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Mitchell’s WWE 205 Live Results & Report! (4/30/19)

The Premier Athlete must watch out for the Persian Lion!



205 Live = Cruiserweight Division

The Cruiserweight Champion has a target on his back! The Persian Lion hunts the Premier Athlete and that title, but will he capture his prey so soon?



  • Lucha House Party VS The Singh Brothers; Lucha House Party wins.
  • THE Brian Kendrick VS Mike Kanellis; No Contest.
  • Tony Nese VS Drew Gulak; Nese wins.


Tony Nese speaks.

“I’ve been fighting to build 205 Live since the very first match on the very first show.” The Premier Athlete takes pride in testing himself against the very best week after week. That won’t end just because he’s the Cruiserweight Champion now. He doesn’t want to just sit back, relax and wait for his title defense. Drew Gulak wants at Nese again, so he needs to bring his very best. Gulak isn’t facing an old rival, he’s facing the champ!

Drew Gulak responds.

“There’s a saying about the best laid plans.” Gulak’s #Better205Live hasn’t gone to plan yet, but all it takes is one opportunity to change his fortune. Nese gives Gulak that opportunity tonight. Gulak still leads the series against Nese in their time together. He vows to make Nese tap out, but will Gulak’s own best laid plans fail tonight?


Nigel McGuinness returns to commentary!

He’s done helping out at the WWE’s United Kingdom Performance Center so he’s back at the desk to balance out the biases from Vic Joseph, Aiden English and David Otunga.


Lucha House Party VS The Singh Brothers!

Kaliso is absent because he’s helping out Houston’s Boys & Girls Club tonight. But the Golden Lynx and King of the Ropes will hold it down while the Cruiserweight Division spends time in Ohio. Will they be up to “welcoming” Samir & Sunil as they make their 205 Live in-ring return?

Samir & Sunil have mics on their way out, and they introduce themselves to the WWE Universe as the “beloved heroes of the Cruiserweight Division”. They’re finally back in action! For two years, these two have traveled the world taking on world champions like Roman Reigns *mock the lock ‘n’ load*, Randy Orton *mock the pose*, AJ Styles *mock his pose*, but these two are the only undefeated duo in the Division! And as such, they vow to take 205 Live “into the future!” But is their 1-0 record really something to brag about? Either way, the teams sort out, and we start with Lince Dorado and Samir at the bell.

Fans chant “Lucha! Lucha!” behind Lince as he ties up with Samir. They go around and they end up in a corner. Samir backs off but gets a headlock. Lince powers out but Samir runs him over with a shoulder. And he already celebrates. Lince handsprings up and dropkicks him down! Lince shows his dance moves then throws European Uppercuts. He tags in Metalik and Metalik drops ax handles on Samir’s arm. Metalik wrenches Samir and tags Lince. Lince drops ax handles but Samir throws knees. Samir tags Sunil and the brothers whip Lince to a corner. Lince goes up and out and punches Samir then boots Sunil. Lince climbs and crossbodies both of them!

Fans rally with Lince as he CHOPS Sunil to the corner! Tag to Metalik and then tag back to Lince. Metalik whips Lince for Lince to whip him into Sunil for a clothesline. Metalik feeds Sunil to Lince’s elbow, then Lince feeds Sunil to Metalik’s wheelbarrow. Lince runs as Metalik lifts, and they combine for a wheelbarrow bulldog! Cover, TWO! Lince keeps on Sunil with a chinlock. Sunil endures but Lince stomps him down and drops the planking splash! Cover, TWO! Lince drags Sunil over and grinds him down but Samir runs in, only to get clobbered! Sunil ambushes Lince with a knee to the back, then tags his brother. Samir puts Lince in and throws hands down on him! Samir taunts Metalik then goes back to Lince for a snap suplex. Cover, TWO!

Tag to Sunil and the brothers double suplex. Sunil covers, TWO! Sunil keeps on Lince with elbow drops then a Bollywood dance. Tag to Samir and they combine for a backbreaker elbow drop! Cover from Samir, but Lince gets the ropebreak! Samir keeps on Lince but fans rally with “Lucha! Lucha!” Samir snapmares Lince to a chinlock, but Lince feeds off the energy of the fans. Lince moves around and gets to his feet. He reaches for Metalik but Samir wrangles him back down. Lince endures while fans boo and jeer the Singh Brothers. Metalik rallies the fans behind more “Lucha! Lucha!” and Lince powers up. Lince fights back but Samir shoves and elbows him down. Samir steps on Lince and tags in Sunil.

The Singh Brothers stomp Lince out then swivel their hips. Sunil wraps Lince up in a chinlock. Fans rally again and Lince fights up. But Sunil shoves and heel kicks Lince down! Lince crawls to the wrong corner and Sunil “films” as he runs in, but Lince fights back! Sunil still kicks Lince down and tags in Samir. Sunil whips Samir to whip Sunil but Lince elbows Sunil down! Lince hurries for Metalik but Samir holds him back! Samir whips but Lince reverses and Samir hits buckles hard! But Sunil trips Metalik before the tag! Sunil whips but Lince comes back with the Golden Rewind! Metalik returns and but Sunil tags back in. Lince shoves Sunil away, hot tag to Metalik!

The King of the Ropes rallies and handsprings! Sunil dodges but runs into a tilt-o-whirl bakcbreaker! Metalik walks the ropes to missile dropkick Sunil down! Cover, TWO! Metalik is surprised but he keeps on Sunil. He fireman’s carry but Sunil powers out. Sunil runs into a SUPERKICK, and gets a Sling-Dog! Cover, but Samir breaks it! The Singh Brothers drag Metalik up for a double whip, but Lince tags in. Metalik fights the brothers off but gets clothesline’d down. Lince rushes the brothers but gets a double SUPERKICK! Cover, but Metalik breaks it in time!

Samir drags Metalik up but gets thrown out. Sunil throws Metalik out but Lince roll shim up! TWO, but Metalik tags back in. Lince dodges and Metalik kicks Sunil down. Metalik climbs and Lince tags back in. Metalik tight rope elbow drops! Lince hits a Shooting Star! Cover, Lucha House Party wins!

Winners: The Lucha House Party, Lince Dorado pinning

The fiesta defeats the Bollywood Boys! Will this lead to big things for the luchadores in the future?


Drake Maverick meets with Humberto Carrillo.

The 205 Live GM congratulates Ultimo Ninja on his big victory last week against Drew Gulak. Now, Maverick wants to be impartial but he does have some advice. Try to steer clear of Gulak now. Gulak makes trouble and he might stunt Carrillo’s progress. Carrillo thanks Maverick for that, and is honored to be representing lucha libre in 205 Live. Carrillo showed Gulak he doesn’t need him anymore. But here’s Jack Gallagher! He’s not cleared to compete with anyone. But in two weeks, he’ll be in London so Maverick should keep him in mind. As for Carrillo, Gallagher has no ill will towards him. In fact, he also congratulates Carrillo on humbling Gulak. And while this didn’t work out as partners, there is some unsettled business as opponents. Gallagher offers a handshake and Carrillo accepts it. When and where will these two settle the match Gulak ruined?


THE Brian Kendrick VS Mike Kanellis w/ Maria!

The Man with a Plan got the better of the Opportunist by being a distraction for Akira Tozawa. Now Kanellis looks to settle things with the mastermind. Will Kendrick have a plan up his sleeve for that, too?

But before Kendrick even finishes his entrance, Mike attacks! Mike rains down rights and stomps but here comes Akira Tozawa! Tozawa fights Kanellis on Kendrick’s behalf and throws Mike into barriers! Tozawa won’t let up until Maverick and extra referees pull him off Mike! They also keep Mike back from retaliating. Kanellis exits through the WWE Universe while Tozawa is kept by the ramp. Will Tozawa and Kendrick get back at Kanellis again over this?

No Contest

Drake Maverick makes a decision!

Since these two want to fight so badly, and they bend the rules to do it, the rules are thrown out the window! Next week, it’ll be Tozawa VS Kanellis in a No Disqualifications Match! The score will finally be settled, but who comes out the winner?


Ariya Daivari speaks.

“Everything is going according to plan.” Daivari Dinero is still undefeated in 2019. He beat Tozawa, Cedric Alexander and Oney Lorcan to now head for the Cruiserweight Championship. And he feels Tony Nese is going to be ripped apart by the most dangerous submission man in the WWE today, Drew Gulak. Daivari isn’t planning his celebration parade just yet, but if you don’t think this ends with him picking up the title, “then you just haven’t been paying close enough attention.” The Persian Lion is confident, but is he too confident?


Tony Nese VS Drew Gulak!

The Premier Athlete and the Philly Fury are battling once again! Nese has to worry about Daivari in the near future, but will he stay focused against Gulak? Or will Gulak grab a golden opportunity of his own for the sake of a #Better205Live?

The bell rings and Nese circles with Gulak. They approach carefully, knowing each other so well. Gulak gets the wristlock and wrenches, but Nese spins through. Gulak still wrangles him down but Nese rolls and spins to tweak Gulak’s arm. Nese throws Gulak with an arm-drag and has the armlock. Gulak goes after Nese’s beard but the ref reprimands him. Gulak gets a headscissor but Nese pops out. The two circle again while Daivari watches backstage from a VIP dressing room. Nese and Gulak tie up and fans rally as they try a test of strength. Gulak reels Nese in and pops him to a cover, ONE! Nese sits on it, TWO, and Gulak has the cover again. TWO but Gulak is on Nese for a crossface. Nese rolls but Gulak rolls with him. The two stand up and fans cheer, but Gulak grows annoyed.

Gulak and Nese circle again and tie up. Gulak powers Nese to a corner but backs off. He CHOPS Nese right away! Gulak grins as he whips Nese corner to corner. Nese stops himself and back elbows Gulak away. Nese flips but Gulak gets under. Gulak swings but Nese goes Matrix to avoid it. Nese mule kicks, knee lifts and sweeps the legs to a cover, ONE! Gulak bails out fast but fans fire up with Nese. Nese slignshots but lands on his feet when Gulak dodges. Gulak swings but Nese cartwheels and rocks Gulak with a heavy left! Nese puts Gulak back in then climbs up top. Gulak bails out but Nese changes plans to build speed and FLY! The Premier Flop wipes out Gulak and Ohio State loves it! Nese puts Gulak back in and covers, TWO!

Nese stalks Gulak and brings him up for a CHOP! Gulak tumbles out of the ring but Nese pursues. Nese CHOPS Gulak on the barriers, then stalks him to the corner. Gulak tries to run away but Nese brings him back in. Gulak body shots and rams Nese into the LED apron! The ring count climbs past 5 but Gulak puts Nese in. Cover, TWO! Gulak keeps his cool as he drags Nese up. Nese throws hands then runs, but Gulak hip tosses Nese into an armlock! Gulak has the short arm scissors but Nese endures. Fans rally up and Nese fights up. Nese rolls and turns and starts kicking Gulak in the face! Gulak rakes Nese’s eyes then drags him up. Nese hits and runs and even escapes a scoop. Nese whips Gulak but also sees Gulak’s roll coming! He gets clear to knee Gulak down! Cover, TWO!

Gulak lives but Nese keeps on him. Nese puts Gulak in the corner and runs side-to-side, but Gulak evades. Nese follows Gulak to the apron for forearms. Gulak hits back and even headbutts. Nese boots Gulak but Gulak scoops Nese for a slam on the apron! Nese hits hard then falls to the floor! Gulak has a wild look in his eyes as he grits his teeth. The referee checks and somehow Nese is okay to continue. Gulak fetches Nese and puts him back in. Cover, TWO! Nese lives but Gulak grimaces. Gulak wraps Nese up in a chinlock and then goes after the arm. He clamps onto Nese’s side, too, but Nese still endures. Gulak stretches Nese and headbutt ribs but Nese powers up. Nese stands only for Gulak to fireman’s carry and gutbuster drop him! Cover, TWO!

Gulak grows frustrated but goes back to Nese with a half-straitjacket and hammerlock combo. Nese endures while Daivari likes what he sees. But Nese powers up to power Gulak to a corner! Gulak facelocks Nese but Nee denies the guillotine. Nese puts Gulak up top but Gulak kicks him away. Nese somersaults back for a SHORYUKEN! Gulak is groggy, Nese hops up for a SUPER STEINER! Fans fire up but Nese is down from landing on his own knee. The referee checks on him and both men are okay to continue. Nese fires himself up but so does Gulak. Gulak swings wilde but Nese bobs ‘n’ weaves to rock Gulak. Nese gives Gulak a cravat face buster, then a knee lift and heel kick! Gulak is up but Nese knips up!

Nese runs corner to corner for a back elbow, then keeps moving. Gulak puts him on the apron but Nese roundhouses back! Nese triangle moonsaults! Cover, TWO!! Gulak survives and Nese grows frustrated. Nese drags Gulak up for a suplex, but Gulak slips out to a dragon sleeper! Nese manages to go up and get on the apron, and he hip tosses Gulak and himself to the floor! The referee checks but again they’re okay to continue. The ring count returns and fans count along as both men stir. Gulak gets in at 5 but Nese grabs him at 6 to drag him back out. Nese throws a BIG haymaker then bumps Gulak off the apron! Nese throws Gulak into steel steps then into barriers! The Premier Athlete drags Gulak up and suplexes for a big slam to the floor!

The count passes 7 but Nese puts Gulak in at 8. Cover, TWO! Gulak flounders to a corner but Nese grits his teeth. Nese walks over but Gulak yanks him into buckles! Gulak high stacks, TWO! Gulak scoops to the dragon sleeper! But Nese slips out and things speed up! Gulak rolls and sunset flips Nese this time, high stack, TWO!! Gulak CHOPS Nese then whips, but NEse reverses and slides to pump handle! Nese lifts and throws Gulak for the driver! Cover, TWO!! Nese can’t believe Gulak lives! Nese drags Gulak to a drop zone and climbs up top. Gulak hurries up but Nese sees him coming. Nese punches Gulak then turns him around to bring him up top. Nese adjusts carefully but Gulak fights him back.

Things are risky up top but Gulak fireman’s carries Nese! Gulak has Nese for a SUPER GUT BUSTER! Cover, TWO!! Nese survives and Daivari is frustrated for Gulak. Fans rally up as Nese and Gulak stir. Gulak and Nese sit up, and Gulak SLAPS Nese! And SLAP! And SLAP! But Nese keeps getting up, and blocks the slap to fire off forearms and haymakers! Gulak hits back then runs, but into Nese’s forearm again! Nese climbs up while Gulak falls down, 450 FLOPS! Gulak stalks Nese, GuLOCK! Gulak has Nese in the middle of that ring, and even traps the free arm! Nese endures, gets that arm free, and uses ropes to turn the lock into a cover! TWO, and Nese is free to German Suplex Gulak into buckles!

Gulak’s eyes are glazed, and Nese roars as he goes side-to-side! But into a BIG clothesline! Cover, TWO!? Gulak doesn’t know how Nese survived that. Nese drags himself to the ropes while Gulak sits up. Gulak stalks Nese and Daivari is tense. Gulak dragon sleepers, then spins Nese around for a bomb lift. But Nese slips out and SUPERKICKS Gulak! Nese scoops Gulak but Gulak sunset flips, TWO! Nese gives Gulak ANOTHER German Suplex to buckles! He sits Gulak up and goes side-to-side, PREMIER KNEE! Cover, Nese wins!!

Winner: Tony Nese, by pinfall

Daivari is not happy, but he is impressed that the Premier Cruiserweight Champion survives. Nese beats Gulak again, but was the damage still done for the Persian Lion to take advantage of?



My Thoughts:

A really good episode for 205 Live while Raw and SmackDown are lagging. I am personally glad to see the Singh Brothers back in action and in the Cruiserweight Division. I felt like they were very popular as the Bollywood Boys, and would’ve gone far in this Division, if not for Vince moving them over as Jinder Mahal’s henchmen. It would’ve also been nice to see them win, too, even if they had to cheat. Their “undefeated streak” would’ve been great for them to brag about for another week or two, but oh well. Maybe they’ll still make something of themselves now that they’re back. The Kanellis attack on Kendrick was a good move for him as a Heel, and now we’ll get Tozawa VS Kanellis No DQ match as their blow-off. Being that it’s No DQ, maybe Kanellis wins this. He needs it more, to be honest.

Gallagher’s return was clearly to tease his rematch with Carrillo. That match will surely be great, since no one should interfere and they can go all-out with their styles. Then win or lose, Gallagher can settle things with Gulak down the way. The feud of Daivari and Nese may not be developing on screen, but Daivari had a good promo and Nese VS Gulak was incredible tonight. That could’ve been a title match itself, but it definitely works here because Nese needs to stay strong going towards his match with Daivari. Daivari’s room was really fancy, why don’t more superstars get those? But anyway, Nese VS Daivari is going to be great when it finally happens.

My Score: 8.4/10

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Mitchell’s WWE Raw Results & Report! (6/24/19)

Is the One and Only better than Phenomenal?



WWE Raw Cover image

It’s the Raw After Stomping Grounds!

Raw wants to kick ass and take names, too! The NEW United States Champion takes on some Phenomenal competition for the first time ever! Plus, Shane McMahon proves to be the Best Sore Loser in the World as he demands a handicap rematch with Roman Reigns!



  • 2v1 Handicap Match: Shane McMahon & Drew McIntyre VS Roman Reigns; win(s).
  • Ricochet VS AJ Styles; wins.



Let us know what you think on social media @theCHAIRSHOTcom and always remember to use the hashtag #UseYourHead!
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More From Japan


NOAH is in a tiny transition between tournaments this week. Hisame brings us the updates in preparation for the Global Junior Tag League!




NOAH is in a tiny transition between tournaments this week. Hisame brings us the updates in preparation for the Global Junior Tag League!

In between “Global Junior Tag League” ending on the 13th June, and “Global Junior Tag League” starting on the 27th June, NOAH held a small interim tour of only three days. In the past these tours would have names like “Navigation with Spirits”, “Navigation to The Future” (or my personal favorite “Navigation on Stormy Seas”), but sadly LIDET have done away with these, and now all the interim tours are simply “NOAH The Spirit”.

It should be mentioned that all the tours have had excellent attendances with full houses each night, and this has given a tremendous morale boost to NOAH.

Yoshiki Inamura and his “rival” Kinya Okada faced off on the first night in Aizu, with the more experienced Inamura picking up the win. The rest of the tour was Inamura teaming with Kongoh, and Okada having matches with seniors like Daisuke Harada & Masao Inoue.

Junta Miyawaki faced his seniors (and lost to them) starting with Hi69 in Aizu on the 19th, Naomichi Marufuji on the 22nd and Atsushi Kotoge on the 23rd. Kotoge’s unanimated lack of expression and unusual calm demeanor is starting to scare people…

Miyawaki showed his first element of defiance, by refusing to shake hands with Marufuji. It’s rare for Miyawaki to act in this way towards his seniors (I can’t imagine this happening to Misawa had he asked Marufuji for one at that age and at that point in his career, then again 2001 was a very different world).

Hitoshi Kumano had his first singles match ever with Takashi Sugiura on the 22nd June in Nagano, and said that he was so happy about facing his hero, he couldn’t sleep. Nothing was going to mute this excitement, even the fact that he lost to him.

RATELS entered into their usual squabble about Global Junior League (this happens every year, with Tadasuke threatening to poison everyone last year, but this year he yelled out to whoever was listening, that he would win), with Daisuke Harada saying he was going to win in the backstage interview. 

Naturally, this did go down well with the others, with Tadasuke walking off over it, and then coming back to point and yell at Harada that it was HIS victory that would happen.

On the 22nd June, YO-HEY lost to Yoshinari Ogawa, and Tadasuke became irate and started yelling. Harada got into the ring to try and calm the situation, but this only made Tadasuke angrier and he left (still shouting), although he later apologized and said he was disappointed.

RATELS seemed to have patched up their differences by the 23rd, but again no one wanted to trust each other, and in their post match interview, when they went to do their handshake they all jumped back into a defensive pose with their fists raised. Even HAYATA (who is in Block B), and was smirking at the others arguing with each other, joined in.

Kaito Kiyomiya, Shuhei Taniguchi (and various other partners) faced Kongoh each night. The record stands with Kiyomiya having two victories over the group in three nights, the third was when Kenoh pinned Hi69 following the foostomp.

On the final night of tour, Kaito Kiyomiya spoke on the microphone, and hinted that he and Taniguchi may team up together to take the tag belts. One of his dreams was to hold both championships.

AXIZ and The Sugiura Army also had their last three pre-matches (although Sugiura took time out to take on Hitoshi Kumano), with a elbow brawl breaking out between Shiozaki and Sugiura on the last night. Katsuhiko Nakajima seemed to have quickly shed his politeness in asking for a title match, and was photographed in the usual grinning poses over a fallen opponent.



Aizu (19th June 2019)
Post match interviews

Nagano (22nd June 2019)
Post match interviews

Takaoka (23rd June 2019)


“COME AT ME YOU BASTARDS”: Kenoh’s column (June 2019)

Kenoh’s tri-weekly column was back to talk about the Misawa Memorial show, his rants against others, his shock at Atsushi Aoki’s death, and KENTA’S return to Japanese wrestling (albeit New Japan), or as he put it “that man has returned”.

Kenoh (who says he respects KENTA, despite his rant) says that he will make NOAH a place that KENTA will want to come home to, as well as making him regret that he ever chose New Japan over “his home”. Naturally, Kenoh wouldn’t be able to keep his ire at Marufuji supporting KENTA out of it, and said that Marufuji’s message of support to him was Marufuji saying “anything to be popular”.

Both Marufuji and KENTA responded to Kenoh in different ways.

In usual talkative style, Marufuji posted a picture of Kenoh’s article with graphics over it, with a message that didn’t really translate too well but basically saying there was nothing wrong with being supportive, and hinting at a secret (and for good measure he called him “Kenoh-kun”, which he knows will wind him up)

KENTA, in usual quiet style, made no comment, and simply posted a picture of the column to his Instagram story.


~ Go Shiozaki got stuck in his jacket
~ YO-HEY wouldn’t let HAYATA leave during the post match interview in Aizu
~ Hitoshi Kumano said he is aiming to have a body that does not lose to the heavyweights, but would cause havoc amongst the juniors
~ Takashi Sugiura photographed Masao Inoue at the urinal (again)
~ Yoshinari Ogawa held a training session for the roster at Takaoka, Toyama before the event started. He taught Kaito Kiyomiya and the new trainee.
~ IPW have mentioned that Daisuke Harada will be defending the IPW Junior Heavyweight title, but have said that NOAH will make the announcement.
~ Naomichi Marufuji’s search for a tag partner continues.
~ In Aizu, AXIS wore t-shirts with “AIZU” on them.
~ Hitoshi Kumano can be considered the unofficial third member of AXIZ.

Riki Choshu’s Power Hall (featuring Go Shiozaki and Yoshiki Inamura) will be broadcast live on the 26th June on Samurai at 6.30pm

The opening night of Global Junior League (Thursday 27th June 2019, Korakuen Hall) broadcast at Friday 5th July on Samurai.

“The long days of summer are just around the corner: the stories behind the famous photograph of June 2000”
Global Junior League: Mini interview with YO-HEY
Global Junior League: Mini interview with Minoru Tanaka
The Mitsuharu Misawa Memorial Ten Year Event, and “The Future of Noah”, presented by 22 year old Kaito Kiyomiya
“It’s been ten years since Mitsuharu Misawa died” ~ Keiji Mutoh’s memories

Newsletter by Hisame

Let us know what you think on social media @theCHAIRSHOTcom and always remember to use the hashtag #UseYourHead!
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