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Mitchell’s WWE SmackDown Live Results & Report! (4/16/19)

SmackDown wraps up the Superstar Shake-Up!



SmackDown cover image

SmackDown ends the Superstar Shake-Up! And Vince McMahon will be here to announce THE BIGGEST acquisition for the Blue Brand in its history!



  • Finn Balor VS ???; Finn wins.
  • Carmella w/ R-Truth VS Charlotte Flair; Flair wins.
  • 8 Woman Tag: Bayley, Ember Moon, Asuka & Kairi Sane VS The IIconics, Fire & Desire; Bayley, Moon, Asuka & Kairi win.
  • Six Man Tag: The New Day VS Cesaro, Shinsuke Nakamura & Rusev w/ Lana; The New Day wins.


The Superstar Shake-Up changes everything!

The Miz, Rey Mysterio, Naomi, The Usos, Andrade Almas and Zelina Vega have all moved from SmackDown to Raw, but no move was bigger than the PHENOMENAL AJ Styles! SmackDown was the House that AJ Styles Built, but who will take over now that Styles has left the building?


SmackDown still has The Kevin Owens Show!

Montreal’s own Prizefighter walks out to the ring and onto his set as KO opens the night! Kevin hears the fans chant his name before greeting Montreal in French! He also seems to support Montreal finally getting a Wrestlemania! But with that said, everyone’s buzzing from last night. The second and final night will have plenty of surprises. In fact, Vince McMahon will be here later on to reveal “the biggest acquisition in the history of SmackDown”. Of course the biggest star is already here, it’s Kevin! Montreal agrees, and he appreciates that. But out of respect for his guest here, time to move on. This guy truly deserves respect, and this guy had a Wrestlemania moment we can’t forget. Kevin’s guest is THE WWE Champion, Kofi Kingston!

The New Day heads out, down a man because Big E needs to repair his legs. But he is surely here with his brothers in spirit as Kofi throws pancakes and Xavier Woods plays the trombone. Kevin welcomes them to his show and Montreal. It’s great to have Kofi here because what he did at Mania is something no one will forget. In Kofi’s first 1v1 world title match in 11 years, he faced Daniel Bryan and won the title! Kevin says on behalf of Montreal, congratulations. Kevin and Montreal give Kofi a standing ovation, and fans let Kofi know, “You Deserve It!” Kofi thanks Kevin back, and says Wrestlemania, “we did something special, didn’t we?” He got to share that with family, friends, and the WWE Universe, and that is why he is your champion! He said it in French so the fans love that even more.

Kevin brings things to a more somber note. Big E is missing from this, and not because he got stuck in the splits. Unfortunately, Big E is out because he got hurt last week. But on top of that, with the Shake-Up, Raw took 80% of the UpUpDownDown roster and that ruins Woods’ franchise! Woods needs Breeze back or he’ll lose his minds! Kofi says Woods should just calm down. UpUpDownDown will be fine. Focus on tonight. Because tonight, The New Day has a match against Rusev & Nakamura tonight. Yes, boo them, good. But the New Day is usually a trio but now with one big title, they might need some back-up. With no Big E, how about Big K? Wait, no, better! Big O! It’s funnier, too! Montreal likes that idea, and Kevin is adamant about becoming the third man!

Big O, that’s a big commitment. Is he willing to wear crop tops? He’ll consider it. Well there’s also cereal tasting, pancake throwing and video games. Kevin can work on that. But there’s a lot of movement of the hips. Can he do that? Like this?! WHOA~! “You damn right I can swivel mah hips!” Well ok, KO! Montreal, do you want Kevin Owens as an honorary member of the New Day? “OUI! OUI!” Well then that’s settled! Welcome to the team, Big O! They give Kevin a New Day shirt and he puts it on! As he does the UNICORN HORN! It’s official! Will Big O be a big help for the New Day later tonight?

Cesaro talks with Rusev & Nakamura.

There are three men of the New Day again, so how about they turn what was 2v2 into 3v3? Rusev and Nakamura accept, and now things might escalate in the main event!


Finn Balor’s on SmackDown!?

It would seem that the WWE United States Champion, Samoa Joe, was a quiet Shake-Up last night on Raw, so to keep the balance, the WWE Intercontinental Champion moves here! Will Balor Club going blue still be as #TooSweet as when red?


Finn Balor VS ???

SmackDown returns and we find that the Extraordinary Man’s opponent is the Beacon of Light! Will Mustafa Ali prove he’s better than extraordinary and earn himself a title match?

Finn and Ali circle and tie up. Finn gets a headlock but Ali powers out, only to get run over. Ali kips right up and Finn is impressed. They tie up and Ali waistlocks. Finn wrenches to another headlock but Ali powers out. Things speed up and Ali flapjack dropkicks! Ali gets the headlock takeover on Finn, but fans rally up. Finn works his way up to a headscissors but Ali pops out. Ali gets the headlock back, but Finn rolls to a cover, ONE! They stand up as fans duel. Finn fights out and puts Ali in a corner. Ali goes up and over then builds speed, only to be run over with an elbow! Cover, ONE! Finn keeps on Ali with a scoop slam and elbow drop. Cover, TWO!

Finn keeps on Ali with an armlock but Ali endures. Fans rally again and Ali fights his way up. Finn wrangles Ali down to the mat, but Ali gets back up. Ali throws body shots but Finn knees low. Finn CHOPS Ali on the ropes, then whips Ali. Ali holds ropes and boots Finn back. Ali runs and headscissors Finn out. Fans fire up as Ali kicks Finn back out! Ali builds speed to DIVE! Direct hit takes Finn down, and we go picture in picture!

Ali drags Finn back up and puts him in the ring. He covers, TWO! Finn checks his chin but Ali is on him with an armlock. Ali puts his weight on Finn but fans rally up. Finn gets up but Ali wrangles him back down. Ali pulls on the arm but Finn endures. They stand and Finn fights out with forearms. Finn leans on ropes but Ali CHOPS him! Ali whips Finn but Finn reverses, only for Ali to sunset flip. Finn rolls through to dropkick Ali down! Ali crawls to a corner while Finn gets up. Finn CHOPS Ali in the corner then stomps him at the ropes. Finn backs off at the ref’s count only to come back for more! The ref backs Finn off but Finn wrecks Ali with a dropkick! He puts Ali in fast then covers, TWO!

Finn keeps his cool while Ali gets to ropes. Finn brings Ali up to CHOP again! Ali reaches for the corner but Finn snapmares him away to an armlock. Ali endures and fans rally up again. He fights his way up and throws forearms, but Finn catches him into an abdominal stretch! Finn digs his elbow in but Ali endures. Fans rally again but Finn clubs away on Ali’s ribs. Ali works on his escape and elbows at Finn’s knee. We return to single picture as Finn lets Ali go just to knee him low. Ali ends up in a corner and Finn CHOPS again! Finn whips Ali corner to corner and CHOPS again! Another whip, another CHOP! Another whip, but Ali slips out! Ali roundhouses Finn away then slingshots in for the facebuster!

Finn flounders to a corner and fans fire up for Ali. Ali runs in for his own CHOP! Ali whips Finn corner to corner then CHOPS again! Another whip, but Finn reverses and ducks to the elbow drop DDT! Cover, TWO! Finn keeps moving and aims from the corner. Ali staggers up but gets a Slingblade! Finn still aims at Ali, for the- SUPERKICK! Ali crawls to his cover, TWO! Both men are down but stirring as fans build to a rally. Ali drags Finn up first but Finn powers him to a corner! Finn rams his shoulder in but Ali knees him away. Ali hops up and leaps but the DDT is denied to double stomps! Ali is down so Finn climbs up! But Ali dropkicks the legs out! Ali climbs up to join Finn, SUPER STEINER! Cover, TWO!! Finn lives and fans are loving this!

Ali keeps moving with Finn in a drop zone. Ali aims at Finn, 450 but he has to roll through! Shotgun dropkick blasts him! Finn climbs again, COUP DE GRACE! Cover, Finn wins!

Winner: Finn Balor, by pinfall

The champion lost on Raw but redeems himself on SmackDown! And he shows Ali much deserved respect! Will Finn be taking ownership of the House that AJ Styles Built?


Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods walk backstage looking for Kevin Owens.

Big O reappears and it’s time for initiation. A New Day initiation? Yes, eat all these pancakes in a time that breaks Big E’s record. What? No, these are cold and he’s never even eaten pancakes before. But it’s what he signed up for. Well alright. Ready, set, go! Eat eat eat! Power of Positivity! Kevin tries, but they’re so thick and fluffy! Will Big O pass the initiation? Or is this just The New Day teasing him?

Big O almost has it, and… Victory! He is official! Don’t pat him too hard on the back or he’ll throw up pancakes. But Kevin is “One of us! One of us!” Wait… Okay, he kept them down. That’s Big O for ya!


The FABULOUS Truth heads to the ring!

Montreal knows What’s Up as R-Truth and Carmella stays on SmackDown! And the Fabulous Princess of Staten Island will see if she’s still up to snuff against the Queen!

Carmella w/ R-Truth VS Charlotte Flair!

We return from break as Charlotte makes her entrance. The bell rings and we begin.

Carmella and Charlotte circle as fans “WOO~!” Charlotte kicks Carmella then throws her down before taking a moment to soak up the “WOO~!” But then she says she hates Canada! Charlotte shoves Carmella but Carmella shoves back. Carmella dodges the boot to give a mule kick and FABULOUS Kick! Cover, TWO! Charlotte rolls away and Carmella gives her own “WOO~” to taunt her. Carmella pursues but Charlotte swings. Carmella dodges and they fight dangerously close to the Women’s Battle Royal trophy. Charlotte knees Carmella low then tackles her into barriers! Charlotte runs in but into an elbow. Carmella climbs up to LEAP onto Charlotte! Carmella puts Charlotte in then covers, TWO!

Fans rally and “WOO~” as Charlotte throws Flair CHOPS! Charlotte scoops but Carmella slips out to shove Charlotte into buckles! Carmella sits Charlotte up for a fabulous mudhole that she moonwalks dry! Carmella mocks the strut to hit the FABULOUS Bronco Buster! She keeps going but Charlotte puts her on the apron to shoulder her back and boot her down! Carmella hits the floor while we go to break.

SmackDown returns and Charlotte kips up! She shows how the strut is done, and says she could do this “All day!” Carmella gets up but Charlotte slaps her around. Charlotte drags Carmella up and scoops but Carmella slips out again for a hair-yanking takedown! Carmella gets to a corner and Charlotte runs in, but into a boot! And then another! Carmella throws Charlotte but Charlotte throws her. Charlotte misses the shoulder but grabs Carmella’s leg for a dragon screw! Carmella tumbles down and Charlotte pursues. Charlotte drags Carmella up and throws her back into barriers! Fans let out more “WOO~” as Carmella clutches her leg. Charlotte climbs the barriers but Carmella trips her up! And hits a FABULOUS Kick!

The ring count reaches 5 but Carmella drags Charlotte up and in. Carmella goes back in but Charlotte chop blocks her down! And drags her into the Figure Four! To Figure Eight! Carmella taps, Charlotte wins!

Winner: Charlotte Flair, by submission

The Queen may not have the title but she’s still going strong on SmackDown! With Becky Lynch having both belts, is it only a matter of time before she and Charlotte battle again?


The Leviathan has wrecked legend after legend, and now he targets Truth! Truth tells Lars not to do this, Carmella is still in the ring and hurt. Lars doesn’t care, and he grabs Truth! Truth fights back but Lars blocks the whip with pure size! Lars whips but Truth comes back with the elbow! But Truth bounces off!! Lars laughs and Truth can’t believe it. Truth takes the jacket off now, and runs again, only to run into a FREAK ACCIDENT!! Lars glares down at Truth but calms his freakish fury. Then he looks to Carmella?! The Princess is vulnerable as The Leviathan looms closer. Referees get Carmella clear but Lars just grins, even as fans tell him what they think of him. Lars goes back to Truth, for the running sit-out bomb!!

Lars tells Truth to stay down, and there’s no argument from Truth. The Leviathan continues to conquer and crush superstar after superstar. Is there anyone who can stop his path of destruction?


The Man returns to SmackDown!

Becky Two Belts has both belts, so of course she’ll be on both shows! Becky picks up a mic as she hears Montreal chant her name all over again. “Lads, I’m gonna say it again because it sounds nice.” She did what she said she was gonna do when she beat Ronda Rousey to become dual Women’s Champion! But truth be told, nothing focuses the mind more than the Superstar Shake-Up. Becky watched all these potential challengers prowl around, and she was reminded what her job is: run right through Lacey Evans; then break ground and win new battles while slap new heads. It doesn’t matter who is brought over or brought up, she’ll battle every single one of them dopes! These two shiny belts are her passports to pick fights on both brands just because she can!

But speaking of new challengers, here comes the new SmackDown superstar, Ember Moon! The War Goddess hopes Becky is ready, because the #Shenom is here! Ember, what a talent. But Becky warns her not to interrupt The Man. Well Ember’s not here for advice. She’s here to make a name for herself. And what better way than to step up to the woman who beat Ronda Rousey. But wait, is that BAYLEY!? The Huggable One jumps over to give SmackDown three of the four NXT Horsewomen! This is what the Shake-Up is all about! If fans haven’t noticed, Bayley is now on SmackDown. Does Bayley want a hug or something? No she’s good. She got her hugs out on Raw.

Been awhile, huh? A lot has changed. This whole past year, Bayley willed the WWE Women’s Tag Titles into existence, and she won them with her pal, Sasha Banks. But as special as all that was, Bayley is here back in the singles division, with her eyes on some other titles. But before Becky can respond, the IIconics appear! Peyton Royce & Billie Kay bring those very Women’s Tag Team Championships out and thought they heard the phrase, “two belts”. Someone said that, right? Yes, definitely someone did. Even before Ember and Bayley showed up, because they have NO belts. The IIconics tease Bayley about taking the titles. And unlike last night, Naomi isn’t here to help her. And speaking of two belts, the IIconics have much better belts than Becky’s. Because they’re IICONIC- It’s PAIGE!

The Glampire is here, and fans are happy to see her! Especially because we all know the business Paige is about to bring back to SmackDown, “baby girls.” The IIconics have a good time wearing the belts, but it’ll be more fun if they defended them. Paige is here to introduce a new duo she’s representing. These two gifted women have been her pick since the beginning. Mandy Rose & Sonya Deville!? Wait, Absolution is reunited?! Mandy and Sonya thank Paige for the intro, but they need no introduction. Fire & Desire says SmackDown’s waited long enough for this reunion. And they’re waiting a bit longer. Because she’s not representing them. She’s representing “the next WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions”, ASUKA and KAIRI SANE!

The Empress of Tomorrow and the Pirate Princess are here! And when it comes to making a debut, Paige knows you gotta make an impact! “Go get ’em, ladies!” Asuka leads the charge as she and Kairi join a HUGE brawl! Becky stays out of it, this has to do with tag team titles. Asuka, Kairi, Bayley and Ember clear out the IIconics, Mandy and Sonya, to then confront each other. Will we be seeing something big after the break, player?


8 Woman Tag: Bayley, Ember Moon, Asuka & Kairi Sane VS The IIconics, Fire & Desire!

Holla holla! The champs have to join forces with their challengers against their other challengers in a massive match! Will tonight still be IIconic? Or will there be major waves made in the growing Women’s Tag Division?

SmackDown returns with Billie and Peyton playing around while Ember is down, but Ember kips right up! Ember dodges Billie to handspring and knee low, to a flipping huricanrana! Billie tags to Peyton but Peyton runs into Ember’s kicks! Ember fires up and runs, but Bayley tags in! Bayley slides to lariat Peyton then drops an elbow. Cover, TWO! Bayley keeps on Peyton and drags her up. Peyton denies the suplex to wrench and knee Billie. Tag to Sonya and she throws hands on Bayley in the corner. Sonya bumps Bayley on buckles to stomp away. She whips Bayley corner to corner but Bayley boots her away. Bayley hops up and leaps for a flying elbow! Cover, ONE, but Bayley keeps on Sonya with a headlock.

Bayley tags Asuka but Sonya gets away! Asuka taunts Sonya and the two start swinging! Sonya dodges but gets a buzzsaw kick! Asuka drags Sonya up but Sonya knocks her down! Sonya drags Asuka over and tags in Mandy. Fire & Desire stomp a mudhole into Asuka while the IIconics squawk at Kairi. Mandy scoops but Asuka slips out! Asuka shows buzzsaw but Mandy guards herself! Asuka hits a hip attack instead! She drags Mandy up to tag Kairi! The Empress and Princess double whip Mandy then speed things up for kicks! Bulldog leads to basement dropkick! Sonya runs in but gets Bayley’s forearm! Bayley throws Sonya out hard, then DIVES onto Fire & Desire! The IIconics check on their partners, but Ember LEAPS onto them all! Ember is all fired up while we go picture in picture!

The IIconics stir but Kairi fetches Mandy into the ring. Kairi covers, TWO! Kairi drags Mandy up for a BIG chop! And another! Mandy knees low and throws forearms, then tags in Peyton. Peyton kicks Kairi but Kairi CHOPS her back! Kairi whips but Peyton reverses, only for Kairi to rebound up and headscissor Peyton down! Kairi keeps on Peyton with a headlock and brings Peyton over. Bayley tags in to CHOP Peyton! Bayley runs in for a back elbow but Billie distracts her. She grabs Billie by the hair but Peyton clobbers Bayley from behind! Peyton tags Billie and the IIconics hotshot Bayley into the heel kick! Cover, TWO!! Billie is on guard as she puts Bayley back in the corner. Tag to Sonya and they mug Bayley.

Sonya chokes Bayley on the ropes then kicks low. She embraces the heat as she body shots and chokes Bayley on the ropes. She backs off at 4 but keeps on Bayley as we return to single picture. Tag to Mandy, and they double whip Bayley. Fire & Desire double kick, knee and KNEE Bayley down! Sonya adds the sliding wizard, but Mandy covers, TWO! Fans rally for Bayley while Mandy stays on her with a sleeper hold. Bayley fights up but Mandy puts her in the corner. Tag to Peyton and they stomp a mudhole in. Peyton bumps Bayley on buckles and grinds her boot into Bayley’s chin. She backs off at 4 but Bayley ducks the kick to dump Peyton out. Bayley hits Mandy away then crawls for her corner! Peyton hits Ember to deny the tag, then kicks Bayley for good measure. But Bayley dodges to tag Asuka!

Asuka rallies on Peyton with kicks! Peyton reverses the whip but Asuka uses that to hip attack everyone else down! Asuka then baits Peyton in and follows to dropkick her down! Fans fire up and Asuka runs into the corner for another hip attack. Roundhouse! German Suplex! Mule kick! Asuka builds speed to sliding kick! Cover, but Mandy runs in to knee Asuka down! Mandy gets a springboard crossbody from Ember! Ember gets a SPEAR from Sonya! Sonya gets a Bayley2Belly! Bayley gets Billie’s Sole Food! Billie gets Kairi’s back hand! Kairi gets a SLAP from Peyton, then gets thrown out. Peyton kicks at Kairi but she gets a back hand from Asuka! Asuka dragon sleepers for the inverted DDT! Tag to Kairi! Kairi climbs, and anchors aweigh with the InSANE Elbow! Cover, Kairi and team wins!

Winners: Kairi Sane, Asuka, Bayley & Ember Moon, Kairi pinning

The Pirate Princess sets sail alongside the Empress of Tomorrow as they’re victorious in their tag team debut! Will the Pirates of Tomorrow fulfill Paige’s prophecy of becoming the next WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions?


The Hardy Boyz speak.

Jeff & Matt remember what happened last week. They’re both still feeling the effects of Lars Sullivan’s attack. But they also won the SmackDown Tag Team Championships! People forgot the greatness of Team Extreme, but now they remember. The greatest tag team of all space and time reign again, but who will step up to their reign?


Buddy Murphy speaks.

“Allow me to introduce myself.” Murphy spent the last six months dominating and destroying the Cruiserweight Division on 205 Live, as Cruiserweight Champion. Fans may not know him now, but they will. Because the Best Kept Secret is coming to SmackDown! The Juggernaut is on the move, will anyone be able to stop the unstoppable?


The New Day help Kevin Owens prepare.

But for what? For the most important role of all! “Awwwwww~!” No, no, no. Bring it up from the loins. Feel it, believe it. “Awww~” no no no! The PLUMS, yo! What plums?! What?! Just stop yelling. “AWWWWWWW~ Montreaaaal~!” Don’t you dare be sour~! CLAP for your world famous five-time champs, the NEW WWE Champion, and the Big O, and FEEL~ the POWER~! What a delivery! But yes, it is time for this new New Day formation to hit the ring!

Six Man Tag: The New Day VS Cesaro, Shinsuke Nakamura & Rusev w/ Lana!

While Big E is out, it seems Big O is in! The same seems to be the case for The Bar, as the Swiss Cyborg is without his Celtic Gladiator. Which new trio will prove to have better chemistry tonight?

SmackDown returns as Nakamura finishes his entrance. The King of Strong Style, Bulgarian Brute and Swiss Cyborg sort things out, and it will be Rusev starting against Xavier Woods.

Rusev and Woods tie up, and Woods gets a waistlock. Woods gets a headlock but Rusev powers up. Rusev throws Woods into a corner but Woods dodges. Woods CHOPS, but Rusev doesn’t flinch! Rusev and Woods tie up again and Rusev puts Woods in a corner. He backs off at 4 but Woods dodges. Rusv catches the chop to throw in shoulder after shoulder! Rusev backs off at 4, then whips Woods corner to corner. Woods boots Rusev back then hits the Honor Roll! Cover, TWO! Woods keeps on Rusev and brings him over. Tag to Kofi and the New Day double wrench, kick and double bulldog! Cover, TWO! Kofi keeps on Rusev with a wrench but Rusev forearms him down.

Rusev tags Nakamura and he puts Kofi in a corner for Bad Vibrations! Nakamura goes corner to corner but Kofi hits double stomps! Cover, TWO! Kofi keeps his cool as he puts Nakamura in the corner. Time to bring back a classic: the Unicorn Stampede of stomps! Tag to Woods, tag to Kofi, then tag to Big O! Kevin stomps Nakamura with a passion! Woods tags in, and he whips Kevin for the cannonball! Fans are loving this as Woods covers, TWO! Woods keeps on Nakamura with hands. He whips but Nakamura blocks. Woods still tries but Nakamura knees and heel kicks Woods down! Tag to Cesaro and Cesaro drags Woods up for a European Uppercut. Cesaro suplexes but Woods lands on his feet to elbow Cesaro away. Woods hits Nakamura and Rusev for good measure, but Cesaro tosses Woods out!

Tag to Nakamura while Rusev whips Woods. Nakamura flapjacks Woods into barriers! The international trifecta is in control while we go to break.

SmackDown returns and Woods fires hands on Nakamura! Nakamura keeps Woods from his corner with a whip but Woods hits Rusev and Cesaro! Woods boots but Nakamura turns him sideways for a kick. Nakamura tags Rusev then runs side to side, sliding German Suplex! Rusev drags Woods into a cover, TWO! Rusev argues with the ref but two is two. The Bulgarian Brute glares down at Woods as he drags Woods onto ropes. Rusev chokes Woods but backs off, and Lana gets in a cheap shot! Fans boo but Lana got away with it. Tag to Nakamura and they stomp Woods. Nakamura puts Woods in a corner and on the top rope. Nakamura backs off to run back in, but Woods denies the Top Shelf knee! Woods forearms Nakamura away then climbs up, but Nakamura kicks him down!

Nakamura climbs up to join Woods and bring him in. Woods resists as fans rally up. Woods fights back and sends Nakamura down! Missile dropkick takes Nakamura down! Fans fire up as Woods and Nakamura crawl for corners, hot tags to Cesaro and Kofi! Kofi rallies all over the place, dropkick takes Cesaro down, as does the leaping lariat! Fans fire up as Kofi hits the “NEW~ DAY~” Boom Drop! But Kofi’s not done there, he takes aim from the corner. fans clap along but Kofi has to hit Rusev away. Kofi swing kicks Cesaro down, too, then climbs up. Kofi leaps but Cesaro catches him! But Kofi slips out, to hit SOS! Cover, TWO!! Kofi keeps going but Cesaro trips him for the Swiss Swing!

Cesaro goes around and around and around for about 12, then puts on the Sharpshooter! Kevin SUPERKICKS him out of it! Nakamura dynamic dropkicks Cesaro but Woods steps in for the tornado DDT! Rusev throws Woods out then tags in from Cesaro. Rusev drags Kofi up but Kofi escapes to tag Kevin! KO rallies now and throws Rusev out. Kofi builds speed and Kevin gives him the boost to FLY! Direct hit on Nakamura and Cesaro, but Rusev comes back in! Woods blocks the kick, TROUBLE IN PARADISE to STUNNER! Cover, The New Day wins!

Winners: The New Day, Kevin Owens pinning

The honorary Big O makes a big impact! He and the New Day win, what will this mean for Kevin, Woods and Kofi as the year continues on?


Vince McMahon watches from backstage.

The Chairman seems pleased to see these three win. But his major announcement closes out SmackDown, after one last break!


Vince McMahon heads to the ring!

He has the fans stop cheering for a moment so he can gloat about being back in Montreal, wink wink. But it is rare for Vince to put his seal of approval on a superstar. This acquisition is the future of SmackDown, and the future of the entire WWE! And without a doubt, the greatest acquisition of this brand’s history. And why not? He’s tough, talented and exudes charisma. That newest acquisition is… ELIAS! The Drifter is coming to SmackDown!?

“Hello, I am Elias.” He plays himself down to the ring as he says Vince knows what WWE really stands for. Vince and Elias shake hands and Montreal tells Elias what they think of him in French. Elias ignores them as he admits he questions Vince’s choices. Like letting Elias be interrupted by John Cena, The Undertaker and Rey Mysterio. But making Elias the biggest acquisition, Vince has his finger on the pulse of the WWE Universe. The fans disagree. But what better way to start this new era than to #WalkWithElias? Elias is happy to be here, but he is not happy to still be in Montreal. They all speak some weird language he doesn’t understand. And boo hoo, AJ Styles isn’t here. But the House AJ Styles Built will become the Temple of Elias. Elias needs everyone to silence phones, hold applause and shut mouths!

But here comes Roman Reigns!! The Big Dog goes right to the ring but Elias is ready. At least, the thought he was. Roman rocks Elias with an uppercut and a SUPERMAN PUNCH! Vince is upset with Roman for ruining everything, but Roman SUPERMAN PUNCHES Vince! Roman then picks up a mic to say, “I don’t care what he says. SmackDown is MY Yard now!” And he SPEARS Elias for good measure! Will Roman truly reign over the blue brand? Or will he have hell to pay from chin checking the Chairman?



My Thoughts:

What a wild SmackDown! And thankfully, no random name changes. It was really great to see Kevin Owens fully embrace his Face run by joining the strongest Faces of all in The New Day. All the moments they had together were great, and Kevin did a fantastic job substituting for Big E in the traditional New Day introduction. The Six Man Tag we got was really good, and obviously we were going to see the Faces win when Kevin was the hometown hero and Kofimania is running wild. Of course, the Shake-Up makes it tricky to predict who first challenges Kofi, but Lars Sullivan looks like he’s going to be a very strong Heel destroying superstars left and right. He destroys Truth and creeps Carmella out, and all it would take is Lars coming out to target The New Day to set this up.

Carmella had a strong showing against Charlotte but Charlotte wins to stay afloat while we wait to see who challenges Becky from the SmackDown side. Becky makes a good promo but it was great to see both Ember and Bayley joining SmackDown. It’s good for Bayley to say she’ll be in the singles division but it seems like they’re gonna force her into another makeshift team. The 8 Woman Tag was great, and while Kairi Sane was on my radar for Paige’s new team, I didn’t expect it to be Asuka. It’s great that it is Asuka, because she needs something to do, and I just couldn’t see who else teams with Kairi outside of Io Shirai like in NXT. Paige has their backs, too, and can be a great manager mouth-piece for them, but who knows if they really get those titles right away.

Finn VS Ali was great, and Finn wins to make up for losing to Andrade last night. The surprising thing is that if Finn is bringing the Intercontinental title over to SmackDown, what’s supposed to happen with Samoa Joe and the US Championship? I really hope Joe is going to Raw, even though nothing’s been said outright. Otherwise, I fear Money in the Bank will be like last year’s sloppy Backlash that “ended” stories between the brands to start fresh. And then, after Vince tanks the War Raiders with their name change, he purposefully swerves by saying Elias was the biggest acquisition for SmackDown. Of course, the real big name shows up and it’s Roman Reigns! Roman is of course going to be big on this brand, and it’s probably only a matter of time before he challenges for the top title again, whether fans like it or not.

My Score: 8.2/10

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