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Mitchell’s WWE NXT Results & Report! (4/17/19)

TWO NXT titles are on the line!

NXT goes hard during the Superstar Shake-Up! Buddy Murphy returns to see if Velveteen Dream can stop the unstoppable from taking the North American title!



  • NXT North American Championship: Velveteen Dream VS Buddy Murphy; Dream wins and retains the NXT North American Championship.
  • Dominik Dijakovic VS ???; Dijakovic wins.
  • NXT Women’s Championship: Shayna Baszler VS Kairi Sane; Baszlers wins, by disqualification, and retains the NXT Women’s Championship.


NXT North American Championship: Velveteen Dream VS Buddy Murphy!

The Patrick Clark Experience is ready for a new challenge after being the first man to defeat the Original Bro in NXT! And after getting on the nerves of a defeated Juggernaut, Dream will take on the challenge of being the only other man to stop the unstoppable! Will it be #DreamOver or #ReignOver as Murphy returns to Full Sail?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and fans are divided between the returning Murphy and the incumbent Dream. The bell rings and we begin!

Murphy and Dream circle as the fans duel. Fans soon agree to love “Both These Guys!” Dream and Murphy go around and tie up. They push each other around and Dream gets Murphy to a corner. Dream backs off and adjusts his headband before shoving Murphy. Murphy clamps on a headlock and holds tight as Dream tries to power out. Murphy grinds Dream down to the mat but fans rally up as Dream gets up. Dream back suplexes but Murphy lands on his feet to get the headlock back. Dream feeds off the fans’ energy as he pries free of the hold. He gets a headlock and holds on tight as Murphy tries to power out. Murphy endures as Dream grinds him down, but he pulls off the headband. Dream lets that slide as they stand up.

Murphy suplexes but Dream lands on his feet for a headlock takeover. Murphy hits a headscissor but Dream pops out. Dream runs into a sweep and Murphy covers, but then roles reverse as Dream sweeps and covers. Both men kip up and fans fire up for “NXT! NXT!” Dream and Murphy back off while fans chant “Aussie Aussie Aussie! OI OI OI!” Murphy mocks Dream’s pose so Dream shoves. Murphy shoves back, then bobs ‘n’ weaves. Dream also bobs ‘n’ weaves then things speed up. Murphy headscissors Dream down and Dream bails out! Fans fire up as Murphy speeds up, but Dream slides in! Dream tells Murphy “Nuh-uh!” but Murphy gives Dream the Juggernaut Knee! Cover, TWO!! Dream survives and Murphy is very annoyed.

Murphy stalks Dream as Dream flounders to the corner. Murphy drags Dream up for buckle bumps, then to another corner. Dream hits back and bumps Murphy off buckles, but is put on the apron. Murphy bounces Dream off the post! Dream flops to the floor and Murphy tries again. Murphy FLIES and takes Dream out with the tope con hilo! Fans fire up as Murphy puts Dream back in. Murphy climbs up high and leaps for a Meteora! Cover, TWO! Dream still lives and Murphy is frustrated. Fans rally and duel again as Dream drags himself to ropes. Murphy drags him back up and snapmares him for a Penalty Kick to the back! Dream writhes and flounders but Murphy scrapes him off the laces, to kick again! Murphy sits Dream up but Dream avoids the third kick. Dream boots Murphy then runs, but into a sleeper hold!

Murphy squeezes tight and Dream starts to fade! Fans rally up and Dream gets a second wind. Dream flails and crawls, but makes his way up. Dream powers Murphy to a corner but Murphy holds on. So Dream tries again, but Murphy grabs hair. Third time’s the charm and Dream is free, but Murphy throws him into the buckles! Murphy walks into a back elbow! And another! And a boot! Dream hops up but Murphy trips him up! Murphy brings Dream down and runs, but into a SUPERKICK! Both men are down but Full Sail loves it! Murphy and Dream crawl towards each other. Dream rocks Murphy with a big haymaker, but Murphy gives it back. Dream throws hands as they stand up and then whips. Murphy reverses but Dream slides to a stop to dropkick and elbow Murphy down.

Dream dodges to clothesline Murphy out. Murphy’s up fast but Dream ax handles him down. Dream climbs high fast and LEAPS for more ax handles! Dream puts Murphy back in and climbs again. Murphy runs in but Dream leaps over to come back with a code breaker! Cover, TWO! Murphy lives and Dream is surprised, but he keeps moving. Dream rolls to fireman’s carry, but Murphy fights out. Murphy boots Dream then hops up. Murphy grabs Dream for the tornado hotshot! He climbs again with Dream down, but Dream gets up to rock Murphy! Dream goes to the apron and climbs up to join Murphy. Murphy fights back and they brawl up top. They both punch each other down! Dream and Murphy crash and burn and a ring count begins. The count climbs to 5 before either man sits up. The count reaches 8, both men get in at 9.5!

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Dream and Murphy realize the other is also in, so they head for each other. Murphy swats at Dream then throws forearms. Dream hits back with body shots but Murphy throws another right. Murphy drags Dream up but Dream fires off! Murphy kicks low, DDT! Cover, TWO!! Dream survives and fans are loving this! Murphy drags Dream to a drop zone and climbs up again. Dream gets up fast but Murphy shoves him away! Dream gets up again but gets a SUPER Gourd Buster! Murphy adjusts and leaps, sunset flip, but DREAM VALLEY DRIVER! High stack, TWO!! Murphy lives and fans hope they “Fight Forever!”

Dream goes for a corner but Murphy anchors his feet. Dream stomps Murphy out then makes it to the corner. Murphy intercepts but Dream shoves him down. Murphy comes back, tucks Dream in, SUPERKICK to POWERBOMB! Cover, TWO!! Dream survives and Full Sail is thunderous! Dream crawls for a corner but Murphy pursues. Murphy kicks Dream down then joins him on the apron. Murphy boots Dream again, then a LEAPING knee trigger! Dream goes down and Murphy drags his dead weight back up. Champion’s Advantage means this has to end in the ring, but the count is at 8! Murphy refreshes the count at 9! He puts Dream back in, but gets a guillotine Famouser! And then another Dream Valley! Dream keeps going, climbs up top, and hits PURPLE RAIN MAKER!! Cover, Dream wins!!

Winner: Velveteen Dream, by pinfall; still NXT North American Champion

The Purple Rain means the reign continues! Dream stops the unstoppable and sends Murphy to SmackDown with a loss! How long will Dream last? What will Murphy do once he’s SmackDown Blue?


The Street Profits bring back #StreetTalk!

“You good? You good?” Remember, camera man, they pay you by the hour, so don’t mess around. But this special edition is where the Profits will do what they said they’re gonna do. They’re gonna create opportunities. Superstars in NXT want opportunities, they go knock on the boss’ door. So what’re they gonna do? Knock on the boss’ door! The Profits head for Mr. Regal’s office. Keep up, camera man! They arrive at the office of the NXT GM and opportunity is about to knock. “Oh Mr. Regal~!”

But Regal doesn’t come out, it’s Ray Rowe & Hanson! The War Raiders (the Viking Experience on Raw) have heard what Montez Ford & Angelo Dawkins have been up to. They took care of things for them and went to Regal first. They’ll meet in the ring next week. “Be careful what you wish for.” Well did you hear that? Exclusive news: War Raiders VS Street Profits, first-time-ever! The Profits finally get to show what they can do! But will it be enough to earn a title shot?


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Johnny Gargano is here!

Full Sail is excited to see Johnny Champion back home and back as THE NXT Champion! Gargano grabs a mic as fans chant for him. “We’ve been waiting a very, very, very, very, very long time for this moment, Full Sail.” Fans let him know, “You Deserve It!” Gargano says that the last time he was here, he told us the story of his journey. Four years later, this is what happens when you refuse to take “No” for an answer! The long, long, long journey has led Gargano to finally be THE Johnny Champion. TakeOver: New York was literally the toughest match of his career, but- The Undisputed Era comes out! Adam Cole will not stand by while Gargano has another love fest with the fans! “This isn’t about not taking no for an answer. This is about getting lucky!”

Cole beat Gargano in the ring in New York! Any other match, Cole would’ve been the winner. Fans remind Cole that in the end, “You Tapped Out!” Cole ignores that and wants Gargano to seriously think about this. Gargnao pretending to be proud of himself makes him an idiot. The fact is, Adam Cole is the uncrowned NXT Champion while Gargano is a punk! Cole is yelling, shouting things, what’s wrong? Is there trouble in the boy band? Are they not N*Sync right now? But jokes aside, yes, Cole got the first fall. But Gargano then beat Cole two straight! Gargano made Cole tap out in the second, and again in the third! The score was Gargano: 2, Cole: 1. That makes Gargano champion! That’s not just definitive, that’s Undisputed.

Cole tells Gargano to shut up. But Gargano cuts Cole off to say that if Gargano lost, he wouldn’t whine and complain like a “spoiled little BAYBAY”! But if the Baybay wants to grow a pair, Gargano will gladly put another point on that scoreboard. Cole accepts. “Be careful what you wish for.” Gargano is ready for a fight with Cole, but the missing man attacks from behind! Roderick Strong blindsides Gargano with a knee then fires off stomps and fists! The rest of the Undisputed Era hits the ring to add on and Cole picks up the NXT Championship belt. Fish and O’Reilly hold Gargano up while Cole slaps Gargano around. Cole aims and SUPERKICKS Gargano down! Referees rush out but the Undisputed Era is done with Gargano. Cole, Fish, O’Reilly and Strong pose over Gargano, but will there be consequences for ganging up on the champ?


Dominik Dijakovic VS ???

The Rare Breed Croatian Colossus wanted to settle things with Limitless Keith Lee, but even the Limitless One can suffer injury. So without a score to settle, who will be put in Lee’s place for Dijakovic to do battle with? It’ll be young Aaron Frye from Virginia making his NXT TV debut. Will Frye have a chance of surviving? Or will he simply feast his eyes on destruction?

The bell rings and Dijakovic hits a cyclone boot immediately! Cover, Dijakovic wins!

Winner: Dominik Dijakovic, by pinfall

That was probably THE SHORTEST match in NXT history! But Dijakovic isn’t satisfied, he picks up a mic. “I’m only in NXT because my family gave me that opportunity. They took the opportunity to come here to the United States. That spirit is coursing through my veins.” Dijakovic’s blood drives him to opportunity. Dijakovic sees that North American Championship. Feast Your Eyes, Velveteen. The Rare Breed has staked a claim, but will he find a way to end the Purple Reign?

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Kushida debuts in two weeks!

The newest and most exciting recruit to NXT will finally make his in-ring debut! Who will be the first to take on the Time Splitter?


Backstage interview with the Undisputed Era.

It seems there was no real dysfunction after all, as Strong helps the guys beat up Gargano. The deal is, that’s the difference between Cole and Gargano. Gargano gets caught up in the moment, only to be caught in a trap. But then William Regal comes by and informs them of a conversation he just had with Gargano. Gargano definitely wants at the Undisputed Era. Well of course. So when and where is Cole getting his title match with “Johnny Chump Change”? Oh, he didn’t specify Cole. Gargano wants Strong. Next week on NXT, Gargano VS Strong. Regal wishes them well, and Strong is happy about this, but Cole is speechless. Will the Savior of the Backbreaker make good where Cole fell short?


Aliyah & Vanessa Borne speak.

“Candice LeRae got lucky last week!” They weren’t in any condition to compete! They were enjoying New York City! Wining, dining, shopping, enjoying the shows, how could they be ready? But they’ll be ready next time. Candice, go find another “lower” and meet them in the ring. Who will join Mrs. Wrestling in this tag team challenge? Will that team be able to shut #BorneBougie up?


NXT Women’s Championship: Shayna Baszler VS Kairi Sane!

The Queen of Spades and the Pirate Princess are even in their overall series, and have both won and lost the title at each other’s hands. But with Kairi Sane heading to SmackDown, this will be her last chance at the championship! Will Kairi put her name on the title’s history one last time? Or will she have a somber sayonara for Full Sail?

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The introductions, the belt is raised, and we begin what could be the final chapter in this storied rivalry!

Shayna grins at Kairi as they circle. The fans build up as they tie up. Kairi gets around Shayna and shoves her, but they tie up and Shayna puts Kairi in a corner. Shayna throws forearms but backs off. Kairi dodges to throw hands, then a back hand! Shayna sits down and Kairi hits Sliding D! Shayna bails out but gets the crossbody! Kairi fires up and puts Shayna in fast. Kairi climbs just as fast and leaps, Flying Kabuki! Cover, TWO! Shayna just gets that shoulder up but Kairi keeps on her with a headlock. Shayna pulls hair and powers out, then things speed up. Kairi runs into a forearm, but then gives it back! Kairi runs again but Shayna follows. Shayna slides to fire off a strike fest! She knees Kairi down, covers, TWO!

Shayna drags Kairi up to kick her swiftly in the back. Shayna brings Kairi up to club her down, then whips Kairi to a corner. She hits a shining wizard then covers! TWO, but barely! Shayna looms over Kairi and goes for the sleeper. Kairi fights her way out then gets to a corner. Shayna runs in but misses, and the knee hits buckles! Kairi runs and SPEARS Shayna with the Interceptor! Fans rally up as a standing count begins. Kairi and Shayna slowly stand. Kairi fires off CHOPS and body shots but Shayna shoves. Shayan kicks but into a dragon screw! Kairi runs to hit the blockbuster! Kairi shrieks then drags Shayna up for a whip. She slides under Shayna to go for the Anchor Lock!

Kairi bridges back with that modified cloverleaf, but Shayna gets a ropebreak! Kairi holds on until 4 before letting go. She drags Shayna around and climbs up again. Kairi aims, InSane Elbow to the back! But she’s not done there, as she climbs again. Shayna gets up to kick Kairi down! Shayna climbs to join Kairi, but Kairi resists the suplex. Kairi clubs but Shayna keeps pulling. The bad back stops Shayna, and Kairi headbutts Shayna into the Tree of Woe! Kairi adjusts, and hits double stomps! Shayna slumps out and Kairi goes to the apron. Kairi leaps but Shayna dodges the Flying Kabuki! Kairi crashes and burns into barriers! Shayna drags Kairi up despite the ref wanting to check on her. Shayna puts Kairi in the ring and goes after the bad arm!

Kairi resists but Shanya still wrenches the hammerlock to then yank the arm! The referee backs Shayna off but Shayna comes back to deadlift gut wrench Kairi to a slam! Cover, TWO!! But into a modified crossface! Kairi screams as she endures and flails about. Shayna wrenches the arm back but Kairi gets a ropebreak with her foot! Shayna lets go at 4 and Kairi rolls out of the ring. The referee checks on Kairi’s bad arm, then calls for the medics! A medic appears to check on Kairi, and even Io Shirai appears. Shirai is concerned for her friend, but Shayna drags Kairi in! Shayna is a shark and she smells blood! She goes after the arm with a hammerlock, but Shirai attacks to stop the stomp!

Winner: Shayna Baszler, by disqualification; still NXT Women’s Champion

Kairi loses her last opportunity at the title, but Shirai kept her from losing her arm! Shirai and Shayna argue with each other, but then Jessamyn Duke & Marina Shafir drag Shirai out of the ring! They throw her into barriers! And then into the apron! And then they make her watch as Shayna goes after Kairi’s bad arm! Hammerlock STOMP!! Fans boo as Shirai gets free to check on her best friend. The Horsewomen applaud as they take their leave, but Kairi writhes in both pain and frustration. Shayna tells everyone, “Get used to it!” Shirai is enraged, will she be able to avenge Kairi?


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My Thoughts:

What a wild episode for NXT! Of course, a lot of what the Superstar Shake-Up did has thrown some moderately heavy monkey wrenches into the plans for this brand. First and foremost, the Viking Experience conundrum that is, well, renaming them “Viking Experience”! Rowe and Hanson were literally wearing War Raiders shirts when they appeared! But whatever, it seems like they’ll be having a match with the Street Profits, which will be great, but I wonder if it gets to the point where the NXT Tag Team Championships are just vacated and a new tournament happens to determine the new champions. Good going, Vince (obviously that’s sarcasm).

Opening with the North American Championship was a great move, and that match was practically TakeOver worthy. But knowing Murphy is going to SmackDown, it was obvious Dream was going to retain. It was a shame we didn’t get Lee VS Dijakovic like we were told weeks ago, but that was a great squash match win for Dijakovic. Dream VS Dijakovic is going to be a great match should it happen, and at the rate Dijakovic is going, it’d be believable if he took the title. However, Dream is so over, I’m pretty sure he’ll retain in another TakeOver worthy match. Kushida is also having his own debut in a few weeks, that’s going to be great.

Gargano and the Undisputed Era had a great segment, and I’m actually liking this twist to the Undisputed Dysfunction. Strong isn’t getting kicked out for failing, but Cole might cause a rift over jealousy. Then Mrs. Wrestling could have any number of superstars for her mystery partner, but I would hope whoever teams with Candice helps her defeat Vanessa and Aliyah, that’s just how it feels this story is going. And going back to those monkey wrenches, it seems like there was way more to the road to Shirai challenging Shayna than Vince knew. Kairi teaming with Asuka on SmackDown obviously meant Shirai would challenge Shayna by default, but now it makes Shayna wrecking Kairi’s arm out of place. In a vacuum, ignoring the main roster, this is definitely compelling motivation for that title match, but including it, it’s very sloppy pacing. Again, good going Vince (sarcasm).

My Score: 8.4/10


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