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DeMarco’s WWE Raw Rating Analysis (5/13/19): With No NBA, Raw Dominates Top 5

Still worried about Raw’s rating? Don’t be, they dominated this week. (You can still think it sucks, but ratings won’t support your narrative.)



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Greg DeMarco chimes in with your WWE Raw Rating Analysis for the May 13 episode, as Raw returns to form in dominating the Top 5.

The WWE Raw Rating is in for the May 13 edition, and it’s a return to form for the longest running weekly episodic show in history. Let’s start with the hourly breakdown:

  • Hour 1: 2.576 million viewers, .90 rating in the important 18-49 demographic (#1 ranked hour)
  • Hour 2: 2.391 million, .81 in the 18-49 demo (#2 ranked hour)
  • Hour 3: 2.080 million, .70 in the 18-49 demo (#3 ranked hour)=

For comparison, here is last week:

  • Hour 1: 2.468 million viewers, .79 rating in the important 18-49 demographic (#4 ranked hour)
  • Hour 2: 2.24 million, .73 in the 18-49 demo (#6 ranked hour)
  • Hour 3: 2.024 million, .63 in the 18-49 demo (#7 ranked hour)

(Available via ShowbuzzDaily)

But what does the WWE Raw Rating really mean, Greg?

What do I keep telling you? What matters most? THE TOP 5. With no NBA competition, WWE occupied the Top 3 spots this week, and saw increases in viewership and key demographic rating. Last week they had tough NBA competition, meaning less people watched Raw. But YouTube viewership went UP last week, meaning people cared about Raw, they just watched it in a different manner. Rounding out the Top 5 were Love & Hip Hop In Atlanta 8 (Raw’s archenemy!) and Vanderpump Rules, which Google tells me is a Real Housewives spinoff. I’ve never heard of it–I’ll have to ask Miranda. Or Tunney.

WWE is still money on television. We tend to look at ratings in one week snapshots, because we live in a culture of instant gratification. We’ve literally developed instincts to do that, but that just misguides our energy. Remember, the Top 5 is the most accurate evaluation of Raw’s performance because it measures Raw in the most important way: against shows competing for the same viewers, on the same night, at the same times, on the same medium. That is what matters to TV and advertising executives, not Raw in 2019 compared to Raw 20 years ago. Remember, you can still think Raw sucks, just know that you can’t use the rating to support your narrative.

We’ll have 24-hour YouTube numbers on Wednesday, and we’ll see how it compares.

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Chairshot Wrestling News Shuffle: RAW Changes, CM Punk RAW Reunion And More! (7/22/2019)

News Involving RAW Changes, CM Punk RAW Reunion And More!



Paul Heyman

News Here! RAW Changes, CM Punk RAW Reunion And More!

Paul Heyman Wants Changes To RAW

Many WWE superstars, fans, and media are hoping for big changes to RAW with the recent role change for Paul Heyman. According to the Wrestling Observer, Paul Heyman wants RAW to change as well. Heyman is pushing for interviewees to be more realistic, rather than fake and hokey sounding. He would also like to see better continuity between RAW angles each week, as there have been angles in the past that have made no sense, or never followed up on in subsequent weeks.

Jason’s Take

RAW has been very watchable the past two or three weeks, and some of that may be do to the input of Paul Heyman. However, as always, the buck stops with Vince McMahon. Does Heyman have enough influence to convince Vince McMahon of changes that are needed ?

Former Divas Returning To RAW

Tonight’s RAW Reunion special is shaping up to be a huge show. In a bit of an interesting note, some former WWE Divas are returning to RAW that have not been on TV in some time, even with the women’s evolution. Candice Michelle, Milena, Jillian Hall and Eve Torres are all scheduled to be a part of the the reunion tonight.

Jason’s Take

All four of the women have had a part in various time periods for women in WWE. I am excited to see Milena back on WWE TV, as I had thought she would have been part of the Evolution pay per view, or would have made a women’s Royal Rumble appearance.

CM Punk At Starrcast III

CM Punk is a name that never seems to go away when it comes to rumored returns to wrestling. While there are no signs of him ever returning, he will however be appearing at the upcoming Starrcast III according to Sports Illustrated. Conrad Thompson had this to say about Punk appearing at Starrcast:

“We wanted to bring something unique and that hasn’t been done before at Starrcast. I’ve always wanted to have Punk at Starrcast but the timing was never right, and I’m really excited that the stars have aligned for this August. Fans are going to get what they’ve wanted for a long time, and that is CM Punk with a live mic. It’s going to happen at Starrcast.”

Jason’s Take

If All Out being held in Chicago didn’t stir the CM Punk rumor mill enough, then Punk’s appearance at Starrcast certainly will. While it’s unlikely that Punk will appear, it is really hard to say never when it comes to wrestling.

Bischoff Not Involved With Creative

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter had some interesting notes regarding Eric Bischoff’s new role in WWE. According to Meltzer, the creative team have been told that Bischoff will not be involved in the creative process, and he will be working to interface with all departments and FOX as SmackDown readies for it’s move to the network in October.

Jason’s Take

Greg DeMarco and many other Chairshot writers had speculated that the previous television network executive experience of Bischoff and WWE’s move tot FOX was one of the main reasons for his hiring. And it looks like that may be the case.

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Chairshot Wrestling News Shuffle: Mickie James Update, Jeff Hardy, RAW Ratings and More! (7/17/19)

News Involving: Mickie James, Finn Balor, Jeff Hardy, RAW Ratings and More!



News Here! Mickie James Update, Jeff Hardy, RAW Ratings and More!

Latest On Jeff Hardy

In Monday’s shuffle I discussed the news on Jeff Hardy’s latest public intoxication arrest. Since then, more details have been released regarding the incident. TMZ is reporting that Hardy smelled of booze and was passed out in a public stairwell before being arrested.

Jason’s Take

Once again, Hardy’s struggles with addiction have been well documented in the past, so I am not going to comment on them. Here is hoping that he is able to get things in order and get his life on track.

RAW Ratings See An Increase

RAW continues to slowly climb out of the ratings hole, as this weeks ratings showed an increase in viewership. The hourly breakdown looks like this:

Hour 1 – 2.379 million viewers
Hour 2 – 2.503 million viewers
Hour 3 – 2.478 million viewers

Jason’s Take

This is good news for WWE, RAW, and USA, as RAW typically has had a hard time keeping viewers into the third hour. RAW was actually a very solid show last night, and one of the first RAW’s in a very long time that I watched from start to finish while it aired live. Slowly, but surely, WWE will do what they can to climb out of the hole.

Mickie James Undergoes ACL Surgery

Earlier today, WWE star Mickie James went under the knife to repair her injured ACL. The injury looks to keep her out of the ring into next year. Her husband, Nick Aldis, took to Twitter to update fans on the successful surgery.

Jason’s Take

Mickie James is still a very talented wrestler who adds depth to the women’s division. There is still a place for her on the roster, and one can assume that the WWE will want to keep her when she fully recovers.

Finn Balor Taking Time Off?

Finn Balor lost the Intercontinental championship at Extreme Rules, and the loss had many scratching their heads. However, it appears there is reasoning behind it according to Pro Wrestling Sheet, as Balor has requested time off from WWE to recharge. Though he requested time off, it appears that it will not be granted until after the upcoming SummerSlam pay per view.

Jason’s Take

It will be interesting to see how Balor will be written off of TV. One could assume a SummerSlam match with Bray Wyatt will lead to his exit. Perhaps on his return, he could join his friends in The Club ?



Let us know what you think on social media @theCHAIRSHOTcom and always remember to use the hashtag #UseYourHead!
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