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Mitchell’s NXT TakeOver: New York Results & Report! (4/5/19)

Wrestlemania Weekend begins with a TakeOver!



NXT TakeOver: New York

NXT kicks off Wrestlemania Weekend by taking over New York! Who will be claim the vacant NXT Championship for their own after 2-out-of-3 Falls?!



  • Kickoff Show – WWE 2K19 Million Dollar Challenge: AJ Styles VS Stephen T. Benson; Benson wins the WWE 2K19 MDC and the million dollar prize.
  • NXT Tag Team Championships: The War Raiders VS Aleister Black & Ricochet; The War Raiders win and retain the NXT Tag Team Championships.
  • NXT North American Championship: Velveteen Dream VS Matt Riddle; Dream wins and retains the NXT North American Championship.
  • WWE United Kingdom Championships: Pete Dunne VS WALTER; WALTER wins and becomes the new WWE United Kingdom Champion.
  • NXT Women’s Championship Fatal 4 Way: Shayna Baszler VS Bianca Belair VS Kairi Sane VS Io Shirai; Baszler wins and retains the NXT Women’s Championship.
  • NXT Championship 2-out-of-3 Falls Match: Johnny Gargano VS Adam Cole; Gargano wins and becomes the new NXT Champion.


Welcome to the NXT TakeOver Kickoff Show!

Join Charli Caruso, Pat McAfee and Sam Roberts in discussing and predicting all of tonight’s championship caliber action!


Backstage interview with The Undisputed Era.

#ShockTheSystem. Roderick Strong, Bobby Fish & Kyle O’Reilly don’t like the idea that tonight has the “potential” to be big. These three do not operate under “potential”. There is one conclusion already destined: Adam Cole becoming the NEW NXT Champion. What was their advice for him, then? Ouch, 0-2. The only piece of advice Cole needs is, “Go out there and be Adam Cole”. That’s all anyone needs him to be. Just think of everything Cole has done since taking over NXT. Now picture an even more determined and focused Adam Cole than ever before! Gargano feels dangerous? Adam Cole IS dangerous! And when Adam Cole wins the title, he truly ushers in the Era of the Undisputed. Then they will all follow and be draped in gold. And that itself is Undisputed. Will Cole be better than Gargano for 2 out of 3 falls tonight?


WWE 2K19 Million Dollar Challenge: AJ Styles VS Stephen T. Benson!

After months of competition in the WWE 2K19 Towers, a challenger has emerged! The Phenomenal One battles “The Golden Voice”, but can the former world champion deny this pro-wrestling gamer one MILLION dollars?!

Corey Graves comes out on stage to get New York hyped for this moment. But he’s not alone, he brings UpUpDownDown’s host, Austin Creed, aka Xavier Woods!  “I think this will be the first TakeOver where I’m not getting beat up by Rusev.” But now, after almost a year of waiting, AJ Styles’ challenge to the world is coming to fruition. The last player standing now faces The Phenomenal One. That last player will compete to either earn $1 MILLION, or nothing! And now, here is the Golden Voice, Stephen T. Benson! Stephen T. Benson didn’t just win this opportunity by beating the Tower, he also had to defeat the other three finalists in a quick tournament to prove he was truly worthy! Benson gets the fans fired up, but now… The Phenomenal AJ Styles!

AJ Styles knows he doesn’t have his gloves, but his entrance will still be the same. Both Styles and Benson are ready, but the fans are raedy for Styles. Benson says he’s gonna take Styles to Suplex City. Brooklyn can boo but Benson will be going home with a million bucks! He’s here, they’re not! Benson soaks up the heat, especially since he represents Brock Lesnar in the game. Styles trash talks that Lesnar is a part-timer, Benson snaps back with Randy Orton giving Styles an RKO.

Now, the rules of this match are displayed: Win by pinfall or submission; no count outs or disqualifications; 10 minute time limit, and a draw will go to with the character in the best condition. Both men accept these stipulations, and we begin!

Fans are again on AJ Styles’ side as his character goes against Benson as Brock. The bell rings and Styles taunts but Lesnar/Benson attacks! Benson starts #SuplexCity already with a German! And then he clubs away on Styles back before going for a carry. Scoop slam! Benson hits another German! Then a third! Benson drags Styles up again for a fourth German Suplex! Styles is getting flashbacks after German Suplex #5! And 6! Benson trash talks as his character gets reversed! Reverse DDT! Styles pumps up but gets caught for a powerslam! Cover, ONE with Resiliency! Benson kicks Styles then brings him in for a powerbomb! And another! And another! Benson continues to trash talk as he hits an F5! Cover, Benson and Lesnar win!!

Winner: Stephen T. Benson, by pinfall; wins the WWE2K19 Million Dollar Challenge

The Golden Voice trash talks the entire time as Corey gives him the million dollar check. Brooklyn boos but Benson’s a perfect Heel. Styles is Phenomenal, but Benson is golden. Where and how will Benson choose to spend his new fortune? Can Styles redeem himself should there be a WWE 2K20 challenge?


Since its ArRival, NXT has always been meant to take over.

History is being made in Brooklyn again. The first ever 2-out-of-3 Falls Match for the NXT Championship. Another Dusty Rhodes Cup leads to the tag team championships. A crossover between US and UK will determine fate. A bro wants to live his own dream. And a Queen of Spades looks to keep her crown while surrounded on all sides. Who is going to take over in New York?


NXT Tag Team Championships: The War Raiders VS Aleister Black & Ricochet!

Raw Rowe & “Warbeard” Hanson bring the war, but the Unexpected Duo bring the fight! Will the Dutch Destroyer & King of Flight leave the modern day vikings in the dust on Wrestlemania Weekend? Or will they end up feeling the Fallout?

The introductions are made, the belts are raised, and we begin! Another TakeOver begins with tag team action as Aleister starts against Rowe. Fans are already thunderous for this match up as Aleister and Rowe stare down. They circle and tie up. Aleister wrenches to a wristlock but Rowe pries his way through to a reversal. Aleister rolls and gets a headlock, but Rowe powers out. Rowe boots but Aleister gets under. Aleister headlocks again but Rowe reverses. Aleister breaks free but Rowe snapmares. Rowe headlocks but Aleister slips out, but Rowe snapmares him again. Rowe goes for the headlock again but Aleister slips out again, only for Rowe to get a takedown! Aleister prepares a triangle while Rowe is ready to punch! Both men stop and fans applaud this incredible opening exchange!

Rowe backs off and Aleister gets up. Rowe and Aleister circle again as fans rally up. Aleister waistlocks but Rowe switches to a slam. Aleister’s up again but Rowe holds on tight. Rowe rolls Aleister but Aleister throws him off. Aleister kicks but Rowe tanks it! Rowe stands up to stare Aleister down. The two show respect with a fist bump, then tag out to Hanson and Ricochet. Fans are fired up even more as Ricochet and Hanson speed things up! Ricochet bounces off Hanson so he goes for a wheelbarrow arm-drag. Hanson blocks with size and strength to whip Ricochet. Ricochet rolls off his back then somersaults under for a handspring headscissor and dropkick! Hanson bails out and Ricochet tags to Aleister.

Aleister intercepts Rowe but Rowe reverses the whip. Aleister rolls off Rowe’s back to throw him out. The War Raiders regroup but Aleister fakes them out! Both Aleister and Ricochet sit down cross-legged! Brooklyn is thunderous for “NXT! NXT!” as the Raiders rush the Unexpected. Now the Raiders roll of their opponents’ backs! Aleister boots Hanson and Ricochet rocks Rowe. Rowe hits back but things speed up, kitchen sink to basement dropkick! The Unexpected double whip Hanson, but Hanson seated sentons Aleister! Hanson scoop slams Ricochet and tags in Rowe! Human Weapon: Hanson Senton! Ricochet bails out while Rowe goes back to Aleister. Rowe scoop slams Aleister then drags him up for an armlock. Aleister endures while Rowe leans his weight on him. Rowe brings Aleister up and tags Hanson.

Hanson wrenches and shoulders Aleister down for another armlock. Hanson grinds in his forearm into the shoulder, then scoop slams Aleister. Tag to Rowe, Human Weapon again, but Aleister sweeps the legs! It becomes a powerslam on Hanson! Ricochet tags in and speeds up to huricanrana Rowe to a corner. Ricochet keeps moving for a shoulder tackle and roundhouse! Rowe staggers, Ricochet springboard clotheslines and shooting stars! Cover, TWO! Ricochet drags Rowe up and wrenches while fans rally. Ricochet puts Rowe in a modified abdominal stretch. Rowe endures but Ricochet shifts to another wrench. Aleister tags in and takes Rowe for another wrench. Rowe forearms out but Aleister whips. Aleister elbows Rowe down then covers, ONE!

Aleister keeps on Rowe and that arm with a seated stretch. Rowe endures again but Aleister pulls on a leg. Rowe is being bent way back, but he feeds off the fans’ energy. He fights his way up but aleister pushes him to the corner. Rowe hits Ricochet but Aleister kicks away on Rowe. Aleister boots but Rowe shoves, only to walk into a sweep! Oklahoma Roll, TWO! ALeister boots Rowe but Rowe gives him Ace Ten Mao! Hanson tags in but so does Ricochet. Ricochet runs into a back drop! And then a sidewalk slam! Hanson hits a basement crossbody! Hanson drags Aleister up into one corner while Ricochet gets to his. The Warbeard beings a clothesline train! Hanson hits a total of TEN clotheslines and Brooklyn is thunderous again.

Hanson whips Aleister at Ricochet but Ricochet puts Aleister out. Ricochet catches Hanson!? For a Fall Away Slam?! Fans give a standing ovation for that one! But both Ricochet and Hanson are down. They crawl for their corners, hot tags to Aleister and Rowe. Fans chant “Mamma Mia!” as these two meet again. Aleister and Rowe stagger towards each other, and start brawling with heavy forearms! Rowe hits, Aleister hits and repeat. Rowe gets the edge but misses the spin. Aleister starts his strike fest, misses the sweep but blocks Rowe’s knee! To roundhouse and quebrada, into a knee! Rowe roars but runs into a knee from Aleister! Aleister stalks the staggering Rowe, for a German! Bridging cover, TWO!! Rowe survives and Aleister is shocked.

Fans continue to keep the fever pitch as Aleister drags Rowe up. Rowe shoves but Ricochet tags in. Hanson tags in, cartwheel clothesline misses but they both handspring! Ricochet boots the clothesline to roundhouse Hanson! Ricochet runs, handsprings, but misses the enziguri. Hanson handsprings to hit his back elbow! Cover, TWO! Hanson is shocked but he already shocked us with that agility. “This is Awesome!” but far from over. Hanson climbs up high and turns around?! Ricochet stops Hanson then shoves him for an elbow and a boot. Ricochet somersaults but Hanson catches him.

Tag to Rowe and bumps Ricochet on buckles and then feeds him to Rowe’s shotgun knees! Hanson wipes out Aleister, then becomes Human Weapon: Hanson Hip Attack! Then he tosses Ricochet to Rowe, for the elevated clotheslines German! Double cover, but Aleister double stomps!! Brooklyn is already at a fever pitch, how much more exciting can this get?! Fans hope they “Fight Forever!” but this has to end somehow. Aleister and Hanson brawl but Hanson feeds Aleister to Thor’s– Meteora! Aleister throws Rowe out then triangle moonsaults onto Hanson on the outside! Rowe DIVES on Aleister! Ricochet staggers up, builds speed and hits the CORKSCREW Sasuke Special onto Rowe! But Hanson climbs up, and LEAPS onto everyone for a cannonball! Brooklyn loses its mind for that one! All four men are down on the outside and the referee starts a ring count.

The count reaches 5 as Aleister and Hanson stand. Hanson keeps Aleister get in but Aleister does the same. But now they’re all down, so Rowe and Ricochet get in at 9.5! Rowe and Ricochet are now legal as they slowly stand up. They start brawling, and Ricochet manages to bob ‘n’ weave. Rowe lands a right but Ricochet hits an uppercut. Ricochet swings but into Ace Ten- No, a boot from Ricochet! Tag to Aleister who boots Rowe and knees Hanson. Rowe grabs Aleister but Aleister shakes him off. Rowe roars, BLACK MASS! Tag to Ricochet, who climbs up, SHOOTING STAR! Hanson returns as Ricochet covers, Hanson barrels into everyone to break the pin! Aleister and Hanson tumble out but Ricochet keeps on Rowe. Rowe’s in a drop zone and Ricochet’s up again. Ricochet aims, 630 senton FLOPS as Hanson saves Rowe!

Aleister moonsaults but misses Hanson! Hanson clobbers Aleister then gets Rowe in. Rowe crawls and tags Hanson back in. Ricochet stands and boots Hanson first! Ricochet runs, dodges, but gets THOR’S HAMMER! Hanson DIVES onto Aleister! Rowe drags Ricochet up, Hanson climbs, FALLOUT!! Cover, War Raiders win!!

Winners: The War Raiders, Hanson pinning; still NXT Tag Team Champions

This may very well have been THE greatest tag team war in NXT history! Hanson & Rowe find a way to win, and still hold the thrones in NXT’s Tag Team Division. Will Aleister & Ricochet be able to recover in time for a Wrestlemania tag war in the SmackDown Fatal 4?

But in a showing of great respect, Rowe & Hanson help Ricochet up, and then bow to both Ricochet and Aleister. Aleister and Ricochet return the bow, and say good-bye to NXT once and for all.


NXT North American Championship: Velveteen Dream VS Matt Riddle!

The Patrick Clark Experience really only just won this title thanks to the Worlds Collide tournament. He hasn’t had a chance to defend it yet, but now he’ll take on the toughest challenger possible in the undefeated Original Bro. Will Dream keep the spotlight on him? Or will he be a one-and-done champion, bro?

The introductions are made as the New Bro Yankees Matt Riddle meets the Statue of Velveteen atop his palanquin. The belt is raised, and we begin this #DreamBro match!

Dream and Riddle stare down as fans duel. It melds together to become “Bro-veteen!” Dream and Riddle each get the crowd going for their side, but then Riddle offers a bro fist. Dream says no no, and copies the crane. Riddle and Dream put up their dukes and go around. Riddle gets a kick on Dream’s leg and Dream backs off quick. Dream comes back only to get another, and has to back off again. Dream offers the bro fist now? Riddle takes it but Dream gets his leg. Riddle counters and gets a waistlock to slam Dream! He wants the wristlock but Dream resists, so Riddle uses ropes for a tornado takedown! Riddle wrenches but Dream ropebreaks. Riddle lets go but Dream stays on the defensive. They circle and tie up, but Dream backs off to cool off.

Dream and Riddle tie up again and they go shoulder to shoulder in their test of strength. Dream pushes but Riddle reels him back in. They turn around, but Dream throws Riddle over his shoulders. Riddle reels Dream in for a monkey flip into armbar! Dream scrambles and rolls to another ropebreak, and Riddle lets go at 2. Dream cowers in the corner so Riddle dares him to return. They go again and Dream stomps the bare feet! Dream headlocks but Riddle powers out, only for Dream to run him over. Cover, ONE, but Dream Oklahoma Rolls, TWO! School boy, TWO! Dream headlocks again but Riddle powers out. Dream goes up and over then rakes the back! This only angers the Bro. Dream swivels his hips but gets caught for a gut wrench suplex! Riddle holds on for a second, then for a third with hip swivels, bro!

But Dream rolls and dropkicks Riddle! Dream gets up but has to elbow Riddle away. He hops up for flying ax handles! Dream hurries up top again, for another! Riddle gets to the apron so Dream triangle ax handles Riddle down. Dream climbs again and leaps, into a GERMAN SUPLEX! Fans fire up as Riddle focuses on Dream. Riddle puts Dream in then follows after. Riddle CHOPS Dream in a corner, and again! Dream gasps for air but Riddle toys with him. Riddle drops the back senton! Dream gasps and sputters as he gets to ropes, but Riddle is on him. Dream throws body shots but Riddle throws palm strikes! Riddle boots, then spins Dream into a Pele! Riddle goes side to side for a forearm smash, then another the other way! Exploder suplex, bro! Riddle misses the penalty kick and the moonsault, but not the second senton!

Now Riddle gets the Penaly Kick! Cover, TWO! Dream survives but Riddle’s on him with a sleeper. Riddle gets the mount and pulls on the arms, but fans rally up both ways. Riddle drags Dream around into an armbar, but Dream uses his legs for a ropebreak. The ref counts but Riddle drives in his heels! Dream scrambles away in a daze while fans sing for Riddle. Riddle drags Dream up in a waistlock, but Dream holds ropes. Riddle kicks Dream off the ropes! The ref reprimands Riddle, but Riddle goes back to Dream. Dream standing switches and German Suplexes! But Riddle’s on his feet! Bro Trigger! Fisherman brain buster! Cover, TWO!! Dream survives again and Riddle might actually be getting frustrated. Riddle stalks Dream to ax kick him at the ropes. Riddle drags Dream for a third senton! Cover, ONE, and Riddle is definitely frustrated now.

Riddle stalks Dream again, and wants to drive in those vicious elbows. But Dream rolls thruogh to another ropebreak, so Riddle drives in forearms! Riddle goes after Dream but Dream dodges the boot to put on his own sleeper! But Dream’s Million Dollar Dream is countered to a European Clutch! TWO, but Dream runs into Riddle’s triangle hold! Dream starts to fade as Riddle squeezes tight! Fans rally both ways but Dream gets a second wind as he stands up. It’s a cover, TWO, but Dream deadlifts. Riddle dodges and ripcord bro triggers for a Bro-To-Sleep! German Suplex with Bridge, TWO!! Riddle is foaming at the mouth over Dream becoming his toughest challenge yet. Riddle stalks Dream, and sits him up for Bro Kicks. Dream flounders with each one, but also manages to sit back up. Riddle tells Dream he’s The Bro that Runs the Show.

Dream dares Riddle to keep kicking him, so Riddle does. Dream powers up, he HULKS up! Fans are thunderous as Dream gives him the finger wag of doom! Dream fires off hands then whips. Riddle stops himself but runs into the boot! Dream scoop slams Riddle! And hits a shining wizard! Dream clotheslines Riddle out then hops up top for BIG ax handles! Dream poses then puts Riddle in. Famouser leg drop! Cover, TWO!! Riddle survives and shocks Dream, but Dream doesn’t stop. Dream drags himself up top again, but stops to see Riddle running in. He hits Riddle back then leaps, but into a bro trigger! Riddle drags Dream up, but Dream hits a CODE BREAKER! Cover, TWO!? Riddle survives but Dream just keeps moving.

Dream’s up top again, but Riddle sits up. Dream hops back down and runs in, but his shining wizard is caught into an ankle lock! Riddle wrenches and pulls, Dream flails and shouts! Dream kicks but Riddle just puts that leg in the ankle lock! Dream flails and turns and kicks again. Riddle staggers but comes back, school boy but Riddle powerbomb lifts. Dream slips out to SUPERKICK! Sidewinder DDT! But Dream doesn’t cover, he jackknifes and rolls through for Dream Valley Driver! Dream still doesn’t stop, he climbs up once more, PURPLE RAIN MAKER- INTO A BROMISSION!! Riddle pulls tight but Dream resists. Dream gets ropes and yanks Riddle into them. Riddle goes down but comes back to deadlift SUPER GERMAN! Riddle puts Dream in the drop zone, for a Floating Bro moonsault! Cover, TWO!?! Dream survives and Riddle is beside himself!

Riddle fumes as he sees Dream sitting up. Dream dares Riddle to bring more kicks, then he SLAPS Riddle! Riddle boots, Dream SUPERKICKS! Riddle rolls through and powerbombs! Flip to Bro Trigger! Cover, TWO?!? How?! But now, BROMISSION!! Riddle slaps away on Dream, Dream rolls through!? Cover, Dream wins?!

Winner: Velveteen Dream, by pinfall; still NXT North American Champion

Riddle is in disbelief! How could his undefeated streak end like this?! But Dream keeps his own hot streak alive with the biggest first defense anyone could ever have! Dream grins and blows a kiss before striking a pose with the belt. Riddle calms down, and does applaud the winner. He offers a bro fist, and Dream accepts it. Will Dream’s reign only have tougher contenders from here on? Will Riddle be able to rebound from his first loss in NXT and have another shot at a title?


It’s official: NJPW sensation, Kushida, signs with NXT!

The Time Splitter will now be full-time at Full Sail! What will this Super Junior do once he debuts in the ring?


WWE United Kingdom Championships: Pete Dunne VS WALTER!

The Bruiserweight has had this title for just under 700 days! He has beaten everyone there is to beat between both NXT and NXT UK, except the Ring General. Will the Austrian Anomaly end Dunne’s reign on his first try? Or will this title still and always be Pete Dunne’s?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we begin this NXT UK guest spot match!

Walter and Dunne stare down as fans cheer. They slowly start circling as fans cheer for the “UK! UK!” Dunne and Walter tie up, and Walter puts Dunne on the ropes. Walter lets up on the count of 4, then backs off to let Dunne return. They circle again and tie up. Dunne drops to go for a leg but Walter sprawls and catches him! Walter has Dunne in a modified crab but Dunne barrels through. Dunne has a toehold and he stands on a hand of Walter. Walter uses the free leg to push Dunne away, then gets in Dunne’s face to show he’s not afraid. Dunne doesn’t back down, and he circles with Walter. They tie up again and Dunne gets fingers but Walter gets the chin. Dunne bends the fingers while Walter pulls Dunne’s head.

Walter shoves Dunne off but Dunne avoids that infamous chop! Dunne shrugs as he and Walter circle again. They tie up and Walter throws Dunne! Walter eggs Dunne on but Dunne keeps his cool. They tie up but Walter throws Dunne again, then is on him immediately! Dunne narrowly avoids that chop again! Fans duel as Walter and Dunne tie up once more. Walter wrenches Dunne’s arm to a one-arm suplex and slam! Walter keeps on Dunne with a mounted armlock. Dunne pries his way out then nips up to a ropebreak. Walter lets up but Dunne forearms him back! Walter CHOPS Dunne off his feet! Now Dunne knows what that feels like. Walter toys with Dunne then drags him up for another CHOP! Fans fire up from the echo as Walter looms over Dunne again.

Walter rams his knees in but Dunne resists the cover. Walter floats over to a headlock, but Dunne works his way up. Dunne powers out of the hold and things speed up. Dunne manages to hurdle Walter, but the clothesline does nothing! Walter hurdles and BOOTS Dunne! Walter drags Dunne up and puts him on the top rope for a CHOP! Then he climbs up to stand on Dunne! The ref counts but Walter lets up at 1 and Dunne tumbles down. Walter fetches Dunne up for a back suplex onto the apron! Fans duel as Walter fires himself up. Walter returns to the ring and Dunne kicks back, but it doesn’t do enough. Walter stomps Dunne then goes after his foot with a toehold. Fans rally as Dunne endures.

Dunne pulls at Walter’s fingers while avoiding the cover. Dunne drop toeholds into a kneebar with heel hook! Walter endures and CHOPS, but Dunne holds onto the hold. Dunne kicks but Walter CHOPS him off! Walter brings Dunne around for a Boston Crab! And he sits in deep! Dunne endures and powers up to crawl for ropes. Ropebreak and Walter legs to. Dunne gets to the apron but Walter is on for clubbing forearms. Walter stands Dunne up for another, but Dunne catches the arm! Dunne has the fingers, bends them around, but Walter breaks free to BOOT Dunne down! Dunne falls to the floor while Walter checks his hand. Walter waits for Dunne as he crawls back in. Dunne gets in but gets knees from Walter. Walter grinds his boot in but backs off at 4. Dunne grits his teeth even as Walter kicks him against the ropes.

Walter dares Dunne to stand and Dunne does. Walter forearms but Dunne explodes with strikes! Dunne whips but Walter reverses, Dunne goes up and over to enziguri! Dunne waistlocks but Walter standing switches and German Suplexes! But Dunne lands on his feet to buzzsaw Walter! Walter bails out but Dunne goes to the apron, for a MOONSAULT! Direct hit take Walter out! Both men are down and a ring count begins. The count reaches 5 before Walter stands and gets in. Dunne stands at 8 and takes to the top rope. Walter intercepts him with throat chops! Walter climbs up to join Dunne, but Dunne holds on. Dunne grabs the fingers! He bends Walter’s arm around, then sunset flips! Dunne somehow gets Walter for a walking powerbomb! Cover, TWO!!

Walter rolls out of the ring but Dunne is also down. Dunne drags himself back to the corner, climbs back up and leaps for DOUBLE STOMPS! Walter writhes and screams from the damage done to his chest! The ring count begins again and reaches 4 before Dunne stands. Dunne puts dead weight Walter in at 5. Dunne runs in but Walter dodges. Walter sees Dunne going up and over and shotgun dropkicks him down! Walter drags Dunne up for a sleeper hold! Dunne grabs ropes but Walter CHOPS him on the back! Then German Suplex! Then WALTER BOMB! High stack cover, TWO!! Dunne survives and Walter is in disbelief. Dunne grits his teeth as he glares at Walter from the mat. Walter drags Dunne back up and clubs him on the back.

Walter stands Dunne up for another CHOP! He stands Dunne up again but Dunne SLAPS Walter! Walter CHOPS Dunne then stomps him out! Dunne somehow sits back up but Walter prepares another. Walter aims but it’s Dunne who chops and jabs back! Walter still CHOPS back and stuns Dunne. He drags Dunne up once more, but Dunne has the fingers! Walter and Dunne end up in a test of strength. Dunne bridges but Walter STOMPS! Walter lifts but Dunne slips out of the bomb to enziguri! Both men are down but Brooklyn is fired up! Fans continue to duel while both men slowly stir. Dunne stands on Walter’s hands, and stomps! Then buzzsaws! Then Dunne climbs up top, but Walter chop blocks a leg out! Walter climbs up behind Dunne, and waistlocks. Dunne holds on for dear life but Walter goes for a sleeper.

Dunne smacks Walter’s hands on the post! Walter clubs Dunne back and drags Dunne up, SUPER SLEEPER SUPLEX!! Cover, TWO!? Dunne survives but Walter keeps his focus. Walter stalks Dunne to the ropes, but Dunne catches the chop! Dunne SNAPS the fingers! Then SNAPS the other fingers! Walter runs but into a rebound German! Dunne keeps going, rolling crucifix! Cover, TWO!! Walter survives now and rolls away. Dunne stalks Walter while fans duel. Dunne drags Walter up for Danielson stomps! But Walter kicks back all the same! Dunne stomps Walter back! Walter reels Dunne into a sleeper! Dunne rolls through to give more stomps, then rolls Walter into a finger-bending Rings of Saturn! Walter endures as Dunne traps both arms and pulls the fingers past their limits! But Walter turns and gets the ropebreak with his long legs! Dunne lets go, because he’s also exhausted.

Walter gets under the ropes while Dunne crawls after him. Dunne climbs up high and drags Walter up to join him. Walter SLAPS Dunne back, then CLUBS Dunne right off the top! Dunne tumbles into a drop zone, and Walter climbs?! Walter leaps, but into a triangle!! Walter flails as Dunne struggles to put it on. Dunne ends up on top, and he wants the fingers, but Walter blocks and chops back! Walter stands to stomp Dunne out again! Walter goes back to Dunne but Dunne gets those fingers. But Walter stomps Dunne more. Dunne keeps those fingers in his grip, and stands up. Dunne ducks a boot, pump handles, but Walter CLOTHESLINES his way out of the Bitter End! Walter runs but into Dunne’s clotheslines! Dunne pump handles, BITTER END!! Cover, TWO?!? Walter survives Dunne’s best move?!

Dunne is beside himself but he glares at Walter as they both slowly stand up. Fans duel again as Dunne and Walter stare down from opposite ends. Dunne and Walter approach, and the brawl is on! Dunne forearms but Walter CHOPS, and repeat! Walter eggs Dunne on and Dunne gives it. Walter continues to give CHOPS but Dunne continues to forearm back. Dunne eggs Walter on now and things pick up speed! Dunne fires off palm strikes and haymakers! The ref has to back Dunne off, Walter BOOTS him! Dunne looks out cold but Walter doesn’t cover?! Walter climbs up top?! Dunne’s back and SNAPS the fingers again! Dunne climbs up but Walter resists. Walter blocks the triangle takedown, to CHOP away! Walter lifts Dunne back up, SUPER WALTER BOMB!! Fans are losing their minds for that one! Walter leaps, WALTER SPLASH!! Cover, Walter wins!!

Winner: WALTER, by pinfall; NEW WWE United Kingdom Champion

The Bruiserweight’s reign finally ends! And the new reign is that of the Ring General! With such a match to earn that title, will anyone ever be able to take the title from Walter?


NXT Women’s Championship Fatal 4 Way: Shayna Baszler VS Bianca Belair VS Kairi Sane VS Io Shirai!

The Queen of Spades and only two-time champion held onto this title against the EST 1v1 thanks to help from her friends. But now, Shayna will have more opponents than ever before! Will The EST, Pirate Princess or Genius of the Sky come away with the title? Or will Shayna make each one of them #TapNapOrSnap?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and this star-studded match begins!

Shayna stares down with Bianca, Shirai and Kairi, but then things break down into brawls! Shayna throws Shirai out while Bianca throws out Sane. The Sky Pirates are out of the way, so now we get a TakeOver: Phoenix rematch! Bianca waistlocks and slams Shayna down, but Shayna elbows out. Shayna leaps on for the sleeper but Bianca powers out and runs Shayna over. Cover, but Shirai returns with meteora! Cover, but Bianca sunsets! ONE as Shirai sits on Bianca but Shayna buzzsaws the cover apart! Sane returns as Shayna covers Shirai, blockbuster breaks that! Sane goes after Bianca but Bianca shoves her away. Bianca trash talks but Sane pushes back, so Bianca runs Sane over! “Girl, uh-uh.” But just like last Wednesday, Sane catches Bianca’s kiss! And then fastballs it to Shirai for a Home Run!

Bianca tries to laugh it off, but she goes against both Sky Pirates. The Pirates double dropkick Bianca, then Shirai catches Shayna’s kick to send it into Bianca! Bianca bails out while Shayna is surrounded by Pirates! The Pirates chop and whip Shayna but Shirai has to kick Bianca out first. Shirai ducks Shayna’s boot to then rake the back. Sane double chops and Shirai trips Shayna, to meet in the middle with dropkicks! Shayna bails out, but now the good friends face off! Shirai and Sane circle then speed up. Sane rolls off Shirai’s back then slingshots to headscissors, but Shirai handsprings through! Both women know each other’s Joshi Strong Style too well for that. Shirai keeps going but then Bianca and Baszler trip them both up. Shayna whips Bianca by her hair!

Shayna hits Sane back out then wrenches Bianca down. She stands on the arm for the hammerlock stomp! Shayna hits Shirai back out while Bianca gets to a corner. Bianca elbows Shayna away and leaps up and over. Bianca dropkicks Shayna down! Shayna bails out but is ready for Bianca when she pursues. Shayna throws Bianca around the side and grabs her hair, but Bianca blocks from being reeled into the post, to return the favor! The Queen of Spades hits post and then Bianca decks Sane with a right! Bianca puts Shayna in and builds speed for a handspring splash! Cover, TWO! Shayna survives but Bianca pursues. Sane returns to hit Bianca with a Flying Kabuki! Cover, TWO! Sane drags Bianca back up to put some stank on her chops!

Bianca swings back and handsprings out of the school boy. Sane deflects the dropkick to ax kick back! Shirai kicks Shayna away while Sane whips Bianca. Bianca reverses but Shirai springboards up and over, Shirai missile dropkicks Bianca while Sane baseball slides Shayna! Fans fire up for the Sky Pirates while Shirai aims from the corner. Sane throws Shayna into steps while Shirai hits Bianca with meteora! Shirai walks over Bianca but Bianca grabs her feet. Shirai punches Bianca back then climbs up. She leaps but into Bianca’s arms! Bianca sees Sane and throws Shirai into her! Then she throws Shirai! Cover, but Shayna breaks it! Shayna hits Sane then gut wrench slams Shirai. Shirai bails out while Shayna shining wizards Sane. Shayna goes after Bianca in the corner with an elevated sleeper hold!

Bianca flails but Sane attacks from behind. Shayna hits Sane away then wants another gut wrench, but Sane hits Shayna. Sane wants to bomb Shayna but Shayna holds onto Bianca who holds onto ropes. Shirai helps out, and the Sky Pirates bomb Shayna while Shayna SUPER Gut Wrenches Bianca! Fans fire up but all four women are down. Fans rally up as the four women stir. Shayna slumps out but Bianca follows. The Sky Pirates coordinate and Sane builds speed, Shirai gives her the boost for a SUPER FLYING KABUKI! Sane brings Shayna back up for Shirai’s snap ASAI! Fans fire up with the Pirates as Sane brings Shayna up again. Shirai runs, but Bianca SPEARS! Cover, but Sane breaks it just in time! Sane back hands but Bianca ducks it. Bianca gets Sane with the chicken wing facebuster!

Shayna returns to hit Bianca with a knee trigger! Shirai German Suplexes Shayna! But she can’t hold onto the bridge, so all four women are down again. Fans still rally up and SHirai crawls to cover Shayna. Bianca pushes her off but Sane tries now. Bianca pushes her away, too, so now the Pirates target Bianca. Sane and Shirai take turns with back hands and uppercuts! Sane runs but Shayna drags her out! Bianca rolls Shirai, TWO!! Bianca throws a big forearm then scoops Shirai, to trophy lift and toss her onto Shayna and Sane! The EST continues to show why she’s the strongest, but now she’ll go after Shayna to show she’s the fiercest. Bianca stalks Shayna and clubs her with both hands. Bianca brings Shayna into the chicken wings, but Shayna rolls through! Kirafuda Klutch outta nowhere!

Bianca flails about, flashbacks to Phoenix! Shayna holds on tight but Bianca refuses to nap again. Bianca pries at the arms, and manages to get to her feet! Fans rally up as Bianca pries the legs apart. Bianca’s free, and torture racks Shayna for KoD! Cover, but Shirai breaks it in time! Bianca clubs away on Shirai then powerbomb lifts, but gets a facebuster counter! Shirai hurries to the corner for a moonsault! But she’s not done, she goes up higher for the Genius Asai! Cover, but Sane breaks it! They may be friends, but Sane can’t just let Shirai win! The friends start brawling! Shirai underhooks Sane but Sane back drops to Alabama Slam Shirai on Shayna! Sane fires up as she targets Shayna in a drop zone. She climbs up high, InSane Elbow! Cover, but Shirai breaks it! Turnabout is fair play even between friends!

Sane and Shirai respect each other too much to go easy! Shirai runs but into Sane’s forearm. Sane runs but into Shirai’s dropkick! Shirai drags Sane up and fires forearm after forearm! She scoops but Sane DDT’s back! Sane fires up and climbs up top. She doesn’t want to do this to her friend, but she still takes aim. But Bianca WHAPS Sane with her hair! Bianca drags Shirai up, torture rack. Then she double stacks with Sane! Bianca gives us the EST KoD!! Cover, but Shayna kicks Bianca in the face! KIRAFUDA KLUTCH!! Bianca flails and writhes, but she’s stuck! She claws at Shayna’s face! Shayna holds on, Bianca taps!! Shayna wins!!

Winner: Shayna Baszler, by submission; still NXT Women’s Champion

The most shocking victory for the Queen of Spades yet, compounded by how she didn’t even need the other Horsewomen! Will #ShaynaTwoTime stay that way all the way to overcoming Asuka’s legendary reign?


NXT Championship 2-out-of-3 Falls Match: Johnny Gargano VS Adam Cole!

No matter what happens, history is being made tonight! The title is vacant, and this match will have a definitive winner. But will that definitive winner be Undisputed? Or will he be NXT’s first Triple Crown Champion?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we begin the first fall!

Fans are divided between the Panama City Playboy and #IronJohnny even before the bell. Cole and Gargano hear it all as they slowly circle. Gargano and Cole slowly approach and tie up. Gargano waistlocks and brings Cole down then holds on as Cole rolls. Cole breaks free and backs off, and he circles with Gargano again. Cole headlocks but Gargano pries his way out. Gargano steps over to a hammerlock then gets Cole’s other arm. Gargano makes it a cover, ONE, but he holds onto the hammerlock. Cole sits up and switches to a hammerlock of his own. He shifts to another headlock, but Gargano pries his way out. Fans continue to duel as Gargano gets Cole in the headlock. Cole powers out and avoids Gargano going up and over to get the headlock takeover. Gargano works against the hold but Cole holds on.

Fans rally and Gargano stands up. Gargano powers out but Cole runs him over with a shoulder. Things speed up and Gargano hurdles and standing switches. Cole bucks Gargano but Gargano dodges the Last Shot knee. Gargano rolls Cole but Cole slips out. Cole misses the boot but Gargano misses the mule kick. Both men dodge more, Gargano gets Cole with an arm-drag and fans applaud! Cole arm-drags but Gargano arm-drags him again. Gargano has Cole down, grinding a knee into his head and twisting the wrist. Fans duel as Cole gets up and Gargano yanks his arm. Gargano wrenches but Cole whips. Gargano runs Cole over and sees Cole’s duck coming, so he hops on for a headlock! Cole scrambles and gets a ropebreak! Gargano lets go and backs off.

Gargano comes back but gets a forearm from Cole! Cole walks into Gargano’s forearm and now both men throw forearms back and forth. Cole gets the edge and has Gargano in a corner. He wrenches and whips Gargano corner to corner but Gargano goes up and over. Gargano rolls and whips Cole then headscissors and dropkicks Cole down. He clotheslines Cole up and out, then heads to the corner. Gargano aims from the apron, but Cole runs away from the canonball. So Gargano wrecks him with a dropkick from the ropes! Gargano drags Cole back up and into the ring, but Cole scrambles all the way out the other side .The ref keeps Gargano back for a moment, and Gargano walks into Cole’s enziguri! Gargano gets to a corner and Cole hurries over.

Cole drags Gargano up for forearms, then CHOPS! Cole decks Gargano with another forearm, then drags Gargano up for a cravat. He drives in knees and Gargano drops to a knee. Cole stalks Gargano then drives in a knee for a chinlock. Gargano endures and fans rally up. Cole puts pressure on the hold but Gargano gets a second wind. Gargano stands up and fights back with forearms. He runs but into Cole’s back elbow! Cole drags Gargano for a cover, ONE! Cole drives elbows in then wraps on a dragon sleeper! Gargano fights back but Cole holds on tight. Fans rally up again and Gargano powers up. Gargano fights back again and breaks free. Cole headlocks again but Gargano powers out. Things speed up, double crossbodies wipe both men out!

Cole and Gargano slowly stand up and they start throwing forearms. Gargano gets the edge and starts rallying. Cole runs into Gargano’s overhead belly2bellY! Gargano rolls Cole, TWO and Cole has the cover, TWO! Cole runs but into a rebound school boy kick! Cole bails out and Gargano slingshots, but Cole gets back in, only to get a slingshot spear! Cover, TWO! Gargano keeps his cool while Cole gets to ropes. Cole goes to a corner and Gargano runs in for a chop! Gargano whips but Cole reverses. Cole runs into boots, then Gargano hops up. Gargano fakes out the superkick to hit a tornado complete shot! Cover, TWO! Cole denies the first fall but Gargano keeps his cool. Gargano gets up and drags Cole to his feet.

Gargano suplexes but Cole knees out. Cole suplexes but Gargano slips out. Gargano full nelsons but Cole slips out. Cole waistlocks but Gargano fights back. Cole shoves Gargano to a corner, deflects, draping backstabber! Cover, TWO! Gargano refuses to let Cole take the first fall. Cole slowly stands up but Gargano follows. Cole is on Gargano first but Gargano holds on, so Cole clubs away. Gargano counters the suplex to a cradle, TWO! Cole has it, TWO, back to Gargano, TWO and Cole has it again! TWO, and both men stand. Cole fireman’s carry but Gargano slips out only to get an elbow.

Gargano ends up in a corner but he goes up and over to school boy Cole again. Cole sees it all coming and ducks the kick. Gargano slides under but gets an enziguri! Cole brings down the knee pad and runs, but Gargano rolls him up! TWO and Cole has Gargano, TWO! Both men show superkick and that gets them to hesitate. Gargano mule kicks Cole’s knee out! Gargano buzzsaws but Cole ducks it to mule kick Gargano back. Cole tries another superkick but Gargano ducks that to victory roll, TWO! Cole kicks low and runs, but Gargano dodges and runs to sunset flip. Roll through to sit Gargano up, Last Shot shining wizard! Cover, Cole scores the first fall!

Adam Cole: 1; Johnny Gargano: 0

This is a huge advantage for Cole and Gargano finds himself behind the 8 Ball. Can Gargano make a huge comeback? Or will this be over quickly?

Cole brings his knee pad back up while he watches Gargano flounders to a corner. Fans rally and Gargano manages to stand. The second fall officially starts and Cole fires off! Cole punches and stomps Gargano down then brushes his hands. He drags Gargano up but Gargano fires forearms back. Gargano spins but nito a German Suplex! Cole runs and hits another Last Shot! Cover, TWO!! Gargano survives and Cole is annoyed. Cole drags Gargano up into a fireman’s carry. Gargano grabs ropes and fights free but gets a right forearm. Cole joins Gargano on the apron, only to get a SPEAR! Both men tumble but Gargano’s back up for a cannonball! Gargano drags himself up then drags Cole up and in. Gargano refuses to do this by count-out, but his slingshot DDT is caught into Ushigoroshi! Cover, TWO!!

Gargano survives and Cole is starting to wonder what it’ll take for this second fall. Cole climbs up but Gargano anchors his feet. Cole and Gargano brawl, and Cole drags Gargano up top. Gargano holds on for dear life, then grabs Cole for a SUPER AIR RAID CRASH! Cover, TWO!! Cole survives Gargano’s take on Tommaso Ciampa’s move, but Gargano crawls over to him. Gargano drags Cole closer to ropes then goes to the apron. Gargano would slingshot but Cole flops down. Cole joins Gargano on the apron again, but Gargano brings him up. Cole fireman’s carry again but Gargano slips out to enziguri! Gargano slingshots to DDT Cole on the apron! Both men fall to the floor and the referee checks on them. They’re both somehow okay to continue and a ring count begins.

Fans duel as both men stir. Gargano sits up at 3 and drags Cole up at 5. Cole is dead weight and the count is climbing, so Gargano leaves Cole to the count’s mercy. No, wait, he refreshes the count? But Cole shoves him into a post! And then another! Cole puts Gargano in and follows to bring the knee pad down again. But Gargano grabs an arm! Gargano again borrows a move from Ciampa, the bridging Fujiwara! Cole endures and pops through for a crucifix! But Gargano slips right out to put on his GargaNO Escape! Cole taps, Gargano ties it up!!

Adam Cole: 1; Johnny Gargano: 1

Now it’s sudden death! With just one last fall to go, who will win it all to become NXT Champion!?

Gargano has a bloody eyebrow, but he wills himself to sit up. Cole gets himself to ropes while the ref patches up Gargano. The third and decisive fall officially begins, and Cole glares daggers at Gargano. Gargano and Cole both stand and Brooklyn is fired up for “NXT! NXT!” Cole and Gargano trade forearms back and forth, fast and furious! Gargano gets the edge and runs, into a bicycle boot! And another! But Gargano returns with a roaring elbow on the rebound! Gargano calls upon DIY but Cole dodges the mule kick. Cole enziguris but misses, Gargano’s buzzsaw hits! Gargano runs and tilt-o-whirls, but Cole blocks into Last Shot Brainbuster! Cover, TWO!! Cole’s frustration grows but so does the energy from the crowd.

Cole gets to a corner and hops up but Gargano pursues. Gargano then gets away but Cole brings him in for buckle bumps. Fans duel as Cole puts Gargano in position. Cole climbs up but Gargano enziguris! Gargano scoops Cole for a corner-to-corner LONG DART! Full Nelson Facebuster, the Hurts Donut! Cover, TWO! Cole survives and Gargano starts to see his own blood. Gargano and Cole both get up and throw forearms on his knees. They stand and still throw hands, but Cole gets the edge. Cole aims, but Gargano blocks the kick to give one. Cole blocks that but gets an enziguri, to give an enziguri! Both men stay up, throw more hands, but then they both SUPERKICK! They take each other down but fans give a standing ovation! Gargano and Cole stir as fans cheer for “Both These Guys!”

Cole and Gargano meet and swing, but Cole waistlocks and clubs away. Cole swings Gargano out but Gargano forearms first. Gargano reverse-rana misses, SUPERKICK to the back! Cole straitjacket suplexes to a bridge, TWO!! Gargano still has that superhuman heart even after two falls! Cole drags Gargano up and underhooks, but Gargano avoids the driller to get the arm! But Cole saido suplexes! Cole climbs up again, leaps, but Gargano avoids the destroyer to SUPERKICK! Gargano hops up and over for a Reverse-Rana! MULE KICK! But Cole tumbles out of the ring! Gargano can’t believe Cole’s luck. But Gargano also gets a wild idea. Gargano turns to run but Cole drags him out for a wheelbarrow suplex into the apron!! Cole may have just broke #IronJohnny! Cole drags Gargano up and in, and fans know “This is Awesome!”

Gargano springs up and gets Cole with a draping DDT! Another shout-out to Ciampa! But then slingshot DDT added on! Cover, TWO!? Cole survives two DDT’s so Gargano DIVES! Gargano sends Cole into barriers but then into the ring, slingshot- SUPERKICK! Cole leaps for a Panama Sunrise DESTROYER!! Cover, TWO!?! Gargano still lives?! Brooklyn reaches that fever pitch again but this match is far from over. That’s just fine by them, too, because the fans chant “Fight Forever!” Gargano crawls to an apron but Cole scrapes him out. Cole pursues, also not content for the ring count to take care of this. He says Gargano’s a failure and a disappointment, and he pie faces Gargano down. Gargano keeps getting up but Cole keeps pushing him down. “What you do is fail!” Gargano doesn’t fail to forearm Cole back!

Gargano throws Cole over the announce desk! And then he clears it off! Brooklyn is loving this as Gargano drags Cole onto the table top! Cole hits back, underhooks, butterfly driver onto the table! And it doesn’t break! Cole steals Ciampa’s Fairy Tale Ending to end Gargano! Fans lose their minds and want “One More Time!” Cole returns to the ring to leave Gargano for dead. The ring count begins, but Gargano somehow sits up at 4! Gargano drags himself to his feet at 7 and hurries to the ring! He beats the count at 9.9!! But Cole aims, mocks DIY, SUPERKICK! Cover, TWO?!?! How is this even possible!? Cole is in disbelief while Gargano eyes are completely glazed. Fans duel again as Cole aims again. The knee pad comes down again, but Gargano SUPERKICKS Cole! Cole SUPERKICKS Gargano! Cole hops up, leaps, but into a GargaNO Escape!

But here come the Undisputed Era! Gargano hits Roderick Strong away, and then gets Cole back in GargaNo Escape! Strong argues with the ref, but that’s so Fish & O’Reilly can come around the other side! Cole is tapping but the ref doesn’t see! O’Reilly rakes Gargano’s eyes! Brooklyn boos but Cole kicks Gargano into the ref! Now the Undisputed Era swarms, TOTAL ANNIHILATION from reDRagon! Strong gets the ref back in while reDRagon runs away! Cole cover, TWO?!??! There are not enough punctuation marks that exist for this! The Undisputed Era tell Cole to finish this and fans duel so hard. Cole runs in but Gargano dumps him out onto his friends! Gargano puts Cole back in, then throws Strong into a post! He SUPERKICKS Fish then tornado DDT’s O’Reilly while kicking Fish!

Gargano gets back in, SUPERKICK! SUPERKICK! LAST SHOT WIZARD!! Cover, TWO!?! Just like I already said, there are not nearly enough punctuation! No one can believe any of this, but all the fans are loving it! Cole is starting to lose his mind, but he tells Gargano this will end. He runs again, but Gargano ducks the shot into GargaNo Escape!! Cole flails, scrambles, but Gargano rolls him away! Cole taps, Gargano wins!!!

Winner: Johnny Gargano, by submission; NEW NXT Champion

FINALLY! Not only does this match finally end, but Johnny Wrestling finally becomes Johnny Takeover! Johnny Wrestling finally becomes Johnny Champion! Johnny Wrestling becomes NXT’s first Mr. Triple Crown! Candice LeRae appears to celebrate with her husband, because they’ve finally put the past behind them, and Gargano finally stands atop the mountain! Gargano also celebrates with fans, friends, but especially family. Papa and Mother Gargano are there by their son’s side as he raises the title high overhead. He had to fight this hard to get there, how much harder will #IronJohnny fight to stay there?

Wait! Is that Tommaso Ciampa?! He has a neck brace on, as he embraces Gargano! DIY truly buries the hatchet as they and Candice celebrate together!



My Thoughts:

I am going to stand by this statement no matter what anyone says: This was the best TakeOver ever. It was amazing from bell to bell, from first match to the last. Now, getting the Million Dollar Challenge was a nice bonus, but boy did Styles get squashed by Benson Lesnar. But hey, good for Benson to win this inaugural challenge. Maybe that’ll keep this going for the next few years. But then we get to the real stuff, and we get yet another great tag team title match to open the show! War Raiders win as the more traditional tag team and because it was all but stated that Aleister & Ricochet are full-time main roster superstars now. I really wonder if this means Aleister & Ricochet will win the SmackDown Tag titles at Wrestlemania.

I’m really impressed by myself that I predicted the proper order of this event’s card. I didn’t have to touch the order once. The North American Championship was great, and so many times I thought Riddle was going to win. At the same time, there were many times it felt like Riddle could’ve gone Heel. But in the end, Dream wins in an incredible first defense, and Riddle manages to stay Face with a smile and a thumbs up. Dream could go just about anywhere from here, such as against one of the Undisputed Era members, most likely Roderick Strong. Riddle could come back around or even go up to the main title scene.

The WWE UK Championship was even greater than I expected. And as I’d been saying, Walter rightfully won so that Dunne wouldn’t end up insanely overpowered. Dunne already did great setting such a high bar for a long reign, but now Walter freshens things up going towards NXT UK’s own exclusive TakeOvers. The NXT Women’s Fatal 4 Way was incredible, and there was so much great story, especially between the Sky Pirates being such good friends but having to fight each other. The only thing about this is that I was really thinking Shayna should’ve lost. I know there are ways around this making her too strong, such as letting the others fight each other more, but is Shayna going to beat three opponents to then lose to Shirai 1v1? At the same time, I’m still hoping Sky Pirates take on the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions soon.

Holy crap that 2-out-of-3 Falls. As many of these go, that first fall was so hard to get, but naturally Cole gets it to put pressure on Gargano. I was really impressed that they waited to bring out the Undisputed Era only once Cole looked like he was going to lose. They did such a great attempt at the screw job, but Gargano reaches demigod levels of heart tonight. Gargano’s entire journey has been incredible, this is how you properly build somebody up to an organically over and deserving top champion. And I love that not only did Gargano have his parents in the crowd to share this moment, Ciampa was able to make the trip and surprise the fans with that unofficial Face turn. DIY and Candice celebrating as the friends and family they really are was truly a great closing shot, I’m so happy for them.

My Score: 9.8/10

Let us know what you think on social media @theCHAIRSHOTcom and always remember to use the hashtag #UseYourHead!

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NOAH is in a tiny transition between tournaments this week. Hisame brings us the updates in preparation for the Global Junior Tag League!




NOAH is in a tiny transition between tournaments this week. Hisame brings us the updates in preparation for the Global Junior Tag League!

In between “Global Junior Tag League” ending on the 13th June, and “Global Junior Tag League” starting on the 27th June, NOAH held a small interim tour of only three days. In the past these tours would have names like “Navigation with Spirits”, “Navigation to The Future” (or my personal favorite “Navigation on Stormy Seas”), but sadly LIDET have done away with these, and now all the interim tours are simply “NOAH The Spirit”.

It should be mentioned that all the tours have had excellent attendances with full houses each night, and this has given a tremendous morale boost to NOAH.

Yoshiki Inamura and his “rival” Kinya Okada faced off on the first night in Aizu, with the more experienced Inamura picking up the win. The rest of the tour was Inamura teaming with Kongoh, and Okada having matches with seniors like Daisuke Harada & Masao Inoue.

Junta Miyawaki faced his seniors (and lost to them) starting with Hi69 in Aizu on the 19th, Naomichi Marufuji on the 22nd and Atsushi Kotoge on the 23rd. Kotoge’s unanimated lack of expression and unusual calm demeanor is starting to scare people…

Miyawaki showed his first element of defiance, by refusing to shake hands with Marufuji. It’s rare for Miyawaki to act in this way towards his seniors (I can’t imagine this happening to Misawa had he asked Marufuji for one at that age and at that point in his career, then again 2001 was a very different world).

Hitoshi Kumano had his first singles match ever with Takashi Sugiura on the 22nd June in Nagano, and said that he was so happy about facing his hero, he couldn’t sleep. Nothing was going to mute this excitement, even the fact that he lost to him.

RATELS entered into their usual squabble about Global Junior League (this happens every year, with Tadasuke threatening to poison everyone last year, but this year he yelled out to whoever was listening, that he would win), with Daisuke Harada saying he was going to win in the backstage interview. 

Naturally, this did go down well with the others, with Tadasuke walking off over it, and then coming back to point and yell at Harada that it was HIS victory that would happen.

On the 22nd June, YO-HEY lost to Yoshinari Ogawa, and Tadasuke became irate and started yelling. Harada got into the ring to try and calm the situation, but this only made Tadasuke angrier and he left (still shouting), although he later apologized and said he was disappointed.

RATELS seemed to have patched up their differences by the 23rd, but again no one wanted to trust each other, and in their post match interview, when they went to do their handshake they all jumped back into a defensive pose with their fists raised. Even HAYATA (who is in Block B), and was smirking at the others arguing with each other, joined in.

Kaito Kiyomiya, Shuhei Taniguchi (and various other partners) faced Kongoh each night. The record stands with Kiyomiya having two victories over the group in three nights, the third was when Kenoh pinned Hi69 following the foostomp.

On the final night of tour, Kaito Kiyomiya spoke on the microphone, and hinted that he and Taniguchi may team up together to take the tag belts. One of his dreams was to hold both championships.

AXIZ and The Sugiura Army also had their last three pre-matches (although Sugiura took time out to take on Hitoshi Kumano), with a elbow brawl breaking out between Shiozaki and Sugiura on the last night. Katsuhiko Nakajima seemed to have quickly shed his politeness in asking for a title match, and was photographed in the usual grinning poses over a fallen opponent.



Aizu (19th June 2019)
Post match interviews

Nagano (22nd June 2019)
Post match interviews

Takaoka (23rd June 2019)


“COME AT ME YOU BASTARDS”: Kenoh’s column (June 2019)

Kenoh’s tri-weekly column was back to talk about the Misawa Memorial show, his rants against others, his shock at Atsushi Aoki’s death, and KENTA’S return to Japanese wrestling (albeit New Japan), or as he put it “that man has returned”.

Kenoh (who says he respects KENTA, despite his rant) says that he will make NOAH a place that KENTA will want to come home to, as well as making him regret that he ever chose New Japan over “his home”. Naturally, Kenoh wouldn’t be able to keep his ire at Marufuji supporting KENTA out of it, and said that Marufuji’s message of support to him was Marufuji saying “anything to be popular”.

Both Marufuji and KENTA responded to Kenoh in different ways.

In usual talkative style, Marufuji posted a picture of Kenoh’s article with graphics over it, with a message that didn’t really translate too well but basically saying there was nothing wrong with being supportive, and hinting at a secret (and for good measure he called him “Kenoh-kun”, which he knows will wind him up)

KENTA, in usual quiet style, made no comment, and simply posted a picture of the column to his Instagram story.


~ Go Shiozaki got stuck in his jacket
~ YO-HEY wouldn’t let HAYATA leave during the post match interview in Aizu
~ Hitoshi Kumano said he is aiming to have a body that does not lose to the heavyweights, but would cause havoc amongst the juniors
~ Takashi Sugiura photographed Masao Inoue at the urinal (again)
~ Yoshinari Ogawa held a training session for the roster at Takaoka, Toyama before the event started. He taught Kaito Kiyomiya and the new trainee.
~ IPW have mentioned that Daisuke Harada will be defending the IPW Junior Heavyweight title, but have said that NOAH will make the announcement.
~ Naomichi Marufuji’s search for a tag partner continues.
~ In Aizu, AXIS wore t-shirts with “AIZU” on them.
~ Hitoshi Kumano can be considered the unofficial third member of AXIZ.

Riki Choshu’s Power Hall (featuring Go Shiozaki and Yoshiki Inamura) will be broadcast live on the 26th June on Samurai at 6.30pm

The opening night of Global Junior League (Thursday 27th June 2019, Korakuen Hall) broadcast at Friday 5th July on Samurai.

“The long days of summer are just around the corner: the stories behind the famous photograph of June 2000”
Global Junior League: Mini interview with YO-HEY
Global Junior League: Mini interview with Minoru Tanaka
The Mitsuharu Misawa Memorial Ten Year Event, and “The Future of Noah”, presented by 22 year old Kaito Kiyomiya
“It’s been ten years since Mitsuharu Misawa died” ~ Keiji Mutoh’s memories

Newsletter by Hisame

Let us know what you think on social media @theCHAIRSHOTcom and always remember to use the hashtag #UseYourHead!
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Mitchell’s WWE Stomping Grounds Results & Report! (6/23/19)

It’s time to kick ass and take names!



WWE Stomping Grounds

It’s the first-ever WWE Stomping Grounds event!

WWE debuts a brand-new PPV with a lot on the line! Who will Baron Corbin’s guest referee be? Who escapes a steel cage THE WWE World, Heavyweight, Champion?



  • Kickoff – WWE Cruiserweight Championship Triple Threat: Tony Nese VS Drew Gulak VS Ariya Daivari; Gulak wins and becomes the new WWE Cruiserweight Champion.
  • Raw Women’s Championship: Becky Lynch VS Lacey Evans; Lynch wins and retains the Raw Women’s Championship.
  • The New Day VS Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn; Owens & Zayn win.
  • WWE United States Championship: Samoa Joe VS Ricochet; Ricochet wins and becomes the new WWE United States Champion.
  • SmackDown Tag Team Championships: The Planet’s Tag Team Champions VS Heavy Machinery; The Planet’s Tag Team Champions win and retain the SmackDown Tag Team Championships.
  • SmackDown Women’s Championship: Bayley VS Alexa Bliss w/ Nikki Cross; Bayley wins and retains the SmackDown Women’s Championship.
  • Roman Reigns VS Drew McIntyre w/ Shane McMahon; Reigns wins.
  • WWE World Championship Steel Cage Match: Kofi Kingston VS Dolph Ziggler; Kingston wins and retains the WWE World Championship.
  • WWE Universal Championship: Seth Rollins VS Baron Corbin w/ Special Guest Referee ???; Rollins wins and retains the WWE Universal Championship


It’s the WWE Stomping Grounds Kickoff Show!

Join Jonathan Coachman, Charly Caruso, David Otunga and Booker T as they recap and prepare for all the action tonight in Tacoma!


Big E and Xavier Woods join the panel!

The New Day speak to the preparation of WWE Champion, Kofi Kingston, for tonight’s intense steel cage match with Dolph Ziggler. Ziggler might be watching, though, so they can’t give away any secrets about the W, W, E, World, Heavy, Weight, Champion. Big E guzzles down and drenches himself in water, because he’s thirsty for victory. As for Woods kicking Ziggler, Ziggler kicked him first, so things were even. Ziggler is a grown man, he got what he got. Then what does Kofi have to do to remain champion without them? “Coach, he don’t need us!” 11 years, Kofi doesn’t need The New Day. New Day will have Kofi’s back from the back.

Woods knows Coach knows players gotta get it done on their own. The New Day will do that to Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn when they “stomp their grounds.” Do better, Coach! But will all three men of the New Day be victorious tonight?


Backstage interview with Baron Corbin.

Has the Lone Wolf found his special guest referee for tonight’s WWE Universal Championship? He’s had people knocking on his door all morning. But yes, he has picked his referee. And the guest ref is… a secret! Corbin will keep Seth Rollins on his toes until he’s pinned him on his back. What Rollins did this past week was sadistic and cowardly. At Super Showdown, the ref screwed up. At Stomping Grounds, Corbin vows to slay the Beastslayer and become the new WWE Universal Champion. Will Corbin’s ace in the hole go the way he hopes?


Ricochet joins the panel!

The One and Only challenges for the WWE United States Championship against Samoa Joe after winning a big Fatal 5 Way Elimination. Booker T gives Ricochet props for making it here, and Ricochet notes his whole journey has been amazing. How does he feel taking on one of the most dangerous men in the WWE today? Ricochet worked so hard and sacrificed so much to perfect his style, and he will not waste this opportunity. But Joe’s mean streak only proves he’s a bully. Ricochet will be in the fight for his life, and will force Joe to respect him.

But then Joe communicates via video chat! Don’t think for a second he isn’t listening! Respect? Ricochet’s been here for a cup of coffee and not a good one. Ricochet knows nothing about surviving and competing int he WWE. Joe will show Ricochet what he’s really won in that Fatal 5 Way. “Being amazing has never saved anyone from the beating I put on them.” Ricochet will sleep tight, but tonight is not his night. Ricochet says he’ll respond with actions, but will it be enough to get the gold?


The Planet’s Tag Team Champions address the WWE Universe.

At least, they would if the stage hands would get out of the way! Once the referees get clear, Daniel Bryan rants about the treatment of the tag team divisions! “That’s the kind of disrespect people have for the entire Tag Team Division.” It’s because of The New Day and Usos, who have amazing matches, treating the division like a joke! Swivel hips, throw pancakes, play practical jokes. But the Planet’s Tag Team Champions vow to SAVE this division from teams like Heavy Machinery. Tucker Knight, an All-American, Otis Dozovic, a Pan-American medalist, but they just talk about “having a great time.”

Can you imagine the poor example those two would set. It’s Idiocracy come to life! Tucker and Otis would make this all a giant joke! “We’re trying to save the tag team division from being a joke!” The entire world should be thanking them! But it’s not for them. It’s for an ideal. It is for the greater good of tag team wrestling, and the planet. “Blue Collar Solid is no match for champions fighting for the greater good.” Now keep refs out of his shot!


Shane McMahon smells something good.

It’s the smell of victory for Drew McIntyre against Roman Reigns. McIntyre tells Roman that he’s too emotional. The mere mention of his family and Roman freaks out. All McIntyre has ever done is tell the truth. The truth is, Roman’s family won’t recognize him and his children will scream in terror. If that upsets Roman, that’s on Roman. The truth hurts, but not as much as what McIntyre will do to him. Shane loves the intensity! But will he love the result of tonight’s grudge match?


Kickoff – WWE Cruiserweight Championship Triple Threat: Tony Nese VS Drew Gulak VS Ariya Daivari!

The Premier Athlete didn’t expect two challengers, but he welcomes the challenge! But will he be able to survive both the Philly Stretcher and the Stamina Monster? Or will one of them come away with the title, without even pinning or submitting the champ?

The introductinos are made, Nese repping the 205 Live brand all the way with his new gear. The belt is raised and we kick off the action!

Gulak dropkicks Nese right down! Tozawa goes at Gulak but Gulak throws him to a corner. Gulak runs into forearms from Nese. Nese gets Gulak in a corner and throws haymakers until Tozawa hurries back in. Tozawa throws haymakers on Nese but Nese elbows him back. Nese springs up but Tozaa gets under. Nese still lands on his feet! He also goes Matrix as Tozawa swings at him, to kip-up and kick back! Nese knee lifts and sweeps the legs, cover, TWO! Nese suplexes but Tozawa slips out. They standing switch and Nese rolls Tozawa, but Gulak runs in, only to get turned around into a German Suplex! Nese has two covers, TWO! Both men get free but Nese stomps Tozawa down. Gulak bails out but Nese slingshots out. Nese cartwheels over Gulak’s clothesline to SUPERKICK him away!

But Tozawa DIVES to hit Nese! The Tozawa Torpedo takes out Nese, then he CANNONBALLS onto Gulak! All three men are down but the fans are fired up! Tozawa crawls away from Gulak to fire up and go after Nese. Tozawa drags Nese up and in and climbs to the top rope. He leaps at Nese, missile dropkick hits! Cover, but Gulak breaks it just in time! Gulak grimaces as he goes to Tozawa. Tozawa throws Gulak out and drags Nese to a drop zone. Tozawa climbs again, but Nese SHORYUKENS! Nese leaves Tozawa stranded, for a top shelf kick! And then a gut buster! Cover, but Gulak breaks in again! Gulak drags Nese up for a suplex, but Nese slips out.

Gulak standing switches and inverted suplexes Nese to the apron. Nese hits back but Gulak puts him through ropes. Gulak elbows Tozawa then suplexes him into Nese! All three men are down again while we go picture in picture.

Gulak drags Tozawa up and headlock takeovers. Gulak traps an arm but Tozawa endures the combination of holds. Tozawa fights out and lifts Gulak, but Gulak is just a bit too much. Gulak fights out of the fireman’s carry to drag Tozawa up for headbutts. Gulak whips but Tozawa ducks and tilt-o-whirls to the Iron Octopus! Now Gulak must endure a submission! Gulak endures, but starts to fade. We return to single picture as Nese picks Tozawa off Gulak, to throw at him! Nese then whips and ROCKS Tozawa with a left hand! But Gulak LARIATS Nese! Gulak roars and dragon sleepers to the GuLOCK! Nese endures the full hold, sleeper and body scissors! But he works his way out and around, reaching for ropes. Gulak pulls the arms away to sink it in deep! But Tozawa DROPS IN!! The super senton outta nowhere!!

All three men are down again and Tozawa grins that he saved the match. Tozawa covers Nese, TWO! He covers Gulak, TWO! Tozawa backs off to catch his breath. Gulak fireman’s carries, but Tozawa slips out to shove and huricanrana! Tozawa tries again, and manages the fireman carry slam! And then a shotgun dropkick! Cover, TWO! Gulak lives but Tozawa keeps his focus. Tozawa lines up a shot and runs in, but gets tossed out! Nese elbows Gulak then runs, but Gulak tosses him out. Nese lands and kicks back! Gulak is down, Nese Triangle MOONSAULTS! Cover, but now Tozawa breaks it in time! Tozawa and Nese glare at each other. Nese CHOPS but Tozawa CHOPS back. Nese CHOPS again, but so does Tozawa. Tozawa CHOPS, then fakes Nese out to the JAB! Nese is in the corner but right back up to put Tozawa up top. SHORYUKEN again!

Nese climbs up to join Tozawa, but Tozawa resists. Tozawa and fans shout “AH! AH!” as he clubs away on Nese! Tozawa forearms NEse into the Tree of Woe! But Gulak jumps over Nese to SUPERPLEX Tozawa! But Nese sits right up to adjust and aim, 450 FLOP!! Gulak avoids the splash and drags Nese up, only for Nese to bring Gulak up in the Dude Buster! Cover, SHINING WIZARD! Tozawa covers Nese, TWO!! All three men are down but fans are loving it! Nese crawls to a corner while Tozawa sits up. Tozawa goes at Gulak with the kick, the swing, the slide and the rolling roundhouse! Nese comes back and shoves Tozawa right out hard! PREMIER KNEE! But Tozawa rolls Nese!! TWO, and Nese rolls Tozawa! TWO, to a deadlift, BUCKLE BOMB! Cover, TWO!!

Tozawa bails out to leave Nese and Gulak alone in the ring. These old rivals glare as they stand up. They grab each other by the bear, but Gulak throws elbow after elbow. Nese forearms Gulak then German Suplexes him into buckles! NEse brings down the pad, runs, but into an elbow! Gulak torture racks Nese, but Nese slips out. Tozawa runs in and shotguns Nese down! Gulak ducks the kick, torture rack, neckbreaker! Cover, GULAK WINS!!

Winner: Drew Gulak, by pinfall; NEW WWE Cruiserweight Champion

The Submission Specialist didn’t need a submission, and he beat the other challenger to take the title from the champ! Will Drew Gulak change the way 205 Live operates once and for all?


In the WWE, boots are made for more than just walking.

A Lady wants a belt. A Beastslayer won’t let his go so easily. The Big Dog wants to take a bite out of a Terminator, and a Show-Off wants to prove #ItShouldHaveBeenMe! Who walks on from here walking tall?


Raw Women’s Championship: Becky Lynch VS Lacey Evans!

They say ladies first, but The Man is the one who wants to get this over with! Will Lynch finally shut the Sassy Southern Belle up with this rematch from Money in the Bank? Or will a Woman’s Right be all it takes to take that last belt from the former Champ-Champ?

The introductions are made with Becky going out first. Lacey follows, in gear that already looks like she’s celebrating. The belt is raised and we begin Stomping Grounds with some Straight Fire!

The bell rings and Becky circles with Lacey. They tie up and Lacey powers Becky to a corner. Becky turns it around and talks trash. Lacey slaps Becky’s hand away then shoves her. Becky shoves back and the fans are already thunderous. Lacey waistlocks but Becky drop toeholds to a trailer hitch! Lacey grabs the ropebreak and Becky lets go at 3. Becky taunts Lacey as they circle and tie up again. Becky waistlocks and slams Lacey, but Lacey scrambles tot he ropes again. The ref counts but Becky yanks and slams Lacey! Lacey bails out but Becky pursues to club her down! Becky puts Lacye in and dodges the shoulder to knee and kick Lacey back.

Fans fire up as Becky gets in, and Becky catches the kick! Lacey asks Becky simply put it down, but Becky runs around to spin and throw Lacey! Becky bumps Lacey on buckles and then another corner, and then a third. Fans still cheer as Becky gets all four corners! Becky whips Lacey but Lacey reverses. Becky stops herself and elbows Lacey, but then springboards to kick Lacey back. Lacey gets out again which only annoys Becky. Fans chant “Lacey Sucks!” Becky wrecks Lacey with a baseball slide! Becky drags Lacey up and in, but Lacey kicks her back! Lacey crawls but Becky returns to backslide, TWO! Becky blocks another kick to dragon screw Lacey! Lacey punches Becky’s ribs! Lacey grabs Becky in a facelock, for a fallout DDT! Then Lacey gator rolls Becky to the apron and a post.

Lacey Bow ‘n’ Arrows Becky against the post by a leg and the ponytail! Fans boo as Lacey kicks Becky back in. Cover, TWO! Lacey stalks Becky to ropes and stomps away. She wrenches and wrings Becky out to then pull on the arm. Lacey kicks Becky in the ribs while fans jeer. Becky endures as Lacey pulls but she pops out to a cover! ONE, and Lacey bumps Becky off buckles now. Lacey stomps a mudhole into those ribs, then kicks Becky while she’s down. Lacey throws Becky down by her hair, and clamps on to an armlock. She hammers the ribs but Becky endures. Becky fights back as fans rally up, but Lacey hammers her to a cover, TWO! Lacey has the arm again and just hammers away! Becky still endures, but Lacey covers, TWO!

Lacey keeps on that arm while digging her knuckles and elbow into Becky’s ribs. Becky refuses to quit and fans rally up again. Becky kicks free then rolls Lacey, TWO! Lacey and Becky slowly stand but Becky throws hands. Becky whips but Lacey reverses to run her over! Lacey covers but Becky slips out! Becky mule kicks Lacey, then dodges in the corner for the jump kick! Becky grabs Lacey but Lacey elbows out. Lacey rams her shoulder into Becky’s ribs! Lacey hoists Becky up top but Becky fights back! Super armbar takedown!! Lacey flails and rolls to stack Becky, ONE! The armbar is back on! Lacey uses her legs for a ropebreak! Becky lets go at 3 and hobbles away. She runs in but gets sent into the buckles! Lacey hits her swinging bronco buster! Cover, TWO!

Lacey adjusts her outfit while catching her breath. She returns to Becky with the handkerchief to wipe herself off and throw it on Becky. Lacey adjusts her hair while fans boo. She toys with Becky but Becky shoves the tissue back in Lacey’s mouth! Becky throws off haymakers and uppercuts! Then she rallies with lariats! Becky gives back kicks and knees, then runs, but into a body shot! Becky boots Lacey back, then runs for big forearms! Lacey is down and Becky fires up with the fans. Becky stalks Lacey, takes aim, Straight Firearm! And more stomps! Becksploder! Cover, TWO!! Lacey still lives and Becky is beside herself. Becky drags Lacey to a drop zone and stomps her down to then climb up. Straight Fire Leg Drop FLOPS!! Lacey climbs while Becky writhes. Lacey slingshots but into knees! Becky rolls Lacey, TWO!

Becky grabs at the arm, but Lacey gets up and whips. Lacey follows but into a scoop. She escapes, and elbows Becky away. Springboard stunner! BOOT! Cover, TWO!! Becky survives and Lacey loses her cool. Lacey drags Becky into the drop zone and climbs up. Becky springs up to yank Lacey off! And into the Disarm-Her! Lacey taps, Becky wins!!

Winner: Becky Lynch, by submission; still Raw Women’s Champion

The Man denies the Lady again! Will this finally keep the Sassy Southern Belle out of her business? Who else will move up to challenge Becky for her belt?


Mustafa Ali will be the light of the WWE.

No matter who, no matter where, and no matter what the situation, he vows to protect, serve and inspire the WWE Universe.


Backstage interview with Paul Heyman.

The Advocate just came out of Baron Corbni’s office! Is he the referee despite what he said on Raw? And will Brock Lesnar follow? Those aren’t the questions to ask. Heyman wants to know if the WWE World and WWE Universal Champions are here tonight. And they are. So with both of them here, doesn’t that present multiple opportunities for The Beast in the Bank? Yes, it does. Heyman walks off, but did he really confirm or deny anything?

But then Corbin walks out, and he’s starting to think Kayla is after more than an interview. She wants an answer: has he chosen a referee? Yes, someone who won’t do any favors, who will call this down the middle. Corbin doesn’t need help to beat Rollins, he just needs someone who can do their job. Then when Corbin becomes champion, he’ll worry about Lesnar if he shows up. Will the Lone Wolf have to worry that far ahead? Or will he lose to Rollins even with a “competent” ref?


The New Day VS Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn!

Awwwww~ Tacoma~! While Kofi Kingston defends his W, W, E, World, Heavy, Weight, Championship, Big E and Xavier Woods will show these best frenemies what they get for sticking their noses in their business. Plus, this is finally a chance to get back at “Big O” for tricking them! But will Sami & Kevin ruin the New Day’s fun before the fairy tale is over?

The teams sort out and Woods begins with Kevin. They approach and Kevin SUPERKICKS Big E! Then SUPERKICKS Woods! Then another SUPERKICK! A fourth SUPERKICK! Kevin hurries up top for a SWANTON! Cover, TWO!? Tag to Sami and Saim drags Woods up for another SUPERKICK! Then a Blue Thunder Bomb!! Cover, TWO?! How is Woods doing this?! Tag to Kevin and Kevin climbs again, for a Frog Splash! Cover, TWO?!? Kevin and Sami are furious! How can Woods take all this damage?! Kevin rains down rights and then argues with the ref on the counts. Tag to Sami and Sami rains down rights of his own. Big E gets back on the corner and fans rally for the New Day. Kevin tells them to shut up but they only chant harder.

Sami drags Woods up for kicks to his face. Big E coaches Woods on but Sami punches Woods back down. Sami puts Woods in the corner then taunts Big E. Tag to Kevin and Kevin drags Woods around for stomps. Kevin backs off to taunt Big E while Sami gets cheap shots in. Then Kevin runs back in for a CANNONBALL! Cover, TWO! Woods somehow still has something left. Kevin taunts Big E more then drags Woods around for a back senton! Kevin mocks Woods to go tag Big E, before dropping another senton! Cover, TWO! Kevin mocks the New Day clap but fans genuinely clap. Kevin drags Woods up and puts him in the corner. Tag to Sami and Sami throws hands!

Sami stomps Woods, then distracts the ref for Kevin to get a cheap shot in. Sami slaps Woods, so Woods SLAPS Sami! Woods also CHOPS Sami, but Sami wrangles Woods to a crossface! Woods endures the hold as Sami cranks back. Fans rally up again and Woods rolls Sami, TWO! Sami anchors Woods down and drags him away. Sami tags Kevin and Kevin stomps Woods down. Kevin mocks Woods’ pain before bringing him up. Woods dodges the clothesline to enziguri Kevin! Kevin tags Sami and Sami hits Big E down! Sami stalks Woods and drags him up for a back suplex. Woods slips out to give Sami the back suplex! Both men are down but crawling.

Sami tags Kevin and Kevin runs, but Woods dodges the senton! Woods jumps for the corner but Kevin catches him. Woods turns around, wheelbarrow facebuster! Big E rises and returns to his corner! Hot tags to Sami and Big E! Big E throws Sami overhead! And again! And then belly2belly! Big E swivels them hips! But he has to hit Kevin down first. Sami gets up but gets a big elbow, then the Big Splash! Cover, TWO! Now Sami survives, but Big E keeps on him. Big E waistlocks but Sami fights out with elbows. Sami boots Big E then hops up to bring Big E in. Sami rains down rights and lefts, and grins as he facelocks, but Big E powers out of the tornado. Big E urenages Sami down! Cover, TWO!

Tag to Woods and the New Day coordinate. Woods tries but can’t lift Big E the first time. He gets it the second time for the human weapon, Big E splash! Sami writhes and Woods runs, banzai leg drop! Cover, but Kevin breaks it! Big E throws Kevin out then scoops Sami. Woods climbs up but Sami wiggles free. Woods jumps over Big E into Sami’s boot! Big E hits post, too, and the New Day is down! Sami tags Kevin and gives Woods a HELLUVA KICK! Then feeds to the POP-UP POWERBOMB! Cover, but Big E breaks in! Fans say “This is Awesome!’ as Sami runs into Big E’s lariat! SUPERKICK from Kevin! Woods denies the stunner for a rolling elbow! All four men are down but Tacoma is giving a standing ovation!

Kevin goes to a corner but so does Woods. Sami joins Woods on the apron, but Woods mule kicks. Big E runs and SPEARS Sami down to the ground! Woods kicks Kevin down into the drop zone! Woods climbs but Kevin trips him up! STUNNER! Cover, Kevin and Sami win!

Winners: Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn, Owens pinning

After dealing out so much damage, the best frenemies finally down the New Day! Is this the start of Kevin and Sami turning things around?


Nikki Cross checks in with Alexa Bliss backstage.

The Loony Lass is excited for her friend and tonight’s SmackDown Women’s Championship match. The Goddess appreciates having Nikki in her corner. It won’t be Alexa against the world anymore. They wanted to be tag team champions together, but Bayley cost them that. Alexa also feels responsible, but Nikki says Alexa doesn’t need to feel bad. Bayley showed her true colors, so hopefully fans see her for who she really is. But that title is too special to belong to someone like Bayley. Which is why Nikki will love watching Alexa win. It’s them against the world, but will Nikki ever see she’s on the wrong side?


WWE United States Championship: Samoa Joe VS Ricochet!

The Destroyer lost the belt because of controversy, but Rey Mysterio was noble enough to give it back. Joe was less so when he still attacked an injured King of Lucha for even having the belt at all. Now the King of Flight steps up, can he succeed where even the living legend failed?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we begin!

Joe and Ricochet circle as fans chant, “Joe’s gonna kill~ you~!” They tie up and Joe wrenches Ricochet to then slap and kick away! Ricochet gets right up but Joe has his guard up. Joe grins as Ricochet stays back and they circle again. They tie up and Joe JABS Ricochet down. Ricochet keeps his cool while Joe dares him to come back for more. They tie up again and Ricochet ducks the jab this time to CHOP Joe! Joe just shrugs but he runs into Ricochet’s forearms. Ricochet runs and rolls off Joe’s back to then huricanrana Joe down! And dropkick him out! Ricochet builds speed and slides out but Joe dodges. Ricochet throws more haymakers but Joe rams him into the apron! Joe looms over Ricochet and throws him into steel steps!

Joe refreshes the count to then stalk Ricochet more. He drags Ricochet into the ring at the count of 5, then runs in at Ricochet in the corner. Ricochet goes up and over but runs into the urenage! Cover, TWO! Joe keeps his cool as he looms over Ricochet again. Fans duel as Joe stalks a crawling Ricochet. Joe drags Ricochet up for a CHOP and Ricochet falls back down. Ricochet gets to a corner but Joe is on him again. Ricochet CHOPS and forearms back, but runs into a back elbow! Joe covers, TWO! Ricochet is dazed and the referee checks on him. Joe comes back as Ricochet slowly gets up. Joe bumps Ricochet off buckles to CHOP him back! Ricochet throws forearms and whips, but Joe reverses. Joe back elbows and PELES! Cover, TWO! Ricochet lives and Joe grows annoyed.

Joe pulls Ricochet’s arms and wraps on a chinlock. Ricochet endures and fans rally up. Ricochet feeds off the energy and works his way up. He fights back with elbows and body shots but Joe clamps on tighter. Ricochet stands to jawbreaker out! Joe checks his chin while fans rally again. Ricochet stands and throws forearms on Joe. Joe hits Ricochet back with one big swat! Joe has Ricochet at the ropes and grabs the legs to yank Ricochet up into a powerbomb! Cover, TWO! Ricochet flounders away but Joe keeps his focus. Joe drags Joe up again for a snapmare and neck wrench. Ricochet endures but fans rally up again.

Ricochet reaches but can’t get ropes, so he works his way back up. He fights out with body shots again, but Joe CHOPS him back! Joe runs but into Ricochet’s dropkick-flip and enziguri! Ricochet ducks the lariat to PELE Joe back! Both men are down and fans fire up! Ricochet gets back to his feet but Joe follows. Joe swings but Ricochet counter punches. Ricochet then runs to forearm, but Joe stays up. Ricochet tries again, for another huricanrana! Joe is in a corner and Ricochet runs in to ram his shoulder in. Ricochet springboards and clotheslines Joe down! Joe bails out but Ricochet runs to FLY! Direct hit takes Joe down! Ricochet hurries to get Joe up and in! Ricochet springboards again, missile dropkick! But he’s not done, LIONSAULT! Cover, TWO!

Ricochet keeps his cool as he heads for another corner. He climbs up and aims, but Joe gets up. Ricochet jumps over but Joe scoops him for a powerslam! Cover, TWO! Joe grows frustrated, but keeps his eyes on Ricochet as Ricochet stirs. Joe drags Ricochet up but Ricochet throws forearms and CHOPS! But Joe CHOPS back again! Ricochet stands so Joe whips, Ricochet handsprings, but into a full nelson! Ricochet breaks free but still gets a German Suplex! Joe runs as Ricochet rises to LARIAT! Cover, TWO!! Ricochet survives and Joe is shocked. Joe glares at Ricochet as he clamps hands on the shoulders. Joe drags Ricochet up for another urenage, but Ricochet fights out! Ricochet boots but Joe blocks it, to FLIP Ricochet!

Joe puts on the Coquina Clutch! But Ricochet climbs the ropes! Ricochet hotshots Joe down! Joe is in the drop zone, and Ricochet climbs up again! Ricochet 630 but he has to roll through! Joe LARIATS Ricochet, but Ricochet springs back up! CODE BREAKER! Ricochet keeps going and gets back up top! Ricochet tries again, 630 SENTON! Cover, Ricochet wins!!

Winner: Ricochet, by pinfall; NEW WWE United States Champion

Incredible! Ricochet’s first try, and he’s already a champion! The One and Only surprises himself more than anyone, but now he IS United States Champion! Will Ricochet ascend to even greater heights now that he’s got gold?


Ricochet is welcomed and congratulated by other WWE superstars.

Former and current champions alike welcome Ricochet, but even Triple H! The King of Flight clearly has the respect of The Game, but will Samoa Joe be coming back for revenge?


SmackDown Tag Team Championships: The Planet’s Tag Team Champions VS Heavy Machinery!

Big Red Rowan and “The New” Daniel Bryan vow to save tag team wrestling in the WWE by ending the fun and the jokes. But perhaps the new YOLO County Tag Team Champions, Tucker Knight & Otis Dozovic, will show them you can have fun and win at the same time!

The introductions are made, and the Washington crowd is strongly behind Aberdeen’s Daniel Bryan. The belts are raised and the teams sort out, we begin this champions vs “champions” match with Dozer and Rowan.

Dozer shimmies those legs but Bryan calls Rowan over. Fans hope he tags in, and he does! Bryan circles with a stomping and jiving Dozer, then they approach. Bryan kicks Dozer in the leg but Dozer shrugs it off. They circle and Bryan kicks again. Fans cheer but Dozer still isn’t bothered. Bryan and Dozer circle again and Bryan gets in another kick. Bryan kicks Dozer more, but Dozer keeps moving. More kicks land but Dozer blocks one to shove Bryan down! Dozer flexes but Tacoma boos. Bryan gets up and circles with Dozer again. They tie up and Dozer shoves Bryan again! Dozer shows off the pythons, brother! Fans still cheer Bryan as he stares down the shimmying Dozer.

Bryan and Dozer approach and Bryan gives more kicks! Fans chant “YES! YES!” and Bryan runs, but into a trophy lift! Dozer dumps Bryan down then suplexes Bryan up. Dozer holds him as Tucker tags in. Tucker takes a hand-off, and he keeps Bryan up for another five before dropping him! Cover, TWO! Tukcer keeps on Bryan with a headlock and he grinds Bryan to his knees. Fans rally for Bryan and Bryan powers out. Tucker runs Bryan over then things speed up. Tucker shows that agility to then LARIAT Bryan down! Cover, TWO! Tucker keeps his cool as he back suplexes. Bryan lands on his feet and Rowan tags in. Bryan kicks Tucker and Rowan crossbodies Tucker down! Rowan roars and drags Tucker to a corner for buckle bumps.

Rowan clubs away then runs corner to corner, for a big corner splash! He pushes Tucker to then dropkick him down! Cover, TWO! Rowan keeps on Tucker with a chinbar while fans cheer, “Please Recycle!” Tucker endures the neck wrench and fights his way up. Rowan throws Tucker back down and soaks up the cheers. Tag to Bryan and fans cheer louder as the Planet’s Tag Champions mug Tucker. Rowan whips Bryan in for the dropkick, then adds his own clothesline! Bryan drags Tucker to a post to swing the leg into it! And again! Bryan stalks Tucker as he crawls, then grabs the legs for a surfboard! Bryan stomps the knees! Tucker writhes while Rowan tags in. Rowan drags Tucker up for headbutts then drops elbows on the legs. Rowan runs to splash down! Cover, TWO!

Tucker crawls to a corner while Rowan argues with the ref. Rowan claws at Tucker’s face! Rowan clubs Tucker then whips him corner to corner hard. But Tucker boots back and dodges, to send Rowan into the post! Tucker crawls while Rowan falls to the mat. Hot tags to Bryan and Dozer! Dozer rallies on Bryan with big arms and shoulders! Fans boo as Bryan gets scooped for a spinning, spinning, spinning slam! Dozer runs at Bryan but gets sent into buckles! Bryan runs corner to corner to hit a dropkick! Then another! But Dozer pops Bryan up to a powerbomb! Cover, TWO!! Heavy Machinery was so close! But Dozer has Bryan in a drop zone and climbs up. Dozer banzais, but misses the Vader Bomb! Bryan grits his teeth as he fires up.

Dozer sits up and Bryan unleashes Yes Kicks! Bryan kicks Dozer over and over, then prepares the buzzsaw, but Dozer is the one powering up! Dozer takes more kicks as he pumps his hips! Bryan kicks and kicks but Dozer leans into them! Then he scoops and SUPLEXES Bryan! Dozer runs corner to corner for a splash! Bryan flops down, and Dozer has his target. Dozer pumps up and hits the CATERPILLAR ELBOW! Tag to Tucker, and Dozer catapults Bryan into the belly2belly suplex! Cover, but Rowan breaks it! Rowan clotheslines Dozer down then kicks him out. The ref reprimands Rowan and the Big Red backs off. Tucker gets to his feet but Bryan gives his leg kicks! Tucker haymakers back but Bryan still kicks. Bryan kicks but misses, into a back suplex!

Tucker gets to a corner, climbs up, and MOONSAULTS! But flops!! He clips Bryan but it was far from what he wanted! Both men are down, and they crawl for their corners. Hot tags to Rowan and Dozer! Dozer and Rowan stare down and start brawling with haymakers! Rowan runs to bump shoulders but Dozer comes back to give it. Rowan clotheslines but DOzer stays up> dozer clotheslines but Rowan stays up. They both go and collide, butn either aflls! Rowan runs, Bryan tags in, Dozer dodges to scoop! Powerslam on Rowan, tag to Tucker! They grab Rowan, but he’s not legal! Bryan dumps Tucker out! Bryan climbs and leaps at Dozer, flying knee! Then he runs at Tucker, but gets a haymaker! Tucker climbs, to LEAP onto Rowan!! Tucker goes back to Bryan, but gets caught in a cradle! Bryan & Rowan win!!

Winners: The Planet’s Tag Team Champions, Bryan pinning; still SmackDown Tag Team Champions

Bryan’s brain beats Tucker’s brawn! Bryan and Rowan get through this by the skin of their teeth, but is this the last time Heavy Machinery challenges for the titles?


SmackDown Women’s Championship: Bayley VS Alexa Bliss w/ Nikki Cross!

There is a lot of history between the Huggable One and the Goddess that dates back to their days in NXT. Bayley was Raw Women’s Champion when these two first battled for a title, and Alexa won because things were too extreme for her. But now, a year later, Bayley has grown while Alexa has stayed the same. Yet Alexa’s “very special friend” doesn’t seem to see that. Will Nikki play into Alexa’s game? Or will Bayley hold on to this title to prove she isn’t just a placeholder?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we begin this rivalry revisited!

Bayley goes right to Alexa and shoves her. Alexa shoves back and now it’s a brawl! Alexa puts Bayley in a corner for stmops, but Bayley powers her out to another corner! Bayley throws furious haymakers, then runs in for a big knee! She rolls Alexa to a cover, TWO! Bayley drags Alexa up but Alexa powers her to a corner now. Alexa rams her shoulder in, then gets mad at the ref for counting. Bayley flapjacks Alexa on buckles! Then long darts her onto more! Cover, TWO! Bayley keeps her cool then runs in, but Alexa gets clear. Bayley changes direction to put Alexa in a corner. She bumps Alexa off buckles. Alexa turns it around to throw Bayley into buckles back! Alexa drags Bayley to a cover, TWO! The Goddess grows frustrated while fans duel.

Alexa puts Bayley on ropes to choke her! She lets up at 4 and Bayley shoves back. Alexa clubs Bayley down then wrangles her into a chinlock. Bayley endures while fans continue to duel. Bayley moves around and fights her way up. Alexa wrangles Bayley down with a chinbar! Alexa grins but Bayley fights up again. Bayley elbows free and scoops, but Alexa slips out to give Bayley a backbreaker! Alexa chokes Bayley on the ropes again, but lets up at 4. Alexa puts Bayley in a corner with buckle bumps, then bounces Bayley off the mat. The Goddess brings back a classic, the skateboard stomps! Cover, TWO! Alexa tries again, TWO! Alexa grows further frustrated, but Bayley throws body shots. Bayley runs and crossbodies! Cover, TWO!

Alexa clubs Bayley right back down, then drags her up by her ponytail. Alexa whips Bayley hard into a corner, then runs in, to SLAP her! Bayley checks her mouth while Alexa takes a bow. Alexa runs in to get run over by Bayley! Cover, TWO! Bayley stomps Alexa then somersaults for a rolling elbow! She keeps moving, but into that killer right! Nikki coaches Alexa on and Alexa goes at a dizzy Bayley, only to get a hotshot! Bayley knees Alexa back in, then climbs up top. Bayley leaps over Alexa but turns around into a facelock. She fights out to then run and knee Alexa down! Alexa bails out and regroups with Nikki. Bayley tells Nikki to back off, to then daredevil dropkick. Alexa dodges but not for long! Bayley has Alexa’s arm but Alexa uses that to yank Bayley into the post!

Alexa slams that arm on the ground a few times. Alexa clubs Bayley’s shoulder and puts her in the ring to cover, TWO! Frustration starts to boil up again as Alexa yanks and pulls on Bayley’s arm. Alexa wristlocks and drops a knee on the arm. Cover, TWO! Alexa grows further frustrated by Bayley’s toughness. Bayley gets to ropes but Alexa is on that arm again. Alexa laces the arm through to pull Bayley into ropes. She lets up at 4 but comes back for more. Alexa yanks on that arm but Bayley swings the other. Alexa catches her and rolls her to a bridging cover. Bayley gets up and powers out, but Alexa tilt-o-whirls, only for Bayley to saido suplex! Cover, TWO! Bayley keeps her cool as she gets to a corner.

Alexa stirs as fans duel again. Bayley aims, runs in, and sunset flip powerbombs Alexa into buckles! But Alexa slumps out of the ring! Nikki checks on her pal, but Bayley runs to DIVE! Nikki takes the hit! Alexa throws hands but Bayley counter punches. Bayley runs but Alexa sends her into steel steps! Alexa drags Bayley up, for a Sunset Flip Bomb! “This is MY title, Bayley!” Alexa drags Bayley up and in to stomp her more. Then Alexa climbs up top but Nikki gets in?! Nikki wants back at Bayley but this wasn’t the time! Bayley climbs up but Alexa sends her back down. Alexa moosnaults, but Twisted Bliss gets knees! And BAYLEY2BELLY! Bayley wins!!

Winner: Bayley, by pinfall; still SmackDown Women’s Champion

Nikki costs Alexa and Bayley keeps her title! But just what is the truth here? Karma keeping Alexa from getting what she wants? Or Alexa getting what she deserves?


The WWE 24/7 Championship has had quite the week.

First, R-Truth gets tricked by Drake Maverick in disguise as Carmella! Maverick high-tailed it out of SmackDown to make it to his wedding, only for a certain someone to crash it! Maverick was in shock that Truth would ruin his special day and take away the title! The newlywed husband would drown his sorrows at the reception, but worse yet, his new wife is asking for a divorce!! Can Maverick salvage his marriage before worrying about his wrestling career?


The NEW WWE United States Champion takes pictures with the title!

Ricochet poses for the camera, and the Good Brothers give him congrats. They pose with him for some Too Sweet pics. Ricochet doesn’t want them fooling around, but then AJ Styles joins in. Now it’s a Phenomenal photo shoot. Styles compliments the champ, and says he’ll see him tomorrow on Raw. Wait, what? Is the new champion already up against a top tier contender?


Roman Reigns VS Drew McIntyre w/ Shane McMahon!

The Big Dog is a special talent and Shane McMahon knows that. Roman has won multiple Royal Rumbles and is a WWE Grand Slam Champion, but the Best in the World still beat him at WWE Super Showdown. Of course, it wasn’t without a lot of help from the Scottish Terminator, which is why Roman turns his attention to him. Will it be Roman or McIntyre kicking ass and taking names to prove they’re the biggest dog in the WWE Yard?

The moment Roman appears, McIntyre goes at him! They brawl on the ramp, a nd McIntyre whips Roman into barriers. But Roman returns the favor! They finally get in the ring and the bell rings as the fists fly. Roman bumps McIntyre off buckles and gives punches. Shane protests but McIntyre powers out before 10, only to get clothseline’d out! Shane checks on McIntyre but the ref tells him to back off. Roman decides to FLY! Roman wipes out McIntyre as Shane gets clear! Shane backs off even more but Roman pursues. Roman chases Shane through the crowd! Deja vu to Raw as Roman LEAPS, but into McIntyre’s haymaker this time! McIntyre throws Roman into steel steps, too, blasting them apart! He puts Roman in then looms over him.

McIntyre drags Roman up, bumps him off buckles, and CHOPS! McIntyre punches and stomps Roman then whips to suplex him overhead! Cover, TWO! Shane coaches McIntyre on and McIntyre rains down rights. McIntyre chokes Roman, but distracts the ref so Shane can get cheap shots in! Cover, TWO! McIntyre keeps on Roman with an armlock and chinbar. Roman endures the holds while fans duel. Roman powers his way up, pries free of the chinbar, and throws haymakers! McIntyre shoves and elbows Roman down! Cover, ONE! McIntyre stomps Roman from head to toe then hooks the mouth. The ref counts and McIntyre lets go at 4.

McIntyre toys with Roman then rains down rights. McIntyre makes sure Roman sees the big one. Fans say “Shane is Awful!” while McIntyre looms over Roman. McIntyre facelocks then deadlifts but Roman resists to snap suplex McIntyre back! Both men are down but slowly stirring. McIntyre sits up first but Roman uppercuts first! Shane hotshots Roman! McIntyre hits a SPINEBUSTER and jackknife covers, TWO! Roman won’t go down to such a cheap screw job. McIntyre hauls Roman up again for that deadlift suplex! Cover, TWO! McIntyre grabs Roman for another armlock and chinbar, but Roman endures as fans duel again. Roman gets up and pries free again, to headbutt! Roman throws hands but McIntyre shoves, only for Roman to kick. But then McIntyre clotheslines Roman! Cover, TWO!

Shane says it’s fine, just stay on him. McIntyre drops an elbow on Roman’s knee, and then pulls him into a grounded surfboard! Roman endures being pulled back while Shane says the timekeeper should be ready. The ref says Shane should stay away from the bell. McIntyre lets Roman go and shifts to a modified crossface! Roman endures all over again, but Shane again checks about the bell. Roman refuses to quit, and powers his way up to fireman’s carry! But McIntyre slips out and shoves Roman, only to run into the Samoan Drop! Both men are down but Shane keeps his confidence in McIntyre. A standing count begins and reaches 5 before McIntyre gets up. Roman slowly follows and throws haymakers. McIntyre returns them, then CHOPS!

Roman haymakers but McIntyre forearms. Roman uppercuts but McIntyre back kicks! McIntyre whips Roman into a corner but Roman comes out with clotheslines! Roman whips but McIntyre reverses, only for Roman to leap and lariat him down! Roman wants Shane to see this as he gives McIntyre point-blank lariats! He gets all 10 and runs, to BOOT McIntyre down! Fans fire up while Shane grows worried. Roman takes aim from a corner, locks ‘n’ loads, but Shane distracts the ref! SUPERMAN PUNCH for Shane! Roman won’t leave Shane alone, he leaps for another SUPERMAN PUNCH! McIntyre slides out but into an uppercut! Roman goes for but misses the Drive-By Dropkick! McIntyre has Roman in the position, Inverted Alabama Slam off the announce desk!

McIntyre puts Roman in, drags him up, scrapbuster slam! Cover, TWO!! Roman lives and McIntyre can’t believe it! McIntyre tries again by putting Roman in the corner. He hoists Roman up top, and CHOPS him before climbing up to join him. Roman trips McIntyre up and punches him into a Tree of Woe! McIntyre sits right up! But Roman headbutts him back, then punches him more. McIntyre throat chops, stands up, and SUPERPLEXES Roman down! Cover, TWO!! Roman still lives but McIntyre is too tired to be frustrated. But McIntyre kips up!? McIntyre aims at Roman from the corner and watches Roman slowly stir. Roman stands, McIntyre runs in but misses! Backslide, TWO! Glasgow Kiss rocks both men!

McIntyre hops up top again, aims at Roman, and leaps INTO A SUPERMAN PUNCH! Cover, TWO! Both men slowly sit up but it’s Roman who roars! Fans fire up with Roman as he lets out the battle cry! But McIntyre kicks the spear away! Roman uppercuts, McIntyre gives another Glasgow Kiss, but Roman comes back with a SPEAR! Cover, but Shane yanks the ref out! Shane refuses to let his guy lose! Shane drags Roman up and around to a corner for stomps! The Best in the World throws off his jacket and takes aim from across the way. COAST 2 COAST!! Shane drags Roman over and lets McIntyre cover. He puts the ref in, who counts, TWO!! Roman still survives! McIntyre takes aim again, Roman stand,s SUPERMAN PUNCH! Shane urns in but is thrown out! Roman dodges McIntyre to SPEAR!! Cover, Roman wins!!

Winner: Roman Reigns, by pinfall

The Big Dog survives the Best Screwjob in the World! Shane and McIntyre both fall to Roman here, but is this the end of their war?


WWE World Championship Steel Cage Match: Kofi Kingston VS Dolph Ziggler!

The 11 year journey was a dream come true at Wrestlemania this year, but it wasn’t quite as inspiring to the Show-Off. Ziggler returned to the WWE bitter and jealous, claiming all the moments Kofi had on the road to Wrestlemania should’ve been his. Ziggler failed to prove #ItShouldHaveBeenMe at Money in the Bank, but he cites Xavier Woods’ interference as why he lost. Now he and Kofi will be locked inside steel. Will #Kofimania still live on? Or will Ziggler prove he is worthy of being the WWE World, Heavy, Weight, Champion~?!

The cage is lowered, the introductions are made and the belt is raised. The door is locked and the bell rings to begin this MITB rematch!

Ziggler and Kofi circle but keep a distance. Ziggler shows superkick but Kofi gets clear. Kofi tries Trouble in Paradise but Ziggler gets clear, too. The two get in each other’s face, and Ziggler shoves Kofi. Kofi shoves back, but Ziggler climbs the cage! Kofi anchors Ziggler back down and then yanks him off. Ziggler swings but into an arm wrench. Ziggler slips out and dropkicks Kofi down! The Show-off wants the door but Kofi grabs his legs. Ziggler shakes Kofi off but Kofi rolls Ziggler up! TWO, and Kofi dropkicks, only for Ziggler to block! Ziggler catapults Kofi, but Kofi uses it to climb! Ziggler anchors Kofi and yanks him down now. Kofk blocks the superkick to dropkick Ziggler! Cover, TWO! Kofi keeps his cool while Ziggler crawls to a corner.

Kofi runs in for a corner splash, then throws European Uppercuts. He whips Ziggler corner to corner but misses the splash this time! Ziggler tosses Kofi into the steel more and Kofi scrapes against it. Ziggler drags Kofi up to rake his face into the steel more. Fans rally up for New Day but Ziggler brings Kofi across the way. Kofi blocks the bump but so does Ziggler, and Ziggler drops Kofi to a neckbreaker! Ziggler drags Kofi back up and throws him right into steel! Kofi bounces off and falls down but Ziggler circles him like a shark. Ziggler drags Kofi up again, digging fingers into Kofi’s face. There are no disqualifications so Ziggler can do that as he puts on the chinlock. Fans rally for Kofi but Ziggler shakes his head no.

Kofi powers up and fights free, but Ziggler throws him down by his hair. Ziggler throws Kofi into steel again! Cover, TWO! Ziggler keeps on Kofi with a crossface! Kofi works against the hold and fans rally up again. Ziggler drags Kofi back down but Kofi backs up to his feet. Kofi jawbreakers free! Ziggler staggers but comes back to put Kofi in a corner. Ziggler fires off fast body shots while fans boo and jeer. The Show-Off backs off, and runs back in, but into an elbow! Kofi boots Ziggler away, then runs to whip. Ziggler reverses but Kofi goes up to dropkick back! Both men are down but fans rally up. Kofi drags himself up with the ropes while Ziggler stands. Kofi rallies with clotheslines and chops! Then a dropkick! Kofi leaps for the lariat but Ziggler sends him into steel! Cover, TWO!

Ziggler keeps his cool as he drags Kofi back up. Ziggler puts Kofi in a corner and slaps him! He slaps Kofi over and over, and shouts “Look what you made me do!” Ziggler throws Kofi but Kofi sends Ziggler into steel! Kofi does it again! Ziggler flounders around but Kofi keeps on him, a third time off the steel! Kofi slaps Ziggler now, but Ziggler shoves him away. Ziggler kicks out a leg, but his famouser is sent into a steel beam! Kofi rolls Ziggler, TWO! Fans rally and Kofi leaves Ziggler behind to climb! Ziggler hurries after to anchor a foot! Kofi fights Ziggler off and continues, but Ziggler climbs up after him. Kofi and Ziggler brawl on the top rope, and Ziggler bounces Kofi off the steel. Ziggler tries again but Kofi bumps Ziggler back!

Kofi knocks Ziggler off the top! Kofi’s climb continues! But he sees Ziggler get back up, so he springboard crossbodies instead! Cover, TWO! Kofi keeps his cool and climbs again. Kofi reaches the top but Ziggler scrambles after! Ziggler gets Kofi’s feet and drags him back down! Ziggler bumps Kofi off steel and Kofi falls back. Now Ziggler climbs, but Kofi hurries up! They’re both at the very top! Kofi headbutts Ziggler, but Ziggler tries to climb down the outside! Kofi anchors Ziggler on the top, but Ziggler kicks and flails! But Kofi clubs and drags Ziggler back, to the top rope, for another headbutt! Both men fall to the mat! Kofi and Ziggler crawl towards each other, and start brawling! Ziggler haymakers but Kofi gives it back. Now Ziggler headbutts, but Kofi hits SOS!! Cover, TWO!! Ziggler survives and Kofi is too tired to be frustrated.

Kofi crawls to a corner as fans rally and even duel. Ziggler stands and Kofi aims, Trouble in- Ziggler catches Kofi but Kofi slips out of the back suplex. Kofi boots but Ziggler catches it to a takedown and leg DDT! Kofi clutches the bad leg but Ziggler keeps on it. Ziggler rolls Kofi to have the leglock! Kofi endures and drags himself to ropes. Kofi gets the rope but there are no ropebreaks in the cage! Ziggler still twists and pulls, but Kofi uses the ropes to stand. Kofi climbs more, even with Ziggler on his leg! Ziggler yanks Kofi off, then SUPERKICKS! But Kofi hits the door! The door opens and Kofi starts slumping! Ziggler grabs Kofi to keep him inside! Ziggler drags Kofi up but Kofi grabs the steps to stay outside. Kofi and Ziggler have a tug-o-war, but Ziggler gets Kofi back in.

Kofi endures the heel hook more, and Ziggler sits up to get leverage. But Kofi stands and rolls to send Ziggler into a corner! Ziggler comes back but swings into Trouble- No, the ankle lock is back! Ziggler twists Kofi’s foot all over the place! And puts his full weight on the leg to anchor Kofi down. He even uses the ropes for leverage! Kofi endures, hops to his feet, and pulls Ziggler into an ankle lock of his own! Ziggler flails and kicks Kofi away. ZIGZAG!! Cover, TWO!? Kofi survives but Ziggler is too tired to be shocked! Ziggler dares Kofi to stand, but his superkick is countered with a hook kick! Kofi and Ziggler fight for control, and Kofi gets a facelock. Ziggler backs away towards the door! Ziggler feels his way through the doorway but Kofi anchors him. Kofi drags Ziggler while Ziggler kicks and flails.

Kofi powers Ziggler into the ring, then suplexes. Ziggler slips out but his legs give out. That doesn’t matter, he crawls for the dooor again! Ziggler reaches but those are his hands, not his feet, touching the ground! Ziggler does what Kofi did and grab that steel staircase! Kofi drags Ziggler by tights and boots, but Ziggler thumbs the eyes! Ziggler is free, and crawling out the door! But Kofi scrambles up to DIVE! Kofi gets out first!!

Winner: Kofi Kingston, by escape; still WWE World Champion

What an innovative yet risky way to win! Kofi dives to victory, and it is NOT Ziggler who has the title! Is this Ziggler’s last shot at the WWE Championship? Will he back for more? The New Day returns to celebrate with Kofi, but how long can Kofimania keep going?


On-stage interview with The New Day!

Charly congratulates Kofi on retaining the WWE Championship, but asks what is next for him? Kofi said it before and says it again: he respects Ziggler as a competitor. But Kofi also vowed to walk out of Stmping Ground our W, W, E, World, Heavy, Weight, Champion! And he did, BABYYYYY~! The New Day keeps the celebration going, but will it last through the summer?


Shane McMahon and Drew McIntyre are furious backstage.

But Kayla comes by to ask some questions. After all the hype, Roman got the last laugh. McIntyre doesn’t care if Roman is laughing! McIntyre wants a rematch! Shane tells he’ll get it, on Raw! Roman will have to prove how bad he really is, when he takes on them both! And then Roman will finally learn the WWE is Shane’s Yard!


WWE Universal Championship: Seth Rollins VS Baron Corbin w/ Special Guest Referee ???

Apparently the Lone Wolf still has a lot of pull with WWE management from his (failed) time as a Raw General Manager. But he cites that the ref was “incompetent” during the Super Showdown Universal Championship match, so now he gets his own handpicked referee to call this match. Is this what it will take for Corbin to finally be champion? Or will Rollins continue to #BurnItDown?

At the same time, with Paul Heyman spotted in the arena, will The Beast in the Bank still appear to cash-in? And if he does, will whoever wins this match stand a chance of staying WWE Universal Champion?

The introductions are made, and of course we need to see who Corbin even got to be special guest referee. Rollins makes sure to keep that promise of attacking whoever sides with Corbin by showing off that steel chair. The former Raw GM, former Golden Gloves boxing champion, former WWE United States Champion, former Mr. MITB, the man who retired Kurt Angle at Wrestlemania, and “Tacoma’s Favorite Son” grabs a mic but Rollins won’t let him speak. Rollins grabs the mic to say he doesn’t know who took the job, but warns them that they will get the same treatment as all the others. Rollins dares Corbin’s choice to come out so they can just get this over with.

Corbin picks the mic back up to continue where he left off. “After much deliberation,” Corbin chose… The Sassy Southern Belle, Lacey Evans! And yes, she walks out in a fashionable referee uniform! Rollins can’t hit Lacey, can he? She tells him to drop the chair, but Corbin lurking distracts Rollins. Lacey grabs the chair, then Corbin attacks from behind! Corbin stomps away on Rollins, then jams him with the chair! Referee Lacey doesn’t seem to care about any of this. Lacey is sticking it to Becky since Rollins is The Man’s man. Lacey asks for the chair and Corbin lets her have it. Corbin fetches Rollins while Lacey disposes of teh chair. The bell rings, and this match finally starts!

Corbin lifts and throws Rollins down! Cover, TWO! The count might have been fast, but you won’t see Corbin complain. Corbin follows Rollins outside to ram him into barriers! Then throws him into more barriers! Corbin drags Rollins up to bring him all the way over to the far side barriers! Lacey “reprimands” Corbin while fans say “This is Stupid!” Corbin rams Rollins into the post then puts him in the ring. By the way, Lacey wasn’t counting for them being outside. Corbin drags Rollins up but Rollins CHOPS and punches back! Rollins whips but Corbin reverses. Rollins dodges Corbin but Corbin slides out. Corbin slides back in to clothesline Rollins down! Rollins rolls to the ropes but Corbin stalks him to the corner.

Corbin drags Rollins up for haymakers, then grinds as he rams his knee into Rollins. Corbin runs to punch Rollins back down! Fans boo but Rollins gets back up. Rollins grimaces but Corbin rams his knee in again. Corbin runs again, but Rollins dodges to CHOP and punch back! Rollins whips but Corbin hits a DDT! Corbin watches Rollins crawl to a corner. Corbin looms over Rollins and whips him corner to corner hard! Rollins hits buckles then mat! Lacey mockingly checks on Rollins, but Corbin is on him again with another hard whip! Rollins tumbles up then down the buckles! Corbin drags Rollins around to throw body shots and haymakers in a corner. Fans tell Corbin he’s “Boring~! Boring~!” but Corbin puts Rollins up top.

Corbin throws hands then climbs up. Rollins fights back while resisting the superplex! Lacey reprimands Rollins as he headbutts Corbin away. Rollins leaps over Corbin, then runs, but into an uppercut! Corbin hops up and leaps for ax handles! Lacey “checks” on Rollins while Corbin mocks the fans. Corbin drags Rollins up for more haymakers, but Rollins gives them back! Rollins gets an edge but Corbin shoves him back. Corbin slides out then in again, but Rollins dodges to PELE! Both men are down and Lacey tells Corbin to get up. Rollins and Corbin both stand, and they brawl more! Corbin forearms, Rollins haymakers, then Rollins counter punches and chops! Lacey reprimands ROllins but he whips. Corbin reverses but Rollins reverses back for a rolling elbow!

Rollins dodges Corbin to hit a Slingblade! Rollins boots Corbin from a corner then hops up, blockbuster! Corbin is up but Rollins clotheslines him out! Rollins aims and runs, to DIVE! Direct hit! Rollins puts Corbin in fast then springboards, flying knee! SUPERKICK! Rollins covers but Lacey takes her sweet time counting, so Corbin gets out at “TWO”! Fans boo while Lacey tells Corbin to get up. Fans chant for Becky but Rollins runs at Corbin. Corbin puts Rollins on the apron but Rollins shoulder back in. Rollins slingshots but into a haymaker! Corbin joins Rollins on the apron and drags him up. Corbin choke lifts but Rollins hotshots him! Then slides out to powerbomb him through the announce desk!! Fans love that one!

Rollins gets in the ring and tells Lacey to count! Lacey reluctantly does, but she again takes her sweet time doing it. She eventually gets to 5, but even that long 5 is before Corbin moves. The count goes to 7 but Lacey pretends something is wrong with her boots. She gets to 8 but then says the match is going to be a No Count Outs?! The announcer announces it, to which Rollins still can’t believe.

WWE Universal Championship No Count Outs: Seth Rollins VS Baron Corbin w/ Special Guest Referee Lacey Evans!

Rollins drags Corbin from the wreckage and into the ring. Rollins shouts at Lacey and says, “You asked for it!” Burn It Down! Mule kick, run, but Corbin bails out. So Rollins DIVES, into a haymaker! But he hits Corbin back out, to DIVE! Into an apron choke slam! Corbin gives Rollins another choke slam! Cover, TWO!! Lacey tried being fast but it wasn’t fast enough. Corbin keeps his cool, and from the look on his face, has an idea. Corbin drags Rollins around by his legs, but Rollins knows what this is! Ropebreak, not that Lacey would say it. Corbin yanks Rollins but Rollins lands on his feet! Rollins elbows Corbin, dodges him, then runs in. But into a boot! Corbin leaps but gets ropes! SUPERKICK!

Rollins climbs up again, FROG SPLASH! Cover, but Lacey reluctantly counts, and then pretends to get a shoulder cramp. Rollins and the fans are tired of this farce. Rollins glares at Lacey, then goes at Corbin. Corbin jabs and SMACKS him with a chair! Obviously these chair shots don’t count to Lacey. Corbin puts Rollins back in the ring and SMACKS Rollins more! Lacey again plays dumb to this. She “reprimands” Corbin about the chair, and he “apologizes.” Now Lacey has to make another adjustment: No Disqualifications…

WWE Universal Championship No Hold Barred: Seth Rollins VS Baron Corbin w/ Special Guest Referee Lacey Evans!

And we thought Shane was trying to pull one over on Roman. Fans still want to see where Becky went, but Corbin drags Rollins up. But Rollins spins out to throw hands! Corbin shoves and pops Rollins up, but Rollins gives him a Falcon Arrow on the chair! Cover, but Lacey doesn’t even start this time! Michael Cole counts to 7 but it doesn’t matter! Rollins is starting to reach a breaking ponit, but between Lacey being an official and a lady, he isn’t allowed to. Lacey even SLAPS him! Rollins laughs it off, and the two argue. She SLAPS him again! Then kicks him low! Corbin comes back but Rollins punches him away! Lacey low blows Rollins! END OF DAYS!!

But here’s Becky!! She finally gives Lacey what she deserves! And it’s No DQ, after all! Becky forearms Lacey down! Then throws her into barriers! Then Becksploder into the barriers! Before raining down more rights! Real referees come out to pull Becky off Lacey and Corbin shouts for someone to get in. John Cohn is back from Super Showdown! Corbin reels Rollins in but Rollins slips out, SUPERKICK! CURB STOMP!! Cover, Rollins wins!!

Winner: Seth Rollins, by pinfall; still WWE Universal Champion

The Lone Wolf’s ludicrous conspiracy fell apart! Becky checks on her man, and he’s clearly thankful she helped out. #ManSquared stand tall as WWE Universal and Raw Women’s Champion, are they going to #BurnItDown with Straight Fire?



My Thoughts:

For the concerns and disappointments in the build, I have to say, WWE managed to salvage everything with the actual Stomping Grounds event. There were still some glaring flaws, but pretty much everything made up for everything up to this point. I still wish the WWE would treat Cruiserweights better, because to be honest, their title match did not deserve to just be a kickoff show match be default. Nothing personal to New Day, Kevin Owens or Sami, but they should’ve been the kickoff show. There was nothing on the line, and they made the first part into Kevin-Sami Spam Their Best But Woods Survives. It would’ve been more shocking and perhaps better served to the story if Kevin & Sami won faster or maybe dirtier than they did.

What we got was still a really good match, because of the four men in the match, but it wasn’t even for being #1 contenders to tag titles. Meanwhile, the Triple Threat was an actual Cruiserweight Championship match. And it was a great one! I knew all there guys were going to give it their all, and Gulak won as predicted. It would’ve been too much too soon for Nese to retain against two top opponents, and Tozawa was clearly in to take the pin from Gulak. This all works so that at WWE Extreme Rules, Nese finds his way to a rematch so that he and Gulak can go to the extreme to not only fight for the belt, but settle their feud that’s been long-standing since the dreadful Enzo Amore days of 205 Live. That could go either way, and would definitely raise the winner’s stock considerably.

I was really surprised in the moment that the Raw Women’s Championship was first up, but we know why now. Lynch VS Lacey was a good but I feel like the MITB one was better. Perhaps because of the story they had planned, that’s why. Obviously Lynch retains but sadly it seems like WWE is trying to make her VS Lacey a real rivalry. And good to see the SmackDown Women’s Championship match turned out about how I figured. Nikki costs Alexa, but for now, Alexa doesn’t seem that upset at her. Maybe that changes if something goes wrong again. Hopefully this means Bayley moves on to actual SmackDown superstars like Carmella, once she and Ember Moon deal with Mandy Rose & Sonya Deville. Again, if only Vince hadn’t ruined the Women’s Tag Division…

What a great surprise for Ricochet to win the United States Championship! And then he gets congrats from HHH! That must be a sign that WWE sees Ricochet’s value and is going to use it to the fullest. This match was great, too, so apparently Joe was for it, too. I really hope Ricochet brings back the United States Championship Open Challenge, we need to see him take on any assortment of superstars even without it being a PPV. Though, AJ Styles talking to Ricochet, that must mean that’s the plan for Extreme Rules. Bryan and Rowan were great in their kickoff promo, and their match with Heavy Machinery was also great. No idea who there is unless Kevin & Sami suddenly go Face to face Bryan & Rowan. Or that huge WWE Undisputed Tag Title idea I had given what Raw did.

Shane really tried his hardest to screw Roman over. I almost thought he was going to recreate the Montreal Screwjob having the bell ring to say Roman “submit” to McIntyre’s modified crossface. But luckily they didn’t go that way, even though it did lead to Roman winning to regain that ol’ Super Roman level of power. A handicap to count as the joint Shane-McIntyre VS Roman rematch on Raw is just gonna be the same and sadly it does no one any favors. The cage match was about how all cage matches go, but what really made it good was Kofi’s dive to escape. No one ever did that before, and I don’t know why, but it was great for Kofi to be the one.

I really thought there was going to be a cash-in while The New Day was on stage. On one hand, Lesnar needs to remind Kofi he’s a target, too, but then again, maybe he’s letting Kofi think he’s not a concern at all until a much bigger PPV, such as Summerslam. I guess Heyman teasing is enough for the WWE. Then the WWE Universal Championship, that was dragged out for way too long. Becky should’ve been on Lacey much sooner. I get they wanted things to escalate to that No DQ “restart,” but even that could’ve been done faster because I’m sure plenty of wrestling fans have seen the “biased referee” bit before. Lacey payed it perfectly, though, but this should’ve all been a half step faster. But hey, at least WWE can now market the real-life relationship of Rollins and Becky.

My Score: 8.2/10

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