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Mitchell’s WWE NXT Results & Report! (4/10/19)

It’s the NXT After TakeOver!



NXT cover image

NXT continues to take over New York! Witness all the fallout of the FIVE championship matches! Plus, The Street Profits VS Aichner & Barthel in tag action!



  • Candice LeRae VS Aliyah w/ Vanessa Borne; LeRae wins.
  • Danny Burch w/ Oney Lorcan VS Jaxson Ryker w/ The Forgotten Sons; Ryker wins.
  • The Street Profits VS Fabian Aichner & Marcel Barthel; The Street Profits win.


NXT took over New York!

And in the wise words of Mauro Ranello, “MAMMA MIA!” From the Tag Team to North American Championships, to the United Kingdom to the Women’s Championships, to THE NXT Championship in 2-out-of-3 Falls, New York was thunderous for the action bell to bell. Johnny Gargano reigns as Johnny Triple Crown, and his new reign ushers in a new era! What’s next for NXT?


Witness the debut of a NEW NXT Theme Song!

It is All Out Life by Slipknot!

Does this new theme’s intensity foreshadow things to come?


Candice LeRae VS Aliyah w/ Vanessa Borne!

Johnny Wrestling was victorious at TakeOver, but will Mrs. Wrestling finally make her way up the mountain against one half of Borne Bougie?

The bell rings and the fans are strongly behind Candice. Aliyah is annoyed by that and she circles with Candice. They tie up and Aliyah headlocks then shifts to a hammerlock to a takedown to another headlock to then just claw Candice all catty. Aliyah doesn’t take Candice serious but Candice ties up with her again. Candice arm-drags Aliyah then storms up to her. Aliyah gets to the apron for safety, then shoulders Candice away. Aliyah climbs and demands Brooklyn cheer. The fans boo Bougie instead, and Aliyah jumps down into Candice’s dropkick! Aliyah bails out and regroups with Vanessa, but Candice builds speed. Candice baseball slides but Aliyah and Vanessa get clear. Aliyah throws Candice back in but Candice spins to kick Aliyah!

Candice puts Aliyah in but Vanessa starts trouble. Vanessa backs off and Aliyah yanks Candice into ropes! Aliyah then drags Candice in to bump her off the mat. Aliyah runs and drops knees, and Candice scrambles to a corner. Candice stands but Aliyah stomps a mudhole into her. Aliyah stops at 4 and throws Candice down again. Cover, TWO, but Aliyah’s on Candice with a straitjacket stretch. Fans rally up and Candice endures. Candice powers up and arm-drags out. Candice dodges Aliyah in the corner but Aliyah is on her with another straitjacket! Aliyah can’t get Candice down and Candice bumps her into buckles. Candice whips but Aliyah slides to boot Candice down! Cover, TWO! Aliyah grows furious and covers again, TWO!

Vanessa is furious along with Aliyah, but Aliyah keeps focus as she stalks Candice. Aliyah drags Candice up to SLAP her! Candice glares, then blocks the kick to boot Aliyah down! Candice rallies and fires up, and hits a back elbow to snapmare in the corner. Aliyah crawls, Candice uses her as a step stool for a senton! Fans fire up with Candice more as she hits a neckbreaker on Aliyah. Candice runs, springboards, LIONSAULT! Cover, Candice wins!

Winner: Candice LeRae, by pinfall

Lady LeRae comes away with her first win in awhile, but she proved to Borne Bougie that she’s not easy pickings. Will Candice continue this win streak to finally get at that NXT Women’s Championship?


NXT shares Velveteen Dream’s backstage video from Wrestlemania.

“The Dream is doing it on WrestleMania Week. But not just any dream. The NXT North American Champion.” The same man who handled the spotlight with ease at TakeOver. Oh look, it’s Buddy Murphy, a guy who couldn’t handle the spotlight and just lost his Cruiserweight Championship. What’s that? Nothing, just saying that’s the face of a man who lost. Buddy Murphy says his is the face of a man who stole the show, but Dream counters by saying he and Matt Riddle stole the show. Just watch it on the WWE Network. By the way, where’s Murphy’s title again?

But speaking of titles, it seems this video got the attention of William Regal, and now Buddy Murphy will return to NXT to challenge Velveteen Dream for that North American Championship! Will the Juggernaut rebound from losing to the Premier Athlete? Or will the unstoppable be stopped by The Experience?


WWE and NXT share exclusive footage of Kushida’s contract signing!

General Manager William Regal and COO Triple H were present as the former NJPW star and IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion officially joins the NXT roster by putting pen to paper. This was a big day for everyone, and this was a long-sought-after signing to get one of the best. HHH is very excited to have the Time Splitter here, and Kushida thanks them all for this opportunity to be part of the best brand today. Kushida signs, HHH signs, and Regal signs. And it is done! They shake hands, pose for pictures, and now it’s only a matter of time! When will Kushida make his in-ring debut? And how high will he go?


Danny Burch w/ Oney Lorcan VS Jaxson Ryker w/ The Forgotten Sons!

The Boston Brawler fell to the glaring gunner, but perhaps the British Brawler will have better luck. Can Burch make Ryker #StayForgotten? Or will Ryker continue to #DoUntoOthers in his forgotten winning streak?

The bell rings and Burch shotgun dropkicks Ryker to a corner! Then he headbutts him! Cover, ONE, but Burch stays on Ryker with clubbing forearms. Ryker shoves Burch but Burch comes back with CHOPS! Burch adds a clothesline but Ryker blocks the kick. Ryker powers Burch all the way to the opposite corner but Burch elbows back. Burch hops up but Ryker yanks him off! Ryker drops ax handles on Burch over and over, then drags him up for a whip. Ryker runs Burch over with an elbow! Cover, TWO! Ryker drags Burch up for a big back suplex! Fans boo as Ryker goes up for a falling headbutt! Cover, TWO! Lorcan is relieved for Burch but Ryker looms over Burch.

Ryker hooks Burch’s face but fans tell him “You Suck!” He ignores it as he drops heavy knees on Burch. Ryker drags Burch up and shoves him into a sleeper hold, but Burch jawbreakers free! Burch staggers up to CHOP away on Ryker. Burch throws forearms then runs, but Ryker stays up from the clothesline. Ryker does stagger to a corner, though, and Burch hits a clothesline and kick! Burch hops up and leaps for a missile dropkick! And then a nip up! Fans fire up with The Governah, but Steve Cutler & Wesley Blake go to distract! Burch gets rid of them fast, and Lorcan LEAPS in to take them out!

Burch goes back to Ryker, but Ryker scoops! Ryker throws but Burch lands out and reels Ryker into a cradle! TWO!! Ryker double ax handles Burch down then drags him back up for a roaring CHOKE SLAM!! Cover, Ryker wins!

Winner: Jaxson Ryker, by pinfall

The undefeated gunner puts Burch away with the Widowmaker, but he’s not done there! He clamps on, but Lorcan comes in to CHOP away! Cutler & Blake get CHOPS, too! But Ryker gives the Forgotten Sons the numbers advantage and they stomp Lorcan & Burch out. Cutler & Blake feed Lorcan to Ryker’s ax handles! The Forgotten Sons are savage, but will they be #ForgottenNoMore?


Exclusive footage of Shayna Baszler’s interview after her NXT Women’s Championship match.

The Queen of Spades stands victorious with her fellow MMA Horsewomen, Jessamyn Duke & Marina Shafir. Shayna retained in a Fatal 4 Way against Bianca Belair, Kairi Sane & Io Shirai, “defying the odds”. What does this huge victory mean? That it doesn’t matter how many come at her, she’ll take them all out and never lose this title. Shayna is confident as ever, but will there come a time when someone does dethrone the Queen of Spades?


Exclusive footage of Pete Dunne’s interview after his WWE United Kingdom Championship.

The Bruiserweight called out the Ring General, went to the limit with the Ring General, but ultimately lost to the Ring General to no longer be WWE UK Champion. Dunne had that belt for almost two years, what is his reaction to not having it? “There will be a rematch.” When and where will Dunne get a second shot at Walter and at being a two-time WWE UK Champion?


Exclusive footage of the Undisputed Era after the NXT Championship 2-out-of-3 Falls Match.

They can’t believe Gargano survived everything that they did to him. Adam Cole had Gargano time and again but none of it make sense? Cole starts blaming Roderick Strong for going off script. Strong isn’t sure what he means, but Cole tells the camera crew to stop recording. Where is the blame being placed after missing out on THE title in NXT? What will it take for the Undisputed Era to finally be #DrapedinGold?


The Street Profits VS Fabian Aichner & Marcel Barthel!

It is NXT USA VS NXT UK as Montez Ford & Angelo Dawkins take on the European Alliance! Will the #CurseofGreatness continue their climb towards those NXT Tag Team Championships? Or will Aichner & Barthel show that whether it’s in the US or in the UK, the ring is sacred?

The teams sort out and Ford starts against Aichner. Fans fire up for the Profits and then “NXT! NXT!” as Ford and Aichner circle. Aichner sucker punches Dawkins then powers Ford to the corner! Tag to Barthel and the Europeans mudhole stomp Ford. They double whip but Ford manages to leap frog their clotheslines! Ford also tumbles off their backs before dropkick’ing both Europeans down! Aichner bails out and Barthel gets to a corner while Ford nips up and strikes a pose. Ford whips but Barthel reverses and intercepts Ford’s up-and-over! Barthel then scoops Ford for a tilt-o-whirl gut wrench! Barthel grimaces as he throws down rights and grinds a forearm in Ford’s face. Cover, TWO!

Barthel tags Aichner and the Europeans mug Ford in the corner. Aichner bounces Ford off buckles in an open corner and fires off stomps and hands. The ref counts and Aichner backs off at 4 to bring Ford up for a snap suplex. Cover, TWO! Aichner drags Ford up and tags Barthel. The Europeans continue to mug Ford but fans rally. Ford endures a sleeper hold and slips out of an exploder! Ford reaches but Barthel holds his trunks! Tag to Aichner and Aichner misses the rabbit punch. Barthel still feeds Ford to Aichner’s spinebuster and adds his own Penalty Kick! The Europeans soak up the heat then stomp Ford down. Aichner stays on Ford with body scissors and a sleeper. Dawkins and the fans rally for Ford as he endures.

Ford powers his way to a cover, TWO and Ford is free. But Aichner knees Ford back down and tags in Barthel. The Europeans mug Ford more, then Barthel whips Aichner in. Ford goes up and over then under to hot tag Dawkins! Dawkins blasts Barthel into Aichner then rallies with lariats. Dawkins rocks Barthel with an elbow and exploder! Aichner runs in but gets an exploder, too! Dawkins fires up as he hits the cyclone splash on Aichner! Tag to Ford and the Profits coordinate. But Barthel shoves Ford down! Aichner slips out of the Electric Chair and clotheslines Dawkins down. Barthel brings Ford over and hangs him up while Aichner tags in.

The Europeans meet in the middle with a dropkick sandwich! Barthel kicks Ford to Aichner for the brainbuster! Barthel DIVES onto Dawkins! Aichner spirngboards for the triangle moonsault!! Cover, TWO!! Ford survives and fans know “This is Awesome!” Aichner gets up and coordinates with Barthel again. Barthel tags and Aichner lifts Ford, but Ford dodges the flying EuroUpper! Dawkins returns to SPEAR Aichner out from under Ford! Dawkins throws Barthel but Barthel throws him. Ford runs in but is put on the apron. Dawkins tags in, rocks Barthel and lifts him up. Ford leaps, Blockbuster Doomsday! Cover, The Street Profits win!!

Winners: The Street Profits, Ford pinning

It was fast and furious, but it was also victorious for Dawkins & Ford! Their chase for tag title gold continues, will they be able to bring the fight to the War Raiders?



My Thoughts:

As almost all Post-TakeOver episodes of NXT, this one was good, but with very little new developments. Of course, that’s how Raw and SmackDown felt this week, so nothing new there. All the recap packages were good, and the interview videos we got were also good. The one that matters is Velveteen Dream’s. He and Murphy now have a match, which will no doubt be amazing, but I’m pretty sure Dream wins. The main roster’s Superstar Shake-Up may or may not affect Murphy, but it definitely won’t affect Dream since he’s still on a great run. Candice LeRae finally returns to ring action on TV, and it was good that she won. Assuming Paige is calling the Sky Pirates up, I would love to see Candice finally see her story with Shayna through and somehow get that title so that she and Johnny can reign as Mr. & Mrs. Champion.

Burch VS Ryker was a pretty good much, and it seems Ryker himself is getting a push being this dominant. I wonder if he’ll also challenge for the North American Championship at some point, perhaps in an extended program with Dream to play off the dynamics of “the spotlight” and “being forgotten”. But even if Ryker challenges, I’m thinking it’ll be Dream retaining to build his reign. That tag main event wasn’t very long, but it managed to pick up the pace. Profits win because they really do need it more. Aichner & Barthel are in both US and UK NXT Tag Divisions, so they can always go after one set of titles while the other is busy. I don’t know if the Profits reach the War Raiders just yet, but momentum is growing. There’s also been the noted “edge” developing, maybe a Heel turn is what it’ll take.

My Score: 8/10

Let us know what you think on social media @theCHAIRSHOTcom and always remember to use the hashtag #UseYourHead!


WWE 24/7 Championship Results & Report! (7/20/19)

Stand back! There’s a Comic-Con coming through!



WWE 24/7 Championship

The WWE 24/7 Championship makes an SDCC debut!

As superheroes, super villains and super fans all converge in San Diego, watch as WWE icons collide! Who gets out of the convention with the title?



  • WWE 24/7 Championship: R-Truth VS The Hurricane VS Drake Maverick; Truth wins and retains the WWE 24/7 Championship.


WWE 24/7 Champion, R-Truth, appears for an interview!

What’s up, San Diego and IGN!? Truth sits with hosts Max Scoville and Sydnee Goodman and has been having a blast. he’s seen everything and everybody, but he just hopes no one recognized him. Truth being the 24/7 Champion, he had to stay incognito. Someone, anyone, everyone, they could take this title because it is defended at all times of the day. That is why it is the “48/7 7-11 TV” Championship. How has Truth been holding up? Well he can’t sleep, not even for a nap. He’s fought over this belt on a golf course, a tarmac, in a plane, and ruined one man’s wedding AND honeymoon. But don’t worry, Drake Maverick’s not constipated.

And now at SDCC, Truth has been able to slip through as a penguin! Pengi the penguin, noot noot! He got to shake hands and hang out with Darth Vader. Truth loves SDCC, it’s the bomb. But what else has Truth done while here? Chewbacca stared him down, but then Pikachu came along. The weather’s been a bit iffy, though. But wait! Is that…?! Yes! It is THE Hurricane!! Truth mentioned weather, so stand back, because there’s a hurricane coming through! Truth thinks this is a really great cosplay, but he’s a bit thick around the waist. Oh wow, what a great referee cosplay! He looks just like John Combs! But he’s blonde. No, wait, that’s… Nevermind. ROLL UP! TWO, but Hurricane runs away before Truth can retaliate. Because here comes Rockstar Banana, Drake Maverick! Roll up, TWO!!

Truth bails out before Maverick can attack again. Maverick vents! Truth has ruined Maverick’s life! His wedding, his honey moon, and he’s yet to consummate the marriage! Maverick is getting sick and tired of this! And then he realizes he’s on camera. Maverick gets up and runs off, but into the cameras! The signal goes down, but is Maverick too down in the dumps to get back up?



My Thoughts:

This title continues to be amazing! I was actually shocked Truth didn’t lose the title here, but him retaining is actually even more surprising. Great to see Hurricane again, even if it’s just for the gag of, “Oh, it’s Comic-Con, cosplay is everywhere.” Maverick is slowly breaking, and I love that he tied in the banana costume from when he showed up at the WWE Mattel panel during SDCC. Can’t wait to see reference to this on Raw.

Let us know what you think on social media @theCHAIRSHOTcom and always remember to use the hashtag #UseYourHead!
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Andrew’s G1 Climax 29 Ratings & Analysis: Night 6 B Block

Juice Robinson, Tomohiro Ishii and Jon Moxley come in at the top of the standings. How do we see B Block take shape?



Juice Robinson, Tomohiro Ishii and Jon Moxley come in at the top of the standings. How do we see B Block take shape?

This whole day is based around two major things:

Will Jay White or Tetsuya Naito get a win?

Will Moxley or Ishii kill one another?

Let’s find out!


  • Bad Luck Fale & Chase Owens vs Zack Sabre Jr & Yoshinobu Kanemaru: Fale wins via Grenade @4:50 – **
  • Tomoaki Honma & Hiroshi Tanahashi vs Minoru Suzuki & Lance Archer: Archer wins via EBD Claw Hold @9:50 – **
  • SANADA, EVIL & BUSHI vs KENTA, Kota Ibushi & Clark Connors: BUSHI wins via MX @9:02 – ** 1/2
  • YOSHI-HASHI & Kazuchika Okada vs Will Ospreay & Toa Henare: YOSHI wins via Fisherman Buster @8:45 – ** 1/4
  • B Block: Shingo Takagi vs Taichi: Takagi wins via Last of the Dragon @14:40 – ****
  • B Block: Jeff Cobb vs Juice Robinson: Cobb wins via Tour of the Islands @13:20 – *** 1/2
  • B Block: Toru Yano vs Jay White: Yano wins via Brass Knuckle Low Blow/Roll-Up @3:05 – ** 1/2
  • B Block: Tetsuya Naito vs Hirooki Goto: Naito wins via Destino @16:00 – *** 3/4
  • B Block: Jon Moxley vs Tomohiro Ishii: Moxley wins via Deathrider @20:35 – **** 1/2



Well Fale tried to outsmart the Rainmaker in his last G1 match, and that didn’t go too well. So Sabre is being a whiny child, tried to step to Fale and for the most part, got brushed off. Fale isn’t really in a position to eat another loss, but it’s unusual for Sabre to be doing so poorly. I’m curious if Sabre continues this slide until maybe TAKA Michinoku returns to be his hype man, or Sabre gets off the schneid.

People, everybody dies. You know that, Lance knows that, Honma knows that…Kairi Sane knows that. This didn’t really add much to things except the undercurrent of a quiet Minoru Suzuki is scary for the whole world. Also – Everybody Dies!

Now that SANADA and EVIL have had their match, there is some symbiosis back on the LIJ undercards. KENTA and Kota teaming together was a cute call back, but nothing of heavy merit came from this match. BUSHI continues to rack up positive momentum during these tags, Clark Connors is impressive for an LA Dojo Young Lion. So decent match, but aside from EVIL and KENTA brawling after the match and SANADA and Ibushi having a rather civil fan support battle, nothing too important for the impending matches.

Okada and Ospreay did have the crowd hot, but aside from a small flourish, this was mostly YOSHI and Henare. Surprisingly, YOSHI-HASHI has put together a few pinfalls in the tag matches, so that tends to actually play a role in the second half story telling. Ospreay may be on his way to a big upset since even if Okada seems to be positioned to win A Block, he won’t make it through unscathed.

Now this was a fun match. It was a continuation of the Suzuki-Gun/LIJ drama, but Taichi has his own issues. Shingo is fighting as a Junior Heavyweight and Taichi moved up to Heavyweight last year, but was overlooked for the G1. So the fact that Shingo asks and gets in, yet Taichi moves up and was ignored has to bother him. With all of these little things eating through, Taichi brought out the Dangerous T that many of us have grown to love. Sure there was a brief moment of shenanigans with lovely Miho and the microphone stand, but 90% of the match was on the up and up. Pumping Bomber versus Axe Bomber was great, the callbacks to both of their mentors was wonderful and just generally speaking, when the Holy Emperor tries, those are great matches. Shingo getting the win won’t sit well with Taichi, but we’ve got plenty more time to see how this all falls.

Juice starts off the match in a 3 way tie for first, but Cobb really needs a win to legitimize his tournament. Being undefeated in ROH for about a year, as well as all his other accolades, he needs to stop losing. Cobb showed a little more fire than usual in this match and took it to Juice. Juice has been in hard hitting affairs all tournament and it looks like Juice might’ve finally hit the wall. Should be interesting to see if Juice flounders from here or if he recovers.

Well the Chaos revenge tour has another stop with Toru Yano and Jay White. Jay has not gotten off to a good start and it’s all his past decisions coming to bite him. This match…would be no different. Yano takes advantage of Gedo getting involved. Between Barbara Jean the turnbuckle pad and the brass knuckles from Gedo, Jay White’s nuts didn’t stand a chance. So Yano runs away with 2 more points and Jay’s pride…and other things…are a bit sore.

Goto started off the tournament looking like a new man, Naito has also looked different, but for different reasons. Naito sitting in the basement with zero points and Goto with the renewed sense of purpose makes for an odd dynamic. This match is one of their usual ones, where it’s quick bursts, hard hitting and a few solid false finishes. However, at multiple points Naito’s usual tranquilo is shaken and you can see him show levels of concern. Goto being the one with the power in the match, makes for some unique interactions. Naito does pull off the win, but it’s not for Goto’s lack of trying and kicking out of one running Destino. Naito finally gets some points, but it’s nothing near dominant enough to breathe a sigh of relief.

Moxley versus Ishii was the insane hard hitting match we expected. Ishii even flew. He hit a splash on Moxley through a table. The Stone Pitbull flew. Yes I realize there is a callback to Masato Tanaka in that move, but you don’t understand, Ishii flew. Anyway, the beauty of Red Shoes as a referee is he understands each wrestlers personality, so he gives them a little more leash to do what they like to do. Moxley used weapons, Ishii egged it on, there were huge strikes, Ishii’s torpedo style rising headbutts and just good violence. This was a bar fight and no one was upset. Moxley getting the win was a little surprising since most of us assume he won’t be available for many if any later dates once AEW TV starts up. This was just a nice change of pace for the usual New Japan and/or Strong Style match.


Overall Score: 7.75/10

With a great Taichi match and Moxley changing the pace, this show was definitely something to behold. Jay White’s continued spiral is more amusing than Sabre’s since this seems like retribution where Sabre is just a punk bitch when he loses. Even with an uneventful undercard, the main Block matches kept everything moving upward and onward.

With Moxley as the sole 3-0, who unseats the Death Rider?


B Block Standings:

  • Jon Moxley – 3-0 (6 Points)
  • Toru Yano – 2-1 (4 Points)
  • Tomohiro Ishii – 2-1 (4 Points)
  • Juice Robinson – 2-1 (4 Points)
  • Shingo Takagi – 2-1 (4 Points)
  • Jeff Cobb – 1-2 (2 Points)
  • Tetsuya Naito – 1-2 (2 Points)
  • Hirooki Goto – 1-2 (2 Points)
  • Taichi – 1-2 (2 Points)
  • Jay White – 0-3 (0 Points)

Let us know what you think on social media @theCHAIRSHOTcom and always remember to use the hashtag #UseYourHead!
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