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Chairshot Wrestling News Shuffle: Daniel Bryan Update, Seth Rollins, Ambrose, Rush and More! (5/3/19)

News involving Daniel Bryan Update, Seth Rollins, Ambrose, Rush and More!



News here! Daniel Bryan Update, Seth Rollins, Ambrose, Rush and More!

Daniel Bryan Update

A couple of weeks ago, I discussed the news that Daniel Bryan was potentially dealing with a serious injury. If you didn’t have a chance to read that shuffle, you can do so here. As and update, Dave Meltzer has recently reported that Bryan was evaluated by medical personnel, and has been cleared to compete. The plan currently is for Bryan to be written into storylines in the next few weeks. The original plan for Bryan was to face Kofi Kingston in a rematch at the upcoming Money In The Bank pay-per-view. Bryan could return to TV as early as next week’s SmackDown Live, as he is scheduled to be a part of the upcoming WWE European tour.

Jason’s Take

I’ve said before that Bryan took a gamble when coming back to the ring from previous injuries. He has a beautiful wife and child, and he probably should have walked away, rather than face further injury. However, as much as he loves wrestling, I can’t see him walking away from it any time soon.

Seth Rollins Discusses Ambrose WWE Exit

Seth Rollins recently sat down with TalkSport, and during that discussion, the topic of Dean Ambrose leaving WWE was broached. Rollins would state:

“Oh god, so tough to say! You know, he’s really someone that keeps his cards close to the vest and even at the back end when I was trying to pry into what he was getting himself into after this, I think the cool thing was he didn’t even really know. He didn’t really have any big plans. For him, he just wanted the freedom to make his own decisions for the first time in the last eight or nine years. It will be cool to see where he ends up or where he takes his talents whether that be to another wrestling promotion or somewhere else in the entertainment field, or, you know, maybe he just wants to sit at home play with his dogs, be with his wife and have a family – who knows?

Jason’s Take

I do not know what the real life relationship is between Rollins and Ambrose, but even if it was on good terms, would Rollins come out and say Ambrose wants to go to AEW? No. But, it does seem to me he is hinting at something.

Latest On Dean Ambrose

Dean Ambrose set the internet on fire yesterday with his Twitter handle change and the promo video of Jon Moxley. Many are speculating what exactly the next move will be for him. Dave Meltzer noted that he is expected to start appearing and taking independent bookings for June. The thought is that Moxley should be able to pull in several thousand dollars per appearance. Moxley reportedly wants complete creative control of his character.Meltzer speculated that WWE thinks he’ll be back at some point down the road, noting they probably wouldn’t give him such a big sendoff if they thought he was headed to All Elite Wrestling or New Japan.

Jason’s Take

Ambrose was well respected behind the scenes in WWE. I can’t see where Moxley wouldn’t end up in AEW. The signs are there for it to happen. It would be a big acquisition for AEW, and they are looking to make a splash. I wouldn’t be surprised if Ambrose is under contract with AEW and is allowed to take independent bookings as well.

Lio Rush Broke?

As we have reported previously, Lio Rush has some heat backstage with WWE officials and stars. Rush spoke with Fightful recently regarding the heat, and had some interesting things to say:

“My issue has never been with Bobby (Lashley),” Rush said Lashley has helped him a lot and he helped to give him speaking confidence. “My issue is the fact that I haven’t been on meet & greets with Bobby, haven’t been getting paid for merchandise for us that has my catchphrases on them. (I) have been sent to live shows and TVs and forced to pay for my own rental for 5 days as well as hotel while not making enough money to do so. Walking around broke in the biggest sports entertainment industry that there is while having two kids and a wife to support.”

Jason’s Take

Well, if he is broke, and has heat, he may want to find a different profession.

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