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Becky Lynch WWE WrestleMania


Chairshot Wrestling News Shuffle: WrestleMania Fallout, Batista Retires, Superstar Shakeup and More! (4/9/19)

News Here! WrestleMania Fallout, Batista Retires, Superstar Shakeup and More!

News Here! WrestleMania Fallout, Batista Retires, Superstar Shakeup and More!


Batista Announces His Retirment

At WrestleMania, Batista failed to end the career of HHH. However, it looks like The Animal is calling it a career himself according to his Twitter account.

Jason’s Take

Batista’s career in WWE is Hall Of Fame worthy, and you can expect he will get an induction at some point. A two time Royal Rumble winner, a four time World Champion, and a two time WWE Champion, his credentials can’t be denied.

Ending To WresleMania Main Event Botched?

Becky Lynch was able to pick up the victory in the winner take all main event at WrestleMania, but many were somewhat surprised with the ending of the match. Pro Wrestling Torch and Tom Colohue posted news early Monday morning that the ending of the match was to see Becky Lynch tap out Flair.

However, The Wrestling Observer and Dave Meltzer would state that the match ending was how it was laid out to be.

“It just happened. I don’t believe for a second that she was trying to play a game. Whatever it was, her shoulder ended up coming up and they called attention to it which I thought was really weird. At one point, the finish was going to be a submission finish. There were a lot of people who were for it and a lot of people who were against it. In the end, the idea was a pinfall and not a submission.”

Jason’s Take

For all the hype and essentially year long build to a women’s main event at WrestleMania, the match itself felt very underwhelming. While I don’t think the ending of the match was botched, it was odd and didn’t come across the broadcast well. The right woman won, but I feel a bit let down in the execution. I actually missed the ending of the match figuring the match was going to go much longer and glanced away from the broadcast a bit.

Bret Hart Provides Update

Bret Hart provided an update/recap of the hall of fame attach and WrestleMania festivities on his Facebook page.

Jason’s Take

Good to see the Hitman in good spirits. Still a bit in shock myself.

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Hogan Apologizes To Big E

When Hulk Hogan returned to the WWE late last year, one of the more vocal people about his return was Big E. Big E took to Twitter on Sunday and said that Hogan had a chance to apologize to him.

Jason’s Take

I saw a lot of people post a lot of derogatory comments regarding Hogan’s involvement in the opening segment of WrestleMania. I don’t condone anything the Hulkster said, but agree people deserve second chances as I am sure we have all said and done many dumb things we regret. It is interesting to me that many people are quick to criticize Hogan. But, we have the Ultimate Warrior award every year. (Check out Warriors speech on YouTube at UCONN) And now a push to name the yearly women’s WrestleMania battle royal to the Chyna Memorial Battle Royal. (Look up Chyna’s past history).

Superstar Shakeup To Take Place Next Week

As announced by the New Day in the opening segment of Monday’s RAW, the Superstar Shakeup will begin on next week’s RAW.

Jason’s Take

It will be interesting to see who gets called up, and what wrestlers will be changing brands.


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