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Mitchell’s WWE SmackDown Live Results & Report! (4/2/19)

Will Kofi Kingston FINALLY sign that WWE Championship match contract?



SmackDown cover image

SmackDown brings combustible elements together! The Viper and AJ Styles appear on the KO Show while #KOFIMANIA signs the WWE Championship match contract!



  • 8 Man Tag: The Usos, Aleister Black & Ricochet VS The Bar, Shinsuke Nakamura & Rusev w/ Lana; The Usos, Aleister & Ricochet win.
  • 3v1 Handicap Match: The Miz VS SAnitY; becomes…
  • 3v1 Handicap Falls Count Anywhere match: The Miz VS SAnitY; Miz wins.
  • 18 Superstar Mixed Tag: No Contest.
  • Samoa Joe VS Mustafa Ali; Joe wins.


SmackDown opens with the Kevin Owens Show!

The Prizefighter is in the ring with his set and note cards as he welcomes fans to a very special edition of his talk show. Just five days from Wrestlemania, and his guests will look to continue their respective legacies in a grudge match. So without further ado, The Viper, Randy Orton! Orton appears to both cheers and jeers as he heads down the ramp. And then the Phenomenal, AJ Styles! Fans are much happier to see him come out to the ring. Orton and Styles take their seats on clear opposite ends of the table. Kevin brings up how Orton ruined the WWE dream match of Angle VS Styles. And clearly Orton is amused, so is he proud of what he did?

“Hell yeah I’m proud.” Orton saved the WWE Universe from watching a washed up Olympian beat a guy who thinks he’s at the top of his game. And Orton also saved us from that match. Oh Orton’s one to talk. He’s been in the ring with legends year after year, yet only has one move? It’s a deadly move, but it’s his only move. All Orton needs is one, not that Styles would get that. The fans wouldn’t, either. Everyone says the indie guys have it so hard traveling around the world to make ends meat, from high school gymnasium to high school gymnasium to an armory back to another high school gymnasium, all to entertain dozens of fans. But while Styles was doing that, Orton was main-eventing in fronts of tens of tens of thousands!

Styles admits to that. He was wrestling in front of dozens while Orton was in the WWE, getting suspended for failing drug tests! Oof. Orton has to mull over that one. “The truth is, AJ, if you were as good as you think you are, you would’ve been in the WWE a long, long, long time ago.” Styles thinks his legacy of hard work will pay off? No, his legacy will be this: John Cena’s gone Hollywood, and now Styles takes over as “corporate b*tch.” Kevin clears the ring because we all know what’s coming. Orton and Styles stand up and fans egg them on. Styles and Orton start swinging! Styles has Orton in a corner then on the table but Orton turns it around to bounce Styles off the table! Orton uppercuts Styles to the apron but Styles forearms back! And then Styles springboards, but into an RKO!!

Orton shouts, “That’s how you do it!” as he fires up and marches around Styles. The Viper struck and vows to do it again at Wrestlemania! Will Orton bring down the House that AJ Styles Built with another RKO outta nowhere? Or can Styles prove he’s truly Phenomenal?


The New Day notarize Kofi Kingston’s WWE Championship contract.

To make sure there isn’t any chicanery, no shenanigans and no flim-flam, Big E and Xavier Woods help Kofi go over every page of the document. Will there be no tricks this time from Vince McMahon?


8 Man Tag: The Usos, Aleister Black & Ricochet VS The Bar, Shinsuke Nakamura & Rusev w/ Lana!

Jimmy & Jey are the SmackDown Tag Team Champions, and they’re completely aware of how many teams want after them. But they’ll find common ground with the Dutch Destroyer and King of Flight to take on the Swiss Cyborg, Celtic Gladiator, King of Strong Style and Bulgarian Brute. Which side comes out looking the strongest this close to The Road to Wrestlemania’s finish line?

SmackDown returns as all four teams are finally present. The teams sort out and we begin with Ricochet and Cesaro. Cesaro and Ricochet circle and tie up. Cesaro puts Ricochet in a corner then dare shim to come back. Ricochet does and they go around, but Cesaro puts Ricochet in the opposite corner. Cesaro backs off but SLAPS Ricochet! Ricochet leaps for a huricanrana but Cesaro blocks with his super strength! Ricochet flips out of his grasp, however, and hits back with forearms! Cesaro swings but misses, Ricochet tilt-o-whirls to a sunset flip! Cover, TWO, and a European Uppercut decks Ricochet! Tag to Sheamus and he adds his own EuroUppers. Sheamus whips Ricochet but Ricochet rolls off his back to mule kick. Ricocht runs but into a trophy lift! He escapes, tag to Aleister!

Aleister dodges and quebradas Sheamus down! He sweeps the legs then drives in the knee! Cover, TWO! Aleister drags Sheamus over and Jimmy tags in. Jimmy elbows Sheamus’ elbow but Sheamus hits back. Sheamus whips but Jimmy slides to a stop, and uppercuts Sheamus back. Jimmy powers Sheamus to the corner and tags in Jey. Jey hits Sheamus with a forearm smash, then runs, only to be carried to the other corner! He fights his way out but Sheamus still runs him over! Tag to Nakamura and he drags Jey up for knee strikes. Nakamura drags Jey back over but Jey uppercuts him back. Jey whips but Rusev tags in. Nakamura reverses and Rusev dumps Jey out! Fans boo while Rusev drags Jey up. He throws Jey itno steel steps!

Jimmy, Aleister and Ricochet protest but are unable to do anything as Rusev throws Jey into barriers! Rusev roars before he puts Jey back in the ring. Cover, TWO! Rusev toys with Jey as he tags Nakamura in. They mug Jey together, then  Nakamura gives Jey some Bad Vibrations. Nakamura brings Jey up for knees, then runs, only to get an elbow! Fans rally and Sheamus tags in to stomp Jey down. Sheamus throws Jey out for Cesaro to get some cheap shots in! The Bar, Brute and Rockstar have control while we go picture in picture.

Cesaro keeps Jimmy at bay with a part of the LED apron that came off. Cesaro tags in and fetches Jey to throw him onto the exposed apron! Then he puts Jey in and stays between Jey and his team. Jey hits back with uppercuts! Jey then back drops Cesaro down! Both men crawl for their corners, Rusev tags in to clobber Jey! Rusev drags Jey back to his corner and rams in his shoulder. He lets up at 4, to then choke Jey on the ropes! He backs off again and now Lana gets in a cheap shot! Tag to Sheamus while Jey’s team protests. Sheamus stomps Jey then drags him up into his modified chinlock. Jey endures as he’s being thrashed and bent back. Fans rally and Jey feeds off the energy. He reaches for his corner but Sheamus keeps him back with all his might.

Sheamus knees low but Jey hits teh dragon whip kick! Both men are down and Jey flounders for his corner. Hot tag to Cesaro and he takes Jey away again! Jey holds ropes and tosses Cesaro out! Jey hurries for his corner, but Nakamura stomps him out! Nakamura is now legal as he puts Jey in an open corner for more Bad Vibrations. Nakamura sees Jimmy trash talking and swings at him. He tags Rusev and the two whip Jey into fireman’s carry suplex! Sliding knee added! Rusev covers, TWO! We return to single picture as Rusev glares down at Jey.

Rusev hits Ricochet and misses Aleister, but tags in Nakamura. They split the wishbone on Jey. Nakamura drags Jey up and puts him on the top rope. Nakamura hits the Top Shelf Knee! Cover, TWO! Nakamura keeps on Jey with a facelock guillotine. Fans rally up and Jey fights his way up again. Jey fights out with body shots and a Samoan Drop! Both men crawl, hot tags to Rusev and Jimmy! Jimmy rallies on all his opponents! Mule kick to uppercut for Rusev! Samoan Drop escaped, but roundhouse ducked for a SUPERKICK! Cover, but Nakamura breaks it! Ricochet somersault shotguns Nakamura! Cesaro pop-up EuroUppers Ricochet! Aleister roundhouses Cesaro! Sheamus knees Aleister! Jey SUPERKICKS Sheamus! Rusev throws Jey out and suplexes JImmy. Jimmy escapes and tags Jey. Double kicks for Rusev! Tag back to Jey, double SUPERKICKS! Cover, Usos and team win!

Winners: Aleister Black, Ricochet & The Usos, Jimmy Uso pinning

But just as teh celebration begins, here comes Alexa Bliss! The Goddess and host of Wrestlemania 35 is back on SmackDown, “long time no see.” Not that she wants to be here. But as the host, duty calls. Alexa sees a lot has changed. The juvenile delinquents, Charlotte, Becky and Ronda, are free from jail and will still main event. Kofi Kingston will have his title match. ANd Kevin thinks he’s a better talk show host than her? Please. But the main thing is that SmackDown’s lost its spirit of competition. Such as the Usos.

The Usos won this week but they gave up in that tag team gauntlet last week. That was noble of them, but also deserving of repercussions. Therefore, Alexa will have the Usos defend those titles against… Well all three teams here. It will be a Fatal 4 Way Tag Team Championship match! The Usos suddenly have to fight off everyone! There are no alliances for the tag titles, as Ricochet throws the Usos out! Sheamus goes after Ricochet only to get a code breaker, into Aleister’s BLACK MASS! Ricochet then aims and FLIES onto everyone else! The Embodiment of the End and the One and Only are already competing for NXT Tag Team Championships at TakeOver: New York, but can they take the SmackDown titles, too?!


The IIconics are here!

Billie Kay & Peyton Royce look to address their opponents in the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship Fatal 4 Way! What will they have to say about the Divas of Doom, Samoan Dynasty and the #LegitHuggable duo after the break?

SmackDown returns and the IIconics are given proper introductions. And you know what’s great? The state of the SmackDown Tag Team Divisions at Wrestlemania! It’s dramatic because the Usos must now defend their tag titles in a Fatal 4 Way. But there’s also a Women’s Tag Fatal 4 Way coincidentally. Peyton could pin Natty, and boom, new champions! Or Billie can pin the shoulda-stayed-retired Beth Phoenix. Or they could pin Nia or Tamina, which is what they deserve for ditching them on Raw! And of course, they’ve already beaten the champions on SmackDown. So it’s a no brainer that this Sunday, the IIconics will win the WWE Women’s Tag Team titles, to make Wrestlemania truly… IICONIC! Strike the pose and drop the mics! But as confident as they are, will Billie & Peyton really win against three talented teams?


3v1 Handicap Match: The Miz VS SAnitY!

The Most Must-See Superstar is going to be in a truly crazy match against the craziest stable on SmackDown! Can Miz survive Eric Young, Alexander Wolfe and Killian Dain to then go Falls Count Anywhere against Shane McMahon?

SmackDown returns and Miz speaks. “Wrestlemania means different things for different people.” For Ronda, Charlote and Becky, it’s about history. For Kofi Kingston, it’s about finally breaking through. And for Miz, it means retribution. He took stock as to who he is as a husband, father and even a son. He is now the best version of The Miz because of his incredible family. Watch Miz & Mrs to find out why. This isn’t just a cheap plug, this is a family project that they can all be proud of. Miz loves and is proud of both Maryse and baby Monroe. This is the best Miz because he fights with a full heart and more motivation than ever before! That’s why Miz wanted Falls Count Anywhere, because what he wants to do cannot be contained in this ring! Wrestlemania will be Miz beating Shane anywhere and everywhere!

Miz used to fight for his dad’s approval, but after what Shane did to Papa Miz, this is a fight of his honor. Shane’s got a dad, doesn’t he? So Shane really is a son of a bitch. But after those strong words, SAnitY makes their entrance and we begin!

But wait, Shane makes his presence known! Fans boo and Miz glares as Shane does his shuffle on stage. Shane assures Miz he just wanted to see this with his own eyes. But first, a proper introduction: “The BEST in the Wooooooorld~! SHAAANE! McMAAAHON!” Shane lets this match start, ding ding ding. The bell does ring, and Eric starts first. Miz goes at him with hands in the corner! Miz rains down lefts on the top rope, but then leaps at Wolfe as he comes in. He boots Dain down but Eric hits a running neckbreaker! SAnitY stomps Miz out while we go to break!

SmackDown returns and Wolfe whips Dain in but Miz fights his way out of the corner! Miz boots Wolfe down then dodges Dain! Eric tags in but Miz back drops him away! Miz gives Eric body shots and haymakers, then It Kicks in the corner! Miz fires up and hits Dain with a knee, then Eric with a knee, then Dain with the A-List Lariat! Dain goes down but Shane returns?! Shane “forgot” something. And no, not the introduction for himself. Shane tells Miz that one: just like at Mania, this match is Falls Count Anywhere! But also, Shane’s new screensaver: him grabbing Potato Face Papa Miz! See you Sunday, Miz.

3v1 Handicap Falls Count Anywhere match: The Miz VS SAnitY!

And with this sudden change, Dain and Eric blast Miz out to the floor! Wolfe is on Miz with stomps while Eric and Dain hurry to join him. SAnitY beat down Miz then throw him into barriers! Wolfe holds Miz in place for Dain to run in, but Miz dodges again! Miz throws Eric out into the crowd then decides Wolfe should join him! Miz fights both Eric and Wolfe in the front row! Wolfe hits back and they brawl their way towards the back. Miz bounces Wolfe off production desks, and then drops him through a table with a back suplex! Cover, but Eric breaks it just in time!

Eric drags Miz up and they brawl towards the stage! Miz throws Eric into railing then into railing. Miz pursues Eric into the backstage area and he throws him into a trash bin! He throws trash on Eric then drags him up to throw him into trunks. Eric staggers and Miz throws him through doors! They end up in the photo shoot area! For Miz to run Eric all the way over into a garage door! Cover, but Dain breaks it! Now Dain throws Miz around! Dain stalks Miz and scoops him, but Miz slips out to throw Dain into a fuse box! Eric clobbers Miz and brings him to the parking lot. It rains as Miz rains hands on Eric. Miz throws Eric into covered trunks then rains down more hands! Miz sits Eric up against the trunks, to knee him into them!

Eric sputters while Miz brings over a wheeled crate. Miz smashes Eric’s head between them! Cover, Miz wins!

Winner: The Miz, by pinfall

Shane O’Mac tried to stack the deck against Miz, but now he’s only unlocked more of Miz’s animosity! SAnitY got a sample, what more will Miz give Shane at Mania?


But who is this pulling up in a police squad car?

It’s The Man! Becky Lynch has an unorthodox police escort as she arrives in Baltimore! And she’s surely heading to the ring! What will she have to say this close to the Winner Takes All Triple Threat?


Corey Graves is in the ring when SmackDown returns.

We all know all three women, Charlotte, Becky and Ronda, were arrested on Raw for their violent brawl, they were all released under their own recognizance. That said, as we also already know, Becky Lynch is here! Becky heads to the ring to an ovation from Baltimore! Becky borrows the mic from Corey then exits the ring to stand on the announce desk! “It’s good to be out free in Baltimore!” And no disrespect, Corey, but The Man answers the fans. So her shirt aged well, huh? Her mugshot shirt, that is.

But Becky was just thinking in the back of that cop car, “What a difference a year makes.” This time last year, Becky and Charlotte were best friends while Ronda was just debuting. It was all the stars aligning for Ronda VS Charlotte this year. Until Becky smacked the smug off Charlotte’s mug at Summerslam! And from there, everything changed. Becky was determined to fight into this year’s Wrestlemania, “and look at us now!” Fans agree as they chant her name. Becky continues by saying that this Sunday at MetLife in front of 80 THOUSAND, the first-ever women’s main event of Wrestlemania! The Queen, The Baddest and The Man herself, head-to-head-to-head.

The revolution, the REAL revolution, that started just last Summerslam with a slap, will blow up this Sunday. When it’s Winner Takes All and Becky gets one of them dopes to tap, you’ll see Becky as the champ she always knew she was: a double champ! Becky drops the mic and stands with her head held high. But who walks out of New York holding not just one but two titles high above her head?


Daniel Bryan and Rowan also review the WWE Championship contract.

They may not like that Kofi Kingston finally has his shot, but they can’t seem to find a flaw in the legalese. Will the Planet’s Champion have to admit he might not be world champion much longer?


18 Superstar Mixed Tag!

This is NOT a late April Fool’s Joke. This will be THE BIGGEST tag team match in WWE history, as Asuka, Naomi, Nikki Cross, The Hardy Boys, Heavy Machinery and the FABULOUS Truth take on Lana, Zelina Vega, Andrade Almas, EC3, Shelton Benjamin, The Club and Fire & Desire, all in the same match! Which side will gain massive momentum towards the Andrew the Giant Memorial and Women’s Wrestlemania Battle Royals?

The two large teams sort out, and Nikki is crazy enough to dare a man to step to her. She starts for her team against La Muneca, but immediately scares her. They circle and tie up, and Nikki arm-drags Zelina. She crossbodies and thrashes Zelina about, but here comes Lacey Evans! The Sassy Southern Belle waves and struts, taking all the attention away from the huge match going on. She leaves without a word or action yet again, and Zelina smashes Nikki into buckles! Zelina kicks and tilt-o-whirls into a crucifix stretch on the ropes! She lets go at 4 but Nikki standing switches and back suplexes Zelina down! Cover, ONE! Zelina scrambles and EC3 tags in. Nikki must tag out to a male superstar, so here comes Jeff Hardy!

Fans rally for Jeff as he circles with EC3. They tie up and Jeff elbows EC3’s elbow. Jeff wrenches him and tags in brother Matt! Matt climbs up and drops an elbow of his own! Matt wrenches EC3 into shoulder breakers! Fans chant “DELETE! DELETE!” but EC3 forearms Matt. EC3 whips but Matt reverses, only to run into an elbow. EC3 runs into a Side Effect! Cover, but Almas breaks it! Almas backs off but Matt puts EC3 into buckles! Tag to Tucker Knight who tags in Otis Dozovic. Heavy Machinery whips EC3 to an open corner, and then sets up for Poetry in Motion!? Tucker runs and does leap off of Dozer for a splash! That was WONDERFUL~! EC3 staggers and falls. So Dozer pumps it up! Caterpillar Elbow! Baltimore is fired up with Otis while we go to break!

SmackDown returns as Mandy sunset flips Naomi. Naomi rolls through to facebust Mandy! Both women stagger and sway, hot tags to Almas and Truth! Truth rallies, splits and calf kicks El Idolo! What’s Up?! More splits, and a corner to corner splash! Truth brings in Carmella for a FABULOUS Dance Break! Time to floss and kick-step! But then Zelina and Anderson jump them! Carmella throws Zelina out then Naomi throws Anderson out! Things are breaking down and the ref calls this off!

No Contest

Now it’s just chaos! Like any battle royal, of course. Naomi hits Luke Gallows with a Rear View! And then Tucker takes care of the rest as he clotheslines Gallows out! Lana throws Naomi out, Fire & Desire go after Carmella, and Almas ends up tumbling out with Truth! Asuka throws Lana out, and bumps her out with a hip attack! Fire & Desire go to suplex Carmella out but she fights them off, only to get kicked down onto Truth! Mandy and Sonya go after Asuka now, but she fights them both off! Sonya kicks Asuka but gets thrown out instead! Mandy gets Asuka with forearms, but she gets distracted by Otis shouts, “Hey pretty lady~!”

Dozer likes the Golden Goddess but Mandy doesn’t like him back. But Benjamin throws Dozer out! Mandy high-fives him in thanks, but then Nikki throws Mandy out! Crazy Cross is running wild and wants to fight Benjamin! Benjamin says no, but she jumps on! Nikki causes Benjamin to tumble out! He still deals with her while EC3 throws Matt out. Matt trips EC3 up but EC3 fights him off. Only tot urn into Jeff’s Twist of Fate! Asuka adds the buzzsaw! Jeff and Asuka work together to throw EC3 out! They’re the last man and woman standing! And then she throws him out! Asuka is THE last superstar standing, but will she win the battle royal for real at Wrestlemania?


Samoa Joe VS Mustafa Ali!

The Destroyer looks to destroy a dream on Sunday as he defends his WWE United States Championship against Rey Mysterio. Joe vows to put Mysterio to bed while his son, Dominic, watches, but will he first make an example out of the Beacon of Light? Or will Joe be the one caught sleeping instead?

The bell rings and the two circle fast. Joe kicks Ali in the leg but Ali stays up. Joe keeps kicking but Ali dodges and hits back! Ali fights but Joe puts him back in a corner for swift jabs and heavy headbutts! Joe dares Ali to get up while he stalks Ali to ropes. Joe stands Ali up to CHOP him! He drags Ali up then whips him, but Ali flapjack dropkicks Joe back! Joe bails out of the ring but Ali builds speed to DIVE! Direct hit sends Joe into barriers! Ali keeps on Joe with clubbing forearms. Joe throws Ali in the ring, though, only to run into a kick! Ali jumps and tornado DDT’s Joe down! Cover, TWO! Ali came close but Joe’s tougher than that.

Ali keeps on Joe but Joe hits back. Joe runs in but misses in the corner. Ali roundhouses Joe back, then somersaults for the facebuster! Joe’s in a drop zone, and Ali hurries up high! 450 but it FLOPS! Joe is seething as he puts Ali in the sleeper hold! And then he drops down, full Coquina Clutch! Ali fades out, Joe wins!

Winner: Samoa Joe, by submission

Joe lets go, having put the Beacon to bed. Will Joe be able to do the same to the King of Lucha Libre? Or will he find himself hearing the numbers 619 followed by 1-2-3?


Daniel Bryan heads to the ring!

The Planet’s Champion doesn’t want to wait any longer. He and Big Red Rowan are here for the contract signing, after the break!

SmackDown returns once more, and Michael Cole is here to preside over this meeting. He notes that the title is on the line between Daniel Bryan, and The New Day’s Kofi Kingston! Awwwww~ Baltimore! Don’t you dare be sour, clap for your world famous five-time champs, and feel~, the power~! The New Day walks out with Kofi as fans hold up their #Kofimania signs! Kofi takes his seat at the table while fans continue their ovation. Cole gives Kofi his time to talk but Bryan doesn’t. Bryan hushes the crowd, then tells Cole that he’s got it from here. Fans continue to chant for Kofi despite Bryan’s bad mood.

Bryan signs his part of the contract, but then tells Kofi that while Kofi will sign this contract and they’ll have their match at Mania, Bryan isn’t here to stop that. Bryan is here to educate the masses, like he has been all along. This is for everyone to hear. That is, if the fans would shut up! Fans boo while still cheering for “Kofimania!” Bryan says he has a very important life lesson to teach. “Baltimore is so ignorant.” Fans boo but Bryan gives the lesson: “do not be complacent” the way Kofi has been for 11 years! Don’t think that “good” is good enough for 11 years! Do not think that a little success is enough success for 11 years! Again, do NOT be complacent! But the fans and New Day tune it out with their own chants.

Bryan realizes he has another lesson to teach everyone. “Don’t be a bystander in your own lives”, the way Kofi has been in his! Don’t sit on the sidelines and wait to be pushed to the top like Kofi did as Big E and Xavier Woods helped push him! Do not sit idly by in your own life!! Bryan calms himself down as he says that before he passes the contract over, he has yet one more lesson to teach. Fans keep cheering but Bryan does his best to drown them out. This lesson applies to Kofi most of all: don’t mistake a fad for reality. Bryan was where Kofi is once. The way fans chanted “Yes! Yes!” is the same as “Kofi! Kofi!” today. Bryan knows how it feels. He knows how it reverberates through his body. He knows how this love and adoration makes him feel stronger.

But the reality is: Kofi doesn’t feed off the fans, fans feed off of Kofi. Fans are parasites! The fans need Kofi to fulfill their fantasies, but once that’s over, they’ll discard him. Fans tell Bryan what they think of him. People always say about great truth-tellers in history. But here’s the truth of this situation: Kofi needs to soak it all up, because this is the best it’ll ever be. Kofi finally stands up hearing that. “For months, we have had to listen to you as you claim to educate all of us.” Now Bryan should shut up while Kofi educates him! Bryan claims to be what Kofi is, and vice-versa. He claims to know what Kofi feels, but Bryan doesn’t know a damn thing about Kofi! Bryan became champion in his first two years! Kofi watched not as a bystander, but as someone who studied and understood.

Kofi cuts to the chase and says that Bryan hasn’t been through what Kofi’s been through. 11 years, not a single 1v1 match for that title, but that’s fine because it’s led to this moment! Kofi saw how Bryan trembled when they faced off, and he sees through the mind games! Bryan knows Kofi is READY! The only common thread between these two is that Bryan does know what this feels like! And Bryan is scared, because he knows what comes next. And what is that? Wrestlemania, Kofi beats Bryan to become the NEW WWE Champion!! Kofi slams the mic down and signs the contract! It is official, and it will finally happen! But will Kofi truly, definitively and finally become THE champion in the WWE?!



My Thoughts:

What a great SmackDown! It was great to have the Kevin Owens Show section start, and naturally it devolves into fighting between Styles and Orton because that’s how it should go. This helps skew the math and I can’t really call it. The 8 Man Tag was great, and the news of the SmackDown Tag Team Championships being in a Fatal 4 Way is great. This still keeps the tease for Aleister Black & Ricochet becoming dual tag champs going, but it’s still anyone’s guess for TakeOver: New York. The IIconics dropped a good promo, but I don’t think that’s enough to say they’ll be the new Women’s Tag Champs at Mania. The Miz handicap segment was great, because naturally Shane would abuse his power. It sucks for SAnitY, but it’s not like they’ve been used that well on the main roster. But sadly, this probably means Miz loses.

Becky arriving in a squad car was pretty great, and that recap package for the brawl on Raw was again very well made. I just don’t know why they needed to tease it with snippets beforehand, just recap it all or not at all. Becky’s still heavily favored in my mind, and I’m looking forward to where things go with her as the champion of both brands. And hopefully Asuka is the woman to meet her next, because she clearly got a great push towards the Women’s Battle Royal in that crazy 9v9 match. Of course, for having such a big match, it was a shame it just broke down like that. They could’ve just let it be 4v4 and still end up the same way.

Meanwhile, it’s a shame we didn’t get Mysterio VS Almas here, but perhaps Mysterio needs to rest for his match with Joe. Joe put Ali away rather quickly to redeem himself, and I’m also unsure how this one goes. Joe could win to go on a tear of defenses or Mysterio could win so that when he does have another rematch with Almas, it’s for the title. And of course, the thing everyone has wanted to see perhaps equal to Becky as champ is Kofi as champ! Bryan had a great Heel promo but Kofi had an amazing Face promo. Kofi cannot be the odd one out on the big three. If Rollins has to lose so Kofi can win, then that’s the sacrifice everyone will have to accept. As the story of this has been, Kofi’s done more than enough to be champ, and he truly does deserve this.

My Score: 8.7/10

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