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Outsider’s Edge: The Protest Edition (3/21/19) – Kofi, Miz, Mania, and more!

Kyle, Rance, and Karl talk KofiMania, The Miz, the litany of ‘Mania matches and more!

The Outsider’s Edge presents The Protest Edition – Kofi Kingston, Is Miz A Hall of Fame Headliner, Celebrity Spots at WrestleMania

The Chairshot brings you a brand new edition of The Outsider’s Edge!  In this exclusive episode, Kyle, Rance, and Karl are here to talk about the week in the pro wrestling, starting with the major storyline involving Kofi Kingston.  The guys also talk about the racial undertones of that story and how flawlessly it’s being handled, debate whether or not The Miz is a Hall of Fame headliner, question whether a celebrity spot or a mid-card match at WrestleMania is bigger, talk about the merits of a large WrestleMania card, and end with some New Japan conversation.

Outsider's Edge WWE


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