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Carol: Can You Blame WWE Stars For Being Unhappy?

We’ve seen a few releases, multiple requests and even more stories of disgruntled attitudes. Can you blame them for feeling that way?

We’ve seen a few releases, multiple requests and even more stories of disgruntled attitudes. Can you blame them for feeling that way?

WWE television may be boring these days, but the backstage drama is just getting started. Each week it seems there’s a report about a superstar who is unhappy and wants to leave the company.

The biggest name to leave WWE this year is Dean Ambrose. When news broke that Ambrose wasn’t going to renew his contract, fans tried to decipher if it was real or a work. Given how he posted a video announcing his return as Jon Moxley, it was obvious that it was real and Ambrose or Moxley is indeed done with WWE.

The reason for Ambrose’s departure had to do with the creative direction of his character. That has become a big issue for other WWE stars, and many of them could be following Ambrose’s footsteps.

Sasha Banks is another big name that WWE could lose this year. For years Banks has been frustrated with her booking, and her emotions finally boiled over after losing the women’s tag titles. Banks hasn’t been on WWE television since WrestleMania and reports say that despite WWE’s attempts, Sasha has no interest in returning.

Aside from Sasha and Dean, Luke Harper is a star who has requested his release due to lack of booking. Plus, there’s also The Revival who want out of their contract.

So far there’s been a lot of fan support for these wrestlers, however there are critics who call these stars selfish and say that they should be grateful they’re working for a company like WWE. For those critics, I’ve got one thing to say, “It’s not about the money.”

Dean Ambrose has stated numerous times that he became a wrestler because it’s what he loves to do, he doesn’t care about the money. While these wrestlers are making big bucks from WWE, the money doesn’t mean anything if they’re not being booked properly.

Put yourself in their place. How would you feel if you showed up to work every week with nothing to do? If you are booked to be on television, you’re made to job to another star or do an embarrassing act like rub your butt against the ring mat?

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Odds are you wouldn’t like it either. So you can understand how these wrestlers feel.

Banks, Harper, and The Revival could do so much more with their characters, but WWE fails to see the potential in them. If WWE doesn’t have anything planned for them, what’s the use in them staying just to hang out in catering and be miserable?

Yet, WWE isn’t willing to let these wrestlers to go due to the vast amount of competition popping up (AEW). To show how scared they are of losing their stars, Vince extended their contracts to include time off for injuries. So it’ll be a while before Sasha, Luke, and The Revival will be showing up on the indie circuit.

In the meantime, they’ll either have to sit out at home waiting out their contract or show up to work and risk being humiliated on television.

Instead of using this as punishment, Vince should examine what he’s doing wrong and try to fix the situation with his unhappy superstars. If not, then I guarantee there will be a lot more wrestlers planning their exit from WWE.


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