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The Good, Bad and Ugly NXT (3/6/19)

After a disappointing Raw and SmackDown, NXT is ready to fight! Usually good, rarely bad and basically never ugly, Bobby breaks it down!



After a disappointing Raw and SmackDown, NXT is ready to fight! Usually good, rarely bad and basically never ugly, Bobby breaks it down!

The almost always Good brand has another jam packed episode this week and has a Takeover coming up with the Champ himself out of it due to surgery and long term I.R.  Although it is disappointing to lose Ciampa, it will be fireworks watching how NXT solves their problem.  Oh and one more little tidbit.  Let the Dusty Rhodes Classic begin!  Let’s get down to ringside!


Aleister Black and Ricochet vs. Fabian Aichner and Marcel Barthel

Ricochet and Black the new main roster legends are back home in their respective NXT ring.  Facing a couple of brutes this will not be a quick or easy match no matter how unstoppable this team is.  Expect a ton of “NXT” chants tonight starting here.  Aichner and Barthel really made themselves known by just destroying the fan favorites.  Black especially got a taste of what Aichner and Barthel can do as he was isolated for the majority of the match.  Ricochet finally got the tag and went off.  Nonstop flying and spectacle, he delivered his usual show.  Crazy move sets and spots and of course the usual Ricochet style.  Barthel tried to mount a comeback with Aichner and made some ground getting a few close falls.  Ultimately it was Ricochet and Black that got the edge.  Although Aichner simply brutalized Black on the finish it was a “Black Mass” that got the victory!  Big opening match and big start to a great looking tournament. 

Lorcan and Burch vs. Forgotten Sons (Cutler and Blake w/ Jaxson Riker)

Lorcan and Burch are pure talent and grit.  They are a tag team from another planet that is so Good it makes fans crazy.  An overlooked team but the matches they have put on have been exemplary.  As expected this was physical and back and forth.  Both teams can give and take a beating.  Lorcan got teamed up on and could not get any steam.  The Forgotten Sons did a great job using their chemistry as a tag team and keeping a fresh guy in.  Burch finally got the tag and it was on!  Burch took full control and relentlessly fought both men.  Lorcan didn’t get a a lot of rest but got a tag that he just wasn’t ready for.  Blake took advantage taking out Burch.  Cutler had what seemed to be an easy win but Lorcan went berserk.  Forgotten Sons couldn’t finish Lorcan, he just kept fighting.  Burch got the headbutt breaking up a sure win submission.  Locan tagged Burch in again completely fresh.  Forgotten Sons again tried but could not take the fight out of their scrappy opponents.  Finally they hit a double team that Lorcan couldn’t kick out of, Forgotten Son’s for the Win!  Good Match!

The North American Champion- Velveteen Dream

Always a pleasure to see Dream on live NXT.  The N.A. Champ is the man and a future Main Eventer.  He is completely unique and has complete “It” factor.  Just puffing his chest out as expected, when the “King of Bros” Matt Riddle interrupts.  Riddle is interested in Dream’s new hardware but Dream is always game.  Dream reminded the new star that “the spotlight” is on him, literally.  Great little heater and promo for what could be a Good upcoming feud.

Mustache Mountain vs. Street Profits

Street Profits absolutely killed it last week, they were on fire from beginning to end.  The energy was outstanding.  Mustache Mountain should be able to only enhance this.  The crowd was split surprisingly as it would seem the red hot Street Profits would be more popular.  Mustache Mountain was in tandem hitting big tag team moves and trying to keep the pace.  Street Profits hit hard and gave their own set of moves.  A lot of back and forth and awesome tag team action.  A lot of screaming and build up later and it was Bate that took full control for Mustache Mountain.  It looked over but Dawkins raw power made it interesting.  Bate was all but finished but again kicked out!  Street Profits got frustrated and eventually outdone.  Mustache Mountain shocks everyone with the Win!  This wasn’t perfect but far from Bad.  Good match! 

The Undisputed Era (Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish) w/ Adam Cole vs. “DIY” Tommaso Ciampa and Johnny Gargano

This is just going to be un-freaking real!  We had a story, we had striking, wrestling and a hell of a show from everyone involved.  Bobby Fish is incredible and the more we see the better for the show.  Ciampa looked vicious like he had nothing to lose, just completely comfortable as the Heavyweight Champion.  Both teams know each other so well, we have history and superior skill.  This type of match is special especially on a non-Takeover setting.  Undisputed Era finally singled out Gargano but again nothing is forever.  Gargano finally got the tag in and Ciampa took out both members of Undisputed Era by himself.  Neither team would quit as both always want to win at any cost.  The ending was nuts, back and forth just insanity.  Again the caliber on display here is top notch!  Undisputed Era did everything in their arsenal to finish off DIY/Ciampa but after uncountable near falls it was finally a “Meet me in the Middle” DIY Double Team for the huge win!  Interesting to see what will happen with Ciampa!  This was awesome!  Great show.  War Raiders with their belts came out just to get a peak at the possible big opponents when all is said and done. 

BAD and UGLY- sorry but nothing sucked, again.


Good- 5

Bad- 0

Ugly- :dust:


It’s so hard to suck when you have extremely talented Superstars with something to prove every week, and writing teams and bookers who kill it!  NXT is Good, they are Great in fact.  There is no agenda, no bias, NXT just kills it every week, and with a huge WrestleMania Takeover coming up, expect the heat to only explode!

Losing Ciampa sucks but it still shows how deep the talent is, as it will just give another mega talent a shot at a huge match in a huge event.  WWE had a Good week, it wasn’t perfect but everyone did their part.  Fastlane Preview next, then of course Fastlane Sunday Night!  Then no more bs, it’s the 4th Quarter on the way to WrestleMania. 

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