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Flaming Oracle: Images of the Past (OWE Match Result)

OWE held a tournament for their new Dragon Legend Championship. Shawn goes into details about the Finals and the inaugural champion!



OWE held a tournament for their new Dragon Legend Championship. Shawn goes into details about the Finals and the inaugural champion!

On 20 April 2019, a match took place in Shanghai China which brought back memories of the past.  It has been thirty years removed, since the legendary matches of Ricky the Dragon Steamboat and Ric Flair took place.  I am not comparing the two, only certain aspects of those matches can be considered.  Amazingly both wrestlers have slightly over a year in the wrestling experience.

Oriental Wrestling Entertainment (OWE) held a sixteen man tournament to crown their first Dragon Legend Championship.  On this evening, the final two men faced each other.  General Guan (Zhao Junjie) and Wolf Logan (Fan Hewei) brought back memories past.  The match held multiple technical moves, quick counters, and several near pinfalls.  FIFTY EIGHT minutes of fast paced offensive maneuvers between two equals.  So, if you don’t have NEO-TV this is what you missed.

The match started off slow as each competitor tested the other.  Several arm bars, hip tosses, and counters left both men at a stalemate. The fans began their wolf howls in support of Wolf Logan.  The two hit the ropes in multiple combinations and counters between the two gladiators.  Logan attempted a quick pin, but was easily kicked out by the General.

The match continued with a series of slap shots before Logan dropped Guan with a kick to the knee.  The wolf hit the ropes, but General Guan rushed forward slamming Logan down with a shoulder block.  Neither man had the advantage after ten minutes of wrestling.

The fifty minute mark saw Guan throw Logan into the corner, followed by a series of forearm strikes that dropped Logan to his knees. Guan attempted a pinfall, but Logan kicked out at two and a half.  The General continued with a single leg Boston crab.  The hold was broken when the Wolf reached the ropes.

After the break, Logan countered Guan’s attempt to send him into the ropes.  Logan performed a Kung Fu round kick followed by a Hurricarama sending the General outside of the ring.  Logan jumped over the top rope to land on Guan. After a short scuffle outside, both men returned to the ring as Logan pulled a snap suplex followed by a low body drop kick to lay Guan flat onto the mat.  The General kicked out of the pinfall after a two count.

Both men were exhausted after fifty minutes.  Guan kicked Logan in the knee and hit the rope to perform a spinning forearm chop.  The referee counted to six before either man began moving again; with General Guan recovered first.  Slamming Logan into the corner and hitting a double arm suplex, once again Logan kicked out at the count of two.  

Following a series of forearms that did little effect on either wrestler, Logan hit two knee drop face plants for another pin attempt.  Guan once again kicked out at the two and a half count by the referee.

Before Logan could start his next attack, Guan hit him with a powerslam.  A second attempt at Guan’s finishing move the Dragon Hammer failed. Logan followed the counter with an F5 and a spinning screw kick, but Guan kicked out on a two count. Guan struggled to stand up.  Logan missed a second spinning kick when Guan stepped away from the attack.  The General hit a spinning clothesline for another pinfall attempt.  Logan kicked out on on two.

Guan hit the ropes for a new attack. Logan countered the attack with a superkick.  Once again, Guan kicked out at the two and a half count.

Logan attempted a rope attack, but Guan countered again with a series of blocks.  Guan threw an old school ‘Big Show’ punch that laid Logan out. It appeared Logan was unconscious as the General performed his Dragon Hammer finish.  

It appeared that Logan kicked out of a two count, but the referee rang the bell at 58 minutes and 18 seconds.  General Guan earned the victory. Both competitors were motionless on the mat as teammates entered to help them. 

Fellow wrestlers came out applauding the performance as teammates helped the competitors regain consciousness.  OWE’s president Tony Chen, Michael Nee, and Cima presented the title to General Guan as fellow wrestlers held the first champion up for the presentation.


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