then whips and runs him over with elbows! Cover, TWO! Nese grows frustrated and he rains down lefts on Alexander. Nese wrenches Alexander’s neck in a rear mount, but Alexander endures. Fans rally up and Alexander feeds off the energy. Alexander fights out and blocks the boot. But Nese sees the elbow coming and gets a Northern Lights suplex! Bridging cover, TWO! Alexander survives but Nese keeps on him with stomps. Nese drops a leg and covers, TWO! Nese keeps on Alexander with a chinlock. Alexander endures as Nese leans on him again.

Fans build to another rally, and Alexander gets up, only for Nese to wrangle him back down. Nese squeezes tight but Alexander keeps moving. Fans cheer and Alexander gets up again. Alexander pushes Nese to a corner but Nese holds on. Alexander rams Nese into buckles and breaks free. Nese comes back but Alexander snapmares Nese. Alexander dropkicks Nese’s legs out then dropkicks him in the face! Fans chant as both men crawl to ropes. Alexander rallies on Nese with clotheslines. Alexander blocks the boot and gets the elbow this time! Nese staggers and Alexander handsprings, Neuralizer enziguri! Nese ends up in a corner and Alexander fires up. Alexander runs in but Nese puts him on the apron. Alexander boots Nese away, then hits the step-in Complete Shot! Cover, TWO!

Nese survives and Alexander grows frustrated. But Alexander focuses and stalks Nese. He drags Nese up but Nese blocks the lift. Nese clubs ALexander then slips under for a pumphandle. Alexander fights back but Nese still lifts. Alexander slips out and back kicks. He whips but Nese slides to pumphandle again, for a driver! Cover, TWO! Alexander survives and now Nese is frustrated. Fans cheer them on as both men crawl. Alexander gets to the apron but Nese pursues. Nese drags Alexander up by his hair but Alexander shoulders back. Alexander shovels Nese onto the apron but Nese rocks him with a roundhouse! Nese triangle moonsaults a hanging Alexander!! Cover, TWO! The Soul survives and the Premier Athlete is beside himself.

Alexander ends up in a corner and Nese sees his chance. Nese runs side to side but Alexander catches him to a roll up! TWO, and Alexander gets a Michinoku Driver outta nowhere! Cover, TWO!! Alexander is furious that he didn’t put Nese away. Alexander looks to the Wrestlemania sign for encouragement. He goes to a corner and takes the elbow pads off. Alexander dares Nese to stand, and Nese does stand. But Nese knows the springboard is coming and SHORYUKENS Alexander in the air! Alexander is stuck on the top rope, and Nese climbs to join him. Alexander fights back with body shots, and now both men brawl on either side of the corner. They knock each other off! Both Nese and Alexander crash and burn! The fans love this and cheer for “205! 205!” for giving them such a great match.

The ring count begins and passes 5 before either man sits up. Alexander and Nese crawl at 8, and jump in at 9.5! Both Nese and Alexander glare at each other. Nese vows he’s going to Mania, but Alexander says “Over my dead body.” The brawl is on as both men throw more haymakers! Nese staggers but comes back, but so does Alexander. Alexander gest an edge but Nese gives him one big left! Nese runs but into Alexander’s uppercut! Alexander runs, Nese goes Matrix, but both men block kicks. They both go for superkicks but they get caught on each other. They break free and Nese back kicks, knee lifts and sweeps. But Alexander jumps it to SUPERKICK! Cover, TWO! Both men are down but Indy is fired up!

Alexander and Nese stir and stand in corners. Alexander goes to Nese to chop, and put Nese on the top rope. He climbs up to join Nese, but Nese hops down to enziguri Alexander down! Alexander flounders to the floor but Nese builds speed to FLY! Direct hit from Premier Athlete to Soul of 205! Nese puts Alexander in then climbs up top, 450 splash hits! Cover, TWO!! Alexander still lives and Nese is in disbelief! Nese glares at Alexander in the corner as he staggers over. Nese sits Alexander up, but Alexander keeps Nese from running. Alexander shakes his head but Nese stomps away! THe ref backs Nese off, but Nese brings the knee pad down. Nese goes side to side, but into a SPANISH FLY! Cover, TWO!!

But Alexander doesn’t stop, LUMBAR CHECK!! Cover, TWO!? Nese survives a Lumbar Check?! Even Indy can’t believe that one! But they do know “This is Awesome!” Alexander gets to a corner as he tries to understand what he’s seeing. Nese stirs while Alexander brings his knee pads down. Alexander drags Nese up and wants another, but Nese victory rolls! TWO and Alexander has it, TWO! Nese knees Alexander to the corner! Then side to side, PREMIER KNEE! Cover, Nese wins!!!

Winner: Tony Nese, by pinfall; #1 contender to the WWE Cruiserweight Championship

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What a moment for Tony Nese! The Premier Athlete defeats another former champion on the Road to Wrestlemania! Alexander can’t believe it, but the fans know “That was Awesome!” Nese and Alexander shake hands, as there is still respect between these two rivals. But now, Nese will face his friend for the title. And speaking of, here comes Buddy Murphy. The Cruiserweight Champion walks to the ring to stand with Nese. The Body Guys shake hands, and Murphy even raises Nese’s. They point to the Wrestlemania sign together, but then Murphy blasts Nese with a knee trigger! Fans boo Buddy throwing away his friendship, but will he keep hold of the title at Wrestlemania?



My Thoughts:

What a GREAT 205 Live! I wasn’t sure what I was expecting for Mike Kanellis’ mystery opponent, but giving him Akira Tozawa was good. Mike wins, thanks to Maria, but that’s fine because they’re Heels. Plus, Mike couldn’t lose and possibly be expelled from 205 Live, this is the only place he has in WWE now. Then the Six Man Tag advertised for next week looks great. Carrillo in the ring with any of Lucha House Party sounds great, but I can already see Gulak & Gallagher reprimanding him when he starts going lucha libre to lucha libre. I feel like Carrillo’s team might lose, just for Gulak & Gallagher to put the blame on Carrillo for not listening to them.

The Cruiserweight Championship story is great, and Alexander VS Nese was incredible tonight. I am so glad they went with Murphy VS Nese. Nese should’ve had a chance at that title during the Enzo Amore days, but then those days ended because of the allegations, and things turned away from that. Plus, it does seem too easy if Alexander goes to Mania. It’s either he wins or Murphy is just booked too strong. 205 Live probably learned from Neville VS Austin Aries not to book the champion too strong. And now, Nese is poised to be a new Face and Murphy is an even stronger Heel for choosing the title over his friend. I’m also glad they got that out of the way, I’m not sure how they could build it up for two more weeks. Their match is going to be great, and could probably go either way.

My Score: 8.3/10


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