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Mitchell’s WWE 205 Live Results & Report! (3/26/19)

Cruiserweight crews clash in Six Man Tag action!



205 Live = Cruiserweight Division

The Cruiserweight Champion has a contender, but he no longer has a friend! Will Buddy Murphy explain why he turned on Tony Nese? 



  • Six Man Tag: The Lucha House Party VS Drew Gulak, Jack Gallagher & Humberto Carrillo; Lucha House Party wins.
  • Cedric Alexander VS Ariya Daivari; Daivari wins.


The Cruiserweight Champion’s #1 Contender is also his friend!

Or at least, Buddy Murphy and Tony Nese were friends. After an amazing match in the Cruiserweight Championship Contenders Tournament Finals, The Premier Athlete stood tall on the Road to Wrestlemania! But as Cedric Alexander wondered before the match, we all got to see what happens to the Body Guys’ “friendship” when the title came between them. Murphy celebrated with Nese, only to lower his guard for his blindside attack! Will not even friendship stop the unstoppable?


Six Man Tag: The Lucha House Party VS Drew Gulak, Jack Gallagher & Humberto Carrillo!

Kalisto, Lince Dorado & Gran Metalik return and bring the fiesta with them! They’re no strangers to facing the Submission Commission, but Gulak & Gallagher bring along their new protege. Will Carrillo stick to what Gulak & Gallagher have taught him? Or will his natural instincts kick in and have him fly like the luchadors he faces?

Before the match, the Lucha House Party take to the mic and welcome everyone to 205 Live. And let’s get ready for the fiesta with #LuchaTime! But before LHP can say anything more, Gulak, Gallagher & Carrillo make their way out together. It may be Lucha Time, but will it also be time to tap out?

The teams sort out and the King of the Ropes starts against Ultimo Ninja. Gulak & Gallagher cheer Carrillo on as he circles with Gran Metalik. They tie up and Metalik waistlocks and tosses Carrillo. Metalik flips Carrillo over but Carrillo uses that to arm-drag Metalik! Carrillo nips up and circles with Metalik again. They tie up and Carrillo wrenches to a hammerlock. Metalik elbows and high snapamare out. Carrillo gets up and Gulak coaches him as he circles with Metalik again. Metalik and Carrillo tie up and Metalik gets the headlock. Carrillo slips out to a wristlock but Metalik reverses that. Carrillo cartwheels through to reverse the wristlock onto Metalik, but Metalik handsprings through to a headlock takeover.

Metalik holds off the headscissor counter, but Carrillo gets it the second time. Metalik pops out and the two stand off. Fans rally behind “Lucha! Lucha!” as Carrillo gets Metalik in a headlock. Metalik powers out and things speed up. Carrillo keeps up with Metalik, but then Metalik rolls off Carrillo’s back. Both men run again, and they both handspring! Fans applaud this high-speed stalemate, but Gulak & Gallagher are not amused. Gulak tags in and scolds Carrillo for flipping and flying. Gulak runs at Metalik but Metalik dropkicks him out! Gallagher runs in but Metalik puts him out with Gulak. Metalik runs and Dorado comes in to give him a boost, 2-for-1 missile dropkick! Carrillo comes over to help Gulak & Gallagher, but the Lucha House Party coordinates. Kalisto builds speed, but it’s just to fake Carrillo, Gulak & Gallagher out.

The Lucha House Party hits their team pose while Gulak and Gallagher scowl. Fans join in on the “Lucha! Lucha!” chants again, but Gulak covers Carrillo’s ears so he doesn’t have to hear it. Remember: there is no chanting in #Drewtopia. Things sort out and Gulak takes his time returning. Gulak and Metalik tie up but Metalik wrenches and tags to Kalisto. Kalisto climbs to drop ax handles, then wrenches to tag Metalik back in. Metalik brings Penelope the Pinata along for a flying stomp! Metalik wrenches and clubs Gulak then tags in Dorado. Dorado climbs and drops his own ax handle with style. Dorado throws haymakers but Gulak throws some back. Gulak runs into a boot, and then Dorado leaps for a crossbody! Cover, ONE, but Dorado dropkicks Gulak to the LHP corner.

Dorado CHOPS Gulak then tags Kalisto. Kalisto tags Metalik and LHP work together, scoop slam to elevated splash! Gulak staggers while Kalisto and Dorado bail out, and Metalik runs the ropes to hit a missile dropkick! Cover, ONE! Metalik keeps on Gulak in LHP’s corner and tags in Dorado. Dorado CHOPS Gulak then throws stomps. Dorado wrenches to a hammerlock but Gulak gets to an open corner. The ref calls for the ropebreak but Dorado whips corner to corner. Gulak reverses to then throw haymakers. Dorado dodges to SLAP Gulak! Dorado runs but is put on the apron. Gallagher yanks the apron skirt out from under Dorado! Dorado stays on his feet but he does shout at Gallagher. Gulak blasts Dorado to the announce desk with a dropkick! Kalisto and Metalik protest, but this only distracts the ref from seeing Gallagher get cheap shots on Dorado!

The referee does see Gallagher eventually, so Gulak goes out to fetch Dorado. Gulak drags Dorado up by his mask to bump him off buckles. Tag to Gallagher and the Submission Commission mug Dorado. Gallagher headbutts and haymakers Dorado in an open corner, then snapmares him into a chinlock. Gulak and Gallagher make a point this is how you win, but fans rally behind LHP. Dorado powers his way up and fights out, but Gallagher powers him back to the corner. Gulak tags in and he CHOPS Dorado off his feet. Cover, ONE, but Gulak keeps on Dorado. Dorado fights back with forearms but Gulak headlocks. Dorado powers out and things speed up. Gulak catches Dorado to throw him down. Gulak clotheslines then covers, TWO!

Tag to Gallagher and they mug Dorado. Gallagher suplexes but Dorado slips out to roll Gallagher up, TWO! Tag to Metalik! Metalik kicks Gallagher away then springboards over him. Gallagher grabs the mask to yank Metalik down! Gallagher goes after the mask laces! The referee reprimands him, so Gallagher stops and tags in Carrillo. Carrillo shares in the mugging and then lifts Metalik with a fireman’s carry. Carrillo gives Metalik snake eyes then hits a springboard enziguri! Cover, TWO! Gulak scolds Carrillo even as Carrillo puts on a facelock. Gulak tags in and mugs Metalik. He throws haymakers then goes after Kalisto and Dorado! Gulak mocks lucha before he and Gallagher grind their boots into Metalik.

Tag to Gallagher and Gallagher stalks Metalik. Gallagher stomps Metalik down then tags Gulak back in. Gallagher fireman’s carry for a hotshot, and Gulak adds a clothesline! Gulak covers, TWO! Gulak drags Metalik up into a seated stretch. Fans rally as Metalik endures the hold. Metalik gets his arms free and elbows Gulak back, but Gulak clubs and stomps Metalik down. Tag to Gallagher and he keeps Metalik away from LHP. Gallagher throws big European Uppercuts then tags in Carrillo. Carrillo kicks Metalik then whips Metalik to the corner. Carrillo clotheslines and snapmares to a running basement dropkick! Cover, TWO! Carrillo keeps Metalik down then wrenches him to bring him over. Gulak tags in and takes the hand-off before tagging in Gallagher. They double whip but Metalik handsprings to double back elbow!

All three men are down but fans build to another “Lucha! Lucha!” rally. Gulak and Gallagher both crawl and they both tag Carrillo, while Metalik tags in Kalisto! Kalisto springboards and seated sentons Carrillo down! He rallies with a springboard corkscrew crossbody, then he fires off kicks. Kalisto whips Carrillo but Carrillo reverses. Carrillo runs but misses in the corner, Kalisto rolls him for the Listo Kick! Spike-Rana! Cover, but Gulak and Gallagher both break it! Gallagher and Gulak double back suplex but Kalisto slips out. Kalisto shoves them both into Dorado and Metalik, who dump them both out! Now Lucha House Party coordinates to TRIPLE FLY! Two top rope Asai moonsaults and a tope suicida wipe out Carrillo and the Submission Commission!

The Mohegan Sun fires up behind Lucha House Party as Kalisto puts Carrillo in. Kalisto climbs up and aims at Carrillo, but Carrillo springs up to trip him up! Carrillo clubs away on Kalisto and calls Gulak over. Gulak climbs up but Dorado goes after him. Gulak shoves Dorado down but Metalik comes over. Metalik climbs up and sunset flips over everyone, DOUBLE POWERBOMB SUPERPLEX! The Tower of Doom leaves all four men down, but Dorado Shooting Star on Gulak outta nowhere! Dorado dropkicks Gallagher but Gallagher headbutts back! Metalik SUPERKICKS Gallagher but Carrillo gets up. Carrillo roundhouses, Metalik ducks it, but Carrillo comes back around with an enziguri! Kalisto handsprings and enziguris Carrillo down!

All six men are down but the fans are fired up! Metalik and Gallagher roll out of the ring while Carrillo gets to a corner. Kalisto runs in but into boots. Carrillo sees his opening and climbs up top. But Gulak tells him not to do this! Carrillo hops down, and argues with Gulak that he could’ve finished the match. Gulak wants Carrillo to open his ears and realize this is for the “greater good” of 205 Live. Carrillo listens, but Kalisto gets the drop on all of them as he kicks Gulak down onto Gallagher to hit Carrillo with Salida Del Sol! Cover, Lucha House Party wins!

Winners: Lucha House Party, Kalisto pinning

Gulak scowls at Carrillo, but perhaps this is Gulak’s own fault? Carrillo had his chance but it was taken away by Gulak’s insistence on “Safe and Sound, Feet on the Ground”. Will Carrillo learn to do his own thing? Or will Gulak & Gallagher grind their lessons into him over time?


Backstage interview with Mike & Maria Kanellis.

Mike finally got a win and over Akira Tozawa, so there must be some relief that they get to keep their jobs. Relief? No. Maria never doubted Mike, because he’s better than the best. Well, Maria did play a part in Mike’s victory, didn’t she? She did distract Tozawa, after all. Excuse you, Mike was the one who smashed Tozawa into the mat. Maria says Mike is the greatest on all of 205 Live. And if anyone is trying to besmirch his good name, they’re just haters. “And speaking of haters,” here’s Drake Maverick.

Hater? Not at all! Maverick is a huge fan of Mike. And if after these 16 years, Mike feels Maria is needed as a distraction, Maverick’s all for it. That’s really funny, Maverick. No, what you should say is, “Thanks, Maverick!” Because Maverick just kept Tozawa from grabbing Mike’s head and ramming it into a car windshield. At least, Maverick’s pretty sure that’s what Tozawa said he was gonna do. But Maverick has made an alternative: Mike VS Tozawa, where if Maria is gonna be in Mike’s corner, THE Brian Kendrick will be in Tozawa’s. Will the Man with a Plan keep Mrs. Kanellis from helping her hubby in next week’s rematch?


Buddy Murphy speaks.

“Hello, Tony. As you can tell, I’m not in the arena tonight, because I’m at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida.” And why is that? Well it’s simple, really. It is to protect Tony and his title match. Murphy knows Nese better than anyone. Nese will want revenge, and if he comes looking for it, Nese will force Murphy’s hand and force Murphy to hurt Nese. Murphy makes it very clear: his attack last week wasn’t to hurt Nese, it was to wake him up. It was to let Nese know he is 10 steps behind Murphy every time. The Premier Athlete is the blueprint for what a Cruiserweight should be, but Murphy is the hybrid. Murphy is better than good, he is great, because he is THE greatest Cruiserweight of all time. That’s why at Wrestlemania, Tony Nese- Is actually at the Performance Center!

Murphy doesn’t see him until he’s already attacking! Other superstars and trainees pull these two apart, and Nese shouts, “You were nothing, Buddy, until I brought you to 205 Live!” Will Nese prove that the Cruiserweight Juggernaut can be stopped?


Cedric Alexander VS Ariya Daivari!

The Soul of 205 Live failed to win the Cruiserweight Championship Contenders Tournament, and the Privileged Persian Lion didn’t even make the cut. But Daivari is still pleased to finally be given true competition worthy of his talent. Will Daivari knock Alexander further down the ladder? Or can Alexander make the comeback even this close to Wrestlemania?

But wait, is that Oney Lorcan? Why is the Boston Brawler doing back here? He sits near commentary, but doesn’t actually join them, and then unveils his new “ONEY RULES” shirt. Only Oney understands why he’s here, but this match begins nonetheless.

Alexander and Daivari circle and tie up. Daivari gets the headlock but Alexander powers out. Daivari blocks the hip toss to hit a fireman’s carry takedown. Alexander backs off and Daivari mocks him. Daivari grins as Alexander gets up and they circle again. Oney looks very focused on this match as Daivari gets a headlock. Alexander powers out but Daivari runs him over. Daivari runs but Alexander ducks down, only to narrowly avoid Daivari’s stomp! Alexander backs off to a corner, rather surprised to see Daivari’s aggression. Alexander and Daivari circle again, and Alexander gets the headlock now. He also gets the takeover, but Daivari pulls hair. Daivari brings Alexander to the headscissors but Alexander pops out. Alexander gets the headlock takeover again but Daivari pulls hair again for another headscissors.

Alexander pops out again, but the headlock takeover to hair-pulling headscissors repeats. The two stand and Alexander decks Daivari with a right! Alexander dares Daivari to get up now, and Oney looks to be salivating over this match. Things speed up and Alexander dodges to dropkick Daivari down! Alexander nips up to keep an eye on Oney before covering Daivari. TWO, but Alexander keeps his cool. Alexander CHOPS Daivari but Daivari puts Alexander on the apron. Daivari then sweeps the legs and Alexander hits apron on the way to the floor! Alexander writhes while Daivari catches his breath. Daivari goes out to fetch Alexander and puts him in the ring. Daivari covers, ONE, but he keeps on Alexander in a corner. He throws body shots and jabs on Alexander, but lets up at 4. Daivari argues with the ref before going back to Alexander.

Alexander forearms and chops back, but Daivari kicks low. Daivari runs but Alexander follows, only for Daivari to clobber him with a clothesline! Cover, TWO! Alexander survives and Oney is very invested as fans rally up. Daivari wraps Alexander up in a chinlock and smothers Alexander as best he can. Alexander endures as Daivari leans on him, and fans rally up. Alexander fights up but Daivari throws him down by his hair! The ref reprimands Daivari but Daivari goes back to Alexander for another smothering chinlock. Alexander endures all over again as fans build to another rally. Alexander feeds off the energy and fights out with a jawbreaker! Daivari staggers and Alexander punches.

Daivari kicks and back suplexes but Alexander lands on his feet. Alexander lifts but Daivari denies the Lumbar Check. Alexander still waistlocks but Daivari bucks him off to SUPERKICK! And roundhouse! And full nelson spin into an inverted DDT! Cover, TWO! Alexander lives and Daivari grows frustrated. Daivari grits his teeth as he slithers and stalks Alexander. Alexander slowly stands and Daivari reels him in for the Million Dollar Dream! Alexander arm-drags Daivari off, then boots and enziguris him back! The Soul starts rallying, knees Daivari low to roll him for a basement dropkick! Alexander nips up and fans fire up with him. Alexander runs at Daivari but Daivari sends him out, only to get a boot! Step-in Complete Shot! Cover, TWO!! Daivari lives and Alexander can’t believe it.

Oney’s laser focus is still on Alexander while fans rally up. Alexander runs in at Daivari but Daivari puts him on the apron. Alexander forearms Daivari away, but Daivari trips up his springboard! Daivari goes after Alexander on the top rope with haymakers, then adjusts for a SUPER Cross-Arm Bomb! Cover, TWO!! Alexander still lives and Daivari grows desperate. Daivari drags Alexander up to slap him around. “You piece of garbage!” Daivari CHOPS but so does Alexander! They trade forearms but Daivari gets an edge. Daivari taunts Alexander, but Alexander rips Daivari’s shirt open to CHOP away! Daivari SUPERKICKS but Alexander back elbows! Cover, TWO! Daivari survives and Alexander is shocked!

Oney continues to seethe and salivate as Alexander and Daivari get to opposite corners. Alexander takes the elbow pads off, but Daivari dodges him. Daivari roundhouses Alexander, then reels him into buckles! Daivari climbs up and leaps, the Persian Lion Splash hits! Cover, TWO!! Alexander survives and now Daivari is shocked. Fans hope they “Fight Forever!” but this has to end at some point. Alexander and Daivari both flounder as they head for each other. Daivari drags Alexander up, hammerlock but Alexander ducks to crucifix roll-up! TWO and Alexander sends Daivari out. Alexander builds speed and FLIES! Direct hit takes Daivari out but now Oney stands up. Oney watches Alexander drag himself up. Alexander accidentally knocks Oney’s jacket off the desk, and Oney makes a fuss. This distracts Alexander but he still puts Daivari in the ring. Oney makes so much noise, and Daivari rolls Alexander up! Daivari wins!!

Winner: Ariya Daivari, by pinfall

Oney costs Alexander, but perhaps this was part of the plan? Because Oney throws the jacket at Alexander to then attack! Oney stomps away on Alexander in the corner then scrapes him out of the ring. But Alexander comes back to tackle Oney! Alexander and Oney throw furious fists but referees and security pull them apart. Oney shouts at Alexander, “You took my dream!” Fans want to “Let Them Fight!” but Oney hits Alexander with a cheap shot! Oney grins as he leaves Alexander down and out. Will Oney have a new dream of ruining Alexander’s life?



My Thoughts:

What a great episode! The matches tonight got a great amount of time to breathe, which really helps the Six Man Tag. The story of Carrillo and the Submission Commission is going as it should, in that they lost because Gulak refuses to let Carrillo wrestle his way. This will surely build to the point where either Carrillo stands up to Gulak, or Gulak turns on Carrillo. I feel like it should be the former, we’ve had plenty of Heels turning on their friends already. And speaking of, it was so great for Nese to surprise Murphy like that. It kinda shows up Murphy’s ego thinking he was safe. It was also a great story beat for Nese to say he’s the whole reason Murphy’s even on 205 Live. Murphy VS Nese looks to be even better now, but still can’t be sure who wins.

The Mike VS Tozawa rematch should be good, but I wonder if interaction between Maria and Kendrick causes Tozawa to lose again. I’m still not really sure how the Kanellis story is going to go, because I was hoping he’d become some kind of gatekeeper to the Division with new stars coming in. Daivari VS Alexander was incredible, even though the Oney Lorcan distraction seemed a cheap way to end it. But Oney turning Heel over Alexander beating him in the tournament works out, and I’m pretty sure this means Oney will be a full-time Cruiserweight. It’s a shame, but it seems the One Two Combination of Lorcan & Burch has run its course. Danny Burch will be fine if he goes to NXT UK full-time. Oney will do great on 205 Live, his rematch with Alexander will be great and stiff, and who knows who comes out on top.

My Score: 8.5/10

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