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The Shield WWE WrestleMania 35


Where Is The Shield Reunion Headed?

Do you want to see The Shield together… again?

The Shield seems to be headed for a WWE reunion, and Carol Cassada has ideas of where this can go.

This past episode of Monday Night Raw saw where of the biggest milestones when Roman Reigns announced that his cancer was in remission and he was returning to the ring. As if the night couldn’t get any better, we saw Reigns share a moment with Seth Rollins then the two came to the aid of Dean Ambrose as he suffered a beatdown from Drew McIntyre, Baron Corbin, Elias, and Bobby Lashley.

From the looks of it, a reunion for The Shield is on the way and the timing is perfect. A lot’s happening with The Shield members; Dean’s reportedly leaving WWE soon and Seth’s facing Brock Lesnar for the Universal Championship at WrestleMania.  Roman’s return sets the stage for a reunion with the iconic stable.

Reports are that they’re going to have a match at Fastlane against Baron Corbin’s crew, then at WrestleMania Reigns and Ambrose will help Rollins defeat Brock Lesnar.

Fans are excited about seeing The Shield back together, but the question is how long will the reunion last?

That all depends on if Dean Ambrose leaves. When news broke that Ambrose wasn’t renewing his contract, nobody knew if it was a work or not. Personally, I believe that Ambrose is leaving, but WWE is going to pull out all the stops to make him stay, including having him reunite with his best friend.

We’ll have to wait til WrestleMania to see if Ambrose changes his mind or not.

If Ambrose does stay, I can see WWE stretching out the Shield reunion a little longer. The group will show why they’re a dominate force as they attack anyone trying to stand in their way. Then down the line WWE may decide to break the group up by having Ambrose turn heel again, only this time more vicious. They could set up a feud with him and Reigns like they originally planned. Ambrose vs Reigns match would be a huge storyline with the two former friends and brothers battling it inside the ring.

However, if Ambrose doesn’t stay, then I can see WWE continuing with Reigns and Rollins being partners. The two are friends and Rollins was the first to greet Reigns upon his return. Reigns and Rollins’ partnership will last for a while until Roman gets his rematch for the Universal Championship.

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Reigns vowed that when he returned he’d reclaim the Universal Championship, but it’s going to be difficult with Rollins being the new champion. With the championship on the line, both men will do anything to win, which means one of them will turn heel.  There’s no way they’d turn Reigns into a bad guy now that he’s earned the respect of the WWE Universe, so that means Rollins will once again betray his Shield brother. A Rollins heel turn would shock the crowd since he’s been RAW’s top babyface the past year, but many feel his face run is becoming stale, so a change would shake things up for his character.

These are just two scenarios for The Shield reunion, however with WWE things can change. Come April, fans will know the fate of Dean Ambrose and The Shield’s future.


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