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Punishment Martinez Gets New & Improved WWE Name

Dare I say it’s an improvement!



WWE NXT Punishment Martinez Damien Priest

After spending years as Punishment Martinez in and around Ring Of Honor, the NXT Superstar has a new WWE name.

Punishment Martinez has appeared on NXT television under his ROH name, but that’s all changing now. Per Pro Wrestling Sheet, he revealed his new name, Damien Priest, in an interview with the Sports Business Journal.

“I’ve always been into the weird, the odd, the dark, so that’s the character I’ve always represented.”

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Greg DeMarco’s Take:

Personally, I like the name. “Punisher Martinez” was fine, but there are obvious copyright issues there. Damien Priest sounds like a name that can get over in WWE, probably more so than, say, Dominik Dijakovic. Like really, what’s wrong with “Dijak,” or even “DIJAK” as a solo name?

Nothing, that’s what!

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