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Chairshot Wrestling News Shuffle: Jon Moxley News, Contracts Up In WWE, Arn Anderson and More! (5/28/19)

News involving Jon Moxley, Contracts Up In WWE, Arn Anderson and More! 



Maria Kanellis

News here! News involving Jon Moxley, Contracts Up In WWE, Arn Anderson and More!

Contracts Expiring In WWE

With All Elite Wrestling coming off the successful Double Or Nothing, and live television on the horizon this fall, the company could be looking to add more talent. Two WWE talents that they may be interested in have expiring contracts. Maria Kanellis noted on Twitter that her and her husband, Mike Bennett, contracts will be expiring in three weeks.

Jason’s Take

WWE has really dropped the bell with Mike and Maria. While its understandable that Mike had substance issues, the time in WWE wasn’t very memorable. They were coming in hot off of ROH TV, and momentum never carried over to WWE TV. I’d say that returning to ROH, or jumping to AEW wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibility.

Jon Moxley Not Exclusive To AEW?

Obviously, the big news of the weekend was the surprise appearance of Jon Moxley at Double Or Nothing. While it has been reported that Moxley had signed a multi year deal with the company, Moxley will be making appearances outside of AEW as well.Moxley is scheduled for Fyter Fest in Daytona Beach, Florida on Saturday, June 29. Northeast Wrestling has announced Moxley vs. Pentagon Jr. at the Mid Hudson Civic Center in Poughkeepsie, NY on Friday, August 16. He is also booked for their show in Waterbury, Connecticut on Friday, June 14 and events in Jackson, New Jersey on June 15, Norwich, Connecticut on August 17 and Scranton, Pennsylvania on August 18.

Jason’s Take

Moxley doesn’t appear to have an exclusive booking with AEW, at least not yet. That may change once weekly television starts.

First Feud Of Moxley Revealed ?

Speaking of Moxley, many fans are discussing who he will square off against with first in AEW. We know that Jericho will take on Hangman Page to determine the first AEW World Champion, so that leaves Kenny Omega as a possibility. Another possibility, is the Bad Boy, Joey Janela. In the latest edition of Being The Elite, a possible feud with Janela was teased.

Jason’s Take

This is the perfect feud for both Ambrose and Janela. Janela has the potential to be a big star for AEW, and is just as crazy, if not more crazy, than Moxley.

Road Dogg’s New Role In WWE

Last month, Road Dogg stepped away from the lead co-writer position of SmackDown Live. While he was not released from the company, it has been speculated what his role would be moving forward. It appears that Road Dogg will be working in the Performance Center. Many gave pointed out that he was seen in the Performance Center Combine that aired on the WWE Network.

Jason’s Take

This should be a perfect role for Road Dogg. Being a former in ring competitor, and working behind the scenes in both Impact and WWE, he has a lot to offer in a training/talent development role.

Arn Anderson On Exiting WWE

Another backstage talent who is no longer with WWE, Arn Anderson, spoke for the first time since being let go from the company. Speaking at the Starrcast II event this past Friday, Anderson said he had signed a non disclosure agreement with the company. Anderson did say that “I don’t want to be anywhere where I’m not wanted,” he explained. “Because after 37 years I think I deserve that.”

Jason’s Take

There has been much speculation as to why Anderson was let go from the company, including the reported rumors of Anderson letting an intoxicated Alicia Fox wrestler. Regardless, Anderson is another former in ring talent that has a lot to offer in a backstage role. Don’t be surprised if he ends up backstage in AEW.


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