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Mitchell’s WWE 205 Live Results & Report! (4/2/19)

What happens on the last 205 Live before Wrestlemania 35?



205 Live = Cruiserweight Division

The Cruiserweight Champion, Buddy Murphy, will defend his title at Wrestlemania, but will he and Tony Nese keep from fighting each other again tonight?



  • Oney Lorcan VS Kalisto; Lorcan wins.
  • Mike Kanellis w/ Maria VS Akira Tozawa w/ THE Brian Kendrick; Tozawa wins.


It’s the last 205 Live before Wrestlemania!

Drake Maverick sets the scene for the Cruiserweight Championship match that’s coming. Buddy Murphy and Tony Nese are two of the most talented superstars fighting for the ultimate prize, and they’re both going to their first Wrestlemania! Will Murphy cement his legacy as THE best Cruiserweight in history? Or will New York Nese take the title from him? Either way, they’ll steal the show, and we’ll hear their thoughts tonight.

But for tonight’s action, we get a first-time-ever match of Kalisto VS Oney Lorcan! Both men fell short in the Cruiserweight Championship Contender’s Tournament, but have snapped back in a major way. Kalisto led the Lucha House Party to victory of Humberto Carrillo and the Submission Commission while Oney attacked Cedric Alexander as payback for his tournament defeat. Then we will have a rematch between Mike Kanellis and Akira Tozawa given the timely distraction Maria pulled off to save her husband. But now things will be even as Tozawa’s new friend, THE Brian Kendrick, will be in his corner. Will the Man with a Plan have a counter for the Kanellis combination? We’ll all find out tonight!


Oney Lorcan VS Kalisto!

The Boston brawler had his dream taken from him, but now that he’s a full-time Cruiserweight Division star, perhaps he can get it back. As for Lucha House Party, Kalisto, Lince Dorado and Gran Metalik will take part in the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal. On stage, Lucha House Party gets Baltimore fired up for 205 Live and Wrestlemania! Tonight, Kalisto will throw the fans their very own fiesta, because it’s #LuchaTime! But will Lucha Time be cut short under #OneyRules?

The bell rings and Kalisto sets Penelope the Pinata down, only for Oney to blast him with a running European Uppercut! Oney bumps Kalisto off buckles then rips off the Lucha House Party shirt. He CHOPS Kalisto then snap suplexes him. Cover, ONE, but Lorcan looms over the Lucha Dragon. Kalisto arm-drags out of the Half ‘n’ Half but runs into another CHOP! Oney half-nelsons but Kalisto victory rolls! TWO, and Kalisto CHOPS Oney now! Kalisto kicks and goes acrobatic for another arm-drag! Oney bails out but Kalisto kicks him back down. Kalisto runs and baseball slides Oney down! Fans echo “Lucha! Lucha!” for Kalisto as he puts Oney in. Kalisto springboards and crossbodies, TWO! Oney gets to ropes but Kalisto throws hands. Oney shoves him away but Kalisto comes back for more. Kalisto runs but is dumped out hard!

The ref counts while Kalisto crawls but Oney glares as he goes out to fetch him. Oney drags Kalisto up to CHOP him again! Kalisto staggers away but Oney throws him into barriers! Oney wants to make sure Cedric Alexander sees this. He refreshes the count before going back to Kalisto. Kalisto fights back so Oney throws him into the apron. Oney puts Kalisto in but fans boo while chanting “Lucha! Lucha!” Oney climbs in but gets a Listo Kick! Kalisto grabs Oney but Oney trips him up on the apron! Oney covers, TWO! Kalisto lives but Oney keeps right on him. Oney puts on a rear bearhug while we check on backstage. Buddy Murphy has arrived, and purposefully bumps local competitors into chair racks. The champ is clearly in a bad mood.

Back to the ring, Oney squeezes Kalisto tight, but fans rally up. Kalisto fights his way up but Oney keeps on him with a facelock. Kalisto slips out and rolls over Oney. He gets to a corner and boots Oney away, then hops up to missile dropkick Oney down! Oney ends up in the opposite corner but he boots Kalisto back, to clobber him in the back! Cover, TWO! Kalisto still lives but Oney grows furious. Oney drags Kalisto up for yet another CHOP! Oney whips Kalisto and knees him down! Cover, TWO! Oney’s temper rises as he puts on a body scissors. Kalisto endures another squeeze while fans rally up. Kalisto fights against it and makes it a cover, TWO! Oney keeps the squeeze, then grinds a forearm in. Kalisto resists but ends up in a sleeper hold. He makes it a cover again, TWO!

Oney squeezes but fans continue to rally. Kalisto manages to turn and get on his feet. Kalisto works against the hold but Oney wrangles him back down. Oney puts more pressure with his body weight, but fans still rally. Kalisto feeds off the “Lucha! Lucha!” and fights back with body shots. Kalisto jawbreakers free, then he boots Oney back. Oney runs back in but Kalisto dodges and hits the Mexico City Twister crossbody! Kalisto dodges to SUPERKICK, then runs to handspring, into the Half ‘n’ Half! But Kalisto lands on his feet! Kalisto puts Oney on the apron then ducks to roundhouse! SPIKE-RANA! Cover, TWO! Lorcan lives and Kalisto can’t believe it. Fans still chant “Lucha! Lucha!” for Kalisto as he and Oney crawl.

Kalisto powers up with it and waits for Oney to stand. Oney does, and Kalisto prepares Salida but is denied. BIG EuroUpper blasts Kalisto to the apron! Oney crawls out to join Kalisto then drags Kalisto up by his mask! Kalisto resists the half nelson and fights out with elbows. Oney’s right on him again but Kalisto elbows and SUPERKICKS! Kalisto grabs Oney, Salida Del Sol on the apron!! Oney hits hard, but both he and Kalisto are stuck on the outside. Kalisto crawls as the count climbs, and puts dead-weight Oney in. Cover, TWO!! Oney shocks and frustrates Kalisto by surviving.

Kalisto drags himself to a corner but Oney grabs his foot. Kalisto kicks him away and climbs more. Oney still crawls behind him, but Kalisto kicks back again. Kalisto reaches the top but Oney grabs him! Kalisto clubs away but Oney clubs him back! Oney climbs up to follow Kalisto, and half nelsons. Kalisto holds on for dear life, and elbows Oney all the way down! Kalisto adjusts, 450 onto knees!! Oney stalks a crawling Kalisto, Half ‘n’ Half hits! Cover, Oney wins!

Winner: Oney Lorcan, by pinfall

The Lucha Dragon fought hard, but he falls to the #StarDestroyer! Oney takes out one former Cruiserweight Champion, will he take out another when he goes after Cedric Alexander again?


Drake Maverick meets with Cedric Alexander.

The Soul of 205 Live wanted to be the one to face Oney Lorcan, but obviously that did happen, so can Maverick explain why? Maverick understands Alexander’s frustration, but it wasn’t an easy decision. Alexander has had a streak of hard-hitting matches, and he’s lost the last two. This is not like the Franchise Player of 205 Live. But Alexander surely understands that every great athlete needs time off to rest. Not Alexander. He just wants a match with Lorcan. And he will get that, eventually. And when that happens, it will be just as hard-hitting and exciting for the fans. That’s why Maverick wants Alexander at 100%. “Whatever you say, boss. I’ll hold you to it.” Alexander accepts, but when and where will he get his payback match on Lorcan?


Backstage interview with Tony Nese.

The Premier Athlete is just days away from the biggest match of his career. How is he handling the pressure? There’s no pressure for him, because no one thinks he’ll win. The pressure is on Murphy because he knows deep down that if anyone can beat him, it’s Nese. Now Murphy’s acting all angry, wanting a fight, yet he was hiding at the WWE PC because- Murphy isn’t hiding now as he jumps Nese! These two brawl backstage like they did at the performance center! Nese gets the upper hand but Murphy turns it around. They end up going deeper into the back before security can find them! Will either man make it to Wrestlemania at this rate?!

Wait, they end up on stage! Murphy and Nese bring their brawl live to the WWE Universe! And only now do referees find them to separate them. Fans want to “Let Them Fight!” Murphy and Nese break free so now security gets in the way. Murphy shoves guards off him and runs at Nese, but Nese dodges the knee trigger! A guard goes down instead, and the brawling continues! Nese throws Murphy into the LED walls! Murphy staggers and stumbles, Nese blasts him with the Premier Knee! Nese points at the Wrestlemania sign while glaring down at Murphy. Will the unstoppable finally be stopped on Sunday?


Mike Kanellis w/ Maria VS Akira Tozawa w/ THE Brian Kendrick!

The Power of Love helped Mike finally get a win in the Cruiserweight Division, in that Maria has been ringside to help. But to make sure it doesn’t go that way again, the Stamina Monster has his worst enemy turned good friend by his side. Will Maria be able to slip one past the Man with a Plan?

The bell rings and fans “AH! AH!” for Tozawa already. He and Mike circle and tie up. Tozawa gets a waistlock but Mike wrenches out to a wristlock. Tozawa rolls and trips Mike to get a toehold. He works to make it a deathlock, but Mike uses that rolling to get the ropebreak. Tozawa lets Mike go and Maria cheers her husband on. Fans jeer and Mike tells them to shut up. Mike and Tozawa circle and Mike just kicks low. Mike puts on a headlock and grinds Tozawa down. Tozawa powers out but Mike runs him over. Mike takes time to soak up the heat before speeding things up. Tozawa hurdles and dodges to tilt-o-whirl into the Octopus stretch! Maria protests but that’s a fair hold. Mike scrambles to a ropebreak and Tozawa lets go.

Fans fire up with Tozawa as he stomps a mudhole into Mike. Tozawa lets up to club Mike on the back. Tozawa chops Mike then whips but Mike reverses to elbow Tozawa back. Mike runs but into a dropkick! Mike bails out and Tozawa builds speed, but Mike returns. Tozawa blocks the superkick, but not the clothesline! Maria cheers like Mike’s already won, but Tozawa gets to a corner. Mike returns the mudhole stomps but backs off at 4. Tozawa slumps out of the ring and Kendrick checks on him. Kendrick backs off as Mike goes out to fetch Tozawa. Mike stands Tozawa up for a CHOP! Mike puts Tozawa on the apron to throw a hard right hand! Maria cheers while Mike covers, TWO! Mike keeps on Tozawa with a chinlock. Fans rally and Maria tells them to stop but Kendrick encourages them.

Tozawa crawls and reaches, and manages the ropebreak! Mike lets go at 4, but he comes back to bring Tozawa up into a suplex! Mike keeps going, and gives another vertical suplex. He’s feelign it, and gets the hat trick! Cover, TWO! Maria is frustrated for Mike but Mike smirks as he stalks Tozawa. Mike drags Tozawa up then runs to shotgun dropkick him back down. Cover, TWO! Mike wraps on another chinlock but fans rally up. Tozawa fights up and out but Mike clubs him on the back. Mike runs, Tozawa huricanranas, but Makes it a bomb! Cover, TWO!! Tozawa lives and Mike is losing his cool. Mike goes to Maria for comfort, and she assures him that he can “get in that mode”. Mike takes his wife’s advice and stomps away on Tozawa in the corner again. Kendrick protests but Mike lets up at 4.

Mike drags Tozawa up and snapmares him for a stretch. Fans continue to rally and Tozawa endures. Tozawa gets up and fights free, to fireman’s carry! Tozawa keeps Mike up but Mike slips out. Mike shoves Tozawa but runs into an elbow! And into a huricanrana that sends him into buckles! Tozawa adds on with a corner Shining Wizard! Mike’s in the drop zone but Tozawa climbs. Mike gets up but gets a missile dropkick! Cover, TWO! Maria is relieved but still very worried, same as Kendrick. Tozawa and Mike slowly sit up, and Tozawa is first to his feet. Tozawa stalks Mike and waistlocks, but Mike standing switches. Mike suplexes but Tozawa lands on his feet. Tozawa shoves and fireman’s carry to a facebuster drop! Tozawa keeps moving, shotgun dropkick of his own! Cover, TWO!! Mike lives and relieves Maria but Tozawa grows frustrated.

Tozawa and the fans shout “AH! AH!” to build energy. Maria tries to shut it out but Tozawa whips. Mike reverses but Tozawa grabs ropes. Tozawa boots back but runs into a pop-up SPINEBUSTER! Cover, TWO!! Maria keeps Mike focused while Kendrick coaches Tozawa back up. Mike slaps himself to get back in this. He drags Tozawa up again, fireman’s carry of his own, but Tozawa resists. Tozawa gets free, spins, swings, slides and tilt-o-whirls back into the Iron Octopus! Maria panics while Kendrick cheers. Tozawa brings Mike to the mat and cranks on the arm but Mike powers through. Mike stands and runs, but they both take a tumble out of the ring! Maria is in shock and Kendrick is just as concerned, but the referee has to keep them both back. Tozawa and Mike stir, but it’s Mike who brings Tozawa up.

Mike whips but Tozawa reverses to send him into barriers. Tozawa runs in but gets a boot. Mike lifts and sits Tozawa on the barriers, for a draping neckbreaker! Kendrick wants the ref to check on Tozawa but Mike drags Tozawa up and in. Mike sucker punches Kendrick! The ref reprimands Mike, he didn’t need to do that! But Mike goes back to Tozawa and climbs up top. Mike and Maria are all smiles, but Tozawa SHORYUKENS! Tozawa climbs up to join Mike, and fans “AH! AH!” as hard as they can. Mike resists the superplex and both men throw body shots. Mike gets Tozawa for a fireman’s carry, stands up an ends up in a SUPER STEINER! Cover, TWO!? Mike lives and Maria is confident this means Tozawa will lose. Tozawa doesn’t care as he drags Mike up in a waistlock.

Mike elbows free, then elbows Tozawa again. Mike CHOPS, but Tozawa CHOPS back. They trade more CHOPS, but then Tozawa gets Mike with the feint, to JAB! Mike flounders and Tozawa runs, but into a BOOT! Mike runs, but into Tozawa’s boot! SUPERKICK! Spinning roundhouse! Both men are down and Baltimore loves it! Maria even finds herself applauding. Mike crawls to Maria for support while fans declare “this is Awesome!” Tozawa runs in but into another boot. Mike runs out but into a snap German Suplex! Tozawa hurries up top but Mike rocks him with a right! Mike run sin but into a kick. Tozawa slingshots and sunsets but Mike sist on it! Maria helps but Kendrick points it out! The ref stops, the sunset flip completes, Tozawa wins!!

Winner: Akira Tozawa, by pinfall

Justice is served as Kendrick helps keep things fair and square! Will Mike & Maria learn to win the same way? Or will they come up with a new scheme to get back at both Kendrick and Tozawa?


205 Live takes one last look at Buddy Murphy and Tony Nese.

The Premier Athlete defied many expectations in the Cruiserweight Championship Contender’s Tournament when he defeated Kalisto, Drew Gulak, and perhaps biggest of all, Cedric Alexander. Nese thought his match with Murphy would be a friendly rivalry, but Murphy showed him otherwise with a blindside attack. Murphy knows Nese is what a Crusierweight should be, but Murphy is “better than good”, he is great. That attack wasn’t to hurt him, but to wake him up. Murphy is always ahead of him, but then Nese made Murphy eat those words along with some fists.

Nese thought they were more than friends, they were almost brothers. Murphy says Nese was going to be great, but after Murphy’s era. Murphy’s era is now. Nese says Murphy’s arrogance will be his downfall. Murphy wants to defend the title so badly, but Nese wants to have it even more. Nese has worked too hard these 15 years to not achieve his dream. Nese vows to finally stop the unstoppable once and for all. Who wins the title and immortalizes himself at the Showcase of the Immortals?



My Thoughts:

A really great go-home for 205 Live. As always, little time wasted getting to action, and Oney Lorcan is actually making for a great Heel. His style being so much like Japanese Strong Style, it really fits the kind of Heel aggression he’s showing. Naturally he wins tonight so that his story with Cedric Alexander doesn’t fizzle out before it begins. And it was a great segment for Alexander to talk with Maverick about waiting for his match with Lorcan. Maverick is consistent as a General Manager, since he was concerned for Mustafa Ali’s physical well-being before hype and ratings. This year’s post-Mania phase will be great with a match like Alexander VS Lorcan, and this will help build Lorcan up in the division.

Mike VS Tozawa was a great match, Maria and Kendrick really added to the story. I’m a little surprised Maria didn’t try other sneaky tactics, but in the end, it worked out the way I expected for that last spot. Kendrick was there to point out anything Maria was doing, and he did that, and that allows Tozawa to get the win. I would love if there was another Mike VS Tozawa match, perhaps with Maria banned from ringside to truly test if Mike can do it on his own. The Cruiserweight title moments were great, too. Murphy and Nese brawling backstage then onto stage was good, and their video package at the end was also good, but Nese standing tall here might mean Murphy wins. However, I can’t be sure the point of that without having another strong challenger being right behind Nese, so maybe Nese wins.

My Score: 8.5/10

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