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The Good, Bad and Ugly: WWE NXT Takeover New York 2019

This has to be all good, right? RIGHT???



Ricochet Aleister Black WWE NXT Takeover New York

The amount of excitement is overwhelming for this card tonight!  NXT will be blowing everyone away!  WrestleMania weekend, NXT Takeover, New York, NOW!

Can anything on this WWE NXT Takeover New York card be anything but good?


NXT Tag Team Championships- The War Raiders (C) vs. Aleister Black and Ricochet

Rowe and Hanson, the War Raiders are going to be brutal.  They only want victory and know who and what they have up against them.  Ricochet and Aleister Black are red hot!  This is going to be nuts and what an opening match!  A start full of respect, action and a lot of high flying, including the War Raiders.  War Raiders slowed things down a bit using their massive power and size to take control.  Each team using their strengths to take over the other.  Ricochet’s immense flexibility and unorthodox style gave him a chance to change momentum.  Aleister Black’s ruthless strikes and speed.  Both teams seemed to go back and forth.  Hanson and Ricochet absolutely killed it.  Hanson just going ballistic around the ring, battering Ricochet and Black.  It only got better and harder as it went.  All competitors completely showing their best and destroying each other.  The War Raiders had it won, it was over but Aleister Black broke up the pin with a double stomp.  This was over the top bananas!  Hanson defied all odds and just shined out there.  Aleister Black hit a freakishly sharp Black Mass followed by a Ricochet Shooting Star Press but Hanson broke it up.  Ricochet went for a 630 and missed hard.  Hanson dropped Black on the outside and came in hot but was pressed by Ricochet but regained momentum and hit a series of high impact moves followed by a “Fallout” for the Victory!  This is NXT Takeover and we have just begun!

NXT North American Championship- Velveteen Dream (C) vs. Matt Riddle

Truth be told as there was not a GBU Preshow for this NXT Takeover due to the fact that it is a red hot, amazing show on paper, this was the only match I had even the slightest concern about.  However it went away the minute I saw how ready Riddle and Dream are when they came out.  This will do just fine.  Surprisingly Riddle toyed with Dream in the beginning, chopping away at him with kicks and holds.  Riddle looked a lot better, sharper than usual.  This was a big night for both guys but Riddle’s biggest yet.  The Challenger just continuously went at Dream who spent a large part of the match writhing in pain.  Riddle nearly won with a Fisherman’s Brainbuster, but Dream just would not give up.  Riddle hit every move, every lock, every hold with precision, but no matter what Dream would get back up.  Dream had to call upon strength he didn’t have.  Velveteen Dream “Hulked up” and finally got some space.  Dream hit Riddle with everything he had but ended up in a tight Ankle Lock.  Dream recovered hit a Dream DDT, Dream Valley Driver but went for an Elbow Drop and ended up in a Bromission.  It didn’t stop Riddle hit a freakish German off the 2nd rope, a Floating Bro, and still couldn’t get the 3 count.  Riddle again at a game ending Bromission but was rolled back into a 3 count!   Velveteen Dream retains in a disgusting match!  NXT Takeover continues to stun! 

NXT UK Championship- Pete Dunne (C) vs. WALTER

As a bit of an outsider with NXT UK I am really intrigued to see what we have here.  Walter looks massive and brutal and Pete Dunne is a legit Champ and Warrior in the ring.  This really has high hopes and unlimited potential.  The crowd shared the enthusiasm and were on fire this whole match.  These are two tough guys but Walter overpowered Dunne.  Walter would counter and pound Dunne beating the life out of him.  Walter would rain chops on Dunne and literally crush and pounce on him.  The Bruiserweight wouldn’t quit and finally came back striking and flying into Walter knocking him out of the ring.  Dunne continued his assault and hit a freakish Sitdown Powerbomb.  Dunne crushed Walter’s insides with a Double Stomp off the top to the outside.  The noise was bothersome.  Somehow, Walter not only got up but hit a huge dropkick and suplex into a powerbomb, but couldn’t get the 3 count.  Walter had the Champ dead in his hands, but Pete Dunne would keep fighting.  It was shear grit that Dunne was even able to stand.  Walter and Dunne were destroyed.  Dunne pumped up, gained momentum, steamrolling the bigger Walter.  The Champion would not let up, the Challenger would counter.  This could have gone to either of them, both men were fighting with everything they had.  Finally it was a a big boot flowed by a sick Powerbomb off the second turnbuckle by Walter that did the trick.  Walter then hit a Big Splash for the 3 count and Victory!  Walter is your New NXT UK Champion!  Absolute Brutality!  Another classic! 

NXT Women’s Championship- Shayna Baszler (C) vs. Bianca Belair vs. Io Shirai vs. Kairi Sane

Historically, the Women’s Championship Match at Takeover is always a treat.  This match will be also.  Everyone here is extremely talented, hungry and ready to go!  So much to love!  All 4 competitors showed up and put it all out there.  Even friends Io Shirai and Kairi Sane went at it and looked great doing it.  Once Bianca Belair got going she beat the hell out of Baszler.  However it was Kairi Sane that leveled Belair and neutralized the powerful foe.  Io Shirai took over and kept the beating going.  It was the raw power of Belair that saved her but Baszler got her wind and went off.  So many high spots all four feeding off of each other’s energy.  The Sky Pirates kept working together and did incredible high spots and displays of agility.  Baszler had the win, then Belair had the win, Io had the Win, and Kairi even came in and almost won.  This was anyone’s match.  Io and Kairi having to hurt one another for the gold, the story and the action was just amazing!  Belair hit a double finisher on the Sky Pirates but it was Shayna Baszler that locked Belair in a Kirifuda Clutch and squeezed her until she tapped.  Shayna Baszler retains!  This was just incredible!  Bravo! 

(2 out of 3 Falls) NXT Heavyweight Championship- Johnny Gargano vs. Adam Cole

Easily one of the best matches we will see any era anytime.  Gargano and Cole are top tier talents on the biggest stage, with everyone watching for the NXT Championship.  Johnny Gargano is criminally talented and Adam Cole needs no description.  The Crowd, the Audience around the World, pure goosebumps.  This will be talked about for a long time.

With the crowd screaming back and forth we saw some great wrestling action!  A lot of back and forth and counters, feeling each other out.  They worked at an appropriate pace for a Championship, Main Event Match.  Adam Cole kept control for a bit but Johnny Wrestling kept it interesting with little pops of offense and would not quit.  Like clockwork, a second wind filled these guys and again they just went back and forth, one move to the next! Finally, Adam Cole devastated Gargano and got the first fall!

The action didn’t let up though, after Cole came back at Gargano.  Johnny Wrestling turned up the heat and started kicking around Adam Cole.  Cole wouldn’t let up however and kept coming back, taking control at every turn.  Gargano surprisingly would come out of no-where and destroy Adam Cole with huge moves.  Gargano had Cole counted out but broke up the count and paid for it, as Cole punished him on the outside after a freakish DDT on the apron.  Gargano finally trapped Adam Cole making him tap for Gargano’s first fall.

After what was already done and seen here we all knew the third fall would be lunacy.  This was a straight fight!  Back and forth and outdoing each other!  This is the top caliber stuff that we dream of.  Either man could have won, Adam Cole had Gargano, Gargano had Cole.  Bloody, hurt, tired and barely able to continue, these guys would not stop.  Gargano should have had the match one after a brutal series of offense but Cole still kept going.  It was the series of moves, mirroring each other and finally capping it off with superkicks.  This whole thing became unhinged.  We saw it all, no end in sight, and no one was complaining.  Adam Cole tried to win by countout and Gargano got back in.  Cole SuperKicked his head off and still couldn’t finish Gargano.  Gargano had it locked but Undisputed Era attacked and pounced Gargano as the ref was knocked out.  Adam Cole still couldn’t pin Gargano. Gargano then launched Cole onto his brothers taking them all out in style.  Johnny Wrestling then running to the ring got devastated by Adam Cole with kicks and strikes but still only a two count.  Gargano with no energy left locked in a Gargano Escape for the Win!  Johnny Takeover is your NEW NXT CHAMPION!  This was spectacular and now the best out there has his strap.  Congrats to everyone on a spectacular night!  Johnny Wrestling you are insane!        

BAD and UGLY have been disqualified!


  • Good- 5, Everything, the whole time, the whole Takeover!
  • Bad and Ugly- Lost Big Time!


FANTASTIC!  GOOD!  Whatever you want to call it, it was pure fire.  NXT Takeover exceeded expectations that were astronomical as it was, Enough Said. 

As always WWE Main Roster has their work cut out for them but hopefully they are inspired by what they saw.  They put it out there, they succeeded.  NXT continues to set the bar where it needs to be.  NXT is Great for Wrestling!  Catch you soon for the biggest night in Professional Wrestling, although we already saw the best, WrestleMania for some more Good, Bad and Ugly only on

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AJ’s Controversial? Wrestling Opinions 10.12.21

AJ feels like spouting off about a few wrestling topics that bug him. How controversial are they though?



As Eric Bischoff, President of WCW once said, Controversy Creates Cash…no I’m serious; it’s even the title of a book that he did. Everyone has their hot takes on professional wrestling and some are always wide eyed and kind of shocking to some. There are some of us that will have same opinions or chastise me on a show or an article maybe but hey, don’t hate the player, hate The Game.

Maybe there are some that the readers at home agree with or you want to also be the one to chastise me, @PhenomenalAJB on Twitter. This one is going to be fun!

#1- There are more things than just WWE/AEW and are better majority of the time

There are many people that will rant, rave and complain that the mainstream product is so bland and boring and the classic, “Who even watches this trash?” Whether you love the flippy dippy do’s like I don’t or long drawn out storylines that peter out very quickly because fans aren’t invested in a story or character. To those people, I will say something very bold, very confusing and very… very controversial…


I don’t know how and I don’t know why that this is even a topic. “TNA has been dead for years” No it hasn’t. Pay $1 USD for Impact Plus on YouTube so you can watch it without commercials at 8:30 Eastern. “Two hours is too long!” NWA and MLW both go for an hour on their respective YouTube Channels as well and if you want to watch, you can hop in at any time. Everyone has something for everyone and you might find your new favorite wrestler in a matter of minutes into an episode. I would never have known who Eli Drake (now LA Knight on SmackDown Live), Alexander Hammerstone or even in the early stages of TNA Impact, AJ Styles, was! You can watch more than what is broadcasted on your TV. Is it easier? Of course but, there is so much more than just the popular option.

#2- Belt Collecting now is just redundant and moronic

Back in 1996, Ultimo Dragon famously has a picture of him holding TEN championships looking like an amazing superstar with amazing defenses. What people don’t know is, that was because eight championship belts were united in a tournament called “The J-Crown Championship” with the adage of ‘All or Nothing’. He lost them one by one but, it was to show that he was the best Junior Heavyweight (or Cruiserweight/Light Heavyweight) out of everyone in various promotions.

People after that really haven’t belt collected other than unifying championships to a grand caliber… then Austin Aries showed up. Aries kind of revised the gimmick and brought it back to light. Newer fans might have thought this was cool but older fans kind of groaned and grumbled. I was one of them but, nothing is original in anything anymore so it’s a fresher concept at the time back in 2018. He did surpass Ultimo with ELEVEN championships but it seemed everyone started doing it to an extent after. Matt Cardona, after being released from WWE, started doing it, getting up to six championships before dropping them. As of right now, not necessarily solo belt collecting, The Bloodline has a stranglehold of the World Championships for both Singles and Tag Teams, we had Becky Two Belts, Bayley wanted Dos Straps but nothing makes this worse than Kenny Omega’s stint as a belt collector.

I am not and will never be a Kenny Omega fan. I don’t see the appeal, I don’t see the amazement or anything like that out of him. I’m impressed he did three 35+ Minute IWGP Championship matches against Okada because that takes a lot of stamina to do so but, that’s about it. When he won the AEW Championship, alright. That’s fine. Nothing wrong with that since he helped build the company up. The Triple A Megas Championship… nothing too wrong here. I hate that he had five defenses in two years but he vacated it due to his injuries. It wasn’t until Don Callis and Omega popped into Impact and made the Hogan Era of TNA look like a dream… okay ALMOST but still. Kenny defeats Rich Swann and Moose in two different matches and has everyone else carry the belts while holding the AEW Championship. I understand heel tactics and mentality but at one point in an interview about going for the Impact Championship, he compared it to a common Comic Book and the AEW Championship as Superman Issue #1. I understand trying to be a heel in this story but you boost your clout, not rain on what you are going after. Heel or Face, belt collecting has just been a cluster within itself in the past four years and it honestly needs to stop.

#3- Overuse of Certain Moves

This one is a more recent problem that I have seen and no, I wish EC3 paid me to say this but it is true and very annoying to even bring up but here I am, wishing for Carter money and a fifth Rum & Coke…

Stop. Overusing. Moves. Because you think. They were cool.

If I had a shot for every time a Canadian Destroyer, Superkick, Suicide Dive, Avalanche (Insert High Spot here), Dual Dropkick spots where they cancel each other out or opposing members do back to back high spots on the prone partner spot… I would not have written this article due to death… even if it was water, I would have died due to drowning. They don’t look cool anymore when everyone does it. It’s bland. When Petey Williams wrestled in his last return to Impact, the Destroyer looked very… stale. Superkicks are the new DDT apparently (another Finisher turned common everyday move) and most people that do dives mess it up in some way shape or form whether it’s their feet get caught in the ropes, they didn’t get a full launch or they overshoot it. Having your own move special to you is difficult now but different wrestlers do their own styles or the pay homage to a family member or a wrestler that they interact with or ask permission… or asked to stop.

How’d you feel if you watched WCW and WWF in 1997 and saw DDP do the Diamond Cutter and HHH did the Pedigree Pandemonium and say they do the same move? That is exactly what happened too if Dallas didn’t ask Hunter to stop using it. We might not have the RKO out of nowhere or an iconic move that seldom bigger names use today.

That’s my list. I said before if you agree with my list and if you don’t and want to throw hate my way… @PCTunney is the hate mail account so enjoy!

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AJ’s Thoughts: Five Potential Returns

With Trips in charge and already starting to bring back some people that didn’t work in Vince’s picture, AJ got an idea. Who else could we see on the horizon radar?



With Trips in charge and already starting to bring back some people that didn’t work in Vince’s picture, AJ got an idea. Who else could we see on the horizon radar?

With everything going on with WWE, the one thing we have all been hyped about are all of these returns. Dakota Kai made her return at SummerSlam alongside Io and Bayley and now on last SmackDown, Karrion Kross and Scarlett made their returns in a big way against Drew McIntyre and showed the Hourglass to The Bloodline.

With all of that, there have been things in the pipeline saying Triple H’s foot isn’t off the pedal so these are 5 returns from either NXT, main roster or even Try-Outs that I would love to see happen with the new regime.

1. Johnny Gargano

Now this is a name that people have been saying, “Maybe Impact or MLW” but, what about a return? Gargano didn’t renew his contract, most likely to be with his family which is a valid and amazing reason, will never disrespect that. If he were to return, there would be a handful of great reasons. Maybe a singles run with the Intercontinental or United States but with Ciampa getting limelight in the main roster from RAW, what if we get a tag team reunion?

WWE is hurting for Tag Teams and what better than to scare off The Bloodline, loosen  the stranglehold of championships with some Do It Yourself action. DIY reunion could be amazing, especially with newer faces showing up to get championship aspirations like Kross and Ciampa. Want to break the hierarchy? Do It Yourself.

2. James Storm

This one is a little bit weird and off. On one hand, who doesn’t love the Tennessee Cowboy, Jimmy James Storm? On the other, he is 45 and getting some nagging injuries as of late. So why would I say Triple H should bring James Storm back and give him something for the main roster? One of the things I said for Gargano, we have a lack of something and The Usos might need to watch two things in the rearview.

Watch your Money and your Alcohol.

Beer Money showing up in WWE would be amazing in my personal opinion. The Bloodline jump Roode, someone in a hoodie or jacket comes up and jumps them to even the fight and as soon as one Uso remained in the ring, the figure goes down and the old stomping goes off and we hear “BEER…” and Roode looks around and gets hyped up and shouts, “…MONEY!”

3. Big Cass

Since his departure from WWE, he has done something I have said since they split him off from Enzo. Take him through the Kevin Nash School of How To Big Man. ROH and Impact are great examples that he actually cleaned up and worked on what he has to do to be good in the ring. He can work the microphone, he can work the ring so we got a new big boy to take on the WWE once again.

Now I could have said Enzo and Cass to rejoin but, I’m sure the antics of Enzo will get Cass in deep water along with the fact that I already made two tag team predictions, we don’t need another. Cass brings a lot to the table and was kind of unproven in WWE because he was just the big enforcer to the more charismatic Enzo. Give this man about six months in the ring and you have your next MASSIVE problem in the IC or US Championship scene or even more.

4. Bronson Reed

The big man from down under is a former NXT North American Champion. He looked to have a good push going with that championship but he got release. If you wonder where he went… he actually made a pit stop in Impact Wrestling as JONAH with the most fire theme song in recent history I swear… I will link the theme song and Trips… please. Get rights to this theme song. I will be a bigger Bronson Reed fan.

Bronson to me is the weird man in all of this but, I think with Triple H involved, he could get something going for him with a good singles champion run or a big threat to go through like a gatekeeper of sorts. Big boy with a great amount of athleticism? Can’t really hate on that considering the last time we saw athletic bigger people were Keith Lee and… what was that one guy? Sherman Tank with a Ferrari Engine…?

5. Bray Wyatt

And the last one is the obvious one in all of this. Yes… we have Judgment Day as the somewhat supernatural dark group but we know the true successor of the supernatural and that is “The Eater of Worlds”, “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt. This time around, I don’t think we will get the Jekyl and Hyde, Mister Rogers gimmick. I believe this time around we get full darkness and mayhem. We get the darkness and the theory of reverting back to your prime.

To make a refresher… Miz went back to being the cocky narcissist after fighting The Fiend. Finn turned back to the Prince and much more. With guys like Edge returning, maybe we see the return of the Heel Ultimate Opportunist, maybe a Fiend fight with AJ Styles to get the TN-AJ perhaps. Possibilities are endless and with a great mind like Wyatt for character and execution, I think Hunter will pick up the phone and Let Him In.

– There are clearly others that I could say, or maybe even didn’t think about, but hey, that’s the Chairshot way of Always Using Your Head. Those are just five returns that could happen and hopefully you read this before RAW or SmackDown and who knows if I get any of these right, maybe I missed an obvious one or maybe we get a giant signing that nobody thought possible. Let me and all of Chairshot know!

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