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Rob: What Did I Enjoy?

Instead of focusing on the negative, Rob decides to focus on the less than popular positive things about WWE lately.

Instead of focusing on the negative, Rob decides to focus on the less than popular positive things about WWE lately.

It’s been a rough past few weeks online for the old WWE Universe with a ton of ratings talk and ‘what’s wrong with you people?’ getting flung around a lot.  So I figured it was time to spread some positivity around for a change. So for the next few weeks that’s what I’m going to do, point out some things that I really enjoyed on WWE TV (and if I watch anything else, there too) and tell you why. So let’s go!

Roman Reigns back in action

Just having the man back in the ring is great enough, but he looked more like he was getting back to full speed so that’s even better.  And that’s just Monday; on Tuesday we got a great retrospective video package on the Big Dog to go along with it.

The AJ Styles/Seth Rollins Rivalry

Glad to see that there’s actually some animosity building between the two men, and that we’re not going to get ‘you’re great, I’m great, let’s have a great match, ok?’  Big matches are always better with some heat attached to them, and AJ has even shown some flashes of maybe heeling it up soon.

Kofi vs Daniel Bryan

Great work from both guys for a Monday night.  Bryan is so good at everything and Kofi has really raised his level in ring to match up with him.  I was legit worried that Bryan was going to win the title back, that’s how well they performed.  They’ll probably never match the pure energy of their WrestleMania match but I’m all for them going again on a future pay per view.

Samoa Joe the hallway menace

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The big surprise among YouTube viewing numbers for the week was this segment, that got over 1 million views.  Why was it so popular?  Well, it was pretty damn effective.  Joe following Rey Mysterio’s son Dominic down the hall like a stalker was legit scary, and it really felt like Joe was gonna choke the kid out right there in the hallway.  I’m guessing that Joe is going get his hands on Dominic at some point in the future and this was a great and creepy foreshadowing of the that.

Lacey Evans

The best thing about Lacey Evans is that she is playing the hell out of her character.  This is a needed breath of fresh air in the Women’s division, which needed something other than ‘great wrestlers’ to go with, and she’s the perfect foil for  Becky Lynch in that they are about as polar opposite as you an get.  If you find her annoying, which I’ve seen a lot of people say, then she’s doing her job.  I’m really looking forward to seeing her work with everyone on the RAW side no matter how things for her go at Money in the Bank.

Ucey Hot

Yes it was dumb and sophomoric.  You know what?  Good.  Sometimes we need a reminder that we’re not watching Masterpiece Theater here.  I was laughing out loud.  The Revival committed and sold it hard, and good for them because this whole angle is probably going to do more to get people to pay attention to them then being a great tag team.  Sorry guys, that’s the business.  If you can’t get attention by way of doing your normal routine you go with shenanigans.  And look, if this particular bit just was not for you I understand. But I enjoyed it.

Braun and the Dumpster

Braun tossing people and objects around is always fun, no different here.

Now on to SmackDown…

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Kofi vs AJ Styles vs Sami Zayn

Great main event, especially for TV.  Two WWE Title matches in one week on TV is nothing to get mad about for real, and Kofi’s promos both nights have been good at striking a slightly more serious tone without losing what made New Day popular in the first place.  This particular matchup was great use of the Wild Card Rule and I’m glad we got to see it.

The Tag Team Title Resolution

The other half of the Wild Card entry was great as well, with the Usos coming over to have a really good match with Daniel Bryan and Rowan to fill the vacant SmackDown Tag Team Titles.  I’m really looking forward to Bryan and Rowan as tag team champions, and it looks like Heavy Machinery may be their first challengers so we have the potential for some great comedy bits involving steaks and vegans.

The Roman Reigns Montage

I’m a Reigns mark so yeah.  Got a problem with it, I’m not hard to find on the internets.

Note:  I would have really liked to have had something from the women’s division to list here.  The tag match was way too short.  There are more women worthy of longer matches than Charlotte, Becky, and Bayley, ok?

Well, that’s the list for this week.  And look, I have no issue with people genuinely not liking a match, segment, wrestler, etc.  My issue is with people giving disingenuous takes either to get themselves attention or because they’ve internalized someone else’s disingenuous takes.  Unfortunately that’s at least half of the negativity you see out there, probably a lot more than half.  Understand that a lot of these people spewing this stuff are trying to be provocative to get their follower counts up, their views/subscriptions up, or even get noticed so they can get a job in the business.  A few of them got spooked last week because it finally looks like their ranting has borne some fruit in the form of people actually believing what they’ve been saying, which of course works it’s way to their numbers as well.  Understand that those guys are not giving you honest commentary, and quite frankly never have been, so beware what you choose to read or listen to out there.

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OK rant over.  Until next week everyone!





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