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Carol: Should WWE Unify The Championships?

Pros and Cons – What would you do?



Becky Lynch Championship WWE

With WWE putting on multiple “Winner Takes All” matches, Carol explores the possibility of WWE unifying championships.

In recent weeks, WWE has made a lot of questionable moves. First, they had Charlotte Flair win the Smackdown Women’s Championship before her match with Becky Lynch and Ronda Rousey for the RAW Women’s Championship. To make matters worse, it was announced the triple threat at WrestleMania would be a Winner Takes All match. Becky Lynch won the match and even though it was a big moment for her, you can’t help but feel sorry for the Smackdown women’s division who never got a chance to compete for the championship.

But the women’s championships weren’t the only ones that would be a winner takes all. The next night on RAW, newly crowned WWE champion Kofi Kingston challenge Universal champion Seth Rollins in a match for both championships. The winner takes all matches has caused speculation that WWE is planning to unify all their titles. For today’s article, I decided to write about whether the titles should be unified. With any situation, there’s pros and cons. The unification of the championships has its advantages and disadvantages.

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Pros of WWE Championship Unification

The biggest pro to the unification would mean more competition between RAW and Smackdown. The two brands have always been in a rivalry about which is the better show. Every year at Survivor Series the two brands face off to claim their right as the superior show.

Having one title for each division would cause more excitement. A RAW star and a Smackdown wrestler would fight for the championship and bring it home to their respective brand. Having the championship on a certain brand, would cause the other show to amp up their game and create a new challenger for the next match. RAW and Smackdown have come under fire for being boring at times, but a unification for the titles would give WWE the chance to create better storylines.

Another pro for the title unification would be shorter PPVs. One criticism that WWE has faced recently is their long PPVs. There’s currently eight championships between RAW and Smackdown. Every PPV, WWE tries to get all the titles featured on the show. Aside from the championship matches, there are other feuds WWE wants on the PPVs too. Having only one title would cut down on the number of PPV matches.

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Cons of WWE Championship Unification

While there are pros to the title unification, there is cons. Of course the unification would create more excitement, however it could also be considered unfair. Some fans love the brand split and how each show has their own championship. The different championships have given new wrestlers a chance to shine as they get a chance at the title. But a title unification could make it difficult for upcoming stars to get a chance at the main event spotlight. WWE likes to have repeat contenders for the titles and that’s one of the things to worry about with an unification.

What’s The Verdict?

Now that the pros and cons have been weighed, should there be a title unification? In my opinion, I don’t think WWE should do a title unification. I feel it’s best to leave the titles the way they are with each brand having their own.

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