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Mitchell’s ROH Results & Report! (3/30/19)

Which trio will be ROH World Six Man Tag Team Champions after tonight?



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Ring of Honor Wrestling Television, Episode 393

The ROH World Six Man Tag Team Championships are on the line just days before G1 Supercard! Will The Kingdom keep their throne against Villain Enterprises?



  • Mark Haskins VS Rush; Rush wins.
  • ROH World Six Man Tag Team Championships: The Kingdom VS Villain Enterprises; Villain Enterprises wins and becomes the new ROH World Six Man Tag Team Champions.


Tonight’s main event has been a long time coming.

The Kingdom thought they had Marty Scurll all alone with no one to help him. But then The Villain revealed he’d made new friends in Brody King and PCO! Villain Enterprises was founded and quickly dominated tag team wrestling in ROH! They took the fight to Matt Taven and his cohorts, but will Marty, Brody and PCO take those titles from them tonight?


Mark Haskins VS Rush!

LifeBlood’s British brawler looks to be #Overkill this close to G1 Supercard! But will he be able to survive El Toro Blanco’s stampede? At the same time, Dalton Castle is on commentary to watch this match very closely because he and Rush will face off in Madison Square Garden. Will The Peacock find some sort of weakness in the Ungovernable Bull’s style?

The Code of Honor is refused by the cocky Rush. The bell rings and Rush circles with Haskins. Fans cheer for Rush but Haskins ignores it. They tie up and Rush powers Haskins to ropes. Haskins turns it around and they go around and around. Rush lets up and dares Haskins to bring it. They tie up again and Haskins gets the waistlock, but Rush the standing switch. Haskins switches but Rush switches back but Haskins switches again. Rush drops down and gets another switch but Haskins gets another. They keep going switch for switch but Haskins facelocks to a cover, ONE and Rush gets a cover, ONE! They start shoving each other but the ref backs them off. Fans cheer this evenly matched exchange while both men stare down.

Haksins turns but starts swinging hands with Rush! They go back and forth and Rush eggs Haskins on. Haskins puts some stank, and spit, on his CHOP! But Rush doesn’t flinch. Haskins chops and chops but Rush floors him with just one CHOP! Rush soaks up the cheers and jeers but Haskins nips right up! The fans duel and Rush eggs Haskins on with a shout! Haskins fires off with forearms, chops and jabs! Haskins backs Rush down to the ropes with chop after chop after chop! He runs but into Rush’s forearm! Rush follows Haskins out of the ring to CHOP him into barriers! And again! Rush throws Haskins into barriers! The White Bull is in control while we go to break.

ROH returns as Haksins crawls to a corner. Castle is grinning as Rush whips Haskins corner to corner for a big clothesline. Rush then snapmares Haskins for a basement dropkick to the back! Rush even shows off doing push-ups and taking a bow. Fans are fired up for Rush but Castle is just even more excited for G1 Supercard. Rush toys with Haskins then kicks Haskins in the chest. And then again! Haskins eggs Rush on now, then catches a kick. Haskins fires forearms back then kicks of his own! Rush falls to a knee and Haskins runs, but into a SUPERKICK! Rush runs but into Haskins’ calf kick! Haskins fires up as Rush gets out of the ring. Haskins runs, Rush evades, but Haskins saves himself by going Spider-Man. And then he still DIVES out the side to get Rush!

Haskins drags Rush back up and in, avoids Rush’s shoulder and kicks him back down. Haskins climbs up top and leaps for a flying double stomp! But he’s not done, pump handle slam! Cover, TWO! Rush survives but Haskins keeps his cool. Haskins tries the pump handle again but Rush fights him off. Haskins knees Rush back then pump kicks him into ropes! Fans duel as Haskins runs, but Rush dodges and hits a rebound German suplex! But Haskins is right back up! Only to run into a pop-up fireman’s carry, TKO! Cover, TWO! Haskins lives and Rush argues with the ref. Rush turns back to Haskins while getting the fans fired up again. Rush toys with Haskins before stomping him with both feet. He then goes corner to corner, only to fake out and boot wash Haskins. Rush hits Tranquilo!

But Haskins uses that to roll Rush for a bridging Fujiwara! Rush’s ego catches him into a hold, but he manages to reverse into a crossface of his own! Haskins endures and moves around to escape. Haskins wants a triangle but Rush endures to power up! Rush deadlifts Haskins for a buckle bomb! Then he drags Haskins out for a cover, TWO! Haskins hits a Shining Wizard outta nowhere! Jackknife roll into fireman’s carry, Samoan Driver! Cover, TWO!! Rush lives and Castle is even happier seeing how tough Rush really is. Fans rally up while Haskins grins. Haskins and Rush stand, Haskins mule kicks and runs, but into a boot! Rush runs but into a boot from Haskins! Haskins runs but Rush leaps over for a sunset bomb! But Haskins comes back for a tilt-o-whirl DDT! Rush gets right up but double roundhouses take both men out!

Fans fire up as a standing ten count begins. The count passes 5 before Rush sits up. Rush fires himself up as he stands, but Haskins stands at 9! Haskins runs in but gets a boot. Haskins runs back in but gets thrown with a belly2belly suplex into buckles! Rush runs corner to corner and hits the Bull’s Horns! Cover, Rush wins!

Winner: Rush, by pinfall

The ungovernable undefeated streak continues! Rush continues to ignore the Code of Honor, and he tries to intimidate Castle on commentary. Rush grabs the ring bell but Castle has his own chair at the ready. El Toro Blanco rolls into MSG, but The Peacock is ready to make a meal out of him! Will Rush come away from facing a former world champion still undefeated? Or will this match propel Castle back to title contention?


ROH looks back to Honor Rising in February.

The Briscoes successfully retained their ROH World Tag Team Championships in the joint ROH-NJPW event, but they called out the other tag team champions on the card. Or rather, the new IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Champions, the Guerrillas of Destiny. Tama Tonga & Tonga Loa defeated Evil & Sanada to become 5-time champions, but #DemBoyz brought up the next crossover show in April. New York City, Madison Square Garden, G1 Supercard! ROH World Tag Team Championships VS IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Championships! It was an incredibly exciting challenge that was accepted by the GoD, and the match was set.

However, The Briscoes still had to defend those titles along the way, and they lost to Villain Enterprises’ PCO & Brody King! Villain Enterprises became the ROH World Tag Team Champions, and now things have escalated from there! Instead of trying to fit tag title rematches in before G1 Supercard’s titles VS titles match, it will be a Tag Team Four Corner Survival! Villain Enterprises VS The Briscoes VS The Guerrillas of Destiny VS Evil & Sanada, winners take all!! Four of the greatest tag teams battle, but who comes out THE top team in both promotions?!


ROH takes a look to what led to the Triple Threat Ladder Match!

Jay Lethal and Matt Taven have battled in and out of the ring over who is the REAL ROH World Heavyweight Champion, but The Villain has been sitting on his Survival of the Fittest title opportunity for about as long. When Marty Scurll got between Taven and Lethal, the Franchise Player made a huge and risky decision: a triple threat match! Taven refused, because he proved that for 60 minutes, Lethal couldn’t get it done 1v1! Lethal might not be able to defeat Scurll, but Taven definitely could. So he’s not gonna let this happen where Lethal could lose or Scurll could lose to the other!

Scurll tells the “numpty” that he actually agrees. Scurll’s waited too long for his own shot at the title that he deserves. He won’t walk into MSG and lose his opportunity without being involved in the decision. It won’t be a triple threat match. It’s 1v1 or not at all, that’s what Scurll deserves. Taven says he deserves another shot but Scurll says he wasted his shot. Lethal stops their arguing and says they both have a point. Scurll is Survival of the Fittest #1 contender but Taven fought Lethal to a draw. Lethal is a fighting champion but clearly they didn’t want a triple threat.

However, there can still be a way in MSG to find out who is truly the best. With MSG being the most famous arena in the world, Lethal remembers roughly 25 years ago, there was a very famous match in MSG. Let’s go with that match. Are they up for a Ladder match!? All three men were in agreement, this match type will be the fair way they could all compete at once and no one loses it for anyone else. Who will climb to new heights at the historic G1 Supercard event?!


Jeff Cobb speaks.

“I’ve been here for six months in Ring of Honor, and nobody has pinned my shoulders to the mat.” But the one loss he’s had was in a tag team match in Japan! And Will Ospreay was the man who pinned him. Cobb’s been kept up at night, he hasn’t been able to focus, all because of that one loss. So on the biggest stage of ROH’s and NJPW’s history, The Hawaiian Hulk puts up his ROH World Television Championship against The Aerial Assassin’s NEVER Openweight Championship! Madison Square Garden will have yet another Champion VS Champion Winner Takes All match! Which man leaves Madison Square Garden a dual champion?!


ROH looks at the WOH World Championship!

Kelly Klein and Mayu Iwatani have gone 2-2 all time, but Mayu’s two wins are stronger because they were both for the title. Mayu won to win and then retain the title, but Kelly takes one last shot. We travel back in time to the 17th Anniversary show. Kelly was cocky and got caught in a cradle! And after that match, the Pretty Badass started questioning her own hype. Did she need to reevaluate who she was and who she wants to be? Does she need to come at Mayu Iwatani with a different approach? Perhaps she was just confident from those two early victories during her excursion to Stardom.

But now in their fifth match, both women will have to bring even better than the best they have. This is the biggest match in Women of Honor history. This match will decide the best woman in WOH. And there is only one place fitting such a match: Madison Square Garden. The world will see this tiebreaker that decides who is truly the better wrestler. Kelly earned her place in history, and deserves to have that moment when the world sees her stand with the title over her head as the best woman in the world wrestling today. Will Kelly conquer Mayu once and for all? Or will she be forced to swallow her pride and go to the back of the line?


ROH World Six Man Tag Team Championships: The Kingdom VS Villain Enterprises!

Brody King & PCO are already ROH World Tag Team Champions after the 17th Anniversary show. Marty Scurll could very well be THE ROH World Champion after G1 Supercard, but will he and his new friends bring these trios titles along with them to Madison Square Garden? Or will Matt Taven, TK O’Ryan & Vinnie Marseglia stay upon their thrones as the #FirstLastandOnly?

The introductions are made but this amazing main event starts after the break.

ROH returns and as the trios trash talk at each other. Scurll and Taven trash talk because they’re both headed to New York for that ROH World Championship ladder match. Taven says he’s the only one worthy of being the REAL world champion, so Scurll punches him in the mouth! A brawl is on and the referee rings the bell! Brody throws and CHOPS Vinnie while PCO punches TK around. The Horror King and Sassy Wild Horse bail out but Brody and PCO pursue. Scurll takes it to Taven in a corner with chops. Taven throws Scurll out and drops an ax handle. The brawling goes all around the ring. Taven bumps Scurll off the apron while PCO bumps O’Ryan. PCO sits TK in a chair to boot and CHOP him!

Brody helps PCO out and Villain Enterprises groups The Kingdom together. Brody goes in and builds speed to FLY! He bowls The Kingdom over and fans are thunderous! Scurll drags Taven up and brings him around for a chop. Brody and PCO keep Vinnie and TK down while Scurll puts Taven in the ring. Taven hits Scurll back but Scurll denies him Climax! Scurll stomps Taven’s hand then pulls on the fingers. The Kingdom saves Taven from the snap then TK tags in. Taven holds Scurll down while TK slingshot stomps him. TK rains down rights but lets up at 4. Fans rally for Villain Enterprises even as TK tags in Vinnie. Vinnie and TK mug Scurll on the ropes and give him double chops. Scurll fights back with haymakers, but runs into a boot. Vinnie gets Scurll on the rebound, butterfly backbreaker! Cover, TWO!

Vinnie keeps on Scurll with a rain of rights. Vinnie drags Scurll over and tags Taven. TK holds Scurll’s feet while Taven fires off haymakers and body shots. Taven scrapes Scurll out then goes after Brody and PCO. The referee holds them back while TK gets cheap shots in on Scurll! TK puts Scurll back in for Taven, who scoops and slams Scurll down. Taven mocks the fans and says he’s already the real world champ. He drops knees on Scurll then drags Scurll up for a suplex. Cover, ONE, but Taven grabs the top knot. Taven brings Scurll up and over and Vinnie tags in. The Kingdom mugs Scurll more, but the referee reprimands them. They still bend the rules then Vinnie tags Taven. Taven grabs Scurll by his beard to slap with him, but Scurll slaps back! Scurll also chops and forearms but Taven knees low.

Taven whips Scurll but Scurll sunset flips. Taven slips through but Scurll avoids Just the Tip. Scurll rolls Taven and hits an enziguri! Both men are down but fans rally up. Scurll and Taven crawl for their corners, hot tags to Vinnie and PCO! PCO rallies on Vinnie and TK with clotheslines! Vinnie boots PCO but PCO comes back with another clothesline! TK runs in but gets a pop-up powerbomb! Taven runs ni to hit Brody, but PCO kicks him. PCO underhooks, Package Piledriver for Taven! Vinnie gets up and chops PCO but PCO doesn’t flinch. PCO chops back and now it’s a chop fight! Vinnie hits a knee and grabs PCO for a tornado bulldog! Vinnie climbs up fast, but PCO avoids Redrum! The champions and challengers are dead even as we go to break!

ROH returns again as Vinnie puts Scurll on the apron. But Brody runs in and together, he and Scurll hit Vinnie with a clothesline enziguri combo! Brody drags Vinnie around but Vinnie holds onto the ropes. Scurll slingshots for a sunset flip on Brody to help hit Vinnie with the German Suplex! Brody goes to the apron to cannonball onto Taven! Scurll covers Vinnie, TWO! Fans rally up behind “Marty! Marty!” as he circles Vinnie. Vinnie crawls and Scurll does his spin. He calls for it but Vinnie denies the chicken wing. Vinnie whips, Scurll reverses but TK tags in. Brody and Taven return, and Vinnie boots Brody away. Scurll hits Vinnie with a running uppercut, then whips. Vinnie reverses and feeds Scurll to TK, BIG spinebuster!

Vinnie hops up for the leaping headbutt. Taven climbs and leaps, frog splash! TK jackknife covers, but Brody breaks it in time! TK uppercuts and throws Brody out. PCO runs in but gets a double flapjack! Vinnie and TK drop the back senton elbow combo on PCO, then The Kingdom focus on Scurll. They stomp Scurll then put him in their corner for more. The ref counts but The Kingdom lets up at 4. The Kingdom coordinate and double whip Scurll, but Scurll holds ropes. Scurll dumps out Vinnie then Taven, then boots TK. PCO is in and builds speed, Scurll helps him FLY onto Taven and Vinnie! Fans are thunderous for the inhuman legend while Scurll drop toeholds TK onto ropes. Brody returns and coordinates with Scurll, Tiger Feint Cannonball combo! Cover, TWO!? TK lives and Villain Enterprises is shocked.

Everyone slowly returns and Scurll positions TK for PCO. Taven heel kicks Scurll while Vinnie shoves PCO off. The Kingdom go after Brody but Brody breaks free to CHOP away on everyone! Vinnie kicks low and runs to tilt-o-whirl into a Russian leg sweep! Taven gives Brody Just the Tip of the Knee! The Kingdom coordinate again, and shout “Thy Kingdom Come!” Powerbomb lift, Vinnie & TK run, Kingdom Supernova!! But Brody isn’t legal, Scurll is. The Kingdom drags Scurll up and they prepare a second bomb. PCO climbs up but TK kicks him back down. But PCO gets up again, so both TK and Vinnie kick him down. TK builds speed and DIVES onto PCO! But PCO catches him and throws TK into the apron! Vinnie DIVES but gets the same! Taven FLIES and finally takes PCO down!

Taven throws PCO in but PCO gets up to come back with a DIVE! The cannonball bowls Taven over! The fans are thunderous while ROH goes to one last break.

ROH returns once more, and PCO throws TK in. Fans know “This is Awesome!” as PCO drags TK up. TK rocks PCO with a right, then Vinnie powerbombs PCO onto the ramp!! Fans boo as Vinnie looms over PCO with wild eyes. TK glares at Scurll much the same but gets caught into a cradle! TWO and Vinnie grabs Scurll. TK runs in but Scurll evades, TK’s uppercut goes into Vinnie! Scurll gets TK in the Chickenwing! Taven rushes in but Brody intercepts! TK taps out, Villain Enterprises wins!!

Winners: Villain Enterprises, Marty Scurll by submission; NEW ROH World Six Man Tag Team Champions

The Villain and his cohorts are victorious! They now hold both World Six Man and traditional Tag Team Championships! Taven is shocked at how far he’s fallen this close to G1 Supercard. Will Villain Enterprises be truly and completely golden after the biggest show in ROH history!?


The stars of ROH speak on G1 Supercard.

Jay Lethal is living a childhood dream. “If you had told that little kid that he would eventually wrestle in Madison Square Garden,” he would’ve called you a liar. But here we are. The Villain and all UK fans saw MSG as this “imaginary building”. To Matt Taven and The Briscoes, it is the Mecca, the “center of the known universe”. It is truly the most famous arena in the world. They’ve all seen it, but it doesn’t feel real yet that they’re going to compete in it. Dalton Castle has always loved ROH, and going to MSG is proof of their growing momentum. With everything changing, this is an amazing time to be a pro-wrestler. Scurll feels fortunate to be performing in this era. There will be more eyes on ROH than ever before.

In fact, it’s even better for the fans because they’re getting to see all this. To Lethal, “it won’t feel real until I walk through that curtain.” Taven felt ROH was holding him down from what he didn’t deserve, but maybe this entire time, ROH knew they needed a star to headline this major event. Scurll feels that he hasn’t been world champion yet because he’s destined to win on this historic night. Lethal feels that he is going to cement his legacy with MSG. No matter how you slice it, history is being made with ROH, NJPW and Madison Square Garden. What happens on the biggest night and on the biggest stage in either promotion’s existence?!



My Thoughts:

What a great go-home for G1 Supercard! Granted, only two matches, but they were both great, and the hype packages for everything else was great. Rush VS Haskins was a real good opener, and Rush winning makes sense since he’s still on a great roll and is headed for a match with Dalton Castle. I have a feeling Rush wins that, too, because his win streak should really only end if he’s going after a title. It’s great that ROH TV catches viewers up on the development of Tag Titles VS Tag Titles. Briscoes introduced the concept but then surprisingly lost to Villain Enterprises at 17th Anniversary. But adjusting for that, both companies agreed to up the ante and now it’s a Fatal 4. That match is going to be even harder to call than the original Briscoes VS Guerrillas match.

Iwatani VS Klein 5 is going to be good, but given Kelly’s promo about her introspection and soul searching, I feel she wins. That and I’m still hoping for her and Tenille to have a program over the “Who attacked Tenille?” angle before Tenille got her surgery. Jeff Cobb had a solid promo tonight to let us know of his own Title VS Title match. Since Ospreay isn’t really part of ROH but Cobb does compete in NJPW, Cobb is the more likely to become champion in both promotions. That would be big for the already impressive resume of Cobb’s, but also well-deserved.

Then the ROH World Championship match is pretty big with a Ladder Match. I just wish the TV presentation of how we got there was better. The second night of 17th Anniversary being TV tapings, it just seemed sloppy to me to just throw footage onto this hour. As for who wins it, I can’t be sure. It’d be almost too big if Villain Enterprises had all the belts so soon. They had a great Six Man title match with The Kingdom tonight (aka from those same tapings), and the fact they did win, this probably means Scurll wins while PCO & Brody lose or Scurll loses while PCO & Brody win. Golden Villain Enterprises could happen, but that might be too much for even a night as big as G1 Supercard.

My Score: 8.3/10

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