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Mitchell’s WWE 205 Live Results & Report! (3/5/19)

The Cruiserweight Championship Contender’s Tournament continues!



205 Live = Cruiserweight Division

The Cruiserweight Championship Contender’s Tournament continues! Will Cedric Alexander or Akira Tozawa make the most of this newest second chance?



  • Cruiserweight Championship Contenders Tournament: Humberto Carrillo VS Oney Lorcan; Lorcan wins and advances to the next round.
  • Mike Kanellis w/ Maria VS Colby Corino; No Contest.
  • Cruiserweight Championship Contenders Tournament: Cedric Alexander VS Akira Tozawa; Alexander wins and advances to the next round.


Drake Maverick keeps everyone up to speed!

The contender’s tournament to determine Buddy Murphy’s next challenger was off to a great start! The Premier Athlete, Tony Nese, overpowered Kalisto while Drew Gulak ground THE Brian Kendrick down and made him pass out. Gulak and Nese were once good friends, but we know how Gulak treats his friends. Nese and Gulak meet again next week in what will surely be a hard-hitting, fast-moving rematch from last year’s Cruiserweight Championship Tournament.

But first, the opening round of this year’s tournament must conclude! Humberto Carrillo has been flying high ever since joining the Cruiserweight Division, and could skyrocket to new heights through this tournament. However, to make sure this tournament had the best possible competition, Drake Maverick extended an invitation to NXT’s Oney Lorcan. The Boston Brawler is as tough as they come, and hopes to make a major impact in his return to 205 Live. Will Carrillo be ready for Lorcan’s combination of speed and grit? Or will Lorcan become a brawling bracket buster?

And to close out the opening round, two former champions face off once again as Cedric Alexander and Akira Tozawa fight for the final spot in the semifinals! The Soul of 205 Live went all the way to Wrestlemania last year, and looks to repeat in order to resurrect the Age of Alexander. But he might not even make it out of the opening going against the Stamina Monster. Tozawa has been training with THE Brian Kendrick and it’s revitalized his run towards the title. Who takes a major step towards Murphy and Mania tonight?


205 Live gives us a closer look at NXT’s Oney Lorcan.

The brawler from Boston is adaptable as well as aggressive. He’ll fly, grapple and strike with everything he has. The grind and hard work has made him into the superstar he is today. He is honored that Drake Maverick reached out to him, because this opportunity is too good to pass up. Buddy Murphy is certainly intimidating and talented, but Lorcan isn’t afraid. It’s Wrestlemania or Bust, but Lorcan will keep his focus on Humberto Carrillo. Lorcan has been cautious, but he’s throwing caution to the wind if it means being in the biggest match of his career.


Cruiserweight Championship Contenders Tournament: Humberto Carrillo VS Oney Lorcan!

Both men are hungry for championships, but must go through each other to get closer to Wrestlemania! Who will move faster and hit harder in order to satisfy that hunger with a victory?

The bell rings and the two approach carefully. They tie up and Lorcan puts Carrillo on the ropes. Lorcan lets up at 4, and the two circle again. They tie up and Lorcan gets a headlock takeover. Carrillo headscissors but Lorcan pops out. Carrillo reverses roles as he gets the headlock takeover but Lorcan headscissors back. They separate and fans applaud this even exchange. Lorcan and Carrillo go again, and Lorcan gets another headlock. Carrillo powers out but Lorcan dodges. Things speed up and Carrillo huricanranas Lorcan! But Lorcan’s right up and waistlocks Carrillo. Lorcan wants the Half ‘n’ Half but Carrillo arm-drags out. Carrillo arm-drags again and gets Lorcan on the mat. He holds Lorcan there with an armlock, but Lorcan works his way up.

Lorcan puts Carrillo in a corner but backs off at 3. Lorcan swings a chop but Carrillo dodges. Carrillo and Lorcan circle again and Lorcan gets another headlock. Lorcan holds on as Carrillo tries to power out. Carrillo puts Lorcan in a corner but Lorcan turns it around. Lorcan backs off at 3 again, but Carrillo dodges the chop again. Carrillo headlocks but Lorcan powers. Carrillo goes up and over and shows off his agility. But Lorcan dodges the dropkick to get that headlock back. Carrillo puts Lorcan in a corner, but Lorcan again turns it around. Lorcan backs off at 4 but gives Carrillo a shove. Carrillo shoves back, so Lorcan unleashes CHOPS! Lorcan has Carrillo on the ropes and stomps him down, to then blast him with a dropkick! Lorcan goes out to fetch Carrillo, for a snap suplex to the ground!

Carrillo writhes while Lorcan gets back in the ring. Lorcan is willing to take the ring count victory. Drew Gulak & Jack Gallagher are backstage watching this match, wearing shirts with Carrillo’s face on them, and of course cheering Carrillo on. The count reaches 5 before Carrillo stands. Lorcan hurries out to fetch Carrillo and stalks him to a corner. Lorcan clotheslines then whips corner to corner for another clothesline. Cover, TWO! Lorcan keeps on Carrillo with a headlock. Carrillo fights his way up but Lorcan knees low. Lorcan CHOPS Carrillo then runs him over with a European Uppercut! Cover, TWO! Lorcan is back on the chinlock and grinds Carrillo down. Fans rally up and Carrillo feeds off the energy. Carrillo pries his way out, going after Lorcan’s fingers. Carrillo tries to fireman’s carry but Lorcan clubs him back down.

Lorcan walks into a stiff back elbow, but gives back a CHOP! Carrillo haymakers in return, but then Lorcan kicks and bumps Carrillo off buckles. Lorcan CHOPS Carrillo more, and more, and more! Lorcan stalks Carrillo then whips him. Carrillo holds ropes and back kicks back. Carrillo kicks more, then runs to acrobatically arm-drag Lorcan! Lorcan bails out, Carrillo DIVES! Direct hit sends Lorcan to the ramp, but Carrillo gets him back in fast. Fans fire up as Carrillo somersault moonsaults! Cover, TWO! Lorcan lives and Carrillo grows frustrated. Fans duel as Lorcan gets to a corner. Carrillo CHOPS Lorcan back then whips corner to corner. Carrillo runs in but is put on the apron. Lorcan counter punches Carrillo, then runs, but Carrillo slingshots up and over! To then FLY! Carrillo wipes Lorcan out again!

Fans fire up as Carrillo puts Lorcan in. Carrillo slingshots but into a EuroUpper! Lorcan catches his breath before dragging Carrillo up and around. Lorcan wants the Half ‘n’ Half but Carrillo again denies it. Carrillo elbows Lorcan but Lorcan headbutts back. Lorcan tries to suplex but Carrillo counters. Carrillo brings Lorcan out to the apron and the two brawl. Lorcan CHOPS, Carrillo kicks, repeat! Lorcan gets Carrillo in a fisherman, Fisherman Suplex to the apron! Fans duel as Lorcan drags a dazed Carrillo into the ring. Lorcan covers, TWO! Carrillo lives and Lorcan can’t believe it. Lorcan grits his teeth as Carrillo crawls away. Lorcan drags Carrillo up, but the Half ‘n’ Half is countered with a victory roll! TWO, and Lorcan wants it again! Carrillo elbows out, but Loran grabs his face to slap, slap, SLAP! Lorcan runs, but into a SUPERKICK!

Carrillo runs, tilt-o-whirls, and POWERBOMBS! Cover, TWO!! Lorcan lives and Carrillo can’t believe it. Gulak & Gallagher do their best to coach through the television. Carrillo drags Lorcan to a drop zone, then climbs up top. Carillo moonsaults, but into boots! Lorcan runs and lariats! Half ‘n’ Half! Cover, Lorcan wins!!

Winner: Oney Lorcan, by pinfall; advances to the second round.

A great and gritty match, won by a great and gritty superstar! Carrillo will surely hear about this from Gulak & Gallagher. But Lorcan takes another step to living the dream, will he punch his ticket to Wrestlemania?


Mr. & Mrs. Kanellis complain to Drake Maverick.

Is this a joke? Maverick promised them a match last week! Yes, he did, but not a Cruiserweight Championship Contender’s Tournament match. That’s why Mike has “one of Wilkes-Barre’s finest” tonight. Maria knows what facing a “local competitor” means. But Mike’s record isn’t enough to get into the tournament. This is to help them! Once Mike gets going- Don’t patronize them! Their are not a charity case. Mike has been around for 16 years and is one of the best Cruiserweights around. No, he’s actually better than the best. So if Maverick doesn’t have anything better for him, maybe Maverick doesn’t know how to do his job.


Mike Kanellis w/ Maria VS Colby Corino!

The 205 Live GM is just trying to help The Lover and Fighter boost his numbers by offering up one of Wilkes-Barre’s own. Will this be a win Mike doesn’t want?

Before the bell, Mike throws his jacket at Colby and fires off furious forearms! Fans boo as Mike stomps Colby all around, then rains down rights! The referee backs Mike off and Mike goes to Maria. Maria smiles but fans cheer Colby on. The referee checks on Colby and Colby won’t quit. But Mike clotheslines him off his feet! Maybe Colby should’ve thought better, because Mike gives him the twisting DDT! Maria joins Mike in the ring as this match is called off. It seems Mike really didn’t want to win this one. But how will he get anywhere if he doesn’t play along?

No Contest


Tony Nese speaks.

“I am one round closer to going to Wrestlemania in my home state.” Last week’s win over Kalisto was just an example of Nese’s laser focus. But next week, he faces a challenge he’s yet to overcome. Gulak won last year, but that was not the same Premier Athlete who will be all over him this year. Will Nese and his eight pack break the GuLOCK to unlock the Road to Wrestlemania?


Cedric Alexander speaks.

“I hear what everyone’s been saying.” People wonder how many second chances Alexander’s going to get. People think Alexander can’t get the job done. And people feel Alexander just can’t beat Buddy Murphy. But what can Alexander say he hasn’t said before? Everyone knows his story. Everyone knows 205 Live and the Cruiserweight Championship mean the world to him. “There is not a man on this Earth who cares about this brand more than me.” Alexander has dedicated his last two years to be the 205 Live Franchise Player, and for those last two years, the title was synonymous with Alexander. Nothing will stop Alexander from getting back to Wrestlemania. He wants Tozawa to give it everything he has, because he’ll give everything he has. Their match is up next!


Cruiserweight Championship Contenders Tournament: Cedric Alexander VS Akira Tozawa!

For the first time, The Soul and the Stamina Monster of 205 Live face off 1v1 for a massive opportunity! The Road to Wrestlemania waits for no one, who will be left behind while the other heads for the finish line?

The bell rings and fans “AH! AH!” for Tozawa. Tozawa and Alexander circle, and shake hands to show this is still a respectful match. They tie up and Alexander gets a leg. Tozawa blocks with the other leg and they go around. Tozawa slips away but not for long as Alexander Oklahoma Rolls. ONE, and the two stand off. Fans applaud as they circle again. Tozawa and Alexander tie up, and Alexander gets the wristlock. Alexander wrenches but Tozawa rolls and reverses. Tozawa hammerlocks then headlocks, and he grinds Alexander to a knee. Alexander powers up but Tozawa holds on. Fans “AH! AH!” with Tozawa but Alexander powers out. Things speed up and Alexander back flips to a headscissor! But Tozawa deflects the dropkick! Things speed up again, and Alexander roll Tozawa, TWO!

Tozawa arm-drags Alexander right to the armlock. Fans rally again and Alexander fights his way up. Alexander whips but Tozawa reverses to arm-drag again. Tozawa has Alexander down in another armlock and fans “AH! AH!” Alexander fights his way up and whips again, but Tozawa goes up and over. Tozawa gets a third arm-drag and back to the armlock! Alexander grows frustrated as he fights his way back up. Alexander whips and tilt-o-whirls, but Tozawa counters to an arm-drag that sends Alexander out! Tozawa builds speed but Alexander intercepts with a knee! Alexander drags Tozawa up for a suplex to gutbuster! Cover, TWO! Alexander keeps calm while Tozawa bails out.

Alexander pursues and fetches Tozawa while fans rally up. He CHOPS Tozawa to the barriers, then refreshes the count. Alexander CHOPS Tozawa again, then puts him in the ring. Cover, ONE! Alexander keeps on Tozawa with a rear bearhug. Tozawa endures as Alexander squeezes and thrashes. Fans rally with “AH! AH!” and Tozawa fights with elbows. Tozawa gets up but Alexander waistlock slams him down! Alexander squeezes but Tozawa still reaches for ropes. Fans rally and “AH! AH!” as Tozawa fights again. They stand, and Alexander shoves Tozawa for a big dropkick! Cover, TWO! Alexander keeps on Tozawa as he puts a knee into Tozawa’s back. Alexander pulls Tozawa back in a partial camel clutch. Tozawa endures and works on an escape as fans rally again.

Tozawa feeds off the “AH! AH!” and fights out with elbows. He jawbreakers Alexander and Alexander staggers. Alexander runs into Tozawa’s boot, then another. Tozawa drops a senton, but onto knees! Tozawa clutches his back as he crawls away. Alexander kicks Tozawa out of the ring, then catches his breath while the ring count begins. Tozawa stirs but Alexander decides to fetch him again. Alexander rams Tozawa into the apron! And then again! Alexander puts Tozawa in the ring at 5, covers, TWO! Alexander goes back to the rear bearhug and squeezes tight. Tozawa endures as fans “AH! AH!” Tozawa fights up again, and fights out with elbows. Fans “AH! AH!” with every elbow, and Alexander is dazed.

Tozawa CHOPS, then dodges to CHOP again. Tozawa continues to CHOP, Alexander whips but Tozawa reverses to still CHOP! More and more CHOPS, but then Alexander puts up his guard. Tozawa gets him with the JAB! Alexander staggers and Tozawa whips. Alexander reverses but Tozawa slides and huricanranas him out. Tozawa again builds speed, to DIVE! The Tozawa Torpedo sends Alexander into the announce desk! Fans fire up for “205! 205!” as Tozawa drags Alexander back into the ring. Tozawa climbs up high and takes aim for a missile dropkick! Cover, TWO! Alexander still lives but Tozawa is too sore to be frustrated.

Tozawa and Alexander slowly stir, and Tozawa’s on Alexander. Tozawa’s lower back won’t let him deadlift Alexander, but he still tries. He gets Alexander up but Alexander breaks free to rock Tozawa with a right! Alexander walks into Tozawa’s tilt-o-whirl, Tozawa gets the Octopus Stretch! But Alexander pops out to tilt-o-whirl Tozawa to a sidewalk slam! Fans duel as Tozawa gets to a corner. Alexander runs in but misses. Tozawa runs in but into a dropkick! Tozawa hits buckles, then Alexander goes to the apron to kick him back in! Alexander steps in, Complete Shot! Cover, TWO!! Alexander’s shocked that Tozawa survives!

Alexander drags Tozawa up as fans rally up again. He throws forearms but Tozawa stays on his feet. Tozawa chops back, but not as strong as earlier. Alexander forearms but Tozawa chops. They continue to go back and forth, but Alexander sees through the feint with his back kick. Alexander runs, but into Tozawa’s back kick. Tozawa swings, slides under, but gets caught! Alexander deadlifts Tozawa but Tozawa slips out. Tozawa forearms and whips but Alexander forearms back! Alexander drags Tozawa up, but Tozawa huricanranas out of the Lumbar Check! TWO, but Tozawa rolls Alexander, TWO! Alexander runs into Tozawa’s boot! But Alexander revives! Only to get another boot! Alexander stands up again, and blocks Tozawa’s boot to give a stiff back elbow. Lumbar Check countered with a DDT!

Tozawa hurries to the top while Alexander is down. Tozawa hops back, REVERSE-RANA! Cover, TWO!? Alexander lives and Wilkes-Barre says “205! 205!” “This is Awesome!” The referee checks on both men while they’re down, but they’re okay to continue. Alexander stirs, as does Tozawa. The two sit up as fans cheer. Tozawa and Alexander stand and throw simultaneous forearms. And again! Alexander kicks but Tozawa deflects, tilt-o-whirl into the Octopus! Tozawa has Alexander down on the mat! Alexander endures, rolls back to a cover, TWO! Tozawa still has the Octopus wrapped on! Alexander reaches, powers up and out again! But Tozawa slides off the back to waistlock, German Suplex!

Tozawa drags Alexander to a drop zone then climbs up top. Fans “AH! AH!” as Tozawa aims, but Alexander anchors a foot. Tozawa clubs Alexander back but Alexander hits him. Alexander climbs up and clubs away on Tozawa. Tozawa resists the superplex and hits back. Tozawa forearms Alexander down to the drop zone! But Alexander’s up fast, yanks Tozawa off the top, LUMBAR CHECK!! Cover, Alexander wins!!

Winner: Cedric Alexander, by pinfall; advances to the second round

The Soul still lives, and moves on to the semifinals! But perhaps best of all, Alexander still shows Tozawa respect as he helps him up. The two hug it out, as now Alexander will carry on the dream in Tozawa’s place. Will the Age of Alexander be reborn at Wrestlemania?



My Thoughts:

A great episode for 205 Live right here! Even the No Contest of Mike Kanellis and Colby freakin’ Corino. There was quite a bit in this match that I didn’t expect, especially the No Contest. It was a smart choice for Mike to essentially refuse this match with that beat down on Colby, this is them forcing Maverick’s hand to give him something bigger. I kinda hope Colby comes back for payback and get some more screen time. But he’ll need some better gear than what looks like a Mustafa Ali inspired costume.

This  year’s tournament is going strong. The Nese VS Gulak rematch is going to be great. I’m sensing Nese wins to further tease a Battle of Body Guys with Buddy Murphy, and so that Gulak can focus on his story with Humberto Carrillo. For that same reason, Oney Lorcan surprises us with winning over Carrillo. Their match was great, and Lorcan is definitely going to elevate this tournament by being in it. Alexander VS Tozawa was incredible, and really woke Wilkes-Barre up. I thought Tozawa was going to win but it was Alexander moves on to tease back-to-back Wrestlemania victories. Nese VS Alexander looks like the choice for the finals, which is also a great choice because of their own history. Either result gives us a great match with Murphy at Mania that could also go either way.

My Score: 8.4/10

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