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Mitchell’s WWE Monday Night Raw Results & Report! (4/29/19)

Who will enter the Money in the Bank Ladder Matches?!



WWE Raw Cover image

Raw revs up towards Money in the Bank! Alexa Bliss will name the Red Team’s entrants for the MITB Ladder Matches, but who will they be?



  • Baron Corbin & Drew McIntyre VS Ricochet & Braun Strowman; Ricochet & Strowman win.
  • The Usos VS The Good Brothers; The Usos win.
  • Bobby Lashley VS The Miz; Lashley wins.
  • The Viking Raiders VS Lucha House Party; The Viking Raiders win.
  • Naomi VS Alexa Bliss; Naomi wins.
  • Curt Hawkins & Zack Ryder VS The Revival; Ryder & Hawkins win.
  • Rey Mysterio VS Samoa Joe; Mysterio wins.


Alexa Bliss opens Raw!

The Goddess heads to the ring as the University of Kentucky gives her a standing ovation. Alexa picks up the mic to get to business. “Welcome to a very special Moment of Bliss.” In less than three weeks, Money in the Bank will return! This event will once again have a Men’s and Women’s Money in the Bank Ladder Matches. There will be a total of 8 superstars competing over the MITB contract that guarantees a shot at the top title of their division.

And right to it, the men for Raw are… BRAUN! The Monster in the Bank wants another shot to make up for his missed opportunity against The Beast! “The man who redefines aerial combat”, Ricochet! The One and Only and Kentucky’s own is officially Team Red, but will he ascend to new heights in his first MITB match? The Scottish Terminator, Drew McIntyre! Will McIntyre hand out Claymores to take his first MITB contract? And the former Raw General Manager, former Golden Gloves winner, and… Alexa doesn’t care to list the rest, we know it’s Baron Corbin. A former Mr. MITB himself, will the Lone Wolf make up for going bankrupt before?

Corbin knows his list of accolades is quite the mouthful, but fans will surely enjoy him becoming a two-time MITB winner! Fans boo in disagreement. Ricochet brings up Corbin might be a two-time loser. The first time Corbin was Mr. MITB, he failed. Who’s talking? Oh, sorry, did mommy let Ricochet out to play? But McIntyre agrees with Ricochet. After Corbin stole McIntyre’s opportunity, what happened? “You blew it!” Last week wasn’t fair. Styles had two hours to prepare while Corbin only had an hour. No excuses! McIntyre is sick of “outside forces” getting in his way! When McIntyre wins, “the power will be in my hands!” Ricochet knows they wanna talk and pass blame, but he’s not here to talk. Then shut it!

McIntyre tells the new guy to stick to his high-flying and leave “the business talk to the grown-ups.” Otherwise, McIntyre will drop him where he stands. And then Corbin will climb the ladder and claim MITB. Yes, by stealing another of McIntyre’s wins. That’s called strategy, tough guy. Then maybe McIntyre should drop Corbin where he stands. The fans want a fight to down and Corbin tells the fans it doesn’t matter what they say, but Strowman tells Corbin to shut up! They can all talk about winning, but the reality is, there is nothing that can stop him from winning! Strowman wants a preview of MITB. A tag match: Corbin & McIntyre VS Ricochet & Strowman! And then you can #GetTheseHands now! Alexa gives these four their space, because that match looks ready to go, after the break!


Baron Corbin & Drew McIntyre VS Ricochet & Braun Strowman!

Raw returns and the match begins with Strowman and Corbin attacking him! Ricochet gets bumped out as Corbin stomps a mudhole into Strowman. Fans boo but Strowman grabs Corbin to shove him out! Corbin returns only to get scooped. Corbin escapes and boots Strowman back, but walks into a right hand! Stormwan clotheslines Corbin out and tags Ricochet. Ricochet kicks Corbin from the apron then takes him down with a moonsault! Ricochet chase Corbin back in to kick him away. Fans fire up as Ricochet springboards and clotheslines Corbin down. Corbin scurries away and tags in McIntyre.

McIntyre circles with Ricochet and they tie up. McIntyre puts Ricochet in a corner but Ricochet gets away. Ricochet throws hands but McIntyre shoves. Ricochet kicks McIntyre but runs into his arms! McIntyre pops Ricochet into a suplex but Ricochet escapes, only to get a CHOP! McIntyre seethes as he looms over Ricochet. He stomps Ricochet’s arm then drags him up for a right hand. Ricochet counter punches and runs, but into a back elbow! McIntyre tags in Corbin and McIntyre chokes Ricochet. He backs off and Corbin looms over Ricochet now. Corbin drags Ricochet and mocks the booing fans as he punches Ricochet back down.

Corbin chokes Ricochet on the ropes but lets up at 4. He argues with the ref but McIntyre keeps his hands clean. Corbin stands Ricochet up to throw body shots. He brings Ricochet out for a knee to the stomach and a half nelson chinbar. Fans rally for Ricochet, and Ricochet powers up, only to be wrangled back down. Corbin leans on Ricochet, but even Strowman rallies up for the King of Flight. Ricochet works his way up to his feet and fights out of the hold. Corbin whips but Ricochet rolls off the back to speed up and headscissor Corbin down! And dropkick him, too! Ricochet hits McIntyre away then ducks Corbin to springboard, but into a body check! Corbin is back in control while we go to break.

Raw returns and Corbin tags in. Corbin looms over Ricochet and brings him up. Fans chant “Get These Hands!” but Corbin drives elbow after elbow in. Corbin sucker punches Strowman but that only angers the Monster. The ref keeps Strowman back as Corbin stomps Ricochet out. Corbin mocks the Kentucky fans and then taunts Strowman again. Corbin puts Ricochet into a corner hard, then runs in, but Ricochet boots back! Ricochet somersaults but misses the dropkick! Corbin tosses Ricochet out and distracts the ref while McIntyre looms. But Strowman makes sure to keep him back. Corbin blindsides Strowman, but to no effect! Strowman chases Corbin down, but runs into a CLAYMORE from McIntyre! But McIntyre hits the LED’s on the way down, too.

Corbin drags Ricochet into the ring and covers, TWO! Corbin grows frustrated but he still taunts the fans. Ricochet gets to his corner but has no Monster to tag. Corbin throws body shots on Ricochet then whips him corner to corner. Tag to McIntyre and he looms over Ricochet again. McIntyre brings Ricochet up for a CHOP! Cover, TWO! McIntyre keeps on Ricochet with a half camel clutch and a grinding chinbar. McIntyre also hooks the mouth but lets up at 4. He continues to grind down Ricochet, but Ricochet endures. Ricochet powers up and fans rally behind him. Ricochet fights back but McIntyre knees low. McIntyre shoves and tilt-o-whirls Ricochet into a backbreaker! Cover, TWO! McIntyre anchors Ricochet to tag in Corbin, who mocks Ricochet over Strowman being down.

Corbin drags Ricochet up and put shim in a corner. Ricochet boots then enziguris back! Somersault shotgun dropkick hits! And Strowman’s back! Hot tag to McIntyre and the Monster! Strowman rallies on McIntyre! Corner to corner for a big corner clothesline! Then a clubbing forearm! Strowman roars and Kentucky fires up with him! Storwman runs in again but misses! He hits post, but Ricochet tags back in. Ricochet jumps over McIntyre, then mule kicks, only to get a Glasgow Kiss! McIntyre staggers back to aim again, but Corbin tags in! Corbin wants to be the glory hound all over again! He drags Ricochet up but Ricochet slips through to tag Strowman back in! McIntyre punches Corbin, Strowman scoops and tags Ricochet in. MONSTER SLAM to SHOOTING STAR! Cover, Ricochet & Strowman win!

Winners: Ricochet & Braun Strowman, Ricochet pinning

Kentucky’s actual favorite son wins alongside the Monster Among Men! But even though they celebrate now, the MITB ladder match is coming. Will one of these winners be THE winner? Or will someone else, such as one of SmackDown’s four, take the prize?


The Usos VS The Good Brothers!

Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows are back in red, but they aren’t in a mood for the Usos’ lockdown. The Good Brothers are taking over the penitentiary, because they’re #Bulletproof.

The teams sort out, and it’ll be Jey against the Machine Gun!

Anderson and Jey tie up and Jey gets the headlock. Anderson powers out but Jey runs him over with a shoulder. Jey speeds things up but blocks Anderson’s hip toss to clothesline him down. Cover, ONE! Jey tackles Anderson then tags in Jimmy. Jimmy slides and taunts Gallows before hitting Anderson with a forearm. Cover, TWO! Anderson gets to an open corner and kicks Jimmy away. Anderson bumps Jimmy on buckles then throws big haymakers. The ref counts as Anderson grinds a forearm in, but Anderson lets up on 4. Anderson puts Jimmy in the corner and tags in Gallows. Gallows mugs Jimmy then clubs Jimmy down. He whips Jimmy but Jimmy slides to uppercut back. Jimmy does a dance and CHOPS Gallows.

Jimmy throws hands in the corner but lets up at 5. Gallows punches Jey away but Jimmy hits Anderson. Jimmy baits Gallows in and dumps him out. Jimmy builds speed as fans fire up, but he runs into a big right! Gallows gets back in and throws Jimmy into the ropes! The ref reprimands Gallows but Jimmy gasps and writhes from the shot to the throat. Gallows drags Jimmy up and throws him into the ropes again! The ref can only reprimand Gallows while Jimmy gasps for air again. Fans rally for Jimmy but Gallows throws big hands. Jimmy hits back and CHOPS, too! Jimmy runs but into a BOOT! Gallows looms over Jimmy and throws up the Too Sweet. Cover, TWO!

Gallows pushes Jimmy out of the ring, and takes his time going after him. He whips Jimmy hard into barriers! The Uso Penitentiary is in bad shape while we go to break.

Raw returns as Gallows grinds down Jimmy. Jimmy fights out of the chinlock but gets thrown down. Tag to Anderson and the Good Brothers double whip. Gallows kicks and Anderson boots Jimmy down. Cover, TWO! Anderson puts on his own chinlock and Jimmy endures again. Fans rally up again, and Jimmy jawbreakers free! Jimmy runs but Anderson elbows him down. Cover, TWO! Anderson drags Jimmy up by his hair and puts him in the corner. Tag to Gallows and the Good Brothers combine for the back suplex neckbreaker! Cover, TWO! Gallows keeps on Jimmy and stomps him away from Jey. Jimmy hits the dragon whip kick! Jimmy hurries for his corner as fans rally up, hot tag to Jey and Anderson!

Jey rallies on Anderson with big lariats! Mule kick and a pop-lock uppercut! Anderson swings but misses, into the Samoan Drop! Fans fire up with Jey as he goes corner to corner for the hip attack! Cover, TWO! Jey is surprised but he doesn’t lose focus. Jey waits for Anderson to stand, but he misses the splash hard! Anderson SPINEBUSTER! Cover, TWO!! The Good Brothers are frustrated as they tag. Gallows drags Jey up and they prepare Magic Killer, but jimy saves his brother with a SUPERKICK! Gallows throws Jimmy out but Jey ducks to SUPERKICK! Tag to Jimmy, DOUBLE SUPERKICKS! Jey DIVES onto Anderson while Jimmy climbs. USO SPLASH! Cover, Usos win!

Winners: The Usos, Jimmy pinning

The Penitentiary still belongs to the Uso Brothers! But where is the never-before-seen thing they promised? The Usos pick up the mics and give respect to the Good Brothers. But those #TopGuys are talking tough. Put your kids to sleep, make sure grandma’s eyes are closed, and keep your vomit in your mouth.

The footage rolls of the Usos as they check the bathroom. The Revival is shaving each other’s backs!! Not even the twins do that for each other! “Hey, you missed a spot!” Gotteee~! But then Dash & Dawson show up and claim an invasion of privacy! They’ll clear the air with the WWE Universe. Dash & Dawson are M E N, men. Being men, they get body hair. And considering the size of his own muscles, reaching his back ain’t easy. It is just impossible, so he asks his best pal of 20+ years to help him out. Dash helps his best friend in a moment of need. They have each other’s backs. Like, literally? The Revivals are not having any jokes! They have a match with Hawkins & Ryder, and after taking those two out, they’ll come for you, Uce.

Yes, a big match, that’s good. But if you wanna run up, you gonna get dun up! Welcome to The Uso Penitentiary! Will Dash & Dawson keep focus against the Raw Tag Team Championships later tonight?


Miz TV returns to Raw!

The Most Must-See WWE Talk Show has been on SmackDown for so long, it’s finally back on the red brand! And its first guest in its return? The Rocky Mountain Machine, Bobby Lashley! All this, after the break.

Raw returns and Miz welcomes us to his talk show. It feels good to be back on Mondays! Yes, Miz is still the A-Lister, star of Miz & Mrs, and one of the most decorated WWE champions of all time, but this is a new chapter. He’s ready for new matches and new guests. So please give a standing ovation to the “All Mighty” Bobby Lashley! Lashley walks to the ring and takes a seat with Miz. The fans boo, to Miz’s surprise. Miz welcomes Lashley and says he looks great. But Lashley interrupts Miz because Lashley has seen Miz TV before. Lashley sets some ground rules: he will only answer the questions he likes to answer. And he speaks in the third person now? Lashley says Miz needs to watch his tone.

Well then, Lashley, you must be wondering why Miz invited you here. Miz thought that no one else would be better for his first guest on Raw. Lashley is probably the most physically gifted wrestler in the WWE, yet it doesn’t seem like he’s put it all together. This is not an insult, it’s just that some wonder if Lashley is reaching his full potential. People wanna talk Lashley’s potential? Lashley has only been back for one year but he’s a two-time Intercontinental Champion. What has Miz done in the past year? What has Miz done? Lashley wants to go stat-for-stat? Well the old Miz would’ve brought up his full list of 8-time Intercontinental, 7-time tag team, two-time United States and WWE World Champion. Check the wiki! He’d be here for a very long time.

Kentucky cheers Miz on but Miz says no one is questioning Miz’s potential. Miz is an overachiever, have you seen Maryse? But Miz did all that without any of Lashley’s athletic abilities. Well that’s what Miz has done. But let’s talk about Wrestlemania. Shane put a whooping on Miz and Miz’s dad. Shane punched “baked potato” George, and what did Miz do? He screwed up. NO wonder his dad thniks he’s worthless. Miz fires off on Lashley! But Lashley powers him into a corner for shoulder after shoulder! Miz hits back and boots Lashley down! Lashley bails out and Miz throws chairs at him! Miz is all fired up, but will he stack up to the All Mighty?


Bobby Lashley VS The Miz!

Raw returns and Lashley has Miz in a chinbar. Miz fights his way up and out as Kentucky rallies. Lashley knees low and puts Miz on the ropes. Lashley suplexes Miz up and holds him there before throwing him down. Cover, TWO! Fans jeer as Lashley looms over Miz. Lashley waits for Miz to sit up before scooping him. Miz slips out and boots him from a corner. Miz puts Lashley in a corner for IT Kicks! He goes corner to corner for big knees! Then again for more knees! Miz goes a third time, but here comes the money~! Shane distracts Miz with his entrance, but Miz still dodges and clotheslines Lashley out.

Miz wrecks Lashley with a dropkick and keeps his eyes on Shane as he puts Lashley back in. Shane leaves so Miz goes to the apron. But Shane runs back in! Miz dodges Lashley and slides under for a sunset flip. TWO but Miz kicks low for the low DDT! Cover, TWO! Shane looms around the ring but Miz gives Lashley more It Kicks! Shane gets closer and cues something up? The titantron shows Papa Miz’s face! Miz swings on Shane but gets a SPEAR from Lashley! Cover, Lashley wins!

Winner: Bobby Lashley, by pinfall

The All Mighty gets the win but the Money is what did it. Shane celebrates with Lashley and then Lashley lets Shane toy with The Miz. Shane kicks and punches Miz, but Miz tackles Shane! Miz fires off on Shane but Lashley pulls Miz off. Lashley SPINEBUSTERS Miz down! Shane gets serious as he takes off his jacket. Shane kicks Miz while he’s down and then grounds ‘n’ pounds as fans boo. Miz can’t defend himself as Shane reels him into another triangle hold! He makes Miz look at Papa Miz’s face! Shane feels proud of himself as he chokes Miz out.

Shane sits Miz up as he grabs a mic. “It’s too bad you’re unconscious right now. But just remember this: I am the Best in the World!” Shane leaves Miz down and out, but will Miz come back for revenge soon enough?


The Viking Raiders VS Lucha House Party!

Erik and Ivar conquered NXT and now they’ll conquer Raw! Their raid has only just begun, but the fiesta fights back! Kailst, Lince Dorado and Gran Metalik topple them down, then double DIVE to wipe them out! “Lucha! Lucha!” echoes out but the Vikings regroup. Will Kalisto and his amigos regret angering these war machines?

Ivar starts against the Lucha Dragon with the bell, but he misses as he rushes in. Kalisto kicks away then tags in Metalik. The King of the Ropes kicks Ivar then springboard missile dropkicks. Ivar stays on his feet so Metalik chops and whips. But Ivar reverses, and cartwheels to avoid the handspring! Ivar CLOBBERS Metalik! Tag to Erik, and he drags Metalik up for big knees. Erik keeps on Metalik with a standing armlock. Fans rally and duel as Metalik fights out. Tag to Ivar and the Vikings double suplex. Metalik slips out to tag in Kalisto! Kalisto springboards up and over both Vikings, but Erik catches him. Erik tosses then throws Kalisto down! Erik officially tags back in and Ivar attacks Metalik! Ivar feeds Metalik to Erik’s shotgun knees! Erik uses Ivar as the human weapon, hip attack!

Kalisto drags himself up but Erik tags Ivar back in. The Vikings target Kalisto, for THOR’S HAMMER! Cover, The Viking Raiders win!

Winners: The Viking Raiders, Ivar pinning

Lucha House Party feels the Viking Experience, but Lince fights back! Lince chops away, but runs into another combo, the springboard lariat German Suplex! The Vikings are ready to raid Raw, who will be next on their warpath?


Alexa Bliss returns!

The Moment of Bliss continues as Alexa sits on her set. She announced the men for the MITB Ladder Match, but now it’s time for the women. Raw’s female superstars will be… The Queen of Harts, Natalya! Natty takes her seat on set and thanks Alexa for that incredible intro. She’s never been Raw Women’s Champion, but after becoming Ms. MITB, it’ll change. Yes, okay, but on with the announcements. Another first-time MITB competitor, Dana Brooke! Dana is herself honored, and excited, for this opportunity. She says this will be her chance to jump to the front of the line. She isn’t gonna wait her turn! Is Dana saying Natty and others are holding her back? Well no offense, but Natty’s been given any opportunity. FYI starting with “no offense” usually means it’s meant to offend.

Dana still defends that Natty’s been given far more opportunities. Natty says she’s earned her shots. Alexa keeps the two from fighting, and says we need to move on. So if they could take the argument off the set, that’d be great. Moving on, the newest addition to Monday Night Raw, it’s Naomi! A two-time champion in her own right, it’s time to #FeelTheGlow! Naomi is ready for her first taste of the Raw title. She vows to climb her MITB contract, and target whoever the champion is with “all this glow.” Dana and Natty both protest that this is their time, but Alexa again has to interrupt them. “You guys are worse than the men, okay?” For shame! They’re interrupting her show, and an important moment for this fourth woman.

These three were very fortunate, so this fourth woman is probably hoping and praying for this opportunity. This isn’t just about Alexa’s show, but about this fourth woman. And that fourth woman is… ALEXA! Yay for her! Now all three women are upset about this. But anyway, Alexa tells the other three to leave so the future two-time Goddess in the Bank can have the spotlight. Well why don’t we give the fans another preview tonight? Naomi VS Alexa, right here and now. Alexa would, she really would. But she don’t want to. And she’s not dressed! Well Naomi is pretty sure she could beat Alexa no matter what, Ms. former MITB. Maybe she’s not as good as she thinks. Alexa decides to take Naomi up on the challenge after all. Will the Goddess #FeelTheGlow long before MITB?


Firefly Fun House returns~!

Bray Wyatt is back and now he’s painting! “Bonjour!” He loves to paint, because painting is a way to express any suppressed feelings. “When you’re expressing yourself, no one can ever truly hurt you.” But wait, who is this little bunny friend? It’s Ramblin’ Rabbit! And would he like to see the painting? Yes! Bray shows us all his painting of… a burning shed! With Abby inside… (the one Orton burned) Speaking of Abby, she says this is NO time for games! She woke up in a bad mood~! Ramblin’ Rabbit leaves while Abby scolds Bray. He hasn’t learned his lesson, did he? Take it easy, Abby, that’s the past. And he is sorry for what he did. The kids forgive him, right? Yeah~!

Fine. Just keep it down while Abby is resting. Yes, yes, shh. Abby the Witch is a… “sociopath”. Ramblin’ Rabbit returns. That’s the word of the day, right? Yes, that’s right! Sociopath is the word of the day! Well that’s all the time we have for today. Aww… But remember, little fireflies. He’ll light the way, and you just have to let him in. See you next time~! Bye~! Yay~!



Naomi VS Alexa Bliss!

As promised, the match is set, even with Alexa not in wrestling gear! Can she still keep up with one of the most athletic women on the roster? Or has she just put her foot in her mouth instead?

Raw returns and Alexa uses ropes for defense while she adjusts her shoes. Naomi rolls her up, TWO! Alexa says she needs a time-out for her shoes! Naomi KICKS Alexa on the leg! Then brings her in for a buckle bulldog! Alexa staggers into a roundhouse, then Naomi steps up for the twerk attack! She kicks Alexa down and hits the sliding lariat. Naomi keeps moving for the split-leg leg drop! Cover, TWO! Alexa shoves Naomi away but Naomi comes back, only to get a flapjack! Alexa finally gets to tie her shoes, then kicks on Naomi. She bumps Naomi off buckles then sits her down for a mudhole stomp. Alexa shouts at the ref that she knows how to count!

Alexa brings Naomi up for a snapmare into a chinlock. Naomi endures as fans rally. Alexa grinds Naomi down but Naomi refuses to give up. Naomi powers her way up but Alexa wrangles her back down. Fans still rally and Naomi arm-drags out. Naomi kicks away and lights Alexa up! But Alexa catches her for an STO! Cover, ONE! ALexa grows frustrated, but also because her shoes won’t behave. Alexa chokes Naomi on the ropes but lets up at 4. She comes back for more then lets up at 4 again. Naomi gasps while Alexa brings her up. Alexa taunts Naomi but Naomi cradles her! TWO, and Alexa kicks Naomi down. Alexa drags Naomi up for a cravat. She powers Naomi down but fans rally up again.

Naomi continues to endure as she powers her way back up. Naomi fights out with body shots and scoops Alexa. Alexa slips out but gets a kick. Alexa denies the buckle bulldog this time, then throws Naomi down by her hair. The ref reprimands Alexa but Alexa kicks Naomi while she’s down. Alexa laughs as she throws Naomi around. Alexa taunts and mocks Naomi before she covers, TWO! Naomi gets up and fights back with body shots. Alexa knees Naomi then dumps her out. She has to tie her shoes again, but she still kicks Naomi back out. Naomi gets up and hits Alexa first, then slingshot sunset flips! TWO, but leaping jawbreaker knocks Alexa down!

Naomi drags Alexa and the shoes come right off! Alexa throws Naomi into the buckles! Alexa goes back for her shoes, but gets a Rear View! But that’s not all, Starship Pain! Cover, Naomi wins!

Winner: Naomi, by pinfall

The Goddess goes down because of an unorthodox wardrobe malfunction! Will Alexa be better prepared, and dressed, for her return to the MITB Ladder match? Or will another woman ascend and pull down that contract?


Backstage interview with Rey Mysterio and Dominique.

People are speculating that this has been the most challenging stretch of Rey’s career. At Wrestlemania, Samoa Joe made Mysterio submit in under a minute. Yes, and then Lars Sullivan attacked him during the Superstar Shake-Up. Mysterio knows he lives in a world of giants, but he has to keep getting up after being knocked down. Mysterio feels like he let everyone down at Mania, but that was the past. He’ll move ahead and prove he’s better than that. Dominique has his father’s back, but will the King of Lucha Libre be able to get even with the Destroyer?


Becky Lynch is here!

The Man has two titles, but she also has two challengers for two matches at the MITB PPV! What will she have to say about the double header she put herself in? That’ll be after the break.

Raw returns again, and Charly interviews her even as Kentucky cheers. Becky made a decision that is “impulsive” and risky. Charlotte Flair again became #1 contender to the SmackDown Women’s Championship, but it was the Champ-Champ who decided to add that match to MITB. Fans love “Becky Two Belts!” but it has to be asked: Why? The fans seem to be answering that for themselves. But Becky says this isn’t impulsive. There are two options: try and protect all that she has, or she can just fight them all. And Becky only knows how to fight. But by defending two belts in one night, that reduces the odds- Does anyone think Becky would be here today if she cared about odds?

Look back a year ago. No one thought Becky would main-event Wrestlemania, but she did. Kentucky continues to show its love as Becky says that a month ago, the Baddest Woman on the Planet was unbeaten, and many thought she was unbeatable, until Becky beat her to become #BeckyTwoBelts. Her whole career has been a long shot, but nothing has been by accident. Becky ran her mouth about Charlotte holding things hostage, so Becky isn’t ever gonna do that, even if she’s at a disadvantage. So we can talk impulses and odds, but just know this: Becky didn’t make history by dodging people, she did it by beating them. She’ll gladly take on both opponents.

Charlotte has that championship DNA, but Becky still has her number. As for Lacey Evans, “that plank” is a great athlete with a strong right hand, but she made a mistake in punching someone who like sit. Who knows where Lacey is, but Becky will tell her where and when that beating is coming: MITB! Charly respects that, but has to bring up the times the Woman’s Right has laid Becky out. In fact, just last week, Lacey used two to keep Becky down. Fans boo seeing the replay, but Becky has to point out this isn’t so much a preview as a reminder. Sorry, “Chuck”, but Becks will take it from here. Becky calls out Lacey that if she’s not too busy, let’s have some payback! Becky wants to remind Lacey who she’s dealing with!

Fans are fired up for Becky, but here comes the Sassy Southern Belle! Lacey tells Becky, “Well isn’t it just like a man to want what he wants when he wants it.” That Irish temper is bubbling up, honey. Lacey keeps her manners, but she did warn Becky not to let emotion get the best of her. Seems Becky didn’t listen, so no more talk. Lacey rushes Becky and the brawl is on at ringside! Becky gives as good as she gets, but referees rush to keep them apart! Becky rams Lacey into the apron but the refs pull them apart. But they both get loose to brawl again! Lacey throws knees while Becky throws haymakers, but security comes out to keep them back. Except Becky still gets loose! Becky and Lacey scrap around the corner but the refs and security still get them apart.

Kentucky wants to “Let Them Fight!” and we get another collision! The scrap falls down and the two are separated again. Becky gets up on the apron while Lacey goes up the ramp. This battle is coming, will the Model Soldier be more than even the Champ-Champ bargained for?


Curt Hawkins & Zack Ryder VS The Revival!

The Major Brothers are golden again after defeating the #TopGuys at Wrestlemania, but that just means the fights get harder. Will they turn away Dash & Dawson in this non-title rematch? Or will the Revival #SayYeah to redemption?

Raw returns as The Revival makes their entrance. Teams sort out, and Hawkins starts against Dash with the bell. They tie up right away and Hawkins gets a headlock. He gets the takeover but Dash headscissors. Hawkins pops out and dares Dash to bring it. Dash runs in but Hawkins speeds things up to dropkick Dash down. Cover, ONE, but Hawkins keeps on Dash. Tag to Ryder and Hawkins whips Dash out to trip him up. Hawkins bounces Dash off the apron for Ryder to wreck him with a dropkick! Ryder drags Dash up and in but has to keep Dawson back. Dash goes after Ryder and tags in Dawson. Dawson gets a cheap shot in and Dash dropkicks Ryder down. Dawson covers, TWO! He keeps on Ryder with a leg drop, elbow drop and falling headbutt. Dawson back suplexes Ryder down, but notices the fans chant, “Shave Your Back!”

The Revival tune out the jeers as Dawson drops a knee. Cover, ONE, but Dawson stomps Ryder’s hand. Tag to Dash and Dawson feeds Ryder to Dash’s knees. Dash throws European Uppecuts and CHOPS! Dash mocks Ryder before stomping him to ropes. Tag to Dawson, and the Revival drop toehold Ryder for the elbow drop. Cover, TWO! Hawkins reaches for Ryder but Dawson keeps on Ryder with a seated stretch. Fans still taunt with “Shave Your Back!” as Dawson fish hooks Ryder’s face. Dawson lets up to go for the chinbar, but Ryder fights his way up. Ryder pushes for his corner but Dawson sends him out first. Dawson mocks the fans as he fires off forearms and kicks. Dawson goes at Hawkins but it’s so Dash can get a cheap shot in! Dash tags in and becomes human weapon, leg drop! Cover, TWO!

The Revival keep their cool while Dash keeps between Ryder and Hawkins. Fans rally as Ryder takes haymakers. Dash puts on a keylock, but Ryder endures. Ryder fights up but Dash brings him around for a suplex. Ryder lands on his feet for a neckbreaker! Both men are down but crawling, hot tag to Dawson! Dawson hits Hawkins but Ryder shoves Dawson. Dawson hits Ryder head to head, then falls onto the cover. TWO into Ryder’s ghost pin! Ryder & Hawkins win!!

Winners: Zack Ryder & Curt Hawkins, Ryder pinning

The underdog champions pull out the win! Will the Major Brothers continue on this new streak? Or will the #TopGuys get back at them and The Usos in time?


Backsatge interview with The Miz.

Obviously it’s been a rough night after what Shane and Lashley did to him. What’s his response? “He really is the Best in the World, isn’t he?” Shane continues to drag Miz’s father into this. But at MITB, Miz vows to keep things in the ring. And it will be in a STEEL CAGE! Will Shane accept this challenge? Or will he find a way to twist it to his advantage?


Sami Zayn is here!

The Underdog from the Underground has deemed himself the prosecutor of the WWE Universe, but it’s also been more like he’s the persecutor. Sami says he was kind enough last week to share his life with us. He wants to clarify: the joy he’s been experiencing isn’t just from those lovely trips. It’s because he did a lot of soul-searching and deep introspection. Sami had a lot of time to rekindle his love of history and sociology and psychology, “things that make us understand the human condition.” It really helped him make sense of “you people”. In fact there’s one concept that really applies: “entitlement”. Sami made sure to dumb it down for Kentucky, but the point being is that it is a “general belief that one deserves more or is entitled to more than others.”

Does that sound familiar? Fans boo but that must be because it hits close to home. It’s almost not your fault, but it is. For years, the WWE Universe was fed the lie that the customer is always right. There are any number of reasons, mostly social-economical, but he won’t explain it here because no one in Kentucky could ever understand it. “We both know I’m right.” But the point is, the fans think that what they feel is correct, and whatever they want should just be given to them! And when they don’t get that, when they want it, how they want it, they throw a tantrum! Like last week, Sami was flying home at 4 in the morning, and some little boy asks for Sami to sign one of the Sami Zayn action figures. Naturally, Sami said no. The boy burst into tears and cried to daddy.

Did that make Sami feel good? Fans think so, but that says more about them than him. It made Sami sick, because at no more than 5 years old, this boy thinks he’s owed something! Sami didn’t owe that boy something, and he doesn’t owe anyone here a damn thing! Sami has been more than generous. Three shoulder surgeries and 17 years of classics has been pretty good. So from now on, the fans get what Sami chooses to give them. “That is the new dynamic of this relationship”. Fans accept whatever Sami is willing to give. Sami laughs, because people are attacking him. “If you don’t like the WWE, just quit!” Is that what fans what Sami to do?

Well believe Sami that when he says quitting WWE would be AMAZING! But what is even better than that is coming out here, week after week, and holding the fans all accountable for their actions! Sami is having more fun coming out week after week to critique the critics! The fans are drunk with power and no one has stood up to them. But Sami will take the power back! Sami drops the mic, but if he’s not going to give fans what they want, how will he ever get a title match?


Rey Mysterio VS Samoa Joe!

The Wrestlemania One-Minute Win was a low point for the King of Lucha Libre, as he himself puts it. But can he make up for it by getting a win on the WWE United States Champion?

Raw returns again, and Joe speaks. “Now Rey, I managed to watch that segment earlier”, it was very touching. But while Dominique says he loves Rey, his actions say something different. That boy is ashamed of his father! In fact, if Mysterio were any decent father, he’d get Dominique a mask to hide his shame. But tonight, masks won’t save Mysterio. AJ Styles used Mysterio to steal Joe’s opportunity, so for both their transgressions, “there will be a reckoning.” If you thought what happened at Mania was bad, tonight will pale in comparison. Mysterio makes his entrance, and this rematch begins!

Joe runs at Mysterio and kicks him down. Joe clubs away then drags Mysterio up. Mysterio fights back with forearms, but Joe knees low. Joe throws Mysterio out hard, then builds speed, but Mysterio gets in the ring first. Joe bails out of the dive and Mysterio dropkicks him away. Mysterio leaps from the apron for a seated senton! Fans fire up as Mysterio refreshes the count and builds speed. Mysterio slides, but onto knees! Joe looms over Mysterio as we go to break.

Raw returns and Mysterio fights Joe off with fists and kicks! Mysterio runs and kicks again, but then runs into a powerslam! Cover, TWO! Joe grows frustrated, but he stalks Mysterio to the ropes. Joe kicks Mysterio away from the ropes then sits him up for a neck wrench. Mysterio endures as Joe leans on Mysterio and fans rally up. Mysterio kicks free but Joe stomps him down. Joe runs but misses the back senton! Mysterio gets to the apron and to a corner. Mysterio springboards and hits another seated senton! He keeps moving and dropkicks Joe’s legs out! Mysterio kicks away then springboards again, but Joe catches him! Only for Mysterio to make it a DDT! Cover, TWO!

Joe survives but he’s shaking out cobwebs. Joe puts Mysterio in a corner but gets a boot. Mysterio ducks under and tilt-o-whirls Joe into buckles! Mysterio gives Joe a 619 to the stomach! He climbs up for a flying headscissors! Joe is back on the ropes, and Mysterio dials up another 619, but Joe blocks it! Into the Coquina Clutch! But Mysterio slips out and kicks back! Mysterio runs in, but Joe throws him down with the urenage! Joe grins as he drags Mysterio up and around for another, but Mysterio tilt-o-whirls for a high stack! Mysterio wins!!

Winner: Rey Mysterio, by pinfall

Joe is SHOCKED! But Mysterio celebrates with Dominique! With a win over the WWE United States Champion, will Mysterio make the tiebreaker with Joe for the title? Who walks away from round three with the belt?


Michael Cole is in the ring to preside over the WWE Universal Championship Contract Signing!

Two of the best performers in this generation clash for the first time in the WWE! First, the #1 contender, the Phenomenal AJ Styles makes his entrance! Then the champion himself, the Beastslayer and Universal Champion, Seth Rollins, makes his entrance! Each man takes their seat as Cole asks Styles what it would mean to win the title and further cement his legacy. Well that’s the whole reason Styles is on Raw! Styles had a great time with two amazing years making SmackDown the House That AJ Styles Built. But this is Raw! This is where the craziest fans are! And Styles has always liked Rollins. They’ve known each other many years, and Rollins is a good guy, but he has what Styles wants.

Both men know that when they want something bad enough, each of them will do whatever it takes to get it. But like Styles said, “winners find a way”, and Rollins is a winner because he is Universal Champion. But again, they’ve known each other many years. How many times was it said that Rollins would be the new Styles? Many times. Rollins is stronger, faster, and younger, but the truth is, he will never be Phenomenal. Rollins admits Styles is right. There is only ever one AJ Styles. And Rollins never wanted to be the next AJ Styles. Rollins has only ever wanted to be the first “Seth Freakin’ Rollins”. He appreciates Styles’ enthusiasm, but this is not the House AJ Styles Built, but #MondayNightRollins. Rollins respects Styles’ run on SmackDown, but he’ll need to be better than Phenomenal in order to win.

Styles knows how much that title means to Rollins. He knows what Rollins had to get through to get it. And wasn’t he obsessed being the thoroughbred workhorse? But at what cost? How is Rollins holding up? Styles knows the fans want to see them “Burn It Down!” and promises they will. And then Styles will be the one to build it back up. But back to Rollins’ condition, Styles asks because his “brotherhood” isn’t here to help anymore. They aren’t around to hold him up. Styles doesn’t want to insult Rollins. Rollins went through Hell at Mania. But it seems Rollins might not have much left.

As for Styles, he’s ready to go now! His new shirt is “Never Rest, Never Rust”, because Styles is the bulldog nipping at Rollins’ heel. The dog is gonna sink his teeth in and not let go until he’s standing over Rollins as the new Universal Champion. Styles signs his part of the contract, and Rollins will spell things out for Styles. There are a lot of parallels between them, but there are a lot of differences, too. Styles likes to build things up, but Rollins likes to #BurnItDown. Their stories are similar but there is one thing that Rollins did that Styles didn’t: he beat Brock Lesnar. Rollins beat Lesnar to be the one holding the belt while Styles is just trying to take it.

Styles wants to know how Rollins is feeling? Ask Lesnar because Rollins was at his best. Rollins will also be at his best at MITB when he beats Styles. Rollins signs his part of the contract, and Cole clears out as Styles snatches the belt from Rollins! Styles gives it back, and offers a handshake. Rollins simply holds the belt up over his head. This is as close as he’ll get, according to Styles, but then Styles sucker punches Rollins! Styles clobbers Rollins but Rollins hits back! Rollins kicks Styles out of the ring! And DIVES, too! Rollins is all fired up! Styles started the fight, but will Rollins be the one to finish it? Styles hits back! And Phenomenal Forearm puts them both through the table!! But it’s Styles who gets up first! Will this be the same result after this WWE dream match?



My Thoughts:

For a lot of the hype going into this Raw, this wasn’t quite all it was cracked up to be. I appreciate WWE streamlining the process of the MITB Ladder entrants, but they more or less copy-pasted how the segments went down. Superstars are named, they talk their part, and a match happens. I do appreciate Alexa Bliss pointed out how the women weren’t doing anything the men weren’t tonight, and she did a halfway decent job selling the “surprise” of her being in the Women’s MITB match. Of course, it was almost obvious when it was announced she’d be making these announcements, so maybe it should’ve been ladies first. Either way, the men’s tag was good, and it was good to see McIntyre turn on Corbin as minor comeuppance before Strowman & Ricochet won.

Alexa VS Naomi had a good idea with the shoes being pivotal, but the execution felt as sloppy as the laces. It was good for Naomi to win, but I felt like Alexa should’ve won after that shoe spot just so she’d more or less back up her words. There’s time for Naomi to get her back before MITB so Alexa’s luck and opportunistic nature should’ve given her the advantage. Plus, I don’t see a Raw superstar winning the Women’s MITB given Becky’s double header. Becky and Lacey had a great segment with a great brawl that finally gets Lacey looking legit. Becky will still win against Lacey, and her match with Charlotte will be close, and as I said before, whether Becky wins or loses to Charlotte, a SmackDown Ms. MITB will likely be something Becky has to watch for. Maybe Bayley for a fresh rivalry.

Good to see the Good Brothers back on TV, but it seems it’ll be par for the course. The Usos VS The Revival is another fresh rivalry, but Vince’s influence is already making it stale. Vince takes that same adolescent humor from “AoPP” and puts it into “Shave Your Back!” #TopGuys, not to mention the jokester Jimmy & Jey exposing it all. And while the Viking Raiders kept that name and their individual names, I refuse to think of their moves as anything remotely near “Viking Experience”. How is Raw supposed to have a good tag division if Vince is undercutting it at every turn?

Though I suppose this only proves Sami right: fans feel entitled to their wants. Sami is the personification of that concept, where Vince will do what he wants no matter what we think, or whether our ideas are better. I really hope if Sami goes for a fourth week, someone interrupts him. Don’t get me wrong, Sami delivered his promo perfectly, but you can only go so far before he has to fight. Miz had a good match and segment with Lashley and Shane, and I like that Miz took the initiative to call out Shane for a Steel Cage match. I just hope there’s a way Miz can even the odds when Shane seems to have Lashley on his side. Maybe MITB can give us a crossover where Elias helps Shane and Roman helps Miz out, regardless of Roman winning against Elias in their own match.

Obviously Mysterio VS Joe was a much better and longer match tonight, but the Adpocalypse that was going on really killed how it felt at home. It’s great Mysterio wins, and that US Championship rematch can go either way, but it was hard to be as excited when we only just got back from break, he wins, and we go right back to break. As for the contract signing, great to see Styles turn Heel and it was great to see that table spot to end the brawl, but I don’t get the motivation of Styles asking how Rollins feels. Both guys go pretty all out in their matches, and Styles being the older, wouldn’t he be the one feeling worse for wear? Either way, these two will have a killer match that could go either way, but Heel Styles hopefully means Club Reborn.

My Score: 8/10

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