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Mitchell’s WWE SmackDown Live Results & Report! (3/26/19)

Kurt Angle brings his Farewell Tour to SmackDown!



SmackDown cover image

SmackDown Women’s Champion, Asuka, still needs a challenger for Wrestlemania! Will she meet Naomi, Carmella, Mandy Rose or Sonya Deville in New York?



  • Charlotte Flair VS ???; changed to…
  • SmackDown Women’s Championship: Asuka VS Charlotte Flair; Flair wins and becomes the new SmackDown Women’s Champion.
  • Kurt Angle VS AJ Styles; Styles wins, by disqualification.
  • Tag Team Gauntlet: The New Day wins and Kofi Kingston will challenge Daniel Bryan for the WWE Championship at Wrestlemania.


Awwww~ Mohegan Sun Arena!

SmackDown begins with The New Day! Fans cheer them on, but especially Kofi Kingston after Vince McMahon again pulled opportunities out from under him. The New Day toss pancakes and pick up mics. “So if we could be serious for a minute,” Xavier Woods brings up that the past few months have been a roller coaster. Big E notes that the WWE Universe has followed them from New Day Sucks to New Day Rocks over the last five years almost. This has been an absolutely incredible ride together, and a hell of an experience, so they want to thank the WWE Universe for that. But, Xavier and Big E have spoken, and considering the countless obstacles in Kofi’s way, walking away did come up. They’ve done a lot of great things and made a lot of great friends, but fans don’t want them to go.

The thing that’s been the hardest is watching how poorly Kofi has been treated. Not just recently, but the last 11 years. Power of Positivity isn’t just a catchphrase. Kofi Kingston exudes that positive energy! Their brother, Kofi, doesn’t know the word “quit”! And while The New Day needs to make a decision, they can’t make it until they get answers. Unfortunately, the man with those answers is Mr. Vince McMahon. The New Day ask Vince to come out and address them face-to-face to talk about these issues. And they’ll wait all night long if they have to. Fans cheer Kofi and The New Day on, and Vince McMahon does appear! Vince swaggers out to the ring while fans sing along with his song.

Vince joins The New Day in the ring and grabs himself a mic. “First of all, I’d like to say-” But Daniel Bryan interrupts! The Planet’s Champion wants everyone to just hold on a moment. Bryan tells Vince not to waste a breath on placating the fragile egos. If the New Day wants to quit, then let them quit! Because guess what? The New Day is a “stale novelty act” that Vince created! They can get three more superstars, make them a trio, and make them even more popular than The New Day! Because Kofi is just a “B+ Player!” Vince wants to speak but Bryan brings up how Kofi lost last week, he lost at Fastlane and how he lost at Elimination Chamber.

Don’t let anyone from Big E, Woods and “the parasites in the crowd” get in your head! Vince’s instincts have been 100% RIGHT in Bryan’s mind. It’s the fans who are wrong. That’s the reality. No the reality is that Bryan is afraid to face Kofi 1v1! Bryan is now everything he used to fight against! Bryan is a hypocrite! And that’s why he’s here. Bryan tries to deny it but Vince tells Bryan to shut up! Vince talks to the New Day. They’re gonna quit? No, they’re not gonna quit. All this Power of Positivity and quitting talk, that’s all a bluff to Vince. Everyone loves The New Day, mostly. But Kofi is still a B+ Player. Bryan kisses up to Vince, but Vince starts to wonder if the others are a B+ Tag Team.

All the respect for Kofi, Vince understands that. But can Big E & Xavier Woods win it for Kofi? Bryan doesn’t like the sound of that. Vince says Kofi is not getting any more chances, but if Big E & Xavier Woods can win a tag team gauntlet, then Kofi gets his shot! Bryan and Rowan can’t believe this, but this surprises even The New Day. Can Big E and Woods survive to raise Kofi up? Or is this just another trap set by The Chairman?


Backstage interview with Becky Lynch!

The Man returns to SmackDown, and is excited to have the Raw Women’s Championship Triple Threat in the Wrestlemania main event. Becky won the Beat the Clock Challenge last night, and is ready to win at Mania. Now, Becky brings the people and “Ronnie” brings the title, but what is Charlotte bringing? What does that “undeserving third wheel” bring to this match? The Queen interrupts, by her music hitting!

Charlotte Flair heads to the ring!

“Third wheel? Undeserving?” The Queen will show us how deserving she really is. She’s in action, after the break!


Charlotte Flair VS ???

SmackDown returns and we find her opponent is ASUKA!! The Empress of Tomorrow is still the SmackDown Women’s Champion, and her contender will be determined later tonight. Will Charlotte prove she can beat one champion before going after the other?

Wait, did the ring announcer just say this is for the championship!? Both Charlotte and Asuka are crazy! But is there a chance The Queen will be going into the Raw Women’s Championship Triple Threat with one belt already!?

SmackDown Women’s Championship: Asuka VS Charlotte Flair!

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we begin this insanity!

Charlotte and Asuka circle and tie up. They push each other around but Charlotte puts Asuka on the ropes. Charlotte lets up at 3 but misses her chop. Asuka wrenches the arm but Charlotte works against the wristlock. Charlotte reverses but Asuka kicks and uses the ropes to flip through. Asuka wrenches back but Charltote throws her down by her hair. Charlotte drags Asuka up into a headlock but Asuka fights back. Asuka powers out and reels Charlotte in for a headlock of her own. Charlotte endures and fans duel, but Charlotte rolls to a cover! ONE, but Asuka holds on. Charlotte powers out this time but things speed up. Asuka sees Charlotte’s dodge coming and kicks her mid-roll! Charlotte bails out while we go picture in picture.

Charlotte catches her breath while pacing about. Asuka dares her to return but Charlotte takes her time. Charlotte slides in but then back out. Asuka stays back but still sees Charlotte slide back in. Asuka waistlocks but Charlotte blocks the suplex. Charlotte elbows but Asuka elbows back. Charlotte whips Asuka to a corner and blocks the boots. She elbows Asuka then puts her leg on the rope to drop a knee! Asuka rolls but Charlotte’s on her with more knees to the leg. Charlotte stalks Asuka to the corner before wrapping the leg on ropes. Charlotte pulls but the ref counts, so she backs off at 4. Asuka clutches her leg but Charlotte drags her out to sit down on it. Charlotte brags before dragging Asuka to other ropes for another sit down. Asuka rolls Charlotte up, TWO!

Charlotte CHOPS Asuka, then catches the hip attack! Asuka rolls through to a kneebar! Charlotte flails and reaches, but then sits back to pry Asuka off for a deadlift back suplex! Cover, TWO! Asuka survives but Charlotte keeps her cool. Charlotte stands and toys with Asuka. The ref reprimands Charlotte as she drags Asuka up by her hair. Charlotte throws Asuka with a Fall Away Slam, then nips up to strut. Charlotte sees Asuka stand but misses the sliding dropkick. Asuka hits a sliding dropkick of her own! Charlotte goes down but Asuka fetches her back into the ring. Asuka dodges Charlotte’s shoulder to kick her back, but then runs into Charlotte’s clothesline! Charlotte catches her breath while we return to single picture.

Charlotte drops a knee right on Asuka’s head! Asuka writhes while fans duel. Charlotte circles Asuka like a shark while daring her to stand. Asuka gets up and avoids the neckbreaker to put on an Octopus Stretch! Charlotte endures as Asuka pulls back hard! Charlotte powers her way out but Asuka sunset flips, TWO! Asuka counter punches Charlotte but Charlotte kicks out the bad leg! Charlotte stomps away on that leg and says “You’re nothing anymore!” But Charlotte runs to get a CODE BREAKER! But Asuka can’t cover from her bad leg bothering her. Asuka and Charlotte crawl and Charlotte throws pie faces. Asuka SLAPS back! She fires off then kicks Charlotte to a corner. She hits a hip attack in the corner, then gives Charlotte a big German Suplex! BUZZSAW! Sliding Wizard! Cover, TWO!

The Queen crawls while The Empress stalks her. Asuka kicks away on Charlotte’s back against the ropes! Asuka fires up and runs, but her hip attack misses. Charlotte BOOTS Asuka down! Cover, TWO!! Charlotte grows frustrated but she climbs up high. Moonsault, but into boots! And the ASUKA LOCK! Charlotte rolls back to a cover, TWO! Asuka’s back hand is blocked, but not her back heel kick! Cover, TWO!! Charlotte survives and Asuka’s shocked, but we go to break.

SmackDown returns and Charlotte CHOPS Asuka. And CHOPS, but Asuka blocks, only for Charlotte to CHOP again. Charlotte scoops but Asuka slips out to a roll up! ONE and Charlotte wants the Figure Four! Asuka resists again and again, so Charlotte stomps her down. Charlotte grabs the legs, Figure four but Asuka pushes her into buckles! BUZZSAW! Cover, TWO!! Asuka cannot believe Charlotte survives again, but she keeps going. She climbs up top now, but Charlotte stops her with a forearm. Charlotte climbs up to join Asuka, for a SUPER SPANISH FLY!! Cover, TWO!? Both the move and the survival are shocking! Charlotte isn’t sure what to do to end this, but she swears to end it one way or another. She crawls to Asuka and both women grab each other by the hair. They start scrapping, and Charlotte rains down forearms!

Charlotte catches her breath, and Asuka suddenly gets her in an armbar! And a triangle hold! Charlotte deadlifts Asuka for a POWERBOMB! Cover, TWO?! Figure Four, but cradle counter!! Charlotte gets free but Asuka wants the chicken wing. Charlotte arm-drags but Asuka rolls, only for the Figure Four to be put on! Figure EIGHT! Asuka taps, Charlotte wins?!

Winner: Charlotte Flair, by submission; NEW SmackDown Women’s Champion

The unbelievable has happened! The Queen reigns over SmackDown again, but is bringing that title to the Triple Threat main event!! What will this mean for the already historic Wrestlemania match in New York?! For that matter, what does this mean for tonight’s SmackDown Women’s Championship #1 Contender’s Match?!


Kurt Angle heads to the ring!

The Farewell Tour finally comes to SmackDown! He takes on the Phenomenal One, after the break.


Kurt Angle VS AJ Styles!

The Olympic Gold Medalist and the Phenomenal One have met in the ring before, but not in the WWE! This first-time-and-last-time-ever match is big, but will it go Angle’s way? Or will Styles make it Phenomenal?

SmackDownr eturns with AJ Styles’ backstage interview. Before going against The Viper, he’s about to take on a Hall of Famer. This is Angle’s final match on SmackDown, is Styles focused enough for the moment? Styles is honored to be Angle’s last SmackDown opponent. He is honored to be part of Angle’s career. Angle has done more than most can even dream of. This is far from just a tune-up or an exhibition. Angle laid the foundation for the House That AJ Styles Built! And with that, Styles makes his entrance and this match begins!

Angle and Styles shake hands and even hug, and the fans love that. They tie up and Angle gets a waistlock to a German Suplex! Angle stalks Styles as he staggers up, but Styles escapes the Angle Slam. Styles catches Angle to a Calf Crusher! Angle endures the leg submission, but he manages to roll through! ANKLE LOCK! Styles endures now, but he rolls and sends Angle into buckles. Both Angle and Styles are down from bad legs, and here comes ORTON! RKO OUTTA NOWHERE!

Winner: AJ Styles, by disqualification

The Viper spoils the Farewell to SmackDown, but gets an ANGLE SLAM! Angle saves Styles from Orton tonight, but the fun was already ruined. Will Styles get back at Orton for this and more at Wrestlemania?


Backstage interview with Rey Mysterio & Dominic.

Father and son are both excited for Wrestlemania, but they have words for how Samoa Joe conducts himself. Joe is not like Rey Mysterio. All Joe cares about is himself. And at Wrestlemania, Mysterio will teach Joe a lesson when he stands up for both himself and his family to become the new United States Champion. Will Mysterio represent to dethrone the Destroyer?


The Miz is here!

The Most Must-See WWE Superstar is in the Mohegan Sun Arena, and we’ll find out why after the break.

SmackDown returns and Miz has a mic. He hears the fans out on the “Miz is Awesome!” chants before speaking. “I can’t agree with you more!” Just 12 days left before Wrestlemania, and usually Miz has a rush of emotions, but this year is different. The only thing Miz wants is to rip Shane apart limb from limb on the Grandest Stage of Them All! And Miz knows how he wants to do it. Shane lit a fire in Miz he didn’t even know he had. Miz has been here over 13 years and thought he’d been through it all, but Shane made this personal. Shane attacked Miz from behind and then attacked Papa Miz for the world to see. So what Miz wants is to make sure everyone else sees him decimate Shane. MetLife Stadium needs to see Miz destroy Shane, in a Falls Count Anywhere match!

Miz promises to take Shane up and down the stadium to showcase everything he does to Shane. But before Miz can go into detail, here comes Shane! Or rather, Shane and a squad of security guards. And some superstars, too, from the Colons to Shelton Benjamin to SAnitY! Shane comes shuffling out, a mic in his hand, too. “First and foremost, since I’m out here,” Shane needs a proper introduction. And say it with conviction, because Shane’s watching. “Introducing, the BEST in the Wooooorld~! Shaaaane! McMaaaaahon!” Very good. Now to Miz, this security is for your protection, not Shane’s. Shane says that when he heard the stipulation, Falls Count Anywhere, it’s hard to believe, but Miz is as dumb as Papa Miz looks.

Shane reflected on what he did, and after seeing every available angle, the better it makes Shane feel. When Shane beat Miz and his dad down in their hometown, Shane felt so great! Shane felt it all the way down to his core. Feeling the fear in Papa Miz’s body, Shane could only imagine what he was thinking. And Shane didn’t just feel good, he felt “euphoric”. And now Shane has a taste for it. Shane will quench that thirst by beating Miz down all over MetLife. That Falls Count Anywhere stipulation has been accepted. The only regret is, that Shane didn’t do more to Miz’s dad and punishing him for spawning this “Miztake” by impregnating Mama Miz.

Miz is livid and he busts through the security guards! He throws guards into barriers, but now he has the other superstars to worry about. Miz boots Benjamin and brawls with the Colons! But SAnitY is too much for Miz and they stomp him out. Shane approves as Killian Dain and Alexander Wolfe throw Miz into barriers, and as Eric Young throws clubbing forearms on top. But Miz fights back! He sends Wolfe and Dain out, then brawls with Young! Shane slowly slips away as it looks like The Miz is starting to win the brawling! Miz climbs the barriers and LEAPS onto SANitY! Fans fire up as Miz brawls with Wolfe right in front of them! But Dain comes back around, only to get haymakers of his own. Miz sends Wolfe into railing, and is standing tall!

Miz storms his way back to ringside but Shane has completely disappeared. The Miz gets the match he wanted, but will he get the revenge he seeks?


The IIconics speak.

“By now, you’ve all heard the biggest news in Sports Entertainment!” The tag team gauntlet match? No. The Falls Count Anywhere grudge match of Shane VS Miz? No, no. Charlotte winning the SmackDown Women’s Championship? Try again. Oh yeah, the biggest news is the IIconics are in the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships Fatal 4 Way at Wrestlemania! The IIconics fangirl for themselves, because Wrestlemania is about to be IIconic!


Tag Team Gauntlet!

This is it. Either Xavier Woods & Big E win Kofi Kingston his shot against Daniel Bryan at Wrestlemania, or they get nothing. Who will Vince McMahon send out to stack the deck against the Power of Positivity?

SmackDown returns, and The New Day first faces… The Club!

The New Day VS The Club!

Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows head to the ring to begin this gauntlet. Will Woods & Big E be able to get past the Good Brothers? Or will this gauntlet end before it really begins?

The teams sort out and the bell rings, and Woods blasts The Machine Gun with a shotgun dropkick! Woods throws haymakers on Anderson to a corner, but Anderson puts Woods in the corner for haymakers back. Anderson uppercuts Woods a couple times then throws more uppercuts. Anderson runs but into a SUPERKICK! Woods tags Big E but Gallows comes in. Big E clotheslines Gallows out, scoops Anderson, and hits UpUpDownDown with Woods! Cover, The New Day ELIMINATES The Club! Kofi has a viewing party of his own going with The Hardy Boys, Becky Lynch and Rey Mysterio as he cheers his boys making it through the first round. But there’s no time to rest, because next is…

The New Day VS Shinsuke Nakamura & Rusev w/ Lana!

The King of Strong Style and the Bulgarian Brute continue their partnership but Kofi has faith. Tensions are high as teams sort out. Woods stays in and starts against Nakamura. Woods fires off kicks but Nakamura gives them right back. Nakamura whips but Woods dodges and things speed up. Woods tilt-o-whirls and throws Nakamura to a corner! Rusev distracts Woods but Woods runs corner to corner. Nakamura dodges and kicks Woods back, then puts him on the top rope. Nakamura hits the top shelf knee! Cover, TWO! Woods lives but Rusev tags in. Rusev drops elbows and rains down rights on Woods before stomping him out. Rusev tosses Woods out of the ring and says there will be NO Kofimania, while we go picture in picture.

Big E coaches up Woods while Rusev tags Nakamura. Nakamura fetches Woods and puts him on the apron for another running knee! Woods slumps to the floor while Rusev and Nakamura soak up the heat. The referee counts but Woods gets in at 3. Nakamura is right on Woods with stomps, then he tags in Rusev. The King and Brute whip Woods for a pop-up knee to enziguri! Cover, TWO! Woods survives but Rusev keeps between him and Big E. Rusev chokes Woods on the ropes but lets up at 4. Lana gets in a cheap shot! Big E protests but Rusev covers, TWO! Rusev looms over Woods as Wood crawls. Woods throws body shots as we return to single picture, but Rusev carries him away from Big E!

Nakamura tags in and Rusev rams his shoulder in again and again. Nakamura gives Woods Bad Vibrations! Then a knee drop! Cover, TWO! The viewing party grows to include Naomi, Nikki Cross, Carmella and R-Truth. Nakamura drags Woods up for a facelock but Woods endures. Fans rally up and Woods fights his way up. Woods fights out of the hold with a jawbreaker! Woods crawls but Nakamura knees him in the ribs. Nakamura drags Woods up into a sleeper, but fans rally again. Woods fights but Nakmaura knees and whips. Woods hits Rusev down but Nakamura hits Woods again. Nakamura wraps on another sleeper, and uses it for the reverse exploder! But Woods lands on his feet, hot tag to Big E!

Big E throws Nakamura all around with belly2belly suplexes! Fans fire up as Big E swivels them hips hard. Big E runs and hits the BIG SPLASH! But Big E keeps going, and everyone claps, “New! Day Rocks!” Big E scoops but Nakamura escapes, and Nakamura dumps Big E out! Tag to Rusev and Rusev whips Big E. Big E reverses to send Rusev into steel steps! Kofi and the viewing party are fired up as Big E puts Rusev in. But Nakamura hotshots Big E! Rusev hits a roundhouse! Tag to Nakamura, fireman’s carry to suplex! Sliding knee! Cover, but Woods breaks it just in time! Rusev rushes in and clubs away on Woods. Rusev whips but Woods holds ropes to dump Rusev out. Woods builds speed to wreck Rusev with a dropkick!

Big E and Nakamura both stand up in the ring. Nakamura takes aim from a corner, runs out, but Big E dodges the Kinshasa! And then again to send Nakamura into a post! Tag to Woods, another scoop, another UpUpDownDown! Cover, The New Day ELIMINATES Rusev & Nakamura! The viewing party, which now includes Asuka, The Miz and Mustafa Ali, are fired up as The New Day has made it 2 for 2! But again, no time to rest, because here comes… The Bar!

The New Day VS The Bar!

The Swiss Cyborg and the Celtic Gladiator have done a lot of Vince’s dirty work in holding Kofi down. Will they succeed here where they failed before?

SmackDown returns as The Bar mugs Big E with kicks and stomps. Sheamus drops elbows on Big E’s leg then wraps it up in a toehold. Sheamus digs an elbow into Big E’s knee but Big E endures. The viewing party, which has now added Ricochet and Aleister Black, cheer Big E on as he works against Sheamus’ hold. Fans rally for Big E, too, and Big E clubs away on Sheamus. Sheamus lets go and both men crawl for their corners. Tag to Cesaro and he drags Big E away to go swinging! Then into the Sharpshooter! Cesaro sits down and Big E endures this legendary hold! Fans continue to rally and Big E powers up. Cesaro drags him from ropes but Big E pushes Cesaro all the way out! But Cesaro comes back and tags Sheamus! Sheamus clubs Big E right back down!

Sheamus pushes Big E away from Woods and stomps away on the bad leg. Big E crawls but into The Bar’s corner. Sheamus drags Big E up and grinds an elbow in. He stops at 4 but Big E fights back! Sheamus grabs the bad leg and trips Big E up. Tag to Cesaro, and Sheamus whips Cesaro in. Big E sends Cesaro out, and elbows Sheamus down! Fans fire up as Big E crawls, but Cesaro runs in! Cesaro gets a back drop for it! Hot tag to Woods! Woods rallies on The Bar! He slides and mule kicks then knees Cesaro to ropes! Woods keeps going, dropkick to Cesaro’s back! Sheamus throws Woods out but Woods comes back with an enziguri! And the step-in tornado DDT!

The Bar regroups on the outside, and Woods FLIES onto them both! Woods puts Cesaro in and climbs up top. Woods drops the leg! Cover, but Sheamus breaks it! The Bar survives while we go to break!

SmackDown returns again, and Cesaro has Big E deep into a Half Boston Crab. Fans rally and Big E powers out! But Cesaro tags Sheamus and Sheamus keeps Woods down. Sheamus then climbs up fast and aims at Big E. Big E stands and dodges the flying clothesline! Sheamus runs but into a powerbomb! Both men are down, Woods returns and tags in! Cesaro tags in, too, but runs into Woods’ shoulder. Woods climbs up and leaps, but into a European Uppercut! Cradle, TWO! Cesaro forces Woods to The Bar’s corner and chokes Woods on the ropes. He backs off, but Sheamus gets a cheap shot in! Cover, TWO! Tag and Sheamus drags Woods up. Cesaro climbs while Sheamus scoops, but Big E trips Cesaro up! Woods rolls Sheamus up, The New Day ELIMINATES The Bar! That’s 3 for 3 and the viewing party is thunderous!

But Sheamus goes after Woods with stomps! Big E returns but he’s outnumbered 2v1 by The Bar! The Bar keep going as they bring out a table! No one can do anything about this because of the ringside embargo. The Bar set up the table, then club Woods down before dragging Big E up. The Bar lift Big E up for a DOUBLE SLAM through the table!! And now the fourth team…

The New Day VS The Usos!

Jimmy & Jey know The New Day, they once said they respected the New Day, but they don’t look above picking at the bones of The New Day for their own benefit. Woods shields Big E so The Usos take up the mic. Everyone knows these two teams have fought wars with The New Day. And everyone knows no one deserves to war over the world title more than Kofi Kingston. “Y’all already earned our respect.” So good luck, Uce. The Usos FORFEIT!! Jimmy & Jey aren’t going to pick the bones, and now The New Day moves on to the fifth team! Daniel Bryan and Rowan are FURIOUS, and they throw a tantrum in their locker room! Who will be the last team for the New Day to face?

The New Day VS ???

SmackDown returns, and the final team is… Daniel Bryan & Rowan! The WWE Champion and his Big Redwood Bodyguard won’t let Kofi have a chance, and they go right after Big E and Woods! The brawl is on, but it turns into a beating as Rowan throws Woods out. Bryan goes after Big E’s bad leg while Rowan whips Woods into barriers. Rowan then throws Woods into the LED apron while Bryan slings Big E’s leg into a post! Fans boo as Bryan toys with Big E. Bryan stomps Big E but Big E fights back. Big E throws hands on Rowan then on Bryan and back again! Bryan gets the legs and brings Big E down into a Half Crab!

Big E endures this submission all over again, but Bryan shifts for an inverted type so he can put all his weight on the leg. Woods missile dropkicks Bryan off! Rowan throws Woods out but Woods comes back with an enziguri! Woods dumps Rowan out then FLIES to take him out! The viewing party has hope again as Big E catches Bryan’s knee, for a BIG URENAG-E! The straps come down and Big E aims at Bryan from the corner. Bryan stands and Big E scoops, BIG ENDING! Cover, but Rowan breaks it! Woods returns but Rowan blasts him back out. Rowan tags in and aims at Big E. Rowan scoops Big E for his own urenage and covers, TWO!? Bryan can’t believe Big E survived, but he orders Rowan to clear off the announce desk!

Rowan and Bryan clear the table and even toss arm chairs around. Bryan runs at Woods bot Woods elbows him back, then goes to the apron. Woods hits Bryan with a tornado DDT! But Rowan clamps his claw onto Woods! Woods slips out and dodges Rowan! Woods sends Rowan into the post, then so does Big E! Big E clotheslines Rowan over the announce desk! Then dumps it on Rowan!! The New Day get back to the ring as the ring count begins! The count passes 5 but there’s no movement. It hits 10, the New Day wins!!

Winners: The New Day, by count-out; Kofi Kingston is going to Wrestlemania

And Kofi comes out to celebrate with his best friends! It’s finally happening! Will this celebration pale in comparison should Kofi win the WWE Championship?


Backstage interview with Vince McMahon.

The Chairman is on his way out, having seen that impressive victory from The New Day. So is it true? IS Kofi going to Wrestlemania? Yes, he is. But can a B+ Player really defeat Daniel Bryan? Vince wonders that, but will Kofi prove that he can in two weeks? The SmackDown roster comes out to celebrate, because they definitely believe! Will dreams come true on the Grandest Stage of Them All?



My Thoughts:

What a wild SmackDown! Only now does what happened on Raw make even a little bit of sense. Charlotte really was starting to end up the third of the three women competing for the Raw Women’s Championship in terms of momentum, and obviously her desperation led her to this. While Charlotte VS Asuka was an incredible match, I don’t know what to make of Charlotte winning. For one, it robs Naomi, Carmella, Mandy & Sonya of their match that was advertised for tonight, and it just buries the SmackDown Women’s Division overall. It says Raw is greater than SmackDown because now their title is in Raw’s match. However, it does add a lot of intrigue into said Triple Threat, and could potentially make things into some kind of Undisputed Women’s Championship Triple Threat.

The one clear disappointment tonight was Angle VS Styles being interrupted by Randy Orton. I get Orton wants to ruin Styles’ momentum towards Wrestlemania, but not like this. I was hoping things would transform into a Triple Threat, but no such luck, either. They also made a point of this being Angle’s last SmackDown match, but I wonder if they’ll make a change and give us Angle VS Orton one last time as part of SmackDown’s go-home. The Miz did amazing tonight, escalating his match with Shane to a Falls Count Anywhere, then standing tall against security guards and a bunch of Heels. Even at this level, I would hope Miz wins because that’s how the story feels, but with all these other possible feel good victories, I wonder if Miz will be the one sacrificed to the feel bad side.

The story of Kofimania has been incredible! The opening promo with the quitting tease was great, Vince’s and Bryan’s reactions were great, and that tag team gauntlet was incredible! It’s a little sad to see The Club getting jobbed out, but this is for the greater good. Which is what made The Usos forfeiting even better, because they’re still Face enough to do the right thing. While Bryan going out there with Rowan made sense, I was personally hoping we’d get a great surprise like Luke Harper returning, even as a Heel alongside Bryan and Rowan. But Kofimania is happening, and the match alone will be great, and New York and I will explode with joy if Kofi finally gets his Grand Slam.

My Score: 8.7/10

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