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NXT UK Coverage


Mitchell’s WWE NXT UK Results & Report! (4/17/19)

NXT UK spends time in New York City!

NXT UK spends some time in NYC! The Grizzled Young Veterans see if Amir Jordan and Kenny Williams are worthy competition. Plus, Dave Mastiff returns!



  • Gallus VS Humberto Carrillo & Raul Mendoza; Gallus wins.
  • Dave Mastiff VS Kona Reeves; Mastiff wins.
  • Rhea Ripley VS Kacy Cantanzaro; Ripley wins.
  • The Grizzled Young Veterans VS Amir Jordan & Kenny Williams; Jordan & Williams win, by count-out.


Gallus VS Humberto Carrillo & Raul Mendoza!

Joe and Mark Coffey still vow to make NXT UK their Kingdom! They’ll start that climb by going forward in the tag team division! But their opponents are just as hungry for recognition, as Humberto Carrillo once again teams with Raul Mendoza! Will the Coffey Brothers be able to keep up with the lightning-fast luchadores?

The teams sort out and Mark starts against Mendoza. They circle and tie up, and Mark wrenches Mendoza around. Mendoza rolls and acrobatically reverses the wristlock. Mark standing switches to a takedown! Mark grinds Mendoza into the mat then stomps him to the corner. Tag to Joe and the Coffey Brothers mug Mendoza. Joe throws hands and uppercuts then back suplexes. Mendoza escapes and tags Carrillo. Ultimo Ninja rallies but not for long as Joe rams into him. Joe whips but Carrillo slips off Joe’s back to handspring back elbow him down! Cover, ONE, but Carrillo drags Joe to a drop zone. Carrillo goes up fast but has to bail out of his moonsault as Joe dodges. Joe tackles Carrillo to a corner!

Joe stomps and chops Carrillo then whips him out and into the corner. He does it again, then scoops Carrillo for a backbreaker! Tag to Mark and the Coffey Brothers stomp Carrillo. Mark knees Carrillo then forearms Carrillo to the corner. Tag to Joe and they mug Carrillo. Joe snapmares to a grounded full nelson. Carrillo endures as Joe thrashes and grinds him down. Fans rally up and Carrillo feeds off the energy. Carrillo powers up and breaks free! But Joe clubs him in the back for a butterfly swing! And suplex! Cover, TWO! Joe drags Carrillo and Mark tags in. The Coffey Brothers double whip but Carrillo holds ropes to kick the Coffey brothers. Hot tag to Mendoza!

Mendzoa springboards and crossbodies Joe. Mark is on him but Mendoza fires off strikes! Mendoza runs to enziguri Mark to his corner. Forearm smash then whip corner to corner but Mark reverses. Mendoza slips out to the apron to let Mark hit buckles. Mendoza adds a kick then springboards for a missile dropkick! Joe returns but Mendoza enziguris him out. Tag to Carrillo and they both build speed, DOUBLE DIVE! They take the Coffey Brothers out and Brooklyn fires up as Mendoza DIVES onto Joe! Carrillo DIVES onto Mark, then puts Mark in. Cover, TWO! Carrillo drags Mark up for a fireman’s carry! Tag to Mendoza then the slam, and Moonsult! Mendoza’s up, 450 splash! Cover, but Joe breaks it!

Carrillo throws Joe out but Mark rocks Carrillo. Mendoza rolls Mark, TWO, Joe uppercuts! Mark enziguris! Mark drags Mendoza over and tags Joe. Joe says All the Best, he hits the lariat! Cover, The Coffey Brothers win!

Winners: Gallus, Joe Coffey pinning

All the Best for the Bells, but will the Coffey Brothers truly ring in a new phase for NXT UK’s Tag Team Division?

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Backstage interview with Kassius Ohno.

First, he wants to make sure they pronounce it right. There’s an H sound in there, no smooth S. But either way, “Mr. Ohno” has had mixed success. He stops things right there. Have things gone perfectly? No, but even a broken clock is right twice a day. Ohno is the kind of guy that steps foot in NXT UK to show everyone the authentic European style. That is not stopping. He sees all these “veterans” of the scene, like Ligero. Everyone speaks of Ligero with such reverence, but everything Ohno hears about Ligero’s crazy schedule and thinks, “Well done, mate!” Ohno is quality over quantity. He’ll show Ligero what a real veteran is. You can be a big fish in a small pond, or you can be the Wrestling Genius! Is the Knockout Artist looking to extinguish the light that is the Luchador from Leeds?


NXT UK superstars react to Pete Dunne VS Walter.

Quite possibly the hardest hitting match ever. Flash Morgan Webster and Amir Jordan would love to see a rematch. NXT correspondent Cathy Kelly is surprised Dunne’s reign ended. Walter was the first man to take Dunne to his limit and take that title. The European Alliance, Barthel & Aichner, refuse to comment. Jordan Devlin is getting annoyed hearing about Dunne VS Walter. And even after coming face to face with Walter, Devlin doesn’t back down. Is the Irish Ace going to move ahead of the Bruiserweight on Walter’s contenders list?


Dave Mastiff VS Kona Reeves!

Kona may be NXT’s Finest, but he’s about to go up against NXT UK’s biggest, strongest and meanest! Will Kona survive a run-in with The Bomber from the Black Country?

The bell rings and fans feel “Kona Sucks!” Kona and Mastiff tie up and Mastiff powers Kona towards a corner. Kona turns it around but backs off at the ref’s count. He taunts the “big boy” to bring it, and Mastiff ties up with him again. Mastiff powers Kona to the ropes, but lets up at 4. Kona grabs a headlock but Mastiff powers out to ram into Kona! Fans cheer as Kona staggers to a corner. Kona and Mastiff go again, and Kona gets a waistlock. He tries to lift but Mastiff is just too massive. Mastiff gets the standing switch and the takedown! Kona gets up in the facelock and gets a ropebreak. Kona elbows Mastiff in the break and whips, but Mastiff blocks. Mastiff reverses and runs Kona over to then throw him over with a back drop!

Fans cheer as Mastiff puts Kona in a seated stretch. Mastiff elbows over and over and over! Kona flounders to a corner as Mastiff mercifully lets him go. But Mastiff goes corner to corner, only for Kona to bail out. Mastiff drags Kona up by his hair, Kona gives him a hotshot! Kona runs and gives Mastiff the finest knee, then covers, TWO! Kona is frustrated, and he takes it out on Mastiff with mean hands and the finest straitjacket stretch. Mastiff endures while fans rally up. Mastiff powers up but Kona manages to wrangle him down. Fans still rally and Mastiff gets a second wind. Mastiff gets up and arm-drags Kona off. Kona runs back but into a whip, and then Mastiff follows and flattens Kona with a crossbody! Mastiff then clubs Kona in the back to deadlift German Suplex!

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Kona flounders around and Mastiff dropkicks Kona to a corner! Mastiff goes corner to corner, bombs away Into the Void! Cover, Mastiff wins!

Winner: Dave Mastiff, by pinfall

The Bomber continues to be undefeated even after his time away! Will Mastiff make that push towards the title now that he’s back?


Mark Andrews & Flash Morgan Webster speak.

“NXT UK fans, it’s the High-Fiving, Stage-Diving, Knee-Sliding, Shooting Star Specialist” and The Modfather back together again. They’re excited to be in New York, and excited to wrestle Moustache Mountain. Trent and Tyler are the most decorated team on the NXT UK roster, but the Welshmen want to go to the top as the first Welsh champions in all WWE history. Will #Mandrews and FMW make that big splash against the Big Strong Boys next week?


Backstage interview with Dave Mastiff.

Radzy congratulates Mastiff on his big return victory, and Mastiff continues to prove how strong he is. Wolfgang interrupts and asks if they’re really calling Mastiff a “strong man”. What has Mastiff done? He hasn’t faced Wolfgang yet. Well what does that make Wolfgang? He just runs with his little friends. Let’s see you do what Mastiff can do. The two start shoving, and NXT UK security has to step in. Will the Bomber and the Last King of Scotland take this fight to the ring in the near future?


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Rhea Ripley VS Kacy Cantanzaro!

The Mosh Pit Kid and original NXT UK Women’s Champion has been called a bully by Xia Brookside, and her dominance is in question with new superstars like Piper Niven joining the roster. But will she be able to prove at least one of them wrong when going against the American Ninja Warrior of NXT?

The bell rings and this rematch from the Mae Young Classic begins. KC gets a waistlock but Rhea throws her off. Rhea whips but KC hurdles then ducks, only to get caught by Rhea. Rhea tosses KC to the corner but KC silps out. KC uses her gymnastics training on that slingshot to headscissor Rhea down! Fans fire up with KC as she wheelbarrows, but Rhea pops out to throw KC down! Rhea rains down rights on KC then shouts at the ref she knows the rules. She drags KC up and into a corner to bump her on buckles. Rhea stomps KC around then clubs her down. Fans rally for KC as she is clubbed again and again. Rhea covers, TWO!

Rhea toys with KC now then drags KC up for a big stalling suplex! She holds her up for about 10 before dropping KC down. Cover, TWO! Rhea grows frustrated with KC as she puts her into an armlock. KC endures as Rhea adds the chinbar, and fans rally up. KC feeds off the energy but Rhea grabs her hair to throw her around. But KC cartwheels through then tilt-o-whirls into a crucifix to a sunset. Rhea stomps but KC gets away! Rhea runs but into boots, and KC hops up to leap! But Rhea catches her easily, for another suplex. But KC cradle counters! TWO, and KC whips, only for Rhea to block. Rhea reverses and catches KC as she goes up and over. Canadian rack to pump handle, RIPTIDE! Cover, Rhea wins!

Winner: Rhea Ripley, by pinfall

And Rhea goes 2-0 against KC all-time. But here’s that bully side of her, as she puts KC in the inverted Cloverleaf! Rhea thrashes KC around before throwing her back down. Will Rhea soon show Piper this mean streak in person?


Kacy visits the trainer’s room for her bad back.

But then Rhea comes by to rub in the defeat. This is what happens when you step into Rhea’s division. Look at Rhea and then look at- Piper! Hello, there. Was Rhea saying something? Rhea stays quiet as she storms off. Piper the Viper is clearly in Rhea’s head. Will the bully be the one beat next time?


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NXT UK Media catches up with Jinny.

The Fierce Fashionista hits the Wrestlemania Axxess red carpet, but is asked about her loss to Toni Storm. Does she have anything to say? She doesn’t. Is it a loss for words? Or is she just keeping her plans to herself?


The Grizzled Young Veterans VS Amir Jordan & Kenny Williams!

Zack Gibson and James Drake are the NXT UK Tag Team Champions, but feel they are SOON to be recognized as the greatest tag team in all of the WWE! However, they first want to prove a fun-loving team like the Bhangra Badboy and the Lucky Yin aren’t even in the same league. Will GYV back up their words in NYC?

Before the match, Brooklyn chants “If you hate Gibson, shoes off!” Gibson introduces himself and Drake to New York as the history-making first-ever NXT UK Tag Team Champions. Whether it’s TakeOver: Blackpool stealing the show or here in New York, the mission is the same. They’re the best team in the world, and the titles they were are SOON to be seen as the most important titles anywhere. They’ve demanded their opponents still be from the UK roster, so Williams & Jordan better listen up before coming out. A non-title match 4000 miles from home is the closest they will ever get to the titles! Bring them out, and let’s get this done. Williams & Jordan do make their entrance, and we begin this answered Open Challenge!

Fans still taunt Gibson as the teams sort out. Gibson starts against Amir and the bell rings. Amir and Gibson tie up and Gibson chinbars Amir to the mat. Gibson wrenches the arm and pulls at the fingers. Amir endures as Gibson twists the wrist. Amir works his way up but Gibson brings him back down. Gibson knuckle locks while hitting the wristlock. Amir gets up to snapmare but Gibson keeps the wrist. Gibson drags Amir back down, then wrenches more. Amir gets up but Gibson holds on. Amir rolls, spins and wrenches Gibson down! Then dropkicks him back! Tag to Drake and he smashes Amir with forearms. Mr. Mayhem whips Amir but Amir ducks to bait Drake to a takedown. Amir wrenches the foot but Drake spins to throw Amir off. Drake whips Amir but Amir reverses and things speed up. Amir monkey flips Drake to the ropes!

Fans fire up as Amir tags in Kenny. Kenny clubs and CHOPS Drake then wrenches to whip. Gibson saves Drake then keeps him cool from just rushing in. The GYV keep focus, this is only an exhibition to them. Drake goes in and tags Gibson. Gibson and Kenny circle and tie up. Gibson throws Kenny down but Kenny wheelbarrows to a victory roll! TWO and Kenny boots Gibson to bulldog him into buckles! KEnny boots Drake away then shoulders and slingshots on Gibson. He springboards to back elbow Gibson down! Gibson flounders up and Kenny runs corner to corner for a forearm smash. Kenny goes to bulldog but Gibson powers out to a headlock. Drake tags in and the GYV work on Kenny, dropkick to dropkick! Poetry in Motion dropkick for Amir! The GYV high-five then Drake goes to Kenny.

Drake whips and elbows Kenny right out of the ring. Tag to Gibson and Gibson brings Kenny up. Drake slingshots, backbreaker stomp combo! Fans boo the GYV while Drake taunts Kenny. Gibson flapjacks Kenny onto railing! Kenny clutches his ribs while the ring count climbs. Gibson puts Kenny in then keeps between him and Amir. Gibson reels Kenny in for a big lariat then covers, TWO! Amir coaches Kenny up and fans rally up, but Gibson puts Kenny in a modified cobra clutch. Kenny fights his way up but gets thrashed back down. Gibson grinds Kenny but Amir and Brooklyn rally. Kenny powers up again but Drake tags in. The GYV work together to rock Kenny with a right! Drake stomps Kenny out then forearms him to the apron. The ref warns the GYV so Drake drags Kenny back in.

Drake snap suplexes and covers, TWO! Kenny lives but Drake wraps onto Kenny with a chinlock. Fans rally again and Kenny endures. Drake uses leverage to grind Kenny harder, but Kenny finds a second wind. Kenny works his way up and hits a jawbreaker! Drake staggers and Kenny hits Gibson. Kenny fights the GYV off, but Drake still clobbers him! Gibson clutches his bad ear that Kenny hit, so Drake makes Kenny pay with a backbreaker. Cover, TWO! Drake puts a chinbar half nelson on but Kenny feeds off the fans’ energy. Gibson gives Drake the go-ahead, but Kenny breaks free to tag Amir! Amir rallies on Drake with big haymakers! Amir hits a forearm in the corner but Drake reverses the whip. Drake misses as Amir goes up and over and tackles Drake down!

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Fans fire up with Amir but Drake hits him back. Drake throws Amir out but Amir slingshots back in for a neckbreaker! Cover, TWO! Amir keeps his cool as he drags Drake up. Drake spins out and rocks Amir with a right. Gibson still isn’t good so Amir gets to Kenny. Drake goes after Amir but Kenny comes in, springboard back elbow! Cover, but Gibson breaks it! Amir dropkicks Gibson back out then goes back to Drake. Drake shoves Amir all the way out but Kenny waistlocks. Drake switches to a roll up, TWO! Kenny uppercuts and runs, but into a tilt-o-whirl. Kenny escapes and tags Amir! Wheelbarrow facebuster to SWANTON BOMBAY! Cover, but Gibson drags Drake out!

The fans call Gibson names while Amir and Kenny protest. Drake wants to go back in but Gibson says they don’t need to do this. The ring count hits 10, Amir & Kenny win!

Winners: Amir Jordan & Kenny Williams, by count-out

The Grizzled Young Veterans quit and that’s a win for the underdogs! It wasn’t the way they wanted to win, but does that mean they have what it takes to take the fight to the champions?


NXT UK Media catches up with Pete Dunne.

After his loss to Walter, what’s next for the Bruiserweight? What does he mean what’s next? Dunne had the title for 685 days. Dunne built this division from the ground-up. And they think he’s just going to walk away after his first loss? That title is an extension of Dunne’s body. People got so used to Dunne as champion, they forgot about the chase. Dunne hasn’t. Tyler Bate was the first champion, but Dunne wouldn’t stop just because they were friends. Dunne made sure he got that title. Dunne was only the second-ever champion, and he’s experienced every angle possible in the WWE. Yet Walter was the man to give him the fight of his life.

Walter is now champion and Dunne is now challenger, but Dunne knows how to beat Walter now. Dunne is confident he’ll win the title back. He knows what it is to be WWE UK Champion. Walter doesn’t. Walter will learn what it feels like for Dunne to be bringing down his neck. Dunne built the platform Walter stands on. Dunne gave Walter their first match, so perhaps Walter will return the favor and give Dunne their second. When and where will we see the sequel to that epic TakeOver title match?


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My Thoughts:

A solid episode for NXT UK’s newest trip to the States. We got a nice surprise in these many crossover matches as Humberto Carrillo returns. He and Mendoza still make a great team, I’m surprised Mendoza hasn’t made the move up to 205 Live. But since this is NXT UK, the Coffey Brothers win to stay strong on their brand. At some point, they’re going to challenge for those tag titles, but it’ll have to be once a Face team takes them off the Grizzled Young Veterans. And speaking of, the GYV VS Williams & Jordan was a good match, and it was good Heel heat for the champs to quit. The titles on the line so of course they can lose like this and it doesn’t hurt anything. It would’ve been the same if it was a title match and they used Champions Advantage.

Much like with Gallus, the NXT UK superstars won their matches over their NXT opponents. Mastiff VS Wolfgang in the near future is going to be a great match, but I’d imagine Mastiff wins to keep that streak going. Rhea wins and bullies Kacy to bring in Piper for their story, that match is also going to be great. Jinny’s no comment promo was also good for her character, she is obviously still fuming over her defeat. It feels like we’ll get a rematch of Toni VS Jinny that’s even bigger and better, given their history. The Pete Dunne interview and video was great, and it was a trip seeing Dunne in 2017 looking so young without that beard. Dunne VS Walter II is a possibility, but they’re also teasing Devlin VS Walter. I wonder if it’d be upped to a Triple Threat of all three…

My Score: 8.1/10


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