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Chairshot Wrestling News Shuffle: Silver King, RAW Preview, Al Snow, and More! (5/13/19)

News Here! News Involving Silver King, RAW Preview, Al Snow, and More!

Former WCW Star Passes Away During Match

Professional wrestling can often be a physically demanding sport. Many wrestlers have suffered various degrees of injury during matches. Some have even had their careers ended in the ring. However, its not often when a wrestler dies in the ring, but sadly that is what happened Saturday in London. Former WCW and AAA wrestler, Silver King, passed away during a match with Juventud Guerrera. During the match, Silver King collapsed, and reportedly had a stroke. While on the way to the hospital, he also suffered from a heart attack.

Jason’s Take

There are that many documented times when  a wrestler passes away in the ring. Regardless of the performance aspect, wrestlers put their lives on line nightly for fans when they enter the ring. It is a sad situation, and our thoughts and prayers are with friends and family of Silver King.

RAW Preview

WWE has announced that SmackDown Live star, Roman Reigns, will be appearing on RAW this week to appear on Miz TV. Reigns will be appearing on the show via the Wild Card Rule put in place by Vince McMahon last week. Another SmackDown Live superstar appearing on RAW this week will be Charlotte Flair. Flair will be on RAW for the double contract signing between herself, Becky Lynch and Lacey Evans. Lynch will be defending both of her titles at the upcoming Money In The Bank pay per view.

Also, three matches have been announced so far, as Ricochet will take on Baron Corbin, Braun Strowman will take on Drew McIntyre, and there will be a Fatal Four Way Match between Naomi, Natalya, Alexa Bliss, and Dana Brooke

Jason’s Take

The company is taking a different approach by having a star hold two world championships at once, in addition to them both being defended on the same card. I am really looking forward to Lynch vs Evans, and the company has really been pushing Evans in to the upper card. Could Lynch win her first matchup of the night, but be too hurt to win her second? This could be a way for the company to shift a title over to Lacey Evans.

WCW/ECW/WWE Star Releases Book

Former WCW/TNA/ECW and WWE star, Al Snow, released a book last week, titled Self Help. The book currently sits at #1 on the top selling wrestling books on Amazon.

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Jason’s Take

I am currently half way into this book, and it has been an entertaining read. It’s part biography, part stories from the road, and part inner workings backstage. It is a very easy read, and I highly suggest you pick it up. Snow was often considered one of the top up and coming wrestlers during the 90’s, but, for many reasons that he discusses, never become a top draw in the business.

Former Star Speaks On Unhappiness In WWE

Many superstars in WWE have asked for their release or voice their displeasure with the company. Whether it is Dean Ambrose, Luke Harper, the Revival, or Sasha Banks. Former WWE star and current MMA competitor, Jack Swagger, sat down with Pro Wrestling 24/7, and gave his thoughts on the current unhappiness stars are having with the company.

“No it’s not a shock, they know exactly how they treat their talent. They know the contracts that they have assigned and they know exactly why we’re unhappy with the way they treat us. So it’s not a shock to me,” stated Swagger. “I’m very thankful now looking back that I was able to leave when I did. I’m very thankful for my 12 years there because it allowed me to do so much. It allows me to do so much now because of my background, that notch on my resume, but at the same time there’s a lot of unhappy people there and it’s not just because of the politics. You’re traveling 200 days a year, sometimes you’re only home 36 hours a week, away from your family and then you go out there and you have these storylines that are just bad and you’re like, ‘I’m putting my body through this for THIS’? Like it would be a lot easier if the Superstars up there didn’t care and they just did what they were told, but unfortunately you can’t do a job like that. You have to care, you have to wear your heart on your sleeve in that ring and you have to care about what you are doing and so it doesn’t surprise me at all that people are leaving because it is a problem they need to address.”

Jason’s Take

It is interesting to see the perspective of someone no longer in the company. I think many can agree that the storylines today aren’t the best. But, on the other hand, you are paid to do a job, you aren’t always going to like it.

Latest On Lars Sullivan

Last week, I discussed some of the controversy surrounding comments that Lars Sullivan made on a body building message board in 2013. You can read more about it in last weeks shuffle. According the Wrestling Observer Live, Bryan Alvarez reports that WWE knew about this for some time, and Sullivan apologized to the New Day last week.

“He talked to Big E [and] I believe all of the members of The New Day. As I noted yesterday, WWE has been aware of this forever. This was nothing new and he apologized to them for it in the past and it was considered a dead issue but it has come up twice in the last six months so this time he did in fact address it with that statement.”

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Jason’s Take

If you are Hulk Hogan and say anything, you get banned and written out of company history for 3+ years. If you are Lars Sullivan, a star the company is trying to push, you get a slap on the wrist. I don’t condone anything that Hogan or Sullivan said, but Sullivan went off the handle in his posts. The question is if the company wasn’t pushing him, what would have happened ?






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