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Mitchell’s NJPW AXS Results: G1 Supercard Part 1!

NJPW and ROH share the Madison Square Garden spotlight!



NJPW + ROH = G1 Supercard

NJPW and ROH sell out the world’s most famous arena! And AXS brings us TWO HOURS of the action as their coverage of the G1 Supercard begins!


Coverage of G1 Supercard will be as broadcast by AXS TV.

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  • Revolution Pro-Wrestling Undisputed British Heavyweight Championship: Zack Sabre Jr. VS Hiroshi Tanahashi; ZSJ wins and retains the Rev-Pro Undisputed British Heavyweight Championship.
  • IWGP Intercontinental Championship: Tetsuya Naito VS Kota Ibushi; Ibushi wins and becomes the new IWGP Intercontinental Champion.
  • IWGP Heavyweight Championship: Jay White VS Kazuchika Okada; Okada wins and becomes the new IWGP Heavyweight Champion.


NJPW and AXS set the scene for this historic crossover event!

History is made as for the first time in almost 60 years, Madison Square Garden plays host two new promotions! Ring of Honor joins New Japan Pro-Wrestling for this event!

The Switchblade reigns after defeating The Ace, and will defend in the world’s most famous arena against a man he’s already defeated. The Rainmaker wants revenge from the defeats in the G1 Climax and Wrestle Kingdom 13, and he blazed a trail through the New Japan Cup for this opportunity! Will Kazuchika Okada take down Jay White to become a FIVE-time IWGP Heavyweight Champion? Or will he simply Breath with the Switchblade as the Cutthroat Era continues?

Plus, the Uncontrollable Charisma fell short in the New Japan Cup, and his mission to be NJPW’s first dual champion has been delayed. And now, the Golden Star that eliminated him from the cup comes for his belt! Will Tetsuya Naito stay Tranquilo as well as retain the IWGP Intercontinental Championship? Or will Kota Ibushi soar to new heights by adding the title to his resume?

But before even that, NJPW’s partnership with Rev-Pro continues to grow stronger as the Undisputed British Heavyweight title is on the line! The Submission Master failed to win this year’s New Japan Cup, because The Ace got revenge for last year! Hiroshi Tanahashi’s defeat of Zack Sabre Jr. earned him this shot, will he take a different heavyweight title for his own? Or will he #JustTapOut to ZSJ in MSG?


Revolution Pro-Wrestling Undisputed British Heavyweight Championship: Zack Sabre Jr. VS Hiroshi Tanahashi!

The Submission Master and the Once in a Century Talent have gone back and forth in the ring, and now it’s come to a title from outside NJPW! Will ZSJ make up for his New Japan Cup streak ending? Or will Tanahashi make up for missing out on the IWGP Heavyweight Championship?

As always, Taka Michinoku gets a mic and welcomes us to #ZackSabreTime. And he asks the New York fans, in English, “What do you think about this match? I said, who’s gonna win this match!?” But anytime, anywhere against anyone, all ZSJ’s opponents can do is #JustTapOut! The winner will be the Submission Master, Zack Sabrrre Junior~! ZSJ even pie-faces Tanahashi! Tanahashi keeps his cool, then takes off his jacket before we begin!

Tanahashi and ZSJ circle and MSG rallies already. ZSJ reels Tanahashi in but Tanahashi gets up. ZSJ keeps on him with several floats and spins, then pushes to a cover. Tanahashi pushes out before a count and they reset. ZSJ and Tanahashi circle as fans sing. ZSJ wristlocks, rolls and wrenches Tanahashi, but Tanahashi spins through. Tanahshi wrenches but ZSJ rolls through and gets up with a big grin. Fans duel as ZSJ and Tanahashi circle and tie up again. ZSJ bridges and spins to another wrench, but Tanahashi rolls to reverse it. ZSJ rolls through, too but Tanahashi wrangles him back down. Tanahashi stands over ZSJ but ZSJ nips up, only for Tanahashi to wrangle him down again. ZSJ gets up and pops free to throw European Uppercuts. He pie faces Tanahashi again, but Tanahashi uppercuts back!

Fans cheer for Tanahashi as ZSJ gives more EuroUppers. ZSJ has Tanahashi in a corner then whips corner to corner. Tanahashi elbows back then hops up to crossbody! He bounces off but air guitars for the fans. Tanahashi goes back to ZSJ for a scoop slam, then drops an elbow, only to get caught into an armbar! But he makes it a cover, TWO, and ZSJ has the armbar again. ZSJ pulls but Tanahashi rolls, so ZSJ makes it a mounted Fujiwara! Tanahashi still rolls to a ropebreak! ZSJ lets up but stomps the arm. The ref reprimands ZSJ but he toys with Tanahashi while fans rally up. Tanahashi sits up but ZSJ drags him up to go after the arm. ZSJ twists from wrist to elbow and in all directions, to bring it down for another hammerlock stomp! MSG boos while ZSJ trash talks and we go to break.

NJPW on AXS returns and ZSJ still taunts the fans. ZSJ kicks Tanahashi while he’s down but Tanahashi takes them all. Tanahashi glares as ZSJ keeps toying with him. Tanahashi gets up and ZSJ pie faces him, but Tanahashi eggs ZSJ on. ZSJ throws EuroUppers but Tanahashi gives them back. Tanahashi throws forearms then runs in, but ZSJ sends him out. Tanahashi’s bad arm keeps him from skinning the cat, and ZSJ grabs him for an armbar! They’re in the ropes but ZSJ lets go at 4. ZSJ smirks as he wants the ref to ask Tanahashi how he feels. The ref does and Tanahashi says he’s not quitting. ZSJ goes after Tanahashi and wrenches the bad arm then pulls at the fingers.

Tanahashi endures the arm torture then fires forearms. ZSJ wrenches again but gets another forearm. ZSJ keeps going but Tanahashi keeps hitting. Tanahashi gets free but ZSJ kicks the notoriously bad leg. ZSJ whips corner to corner but Tanahashi dropkicks out ZSJ’s legs! Fans cheer as both men are down and a standing count begins. ZSJ gets to a corner but Tanahashi runs in for a shotgun dropkick! Tanahashi drags ZSJ up for a scoop slam, then heads up again. Tanahashi hits the somersault senton! Cover, TWO! But Tanahashi keeps on ZSJ with the legs. ZSJ scrambles and denies the Cloverleaf with a ropebreak. Fans rally and duel as Tanahashi runs, but ZSJ dodges the slingblade to the abdominal stretch! Tanahashi endures but pops out to his own!

ZSJ endures the cobra twist now but pries his way out back to his! ZSJ grinds in an elbow but Tanahashi powers out. They go around and Tanahashi gets control again. ZSJ endures Tanahashi’s twist but Tanahashi makes it a pump handle to a slam! ZSJ gets to the apron but Tanahashi runs in, only for ZSJ to catch him into a stretch on the ropes! The ref counts and ZSJ lets go at 4. ZSJ goes in but Tanahashi has the leg for the dragon screw! ZSJ tumbles in but Tanahashi isn’t done with him. Tanahashi drags ZSJ into the Cloverleaf! ZSJ endures but rolls to drag Tanahashi into a triangle hold! Tanahashi fades as ZSJ wraps on tight, but Tanahashi finds his second wind. Tanahashi pushes through to get ZSJ back in the Cloverleaf! ZSJ endures again and scrambles to ropes, ropebreak!

Tanahashi lets go but he keeps his cool. He drags ZSJ up to stomp those legs. ZSJ EuroUppers back but Tanahashi throws a palm strike! Sling-Dog! Tanahashi climbs and fans fire up! But ZSJ gets up quick, and kicks Tanahashi down! ZSJ hops up to Kimura wristlock on the top rope! ZSJ drags Tanahashi down and hotshots the arm. Then he drags Tanahashi in to wrench and PELE the arm! ZSJ fires up and kicks but Tanahashi catches it! To a dragon screw, but ZSJ sits down and rolls to the European Clutch! TWO, PENALTY KICK! Cover, TWO!! Fans fire up again as Tanahashi survives. Taka tells ZSJ to break Tanahashi and ZSJ fires up. ZSJ drags Tanahashi up and scoops, but Tanahshi slips out to roll! Japanese Clutch, TWO, into an armbar! But Tanahashi blocks to a grounded dragon screw!

Tanahashi stalks ZSJ and brings him up. ZSJ pops out of the full nelson to his EuroClutch, TWO!! Tanahashi escapes but ZSJ hops on for a guillotine. But Tanahashi powers out to a Twist ‘n’ Shout! He holds on for a second Twist ‘n’ Shout! And then the third! Tanahashi fires up and MSG joins him. Tanahashi runs to Slingblade! Cover, TWO!! ZSJ narrowly escapes now, but Tanahashi has more to give. Tanahashi drags ZSJ up and brings him around to a full nelson. ZSJ denies the suplex and tilt-o-whirls into the Octopus Stretch! Tanahashi endures and starts to fade. Tanahashi drops and ZSJ shifts into a hammerlock. ZSJ wants the far arm but Tanahashi scrambles and fights it off. ZSJ still gets the arm!!

Tanahashi endures A Long Way from Home, but ZSJ uses his legs to lock it in! And then grabs one of Tanahashi’s legs!! Tanahashi verbally quits, ZSJ wins!

Winner: Zack Sabre Jr, by submission; still Rev-Pro Undisputed British Heavyweight Champion

The Submission Master may be A Long Way from Home himself, but he’s still the champion! ZSJ retains his belt and breaks the series tie with Tanahashi, 3-2!

Backstage interview

“Strong Style is dead! Sabreism lives.” ZSJ wants more challengers, but there’s no one left. ZSJ won this title off Tomohiro Ishii in the Tokyo Dome, in front of the largest crowd for a British title in about 400 years or so. Ridiculous! But then he defends this title in Madison Square Garden. Him, a 31-year-old “Vegan Socialist”, is taking over the industry while barely breaking a sweat. Well now he wants the IWGP Heavyweight Championship! He’s had one shot so far but he almost broke Okada back then. Now he’ll finish whoever it is. Tanahashi is done, but what? Naito’s next? “Naito’s made of sponge.” And ZSJ almost did in Ibushi, too.

Who else? Jay White? That “nob head” can’t even lace ZSJ’s boots. White’s the champion not because he’s the best, but because everyone else has failed. ZSJ won’t fail to take him down, like he hasn’t failed British wrestling. This isn’t the Rev-Pro title, it is the British title, and it represents a wrestling scene he’s had in his “soft, moisturized hands” for a decade now. “See what I do with NJPW.” Taka adds that this isn’t the Strong Style Era, it’s Zack’s Time. Will Zack’s time come sooner rather than later?


IWGP Intercontinental Championship: Tetsuya Naito VS Kota Ibushi!

The leader of Los Ingobernables de Japon wants to become the first dual Intercontinental and Heavyweight champion in NJPW history, but he hit a speed bump already. The Golden Star beat him in the opening round of the New Japan Cup and now challenges for his title! Will Naito stay Tranquilo and keep his Destino on track? Or will Ibushi further derail it by following in the footsteps of both The Ace and the King of Strong Style?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and Naito takes his time removing his entrance gear as per usual. Ibushi patiently waits, so Naito takes a little longer with those pants just because he can. The ref asks he hurry so Naito takes them all the way off to then toss the pants at the ref. The ref puts the pants aside and we begin!

Fans lose their minds immediately for these two fan favorites. Naito and Ibushi slowly circle and approach, but Naito quickly side steps Ibushi. Ibushi keeps his cool as he and Naito go again. Naito side steps again and wants Ibushi to take it easy. Ibushi and Naito finally tie up and Naito manages to push Ibushi to the ropes. Ibushi turns it around but lets up with shoulder pats. Naito kicks and elbows back! Naito whips but Ibushi reverses, but Naito sunset flips only for Ibushi to roll through. Ibushi goes to kick but Naito gets clear and arm-drags. Ibushi headscissors but Naito pops out to Tranquilo! Fans are thunderous already as Naito takes his time getting up. Ibushi waits, and the two circle again.

Fans build to a rally as Naito kicks and elbows again. Naito puts Ibushi in the blue corner to throw more hands. Naito whips corner to corner but Ibushi goes up and over. Ibushi gets Naito with a huricanrana! Naito bails out and fans cheer as Ibushi runs to the corner. Naito sees it coming and gets in. Ibushi swings but Naito sweeps and trips Ibushi up! Naito runs to baseball slide Ibushi down! Naito takes his time following after, and fans rally up as Naito brings Ibushi up to whip into barriers! One of the event staff was partially in the way of that, so Naito reprimands the guy for being where he was. Naito then drags Ibushi up for a proper crash into railing!

Fans want “One More Time!” but the ref wants them to return to the ring. Naito stomps Ibushi then drags Ibushi up for a whip to the other railing! Ibushi ends up in the lap of the front row! Naito returns to the ring and lets the 20 count begin. The count passes 5 as fans help Ibushi stand. Ibushi tumbles over at 8 and gets in at 11. Naito keeps on Ibushi with forearms and a toying kick. Ibushi grins as Naito stands him up. Naito throws in a back elbow then whips corner to corner. Naito hits the jump kick and sweep, to swinging dropkick, cabron! He adds a neckbreaker and covers, TWO! The champion is in control while we go to break.

NJPW on AXS returns and Naito takes his time bringing Ibushi back up. Naito puts Ibushi in a cravat but fans rally up. Ibushi endures the neck crank, then stands up to fight out. Naito clubs him down then whips, but Ibushi reverses, only for Naito to reverse back. Fans duel as Naito runs, but Ibushi dropkicks him down! Both men are down but the dueling grows stronger. Ibushi stands up first but Naito slowly follows. Ibushi fires off a strike fest! Roundhouse rocks Naito, standing moonsault on top! Cover, TWO! Fans rally again and Ibushi brings Naito up. Ibushi waistlocks but Naito throws elbows. Naito pries out to an arm-drag! Ibushi runs in but gets bots. Naito baits Ibushi in for an alley-oop snake eyes! Naito adds a one-leg shotgun dropkick! Cover, TWO! Ibushi is dazed but he’s still in this!

Naito gets Ibushi to a corner but Ibushi flounders around. Naito stomps away on Ibushi but Ibushi still stands. Fans duel as Naito whips corner to corner. Ibushi goes to boot but Naito spins him around for a draping backbreaker! Naito drags Ibushi up for another! Then a basement dropkick! Cover, TWO!! Ibushi survives the assault on his neck and spine but Naito stalks him to the corner. Naito hoists Ibushi up top then climbs up to join him. Ibushi holds on but both men stumble down. Naito keeps hitting Ibushi then puts him back up. Ibushi slips out to PELE Naito down! Naito is on the apron but Ibushi stands on the second rope. Ibushi drags Naito up and everyone knows what’s coming, DEADLIFT- No, Naito fights free! Ibushi goes limp, Naito drags Ibushi back out! But Ibushi slips out and they brawl on the apron.

Naito boots Ibushi but Ibushi SUPER STEINERS Naito off the apron!! Fans lose their minds for that one as both men crash to the ground! The referee checks on both men but they’re somehow okay. Fans shout “MAMMA MIA!” like another promotion as the 20 count begins. Ibushi stands at 8 and drags Naito up at 10. He puts Naito in at 12, then climbs up to springboard stomp! Cover, TWO!! Naito survives but Ibushi keeps his cool. Fans rally up again and Ibushi drags Naito around for a bomb. Naito fights out and elbows, then rolling kicks! Ibushi comes back but gets a kick to tornado DDT! Naito crawls to a cover, TWO!! Ibushi survives and shocks Naito! Naito drags Ibushi up again as fans declare “This is Awesome!”

Naito puts Ibushi up top, SUPER STEINER of his own! But he doesn’t let up, he hammerlocks for GLORIA! Cover, TWO!! Naito doesn’t fret, he still has his best to give. He drags Ibushi up, wrenches but Ibushi fights out! Naito enziguris and whips but Ibushi reverses. Ibushi dodges but misses, but then gets Naito on the second time around! The clothesline takes Naito down but Ibushi falls, too! Fans rally up as Naito manages to get to a corner. The referee starts a standing count but Ibushi’s up first. Ibushi kicks Naito to the apron and wants what he went for earlier. He drags Naito up to the second rope, DEADLIFT SUPER GERMAN!! Cover, TWO?! Naito lives and Ibushi is beside himself, but the fans are loving “Both These Guys!”

Ibushi drags Naito up again and prepares a wristlock. He throws Naito with a straitjacket suplex! Bridging cover, TWO! Ibushi still has the wrists, but Naito wheelbarrows to a victory roll! But Ibushi sits on it, TWO, to a wheelbarrow lift. Naito denies the driver with another victory roll, but pops out to a wheelbarrow driver! Cover, TWO!! Ibushi survives and Naito is actually shocked! Fans build to another rally as both men slowly sit up. Naito shakes the cobwebs out before throwing forearms into Ibushi. Ibushi comes back with elbows of his own, so Naito gives more. Ibushi still hits back, and Naito starts enjoying this. Naito throws forearms, Ibushi throws forearms, and repeat! They stand, but keep throwing heavy strikes.

Ibushi gets an edge so Naito spits at him! Naito kicks and kicks but Ibushi just looks mad now! Ibushi CHOPS Naito right in the chest! Naito staggers about but only to get more palm strikes. Ibushi kicks but Naito ducks to hit a REVERSE-RANA! But Ibushi’s still on his feet! DESTINO!! Cover, TWO!?! No one can believe it but the fans are all loving it! Actually, even Naito seems to love this! Naito drags Ibushi back up, wrenches and tilt-o-whirl, but Ibushi blocks Destino! Naito slips out only for Ibushi to roundhouse him down! Both men drop but fans fire up again. Ibushi gets to a corner and shots out to the King, BOMAYE! But he’s not done, sliding Bomaye! Cover, TWO!?! Now Naito survives to shock everyone!

Ibushi gets back up, drags Naito back up, and prepares the bomb. Naito fights back but still gets the Last Ride! Cover, TWO!! KAMIGOYE!! Cover, Ibushi wins!!

Winner: Kota Ibushi, by pinfall; NEW IWGP Intercontinental Champion

The Golden Star has ascended to the level of his wrestling gods! Nakamura, Tanahashi and now Ibushi! Will the trend continue and lead Ibushi to one day be atop the mountain?

Backstage Interview

Kota Ibushi is naturally very happy, and apologizes to those who don’t know Japanese. But that’s okay, there are subtitles now. Ibushi continues by saying he wanted this title so badly. He wanted to be IWGP Intercontinental Champion, and now he can’t believe he’s done it. It took a long time, but he got to compete against so many. Ibushi speaks to the two “gods of wrestling”, and he still sees those men that way. To win this belt here, with Tanahashi in the building, meant so much to him. Ibushi and Naito are the same age, so Ibushi thinks of Naito as a rival. Ibushi beat his rival, and has the title he’s wanted for so long, in the Madison Square Garden. Winning it here is even more meaningful. There is still much more Ibushi wants to say, but he will move on to the next challenge for now.

Ibushi wishes to call someone out. There is one match he wants right away: the man who beat him at the G1 Climax, and who just tonight defeated “god” Tanahashi. Zack Sabre Jr, come challenge Ibushi! Ibushi thanks Naito and takes his leave. Will he and ZSJ battle for the Intercontinental Championship? Will it be title for title?!


IWGP Heavyweight Championship: Jay White VS Kazuchika Okada!

Here it is. Not only is this the main event of the broadcast, not only is this co-main-event to the entire G1 Supercard, but this is a battle for THE title in NJPW, with a months of animosity behind it! The Switchblade is willing to do whatever it takes to win, and he’s proved that time and again from the G1 Climax to when he took the title off Tanahashi. Meanwhile, the Rainmaker had a long and winding road of redemption that included several defeats at the hand of Jay White. But even after losing the title, the G1 Climax, and his friend in Gedo, Okada came back to win the 2019 New Japan Cup! Will Okada make it rain in Madison Square Garden? Or will Wrestle Kingdom repeat itself when he Breathes with the Switchblade?

The introductions are made, and the newly minted, completely gold IWGP Heavyweight Championship belt is raised! The bell rings and we begin the NJPW main event of the night!

Fans are already fired up for Okada but White just shakes his head. White bails out and the fans boo, but he and Gedo just smirk. White says he does this on his terms, and takes his time to return. Okada patiently waits but White bails out again. White grins and slides in to finally circle and tie up with Okada. They go around  and Okada puts White on the ropes. Red Shoes asks for the break but Okada fakes his chop. Okada pats White’s shoulder then blocks the kick. Okada headlocks but White powers out, only for Okada to run him over. Fans cheer as Okada goes to run, but Gedo’s in his way! Gedo grins as White clubs Okada from behind. White headlocks and throws Okada down to grind him on the mat.

Fans tell Gedo off but White keeps on Okada. Okada gets up and powers out but White grabs Okada’s hair! White brings Okada back down in the headlock takeover, but Okada endures. Okada fights his way up and throws body shots. Okada powers out of the hold but White grabs hair again. White gets the headlock takeover again, then pretends not to know why fans are upset. Okada works his way back up, and fights out again. Okada fights White off but White knees low. White headlocks again but Okada powers out to boot White down! Okada drags White up for a neckbreaker! Cover, ONE, but Okada keeps his cool. Okada drags White up again to snapmare him at the ropes. Okada runs but White bails out, and fans boo more.

White catches his breath but Okada pursues! White kicks Okada and whips him at barriers, but Okada reverses to whip White in! Okada boots White into the front row! Okada drags White up and onto the railing, but Gedo distracts him! White pushes Okada into the post! Then snap suplexes him into barriers! White grins as he goes back into the ring. Fans boo as White allows the ring count to begin. Okada crawls at 2 but doesn’t stands until 8. He gets in at 9 but White stomps him out! White catapult guillotines Okada into the ropes! Cover, TWO! White grows annoyed but he brings Okada into a half camel clutch. He pulls back and Gedo cheers but the fans boo instead. Okada gets around but White keeps on a chinlock with a knee in the back.

Okada gets up to elbow out then run, but into an elbow from White! Cover, TWO! White drags Okada up and CHOPS! He puts Okada in a corner for another CHOP! White back suplexes Okada down hard, covers, TWO! White keeps his cool as he toys with Okada. He drags Okada up but Okada fires forearms. White hits back but Okada kicks. White denies the DDT to hit a DDT! Then he goes to a corner, just to gloat! Fans boo but White goes back to figure four the legs together for his take on the Muta Lock! Okada endures as he drags himself towards ropes. White bridges and pulls but Okada gets the ropebreak! White lets go at 4, then takes his time adjusting his pads. He drags Okada back up but Okada throws forearms. White CHOPS Okada back then whips.

Okada reverses but White denies the flapjack, only to run into it the second time! Both men go down and we go to break.

NJPW on AXS returns as the fans rally for Okada. White is first to stand, but Okada kips right up! Okada rallies on White with elbows and a whip, but White reverses. Okada dodges to hit the back elbow! Fans fire up with Okada while White gets to a corner. Okada whips White corner to corner to hit another back elbow, then kicks for the DDT! Cover, TWO! Okada keeps going as he brings White up for a scoop slam. He heads for a corner and climbs up, but White gets under Okada. Okada rolls but runs into a boot. And then another boot, but Okada just gets mad. White boots again but Okada blocks to throw forearms. Okada hoists White up to dropkick him down! Fans cheer as White hits the ground. Okada goes out and follows White around the corner.

Okada drags White up and whips him into railing again. He boots White again, and White slumps into the first row again. Okada goes for it again, but he sees Gedo coming this time and kicks him low! Okada tosses Gedo onto White, then gets a huge running start to FLY onto them both! Direct hit and he bowls them into chairs! Fans fire up with the action right in front of them! Okada drags White up from the seats and throws him back to ringside. Okada stalks White as he crawls and puts him in the ring. White crawls more but Okada stalks White for the Alabama lift. White fights for his life and uses ropes to escape. Okada runs back in but into a waistlock. White hits the snap saido suplex! Both men are down but stirring.

Okada gets to a corner and White goes to the opposite end. White runs in for a big EuroUpper! Then a twisting brainbuster! Cover, TWO! Okada lives but White keeps his cool. White drags Okada up but Okada denies the Blade Runner. Okada runs in but misses in the corner. White runs in but his put up and onto the Alabama lift, to the reverse neckbreaker! But Okada is too exhausted to cover! Fans rally up again as Okada and White stir. Okada drags White up to gut wrench but White slips out. White waistlocks but Okada elbows out. Okada runs but White flounders to a corner. White grins, he’s too smart for Okada. But Okada stomps and elbows White in the corner.

Okada gut wrenches again but White still escapes to a corner. White’s still smug, but he gets a shotgun dropkick for it! Okada puts White in a drop zone then climbs up top. Okada leaps for a big missile dropkick! Cover, TWO! White lives but Okada keeps his cool. Okada scoop slams White into the drop zone then climbs up again. Okada leaps for the Macho Elbow! But he’s not done there, and fans know it’s coming… The Rainmaker Pose! Okada drags White up and wristlock ripcords, but White just sits down. White smirks so Okada kicks him in the face. Okada drags him back up for forearms. Okada continues to pick White up and punch him back down. White is dazed as Okada drags him up again. White suddenly hits a complete shot! Then waistlocks to a deadlift German!

Both men slowly stand, but White is first. White drags Okada up but Okada powers out of Blade Runner to ram White into buckles. White kicks back and snap suplexes Okada into buckles! Then the BIG urenage! Cover, TWO! Okada survives and White is exhausted. Gedo returns and coaches White back up. White drags Okada into position, fisherman but Okada fights out of the Kiwi Krusher. White waistlocks but Okada gets to the ropes. Okada elbows back but White saido suplexes him up and out of the ring! But White drags Okada back up and in to end this in the ring. Fisherman to Kiwi Krusher! Cover, TWO!? White can’t believe Okada survives!

White drags Okada up but Okada elbows him away. Okada uppercuts but White throws strikes. But Okada scoops to a TOMBSTONE! Both men are down again but the fans are loving this. The fans rally up again and Okada gets to a corner. White stands but Okada boots him. White CHOPS back, but Okada gives another boot. Another CHOP, but now Okada and White go head to head with forearms! Okada throws an uppercut in there and then another. Okada throws a third then whips White. White holds ropes to deny the dropkick, then CHOPS Okada down! White stands Okada up for another CHOP, and then more CHOPS against the ropes. Okada’s chest is bruised as White runs, but into a dropkick!

Fans fire up as Okada reels White in, but Gedo distracts! Okada punches Gedo then whips White for another dropkick! Okada reels White in, but White denies the Rainmaker for a Sleeper Suplex! White slashes the throat and drags Okada up, but Okada spins out of Blade Runner to scoop. White slips out but so does Okada, Okada uppercuts but White CHOPS! Okada reverses the whip but White reverses back, but then Okada dodges and dropkicks White in the back! Okada whips but now White reverses to reel Okada in, Blade- SPINNING Rainmaker! MSG fires up and Okada swings White out for a true RAINMAKER! Cover, TWO!? WHAT!? No one can believe White survives THE namesake clothesline. But fans are thunderous for Okada as he drags White up again.

Okada scoops White but White slips out to BLADE RUNNER!! But White’s too tired to cover! Gedo is tense while fans rally up again. Okada and White slowly crawl towards each other and they sit up. White has wild eyes as he forearms Okada point blank. The two sway but Okada returns the favor. White shakes his head to give the forearm back. Okada teeters but he grits his teeth as he gives it back again. White flops over then flounders to his feet, but he still hits Okada. Okada leans but comes back with the forearm. White weakly throws hands. Okada rocks White back, then pushes White around. Okada gives another hard right but Gedo hops in! White low blows!! Gedo did his job so he backs off. Fans tell Gedo off again but White is all smiles as he drags Okada up again. BLADE- GERMAN SUPLEX!

Okada holds onto the waistlock and he drags White up again. Ripcord, but White spins around to a backslide! Okada rolls off but White reels him in, BLADE- No, Okada backslides only to reel White in, but White dodges the Rainmaker, only to get a dropkick! Fans fire up as Okada hits the pose again! Okada wristlocks but White elbows back. White boots Okada time and again but Okada still reels him in for a lariat! Okada isn’t done there, he drags White up again, for another lariat! But that’s not good enough, so the wristlock to ripcord, RAIN- BLADE- JUMPING TOMBSTONE! Then, THE RAINMAKER!! Cover, Okada wins!!

Winner: Kazuchika Okada, by pinfall; NEW IWGP Heavyweight Champion

#TheDriveforFive is successful! Okada is once again on top of the mountain, and the Cutthroat Era ends already! His fourth reign was almost two whole years, will his fifth be even greater than that?!

Backstage Interview

Okada gives his thoughts towards this entire G1 Supercard event. “Jay White was really tough. As expected from an IWGP Heavyweight Champion.” White was strong, and will still grow stronger after this loss. Okada and White will surely have many more matches in the future. But Okada will keep beating him “convincingly”. But Okada is thankful to have strong opponents. As for Madison Square Garden itself, the view upon entering was truly incredible. Different from the Tokyo Dome. Only a select view get to see that view. “It’s a magnificent arena with a phenomenal crowd.” This will be a wonderful memory for Okada. It isn’t good-bye, because Okada plans to come back again. He forgets what else he wanted to say, though.

The size of the crowd proves the power of NJPW and Japanese wrestling in general. Okada will return home with pride. He also knows the many major wrestling events going on at this same time, and welcomes those other companies to try their best to outdo NJPW. With Okada back on top, will NJPW grow even stronger than ever before?



My Thoughts:

An amazing two hours for NJPW on AXS, and this is only half of what we’re getting! The Undisputed British Heavyweight Championship was a nice surprise to put on this half, as Tanahashi and ZSJ can do no wrong against each other. Naturally, the British wrestler retains the British title, and ZSJ’s interview promo at the end was superb. No curses, just good ol’ Britishisms and trash talk. The Intercontinental Championship was another great match, with so much story between Ibushi and Naito. I was really surprised but also pleased to see Ibushi won. As his own personal story goes, he obviously wants to follow in the footsteps of Tanahashi and Shinsuke Nakamura. Him calling out ZSJ was also a great surprise, and whether it’s for one belt or both, Ibushi VS ZSJ is going to be another can-do-no-wrong match.

And obviously, the main event, the grudge match, White VS Okada, that was incredible. The pace was methodical, and just kept from dragging on, but even that dragging paid off with that exchange at the end. It is great to see Okada be the conquering hero and get that belt back, as some fans were starting to doubt the legitimacy of White as top guy. There will surely be rematches between these two, as Okada says himself. Okada’s fifth reign has a lot to live up to after that historic fourth, so hopefully there’s something to help ramp it up fast.

My Score: 9.1/10

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Mitchell’s WWE Monday Night Raw Results & Report! (4/22/19)

Raw settles in after the 2019 Superstar Shake-Up!



WWE Raw Cover image

Raw is now Phenomenal AND Awesome! Both AJ Styles and The Miz moved from SmackDown, but what will they and the other new stars do next?



  • WWE Universal Championship #1 Contender Qualifier Triple Threat: AJ Styles VS Rey Mysterio VS Samoa Joe; Styles wins and advances to the main event.
  • Naomi VS Billie Kay w/ Peyton Royce; Naomi wins.
  • WWE Universal Championship #1 Contender Qualifier Triple Threat: The Miz VS Drew McIntyre VS Baron Corbin; Corbin wins and advances to the main event.
  • Cedric Alexander VS Cesaro; Cesaro wins.
  • The Viking Raiders VS Lucha House Party; No Contest.
  • Becky Lynch VS Alica Fox; Lynch wins.
  • Ricochet VS Robert Roode; Roode wins.
  • WWE Universal Championship #1 Contender’s Match: AJ Styles VS Baron Corbin; Styles wins and will challenge Seth Rollins for the title at Money in the Bank.


Triple H returns to Raw!

The Game was victorious against The Animal in their No Holds Barred Wrestlemania match, and now he’s back as the COO! HHH gets Des Moines fired up as he picks up the mic. Because here comes Seth Rollins! Iowa’s own is here to #BurnItDown! Rollins stands with HHH in the ring and says, “This whole thing is too surreal for me, man.” To be standing in the ring, in his home state, after everything he and the fans have been through together, it’s unreal. HHH shakes hands with Rollins, and Rollins reviews how he was in the fight of his life at Wrestlemania. Rollins Slayed the Beast to bring the title home! Fans chant “Welcome Home!” to make it complete.

HHH agrees, Rollins walked in the Kingslayer and came out the certified BEASTSLAYER! Rollins did what he said when he stepped in the ring, stomped “bucket head” Brock Lesnar three times, then walked out THE WWE Universal Champion! And now Rollins stands in his home state (pause to hear the fans cheer again) but now with a new landscape. The Superstar Shake-Up changes everything. Rollins as Universal Champion and measuring stick has the whole world gunning for him. And Rollins knows that. Money in the Bank is coming, but if anyone knows a thing or two about that contract, it’s Rollins. He cashed it in and changed his career, but also had it cashed in on him. Rollins promises he won’t let Mr. MITB get the drop on him again.

HHH warns Rollins not to put the cart before the horse. Don’t worry about who wins that contract, be worried about who he defends against that same night. Did Heyman blow up HHH’s phone to get a rematch for Lesnar? No, surprisingly. Heyman hasn’t said a thing since Mania, and Lesnar must be licking his wounds. Then what’s next? That’s what tonight will determine! Because “the best of the best” are on Raw and will compete into two Triple Threats to then move on to a main event match. The winner of that goes on to Money in the Bank to face Rollins for the Universal Championship. Rollins likes the sound of that. But here comes one of those contenders, it’s Samoa Joe!

The current WWE United States Champion says “It seems I missed my invitation.” Joe reminds us that he does what he wants when he wants. And tonight, the champion has arrived! Joe admits, Becky Lynch came up with a real interesting concept of double champion. Joe has room for one more belt, “and that would be yours”, Rollins. But here comes another of the contenders, Rey Mysterio! The King of Lucha tells Joe that he’s not the only one wanting to make an impact. As for Rollins, Rey isn’t here just to drop knowledge. He’s here for a dream match. After tonight, at Money in the Bank, Rey VS Rollins. But yet another contender appears! It’s Drew McIntyre!

The Scottish Terminator makes himself clear. It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks they deserve, McIntyre cleaned up Raw yet has had no title opportunities! This is DREW’S time! What was it HHH said? Rollins is the measuring stick here? The only reason Rollins is champion is because he got to Lesnar before McIntyre. Everyone knows what McIntyre is capable of. McIntyre promises to win his Triple Threat, go to MITB, beat Rollins and finally be Universal Champion! But now we get The Miz! The Hollywood A-Lister says that first and foremost, he’s back! And the more things change the more they stay the same, because Miz and Rollins are on the same brand and Rollins has something Miz wants. Miz has had a reboot thanks to the “Best in the World”.

This is not the same Miz as before, because he has seen the light. Miz can be a man worthy of the title. And what more must-see match for MITB than Rollins VS Miz?! But now we get Baron Corbin, who wants everything to stop right here. Corbin puts this in perspective for everyone: he is the most deserving of all to challenge Rollins. At Wrestlemania, Rollins slayed the beast, but Corbin retired a legend. McIntyre didn’t beat a gold medalist in his farewell match. Miz didn’t beat a gold medalist in his farewell match. Mysterio didn’t, either. But finally, here comes the Phenomenal One! He leaves the House that AJ Styles Built but looks just fine being on Raw.

And after hearing the fans cheer for him, Styles asks if Corbin ever shuts up. Because c’mon. Corbin’s face is almost as annoying as his voice. And speaking of annoying, it seems like everyone forgets Styles is Raw! Including Rollins. Styles promises to win his triple threat, then bet the other winner, and Raw will realize why SmackDown was the House that AJ Styles Built. But to that point, this is Raw, so Styles promises to give the fans what they’ve always wanted: Rollins VS Styles for the Universal Championship! HHH looks to Rollins, and Rollins sees what HHH meant. Everyone guns for the champ. Rollins is ready. It doesn’t matter who it is at MITB, because this is Seth Freakin’ Rollins, who will BURN IT DOWN! Mic drop from the champ, but who will make it through the special double header to be his contender?


WWE Universal Championship #1 Contender Qualifier Triple Threat: AJ Styles VS Rey Mysterio VS Samoa Joe!

A match worthy of any title, the Phenomenal, the King of Lucha and the Destroyer fight for just the first step towards Rollins and Money in the Bank. Who backs up their words with actions?

Raw returns with the bell and all three men circle. Joe quickly headbutts Mysterio then brawls with Styles. Joe knees low then kicks Styles while he’s down. Mysterio returns and enziguris Joe, but Styles hits Mysterio, too. Styles whips Mysterio corner to corner hard then goes back after Joe with a forearm. Mysterio boots Styles then uses Styles to alley-oop to huricanrana Joe out! Now Styles and Mysterio are alone as they circle. Fans duel for these fan favorites as they approach. Mysterio kicks away on Styles’ leg but Styles reverses the whip. Mysterio slides under but Styles gets him with a backbreaker! Styles catches his breath and aims at Joe from the apron. Sliding knee rocks Joe down!

Styles goes back to Mysterio and snap suplexes hard! He drags Mysterio up but Mysterio throws hands. Mysterio runs but into a tilt-o-whirl backbreaker! Cover, TWO! Styles keeps his cool as he drags Mysterio up again. He wants the Clash but Mysterio scrambles out. Styles pursues but has to hit Joe first. He gets Mysterio back in the ring and back up for the Clash, but Mysterio manages to get ropes. Styles powers him up but the bomb is countered to a spike-rana! Cover, but Joe breaks it! Joe kicks Styles to a corner then bumps Mysterio off buckles. Joe drags Styles up to whip and run Styles over with the elbow! He drags Mysterio up to throw those swift jabs, then whips and slides Mysterio out to the floor!

Joe goes back to Styles but Styles fights back. Styles whips but runs into the urenage! Cover, TWO! The WWE United States Champion has control while we go to break.

Raw returns and Mysterio fights back against Joe. Mysterio runs but Joe gets him for the powerslam! Cover but Styles breaks it! Styles hobbles over to Joe in the corner and brings him up. Styles fires off the Phenomenal Blitz but Joe tanks it to fire palm strikes. Joe spins, misses, and gets Styles’ PELE! Cover, but Mysterio breaks it! All three men are down but Mysterio and Styles go after each other. Mysterio CHOPS then kicks Styles, then whips. Styles reverses but Mysterio kicks him back. Mysterio runs and wheelbarrows for a bulldog! Mysterio sees Joe coming and trips him into the ropes! Fans fire up as Mysterio dials it up, but Joe bails out. So Mysterio springboards and corkscrews to take Joe down! Mysterio hurries up to a corner, climbs, but Styles stop shim.

Styles climbs up from the outside but Mysterio fights him off. Mysterio wants a superplex but Styles denies him. Joe hurries up and in, and gets both men for a SUPER DOUBLE BACK DROP! All three men are down but Des Moines are fired up! “This is Awesome!” but far from over. Joe crawls to cover Mysteiro, TWO. Joe crawls to cover Styles, TWO! He tries Styles again, TWO! Joe grows frustrated while we go to break.

Raw returns and Mysterio fights against Styles. Mysterio runs but Styles clobbers him! Joe clobbers Styles! Cover on Styles, TWO!! Joe drags Mysterio up and puts him on the top rope. Mysterio fights Joe off and hits the seated senton! Mysterio tilt-o-whirls for a Crucifix Driver! But Styles breaks the cover immediately! Styles drags Mysterio up and whips him, but Mysterio goes up and over to headscissor Styles out! Joe attacks Mysterio and scoops, but Mysterio spins around for a tornado DDT! All three men are down but Mysterio is up first. He clubs Joe on the ropes then dials it up! 619 misses, into the Coquina Clutch! PHENOMENAL- COQUINA! Joe has Styles now but Styles uses buckles to make a cover, TWO! Joe swings but gets another PELE!

Styles brings Mysterio up but Mysterio pops through to headscissor Styles on ropes! DIAL IT UP on JOE! Then springboard but Styles BOMBS Mysterio, onto Joe! Then Styles Clash on Mysterio onto Joe! Cover on Joe, Styles wins!!

Winner: AJ Styles, by pinfall; advances to the main event

The main event is already Phenomenal as Styles advances! Who will meet him from the other Triple Threat later tonight?


Naomi VS Billie Kay w/ Peyton Royce!

Iowa loves to #BurnItDown with Rollins, but will they #FeelTheGlow as Naomi goes against one half of the IIconics?

Raw returns as the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions make their entrance. They say that what Naomi did last week can be summed up in a few words: “Thank you, next.” That song from that singer obsessed with them. Who is it? Trenta? Venti? Grande! Ariana, that is. This is why they’re the champions. Billie has Peyton’s back and Peyton has Billie’s. But who has Naomi’s? Bayley’s on SmackDown! Bayley said no to the glow! The IIconics laugh at their own joke, but they tell Naomi she’s living in the past if she thinks she can beat the future! And the future is… IICONIC! Strike the pose. The IIconics may say that now, but will Naomi show them what she can do solo?

The bell rings and Billie boots Naomi right down! She also throws Naomi around then covers, ONE! Billie keeps on Naomi with a grounded abdominal stretch. Billie claws Naomi’s face but the referee reprimands her. Naomi endures and fights her way up, only to get a knee. Naomi roundhouses back then lariats Billie down! She adds an elbow and a running jawbreaker, then a SLAP! Billie is furious but runs into Naomi’s headlock. Peyton gets up on the apron, Naomi gets both IIconics with the bulldog! Slingshot sunset flip, Naomi wins!

Winner: Naomi, by pinfall

The champions are furious! Naomi gets a win on one, but they point out this won’t change who the champs are. Will Naomi find yet another partner to help her challenge Billie & Peyton in the future?


WWE Universal Championship #1 Contender Qualifier Triple Threat: The Miz VS Drew McIntyre VS Baron Corbin!

The reformed A-Lister takes on a tall task in facing the Scottish Terminator and the Lone Wolf. Will we see Awesome VS Phenomenal? Or will see one man rebound from losing to The Shield on Easter Sunday?

Raw returns as McIntyre makes his entrance. Corbin already made his entrance over the commercial break, but we can assume he’s not Des Moines’ Favorite Son. The bell rings and Miz sees he’s between two towering opponents. Miz throws hands on McIntyre but Corbin whips. Miz boots back then rolls Corbin up, but McIntyre pries him off. McIntyre scoops but Miz roll shim up, TWO! Miz bails out, and wags his fingers “Not so fast.” McIntyre and Corbin work together and flank Miz. He gets back in the ring and then wrecks McIntyre with a dropkick! But Corbin wrecks Miz with an uppercut! Corbin and McIntyre stomp away, then mock the fans who boo. McIntyre drags Miz up and in, then stalks him. He brings Miz up for a CHOP and Corbin likes the sound of that. Corbin drags Miz up but Miz fires hands!

McIntyre clubs Miz and Corbin adds on. They work together to mug Miz with a running body shot. Corbin drags Miz up for McIntyre, but then he sucker punches McIntyre! Corbin goes back to Miz, the alliance over, and throws him out. He pursues after Miz and rams him into barriers! Corbin whips Miz but Miz reverses to send him into barriers! But then McIntyre clobbers Miz from behind! McIntyre puts Miz in and deadlift suplexes Miz up and over! Cover, TWO! Corbin returns but stops when McIntyre glares at him. Corbin tries to explain that whole sucker punch, but gets a boot! McIntyre drags Miz up and CHOPS Miz back down. Then he clubs him down, then tosses him to a corner. Miz hits back but Corbin returns. Miz sends him out but Corbin slides back in, to clothesline McIntyre! Roll up, TWO!

Corbin runs into a corner at Miz but gets post instead! Miz has the fans behind him as he looks at both opponents. Miz blocks and counter punches Corbin again and again! He fires off It Kicks in the corner! Then he gives McIntyre double knees! And then Corbin! A-List Lariat on McIntyre! Miz springboards for ax handles on both men! Fans fire up as Miz sees both men on their knees. MIz gives them both It Kicks! Miz swings the buzzsaw at McIntyre, but McIntyre ducks to let it hit Corbin! And then McIntyre gives Miz the Glasgow Kiss! But it rocks McIntyre, too, so he staggers back. McIntyre drags Miz up for a fireman’s carry and then puts him on the top rope. He CHOPS Miz then climbs up to join him.

Miz hits back but McIntyre clubs away. The brawl is fast and furious and McIntyre backs off! Miz adjusts, but Corbin is sent right into him! McIntyre climbs over Corbin to get to Miz again. McIntyre CHOPS Miz again, then fireman’s carry, but Corbin adds on! SUPER CELTIC CROSS POWERBOMB!! But no one can cover, and we go to break!

Raw returns and Corbin throws hands with McIntyre on the outside. Miz is in the ring but he’s climbing up top! The brawl is back and forth, fast and furious, but Miz LEAPS onto them both! Miz wipes them out but has to get one in the ring. He drags Corbin up to throw him into the timekeeper! Then he puts McIntyre int he ring only to run into an elbow. McIntyre gets through the boot to give Miz another elbow, then the Inverted Alabama Slam! Cover, TWO! Styles watches backstage as Miz survives. McIntyre fires himself up while he dares Miz to stand. Miz does stand, but he gets clear of the Claymore to get a Figure Four! McIntyre endures the hold, and then shoves the ref to poke Miz’s eyes! Miz lets go and McIntyre hobbles only to be sent out.

Miz works on getting vision back while Corbin stalks McIntyre. Corbin ditches McIntyre to go after Miz, DEEP SIX! Cover, TWO!! Corbin is furious with the referee but a two is two! He goes back out to hit Miz but runs into steel steps! Miz slides under McIntyre and rolls him up, TWO! BIG Spinebuster from McIntyre! Jackknife cover, TWO!! Miz still lives and McIntyre is even more furious. Fans chant for The Miz even as McIntyre looms over him. McIntyre drags Miz up for underhooks, but Miz slips out to kick low and DDT! Cover, TWO! Corbin returns and reels Miz in, END Of- No! Another low DDT! Cover, TWO!! Miz knows how close he was but he’s still so far!

All three men crawl, and McIntyre gets to a corner. Miz stalks Corbin but Corbin denies the Finale. Corbin runs but is clothesline’d out! Miz and McIntyre run, CLAYMORE!! but Corbin shoves McIntyre out, covers, and wins!!

Winner: Baron Corbin, by pinfall; advances to the main event

The Lone Wolf grins as he takes advantage of McIntyre’s work! It will be Styles VS Corbin in the #1 Contender’s Match, but who moves on to face The Architect?


Backstage interview with AJ Styles.

He was watching that match, so how does he feel about facing Corbin in the main event? Corbin’s big, but it’s about the size of the fight in the dog. Styles is a Georgia bulldog with a lot more fight in him than the Lone Wolf, the “former” United States Champion. Yes, Corbin won that, won Money in the Bank and beat Kurt Angle. But Styles is a former United States Champion, a former WWE World Champion, and the longest champion on SmackDown in history! Styles beat up John Cena! But this isn’t about accolades, this is about picking a fight with a big bully, and winning. Hopefully Rollins watches later tonight, because he’ll hear, “and the winner of this match, The Phenomenal AJ Styles!”


Sami Zayn is here!

The zany Underdog from the Underground makes his way to the ring to speak, after the break.

Raw returns and Sami says he’s doing something no other superstar has had the courage to do: tell the WWE Universe the truth about themselves. No one wants to hear stuff like that, so the fans just used denial and deflection, and create a false narrative about Sami. Somehow Sami is “bitter”? Sami squashes that by saying he’s the exact opposite. Sami is jubilant and happy! In fact, those ten months away from the fans was the happiest time of his life! If fans don’t believe him, Sami will show us how beautiful life is. Sami hiked in Switzerland, reconnected with nature, and wept at the beauty all around him. Then Sami relaxed on a beach in Mexico! He’s snuggled up in a hammock!

Sami then went to Scotland to see the castles. “Look at that face!” Sami’s all smiles! Has anyone ever seen such unbridled joy? Sami lived the good life. But his return approached, he suddenly felt depressed and anxious. A dark cloud was over his head, but why? What was it about the WWE that made him sick? The corporate structure? Or perhaps the other superstars who are “total egomaniacs” and delusional? No, that wasn’t it. Sami dug deep, deep down, and he found the root of the problem: THE FANS! The fans perpetuate and impose a toxic environment on the superstars! Fans boo and Sami criticizes them for that. Y’know why that feels good? Because it’s easier to pass blame than to hold yourselves accountable! But fine, it doesn’t matter, Sami makes the fans responsible. Sami holds the fans accountable!

Fans think they get away with this because of the mob mentality, but it won’t keep them safe from Sami! Sami would much rather be back in Norway, Iceland or Sweden or Switzerland or Mexico. Anywhere but depressing Des Moines! Fans definitely boo that. But if fans have a problem with that, take a page out of his book. Take a trip. “Doesn’t that sound nice?!” They can all go… TO HELL! Sami laughs and spins around his way out of the ring. Will Sami’s mission against the fans get him anywhere?

But Cedric Alexander makes his entrance! The Superstar Shake-Up moved him to Raw full-time, now it’s time to see if the Age of Alexander can be reborn!

Cedric Alexander VS Cesaro!

Raw gives a highlight reel of the Soul of 205 Live and his incredible run through the Cruiserweight Division. But now 205 Live’s Soul goes against the Swiss Cyborg, a last-minute Shake-Up from SmackDown! Will Cesaro end the Age of Alexander’s newest chapter before it even begins?

Raw returns as Cesaro makes his entrance. The bell rings and Cesaro circles with Alexander. They tie up and Cesaro powers Alexander to the corner hard! Cesaro dares Alexander to get up, and Alexander ties up with him. Cesaro gets the arm and wrenches, but Alexander rolls and handsprings to reverse. Alexander headlocks and goes for a takeover but Cesaro powers out! Alexander lands on his feet but gets rocked with a right! Cesaro throws a BIG European Uppercut, then a chop. Cesaro CHOPS again, then stomps Alexander. He whips corner to corner but Alexander goes up and over to handspring headscissor and dropkick Cesaro out! Alexander builds speed as fans fire up, but Cearo gets in. Aelxander slides under and tries to scoop, but Cesaro gets out to scoop slam Alexander! Cesaro drops an elbow, covers, TWO!

Cesaro keeps on Alexander with a chinlock, then shifts to a cobra clutch. Fans rally up as Alexander endures. Alexander fights up and fights out but Cesaro shoves him. Cesaro runs into a boot, but catches Alexander for a backbreaker! Cover, TWO! Alexander clutches his back but he survives. Cesaro sits Aleander up for a running forearm! Cesaro keeps on Alexander with another chinlock. Alexander fights as fans rally again. Alexander gets up and fights with body shots. He throws forearms then runs, but Cesaro BOOTS him down! Cover, TWO! Cesaro keeps his cool as he stomps Alexander’s arm. Cesaro gut wrenches Alexander for a suplex! Cover, TWO! Alexander gasps for air while clutching his back, but Cesaro looms over him.

Cesaro stomps Alexander’s hand then reels him into another chinlock. Cesaro puts his weight on Alexander but Alexander keeps getting up. Alexander fights but Cesaro whips, only for Alexander to sunset flip. Cesaro stays up, then drags Alexander up for a lift. Alexander sunset flips again, TWO! Alexander CHOPS and punches Cesaro, then throws forearms. Cesaro shoves but Alexander blocks the boot to elbow! Alexander dropkicks the legs out then dropkicks Cesaro in the head! Fans fire up with Alexander as he knips up! Alexander runs in but is put on the apron. He boots Cesaro away then springboards in, but Cesaro overpowers the complete shot! Cesaro suplexes but Alexander slips out, and scoops to a Michinoku Driver! Cover, TWO!

Alexander brings Cesaro up but Cesaro EuroUppers, only for Alexander to backslide. Cesaro powers out, but Alexander dodges to handspring, NEURALIZER! Cesaro tumbles out and Alexander builds speed again, to FLY! Direct hit wipes Cesaro out! Alexander puts him back in the ring then aims from the corner. Springboard, EUROUPPER! Cover, Cesaro wins!

Winner: Cesaro, by pinfall

The Swiss Cyborg was just too much for Alexander’s first Raw opponent! Will Cesaro head for a title match of his own in the near future? What will it take for the Soul of 205 Live to revive himself now that he’s in the big leagues?


Backstage interview with The Usos!

Jimmy & Jey are ready to be on Raw. SmackDown was #LockDown, now Raw gonna be Uso Lit! Who is here? Lucha House Party! Party over! The Viking Raiders! Who? Those bearded brothers from Braveheart. FREEDOM~! The Major Brothers, Hawkins & Ryder. Those guys like toys, but here come the #TopGuys. The Revival see the Usos. Good hands in the tag team division, perhaps SmackDown’s greatest. But this is Raw, this is their territory. So the Usos aren’t locking down- Hey, wake up! Oh, sorry, they had a crazy dream about two guys talking about beating the Usos? Usos bring the Penitentiary with them, will Dash & Dawson be the first two put away?


The Viking Raiders VS Lucha House Party!

Erik & Ivar gave the WWE Universe quite the experience, but now Rowe & Hanson- Er, Erik & Ivar prepare for war! Will the fiesta survive the raid?

Raw returns as the LHP make their entrance. But the Vikings attack! They wreck Kalisto then dump down Gran Metalik. They attack Lince Dorado with big knees! Metalik returns bot Erik catches him. Ivar brings Kalisto over for Erik to have on his shoulders, for a powerbomb-powerslam combo! This isn’t even a match but the Vikings keep going. They grab Lince, and feed him to Thor’s Hammer! The Vikings leave the luchadors down and out, who else will suffer a brutal Viking Experience?

No Contest


Backstage interview with Curt Hawkins & Zack Ryder.

The Raw Tag Team Champions just saw what happened to Lucha House Party, are they concerned? Hawkins isn’t sure what to say. We all saw the same thing! Those guys went berserk! They’re big, strong, agile but Ryder says they’re still new. The Major Brothers have been here for over a decade and are still here. They earned these titles, so they’re not letting these “smelly, horny, woolly mammoths” just take them away. But will they really have a say in it when the Viking Raiders come for gold?


Becky Lynch VS Alicia Fox!

The Man is the Champ-Champ, and she’s going strong towards her match with The Sassy Southern Belle at Money in the Bank. Will she stay strong against Ms. Crazy Like a Fox?

Raw returns and Becky Two Belts hears the fans chant for her. She then speaks, “There’s something in the air tonight in Iowa.” Becky sensed it backstage and in the locker room. It’s the Superstar Shake-Up. That time of the year where new challengers emerge. Becky didn’t have to wait long, she saw Lacey Evans win that shot. “The woman who likes to sucker punch The Man.” Becky doesn’t mind a good sucker punch, because she’s thrown her own here and there. It’s not the punching, it’s the woman behind them. Becky has made a career of slapping bleached blondes currying favors. Lacey is just the new take on an old approach. While Lacey is “furthering her career”, Becky will cement hers with a fight! But before Alicia can appear, Lacey does!

Lacey struts down the ramp and says Becky always wanting to fight, she can’t understand it. How can Becky let her emotions get the better of her? Is it because she’s Irish? Or like a man, she wants to be the center of attention? Lacey will educate Becky. Lesson 1: a lady is in complete control of her emotions. Lesson 2: a lady is not a show-off. And lesson 3, the most important of all: a man respects a lady. Lacey will teacher Becky that with her Woman’s Right, and then she’ll take both belts to put around her waist. Becky wants Lacey to back up. After everything Becky’s been through, she was just trying to enjoy herself. But “you absolute plank” is on her last nerve. Lacey talks about Irish emotions, those emotions wanna slap Lacey’s head off her shoulders!

Lacey may be new around here, but do not confuse happiness for content. Becky will go to MITB and dismantle Lacey because she can. And then The Man will collect on her debts. But now, Alicia does make her entrance, and we can begin this match!

The bell rings and Des Moines cheers Becky on again. Becky and Alicia circle and tie up, and Becky gets a headlock. She throws Alicia with a takedown but Alicia gets up. Alicia fights out and puts a headlock of her own. Becky powers out but Alicia runs her over with a shoulder. Cover, but Becky slips out and has a little fun. Things speed up and Becky deflects the dropkick to back kick Alicia to the corner. Alicia gets out but Becky wants at her. Becky dares Alicia to get in and fans rally up. Alicia draws near and Becky wrecks her with a baseball slide! Becky bumps Alicia on the apron then throws forearms. Becky brings Alicia around to bump off more apron, but then Alicia rams Becky into barriers!

The ring count hits 8! Alicia drags Becky up and in at 9, then slithers to a cover. TWO, but Becky is in trouble while we go to break.

Raw returns and Becky has Alicia in a corner. She brings Alicia out to whip but Alicia kicks back. Alicia boots Becky down then covers, TWO! Alicia tries again, ONE! She keeps Becky down in a chinlock, but fans rally up. Becky feeds off the energy and gets up to fight out. She throws EuroUppers but Alicia shoves to tilt-o-whirl. Becky headscissors through but Alicia denies the Disarm-Her. Alicia throws Becky to the apron then catches her breath. Becky crawls around the way but Alicia finds her. Alicia brings Becky up but Becky throws Alicia into barriers! Becky puts Alicia in but Alicia hits her back. Becky elbows from the corner then hops up for flying forearms. Fans fire up as Becky throws Alicia with a Becksploder! And then another!

But Becky’s far from done with Alicia as she runs in. Alicia rolls her up, TWO! Becky gets the Disarm-her! Alicia taps, but Lacey appears to throw her Woman’s Right!!

Winner: Becky Lynch, by submission

The Sassy Southern sucker punch gets the better of Becky again! Lacey brushes herself off and puts her hat back on, to hit Becky with another Woman’s Right! Will Lacey be adding a belt to her ensemble after Money in the Bank?


Backstage interview with Baron Corbin.

The Lone Wolf warms up for Styles. He’s already defied expectations, but if he does it again, he’ll not only earn a title shot, but he’ll have a chance to settle things with the man who was a thorn in his side during his GM days. Where is Charly getting these interview techniques? The same school that Kim Kardashian got her law degree? And who’s expectations did he defy? Those “grease balls” sitting at home in their basements on the computer? Those people didn’t think he’d beat Kurt Angle, either. The only thing better than proving “those idiots” wrong is getting revenge on Rollins. So he’s looking past Styles? No, he’s looking straight through him! But will Corbin even get through Styles to go to Money in the Bank?


Ricochet VS Robert Roode!

The One and Only is now on his own after more of the Superstar Shake-Up moves happened. Will he be able to overcome the slightly renamed GLORIOUS One after the break?

Raw returns as Roode makes his GLORIOUS entrance. And Bobby is now Robert, complete with a mostly shaven look. Roode explained in a exclusive interview that with this Shake-Up, he’s been able to drop 150 pounds of dead weight named Chad Gable. But Ricochet is just as young, talented and also lacking that something special. That same something special is what Roode has to be GLORIOUS, but will his new name and new look really help give him a fresh start?

The bell rings and Roode circles with Ricochet. Roode and Ricochet tie up and Roode powers Ricochet to the corner. Ricochet turns it around but backs off at the ref’s count. Roode kicks low then throws hands on Ricochet in a corner. Ricochet punches back and backs Roode down. Roode headlocks but Ricochet powers out. Things speed up and Roode gets the headlock back. Ricochet endures then fights his way out. Roode knees low then stalks Ricochet. He CHOPS Ricochet to ropes then whips. Ricochet rolls off Roode’s back then rolls under to handspring headscissor and dropkick Roode down! Roode wants a timeout at the ropes but Ricochet dares him to come back. Ricochet walks over but is sent to the apron. He shoulders back in then dumps Roode out!

Fans fire up as Ricochet builds speed to fake Roode out! Roode swipes but misses, and gets the moonsault! The King of Flight is fired up while we go to break!

Raw returns and Roode has Ricochet in a chinlock. Ricochet fights his way up but Roode wrangles him back down. Roode grinds Ricochet down but fans rally up. Ricochet endures as Roode squeezes tighter. Ricochet feeds off the energy and fights out of the hold. He runs but into Roode’s knee! Roode drags Ricochet up to whip and knee again. He kicks away then suplexes Ricochet up and over! Cover, TWO! Roode grows frustrated but he keeps on Ricochet. He drags Ricochet into a half camel clutch but he also fish hooks Ricochet’s face. He lets go at 4 but then goes back to the camel clutch. Roode sits deep on it but fans rally. Ricochet powers his way up but Roode knocks him back down. Roode drags Ricochet up to whip him to a corner. Ricochet boots Roode away, then somersault shotgun dropkicks!

Both men are down but Ricochet slowly stands. Roode slowly follows and they start throwing hands. Ricochet dodges and runs to rally with forearms! Ricochet headscissors Roode to a corner, then goes corner to corner for a shoulder tackle. He slips out to the apron and bumps Roode on buckles, then kicks the buckle to snap Roode back. Ricochet aims and springboards for a leaping lariat! Standing Shooting Star! Cover, TWO!! Roode survives but Ricochet keeps his cool. Ricochet drags Roode up and to a fireman’s carry but Roode fights out. Roode waistlocks but Ricochet fights out. Ricochet grabs at Roode but Roode elbows back. Roode runs but Ricochet rolls him, TWO! Ricochet leaps into a SPINEBUSTER! Cover, TWO!!

Roode grows frustrated but he has one more move to try. He winds it up… GLORIOUS! Ricochet stands but denies the DDT to reel Roode in, TKO knee! Cover, TWO!! Ricochet drags Roode to a drop zone and climbs up top! He goes for the 450 but has to land on his feet as Roode dodges. Roode rams Ricochet into buckles! GLORIOUS DDT!! Cover, Roode wins!!

Winner: Robert Roode, by pinfall

The GLORIOUS Reinvention is successful! Roode revitalizes himself with the name change, but will this lead him to putting that new name on a title belt? Can Ricochet rebound and get on track as a singles competitor in his own right?


Welcome to Firefly Fun House~!

Who is that in the red sweater? Iiiiiit’s BRAY~! Brat Wyatt has missed us. But he knew we’d all be back together some day. He saw it in his dreams. Bray Wyatt promises we’ll all have fun. All the fireflies will feel safe here. And he can’t wait to show us what he’s learned. Tada~! Here are his very special friends! Mercy the Buzzard! Pammy the Witch! “You are going to love them.” Now, Bray admits he used to be a very bad man. Boo~! Yes, he deserves that. But Bray has been punished for that, so that part of him is dead.

However, he has a reminder so that he won’t ever go back to being that “pathetic slob loser.” Bray shows a cardboard cut-out of himself, and CUTS IT UP! YAY~! The fun is just getting started. So remember, fireflies: Bray will light the way, all you ahve to do is let him in. See you next week!



WWE Universal Championship #1 Contender’s Match: AJ Styles VS Baron Corbin!

The Phenomenal One and the Lone Wolf made it through four other incredible superstars to make it to this match. But now, who will show they’ve still got more in the tank to punch their ticket to Money in the Bank?

Raw returns as Corbin makes his entrance. And this time, we do have to hear Mike Rome list Corbin’s accolades. But again, the former Raw General Manager, Golden Gloves boxing champion, United States Champion and Mr. Money in the Bank is NOT Des Moines’ Favorite Son. Corbin accepts that, and the bell rings so we can begin this major main event!

Corbin circles with Styles but obviously the fans are on Styles’ side. Styles and Corbin approach and Corbin talks trash. Styles gets Corbin with a right hand! Corbin comes back but gets CHOPS. Styles shows Corbin he’s just fine and then kicks away on Corbin’s leg. Corbin rocks Styles back with a right, then drags Styles up. Styles slips out and dropkicks Corbin away. Styles throws more hands against the ropes but backs off at the ref’s count. Corbin gets back up to knee Styles low. Corbin throws Styles out but Styles is on the apron. Styles shoulders in then slingshots but into a big right! Styles goes down and Corbin stomps away. Corbin whips Styles corner to corner hard and Styles goes down again. Corbin looms over Styles but fans still rally up. He stands Styles up to punch him back down.

Corbin sits Styles up to punch him back down again and again. He drags Styles up but Styles throws hands back! Styles runs and clotheslines Corbin out! Styles slingshots but lands on the apron when Corbin gets clear. Corbin trips Styles and Styles falls on the apron hard! Corbin whips Styles into the timekeeper area, but Styles roundhouses back! Fans fire up as Styles uses the barriers. But Corbin catches him to drop him on the barriers! The Lone Wolf has the advantage while we go to one more break!

Raw returns again and Corbin has Styles down in a half nelson. Corbin leans on Styles but Styles fights his way up. Styles fights out as fans rally, but Corbin throws another right. Corbin lifts and tosses Styles with a spin! Cover, TWO! Corbin grows frustrated but he still stalks Styles to a corner. He drags Styles up and puts him on the top rope. Corbin climbs but Styles fights back. Corbin rocks Styles again, then wants a superplex, but Styles slips out to trip Corbin up! Styles gets up and throws kicks into Corbin’s leg. Fans rally as Styles kicks Corbin off his feet. Styles wants the leg but Corbin shoves him away. Styles comes back with a sliding forearm! He clotheslines Corbin in the corner then goes for a fireman’s carry. But Corbin slips out, only for Styles to give him the Phenomenal Blitz!

Corbin grabs Styles and glares at him, for the choke slam. Styles wheelbarrows to a victory roll, TWO! Corbin swings but Styles dodges to climb around for a sunset flip. But into the Clash! But Corbin is too tall and he kicks Styles away. Both men are down but crawling. Corbin stands in a corner but Styles dodges. Corbin slides out then in but gets the PELE! Styles keeps moving, but gets a DEEP SIX! Cover, TWO!! Styles still lives and Corbin can’t believe it. Corbin crawls to ropes while Styles goes the other way. Corbin runs at Styles in the corner for a big clothesline! And then another! Corbin reels Styles in but Styles rolls him for the CALF CRUSHER! Styles pulls back hard but Corbin slams Styles’ head on the mat! Corbin is free but the damage is done.

Corbin crawls to a corner and drags himself back up. Styles runs in but Corbin boots him. Corbin puts Styles on the ropes then hops up, and leaps! Styles dodges and Corbin hotshots himself! Styles takes aim and springboards, Phenomenal Forearm! Cover, Styles wins!

Winner: AJ Styles, by pinfall; NEW #1 contender to the WWE Universal Championship

The Phenomenal One is victorious after a night of incredible action! Now he heads to Money in the Bank to take on The Architect! And speaking of, Seth Rollins comes out to meet his challenger! Rollins offers a handshake, and Styles accepts it! These two respect each other, but will that change with a month left to go?



My Thoughts:

A rather crazy Raw tonight, what with more changes after the backlash of Superstar Shake-Up. The most obvious is that the infamous Viking Experience name change was changed again. Viking Raiders is a better compromise to keep “War” out of the team name, but I wish they’d also just let Erik & Ivar be Rowe & Hanson. But then this compromise was ruined by Vince sneaking his choice in anyway, and now every match where they use Thor’s Hammer, the pop-up powerslam, will have commentary shouting “Viking Experience!” If only Vince felt the wrath of Thor’s Hammer… The next most obvious was Robert Roode’s new name and the change to his facial hair. I was surprised to see him win, but I suppose if he’s in a rivalry with Ricochet now, they’d need to go back-and-forth at least this much.

Cesaro VS Cedric was great, and I suppose it works that Cesaro wins. Alexander’s promotion to Raw works better if he has some trouble with the transition, and it’ll make his first win on Raw that much more exciting. Bray Wyatt turning all those creepy promos into this children’s show is a hilarious next step in this new story. His new self is great with this underlying just-barely-holding-on-to-sanity characteristic. I wouldn’t mind seeing some more interactions with Mercy and Pammy for a few weeks, maybe a couple months, to really explore how this is going. Maybe it becomes part talk show with an occasional guest.

I felt like The IIconics pointing out Naomi was all alone was going to prompt her new friend to appear to keep the IIconics from screwing her out of the match. But surprisingly, Naomi won clean. I still feel like Naomi will end up teaming with someone, perhaps Tamina. With Nia Jax out with injury and given the history and real-life bond between them, Tamina going to Naomi or vice-versa makes sense to me. Lacey Evans more than likely misspoke about having both belts after one match with Becky, she’s only the Raw Women’s Championship #1 contender. But either way, she had a pretty good showing without a match, as she gives a good promo and then a great sucker punch attack just as Becky’s match ended. Lacey’s push may be fast but I’m sure she’ll deliver in the match.

But the big thing was that Raw rightfully upped the ante for that Universal Championship now that it’s finally on TV. Both triple threats were incredible, worthy of a title in their own right. They both ended about how they should, and it made sense for Corbin to be opportunistic in that moment at the end. Samoa Joe and Mysterio can either have a proper US Championship match or be in the MITB ladder match, and MITB can also include Miz and/or McIntyre if they see fit. Styles VS Corbin was pretty good for under 15 minutes, and honestly I was surprised Corbin didn’t find a sneaky way to win. But Styles winning is great, we’ll get a dream match already with MITB PPV. I would think Rollins retains, but at least with Styles, it’d be believable if he’d take it so soon.

My Score: 8.1/10

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With the Global Tag League in full effect, Hisame brings us those weekly NOAH updates! Read up on one of the best Japanese promotions that tends to fly under the radar!




With the Global Tag League in full effect, Hisame brings us those weekly NOAH updates! Read up on one of the best Japanese promotions that tends to fly under the radar!

NOAH’s first show back on the mainland was held on a midweek night, and while the attendance was not good (819), the show was intense and the fans that did not go were lamenting that they were prevented from going due to it being a midweek night, and therefore, a work night.

Due to Quiet Storm sustaining a concussion after receiving a kick to the head from Kenoh in Sapporo, NOAH have changed their cards (no date has been given for a return of either himself or Kimya Okada yet), and 50 Funky Powers have so far been deducted four points, as per the rules of Global Tag League which counts a team being unable to compete as an automatic loss and a win for the other team (hence the reason why The Tough have two points), and Rocky Kawamura was drafted in to compete at Korakuen Hall. His gimmick is Rocky (the character from the films), and Mohammed

Yone took his name from Mohammed Ali, so you had two boxing fans together.

Yone laughed afterwards and said that he himself might try coming to the ring in boxing gloves.

True to his word, NOSAWA Rongai bought a “friend” to Korakuen Hall.

The “friend” turned out to be Hideki Suzuki who had a match in 2018 in NOAH against Naomichi Marufuji and Atsushi Kotoge (he teamed with Jay Bradley), but wasn’t seen at all again until 2019.

Suzuki got in the ring and asked for a tag match against Marufuji (Suzuki will team with NOSAWA), as he was at ringside (and all of the heavyweights are tied up in Global Tag League), Marufuji, after telling Suzuki that he should build his own gang, said “lets just have a match” and nominated Junta Miyawaki to be his partner. Miyawaki told NOSAWA that he was going to get the victory over him.

Match has been set for the last night of Global Tag League on May 4th.

When asked why he was here, Hideki said he was “job hunting” and hadn’t been employed since the beginning of the year. He later admitted that he was here for himself.

As if the Korakuen Hall crowd weren’t wound up enough, there was a HUGE upset for AXIZ when Masao Inoue (whom the crowd had been cheering on), got the sneak win over Katsuhiko Nakajima.

After the match, Inoue and Saito went to imitate AXIZ’S pose, but at the last moment Saito walked away leaving Inoue to crash to the floor.

The crowd laughed.

Saito laughed louder.

Nakajima, however, didn’t find anything amusing and said that Masao Inoue has borrowed something big, and he will be coming to take it back.

Whatever it is that is going on between Stinger and Daisuke Harada took another turn at Korakuen Hall.

Yoshinari Ogawa offered his hand to Daisuke Harada again, and Harada went to take it, but Tadasuke objected. Harada shoved him aside, and Tadasuke fell against the ropes with a look of surprise. Ogawa tried again, but this time YO-HEY came between them. After that, Harada looked at his hand and just left the ring.

AXIZ were not the only team to have a bad night at Korakuen Hall, their rivals in KAIOH did too.

Takashi Sugiura (complete with stitches after the headbutts from Atsushi Kotoge in Sapporo) stood still and staring at his two former protegees as they entered the ring.

They probably knew that it was a very very bad sign. This match was not about “The Sugiura Army” beating KAIOH, this was about Takashi Sugiura beating down two upstarts, and although they put him through hell, he prevailed with the headlock choke on Kaito Kiyomiya. After the match he got on the microphone and told Kiyomiya that he wouldn’t push the issue now as it was Global Tag League, but he wanted Kiyomiya to remember, that he would be coming for the title.

NOAH held their next event on Sunday 21st April at a new venue (which had been a former fish market) in springtime Niigata. Attendance was a full house of 865.

Naturally, being an event by the Shinano River, a fight went outside and to the riverside, and Marufuji almost threw YO-HEY in. Tadasuke thought it would have been funny, but YO-HEY said that the next time NOAH come to the venue, he is going to bring goggles and a flotation device for Marufuji.

Marufuji’s response was basically, “bring them for yourself”.

Fact is, that if NOAH go back there in the summer or autumn, someone will most likely go in (probably Kotoge in his cape).

Daisuke Harada made the first defense ever of the IPW Junior Heavyweight title against Hitoshi Kumano. While I don’t have too much details on the match itself, one fan did liken it to a fight that one of the Four Pillars would have put on. It was that intense.

Harada said that he wants his next challenger to be British, and said it would be interesting to see if anyone came over to NOAH. He also said that with Global Junior Tag League starting, he was equally interested to see if a team would enter.

When asked about the handshake with Ogawa, Harada walked away.

Yoshinari Ogawa had said that you could see how the situation was developing, as Kotaro Suzuki added, “If the leader’s heart is swayed, then the team is over”

Kaioh were almost beaten in Global Tag League by The Inferno. That was until Kiyomiya changed the tide of the match, and got the pin via the Tiger Suplex on Maybach Taniguchi.

So far Kenoh has not managed to get a single win at Global Tag League. Once the league is over, and especially if Kaioh do not win the titles, then his resentment is going to erupt.

As of the time of writing, The Sugiura Army lead the scoreboard with eight points.

April 17th – Korakuen Hall, Tokyo
April 21st – Mandaijima Multipurpose, Niigata

Post match promos – April 13th, Mars Gym, Sapporo
Post match promos – April 14th, Mars Gym, Sapporo
Post match promos – April 17th, Korakuen Hall, Tokyo

Fortune Dream6 & “TAKAYAMANIA EMPIRE 2”
On the 17th April at Korakuen Hall, Kenta Kobashi announced that Fortune Dream6 would return on June 10th. NOAH participation was announced as Go Shiozaki and Yoshiki Inamura vs Yuji Okabayashi & Kazusada Higuchi. Addtionally, Masa Kitamiya will team with Yuya Aoki against  Shoki Kitamura & Towa Iwasaki.

Yoshihiro Takayama has announced via his official blog, that “TAKAYAMANIA EMPIRE 2” will be held on Monday, August 26 2019 at Korakuen Hall.
Card to be announced.

Although Takayama cannot be at the show (although he wants to find a way to be there), there is good news on the horizon as he says that his condition is improving gradually and he can now feel the soles of his feet.


~ Although he cannot wrestle due to concussion, Kinya Okada has been seen at ringside doing his usual duties. Poor boy looks sad, like he did when he was unable to debut due to injury.
~ Minoru Tanaka was hungover at the Niigata event. Said he hoped it would help his hangover. It didn’t.
~ Each time Atsushi Kotoge went to do the “Revolutionary Hero” pose, Marufuji smacked his arm down (Yoshiki Inamura in Niigata was a little more game)
~ Takashi Sugiura said there are to be no further entries into the “Sugiura Army”, he also doesn’t like NOSAWA being put at the center of the group in the official photographs for the new “Sugiura Army” t-shirts.
~ I don’t want to know exactly what a “YO-HEY Teriyaki McBurger” is
~ Takashi Sugiura’s most infamous dog video this week was him on his lap, and chewing the cord of his tracksuit pants.

The 4th May Global Tag League finals will be broadcast at 10pm JST on Samurai TV
The 28th May show will be broadcast live at 6.30pm JST on G+ (its the first night of Global Tag League)

King Shame, Takashi Sugiura on becoming the core of the new born Noah


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