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Sasha Banks And The Supposed WWE Sabbatical That Is Driving Fans Wild

Coming off of what was a successful WWE WrestleMania, the news of Sasha Banks has certainly been a curve ball for fans.



Coming off of what was a successful WWE WrestleMania, the news of Sasha Banks has certainly been a curve ball for fans.

Since the news of Banks’ unhappiness broke late this week, many rumors have been surfacing about what led to the tipping point.  From the fallout of dropping the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships to reports of her not returning to the company, it is hard to say what has really been going on.  Mixed reports say the company has given the former Women’s Champion some time to think about things while she has reportedly told the company she would not be back for Raw this coming Monday.

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So how is it that the smiling face during the WrestleMania 35 Main Event could very well be on her way out of the company that has propelled her as one of the faces of the Women’s Evolution?

Until anything is confirmed by WWE, Banks, or both, all the reports are rumors.   In fact, from the infamous WrestleMania picture to recent posts of Banks wearing WWE shorts on her vacation, the phrase ‘pictures say 1000 words’ applies.  Then, there is the notion of unfollowing WWE on social media.  Looking at both sides, there’s weight either way to support the reports.

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If Banks is in fact, unhappy one has to take a step back and think of what could have drove her to that point.  In the four years on the main roster, Banks’ feelings on where her WWE career is going didn’t happen overnight.  Think about it – from the four reigns as Raw Women’s Champion, Banks held that for a total of 72 days.  Alexa Bliss had the same Championship for a total of almost 400 days while Ronda Rousey holds the record for the longest reign at 232 days.

That is not to discredit either Superstar, but considering Banks’ accomplishments stemming from NXT and beyond, the frustration would be understandable.  Especially with the strong build of the Women’s Tag Team Championships, only for her and Bayley to lose at WrestleMania.  They were not involved in the pinfall as well.

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Fans know Banks is of significant importance of the Women’s Evolution, but if her main roster Championship accomplishments fail to back that importance up then she has every right to be unhappy.

Banks has had her share of history making moments.  From the first Women’s Iron Man match, to one of the first women to main event a WWE PPV Banks has certainly set the standard high for the Women’s Evolution.  Her passion exemplifies that in the blood, sweat and the tears that say it all.  The passion of making the Women’s Division what it is makes it the driving force of promoting Women’s Wrestling.

It is not an ego issue – it’s a booking issue – one that has been driving those such as Dean Ambrose and Tye Dillinger out of the company.  Asuka is going through the same mistreatment, don’t forget about her now.  Fans know too well the loopholes and inconsistent storylines are the majority of the problem of succeeding in WWE.  What makes Banks different other than the fact she’s a woman?  Her cryptic hashtag of #ifyouonlyknew speaks volumes.

When one thinks of Sasha Banks, they should think of the classic and emotional NXT Women’s Championship match that she and Bayley took part in at the first Takeover: Brooklyn.  They should think of how she and Charlotte Flair tore the house down at WWE Hell in a Cell 2016, where they not only took part in the Cell, but the first women to main event a WWE PPV for the first time.  Furthermore, they should remember how in the first Women’s Royal Rumble, she lasted over 50 minutes going toe to toe with current talent and legends such as Trish Stratus.  Not misunderstood, “entitled” behavior that has encompassed the Internet dirtsheets.


So tell me how her accomplishments, the fact she’s a top seller in WWE merchandise, the ability to put on incredible matches, and a cheap payoff (considering all of Banks’ 2018 was spent with her and Bayley going back and forth) of the Women’s Tag Team Championships makes her entitled?

Banks doesn’t seem like the bad guy, after all.  Boss moves shouldn’t be a surprise, if reports are true.

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