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Joe’s CMLL Review & Results (5/6/19)

What happened in CMLL? See it here courtesy of Joe Dinan!



CMLL Coverage

What happened in CMLL? See it here courtesy of Joe Dinan!

Arena Puebla

Astro and Meyer vs Joker and Sombra Diabolika

Sombra and Meyer start the match out with some grappling. Joker and Astro come in next and they go back and forth with some exchanges. After a few minutes of that everyone is in the ring trading spots. Meyer hits a hurricanrana on Joker and Astro hits a lionsault for the pin. Astro drop kicks Sombra’s legs out and then Meyer hits a splash for the fall. First Fall: Meyer pins Sombra with a splash.

Astro gets the better of Sombra to start this round. Meyer comes in with Joker and then gets the better of him. Joker hits Astro with a big slam and now Meyer is getting worked over. Sombra hits a drop kick to the inner thigh of Meyer from the top rope for the pin. Joker hits a reverse pile driver on Astro. Second Fall: Joker pins Astro with a reverse pile driver.

Meyer gets worked over to start this round. Astro and Meyer fight back to even out the odds. Meyer gets Sombra in a stretch submission. Astro gets Joker in a modified abdominal stretch for the win. Third Fall: Astro submits Joker with a modified abdominal stretch.

Winners: Astro and Meyer

Millenium and El Asturiano vs Toro Bill Jr and Espiritu Maligno

Asturiano and Toro Bill start the match out with some grappling exchanges. Maligno and Millenium come in next and they do more acrobatic exchanges. There is a few chaotic exchanges and Asturiano hits a lionsault on Maligno for the pin. Millenium hits a splash off of the top on Toro Bill for the pin. First Fall: Millenium pins Toro Bill with a splash off of the top.

Millenium gets the advantage on Maligno to start. None of this last long as the rudos start to team up on them. Bill slams Asturiano and puts him in a stretch submission. Maligno gets Millenum in a sharpshooter submission. Second Fall: Maligno submits Millenium with a sharpshooter like move.

Asturiano gets worked over in the rudos corner. After being worked over Asturiano hits a hurricanrana on Maligno to change momentum. Toro Bill comes in and in the corner he hits a back stabber on Asturiano for the pin. Maligno then gets Millenium with a tequila sunrise. Third Fall: Maligno submits Millenium with a tequila sunrise. 

Winners: Toro Bill Jr and Espiritu Maligno

Drone, Fuego, and Tigre Rojo Jr vs Virus, Disturbio, and Police Man

Rojo Jr and Virus start the match with a lock up and they battle for the first take down. Fuego gets in with a nicely shaven Police Man and they go back and forth with some exchanges. And again as has happened in the previous matches first rounds, chaos erupts and everyone starts to trade spots. Fuego gets Virus in a roll up for the pin. First Fall: Fuego rolls up Virus.

Drone and Virus start this round exchanging strikes. Fuego and Police Man enter and Fuego drop kicks him to the outside. He then hits a head scissors on Virus. He does his matrix move to Disturbio for a pop. After Rojo comes in Police Man comes and works him over. Fuego gets tripped in the corner and Disturbio hits a running knee strike in the corner for the pin. Police Man gets Rojo in a neck stretch for the fall. Second Fall: Police Man submits Rojo with a neck stretch.

Fuego gets worked over to start this round. Next Rojo gets worked over. A come back finally gets made and Drone, Fuego, and Tigre hit drop kicks on everyone. They all then slid to the outside. Rojo came back in to hit a dive over the top rope. Drone is in the ring fighting off Virus and Disturbio. Fuego helps him. Drone hits knees to the corner on Virus and Fuego gets Disturbio in a victory roll for the win. Third Fall: Fuego pins Disturbio with a victory roll.

Winners: Drone, Fuego, and Tigre Rojo Jr

(Women’s Championship) Marcela (Champ) vs Metalica

A very rare women’s single match. They feel each other out and Metalica gets the first take down but it doesn’t last. They get to the ground and start doing some submission exchanges. Marcela misses a crossbody and Metalica hits a drop kick after. Marcela drags Metalica off of the top rope and then she hits a knee drop to the mid section on Metalica for the pin. First Fall: Marcela pins Metalica with a top rope knee drop.

Metalica works over Marcela in the corner. After minutes of getting beat on Marcela makes a come back and hits a back breaker for a two count. Marcela goes to the corner but Metalica gets her in the corner and hits a back stabber for the fall. Second Fall: Metalica pins Marcela with a back stabber.

Marcela drop kicks Metalica to the outside and then Marcela goes to the top rope and dives onto Metalica. Marcela hits a crossbody in the ring and Metalica reverses the pin and almost pins her. Crowd’s starting to get into it now. Metalica hits a Okada neck breaker for a two count. Metalica drop kicks Marcela to the outside and then Metalica hits a dive through the middle rope. Metalica gets Marcela in a leg lock in the ring and Marcela crawls for the ropes. Marcela hits a sit out gord buster. She gets a surfboard stretch on Metalica and turns it into a pinning combo but Metalica kicked out. Metalica hits a package neck breaker on Marcela and then she goes to the top. Metalica hits a swanton bomb but Marcela kicks out. Marcela hits a michinoku driver and then hits a double stomp off of the top rope for the win. Third Fall: Marcela pins Metalica with a double foot stomp off of the top rope.

Winner: Marcela

Atlantis, Soberano Jr, and Atlantis Jr (Diamante Azul) vs Ultimo Guerrero, Hechicero, and Gran Guerrero

Soberano and Hechicero start the match with some grappling as per usual in CMLL matches. Soberano lifts himself with his body in a show of impressive core strength to counter Hechicero into a head scissors. Gran Guerrero gets in with Diamante Azul next. Azul and Gran grapple some but then chaos breaks out again. Hechicero goes to untie Soberano’s mask off. He’s just messing around. The Los Guerrero’s triple team spot is done on Soberano. The Los Guerrero’s spot is done to Atlantis and they pin him. First Fall: Ultimo Guerrero pins Atlantis with the Los Guerrero’s triple team spot.

Atlantis gets worked over to start this round. Azul comes in to save the legend but the odds are too much. Hechicero hits a flapjack on Soberano and then a drop kick. Atlantis and Ultimo Guerrero posture on the outside. In the ring Azul hits a DDT on Hechicero for the pin and Soberano hits a tornillo dive on Gran Guerrero for the pin. Second Fall: Soberano pins Gran Guerrero with a tornillo dive.

Diamante Azul starts out on fire this round. Well he’s working over the other team at least. Soberano jumps in to take on Hechicero. Hechicero leaves though and Ultimo Guerrero comes in. A ton of posturing to the crowd. Soberano gets Ultimo to the outside and Soberano gets flipped in the air by Gran and he counters with a hurricanrana. Atlantis comes in and wrestles around Gran. Soberano hits a hurricanrana on Hechicero and then Soberano hits a flip dive over the top. Atlantis hits a hurricanrana on Ultimo for the pin. Third Fall: Atlantis pins Ultimo Guerrero with a hurricanrana. 

Winners: Atlantis, Soberano, and Diamante Azul

Caristico, Sanson, and Cuatrero vs Volador Jr, Mephisto, and Ephesto

This match starts out with a brawl. Not surprising. Volador works over Caristico. Volador ripped Caristico’s mask. The ref pulls Volador down trying to get some order. Sanson and Cuatrero have been taken out. Volador is just tearing apart Caristico’s mask. He must not be happy about his ROH booking. Volador and his team walk up the ramp to threaten to leave. The ref counts but before it’s done Volador is back kicking Caristico in the head. Ephesto and Mephisto place Cuatrero on Volador’s shoulders and power bombs him for the pin. Ephesto gets slammed on Sanson for the fall. First Fall: Ephesto pins Sanson after being slammed on Sanson.

Cuatrero gets worked over to start this round. Now Caristico tries to make the save but he gets beat on. Caristico makes a come back and gets everyone out of the ring. Sanson and Cuatrero hit dives through the middle rope on Mephisto and Ephesto as well. Then Volador pulls off Caristico’s mask and the ref turns his face for whatever reason and then he pins Caristico with a small package. Second Fall: Volador pins Caristico with a small package.

A long promo segment after which is summed up by Caristico wanting to face Volador.

Winners: Volador Jr, Mephisto, and Ephesto


Arena Mexico Tuesday

Sonic and Bengala vs Espiritu Negro and Apocalipsis

Sonic and Espiritu Negro start the night out. They engage and start to grapple. Bengala and Apocalipsis enters next and go back and forth. Bengala gets slammed and Negro hits a springboard splash on him for the pin. Apocalpisis submits Sonic with a sit inverted full nelson. First Fall: Apocalipsis submits Sonic with a sit down inverted full nelson.

Apocalipsis dumps Sonic to the outside and then him and Negro work over Bengala. Sonic reverses a sunset flip making Apocalipsis hit Negro. Bengala hits a back breaker on Apocalipsis and then slams him. Sonic then hits a moonsault on Apocalipsis. Bengala then submits Negro with some neck bridge submission. Second Fall: Bengala submits Negro with a neck bridge submission

Bengala and Sonic start out hot and fast to begin this round. Sonic gets Negro in an arm wrench submission and Apocalipsis breaks it up. Bengala rolls Apocalipsis to the outside, and then Sonic hit a hurricanrana. He goes for another and Negro flapjacks him then submits him with a surfboard submission. Apocalipsis russian leg sweeps Bengala into a neck crank for the win. Third Fall: Apocalipsis submits Bengala with a neck crank.

Winners: Espiritu Negro and Apocalipsis

Microman, Gallito, and Atomo vs Chamuel, Perico Zakarias, and El Guapito

On this Dia del Nino we have midgets wrestling. I can call them that, midget wrestlers don’t want their gimmick being taken. Atomo starts out with Zakarias with some exchanging of moves. Microman enters with Guapito and Micro is half his size. Atomo gets him in a leg lock that he can barely do because Micro is so short. Micro fires up a come back and kicks Guapito’s leg out. Chamuel and Gallito enter now. They get to the ground and start grappling. Chaos emerges and Zakarias takes out Gallito with a running knee in the corner. Atomo gets hit with a triple drop kick. Eat your hearts out Rock n Roll. Microman gets back dropped and then Chamuel leg drops him. Guapito hits him with a fireman’s carry and Zakarias pins him. First Fall: Zakarias pins Microman after Guapito hit a fireman’s carry.

Microman and his team gets worked over for this round until a come back gets hit with Gallito hitting an apron dive. Microman gets Chamuel with a hurricanrana pin. Second Fall: Microman pins Chamuel with a hurricanrana. 

Atomo and Zakarias strike each other to start the final round off. Gallito and Guapito enter and posture to the crowd some. Gallito runs wild on him though hitting an arm drag and drop kick. Microman enters with Chamuel and Chamuel gets the heat on him. Chamuel gets him in the electric chair position but Microman reverses it into a hurricanrana. Microman tricks Chamuel to the outside. Then Micro walks the barricade and hits a hurricanrana on Chamuel on the outside. I gotta say these midgets always work their ass off. Chamuel back in the ring already puts Atomo in a submission but Micro enters to stop and hits a head scissors take over to the outside. Microman hits an apron dive on Chamuel. Gallito gets Zakarias in an abdominal stretch and Atomo pins Guapito with a roll up. Third Fall: Atomo pins Guapito with a roll up.

Winners: Microman, El Gallito, and Atomo

Drone, Star Jr, and Pegasso vs Raziel, Cancerbero, and Tiger

Star and Raziel start this match off with some grappling. Pegasso and Cancerbero enter next to do some grappling of their own. Drone and Tiger enter striking each other repetitively. They go to the outside and Drone gets him down and he goes back into the ring and hits a sliding splash under the bottom rope. Pegasso enters with a crossbody then goes wrong after Raziel hits a shotgun drop kick. Star enters and hits a head scissors into a pinning combo on Raziel for the fall. First Fall: Star Jr pins Raziel with a head scissors pinning combo.

Pegasso starts this round with Cancerbero and he uses his agility to out maneuver Cancerbero. Raziel enters with Star but Star is too agile for him. Tiger dumps Drone to the outside and then hits a tornillo dive over the top rope. Star Jr gets launched into Raziel for a power bomb. Raziel then submits him with a leg lock while Cancerbero submits Pegasso with a body stretch. Second Fall: Cancerbero submits Pegasso with a body stretch.

The ref is allows Mije the midget to help work over Star Jr. Remember it doesn’t count if a midget interferes. Tiger enters and continues to keep Star away from his corner. Old school midnight express tactics. Drone hits a cross body on Tiger and then Raziel and Cancerbero miss splashes and Star and Pegasso hit splashes of their own. The rudos roll to the outside and then Pegasso hits a dive over the top rope. Star goes to the top rope and dives to the outside. Drone comes in and poses like an idiot and Tiger comes from behind and power bombs him for the win. Third Fall: Tiger pins Drone with a power bomb.

Winners: Raziel, Cancerbero, and Tiger

Blue Panther, Black Panther, and Blue Panther Jr vs Ephesto, Luciferno, and El Felino

Blue Panther Jr starts with Luciferno and they start grappling. Felino enters next with Black Panther and Panther is using his quickness but gets stopped when the rest of the rudos enter to stomp him out. Panther fights back and gets Felino to the outside and fakes a dive but then hits one. Blue Panther and his son enter to take on los hijos del infiernos and Jr gets Ephesto in a stretch submission. First Fall: Blue Panther Jr submits Ephesto with a stretch submission.

Blue Panther starts with Ephesto and gets him down and the rest of his team enters to do a triple team spot for pay back. Luciferno enters to kick Black and Blue Panther Jr off of the apron so they can beat on Blue Panther. Felino gets Panther down and submits him with a leg lock. Second Fall: Felino submits Blue Panther with a leg lock.

Luciferno works over Black Panther on the outside of the ring. Felino works on Blue Panther in the ring. Ephesto and Luciferno pull him to the outside to beat him up but Blue Panther Jr is here to avenge his father and hit multiple back breakers. Black Panther then hits two dives through the middle rope. One on Felino and one on Luciferno. Blue Panther Jr then hits a dive off of the stage on Luciferno. Felino bumps Blue Panther to the outside and then Black Panther dumps Felino to the outside. Luciferno and Ephesto then pin Black Panther and Blue Panther Jr with shoulder breakers. Third Fall: Luciferno pins Black Panther with a shoulder breaker.

Winners: Ephesto, Luciferno, and El Felino

Atlantis, Stuka, and Soberano vs Sanson, Cuatrero, and Forastero

Stuka starts out with Sanson in this match and they do some grappling. Soberano enters with Forastero and they do some transitions and move exchanges. All of Los Dinamitas enters now to beat on Atlantis. Sanson hits a jumping knee strike on Soberano for the pin. First Fall: Sanson pins Soberano with a jumping knee strike.

Stuka gets crotched on the barricade and Cuatrero comes and kicks him. Now they are trying to untie Atlantis’ mask. Stuka tries to help out but he gets jumped form behind. Soberano gets beat on next. He gets hit with a triple drop kick in the corner. Atlantis dodges an attack and starts to fight back. Stuka looks to get confused on the spot so Soberano hits a double drop kick. Stuka then hits a moonsault to the outside on Cuatrero and then Soberano hits a dive to the outside on Forastero. In the ring Atlantis gets Sanson with a hurricanrana for the round. Second Fall: Atlantis pins Sanson with a hurricanrana.

Stuka hits consecutive back breaksrs on Los Dinamias to start the round off. Soberano uses his agility and acrobatics to work over Sanson and Cuatrero to the outside. Soberano then poses and the crowd goes wild. Atlantis hits a monkey flip on Forastero and hip tosses the rest of Dinamitas. Stuka hits a cross body but it goes bad for him. Him and Atlantis are down in the corner and then Soberano gets power bombed into the pile. Cuatrero then launches Forastero into the pile and they all get pinned. Third Fall: Los Dinamitas pins Atlantis, Stuka, and Soberano after Cuatrero launched Forastero into them in the corner.

Winners: Sanson, Cuatrero, and Forastero

Caristico vs Ultimo Guerrero

This match starts with them brawling during Ultimo Guerrero’s entrance. Guerrero gets the upper hand, however. Ultimo press slams him into the barricade then hits him with the barricade door. Guerrero tries to pull off Caristico’s mask but the ref is trying to pull him off. Caristico fires up a come back and hits a sunset flip for a quick pin. First Fall: Caristico pins Ultimo Guerrero with a sunset flip. 

They posture to the crowd some to start this round. Caristico gets Ultimo to the outside and leaps over the top rope to the outside and hits a hurricanrana. Back in the ring Ultimo slams him and gets Caristico in a neck crank submission. Second Fall: Ultimo Guerrero submits Caristico with a neck crank submission.

Caristico strikes Ultimo multiple times in the corner. They trade a few pinning combos until Caristico gets Ultimo to the outside and then he hits a dive over the top rope. Ultimo hits a gord buster off of the top rope when they get back in the ring for a close two count. Caristico goes for a hurricanrana off of the top rope but Ultimo reverses it into a power bomb for another close two count. Caristico brings Ultimo back to the top rope and in electric chair position hits a hurricanrana off of the top rope finally but for a two count. Ultimo suplexes Caristico back in the ring from the apron. Caristico gets up and hits the head scissors into the Fujiwara arm bar for the win. Third Fall: Caristico submits Ultimo Guerrero with a Fujiwara arm bar.

Winner: Caristico

Arena Mexico Friday

Magnus and Oro Jr vs Akuma and Grako

Akuma and Magnus begin the match off with some grappling. Oro enters with Grako and they trade some transitions and moves. Oro fails to do a spot where he leaps up on the turnbuckle and falls to the outside. Akuma slams Magnus then throws Grako on him. Oro goes for a cross body and Akuma drop kicks him then Grako hits an elbow drop off of the top rope. First Fall: Grako pins Oro with an elbow drop.

Oro gets worked over to start this round. They both hit top rope drop kicks on Magnus. Magnus makes a come back hitting a monkey flip on Grako and Akuma. Oro hits a moonsault on Akuma for the pin and Magnus hits a knee attack in the corner on Grako for the pin. Second Fall: Magnus pins Grako with a running knee attack.

Magnus starts the round off hot getting offense in on Grako and Akuma. Oro comes in and does similar things. He hits a top rope arm drag and then poses. Magnus gets caught though and Grako hits a code breaker while Akuma holds him. Oro helps him fight back and then Magnus helps Oro walk the ropes and hit a hurricanrana on Grako off of the apron. Akuma goes to the top but Magnus meets him up there and hits a Spanish fly for the win. Third Fall: Magnus pins Akuma with a Spanish Fly.

Winners: Magnus and Oro Jr

La Jarochita, Kaho Kobayashi, and Avispa Dorada vs Dalys, Amapola, and Reyna Isis

Dorada and Isis start the match out with some grappling. Dalys and Jarochita come in next and Dalys tries to use her strength to her advantage. Jarochita tries to turn the tide using quick moves. Kaho comes in with Amapola and she is trying to use her quickness but ultimately Amapola catches her with a spear. Chaos emerges and everybody is trading spots, notably, Dorada does an asai cross body on Isis. In the ring, Dalys goes for a pinning combo but Jarochita reverses it into a pinning combo. First Fall: Jarochita pins Dalys with a pinning combo.

Isis begins the round working over Dorada. Dorada fights back and knocks Isis out of the ring. Kaho comes in but gets teamed on. Dalys hits Jarochita with a swinging slam for the pin. Second Fall: Dalys pins Jarochita with a swinging slam.

Kaho gets beat on some to start this round. Jarochita helps make a come back and Kaho hits a missile drop kick on Amapola. Amapola breaks out of a pin and hits Kaho with a running attack. Dalys hits Jarochita with a running power bomb but Dorada breaks it up. Isis hits a crossbody on Dorada and then a code breaker for a pin. Jarochita hits her with a running kick in the corner to pin Isis. Dalys drop kicks Jarochita to the outside then hits a run up the ropes cross body to the outside. In the ring Kaho gets Amapola in a pinning combo for the win. Third Fall: Kaho Kobayashi pins Amapola with a pinning combo.

Winners: La Jarochita, Kaho Kobayashi, and Avispa Dorada

(Match Relampago) Soberano vs Mephisto

They start out fighting for position. Soberano does some acrobatic spots and then he super kicks Mephisto to the outside. After that he hits a high velocity dive through the middle rope. Soberano gets Mephisto to the outside again and goes for a flip over the ropes to the outside but Mephisto catches him and power bombs him. Back in the ring Soberano hits a hurricanrana to the outside and then he hits a back flip dive over the top rope. Back in the ring again Soberano hits a tornillo splash for a two count. Mephisto hits a Canadian destroyer. Soberano kicks out and then gets Mephisto tied up in the ropes and then he hits a lionsault for the win. Soberano pins Mephisto with a lionsault.

Winner: Soberano

(CMLL vs The Crash) Angel de Oro and Niebla Roja vs Adam Brooks and Mecha Wolf 450

Adam Brooks start with Niebla Roja and this is an interesting match for CMLL to do. They start out with some posturing and then get to the ground and start grappling. Mecha Wolf is in next with Angel de Oro. They trade a whole bunch of impressive acrobatic spots. Wolf kicks Roja off of the apron and goes for a swinging DDT but Roja reverses it into a slam. Brooks kicks Oro to the outside and then Mecha Wolf does a dive through the middle rope on Roja, and then to Oro. Wolf and Brooks do a doomsday knee attack into a power bomb on Oro for the pin. Mecha Wolf does a jump in swinging DDT on Roja for the fall. First Fall: Mecha Wolf pins Niebla Roja with a swinging DDT.

They do a double team move to Roja to start. Roja and Oro fight back and knock Brooks and Mecha Wolf to the outside and then they both hit dives to the outside. They hit stereo super kicks while they are down in the corner to tie up the match. Second Fall: Niebla Roja and Angel de Oro pin Brooks and Wolf with stereo super kicks.

This round starts and they’re trading moves. Roja and Wolf are on the outside of the ring while Brooks hits a code breaker on Oro. Oro then hits a michinoku driver on Brooks for a two count. Both brothers super kick Mecha Wolf who no sells it. Then they do it again and he drops. Roja kicks Brooks and then hits a top rope face buster on Wolf onto Brooks for a two count. Roja then hits a stalling vertical suplex on Brooks for a two count. Roja hits a big clothesline sending Brooks to the outside and then he hits a dive over the top rope. Oro then hits a golden moonsault on the pile. After everyone sells a bit, Oro finds himself on the apron and Brooks flips over and does a Canadian destroyer on the apron. Brooks then does a flip dive over the top rope on Oro. Wolf hits a 450 on Niebla Roja. Brooks then hits a swanton on him and pins him. They do double team offense on Oro now. Brooks misses a swanton bomb and Oro super kicks Wolf, then gets Brooks in the rock the boat submission for the submission. Oro kicks Wolf to the outside and then he did a handspring flip to the outside. Oro goes for another dive but Wolf intercepts him and hits a spear for a close two count. Oro goes for a lionsault after trapping him in the ropes but Wolf gets his feet up. Wolf hits a sit out power bomb for two. Oro hits a reverseranna for the win finally. Crowd goes crazy. What a good match, the people’s main event. Check this match out if you can. Starts around the hour mark on the CMLL youtube page. Third Fall: Angel de Oro pins Mecha Wolf with a reverseranna.

Winners: Angel de Oro and Niebla Roja

Ultimo Guerrero, Euforia, and Gran Guerrero vs Mascara Ano 2000, Sanson, and Cuatrero

Gran Guerrero starts out with Cuatrero. They go back and forth trying to gain the advantage. Sanson enters with Euforia and they start grappling. Mascara enters with Ultimo but it breaks down into Dinamitas beating up on Ultimo. Cuatrero and Sanson press slam Euforia then Mascara hits a senton splash and Sanson and Cuatrero follow that up with some elbow drops. Cuatrero then launched Sanson in the air and he landed on Gran Guerrero for the pin. First Fall: Sanson pins Gran Guerrero after Cuatrero launched him for a splash.

Dinamitas beat on Los Guerrero’s in between the round. They continue to beat on Los Guerrero’s during the round as well. They beat on them up the ramp. Gran and Euforia turn the tables on Sanson and Cuatrero and then they hit dives off of the stage. Ultimo hit a running attack in the corner on Mascara and then got him in a leg lock submission. Second Fall: Ultimo Guerrero submits Mascara with a leg lock.

In between the rounds Mascara gets hit with the Los Guerrero’s triple team spot. Gran and Mascara start the round formally but Mascara hits Sanson with an attack by accident. Gran is able to fight back however and drop kicks Sanson off of the apron. Euforia and Mascara exchange strikes. Sanson enters to take on Euforia but Euforia hits a back breaker. Dinamitas stomp on Ultimo Guerrero in the corner. Los Guerrero’s fight back and Gran hits a splash over the top rope to the outside. Euforia goes for one but Cuatrero and Sanson push Gran in the way. Ultimo Guerrero goes for a roll up on Mascara but Sanson and Cuatrero pull the ref out of the ring. Mascara then kicks Ultimo in the groin and pins him. Third Fall: Mascara Ano 2000 pins Ultimo Guerrero with a groin kick.

Ultimo challenges Mascara to a hair vs hair mask. Dinamitas beat up Los Guerrero’s afterwards.

Winners: Mascara Ano 2000, Sanson, and Cuatrero

Caristico, Volador Jr, and El Valiente vs Rush, El Terrible, and La Bestia del Ring

Volador and Rush start out and go back and forth. Valiente comes in and hits a monkey flip on Bestia and then he hits another. Valiente goes for a dive and Terrible drop kicked him. Then Caristico hit a dive over the top rope on Bestia. Volador hits a back stabber on Rush for the pin. First Fall: Volador pins Rush with a back stabber.

Caristico runs wild on Bestia and counters Bestia’s moves. Volador hits a hurricanrana on Rush and then Rush dumps Volador to the outside and hits a dive over the top rope. Terrible slammed Caristico and Bestia hit a senton from the top for the pin. Terrible then power bombed Valiente for the fall. Second Fall: Terrible pins Valiente with a power bomb.

Rush poses on the commentary table at the start of the round. Bestia and Terrible beat on Valiente and Caristico. After minutes of beat downs Caristico hits a hurricanrana on Rush, then Volador hits a dive on Bestia. Caristico hits a middle rope dive on Terrible and then Valiente hits one on Rush. Valiente hits a hurricanrana on Terrible from the top but Bestia and Rush come in to beat on him. Caristico super kicks Bestia but Rush breaks up the pin. Volador and Rush exchange strikes. Volador kicks Rush to the outside and then Volador hits a dive over the top rope. Valiente hits a pop up power bomb on Bestia for what looked like a 4 count. Caristico submits Terrible with the Fujiwara arm bar for the win. Third Fall: Caristico submits Terrible with a Fujiwara arm bar.

Winners: Caristico, Volador, and El Valiente

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Mitchell’s WWE NXT UK Results & Report! (6/19/19)

Who wins themselves some #ToniTime?



NXT UK Coverage

Everyone wants at the NXT UK Women’s Champion!

But only one woman can have her! The entirety of the NXT UK Women’s locker room competes in a Battle Royal to determine Toni Storm’s next opponent!



  • Kenny Williams VS Kassius Ohno; Ohno wins.
  • The Hunt VS Gallus; Gallus wins.
  • NXT UK Women’s Championship #1 Contender’s Battle Royal: Kay Lee Ray wins and will face Toni Storm for the title, at a time of her choosing.


NXT UK may have a new ruling power.

Imperium and British Strong Style fought it out in an incredible Six Man Tag main event last week, but a new face would sway the balance. Alexander Wolfe, formerly of SAnitY, pledges allegiance to Imperium as he helps them down British Strong Style! Will this fearsome foursome take over all of NXT UK?


NXT UK is at the Download Festival!

The formation of the brand owes a lot Derby, England and this three-day-weekend musical event! However, Nigel McGuinness opts out, so the Drama King, Aiden English, joins Vic Joseph on commentary!


Kenny Williams VS Kassius Ohno!

The Lucky Yan goes solo while Amir Jordan is still out of action! But can he #StayLucky against the Knockout Artist and Wrestling Genius?

The bell rings and Ohno stays back in the corner a moment. He eventually comes out and ties up with Kenny. Ohno wrenches and drags Kenny to the mat, steps through and has the wristlock. Fans cheer for the technical prowess, but Kenny rolls and hooks a leg. But Ohno gets both of Kenny’s arms to pull back in the motorcycle stretch. Ohno steps through to hook the arm, but Kenny works his way to a facelock. Fans rally but Ohno wrenches the arm again. Kenny brings Ohno back in for a facelock, but Ohno powers out to again wrench the arm. Ohno spins through to throw Kenny down to the mat. He keeps on the arm at the elbow joint, but Kenny endures. Kenny gets up and hops up to headscissor! Ohno stays up, and gets to the ropes. The ref calls for the ropebreak and Kenny honors it.

Fans cheer as Ohno is allowed to come out of the corner. Ohno ties up with Kenny and gets that arm again! Kenny endures but drops to a knee. Ohno wrenches more but Kenny jumps up and out! Kenny hurdles Ohno and rolls him up but Ohno rolls through. Kenny gets to a corner, shaking out the bad arm. Ohno runs in but Kenny goes up and over to then roll and bait Ohno in. Ohno falls for it, and Kenny rolls to get the leg. Kenny has Ohno on one foot as he hops up to get the headlock. Ohno powers Kenny to ropes but Kenny uses them to go up and over! Kenny hurdles to a sunset flip, but Ohno stays up. Ohno yanks Kenny up and shoves him, to catch him upside-down in the ropes!

Ohno laces the legs for a pseudo Tree of Woe, and he stomps Kenny into the apron! The ref counts and Ohno lets up to untie Kenny. Ohno yanks Kenny into the ropes by his feet! Kenny flounders to a corner but Ohno is on him again. Ohno throws a SLAP of a haymaker! Kenny is rocked but Ohno clubs away. Ohno puts Kenny in a corner for a CHOP! Kenny is sent reeling and Ohno kicks Kenny down. Fans want “One More Time!” and Ohno grins as he snapmares to a cover. TWO, but Ohno is on Kenny with a chinlock. Ohno shifts to an arm surfboard, but fans taunt, “Please don’t eat him!” Ohno gets annoyed, and he hauls Kenny up to a fireman’s carry for a rolling senton! Fans cheer while Kenny writhes and flounders.

Ohno stomps Kenny to a corner but Kenny pushes and chops back. Ohno shoves Kenny then snapmares him, for a big back senton, onto knees! Kenny gets Ohno there, but it really only angers Ohno. Ohno gets up but walks into Kenny’s uppercut! And CHOP! Kenny keeps chopping from both sides! Ohno whips to CHOP Kenny back, then brushes himself off. Ohno keeps Kenny against the ropes, takes off the arm band, then runs. Kenny catches Ohno in a wheelbarrow, but Ohno blocks and pops him up for a back suplex. Kenny lands on his feet! He waistlocks and rolls Ohno back, TWO! Pendulum Penalty Kick! Ohno rolls out of the ring but fans rally up. Kenny builds speed to wreck him with a dropkick! Kenny skins the cat to DIVE! And down goes Ohno!

Fans cheer on “NXT!” as Kenny gets Ohno in. Kenny climbs up as Ohno stands. Kenny leaps for a flying back elbow! Cover, TWO! Kenny can’t believe it, but he fires himself up as he goes to Ohno. He fires off headbutts and clubbing forearms, but his springboard is tripped up! Dream Crusher elbow! Ohno drags the floppy Kenny to a cover, Ohno wins!

Winner: Kassius Ohno, by pinfall

The Wrestling Genius takes care of Kenny’s miscalculations and gets another victory! Will Ohno prove he is the best at UK wrestling despite being American?


Imperium is here!

Ohno makes sure not to be in the way of Walter, Wolfe, Aichner and Barthel as the four walk out on stage. The four of them head to the ring, but for what? We find out after the break.

NXT UK returns with all four men in the ring, and fans chanting “Walter~! Walter~!” But the one to speak first is Marcel Barthel, which gets a lot of boos and “What?!” chants. Barthel waits until they’re over. “Apparently, you people think we are here to entertain you.” But Barthel assures them, they’re not. Imperium stands on the mat that is sacred, to restore honor to this sport. Aichner takes the mic to speak next, but fans chant “We Want Wrestling!” Aichner says that as we saw last week, “our numbers have increased. Our unit is now complete.” Fans troll Aichner with “Who Are Ya?” Aichner says fans will respect Imperium’s values. NXT UK will obey. Fans now chant, “We Want Peter!” and “Bruiserweight!” in reference to Pete Dunne.

But Wolfe speaks third, saying, “When I saw the opportunity to join Imperium, I had no doubt at all. It felt right to join Imperium. It felt right because this unit treats professional wrestling with respect.” Wolfe says that this brand, NXT UK, is not a playground. And Imperium WILL protect the legacy of this sport. Walter takes the mic now and speaks. “Talking about kids on the playground, Travis Banks. You may ahve a WWE United Kingdom Championship opportunty, but things will be done the way we want them to be done!” Therefore, Johnny Saint made the match for next week! But look at the group of men in the ring with Walter! They put Pete Dunne away, so Travis may be a brave young man, but he is a fool if he thinks he stands a chance! “We are Imperium! And this mat is SACRED!”

But here comes the Kiwi Buzzsaw to respond! Travis Banks is on stage with a mic of his own, to tell Imperium that if they want to do this next week, he has no problem. He has worked years for such an opportunity! Walter faces the Buzzsaw, and Banks promises Walter will need to bring everything he’s got! Will Banks tear down Imperium already? Or is not even years of hard work enough to overcome an Austrian Anomaly?


NXT UK Media catches up with Noam Dar.

The Scottish Supernova finishes up a call with his mum as reporters asked about his recent behavior, such as tricking Mark Andrews into thinking their rematch was a friendly one. What does he say to those claiming he’s “taking a dive?” Dar is offended! He just came back from a career-threatening injury! He should be getting a medal for this! Dar then says hey to his pal, Kenny Williams. Well things aren’t going his way, so Dar will give him some advice. It’s about time Kenny… How to put it? Dar illustrates it by holding up his arm. This is a wing, and there’s plenty of room for Kenny to be under it. Kenny tells Dar that this wing is gonna the way his knee did acting like this.

Dar tells Kenny to calm down. He’s just trying to help a friend. Maybe Kenny can become the perfect support act, and then his luck will turn around. Just think about it. Talk soon, bye bye. Kenny lets his “friend” head off in the wind, but will this attitude problem blow over between them?


The Hunt VS Gallus!

Just as Wild Boar and Primate returned victoriously to NXT UK, Wolfgang and Mark Coffey made it clear the Tag Team Division would be their kingdom! But now, Gallus will have to face these wild animals fair and square in the squared circle! Will Mark and Wolfgang survive The Hunt?

The teams sort out, and Primate starts against Mark Coffey. The bell rings and the brawl is on! Mark and Primate don’t back down so Wolfgang and Wild Boar rush in! Brawls all over the ring, the referee isn’t sure what to do! He tries to get them to sort out, but Gallus gets thrown out! The Hunt fires up and DOUBLE DIVE! The brawling just continues against the barriers! Primate clobbers Wolfgang then goes after Mark. Primate puts Mark in the ring but Mark comes back with forearms. Mark and Primate continue to brawl, but Primate powers Mark to the corner. Boar tags in and he stalks Mark to drop a back senton! Boar drops another, and fans cheer his wild style.

Wild Boar drags Mark up for big haymakers but Mark gets to ropes. The ref tries to get Boar back but Mark gives Boar a sucker punch! Mark boots Boar then full nelsons to a slam! Tag to Wolfgang who hits Primate before giving Boar a flying splash! Wolfgang keeps on Boar with furious hands while Primate protests. The ref keeps Primate back and Wolfgang wrenches Boar’s neck. Wild Boar endures and fans rally up. Wild Boar works his way up but Wolfgang shoves him to the Gallus corner. Tag to Mark and Wolfgang whips Boar back in. Mark throws body shots and kicks, then clubs Boar down. Cover, TWO! Mark stomps Boar and drops knees. Fans rally up for “Boar! Boar!” but Wolfgang tags in.

Gallus mugs Boar and Wolfgang wraps Boar in a half nelson. Boar endures while fans duel, “Let’s Go, Gallus!” “Gallus Sucks!” Wolfgang thrashes Boar around in a grounded full nelson! Boar still endures, and works his way back up and powers Wolfgang to the corner. But Mark tags in and boots Wolfgang down! Mark drops knees then wraps on a chinlock and half nelson. Mark almost has a cobra clutch but fans rally up. Boar fights but Mark knees him back down. Tag to Wolfgang and Gallus mugs Boar more. Wolfgang puts on another full nelson, then throws Boar hard into the corner. Tag back to Mark and the mugging continues. Tag to Wolfgang, and Mark feeds Boar to his scoop. But Boar slips out to shove Wolfgang into Mark! Hot tag to Primate!

Primate rallies on Gallus as fans cheer! He stalks Wolfgang to a corner to fire off hammering fists! Primate whips corner to corner for a BIG clothesline, to an exploder! Primate fires up with the fans, but he has to hit Mark down first. Wolfgang hits Primate then whips, but Primate reverses to back drop! Primate wants Wolfgang to stand, and fans bark, but Wolfgang tosses Primate out! Mark tackles Boar into steel steps! Gallus gets Primate in and Mark tags. Mark feeds Primate to Wolfgang’s scoop, enziguri powerslam! Cover, Gallus wins!

Winners: Gallus, Mark Coffey pinning

The Hunt is downed by the divide and conquer strategy! Gallus rolls on, but will they truly make the NXT UK Tag Team Division their kingdom?

Joe Coffey comes out to celebrate with his team, but then sees Wild Boar getting up. Gallus goes after Boar, 3v1! Fans boo as Mark and Wolfgang hold Boar up for All the Best for the Bells! Primate revives but the Coffey Brothers punch and stomp him down. But here comes Bomber Dave Mastiff! Mastiff owes Gallus for costing him a title shot! But Gallus runs away! When and where will Gallus have to answer to the big bad Bomber from Black Country?


Backstage interview with Moustache Mountain.

It is official! After hearing out the fans, GM Johnny Saint grants Trent Seven and Tyler Bate a rematch with Grizzled Young Veterans for the NXT UK Tag Team Championships! Seven and Bate are happy that this is finally happened. It was back in January that they had that first match. But to be fair, Moustache Mountain has been busy. Where is their focus going into this match? “If you want to be the absolute pinnacle and the absolute peak of your industry, then there’s gonna be certain distractions.” Their plate was full, with Gallus and now Imperium. But the tag titles are now their focus. They will prove to the NXT UK Universe and the world that Moustache Mountain is the best. Will it be Seven & Bate who are soon to be recognized as the best team on NXT UK?


NXT UK Women’s Championship #1 Contender’s Battle Royal!

The Lightning from Down Under is still THE NXT UK Women’s Champion, but after dealing with Nina Samuels, there’s plenty of #ToniTime to go around. Nina still has a shot in this battle royal, but so does Xia Brookside, Candy Floss, Killer Kelly, Isla Dawn, Rhea Ripley, Piper Niven, Kay Lee Ray, Jinny and The Alpha Female, Jazzy Gabert. With such fierce competition in the ring, who is the last woman left to go after Toni Storm’s “Shiny Shiny?”

NXT UK returns as KLR makes her entrance, followed by Piper Niven. Piper eyes Jazzy as she’s already in the center of the ring. But then Piper’s attention turns to the instigator, the Mosh Pit Kid, Rhea Ripley, as she makes her entrance. Rhea and Piper have wanted at each other in the ring, this might be their opportunity to do just that. With all the participants in the ring, the bell rings and the fight is on!

Jinny goes at Isla while Jazzy seems completely untouched. Perhaps no one wants to challenge the Alpha Female’s power just yet. But then Candy Floss and a pair of newcomers from the NXT UK tryouts gang up on her. They’re not enough and Jazzy fights her way out! She mule kicks Rhio McDonnell and back elbows Winona Makanji then lariats Candy down. Jazzy throws and ELIMINATES Rhio! Winona tries again, but then immediately regrets it. Jazzy grabs her with one hand but Winona fights out. Jazzy tries the other hand but again Winona fights out. So Jazzy grabs Winona with both hands to knee her low and throw her out. Winona holds on but gets a CHOP! Jazzy ELIMINATES Winona!

Jazzy turns her attention to Candy Floss for furious strikes! KLR CHOPS Xia while Isla fights off both Nina Samuels and Jinny. Jazzy lifts Candy in the Canadian rack, for a Dominator Slam! And a hard one. Jinny sees this, and takes Candy for herself, to ELIMINATE Candy! The Spoiled Princess gets on the board but with help from Jazzy. Xia headscissors KLR out but through the middle rope! KLR is still in the match. Jinny goes after Xia while Jazzy knocks down Killer Kelly. Rhea goes after Isla while Nina goes after Piper. Jazzy and Jinny regroup and Jazzy clobbers Xia. Jazzy drags Xia up for another, but Xia dodges! Jinny is on Xia but gets a boot while Piper lifts Jazzy! Piper puts Jazzy on the apron, and headbutts her! Xia sweeps the legs and ELIMINATES Jazzy!! The Alpha Female is furious and the Fierce Fashionista is shocked!

Jinny has no choice but to be alone in this. And everyone else knows it. Xia, Piper and Isla give Jinny forearms and kicks, then Piper throws Jinny hard into buckles! Piper splashes Jinny, then feeds her to a double trophy lift from Xia and Isla! Together, they throw Jinny out! Jazzy saves her boss by carrying her to the other side. Referees tell Jazzy to leave, and she finally does. But Jinny runs at Xia to be put on the apron! Xia forearms and ELIMINATES Jinny! Including KLR, who is still down and out on the outside, Xia is among the final seven in this match! Xia goes after Killer Kelly to help out Piper while Nina has Isla in the corner. Rhea is down but crawling to clear space in the ring.

Rhea and Nina work together on Isla, but Piper runs in to pull Nina off. Piper CHOPS Nina while Kelly clubs Xia. Isla elbows Rhea away and Nina hits Piper back. Nina hoists Piper up but Piper gets to the apron. Piper headbutts Nina down, then gets back in with an elbow drop! Nina gasps for air while Kelly brawls with Rhea. Rhea shoves Kelly to then flapjack her on ropes and throw her over! Rhea ELIMINATES Killer Kelly! Meanwhile, Isla and Xia fight with each other, because there are no friends in battle royals. But then the friends realize they have a greater enemy in Rhea! They go after her with forearms and stomps while Nina survives Piper’s shoves. Rhea fights her way out but Isla and Xia are right back on her. Piper and Rhea end up back to back as they fight off Nina, Xia and Isla.

Rhea scoops Xia to ram her into a Tree of Woe! She stomps away but Isla saves Xia. But Rhea hits back, then throws and ELIMINATES Isla Dawn! Piper and Rhea spot each other, but Nina keeps on Piper. Piper throws and ELIMINATES Nina! Now Rhea and Piper can finally go toe to toe! Rhea SLAPS Piper but Piper SLAPS back! Rhea hits again, but so does Piper. The brawl picks up speed but Piper headbutts Rhea down! Piper runs corner to corner, CANNONBALL! She drags Rhea around, then climbs up, but Rhea anchors Piper’s feet! Rhea clubs Piper and shoves her to the apron. Rhea boots but misses! Piper drags Rhea out to join her and they brawl some more! Xia sees this, lines it up, and dropkicks them both! She ELIMINATES Piper AND Rhea! But everyone forgot about KLR!!

KLR gets in, and Xia notices the fans’ change in reactions! Xia turns around, and gets clobbered by KLR! Fans boo but KLR gives Xia a lift and a toss! KLR wins!!

Winner: Kay Lee Ray; NEW #1 Contender to the NXT UK Women’s Championship

They all forgot her again, but now they’ll all have to acknowledge KLR as the next challenger. Will KLR immortalize herself as the woman to dethrone Toni Storm?



My Thoughts:

A really good NXT UK right here! Ohno VS Kenny was a great opening match, Kenny did a lot better than I thought he would. But Ohno wins because one, his own story needs to continue, and two, it pushes Kenny’s story with Dar. Dar VS Kenny is going to be a really good match, too, and perhaps a great rivalry since both can be in the NXT UK and Cruiserweight Divisions. Ohno was also clever in reacting that way to Imperium. Imperium had a decent set of promos, and the fans were pretty rowdy in a good way during it. Travis Banks also has a decent promo, and it’s great to hear that we’re already getting the WWE UK Championship match. This is more of a reason to say Banks is just fodder until a bigger challenger shows up for Cardiff.

The Hunt VS Gallus was solid, but it was great to see Mastiff come to the rescue. I expect a Six Man Tag of Mastiff & The Hunt VS Gallus to happen soon. This also saves Mastiff for Cardiff, he’d be a great challenger for Walter, even if he doesn’t win. We already knew from Grizzled Young Veterans that the Download Festival would have the NXT UK Tag Team Championships on the line, but now we know for sure it’s with Moustache Mountain and not jobbers. This could mean title changes, which would be interesting since there’s still a lot of time before Cardiff. Perhaps that means Cardiff will have Moustache Mountain VS GYV VS Imperium’s Aichner & Barthel in a big Triple Threat. That kind of match could go any which way by my math.

That Women’s Battle Royal, while historic for NXT UK, was booked about any other battle royal tends to get booked. If it wasn’t already obvious KLR was going to be Toni’s next challenger after all the promos, being tossed out through the second rope and completely forgotten by the other competitors was another big indicator. It was great for Xia to eliminate Jazzy, Jinny, and both Rhea and Piper after those two had their own moments, and therefore giving Xia the most eliminations of the match, it was all just to get some Heel heat on KLR when she’s actually a well-liked superstar. I can’t be sure if KLR or Toni is the one to choose the time and place, but it has to be before Cardiff, right? KLR VS Xia could fit in for a fun match that could get KLR even more heat leading into that.

My Score: 8.3/10

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Mitchell’s WWE 205 Live Results & Report! (6/18/19)

Who moves on to Stomping Grounds?!



205 Live = Cruiserweight Division

Just who is challenging for the Cruiserweight Championship?

Drake Maverick tried to determine a #1 Contender, but an unclear finish complicates things! Now the 205 Live GM must choose the Cruiserweight Champion’s challenger! Will Tony Nese be facing Akira Tozawa, Drew Gulak, or both at WWE Stomping Grounds?



  • Lucha House Party VS The Singh Brothers; The Singh Brothers win.
  • THE Brian Kendrick VS Russ Taylor; Kendrick wins.
  • Oney Lorcan VS Ariya Daivari; Lorcan wins, by disqualification.


Drake Maverick addresses the State of the Cruiserweight Contenders.

Last week’s Fatal 4 Way was an incredible match, but it ended with some controversy and confusion. A double cover between Akira Tozawa and Drew Gulak ended in a three count, and there was much discussion between the two referees and Maverick himself. And after a week of reviewing the footage, a final decision has been made: it was a draw! That means this Sunday, Tony Nese defends his Cruiserweight Championship in a Triple Threat! But there’s still plenty of action to look forward to tonight!

The Lucha House Part return to 205 Live to settle the score with the “Boscar winning” Samir & Sunil Singh. The Bollywood Boys swear they won Best Actors, but they want to be the best team in the Cruiserweight Division. #LightsCameraAndBollywoodAction, but will they lose when it’s #LuchaTime? Plus, the Persian Lion and Boston Brawler go one more round because their grudge has not been settled! Ariya Daivari lost one contender’s match and got a lot of stitches for it, but he cost Oney Lorcan in last week’s contender’s match. Who will cost the other more after they go head-to-head and punch for punch as tonight’s main event?


Lucha House Party VS The Singh Brothers!

Lince Dorado and Gran Metalik step up for #LuchaTime to show the Bollywood Boys that winning against a Slow White Cow and the Great Grandson of The Red Crab is nothing like facing a Golden Lynx and the King of the Ropes! Will the fiesta be the Summer blockbuster? Or will those “Boscars” motivate Samir & Sunil to become the brightest stars on 205 Live?

The teams sort out, and Lince starts with Samir. Kalisto rallies the fans with the matracas rattle and chants of “Lucha! Lucha!” Samir and Lince circle, and Lince dodges Samir’s rush. Lince throws haymakers and body shots, then headlocks. Samir powers out but gets run over! Lince runs, handsprings and springboards, but Samir gets clear to SLAP Lince. Samir dances too much and gets a CHOP! Lince CHOPS Samir to the corner then tags Metalik. Lince whips Metalik so that Metalik can whip Lince so that Lince can whip Metalik into Samir for a big clotheslnie! Metalik feeds Samir to Lince’s CHOP, then they combine for a slightly mistimed Wheelbarrow Bulldog. Cover, TWO!

Samir bails out but Metalik sees Sunil coming. Metalik dropkicks Sunil down and out, then has Lince come in. They both run to corners, but fake the Singh Brothers out with double backflips back into the ring! The Singh Brothers regroup and Metalik eggs Samir on. Samir tags Sunil in instead. Metalik kicks Sunil and tags Lince. They double whip Sunil for double hip tosses! Then Metalik becomes a human weapon, wheelbarrow leg drop! Lince hits the planking splash! Cover, TWO! Sunil survives and throws hands with Lince. Lince CHOPS Sunil down then puts him in a corner for buckle bumps. Lince whips Sunil corner to corner hard, then climbs up top! He leaps at Sunil for a big crossbody! Cover, TWO!

Lince watches Sunil in the corner, but still misses. Sunil runs into boots, but then Samir distracts Lince as he hops up. This allows Sunil to yank Lince off the top! Lince hits buckles as he falls, then Sunil tags Samir. The Singh Brothers stomp Lince out then Samir rains down rights. Samir lets up at the ref’s orders, but he brags with a swivel of the hips. Samir drags Lince up for a haymaker, then stomps him in the Bollywood corner. Tag to Sunil, and the brothers dance before stomping Lince more. The ref reprimands them but Sunil tags Samir. Samir drags Lince up for more clubbing forearms. Lince fights back but Samir kicks him down. Samir wraps on a chinlock and grinds Lince down.

Fans rally as Kalisto spins the matracas. Lince stands up and fights back, but Samir wrangles him back down. Lince pulls hair and that gets Samir to let go. Samir comes back to whip Lince hard into the corner. But Lince fights back! Sunil hits the steps and Samir runs into elbows and boots. Lince hurries, dodges Samir and sends Samir out of the ring! But Samir trips Metalik before the tag! Kalisto protests but Lince CHOPS Samir for Metalik. Sunil tags in and Samir whips Lince. The Singh Brothers combine, SUPERKICK to Russian Leg Sweep! Cover, but Metalik breaks the pin! Sunil drags Lince and tags Samir, and the brothers stomp Lince down. Samir toys with Lince and swivels those hips again.

Lince hits back with body shots but Samir clubs him down. Samir whips Lince but Lince handsprings to a Golden Rewind! Lince is dizzy but fans rally up. Lince and Samir crawl, hot tags to Sunil and Metalik! Metalik springboards up over Sunil but keeps moving. Sunil dodges Metalik’s handspring, but Metalik CHOPS him back. Metalik sees Samir coming and mule kicks him. Metalik uses the corner to acrobatically leap and dropkick Samir down! Sunil misses an elbow, Metalik runs onto the ropes and dropkicks Sunil down! Tag to Lince and he gives Metalik a boost for another dropkick! Sunil bails to the outside, Lince helps Metalik FLY onto Sunil!! Metalik puts Sunil in, Lince hits the Golden Shooting Star! Cover, but Samir breaks it!

Metalik springboards to drop an elbow on Samir! Lince and Sunil are left alone, but Sunil elbows Lince down. Sunil grabs a pinata, but Kalisto stops him from using Penelop as a weapon. But the pinata breaks! That’s not right. Sunil rolls Lince, holding tights!! The Singh Brothers win!!

Winners: The Singh Brothers, Sunil by pinfall

The Bollywood Boys ruin the fiesta but start their own party. Will Samir & Sunil celebrate all the way to a second “Boscar” win?


Noam Dar relaxes.

The Scottish Supernova sips a drink and reads a book, but notices the camera. “Hello, hello, hello!” Now, ever since that “unprovoked and digusting attack by Drew Gulak,” Dar has been staying on the sunny Spanish isle of Magaluf, rehabing and enjoying some “me time.” The lovely nurses have assured him that he’ll be more than fit and ready to “blast off again.” That is, only if Drake Maverick greatly improves the working conditions on 205 Live, and meets the very, very, very high standards of Mr. Supernova 11. Until then, Dar is staying-

Wait, THE Brian Kendrick is in Magaluf, too? What? Dar’s not- Oh, okay…! What a good friend Kendrick is to come all this way. Yes, the Man with a Plan is obviously a very good friend to check on that bum knee. Kendrick would love to stay and chat, but he has to catch a private jet to make it to California in time for his match in two minutes. Well, Dar can stay on Fantasy Island as long as he wants, but he’ll have to compete some time if he wants after the Cruiserweight Championship.


THE Brian Kendrick VS Russ Taylor!

The former Cruiserweight Champion doesn’t mind that his good pal, Akira Tozawa, is competing for the title instead of him. But he won’t want to stay out of the title scene for long. Will the Man with a Plan come up with a plan to get back in the race?

The bell rings and California cheers for one of their own. Kendrick offers Russ a handshake, but Russ isn’t so sure. He perhaps is familiar with Kendrick’s history. Russ slaps the hand away, but Kendrick gets mad! Kendrick intimidates Russ to a corner, but backs off. The two circle but now Russ offers a handshake with a snarky grin. Kendrick slaps that away and again shouts at Russ. Russ gets to the corner and Kendrick backs off, to give Kendrick a BIG sucker punch! Kendrick staggers away, but comes back with a dropkick! Kendrick throws furious hands in the corner, lets up, but comes back to throw more hands. He walks off his anger to then drag Russ up for a whip corner to corner. Russ hits buckles hard and Kendrick hits him with a forearm smash.

Kendrick rallies with more forearms, then roars as he throws big hands on Russ against ropes. Kendrick whips but Russ reverses, but Kendrick slides under to calf kick Russ down! Russ scrambles away but gets another calf kick! Kendrick grabs Russ for Sliced Bread! Cover, Kendrick wins!

Winner: THE Brian Kendrick, by pinfall

The veteran from Venice Beach snaps back to winning ways against the upstart Russ Taylor. Will Kendrick continue winning all the way back to another Cruiserweight Championship opportunity?


Backstage interview with Jack Gallagher.

The Extraordinary Gentleman lost to Chad Gable in Gable’s Cruiserweight Division debut, by a count-out. What is next for Gallagher in 205 Live? Well it was certainly bittersweet to lose even in his best effort. While Gallagher does not question the legitimacy of Gable’s win, he does hope Gable agrees that they need to settle things. In the meantime- Mr. & Mrs. Kanellis interrupt. Mike says Gallagher should be ashamed of his loss, because he was given a golden opportunity, but blew it. And he blew it because Gallagher couldn’t even get in the ring. That’s embarrassing. Almost as embarrassing as having a GM skipping work just to get one over on the WWE 24/7 Champion. It sounds funny, but Mike isn’t laughing anymore.

The problem here is guys like Gallagher are just dead weight. And that’s why WWE Executives worked so hard to keep people like Mike and Maria, because the WWE needs them. And if they decide to stay on 205 Live, Mike is done with being overlooked! Mike is done with the show being overlooked just because people like Gallagher keep dropping the ball. Gallagher responds by telling them they’re right. He’s been in a slump but he has an idea on how to get out of it. Gallagher gives Mike a golden opportunity to get a black eye in front of his wife. Mike would love to see him try. Gentleman VS Opportunist of Love, will this match happen with Maverick focused on his own matters?


Oney Lorcan VS Ariya Daivari!

The Persian Lion wants to make this match eye for an eye and ear for an ear, but he’ll have to go toe to toe and punch for punch with the Boston Brawler to do it! Will Daivari get even with the Fury of 205 Live? Or will he just get stitches on the other ear?

The bell rings and Daivari takes too long taking off his fancy shirt because Lorcan blasts him with a running European Uppercut! Lorcan keeps on Daivari with fast hands and feet in the corner! The ref counts and Lorcan lets up, but he doesn’t let Daivari get away. Lorcan CHOPS Daivari over and over in the corner, then rams an elbow in. Lorcan runs corner to corner to ram another elbow into Daivari, then keeps going. Daivari bails out and looks to retreat through the crowd! But Lorcan pursues and drags Daivari back to the ring! Daivari scrambles back out but Lorcan glares. Lorcan drags Daivari from the front row again and puts him back in. Daivari kicks Lorcan low then runs, but into Lorcan’s dropkick!

Lorcan rains down rights on Daivari, then clobbers him with clotheslines and elbows! Daivari is dazed but Lorcan looms behind him. Lorcan waistlocks but Daivari fights out. Daivari runs but Lorcan follows, only to get a SUPERKICK! Lorcan ends up in a corner and Daivari runs in, only to get an elbow. Lorcan hops up but Daivari stops him witha CHOP! Daivari CHOPS more, then climbs up to join Lorcan. Daivari goes after the arm, for a SUPER armbar DDT! Lorcan writhes as he clutches that arm. He gets to a corner and the ref checks on him. Lorcan won’t let this stop him, but Daivari brags to the fans, “Who’s the man now?!” Daivari goes after Lorcan and stomps him down. The ref backs Daivari off and Lorcan gets to a different corner.

Daivari is right on Lorcan and that bad arm with a shoulder breaker. Daivari snapmares then drops knees on Lorcan’s arm. Fans boo but Daivari soaks it up. Daivari sits Lorcan up for a keylock and thrashes him around. Lorcan endures and fans build to a rally. Daivari talks trash in Farsi but Lorcan powers up off the fan energy. Lorcan fights out with body shots but Daivari clubs him back. Daivari scoops but Lorcan slips out. Lorcan wants the Half ‘n’ Half but Daivari slips through to hammerlock and throw Lorcan into buckles! Lorcan clutches his arm again, but Daivari is right on him in the corner. Daivari drags Lorcna up by his ears, then wrenches through to another hammerlock. He throws Lorcan into buckles again! Fans boo but Daivari tells them to shut up.

Daivari stomps Lorcan then drags him up by his beard. Lorcan CHOPS Daivari back! Daivari stomps Lorcan down again, then snapmares Lorcan back to a keylock. Lorcan endures again, and fans rally up. Lorcan powers up again, pries at the hold, and fights back with body shots. Daivari knees low then whips, but Lorcan holds ropes to deny the dropkick! Lorcan rolls Daivari to his feet, but Daivari arm-drags the Half ‘n’ Half away. Daivari kicks but Lorcan blocks it! Lorcan grits his teeth with wild eyes to spin Daivari. Daivari dodges and gets the Million Dollar Dream! Lorcan endures Daivari’s hold as Daivari drags him down to the mat!

Fans rally and Lorcan keeps reaching. But Lorcan starts to fade! He fights to stay awake, and gets his second wind! Lorcan powers back to his feet, and powers Daivari into buckles! Daivari holds on so Lorcan tries again in another corner. Daivari still holds on, so Lorcan rams Daivari again! Lorcan is free, and throws haymakers! He rocks Daivari but Daivari swings back. Lorcan blocks but with his bad hand! Lorcan reels back and Daivari reels him in for an armbar code breaker! Daivari runs in for a BIG clothesline in the corner! Daivari hoists Lorcan up, cross-armdrag bomb, the Iconoclasm! Cover, TWO!! Lorcan lives and Daivari can’t believe it! Daivari keeps his focus as he drags Lorcan to a drop zone. Daivari climbs up top, leaps, but his Persian Splash FLOPS!

Fans rally up for Lorcan as Daivari clutches his ribs. Lorcan grits his teeth and runs corner to corner, for a back elbow! He keeps moving and hits another! And then the running Blockbuster! Cover, TWO!! Daivari lives but Lorcan doesn’t let that deter him! Lorcan ignores his arm’s pain as he grits his teeth again. Fans fire up and give Lorcan power! Lorcan CHOPS Daivari, and again! Another CHOP, but Daivari kicks back! Daivari CHOPS Lorcan then throws ofrearms, and repeat! Lorcan grabs Daivari for blunt EuroUppers! Lorcan runs for another! Daivari staggers, but SUPERKICKS Lorcan back!

Daivari wrenches the arm but Lorcan blocks the shoulder breaker into a Half ‘n’ Half! But Daivari slumps out of the ring! Lorcan doesn’t care, he FLIES onto Daivari! The Fury of 205 Live has reached his fever pitch! Lorcan drags Daivari up but Daivari JABS him with a chair!

Winner: Oney Lorcan, by disqualification

The Persian Lion resorts to cutting his losses with that chair shot. But Daivari doesn’t care, this isn’t about wins or losses, but about hurting Lorcan! He throws Lorcan over the announce desk! The ref reprimands Daivari but Daivari doesn’t care what he says. Daivari goes to Lorcan on the other side of the desk and puts him on top to rain down angry rights. Fans boo and jeer but Daivari doesn’t care about them, either. Daivari drags Lorcan off the desk and brings him around to throw into steel steps! Lorcan hits the steel with knees and still flies over the top! Daivari gets in Lorcan’s face with trash talk, then drags him up for even more brutality. They go up the ramp, and Daivari throws Lorcan into the LED boards!

More referees rush out to stop this, but Daivari drags Lorcan back up. LION LARIAT!! Daivari glares daggers into Lorcan even as Lorcan is down and out. Is the Persian Lion satisfied with what he’s done to the Boston Brawler? Will Lorcan be able to come back for payback?


The Cruiserweight Champion and his challengers speak on the coming Triple Threat.

Tony Nese starts by saying that his start in 205 Live is nothing to brag about. Nese stacked the odds against himself, and made a promise to his family to make it. And now he is THE Cruiserweight Champion. Now, for the first time in Nese’s reign, he defends against not just the determined Akira Tozawa but the sadistic submission specialist in Drew Gulak. The odds are against Nese, how he doesn’t have to lose the match to lose the title, but Nese will say the same thing he said back at Wrestlemania: “You can take your odds and shove ’em!” He is not going to give this title up that easily. Gulak and Tozawa will have to beat him and only him for it! At Stomping Grounds, Nese will fight to the very end because he is the Premier Athlete, and your WWE Cruiserweight Champion.

Akira Tozawa knows Tony Nese is tough and Drew Gulak is dangerous, but the Stamina Monster is tenacious. The Triple Threat means Tozawa must beat two men. When he does, he’ll become two-time WWE Cruiserweight Champion. As for Drew Gulak, “Terror never sleeps. Terror waits patiently, and then strikes without hesitation or remorse.” For too long, the Cruiserweight Crusader was too concerned with “the betterment of this wretched place.” All Gulak needed to do was look inward. “There is no hope for a better 205 Live, only a better Drew Gulak.” And the best version of Gulak isn’t one who worries about rules or order, but about pain and punishment! You can call Gulak cold, vicious and sadistic, but after Stomping Grounds, you will also call him champion. Just who comes away with the Cruiserweight title in this tough, tenacious and terrifying Triple Threat?!



My Thoughts:

What a great go-home for 205 Live! And I’m really excited to see another big match for the Cruiserweight Championship. I was a little worried they were going to make a 1v1 match of Gulak VS Tozawa, winner is the true contender, but a Triple Threat will definitely give this belt the match it deserves, and one that makes Stomping Grounds more interesting to watch. I really can’t be sure if Nese comes away with the belt now. Tozawa probably isn’t winning, but this is a big opportunity for Gulak to win it off of Tozawa so that he and Nese can take that Cruiserweight title to Extreme Rules or even Summerslam.

Meanwhile, the action we got tonight really was good stuff. Lucha House Party and the Singh Brothers have a great match, and it was a good choice for the Singhs to win. This prolongs the feud and will surely escalate things to a Tornado/No Disqualifications tag like most tag feuds build to on 205 Live. If only we had Cruiserweight Tag titles… The coming Jack Gallagher VS Mike Kanellis will be a great match, but Mike almost went Face by simply saying he is going to help put 205 Live on the map. All these guys deserve more attention, this show deserves more attention, and if Mike & Maria are the ones to help do it, more power to them. That main event was incredible, even with Daivari getting disqualified. His beating on Lorcan was a nice touch, though. I hope these guys go No DQ in the next one.

My Score: 8.3/10

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