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Carol: Why Choose? Enjoy Both Shows

The war has reignited for some fans. AEW’s first event has resparked some fans imagination. Yet, is it so bad to enjoy both AEW and WWE?

The war has reignited for some fans. AEW’s first event has resparked some fans imagination. Yet, is it so bad to enjoy both AEW and WWE?

A wrestling war is emerging between WWE and AEW. For years, WWE has been at the top of the wrestling business. The billion dollar company has went against WCW and TNA, yet always managed to beat their rivals when it comes to television.

However, WWE’s lack of creativity is hurting them in the ratings and many wrestlers are unhappy with their roles in the company. While WWE seems to be on the decline, AEW is rising to the top and proving that they’re stiff competition.

Cody Rhodes and Tony Khan have set out to take the wrestling world by storm. Their Double or Nothing PPV was one of the biggest and most talked about events in the wrestling community this past weekend. With the debut of Jon Moxley, formerly known as Dean Ambrose, AEW has everyone’s attention.

With AEW snatching up one of WWE’s biggest stars, they’ve thrown down the gauntlet in their feud. While the two companies prepare to go to battle on television, a war is breaking out on social media among wrestling fans.

AEW fans are claiming that the company is going to be better than WWE and run them out of business. Meanwhile, Longtime WWE fans have pledged their loyalty to the company, while knocking down AEW has a low budget promotion.

Fans are already choosing sides when it comes to which business will be better, but my advice to them is don’t be so quick to knock the competition.

I’m neutral in the battle between WWE and AEW. I’ve been a longtime WWE fan, and I tried tuning in to WCW and Impact Wrestling, but neither shows didn’t do much to pique my interest. I didn’t watch any indie wrestling either, the only time I did is when WWE signed an indie wrestler and I looked up clips of their previous work.

When AEW announced, I was curious to see how well this company would do against WWE. Now, that they’ve signed Jon Moxley, my interest is at an all-time high. Even though Moxley has me and probably other fans excited about AEW’s television debut. But he won’t be the sole reason I’ll be tuning in.

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AEW has a stacked roster of indie talent featuring Kenny Omega, The Young Bucks, Jimmy Havoc, and Britt Baker. These wrestlers are highly regarded on the indie scene and come October they’ll be able to show a new audience what they’re capable of inside the ring.

Much like WWE, AEW is offering the opportunity for new stars to shine. Their stacked roster along with their knack for storytelling has them at an advantage over WWE. This is a huge reason why many fans are ready to jump ship.

For all the wrestling fans, I encourage you to watch both shows. You don’t have to align yourself with one promotion to be a wrestling fan. You can still watch WWE to support your favorite stars, while also watching AEW and being introduced to a new group of wrestling talent.

Whether you’re a fan of one or both promotions, there’s no denying that come this fall, it’s going to be an exciting time to be a wrestling fan. Viewers will be tuning in to both shows to see what the companies bring to the table, and in the process they may gain them new legions of fans.


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