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Abe: Undisputed Era Didn’t Get Called Up and That’s Okay

The Undisputed Era is seemingly staying in NXT, and Abe is here to share why we should be fine with that.



Undisputed Era Shock The System

The Undisputed Era is seemingly staying in NXT, and Abe is here to share why that’s okay.

This week was the Raw and Smackdown after WrestleMania. Over the past several years, those shows have traditionally been the place for NXT talent to make their debut. When it was The Bar that interrupted Raw’s blockbuster main event instead of The Undisputed Era, fans weren’t happy.

If The Undisputed Era got called up that would leave a giant hole to fill in NXT. The top singles heel remaining would be Dominik Dijakovic with the biggest heel team being The Forgotten Sons. Wouldn’t you rather see Adam Cole, Roderick Strong, Bobby Fish, and Kyle O’Reilly dominate the brand for another 6-12 months? They promised us that every member of UE would simultaneously hold gold in NXT and I want to see them chase that.

Fish and Strong are former Ring of Honor Television Champions. Cole and O’Reilly feuded over the top prize in ROH. Triple H is aware of all of that. Maybe he wants to experiment with splitting UE and having four singles stars? When DIY dissolved I was legitimately upset that we were going to be deprived of so many great future tag matches. At the time I was too short-sided to realize we were about to get all-time classics with Gargano and Ciampa navigating as singles wrestlers.

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What I don’t understand is why fans constantly voice their displeasure toward the booking of NXT talent on the main roster but also get upset when NXT superstars don’t get called up. Before WWE throws FOUR more people onto the main roster to figure out, allow them to fix their most recent call-ups first.

Aleister Black, Ricochet, EC3, and Nikki Cross still haven’t found their footing. Black and Ricochet got a Mania match but there was no story attached. EC3 can get over with any audience if you just give him a microphone. Nikki has a better grasp on her character than anyone in the company but Creative still hasn’t found something for her. This is the problem with bringing up multiple people at once. The debut of Lars Sullivan along with the reintroduction of Sami Zayn is enough for the creative staff to juggle right now.

The WWE Universe got their NXT call-ups. They just didn’t debut the weekend after Mania. Look at Lacey Evans. Just from this week alone, I got the impression that they’ve had plans for her since her debut. Even though she would only appear for 30 seconds every week, it was a defined role. Fans felt something more was coming. That’s why a lot of our staff picked her to win the Women’s Battle Royal at WrestleMania.

Chris Platt and Andrew Balaz go to war…
on POD is WAR!

Listen here:

As for Monday’s main event… I agree that it wasn’t the most spectacular way to end the most anticipated Raw of the year. I’m apart of the camp that says the original match of Kofi Kingston vs. Seth Rollins should have never been booked. If the match ends clean, Seth or Kofi lose the belt we’ve waited so long for them to capture. If it gets interrupted, we feel slighted if it’s anyone besides Undisputed Era.

If I had any say in that main event, I would have proposed a Shield vs. New Day match. You still get the prestige of both top champions in the main and it’s a match that’s only happened once. Above all, sending Dean Ambrose off in the main event of the Raw after Mania feels much more appropriate than a throwaway segment with Bobby Lashley in the middle of the show.


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NXT Minus 6: Moving Forward

What does the next era of NXT hold?



Io Shirai WWE NXT

It’s WWE NXT: We’re moving on. We’re not bitter. We’re happy with what we have.

6. The WWE reeeeeally loves to screw with us. They spend weeks dumping on NXT then kick off a show with a 4.7 star banger?!?!?! Buddy Murphy is a big league striker. He packs a punch far above his weight class. Meanwhile, Velveteen Dream steals another victory. I like where they’re going with him. Shades of the Ultimate Opportunist. Living on the Edge of a Dream?

Image result for velveteen dream vs buddy murphy nxt

5. “Charlie Brown finally kicked the football.” Oh Mauro, sometimes you are just too good.

Image result for mauro ranallo nxt

4. Dominik Dijakovic is in desperate need of a save. I have no idea what that promo was. Ancient Wicca prayer? Medieval magnet poetry? He is world class in ring and absolutely floundering on the mic. He’s so bad, it would be an upgrade if Io Shirai was his manager.

Image result for donovan dijakovic

3. Speaking of promos, Johnny Champion adds another layer to his story. Johnny Smartass absolutely crushed Adam Cole on the mic. I know they said 2-out-of-3 would be definitive, but if we get Johnny Gargano-Adam Cole part 2 in HIAC or falls count anywhere, I’d find it in my heart to forgive them.

Image result for johnny gargano adam cole nxt

2. Shayna Baszler watches Dark Side of the Ring. She thinks it’s a comedy. She is PURE EVIL. She is as pure of a heel as there is. She is the anti-Ricky Steamboat.

Related image

1. I’m trying to overlook how poorly WWE handled Kairi Sane’s last NXT match. Instead, I am focusing on how much it adds to the inevitable Baszler-Io Shirai matchup. Shirai has improved in ring every time out, but she’s still anime nicey nice. It will be exciting to see her turn up the emotion and intensity and really look to hurt Baszler as payback for her best friend. This one could steal the show at the next Takeover.

WWE NXT 01/30/19 Recap - Io Shirai, Kairi Sane

That’s right…I said it.        

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Mcleod: Will We Ever Get The Lee vs. Dijakovic Rematch?

Will we ever see the anticipated rematch?



Keith Lee Dominik Dijakovic WWE NXT
Credit: YouTube/WWE

Keith Lee and Dominik Dijakovic tore the house down in their first WWE NXT encounter, and Scott Mcleod is eagerly awaiting the rematch–just like the rest of us!

Cast your minds back several weeks when we saw a short but physically impressive match between Keith Lee & Dominik Dijakovic. We saw Lee get monkey flipped only to land on his feet and Dijakovic hit a corkscrew plancha to the outside. The match unfortunately ended in a double count out but we were lead to believe this wasn’t over as they continue to brawl while refs try to pull them apart.

They were scheduled to face off on the episode where the 5 way to face Gargano took place and that was the focus of that episode. A week or so later Lee said they would settle their differences in two weeks time.Two weeks should have this week but Lee was nowhere to be seen. Dijakovic came out and beat an enhancement in record time before declaring his intentions to challenge for the North American Championship. Judging from this week it looks like they’re feud is done which is just a shame.

They teased us with what could be with that match several weeks ago. Two guys who have the size but can pull out incredible displays of athleticism. Put that on a takeover give them around 10 minutes between two title matches and they would tear the house down. It would be a shame to not see this match at least one more time in NXT. If a few weeks ago didn’t convince you then check out their match from the PWG Battle of Los Angeles 2017 which was rated 5 stars.

It would be something different to everything else on the card. If Dijakovic is set to challenge Velveteen Dream can we not not add Lee and make it a triple threat. Think of how good Dijakovic vs Lee was and add the Dream. Don’t tell me you don’t want to see that on a Takeover. They could have a good build as well. You have the charisma of Lee & Dream along with the intensity of Dijakovic. I need to see that now.

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