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Sasha Banks


Carol: It Would Be A Mistake For WWE To Lose Sasha Banks

Is WWE going to lose Sasha Banks?

Is WWE going to lose Sasha Banks? Carol thinks it would be a huge mistake if they did!

These days it seems like the backstage drama is more exciting than anything WWE puts on television. The latest drama revolves around Sasha Banks, who is trying to get out of her WWE contract. The Sasha situation began during WrestleMania when she and Bayley learned they were dropping the women’s tag titles.

Sasha’s frustrations with the company have boiled over and the star is ready to walk away. WWE is trying to negotiate with Sasha, but the latest reports suggest things aren’t going well between the two sides. Fans have chimed in with their opinion; a majority of them are on Sasha’s side, while others feel that she’s being a crybaby over not getting her way.

Personally, I’m on Sasha’s side.

If you examine her career, you can see why Sasha is upset. Sure, she’s a four-time Women’s champion and has main-evented PPVs. But her reigns were short; her last one lasted only a week. Her championship losses came to Charlotte Flair and Alexa Bliss, who fit WWE’s mold of what a woman wrestler should be.

When Sasha was paired with her best friend Bayley onscreen, it looked like it was going to be the resurgence of her career. For a while, the seeds were planted for Sasha’s heel turn, but WWE quickly scrapped those plans. Instead the two remained a tag team and in February they won the Women’s tag titles, a championship the two women campaigned hard for. Yet, just a month later the two would lose the belts and set in motion this current drama with Sasha’s contract.

There’s no doubt Sasha was a popular star with the crowd. Her looks, her personality, and her athleticism made her a fan favorite. You can tell she had a passion for the business and improving the women’s division. Sasha is someone who got pops the minute she stepped through the curtain.

If you were ranking the women in popularity, Sasha would be close with Becky Lynch. Just like Becky, Sasha has been pushed aside so WWE could push Charlotte.

Sasha has proven that she’s one of the best wrestlers in the business and she could be the face of WWE’s women’s division. Yet, WWE always took away her opportunities and in the process they’re losing one of their big stars.

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WWE knows Sasha’s a big star and they’re going to do everything they can to keep her. If they do manage to convince Sasha to stay on, they need to be careful with how they book her. There can’t be any more short-lived championship title reigns.

A Becky vs Sasha feud would be huge, and if Sasha does stay I can see them booking this rivalry for the summer. This feud would be just the thing to help Sasha’s emerge as a top star and prove that she can carry the women’s division. While fans are excited about the possible match between Becky and Sasha, they shouldn’t give their hopes up. WWE is still in negotiations and if they want to keep Sasha, they need to pull out all the stops.


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