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Andrew’s IMPACT Ratings & Analysis 4/26/2019

Andrew has his thoughts on the go home episode before Rebellion. Does Impact Wrestling spark more interest? Or do we get a WWE style wet fart set up for the PPV?



Andrew has his thoughts on the go home episode before Rebellion. Does Impact Wrestling spark more interest? Or do we get a WWE style wet fart set up for the PPV?

We set up for Impact Wrestling’s second PPV of the year! We get a champions vs challengers main event 6 man tag, something with Rosemary and the debut of The Deaners.

So all of the major players should have something for fans to be interested in tonight. Thankfully, we all know how to find Impact and don’t need cryptic “I Know What You Did Last Summer” style notes.

The Rascalz need notes though, they might be too high to read straight. Someone help these poor stoned souls…


  • Ace Austin vs Aiden Prince: Austin wins via The Fold – ** 3/4
  • Undead Maid of Honor w/ Su Yung vs Rosemary:  Rosemary wins via Spear – 1/2
  • Willie Mack vs Killer Kross: Kross wins via Kross Jacket – *** 1/4
  • Halal Beefcake vs The Deaners: Deaners win via Tandem Elevated STO – **
  • Lucha Bros & Johnny Impact vs LAX & Brian Cage: Cage wins via Weapon X – *** 1/2



The show kicks off with Eli Drake coming out with Kenny and a microphone. He says some stuff, Eddie comes out, beats back Eli after he grabs Kenny. The segment ends with Eddie driving Eli out of the building and that could’ve just been edited since we all know Eli was released a few weeks ago.

Tessa and Gail video package. I mean I was already looking forward to this match, so this doesn’t help. But it is put together fairly well to fill in the blanks for anyone who missed any shows.

Ace and Aiden have a good, but nothing overly special X Division match. A few dives, some flips, and the thing that brought it down a little was when Prince went for a 450, Austin tried to catch him in a Triangle, but it was just slow and sloppy. Nothing overly offensive, just that one spot was enough to make me roll my eyes.

Don Callis and Scott D’Amore are doing the Twitch chat tonight. They look like they’re on a QVC set and they are actually pretty funny together. Gail Kim apparently threw out the first pitch at the Blue Jays game, and she didn’t do too shabby. See little things like these are why watching on Twitch is the way to go.

GWN Flashback Match: LAX vs Lucha Bros, Homecoming January 6,2019

This was obviously just a conduit to further the story of Rosemary and Su, but the match was really non-existent and just generally bad. Rosemary takes the Undead Maid of Honor as a pet, which scares the other Bridesmaids and seems to bother Su.

Swann looking for Sami at the oVe compound is actually a great segment:

This was a solid match. Kross showed a bit more of his moveset, Willie had a few really cool hope spots, but Kross proved to be just a little too much. The selling was great from both guys and Kross is just a monster. Definitely a good match to add some nice ring work to this show.

So if we remember Cody Deaner from about 9 years ago, he’s a former Knockout Champion. That should tell you enough about him. Cousin Jake is a big boy and will do most of the heavy lifting in this team. But it was still fun. Solid debut for the Deaners.

Johnny and Taya come out before the match to tell everyone their history with Lance Storm and to imply that he’s on their side. Taya being a former Storm Academy graduate and Johnny going through OVW when Lance was involved with that. Lance comes out and sets them straight. Lance hits his “can I be serious for a minute” and then ends up Superkicking Johnny and the crowd pops well for most of what Lance said and did.

This was a fun match, pure bedlam. Yes, there were a lot of miscues, sloppy spots, poor execution, but they fit in a lot, there’s a lot of story to help carry it and the match was generally fun. If there were less technical issues it would’ve been significantly higher rated, but generally it was good. Lucha Bros brought out chairs and ladders, so there was a small glimpse of Full Metal Mayhem.


Overall Score: 6.5/10

Good show, fun show. The correct matches got some good hype, we see a bit of movement for the non-championship angles, and the poor Rascalz may die. I’d say this was one of their better go home episodes before PPVs as of late. It also helped that Scott and Don were deliriously amazing. References, imitations, a little non-PC commentary and just general good fun.

Impact Wrestling sets things up decently for Rebellion. So let’s see what goes on and exactly what happens at the Live Smokeshow! Also remember, don’t incur the wrath of Big Ted. Big Ted has all the answers.


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