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7 Days Of ‘Mania: What I Want To See On Sunday Night

What do you want to see at WrestleMania?



Seth Rollins WWE WrestleMania

We are finally here! After a week of writing, leading up to the biggest night on the WWE calendar, it’s finally safe to say it, loud and proud. WELCOME TO WRESTLEMANIA!

For those in attendance in New Jersey and the millions (and millions) watching on television, here’s hoping this show is the best the company has put together in some time. I’m praying to the wrestling gods that 15 matches and shenanigans won’t leave us all a little empty inside. I mean, what could go wrong? Seriously, this has the makings of a good card that could become great with the right booking on Sunday night.

I was on Into the Night with Rick Ballou on Friday night on 1010XL AM and 92.5 FM discussing the importance of WrestleMania and how the landscape of this business is changing. The fact the women close out the night is something that wouldn’t be discussed 10 years ago. The idea that Vince McMahon still has the stroke that keeps fans wanting more and putting together a Super Bowl of wrestling for the past 35 speaks to the love of this business.

As the hours draw closer and I get the feeling this could be one we talk about for years, like the matches between Triple H and Undertaker or The Rock and John Cena. There generational moments that take place with this event. Wrestling fans are holding their collective breaths to see if, in fact, McMahon will give Kofi Kingston his shining moment. How long will the reign of Becky Lynch continue and how will the end of this road to New Jersey enhance what is to come toward SummerSlam?

As someone said earlier this week when I wrote about WrestleMania needing to deliver on all levels tonight, this is a stand-alone show, the one every wrestling fan regardless of their affiliation with the different brands or promotions, talk about. It could suck in every way possible and we would still talk about it because it is part of the wrestling lexicon. I am part of the masses that want to see the event. Not because I write about it, but because I am a fan first.

I want to see the return of suspended animation, the moment that makes me stop in disbelief. I want Ric Flair to somehow influence the match between Triple H and Batista. I want more Dean Ambrose in any way possible (affecting the outcome of the Roman Reigns-Drew McIntyre match?) and I want Kingston and Lynch to win. There is something to be said for following the script for a change.

As a youngster, I used to think Starrcade was the best thing in professional wrestling and the fertile mind of Dusty Rhodes was genius. Now, after witnessing 34 of these supercards, I understand the show is the bigger than the matches themselves. Maybe this year the matches will be bigger than the event. We as fans are about to see a moment in time (at least that’s how it looks) tonight. It should make for fantastic theater.

As I discussed with Ballou Friday night and have bounced ideas around with my buddy Sarah Hirsch, this is the biggest night wrestling fans live for. I sure hope it does not disappoint.







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