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Mitchell’s WWE Worlds Collide Results & Report! (4/17/19)

Worlds Collide continues with Cruiserweights!



WWE Wrestlemania Worlds Collide

WWE brings together all the Cruiserweight class superstars as Worlds Collide continues! Will 205 Live hold down the fort? Or will new stars shine bright?


  • THE Brian Kendrick VS Tyler Bate; Bate wins.
  • Mark Andrews & Flash Morgan Webster VS Ariya Daivari & Mike Kanellis; Andrews & Webster win.
  • Triple Threat: El Ligero VS Gran Metalik VS Albert Hardie Jr; Ligero wins.
  • Akira Tozawa VS Jordan Devlin; Devlin wins.


THE Brian Kendrick VS Tyler Bate!

The Man with a Plan is a former WWE Cruiserweight Champion and one of the most experienced superstars on 205 Live, but he goes against one of the youngest. Will Kendrick prove his age and treachery beats the former WWE United Kingdom Champion’s youth and exuberance?

Kendrick and Bate shake hands to show respect before the bell rings. Fans cheer on the “Big Strong Boy!” but they also cheer Kendrick on. Bate and Kendrick circle and tie up, and Bate puts Kendrick on the ropes. Kendrick slips away and admits, “That’s a big strong boy.” Bate and Kendrick tie up again, and Bate powers Kendrick to the mat! Kendrick scrambles and gets a ropebreak. Bate lets up and allows Kendrick to stand. Kendrick and Bate tie up again and Kendrick gets the arm. Fans sing for Bate while Kendrick wrenches the wrist. Kendrick shifts to a hammerlock but Bate gets up to work on an escape. Bate pries free to reverse the wrench! He wrings Kendrick to the mat but Kendrick endures.

Kendrick gets up but Bate powers him back down, so Kendrick gets to ropes again. Bate lets go again, and Kendrick gets up. They circle and tie up again, and Kendrick waistlocks to headlocks to takedown. Bate moves around and stands, but Kendrick wrenches his arm fast. Bate rolls and rolls and dropkicks! He kips up to fire off hands! Bate throws European Uppercuts, then wrenches to a whip. Kendrick holds ropes to avoid the shoulder, then takes a moment on the apron to catch his breath. Kendrick asks fans why they didn’t warn him about the Big Strong Boy. Bate comes out to get Kendrick but Kendrick gets away, into the ring! Bate pursues again but Kendrick crawls away. He doesn’t get away as Bate drags him back in. Kendrick thumbs the eye!

Kendrick grins as he circles Bate. He throws hands and puts Bate in a corner but Bate turns it around right away. The referee goes to separate them, Kendrick goes to poke eyes again, but Bate blocks it! And then Bate pokes Kendrick’s eyes! Bate gets away with his payback and Kendrick blindly reaches for the ref. Kendrick protests the eye poke, but realizes he found Bate instead of the official. “Oh no.” Bate rocks Kendrick with a right! Bate whips then back drops Kendrick! He keeps going by putting Kendrick in a corner for buckle bumps. Bate gives Kendrick another EuroUpper then covers, TWO! Kendrick flounders up but goes after Bate’s hair! Kendrick tries to poke eyes but Bate blocks again. But Kendrick blocks Bate’s poke! Kendrick thinks he’s pretty smart with his classic hand guard, but Bate finds the way through: just use one finger!

The referee reprimands Bate for poking eyes, but Kendrick clobbers Bate from behind! Kendrick bumps Bate off the apron then soaks up the cheers and jeers. Fans cheer “USA!” behind Kendrick as he goes back to Bate. Kendrick elbows Bate around the corner, then puts him back in the ring. Kendrick elbows Bate down and keeps up the patriotism. Bate crawls and Kendrick kicks him to the corner. Kendrick grinds his boot into Bate but lets up at 4. The ref reprimands Kendrick but Kendrick drags Bate up. Bate throws body shots and haymakers but Kendrick yanks Bate into buckles! Kendrick gets up and walks it off before bringing Bate up. He hits a snap suplex but takes his time to cover, TWO! Kendrick keeps his cool as he grabs Bate for grounded double chicken wings. He digs his knee into Bate’s back, but Bate endures.

Fans continue their patriotism but Bate powers up. Kendrick shifts to a headlock but fans rally and Bate pries his way out. Kendrick quickly makes it a neckbreaker, covers, TWO! Bate grits his teeth as Kendrick throws down hands. Kendrick taunts the Big Strong Boy as he keeps throwing haymakers. Bate powers up, and hits back with a furious combination! Kendrick kicks low but runs into a huricanrana! Bate runs in corner to corner for a big EuroUpper! Then throws Kendrick with an Exploder! Bate knips right up, to the standing Shooting Star! Cover, TWO! Kendrick lives but Bate keeps him from crawling away. Bate drags Kendrick back up, but Kendrick resists the underhooks. Bate clubs him down then knees him in the head. He underhooks but Kendrick trips to a jackknife bridge! TWO as Bate bridges up, Bate spins to a backslide! TWO, and Kendrick BOOTS Bate!

Bate staggers and Kendrick cravats, but Sliced Bread is denied. Kendrick falls for Bop, BANG hits! Both men go down but Kendrick crawls to the apron. Bate pursues and brings Kendrick up, and fans duel as Bate wants to suplex. Kendrick slips out and gets the takedown, to the Captain’s Hook! Bate endures the modified bully choke as Kendrick wrenches back hard! Bate powers his way up and lifts Kendrick in a fireman’s carry! Time for the airplane spin! Bate goes around and around and around, and around and around and around, and fans chant “Big Strong Boy!” Bate slows down and lets Kendrick off the ride. Both men stagger and tumble out of the ring on opposite sides! A ring count begins and reaches 5 before Bate crawls for the ring. Kendrick revives at 6 but staggers around. The count hits 9 and both men get in!

Bate heads for Kendrick and throws EuroUppers. Bate runs, but Kendrick BOOTS! Only to get the rolling kick on the rebound! Fans cheer as Bate fires up again. Bate brings Kendrick up and runs, rebound into a calf kick! Takedown but Bate slips out and rebounds, LARIAT! Bate underhooks, Tyler Driver ’97!! Cover, Bate wins!

Winner: Tyler Bate, by pinfall

This one time, youth and exuberance does win! NXT UK’s Big Strong Boy bests 205 Live’s Man with a Plan, does this mean Bate will climb the ladder towards the Cruiserweight Championship?


Mark Andrews & Flash Morgan Webster VS Ariya Daivari & Mike Kanellis!

The Welshmen air force of the High-Fiving, Stage-Diving Rockstar and the Modfather want to take over the NXT UK Tag Team Division, but they’ll gladly show they can get it done outside. Can they take a big leap towards tag titles somewhere by defeating the Privileged Persian Lion and The Opportunist of 205 Live?

The teams sort out and Andrews starts against Daivari. The bell rings and they circle while fans cheer for Kanellis. Daivari decides to give the fans what they want and tags Kanellis in! Kanellis embraces the love and circles with Andrews, only to tag out to Daivari. Fans boo but Daivari talks strategy with Kanellis. Daivari tags to Kanellis again. Kanellis warms up and fans cheer him on. Kanellis and Andrews circle but Kanellis tags out to Daivari again. Daivari and Andrews actually tie up and Daivari gets the arm. Andrews rolls and reverses but Daivari reverses back. Daivari yanks and rams his shoulder in, then wrenches again. Andrews rolls and uses the ropes to then arm-drag Daivari around. Daivari blocks the third arm-drag to throw Andrews down!

Daivari bumps Andrews and then throws jabs in the corner. Andrews pushes through but Daivari headlocks. Andrews powers out and things speed up, Andrews arm-drags Daivari to an armlock! Daivari endures as Andrews wrenches, then drags Daivari up for shoulder rams of his own. Daivari gets away and runs to his corner. FMW tags in, so Daivari tags in Kanellis! Fans are happy to see Kanellis back as he circles with the Modfather. Kanellis and FMW tie up, and Kanellis headlocks. FMW powers out and things speed up, FMW hits a swinging arm-drag! Kanellis blocks the whip but FMW goes up and up for a flying headscissor! FMW goes to hip toss but Kanellis blocks. Kanellis laughs as he has the power advantage, but FMW body shots and back flips to drop toehold and facelock Kanellis!

Kanellis gets up but FMW brings him to the ropes. They break but Kanellis throws body shots. Andrews tags in and FMW whips, double whip to moonsault and imploding 450 combo! Cover, TWO! Andrews keeps on Kanellis and tags back FMW. FMW climbs and leaps to double stomp the arm. FMW keeps on Kanellis with a wrench, but Kanellis whips, only for FMW to kick him back. Daivari gets a cheap shot on FMW, then Kanellis clobbers FMW with a lariat! Tag to Daivari and Daivari stomps away! Daivari fires up with 205 Live pride, then drags FMW up for a CHOP! Daivari brings FMW up again but FMW CHOPS now! FMW chops again but Daivari kicks him down. Daivari tags to Kanellis, and they mug FMW. Kanellis stalks FMW as he flounders, then snapmares him for a running basement dropkick! Cover, TWO!

Kanellis keeps his cool as he brings FMW to the ropes. He goes to the apron and throws a swift right. And then another! Kanellis goes back in and tags Daivari. Daivari stomps FMW then drags him up for a Rude Awakening! Cover, TWO! Daivari keeps on FMW but FMW hits back. Daivari stomps FMW more then whips him to a corner hard! FMW hits buckles then the mat, and Daivari drags him away. Tag to Kanellis, and Kanellis hits Andrews while the ref counts Daivari. Kanellis stomps FMW and then takes a bow. Kanellis puts FMW in the corner to whip him corner to corner hard. He runs in to add a clothesline, then runs to boot FMW down! Cover, TWO! Kanellis keeps his cool as he drags FMW back. Tag to Daivari and Daivari drives his knee into FMW’s lower back.

Fans rally up as Daivari snapmares FMW to a chinlock. FMW powers up and reaches for Andrews but is thrown down. Daivari keeps on that chinlock but fans still rally. FMW feeds off the energy and fights out of the hold. Daivari clubs FMW down then brings him up for a back suplex. FMW escapes and waistlocks but Daivari elbows him away. Daivari runs into a boot, FMW hops up for the Rude Boy Block! Hot tag to Kanellis but FMW shoves him away, tag to Andrews! Andrews springboard crossbodies both Daivari and Kanellis! Andrews throws chops and hands on Daivari! He whips but Daivari reverses. Andrews slides under to enziguri! Fans fire up as Andrews runs and wheelbarrows, Stomp 182! Standing moonsault! Cover, TWO! Daivari lives but Andrews keeps on him.

Andrews drags him up but Daivari shoves him to a corner. Daivari runs into a boot, and then gets a tilt-o-whirl DDT! Kanellis runs in but FMW hits him with a knee trigger! FMW helps Andrews with the standing 450! Cover but Kanellis still breaks it! Kanellis kicks FMW but FMW throws him out. Andrews dumps Daivari out and then the Welshmen FLY! Double con hilos take out Daivari and Kanellis! Andrews puts Daivari in then tags in FMW! Fans know “This is Awesome!” but Daivari shoves Andrews into FMW! FMW tumbles down and Kanellis tags in. Daivari feeds FMW to Kanellis’ SPINEBUSTER! Cover, TWO!! The Modfather survives and Kanellis’ rage boils up.

Kanellis drags FMW up for a suplex but FMW cradle counters! TWO, but Daivari grabs FMW. Kanellis runs in but FMW sends the SUPERKICK into Daivari! FMW baits Kanellis in for a headbutt! Tag to Andrews, and Andrews runs at Kanellis for a tilt-o-whirl, but Kanellis counters! Kanellis suplexes, only to get a Stun-Dog Millionaire! Tag to FMW and FMW climbs, SWANTON BOMB to Kanellis’ back! Cover, NXT UK wins!

Winner: Flash Morgan Webster & Mark Andrews, Webster pinning

The Welsh Air Force is victorious once again! At this point, NXT UK is 2-0 tonight. Will 205 Live even get on the board?


Triple Threat: El Ligero VS Gran Metalik VS Albert Hardie Jr!

The Luchador of Leeds represents NXT UK while The King of the Ropes represents 205 Live. And new to WWE as a whole, The Human Video Game is a new signee to NXT and makes his WWE in-ring debut in this incredible event! Will AHJ make a major impact his very first day? Or will one of the masked wrestlers take the win for their brand?

The bell rings, and all three men high-five and fist-bump to show respect. They slowly approach and circle while fans give AHJ support. AHJ backs off, and pretends to put on his own invisible lucha mask. Now he feels on equal ground with Ligero and Metalik as they feel out the grapple. It becomes a triple grapple, but AHJ kicks Metalik low. Ligero headlocks but AHJ powers out. Ligero runs AHJ over with a shoulder but gets an arm-drag from Metalik. AHJ runs Metalik over but Metalik knips right up. Ligero is up but AHJ and Metalik dodges. AHJ goes to make a move but can’t be sure who to go after. All three men back off as fans cheer. A “Lucha! Lucha!” chant starts as Metalik circles with the others.

Metalik kicks AHJ but AHJ shoves him back. Ligero gets them back on track towards the triple grapple, but AHJ boots Ligero and headlocks Metalik. Metalik fights against the hold but AHJ shows off his agility. Things speed up more and AHJ dropkicks Metalik out. AHJ aims at Ligero and slingshots but Ligero gets back in. AHJ stops his flight but Ligero trips him up. Things speed up again and Ligero huricanranas AHJ down! AHJ’s up but Ligero spins him to run and dropkick him down! AHJ gets to a corner and Ligero runs but Metalik kicks him away. Metalik springboards but Ligero keeps up. Ligero dodges the handspring but Metalik dodges Ligero to walk the ropes and dropkick him down! Cover but AHJ breaks it up.

AHJ throws Ligero out but Metalik goes after AHJ. AHJ wrenches out of the waistlock and both men throw forearms. Metalik whips but AHJ reverses to atomic drop, sweep and dropkick! Cover, TWO! Ligero returns but AHJ dropkicks him back out. Metalik is up and waistlocks again but AHJ wrenches out to an abdominal stretch. They go around and AHJ uses the chinbar to get the stretch on. AHJ clubs away and gets the hold on, but Metalik endures. AHJ pulls back hard but Metalik works on his escape, only for AHJ to roll him up. TWO, and AHJ CHOPS Metalik to a corner. Ligero returns and slingshots to a roll up, TWO! Ligero throws forearms on AHJ then reels him in, but AHJ resists the suplex. AHJ CHOPS Ligero, and then again!

Ligero stays on his feet and deflects the next chop! Ligero swings but AHJ hits low and enziguris! Cover, but Metalik breaks it! Metalik drags AHJ up for his own CHOP, but AHJ throws him out. AHJ slingshots for the plancha! AHJ goes back to the ring and Ligero in a corner. He grinds Ligero into the mat with a knee, but backs off at 4. AHJ drags Ligero up by his horn to choke him on the ropes. AHJ lets go at 4 to grind his boot in. “Are you not entertained?!” Gladiator AHJ doesn’t care so long as he’s having fun. He stands Ligero up for a CHOP, and then a samba. Fans want “One More Time!” so AHJ stands Ligero up. But AHJ trolls the fans by putting on the abdominal stretch. “I do what I want!”

AHJ gets a SUPERKICK from Metalik! Metalik runs at Ligero but Ligero mule kicks. AHJ and Ligero throw hands and then CHOPS! They move to forearms back and forth, and then clothesline at the same time. Metalik handsprings in for double back elbows! Fans chant “Lucha! Lucha!” as Metalik whips. Ligero reverses but runs into a boot! Sling-Dog brings him down, but Metalik fireman’s carry Ligero up. Ligero fights out of the driver then ripcords to boot! Metalik dropkicks him back down! Metalik DIVES onto AHJ! Fans are fired up as Metalik climbs up. Metalik leaps for a splash! Cover, TWO!! Ligero lives and the triple threat continues!

Metalik drags Ligero up again for another fireman’s carry but AHJ comes in to pull Ligero off. AHJ boots but Metalik blocks. AHJ tries to reason with Metalik but he gets flipped and kicked! Fireman’s carry, Metalik Driver! Cover, but Ligero dropkicks it apart! Ligero stands and drags Metalik up. Metalik breaks free but Ligero fires off strikes. Ligero runs to knee Metalik! Metalik gets to a corner and puts Ligero on the apron. Ligero baits Metalik in to the buckles, then hits a springboard stunner! Fans fire up and Ligero feeds off it to FLY onto Metalik! Ligero takes Metalik out then goes back to AHJ. He springboards, but AHJ blocks the DDT! Ligero sunsets but AHJ reverses to a deadlift German Suplex! Bridging cover, TWO!! “You gotta be kidding me?!”

AHJ can’t believe it, but he gets a shoulder from Metalik. Metalik climbs but AHJ hits a Flash Kick! AHJ runs into a SUPERKICK from Ligero! Ligero sprintboards, tornado DDT! Cover, Ligero wins!!

Winner: Ligero, by pinfall

NXT UK is running away with this! 3-0 for the Cruiserweights from across the pond, will they prove to have the best Cruiserweight class in all of the WWE?


Akira Tozawa VS Jordan Devlin!

This is it! The main event of Cruiserweight night of Worlds Collide! The Stamina Monster is a former Cruiserweight Champion and would love to challenge for the title again. Meanwhile, NXT UK’s Irish Ace is hungry for any gold he can get. Will Devlin prove he’s not only worthy of challenging Walter for the WWE United Kingdom Championship but of crossing over to challenge Tony Nese for his title, too?

The bell rings and Tozawa gets the fans to “AH! AH!” with him. He and Devlin circle and feel things out fast and furious. Devlin and Tozawa tie up but Devlin kicks sharp! Tozawa lets out another “AH!” and fans echo it. Devlin kicks him again for another long “AAH!” Tozawa and Devlin go again, and Tozawa gives Devlin back that kick. Devlin gets up and goes again to waistlock. Tozawa spins to a toehold and reaches for a headlock. Devlin rolls and Tozawa lets go, and the two stand off. Tozawa and Devlin circle and tie up again. Devlin wrenches to an armlock but Tozawa rolls. Devlin keeps him down but Tozawa bridges to deny the cover. Tozawa rolls but Devlin wrenches. Tozawa keeps rolling and wrenches back.

Devlin rolls and spins and handsprings to snapmare Tozawa back to a headlock, but Tozawa reverses right back. Tozawa has a grounded Fujiwara and fans “AH! AH!” but Devlin grabs at Tozawa’s face. The ref reprimands Devlin and the two go around on the mat. Devlin toeholds but Tozawa attempts headscissors. It takes a couple times but Tozawa gets Devlin down. Devlin resists the armbar but Tozawa resists the cover. They stand and Devlin has the headlock. Tozawa fights out but Devlin runs him over. Devlin looms over Tozawa but things speed up. Devlin sunsets but Tozawa rolls through to Penalty Kick to senton! Cover, ONE, but Tozawa keeps his cool as fans “AH!” for him. Tozawa puts Devlin in a corner and stomps away. Fans “AH! AH!” with him as he stomps the mudhole!

Tozawa backs off at the ref’s count, then drags Devlin up for a snapmare and kick! Cover, TWO! Tozawa keeps on Devlin as fans rally up. Devlin endures the chinlock, but Tozawa whips. Devlin reverses and table tops Tozawa to then drag Tozawa out and throw him into barriers! The barrier almost falls over! Devlin keeps going as he rams Tozawa into the apron, then rams his knee in. Devlin puts Tozawa in then drags him up for an atomic backbreaker! Fans boo as Devlin mocks the “AH!” Devlin drives his elbow into Tozawa then kicks him. Tozawa gets to a corner but Devlin grinds his boot in. The ref counts and Devlin backs off at 4. Fans boo and jeer Devlin then “AH! AH!” for Tozawa.

Devlin drags Tozawa up by his ear, then whips to run Tozawa over with an elbow. Devlin toys with Tozawa but Tozawa gets mad. Tozawa throws body shots but they don’t hurt. But then the elbows do, and that chop does! Tozawa chops more, but Devlin catches Tozawa for the urenage and standing moonsault! Cover, TWO! Devlin keeps his cool while walking it off. Fans “AH! AH!” even as Devlin stomps and drags Tozawa up. Devlin scoops and slams Tozawa. Cover, TWO! Tozawa grits his teeth but Devlin drives in an elbow. Devlin puts Tozawa in a chinlock then body scissors. Tozawa endures and fans rally up again.

Devlin adds a full nelson to the hold but Tozawa powers up with every “AH! AH!” Tozawa is free and he throws elbows until Devlin lets go. He keeps throwing shots but Devlin uppercuts. Devlin whips but Tozawa reverses to headscissor Devlin down! Tozawa adds the shining wizard! He drags Devlin to a drop zone and he climbs up high. Devlin sees that coming and gets out of the ring. Tozawa changes course to DIVE! The Tozawa Torpedo hits! Tozawa puts Devlin back in and climbs up again. Missile dropkick! Cover, TWO! Devlin lives but the “AH! AH!” keeps Tozawa focused. Tozawa drags Devlin away from the ropes with a waistlock. Devlin breaks the waistlock then runs, but into the back kick. Tozawa swings, slides and tilt-o-whirls into the Iron Octopus!

Devlin endures as Tozawa pulls back hard. Devlin manages to walk even as Tozawa pulls hard, and pops out to give Tozawa a backbreaker! Both men are down and a standing count starts. The count reaches 5 before either man sits up. Devlin drags himself to ropes, but he walks into Tozawa’s CHOP! Devlin JABS back, but Tozawa CHOPS! They go back and forth with jabs and chops, then Tozawa gets an edge! Tozawa fires up, feints the chop to hit his own JAB! Devlin is dazed, Tozawa runs, but Devlin bicycle boots! Tozawa is dazed but he manages to boot back! SUPERKICK! ROLLING ROUNDHOUSE! Both men go down but fans fire up! The fans cheer on “Worlds Collide!” for giving them this match.

Tozawa grits his teeth as he runs in at Devlin, but Devlin slips out. Devlin blocks Tozawa but Tozawa catches the slingshot for a German! Bridging cover, TWO!! Devlin escapes but Tozawa climbs back up! Fans know what’s coming and give Tozawa strength with “AH! AH!” Tozawa aims but Devlin trips him up! Devlin throws EuroUppers then climbs up to join Tozawa. Tozawa punches him but Devlin hits back. Devlin climbs again, stands Tozawa up, but Tozawa resists! Tozawa elbows away and then throws Devlin down with a gourd buster! Tozawa stands, SUPER SENTON onto knees!! Devlin grits his teeth as he reels Tozawa in for the saido suplex! Cover, Devlin wins!

Winner: Jordan Devlin, by pinfall

The Irish Ace completes NXT UK’s sweep of this event! It was a complete 4-0, but it took a lot out of Devlin. Will Devlin be good to go to challenge whichever champion he wants?



My Thoughts:

What a great second edition of the Wrestlemania Axxess Worlds Collide! But again, the most amazing thing is that all the NXT UK superstars competing tonight won! I would not have guessed that happening, and I kinda feel bad for the 205 Live guys. But that aside, these were all great matches from first to last. Kendrick VS Bate was great because it also had some great comedy elements. The tag match was great, but I would’ve thought that was where 205 Live would’ve gotten something. Kanellis and Daivari are the Heels so they could’ve gotten away with winning by cheating, but it was good for Andrews & FMW to win and keep their tag possibilities alive. The Triple Threat was incredible, and AHJ did great throwing in some Heel attitude. I look forward to AHJ showing up in NXT and doing just about anything.

Not only did NXT UK sweep, Tozawa VS Devlin was the only match a Heel won. The match was great, but it makes some sense for Devlin to win. He grows stronger in the Cruiserweight Division in case should he ever come to 205 Live, and as a Heel he’d work against a Face champion like Tony Nese. Devlin also stays strong in terms of NXT UK and what feels like a coming match against Walter. Devlin is definitely a superstar WWE can use for big crossovers like NXT UK with 205 Live.

My Score: 8.5/10

Let us know what you think on social media @theCHAIRSHOTcom and always remember to use the hashtag #UseYourHead!


Mitchell’s WWE 205 Live Results & Report! (7/23/19)

A huge night of crossover between 205 Live and NXT!



205 Live = Cruiserweight Division

The Cruiserweights of NXT join 205 Live!

In the wake of Raw Reunion, the Cruiserweight Division heats things up by bringing in superstars from NXT! While he didn’t win in the Breakout Tournament, Isaiah “Swerve” Scott did make an impression! Can he do the same in a non-title match with THE Cruiserweight Champion, Drew Gulak?



  • Lucha House Party VS Humberto Carrillo & Raul Mendoza; Carrillo & Mendoza win.
  • Drew Gulak VS Isaiah “Swerve” Scott; wins.


There is some serious drama in the Cruiserweight Division.

After weeks of her husband dropping the ball,  Maria Kanellis dropped a bomb on him with their second child being on the way. And as he kept losing, she kept piling on the insults and humiliation. But instead of manning up and taking accountability, Mike just dumped it all on Drake Maverick, who was dealing with his own issues. Granted, the 205 Live GM should have left the WWE 24/7 Championship alone and focused on his real job, but at least Maverick owned up to it.

But Mike wouldn’t have any of that. Not only did Mike rip into his opponent last week, but he verbally berated Maverick in the ring and to his face, insulting Maverick’s own wife! Maverick lost his cool and threw hands on Mike, which is a major violation of the rules between a General Manager and a wrestler under his purview. Maverick said after the show that you can only push a man so far. And if Mike wants a Cruiserweight Championship opportunity that badly, he’ll have to earn it, just like everyone else. But for the first time in 205 Live history, it will be a match… with DRAKE MAVERICK!


Drake Maverick now speaks tonight.

“I’ve had a week to calm down and think about my actions.” As the GM, his actions were completely uncalled for. But as a man, everyone should agree that Maverick is justified. Too bad Mike isn’t here in person to hear this from Maverick, but as he said last week, Maverick will give Mike what he wants. Mike will get his opportunity for a title match, and he gets a chance to kick Maverick’s ass. Those were his words, weren’t they? But just because Mike has this opportunity doesn’t mean Maverick isn’t going to fight back. Mike won’t be facing Drake Maverick the GM next week. No, next week, won’t even be a match! It’ll be a fight! Because the last order as GM from Maverick is that they get all their anger out, because he is making it… an UNSANCTIONED MATCH! What won’t Maverick and Mike do in order to settle this issue once and for all!?


Lucha House Party VS Humberto Carrillo & Raul Mendoza!

The crossover begins with some high-flying lucha libre! Humberto and Raul reunite to take on the triumphantly returning Lucha Dragon and King of the Ropes! But while this is a crossover encounter, can Mendoza make an impact and find a place here in the Cruiserweight Division?

The teams sort out and Mendoza starts against Kalisto. The two circle as fans rally up with “LUCHA! LUCHA!” Kalisto and Mendoza tie up and Mendoza wrenches to a wristlock. Kalisto cartwheels to reverse the wrench back. Mendoza rolls and wrenches back to headlock Kalisto. Kalisto powers out and scoops Mendoza, but Mendoza escapes the tilt-o-whirl with a grin. Mendoza gets Kalisto in the scoop but Kalisto lands on his feet now. They both go to arm-drag but that cancels out. Kalisto whips and hurdles but Mendoza keeps up. Kalisto handstand walks to headscissor but Mendoza handsprings through! Mendoza huricanranas but Kalisto rolls through to his feet.

The two go again, and Kalisto wristlocks to CHOP Mendoza over and over. Kalisto then goes acrobatic, showing off even, and arm-drags! But Mendoza handsprings through to stay on his feet! Mendoza bats Kalisto into an arm-drag but Kalisto arm-drags back. They both dropkick and handspring, and are now head to head! Miami loves this,a nd the two even shake hands in respect. Fans rally with “LUCHA! LUCHA!” while Mendoza and Kalisto tag out. Carrillo and Metalik show off already as they enter the ring with handsprings. Carrillo and Metalik tie up and Metalik waistlocks. Carrillo pries free to get a wristlock to hammerlock. Metalik headlocks back, but Carrillo spins Metalik around for his own headlock. Metalik powers out and Carrillo shows off his agility again!

Things speed up and Carrillo gets clear of the handspring. Carrillo dodges but Metalik monkey flips him, only for Carrillo to handspring through! Metalik also handsprings, and Miami is still loving this! Another “LUCHA! LUCHA!” chant begins as the two shake hands. But then Metalik kicks low and fireman’s carries Carrillo over. Tag to Kalisto before Metalik dumps Carrillo down. Kalisto then knee-boards to senton! Kalisto drags Carrillo back to tag Metalik, and holds Carrillo down for Metalik’s knee drop onto the arm! Cover, ONE! Metalik keeps on Carrillo with a chinlock, but Carrillo scrambles up. Kalisto tags in and climbs up to hop down and kick the arm. Kalisto tags back to Metalik, and Metalik kicks Carrillo’s arm, too.

Metalik snapmares Carrillo into a chinlock. Carrillo endures and fans rally up. Carrillo fights his way up and out but Metalik throws him down by his hair. Metalik stomps Carrillo then drags him over to tag Kalisto. Kalisto drops ax handles on the arm then covers, ONE! Kalisto keeps on Carrillo with another chinlock. Carrillo endures again as fans build back to a rally. Carrillo fights free a second time, but runs into the heel kick! Cover, TWO! Kalisto grows annoyed, but Carrillo knees him low. Carrillo whips Kalisto to the corner and hits a clothesline, then tags in Mendoza. Mendoza and Carrillo whip Kalisto to double hip toss! Mendoza and Carrillo combine, wheelbarrow victory splash! Cover, TWO! Mendoza keeps on Kalisto with an armlock on the mat. Kalisto endures and fans rally yet again.

Kalisto fights up and out but Mendoza knees low. Mendoza wrenches Kalisto and tags Carrillo. Carrillo returns the favor to Lucha House Party with double stomps to Kalisto’s arm! Cover, TWO! Carrillo keeps his cool and drags Kalisto up for a wrench. Kalisto endures and fights back as fans rally with “LUCHA! LUCHA!” But Carrillo scoops and slams Kalisto hard! Carrillo smiles, but gets a kick from the mat! And then boots! Tag to Metalik, and Kalisto boosts Metalik for a missile dropkick! Cover, TWO! Metalik keeps Carrillo down with a mounted hammerlock. Carrillo endures and fights up again, throwing body shots. Metalik knees low over and over and brings Carrillo back down. Metalik shifts to a partial camel clutch, but Carrillo still endures.

Carrillo gets up but gets a CHOP, and Metalik whips him corner to corner. Metalik corner clotheslines, then runs the ropes to dropkick Carrillo down! Cover, TWO! Carrillo keeps in this, but Metalik has him up for more CHOPS! Metalik whips but Carrillo springboards for the flying headbutt! Both men are down but the “LUCHA! LUCHA!” echoes out. Both men crawl, hot tags to Kalisto and Mendoza! Kalisto springboards but Mendoza gets under to lariat and dropkick! Mendoza whips Kalisto but Kalisto reverses. But Kalisto misses in the corner as Mendoza slips out to the apron. Mendoza hurries to climb and walk the ropes to dropkick Kalisto down now! Cover but Metalik breaks it!

Metalik dodges Carrillo once but not the second time! Carrillo swings but misses, Kalisto hits a Neuralizer enziguri! Mendoza runs to springboard enziguri Kalisto! Cover, TWO!! Kalisto still lives and Mendoza is furious! But Miami loves this as Mendoza stalks Kalisto. Mendoza drags Kalisto up but gets a jawbreaker! Kalisto staggers back to tag in Metalik! Mendoza runs in but gets a swing kick from Metalik! Metalik walks into a mule kick, to give a SUPERKICK! Carrillo tags in as Mendoza falls back! Carrillo kicks and whips but Metalik reverses. Metalik runs in but is put on the apron. Metalik kicks Carrillo but Carrillo kicks back! Carrillo uses the corner to rebound out, but Metalik gets under to SUPERKICK him back! Metalik climbs the same corner, but Carrillo clubs him back!

Carrillo climbs to join Metalik but Metailk fights him. Metalik jumps for a SUPER STEINER!! Cover, but Mendoza breaks it! Mendoza has Kalisto but Kalisto elbows back. Kalisto runs, Mendoza follows and enziguris Kalisto out! Mendoza runs and FLIES to take out the Lucha Dragon! Metalik kicks Carrillo down! Metalik climbs again, MOONSAULT, to boots! Carrillo hurries to put Metalik in place and climb up himself, for a TWISTING SPALSH! Cover, Carrillo and Mendoza win!!

Winners: Humberto Carrillo & Raul Mendoza, Carrillo pinning

These five luchadores brought the heat in Miami! But in the end, it was Ultimo Ninja and his NXT tag team partner who won out in the end! Will this lead them both to bigger and better things as we head for SummerSlam?


The Singh Brothers are seething backstage.

THE Brian Kendrick and Akira Tozawa have their Boscar trophy! Those two don’t deserve awards! The Singhs are the best Bollywood actors and the best team in 205 Live. They’ve played Kendrick’s game long enough, but now he and Tozawa must play theirs. It will be a tag team match to settle the score! Both Samir & Sunil promise it will be lights, camera and some Bollywood action. But will the summer blockbuster they hope for end up giving Kendrick and Tozawa the spotlight instead?


205 Live takes a closer look at NXT’s Isaiah “Swerve” Scott.

From Evolve Wrestling and beyond, Isaiah Scott brings the swerve. Swerve is confidence and style. That is his advantage over everyone else in the WWE Performance Center, in NXT, and now in 205 Live. The former Evolve Champion is going up against THE Cruiserweight Champion, can Swerve swerve Drew Gulak in their first ever encounter?



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Mitchell’s WWE SmackDown Live Results & Report! (7/23/19)

Who steps up to Kofimania at Summerslam?!



SmackDown cover image

SmackDown heats up towards SummerSlam!

The W, W, E, World, Heavy, Weight, CHAMPION~ may be preparing for a #Smackville debut, but he wants to have something for the biggest party of the summer! Who is he going to call out on the way to Toronto? Plus, Shawn Michaels returns to SmackDown as a guest commentator for tonight’s action!



  • Apollo Crews VS Shinsuke Nakamura; Nakamura wins.
  • Ember Moon VS Charlotte Flair; Moon wins.
  • Kofi Kingston VS Samoa Joe; No Contest.
  • Roman Reigns VS Kevin Owens, Special Guest Referee: Drew McIntyre; No Contest.


Kevin Owens defies authority!

From calling out Shane McMahon being a glory hog to straight up stunning him in the ring, the KO Show will not be silenced! Even as Shane brings every crony possible, Kevin finds a way to get the best of the Best in the World! But what will the consequences be for Kevin as we head for SummerSlam?


SmackDown opens with The New Day!

Big E and Xavier Woods dance on the announce desk in front of Tom Phillips and David Otunga, but then Shane McMahon comes out to ruin the fun. Fans boo as Shane goes to the ring. Even Xavier boos while Big E hands out pancakes. “The BEST, in the WOOOOOOOOOOOOORLD~!” gets his proper introduction from Greg Hamilton before he reflects on last night’s Raw Reunion. WWE paid homage to superstars both old and new, but one face Shane was happy not seeing was Kevin Owens. Where was Kevin? Hiding behind social media and yapping, but he did say something interesting: Kevin wants a match with Shane at SummerSlam. And thinking about it, such an event wouldn’t be complete without the Best in the World.

Shane tells Kevin Owens, challenge accepted! But all that other yammering had something else interesting: if Kevin loses to Shane, then Kevin would quit the WWE! Fans let Shane know, “You Can’t Wrestle!” But Shane just says they can ask Roman Reigns about that. However, Kevin said he’d quit before, but then he didn’t actually quit. Shane rolls the footage of such words. August 27th, 2018, Kevin Owens lost to Seth Rollins and, in Toronto, Kevin said, “I quit.” Can you believe Kevin did that? Well Shane will make Kevin quit again! But it has to be in writing! Speak of the Prizefighter, here he comes! Miami goes wild for Kevin as he walks out on stage with a microphone.

Kevin tells Shane, “I’ve said a lot of things about you, but there’s one thing I wouldn’t say and that’s that you’re not smart.” Yes, Kevin hit a low point last year, but that was the “broken down” Kevin who didn’t want to piss anyone off. That Kevin is not this Kevin! Kevin knew if he issued a challenge, Shane would accept. Because Shane wants Kevin gone, and Kevin knows Shane loves the spotlight. And that spotlight is no brighter than SummerSlam in Toronto! The only problem is, Kevin won’t quit. And the reason why is because he’ll beat the hell out of Shane! But why wait?! Kevin wants to fight right now! Shane says if he wants that match at SummerSlam, then he’s not going to do anything right now.

Shane sees the fire in Kevin, and maybe Kevin should fight tonight. Not Shane, of course. But Kevin can fight… Roman Reigns! Shane pits his two biggest enemies dissenters against each other for his own benefit! Will KO get through Roman Reigns to then give the Best in the World the worst beating of his life?


Shane meets up with his crew.

Elias and Drew McIntyre love the ideas Shane had. Just when they thought he couldn’t get any more amazing as a leader, pitting Kevin against Roman, it’s beyond brilliant. It’s truly genius. Shane wants to go up even higher! This match needs something special. To make sure nothing happens, there should be a special guest referee. And it’ll be Drew McIntyre! McIntyre is good with that. And it also needs Elias as the special guest timekeeper! And to really, really put this together, the special ring announcer will be, the BEST, in the WOOORLD himself. Shane is definitely smart enough to know how to abuse his power. But how smart will it be to be that close to such combustible elements?


Apollo Crews VS Shinsuke Nakamura!

The rising star just needs that one moment to finally prove himself, but how will he do against the King of Strong Style?

The bell rings and Apollo circles with Nakamura. They approach but Apollo backs off. Fans duel as they approach again. Nakamura kicks one hand and reels Apollo in for a headlock. Apollo powers up and out to then run Nakamura over. Apollo brings Nakamura up and scoops to slam Nakamura down hard. Then Apollo drops a big leaping elbow! Apollo drags Nakamura up for a suplex, and holds him up there! For over 20 counts! Cover, TWO! Apollo keeps his cool as he brings Nakamura up again. Nakamura breaks free to throw a strike fest then whip, but Apollo reverses. Nakamura holds the ropes but Apollo clotheslines him out! Apollo goes to the apron, ASAI MOONSAULT! The New Day are loving this as SmackDown goes picture in picture!

Apollo looms over Nakamura before putting him in the ring. Apollo slingshots and sentons, but Nakamura gets clear. Nakamura sweeps Apollo’s legs to trip him on the apron! Then he turns Apollo sideways for a knee strike, then a knee guillotine! Apollo falls to the floor and Nakamura stomps him out. Nakamura drags Apollo up and puts him back in the ring. He covers, TWO! Nakamura keeps his cool as he stands Apollo up for a cravat. Apollo endures the hold and slowly fights his way up. Nakamura snapmares and drops another knee! Cover, TWO! Nakamura grows annoyed with Apollo as he puts him in a corner. He stomps the legs out then gives Apollo some Bad Vibrations! Apollo stops those, but Nakamura punches him down!

Nakamura stomps away on Apollo again and again at the ropes, only stopping when the ref backs him off. Nakamura stands Apollo up again for a SWIFT kick to the chest! Apollo wobbles but stays up, so Nakamura kicks him again! Then Nakamura grinds Apollo down in a facelock. Apollo endures as Nakamura squeezes tight. Apollo fights his way up and gourd busters Nakamura down! And then LARIATS Nakamura inside-out! Both men are down but Apollo catches his breath. SmackDown returns to single picture as he and Nakamura stand. Apollo mule kicks and BOOTS, then leaps to lariat Nakamura down! Kip-up and Apollo fires up! The New Day and Miami are also fired up as Apollo throws Nakamura with a fall away slam! Cover, TWO!

Apollo keeps his cool and says it’s time to raise the roof. He lifts Nakamura but Nakamura slips out to swing a kick. Apollo ducks but gets the left heel! Nakamura aims at Apollo in a corner, runs in, but blocks the boots. He turns Apollo around for the roundhouse, and sliding German! Nakamura unzips his shirt while Apollo is dazed. Nakamura runs in, but gets an enziguri!! OLYMPIC SLAM! Cover, TWO!! Nakamura survives and Apollo can’t believe it! The New Day is going nuts on commentary as Apollo plans what’s next. Apollo goes up top, but Nakamura trips him up! Top Shelf Knee! Then he throws Apollo off, only to get a pop-up flapjack! Standing shooting star misses! KINSHASA! Cover, Nakamura wins!!

Winner: Shinsuke Nakamura, by pinfall

The WWE Intercontinental Champion shows Apollo what being King of Strong Style really means! What will it take for Apollo to rise up higher?

But to add insult to injury, Nakamura kicks Apollo all around the ring! And out of the ring, and then kicks him while he’s down! Nakamura goes up the ramp and aims, for another KINSHASA! Nakamura caresses the title as he heads out, but will there come a time when someone wants that belt for their own?


Mandy Rose surprises Sonya Deville.

Where has she been, though? Don’t worry, she took care of business. She talked to Shane and told about the IIconics making jokes. Now they have a match that could earn them a future tag title match! Sonya is speechless as she’s so proud of her best friend. Will Fire & Desire take the fight to Peyton & Billie when they meet in the ring?


SmackDown hears from Mustafa Ali.

“I’ve got to rewrite the story.” He has to take the pen into his hand and rewrite his story! Not a sob story about a kid chasing his dream, who went from being a cop to a wrestler, and had to fight to earn his title shot only for his body to give out on him. Injured, replaced, and forgotten. Ali knows he lost time, but he won’t let that be his story. Ali has his pen, he puts it to paper, and it will read, “Ali becomes a champion.” It doesn’t matter who it is, no one is writing his story! He’ll even use his blood to write the story. Ali will go down in history with his story.


SmackDown presents: Miz TV!

The Most Must-See WWE Talk Show returns again, and Miz fires up Miami for the Miz & Mrs. season premiere! Miz takes a look back at Raw Reunion and all the stars, icons and legends that showed up. It was a lot of fun, but tonight’s guest carries that over. It is none other than the Heartbreak Kid, SHAWN MICHAELS! The New Day sings along as HBK makes his way to the ring. Ironically, HBK was supposed to be where the New Day was, but perhaps things worked out in the end.

Miz and HBK sit but the fans cheer and that gets HBK moving around again. The party keeps on rolling. Miz and others loved having legends back, but others were negative towards it. HBK has been on both sides, from the young guy in the back watching old time- er, Legends, coming around, and thinking “Why don’t they just get out of here?” But at the same time, this is family! It’s hard to turn down such a chance to hang out. And everyone had a blast, right? Fans in Miami sure are having a blast. And DX-Kliq even recruited an honorary member. Miz really “appreciates” it wasn’t him. But Seth Rollins has been a lot to fun watching growing up from the WWE PC and NXT, to another match with Brock Lesnar. In the words of Rollins, HBK hopes Rollins will #BurnItDown.

But to spoil the fun, it’s Dolph Ziggler! “Enough already with these so-called legends limping out tot he ring, ‘happy to be there’.” Ziggler hopes someone puts him out of his misery before he ever gets like that. Miz would be happy to be the one to do it! HBK keeps the peace. Clearly, Ziggler needs to say something, so let him say his piece. Ziggler does! He’s actually happy to see HBK. Ziggler and everyone used to idolize HBK, emphasis on “used to.” HBK could’ve just ridden off into the sunset, but what did he do? Shuffled back out and waved to the crowd, “it was embarrassing!” As bad as Goldberg-Taker! Ziggler tells HBK the truth: when HBK came back in November, he broke Ziggler’s heart. So Ziggler will tell him what no one else has the guts to say: “You were embarrassing.”

Miz looks to HBK for a response. HBK’s response: “I’ll admit it. I’m not going to disagree with you. It was embarrassing. I was embarrassed.” But what’s more embarrassing than that, is working your whole career and giving it your all, and still being left with nothing but being known as “a second-rate, Shawn Michaels wannabe.” Ziggler scowls, and fans pile on. Ziggler will not let HBK say that about him! The only second-rate HBK here is THIS HBK! And real fitting that he and Miz are here together. They ruined their legacies to shake hands, kiss babies, wave like idiots on a parade float! They’re the ones who will be left known for kissing ass while Ziggler-

“Oh just do something already!” Miz has had enough of Ziggler’s bitter whining, “It should’ve been me!” In this industry, you MAKE it you! So do something about it! Ziggler looks to Miz, then to HBK. Fans dare him to “Do Something! Do Something!” Everyone drops mics and tosses off jackets. Miz even leans forward to give Ziggler an easy shot. Ziggler goes to leave, HBK turns him around, but then HBK ducks the sucker punch and it goes into Miz! HBK goes after Ziggler on Miz’s behalf! HBK helps Miz up, but then Ziggler comes back with a SUPERKICK! Ziggler takes HBK down with the move he made famous! Then runs away from Miz before anything more can happen! Will Ziggler pay for such disrespect and cowardice?


Ember Moon VS Charlotte Flair!

SmackDown Women’s Champion, Bayley, was allowed to name her challenger for SummerSlam, and after helping her thwart Fire & Desire, she chose the War Goddess! Now Ember looks to prove she’s not only worthy of the match, but capable of beating the champion by beating a former champion. Will the #Shenom be able to Eclipse the Queen of Flair? Or will she find there’s a reason the Queen is #CharlotteNineTime?

The bell rings on this first-time-ever, and Ember circles with Charlotte. Charlotte kicks Ember’s legs out and then whips her to ropes. Ember handsprings through the hip toss to arm-drag Charlotte. CHarlotte comes back and runs Ember over, then stomps away. But here comes Bayley! The Queen is upset, but Bayley just wants a front row seat. Ember rolls Charlotte up, EMBER WINS!!

Winner: Ember Moon, by pinfall

Bayley didn’t mean for that to happen, but it did happen. But then Ember puts Bayley in the ring!? Charlotte BOOTS Bayley down, but then Ember ECLIPSES Charlotte! Then she sees Bayley stirring, and grins. Ember climbs again, aims at Bayley, and gives BAYLEY an Eclipse! The War Goddess has declared war on champion and Queen! Will she regret making enemies of two NXT Horsewomen? Or is she going to rise above them all?


SmackDown returns to Kofimania!

The WWE World Champion throws pancakes as he makes his way out to the ring and Miami gets hype with positivity! They cheer and chant while he gets a mic. “Miami, BABYYYY~!” Before Kofi gets to his Smackville match with Samoa Joe and Dolph Ziggler, he wants to call out the man he hopes will be his SummerSlam opponent. Hopefully Kofi gets it out before getting attacked outta nowhere, because he’s talking to Randy Orton. Kofi waits, and The Viper appears! Orton himself looks to see if there might be anyone coming up to get after him. But the coast is clear, and Orton takes a mic for his own.

Kofi tells Orton that he wants Orton because of the history between them. Some fans might have forgotten, but Kofi remembers. November 16th, 2009: a sold out Madison Square Garden, and everyone chanting for Kofi. Fans chant for Kofi now. That was the night Kofi whooped Orton in a Falls Count Anywhere! And if Orton doesn’t recall it himself, there’s footage as a refresher. The SUPER BOOM DROP! That moment still gives Kofi goosebumps. That was supposed to be the moment Kofi made it to the main event. But that didn’t happen, now did it? Let’s get to the truth, to the real-life details. Orton used his influence to screw Kofi over. It almost worked, too. Until it didn’t.

Ever since then, Kofi kept on the grind and kept believing himself, and used the very real Power of Positivity to become what Orton never wanted him to be! The W, W, E, World, Heavy, Weight, Champion~! Orton responds, saying “You think I used my influence to hold you back?” Orton admits it! But it was a favor to Kofi. Kofi wasn’t ready back then. And he’s still not ready now. This reign is a fluke. Kofi brags about his 11 years, but what about Orton’s 18? Orton admits he didn’t have to work hard, because it was so easy just being himself. He didn’t have to fake an accent, throw pancakes or shake his ass. All he had to do was be him, “and it’s worked pretty damn good.” Orton wins, wins and wins, to then main event a Mania.

That reminds Orton of something. Wrestlemania 35’s Kofimania only happened because of Orton. Orton hurt Mustafa Ali, and Kofi took Ali’s spot. What Orton is getting at is Kofi doesn’t deserve the title. And Orton could take it from Kofi whenever he wants. Whenever, huh? Then how about testing that at SummerSlam? Kofi Kingston VS Randy Orton, for the WWE World Championship. If Kofi wants it, he’s got it. But as fair warning, this little fairy tale comes to an end courtesy of the most dangerous letters in pro-wrestling: R K O. Kofi shows no fear, but will he regret inviting a Viper into the ring?

But wait, here comes Samoa Joe! The Samoan Submission Machine doesn’t care about this talk, he wants another fight. Joe wants to show he can get this done even before Smackville’s Triple Threat. And Orton decides to stay and see that, after the break.


Kofi Kingston VS Samoa Joe!

SmackDown returns as this Extreme Rules rematch begins! Kofi and Joe circle while Orton takes a seat ringside. Joe wrenches a wrist but Kofi slips through to wrench back. Kofi wrenches Joe but Joe wrenches right back! Joe has the wristlock, but Kofi rolls and handsprings to wrench again. Joe reaches for ropes and gets the ropebreak. Kofi lets up and backs off, daring Joe to bring the fight. Joe and Kofi circle while fans chant “New! Day Rocks!” Kofi waistlocks Joe but Joe pries free to a fireman’s carry takedown. Joe has the armlock and grinds Kofi down. Joe stands on Kofi’s arm and hammerlocks, but Kofi rolls and kicks Joe away.

Kofi is on Joe’s arm again, and keylocks it. Joe powers the hold back and throws Kofi down by his hair. Joe walks around Kofi and drags him back up for a CHOP! Kofi reels back from the stinging in his chest, but Joe keeps on him with headbutts. Kofi kicks back and throws chops of his own! He backs Joe down, but Joe headbutts him right back down. Joe runs but Kofi speeds up with him! Kofi hurdles and back elbows Joe! Kofi dropkicks Joe out of the ring, then builds speed, to FLY! The Trust Fall topples Joe and Kofi is having fun! Fans fire up with Kofi as he puts Joe back in the ring. Joe gets to a corner and Kofi runs in to forearm smash. Kofi climbs up to rain down rights, right where Orton can see him. But then Joe trips Kofi up and Kofi hits buckles!

Joe looms over Kofi as Kofi shakes the cobwebs out. Joe CHOPS Kofi to the corner, then runs in. Kofi dodges and comes back, but Joe throws him with the urenage! Cover, TWO! Kofi survives but Joe keeps his cool while SmackDown goes picture in picture.

Joe looms over Kofi again and scrapes his soles off Kofi’s face. He drags Kofi back up for the swift jabs, and big haymakers! Kofi wobbles but Joe still CHOPS him at the ropes. Kofi fires back with big haymakers and kicks of his own! Only to run into Joe’s elbow! Joe glares as he stalks Kofi to a corner. Joe drags Kofi up again, pulling hair to bring him in for a headbutt! The ref reprimands Joe but Joe doesn’t care as he drags Kofi up again. Joe snapmares Kofi into a neck wrench. Kofi endures the crank on his head as fans rally up. Kofi fights but Joe leans his weight on him. SmackDown returns to single picture as Joe twists harder.

Fans rally but Orton watches with a stoic stare. Kofi fights his way back up and fights with elbows. Joe knees low, but runs into Kofi’s double chops! Kofi fires off more then dropkicks Joe! Kofi runs and leaps to lariat Joe down! Fans fire up again as Kofi runs for the NEW~ DAY~ Boom Drop! Kofi gets to a corner and takes aim. Fans clap along and Kofi runs out, but Joe gets to a corner. Joe dodges but Kofi goes up and over to crossbody Joe down! But Orton decides to strike! But Kofi denies the RKO and the match is thrown out!

No Contest

Kofi is ready for Orton this time, and Orton throws off his vest. Joe confronts Orton, to get the RKO! Kofi gives Orton Trouble in Paradise! Kofimania runs wild, but will he make it through the Smackville Triple Threat for this rematch to even happen?


Finn Balor returns to SmackDown!

The Extraordinary Man was the first victim of The Fiend, but he’s back to show he’s not afraid. What will he have to say after SmackDown returns from break?

SmackDown returns and Kayla Braxton is there to interview Finn. Finn has had a rough couple of weeks, losing the WWE Intercontinental Championship at Extreme Rules, but then being attacked on Raw the next night. Again, it was the shocking and perhaps disturbing debut of Bray Wyatt’s Fiend on live television, in which he attacked Finn and left him down and out in the ring. Finn finally has a chance to respond. He’s not sure how Bray’s mind works. Is this back to settle an old score? Or for something new? But from the puppets to the attack on Mick Foley last night, and The Fiend itself, Finn isn’t sure what to make of any of it.

Is Finn shaken? Bray is even more twisted than ever before, but Finn has stared fear in the face before. Finn didn’t back down then, and he won’t now! So if Bray, The Fiend, or whatever he is today, how about a match at SummerSlam?! And on the titantron, it’s another episode of Firefly Fun House? Happy Bray is there, “Yowie Wowie!” And so are Mercy the Buzzard and Ramblin’ Rabbit. Finn is so brave! It’s inspiring, really. It’s the reason they’re all fans of Finn’s in the fun house. But The Fiend isn’t, no matter how many times they tell the Fiend how “super duper” Finn is! But the challenge has been accepted! Bray does give a warning: Finn is an Extraordinary Man, The Fiend is no man. “The Fiend is an abomination. The Fiend is power. And the Fiend remembers.” #LetMeIn.

The Fiend now has control of the fun house! “Let me in!” Will Finn survive The Fiend at SummerSlam? Will Finn be bringing the WWE Intercontinental Championship with him after Smackville this Saturday?


SmackDown returns with a backstage interview with Charlotte Flair!

She shouldn’t have to ask for this interview. That thing with Ember and Bayley is a slap in the face. No wait, being off SummerSlam is a slap in the face. No wait, Bayley choosing Ember just because is a slap in the face. Charlotte is THE woman behind the Women’s (R)Evolution! How do you leave The Queen of All Eras off SummerSlam!? Mark her words: she will be part of SummerSlam, she demands to be SummerSlam, and she’ll have a better opponent than Ember Moon to finally prove she is THE greatest woman wrestler of all time.


Roman Reigns VS Kevin Owens, Special Guest Referee: Drew McIntyre!

As if making two of his enemies fight each other, the Best in the World makes sure the Scottish Terminator is the officiator, the Drifter is the timekeeper, and he himself is the ring announcer. This is certainly a stacked deck, but will the Prizefighter still be in good shape to go after Shane O’Mac?

Shane does his ring announcing duties by introducing Elias and McIntyre in turn, and SmackDown takes one more break before this main event finally goes down.

SmackDown returns once more as everyone takes their positions. Kevin makes his entrance, but Shane doesn’t give him an introduction. Roman then makes his entrance, but Shane doesn’t give him an introduction, either. It’s so obvious what Shane is up to with this, but Roman isn’t going to shy away from a fight. He and McIntyre talk trash but then Elias rings the bell. Shane finally gives the introductions, calling Kevin “The Quitter.” Kevin gets out to scare Shane off, then he takes a mic up. Shane thinks eh’s so funny and smart, huh? Kevin has no problem going through everyone to get at Shane! Shane’s getting dropped whether he likes it or not!

Roman takes the mic from Kevin and says Kevin’s not going through him. He’ll whoop everyone’s ass tonight! Shane calls for the real bell, and the bell sounds! Roman and Kevin circle, tie up, and Roman powers Kevin to a corner. McIntyre calls for the break, and Roman gives the break. Fans duel as Roman and Kevin circle again. They tie up again and Kevin headlocks. Roman powers Kevin back to a corner, and McIntyre calls for another break. The break is given, but McIntyre shoves the two a little too much. He says they have to listen to him as the referee. Roman UPPERCUTS McIntyre and throws him out! Kevin hits Elias! Shane scrambles but he’s surrounded! Roman and Kevin have him in the ring, out of the ring, and then back in the ring!

McIntyre saves Shane from Roman but Kevin helps Roman out! Elias attacks with a BIG knee! The brawling continues and Shane gets his cheap shots in on Roman. Shane and his crew stomp Roman all around, and Miami tells them, “You Suck!” McIntyre and Elias hold Roman up and Shane mocks the battle cry, but Kevin trips Shane uP! To throw him into barriers! Roman gets free, Kevin SUPERKICKS McIntyre! SUPERKICK for Elias! Roman SPEARS McIntyre! Kevin gives Elias a STUNNER! Fans are thunderous because Shane isn’t getting away just yet! Roman feeds Shane into the ring, SUPERMAN PUNCH! STUNNER! The Big Dog and KO stand tall, “Aw Hell Yeah!”

Fans want “One More Time!” and so does Roman. Kevin hauls Shane up, for another STUNNER! “You think tonight was good?” Kevin vows to do the impossible: make Shane enjoyable! Because he vows to give Shane the ass whooping of a lifetime! But can Kevin really do this all again in Toronto? Or is Shane going to find yet another way to abuse his power and stack the deck?



My Thoughts:

This was a pretty fun and more substantial episode of SmackDown after Raw Reunion being mostly filler. One thing that disappointed was that HBK didn’t join commentary at all tonight. However, the New Day taking his place was a great alternative, Big E and Xavier Woods were so hype it made things feel even more fun. Especially in the Apollo VS Nakamura match. Apollo had a great performance against Nakamura, but to be fair, he’s still not where Nakamura is. Nakamura VS Finn is coming at Smackville, and for the Intercontinental Championship, but I don’t think Nakamura drops it after Ali had such a passionate promo. At the same time, The Fiend VS Finn is happening, so maybe Finn wins the title to lose it to Bray, and Ali jumps in from there.

Ember getting a quick win over Charlotte and then leaving both her and Bayley down and out is great for Ember. She needs a spark to really get going towards this title match. Of course, Charlotte is talking about trying to outshine the title match, but is Charlotte going to have another match with Asuka just for that? Or does she circle back and copy last year’s SummerSlam by becoming part of a Triple Threat? It might be better if she joins the title match, because oddly, I can see Ember winning off her instead of just Bayley, especially if it’s an Eclipse outta nowhere. Then Fire & Desire having a match against the IIconics for a title opportunity, I don’t see that going any better than when the Kabuki Warriors finally got their shot. But perhaps it will work towards a Triple Threat of its own so that the right team comes out on top.

Kofi Kingston and Randy Orton had a great promo showdown to plug their long history against each other. It was rather surprising that Orton admits to politicking but I suppose it works into the story. Kofi VS Joe was pretty good, too, even with Orton interrupting. Smackville is going to be a lot of fun with that Triple Threat for the title, but I’m pretty sure the title doesn’t change hands. Kofi VS Orton is going to be great, or at least it should with story elements. And given Kofi referenced that memorable Boom Drop, I hope they do that again for the match, perhaps through an announce desk. And I would think for story, Kofi has to win at SummerSlam to further build his legacy.

We also got some great development for the Miz VS Ziggler story this time. Throwing HBK into the mix helped, and oof, those stinging comments about wannabes and embarrassments. This is the spark to give us a match to care about, since I expected the match itself was going to be good anyway. Then the story of the night, Shane trying to screw over Kevin and Roman. It was pretty clear this wasn’t going to work out, in order to give Kevin a lead towards their match. Though, saying this match is about Kevin quitting, I wonder if they’ll make it an I Quit match. It would just make sense, because then Kevin really does have to say the words again to lose, and it would also allow Kevin to beat the hell out of Shane since there would be no rules but to win.

My Score: 8.4/10

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