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Who Faces Gargano In New York?

With the injury to Tommaso Ciampa, the NXT Championship picture is up in the air. Scott tries his hand at finding an answer!



WWE NXT Johnny Gargano

With the injury to Tommaso Ciampa, the NXT Championship picture is up in the air. Scott tries his hand at finding an answer!

The 2019 Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic kicked off on the most recent NXT. The main event saw a reunited DIY defeat Bobby Fish & Kyle O’Reilly of the Undisputed Era.

As it’s been reported somehow Ciampa & Gargano teaming in the Dusty Classic would lead to the two of them at TakeOver New York for the NXT Title. Presumably this would be the final chapter in their story which would with Gargano as NXT Champion. Unfortunately it’s come out that Ciampa will require neck surgery and is estimated to out between 6 & 14 months. Originally he was going to push through and get the surgery after TakeOver but it’s looking like he won’t make it.

It’s a shame because Ciampa has already come back after spending a long period off with an injury. Not only that but it’s come at the worst possible time right before the conclusion of what I believe is the best story WWE’s done in years.

Yeah it had started to go off course with them randomly showing up on the main roster as team and Gargano acting heelish in the last few months. However I think Ciampa’s promo last week to convince Gargano to team with him in the classic made it make sense. Reuniting in the tournament they debuted as a team in.

I don’t know how they would be eliminated from the Dusty Classic which would lead to the match at TakeOver because I haven’t read the spoilers. I imagine Gargano would cost them and would reveal his recent alliance with Ciampa was to get another NXT title shot.

It seems like the belt will be vacated and Gargano will need a new opponent for the title. Gargano will probably still win but it won’t mean as much as it would against Ciampa. Similarly to when Black got taken out right before Brooklyn last year who can believably put in that spot?

I think the only person who would make sense would be Adam Cole. He’s been North American Champion and wants all of the Undisputed Era to hold gold again in 2019. Maybe you can tie it into DIY beating the Era and costing them a shot at the tag titles.

Cole vs Gargano for the title sounds like a TakeOver main event to me.

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