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Shane Strickland


Chairshot Wrestling News Shuffle: New WWE Signings, Daniel Bryan Hurt? Sasha Still Unhappy and More! (4/18/19)

News Here! New WWE Signings, Daniel Bryan Hurt? Sasha Still Unhappy and More!

News Here! New WWE Signings, Daniel Bryan Hurt? Sasha Still Unhappy and More!

WWE Announces News Signings

Today on, the company officially announced its latest signings, though fans have known about these signings for some time. The company welcomes KUSHIDA, Garza Jr. and Shane Strickland to the WWE Performance Center in Florida. You can read more about the signings here.

Jason’s Take

While many on the current roster have asked for their release or unhappy, the company has added some talent with these three signings. My hope here is that WWE knows what to do with these three creatively.

Sasha Banks Still Unhappy?

Time for your daily Sasha Banks update! As we found out this week, the Boss N Hug connection looks to be split up, and the company may or may not be playing the unhappiness of Sasha Banks as part of a storyline. According to today’s episode of Wrestling Observer Radio, Banks continues to be unhappy with the company. Dave Meltzer would say:

“It was not only that they were losing the championships that they found out on Sunday,” Meltzer said. He added, “they were told that they were splitting the team.”

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Jason’s Take

More drama for Sasha. It is tough to like her, in all honesty. If you are unhappy, leave and do something else.

Daniel Bryan Dealing With Serious Injury?

Since losing the WWE Championship to Kofi Kingston at WrestleMania 35, we haven’t heard much from Daniel Bryan. There may be a reason as to why. PWInsider is reporting that Bryan is dealing with an injury, and the company is keeping the specific injury closely guarded.

Jason’s Take

The hope here is that Bryan is not suffering from another concussion.

Japan’s Wrestle-1 To Conduct US Tryouts

Japan’s Wrestle-1 promotion is partnering with Lucha Otaku and will be holding tryouts in the US. The Inoki Dojo in Huntington Park will be one of the locations holding tryouts for Wrestle-1, and the tryouts will be on June 15, 2019. Kaz Hayashi and Sonny Onoo will be running the tryouts and selecting up to two wrestlers to train at the Wrestle-1 Dojo in Japan for a week.

Jason’s Take

If you are looking at getting in to the professional wrestling business, has there ever been a better time to do so ? Now, the international promotions are making their way to the US. You have to wonder though, is there TOO MUCH wrestling to follow it all?

Reasoning Behind Road Dogg Stepping Down

Road Dogg Brian James recently stepped down as co-head writer of SmackDown Live, and a recent edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter elaborated as to why. Dave Meltzer would state that James was upset with having to put in long hours and multiple miles of back and forth travel, only to have Vince McMahon change the writing the day of the show.

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Jason’s Take

I can’t imagine what it would be like to be a writer in WWE. You have a boss like Vince McMahon, who reportedly doesn’t sleep, and views sneezing as a weakness. Let alone all the travel, the hours, and stress.







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