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Greg DeMarco

Greg DeMarco Show: What To Do About The WrestleMania?

Two days? Move to Saturday? Move the Royal Rumble? NO STAGE???? Let’s discuss how to change WrestleMania!



Patrick, Miranda, and Greg sit down and fight about the wrestling on the Greg DeMarco Show!

WrestleMania is in the books and the Trios Champions of Pro Wrestling Podcasting are here to talk about it! But what exactly are they gonna talk about?

  • Quick Hits – everyone gets 1 minute to talk about WrestleMania!
  • Now that 35 is over…what will WWE do at WrestleMania 36!
  • Everyone loves to complain about WrestleMania–so what would we change?
  • Patrick has The Bullshit!

All this, plus Greg has a special Royal Rumble entrance treat, brings back the Old School song of the week to close the show, and more!

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